Synopsis: Life becomes troublesome when 13-year-old Kalle's newborn sister has a birth defect on her back resembling wings. Only he sees the true miracle of his sister's odd appendages. When she is sent to the renowned Plastic Palace Clinic of cosmetic surgery for an amputation, Kalle sets out on a rescue mission. On the road, he meets Alf, a reclusive mechanic, who agrees to help. Together, they take off in Alf's vintage Cadillac in a race against time through an autumn-colored world of song and dance.
90 min

SKYMASTER Loading, loading, ready. Hello, my name is SmartyBoy. You're playing SkyMaster. Please select aircraft. Hi, my name is Karl but everyone calls me Kalle. That's me, playing SkyMaster on SmartyBoy. Up, up, down, up. SmartyBoy can say how the weather will be or what time it is in Tokyo. And he can tell you exactly where you are. Turn left. Continue 331 yards down Magnolia Street. Turn left again on to Primrose Drive, and follow it 134 yards. Turn left. You're home. That's my Dad. His name is Palle. And that's my mom. - Hi, Kalle. How are you doing? - Kalle and Palle. Come and get it. Her name is Trille. You can see she's got a thing for flowers. This is SkyMaster. Please select aircraft. DC4 selected. Please set maximum altitude. Kalle, we need you back down on the ground. Okay. Just let me save. Saving and quitting. There's something I have to tell you. But I'm not quite sure how to say it. Yes, wait a minute. It's coming now ... It's coming. It's coming. That's it, I got it. I woke up this morning Though the sky was clear and blue And then a voice in my head Whispered a word or two There's someone missing I really have to say Someone missing From our every day I want a little baby A baby small and sweet With big pretty eyes And tiny little feet I want a little cutie I want a little baby I think I would be happy If we had a tiny baby That smelled like a lily Then we would be A perfect little family I also woke up this morning Though the sky was clear and blue And then a voice in my head Also whispered a word or two There's someone missing One we haven't even met There's someone missing One not even born yet We want a little baby A baby small and sweet With big pretty eyes And tiny little feet We want a little cutie We want a little baby. Hey, Kalle. Do you mind if we have half an hour to ourselves? Warning! Mountain range ahead. Adjust altitude. Up, down, up, down. And that happened more and more often. Hey, Kalle? Yeah ..? Do you mind if we have another half hour ... Just to ourselves? Rise to maximum altitude. Up, down ... Incredible how many half hours they needed. Then one day, something happened. Kalle, land that thing for a minute. Something fantastic has happened. - Something incredible. - I'll just save. Kalle, look at me. What's three plus one? - Four. - Exactly. Congratulations, Kalle. Congratulations, Palle. Perfect. Congratulations, Trille. With the little one. Why are you wearing flowers in your hair? - Is it your birthday? - No, I'm going to be a big brother. They want us to be a real family. Dad, mom and two kids. We're just me and my mom and dad. And we're a real family. Kalle, we must have a proper playhouse. - I'm Palle. What's your name? - Rikke. Hi. I need to build a playhouse. We've got a little one on the way. - What' your name? - Karl, but everyone calls me Kalle. - Are you going out with someone? - No. Why don't you and I start going out? It would be practical. Want to do it? - Do what? - Go out. What do you do when you're ''going out''? You see each other almost every day. And then you have to pretend you're doing homework together. Actually, you hold hands, listen to music and kiss. - Every day? - Yeah, except weekends. - What happens at weekends, then? - You go for long walks and kiss. - I haven't time for that. - Everyone has time to go out. - I'll have to think about it. - Do that. It's a great offer. Kalle. We've finished it. Have a look. Long live the little playhouse. Mom decorated the baby's room as she grew bigger and bigger. It's not easy, decorating a baby's room. Kalle, could you go get Palle? Best believe it, life is sweet Every day such a wonderful treat Up above are puffy clouds And the earth is full of happy sounds So come out Best believe it, life is sweet Birds are singing tweet tweet tweet Everyone is smiling again And no one is less Than your best friend So come out Come out Come along This world is full of song So come on out and play, please do We've reserved a special space For you Best believe it, they're all here Mom and dad and brother Have no fear. They're waiting for you, don't delay It's your big ''open your eyes'' day So come out Come out Come along This world is full of song So come on out and play, please do We've reserved A special place for you Come out Come along This world is full of song So come on out and play, please do We've reserved a special Place for you So come on out and play Please do We've reserved a special Place for you You'd better go have a little break. We'll take care of everything. Pedersen! Yes, everything's just fine. It all went smoothly. It's a baby girl. 5,7 pounds. Delicate and beautiful. Especially when you see her from the front. - From the front? Is everything okay? - What? - Is there something wrong? - Not at all. She's sweet. Especially when you see her from the front. - Not if you see her from the back? - Oh, yes, definitely ... Or ... You'd better have a look. She's so sweet and small. That's what I said. But ... what's wrong with her back? - She has wings! - No, no, no ... No. There are no known cases of children with wings. Those look like wings. No. Those are not wings. They are protrusions. Skin flaps! We'll take care of them right away. I'm surprised they weren't spotted on the scans. - So, what do you say? - No thanks. I'm not quite with you here. We can fix this little problem easily. Make her completely normal. Both front and back. More or less. We'll take her just the way she is. It's moments like these that make it so hard being a doctor. Very hard. Pedersen! Let's move on to the next patient. Look at her. She's so sweet and little. Exactly. You're quite right, Trille. Her name should be Little. So Little came into our lives. We were a real family, - - even if she was a bit different. Little came home with us. Life was really, really good then as she slowly grew and grew. Little was very cute, but finding clothes for her wasn't easy. Welcome to Baby-Ben's Baby World. How can I help you? - We're looking for a jumpsuit. - Good. - I've got everything for kids. - Everything for kids? Everything for kids From teddy bears to cribs You'll feel like crawling on the floor When you step in through the door The name is Baby-Ben My name is really Walter Fitz And I've got everything for kids Soldiers and rag dolls Carriages and monitors Juicy little pacifiers Bathtubs and baby rattles Nappies and potties Building blocks and rubber ducks Baby bibs and sippie cups Everything for kids Everything for kids From teddy bears to cribs You'll feel like playing on the floor The minute you step through the door The name is Baby-Ben My name is really Walter Fitz And I've got everything for kids. All we need is a jumpsuit. One that fits these ... Oh, I'm sorry. I can't help you. I thought I had everything for kids. It wasn't easy finding clothes. In the end, Mom made them herself. 5 inches ... And Little grew and grew. And so did her wings. Mountain range ahead. Adjust altitude. Continue at cruising speed. Up, up, down, down. Invalid command. Try again. Invalid command. Try again. I said, invalid command. Try again. Let go. Please put me down. I said, please put me down. Ouch. You are playing SkyMaster. Select aircraft. DC4 selected. Mom ... How much does Little weigh? She weighs about 17 pounds, I'd guess. How large a wingspan does a baby of 17 pounds need to fly? Ready. Come on. Little. Up, up, come on, Little. Do like this. Little? Skymaster! Rikke, she flew. Little flew. Isn't that amazing? I'm not sure it's a good idea for us to go out. How can I be 100 percent serious about our relationship? - Our relationship? - You keep lying. But I'm not lying. I yelled, ''Skymaster'' and then ... You run around yelling, ''Flymaster''. It's hard for us to build on that. A couple is supposed to be loving and honest. Kalle, I think we'll end it here. I hope you understand. Maybe it was best. What mattered was that Mom and Dad saw Little fly. Mom, Dad. Look. Little can fly. Ready? Skymaster. Kalle, you have to promise never to do anything like that again. That was dangerous. - It's true, though. She can fly. - I don't think Little will ever fly. It's time we talked about whether she should keep those ''wings'' or not. You're crazy. She can fly. I saw it myself. I yelled, ''Skymaster'', and so did Little. She can fly and talk. Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Karin from the municipality. - I'm your family counselor. - Family counselor? You have a child that is different. I'm here to offer you our full support and guidance. Thanks, but Little is fine. We all are. - She's growing and growing. - That's great. Oh my! Those are nasty little things, aren't they? - Those are her wings. - You misunderstand something, Palle. - My name is Kalle. - Oh, I'm sorry. You're Kalle. Then you must be Palle, Palle. - And that's Trille? - No, I'm Trille. Her name is Little. Oh, so it's Palle, Kalle, Trille and Little. Funny. Those will never be anything that remotely resembles wings. They are skin flaps. Skin flaps, skin flaps, skin flaps. They're protrusions, and they'll never cause anything but trouble - - for the rest of her life. So far, we've been doing okay. How do you expect your child to have a normal life with those things? Why don't you give her the chance to live a normal, happy life? - Yes, but ... - No buts! Think five years ahead. Imagine her with those things dangling at her feet. They're dangerous, tripping her. Let me give you a good piece of advice. Get those protrusions removed, fast. It can be done easily and painlessly. Welcome to Plastic Palace. A great little clinic where we'll make you as good as new. Change is nice It's not as bad as it sounds We can make your nose Look less sad And give you back The hair you always had Plastic fantastic Your palace of plastic We are ready to make you ecstatic And we can really Send you off in style When we put on our biggest smile Change is nice It's great, isn't it? We're set and ready To change your life With a snippety snippety snippety Snippety snip of the knife Plastic fantastic Your palace of plastic We are ready To make you ecstatic ... Now those are real men. True professionals. - I don't know ... - What if it's dangerous? My thoughts exactly. Here's my card. Call me anytime. I'll be seeing you. Goodbye. You're crazy. Those are wings. - But what if she gets hurt again? - That was an accident. She can fly. She can fly! Little! Do you recall what I recommended at her birth? - Yes, but ... - Yes? Well, obviously you don't. Do you? I told you to get those skin flaps removed. And now they've actually become dangerous. You were lucky this time. She got away easy. She hasn't fractured anything or sustained a concussion. I've never been so scared. Or maybe when Kalle tried to make her fly ... You don't think those are wings? Because they're not. Definitely not. They're skin flaps. Skin flaps, skin flaps, skin flaps. If I were you, I'd have them removed immediately. It's a miracle she didn't break her neck. Hello again, everyone. I'm Karin. From the municipality. Hello, Karin. I'm this little flock's family advisor. If you want this child to have a relatively normal life, - - those things must be removed. Now. Or as fast as possible. For the girl's own sake. You'll be taking a huge risk if you let her keep them. Little? Mom, Dad? Dear Kalle. We're going to Plastic Palace and won't be home till tomorrow. Little tripped over her wings, and everyone says they must come off. The operation is at eight tomorrow morning. Remember, we're doing it for Little's own sake. Kisses From Mom, Dad and Little. Distance to Plastic Palace: 81.2 miles. ETA at current speed: tomorrow 07:32 am. Rats. A puncture. In the event of a puncture, pry the tire off using a screwdriver. Then remove the inner tube and locate the puncture ... Where do I find something to mend the hole with? Distance to nearest Bicycle shop: 9.2 miles. Time to destination at current speed ... Stop it. We're standing still. We need to mend the tire. Yes? - Is Alf here? - Who's asking? My name is Karl, but everyone calls me Kalle. Quick, quick, quick. Come! - Awful things can happen out there. - Can you mend a punctured tire? I'm sorry, but it's completely impossible for me to patch that tire. - Isn't this a workshop? - It used to be a workshop ages ago. - But you've got all sorts of tools. - No, I don't. There's a screwdriver right there. Listen, why don't you just take your bike to a bicycle repair shop. I'm sure there's one right around the corner. Time remaining: 21 hours, 3 minutes and 22 seconds. - What's that? - SmartyBoy. It knows everything. Then it knows I can't help you. - Why? SmartyBoy knows what to do. - Then let him mend that tire! - Come on! It's important. - What was your name again? - Kalle. - Kalle. I can't fix your bike. - Because ... - Because what? Because everything I touch falls apart. - You want me to believe that? - Suit yourself. It's true. - End of discussion. - That's the worst excuse I've heard. If this bike isn't fixed, something will happen to my little sister. Your little sister? If I don't fix your bike, your sister gets hurt? That's the dumbest explanation I've ever heard. Fine! You asked for it. Here, move. - What did I tell you? - Go on. It could happen to anyone. - Do you live here? - Yes. - But you get out, right? - Never. - You never leave this garage? - This isn't a garage. It's my house. - And I'm not going out. - Why not? - Because it's too dangerous. - What's so dangerous? 20 years ago, my parents walked out of that door. They were going to an anniversary party. They never made it. Why didn't they make it to the party? They were hit in the head by a car. I'm staying here. At this speed, it will be impossible to reach destination by 8 am. - Shall I abort the mission? - No! - You have to do something. - You're the one who came barging in. - Yes, but you ruined my bike. - Easy now, Kalle. Every time I'm a little down I eat a little oatmeal. You should try it. You'll feel much better. No thanks. If I don't make it, they'll cut her wings off. Did you say ''wings''? They call them skin flaps, but she can fly. - I don't think she has wings. - Little has wings! - Then why doesn't she just fly away? - She's still learning how to. - She's only flown once. - Kalle, have some oatmeal. It helps. A nice big helping. - Couldn't you drive me? - I haven't got a car. What's that, then? You lied! You said you didn't have a car. This is not a car. This is a Cadillac De Ville 1959, - - V8, 390 engine, that produces 160 horsepower. The world's first and only completely waterproof car. Waterproof? Why waterproof? I don't know. But it stays right here! You could drive me. But you'd rather sit here while my sister suffers. It's not my car. It's my dad's. One: I've never actually driven it. Two: I have no intention of doing so. Three: Because I'll just ruin it. Four: I really think you should have some oatmeal to calm your nerves. Yes, maybe you're right. Maybe all I need is a bit of oatmeal. Coming right up. - How do you start this thing? - To start Cadillac De Ville 1959: Move gear lever to Park or ''P''. Extra sugar, please! Turn ignition clockwise. When engine starts idling, move gear lever to ''D'' for ''Drive''. - It's also good with cocoa on. - Okay, I'll have some. - I think I ran out last year. - Just plenty of sugar, then. Come and get it. Stop! No! Are you crazy? You could have wrecked it completely. - That car stays right here! - Why don't you come with me? Because I live here! This is my home. Home. Home! I've lived here for 20 years, and I'm going to stay here. This isn't good. This isn't good at all. Everything's fine. We're on our way. This is all wrong. One: I've lost my home. Two: This car is meant to stay at home. Like me. We feel safest at home. Turn left. Drive straight for 8.1 miles. Ask your friend to pipe down. SmartyBoy's great at giving directions. Alf, I think you can drive a little faster. At current average speed ETA at destination is 10.15 am. - Come on, Alf. - Take it easy. We're going 20 miles an hour. You've never done that on your bike. I've biked 40 miles an hour ... ... downhill. With a fierce tailwind. Pretty nice ride, isn't it? - Haven't you driven it before? - Never. It's my first time. ''Cadillac'', king of the road. - Incredible, huh? It drives so well. - You're a really good driver. Funny, I thought everything would go wrong. Look at us, Kalle. Just driving along. Oh no. I knew it! - It's falling apart. - Relax. - My dad's going to be so upset. - I thought he was dead? Yes, but still. I shouldn't have come with you. But you had to drag me into this. Relax. We're probably just out of gas. The gas gauge of a Cadillac De Ville is located to the right of the wheel. - I found it. - Is it empty? Yes. I should've stayed at home. I told you, Kalle! I And I was right. We have to push. I probably can't push it. One, two, three, go ... ETA to Plastic Palace at current speed: the year 2012. - Pull its batteries out! - Come on, we're in a hurry. Alf, I've seen something incredible. I'm not in the mood for one of your stories. But look. Be quiet! I'm through hearing about flying sisters or anything like that. See for yourself. See for yourself. You know what that is? Pancakes. Pancakes. - Let's go! - Only gas, Alf. We haven't got time. - Pancakes. I love pancakes. - Alf, gas! Not now. Pancakes first. Hurry up! That's it. That's enough. - Just one, Alf. Remember! - Sure, sure. Hello, we're here. - They're closed. - How unlucky can you get? I had my mind set on pancakes. I'm the one that bakes The world's best pancakes The ones that give you The shakes shakes shakes We've got them in big crates A ton of fine pancakes You get the best ones anyone - Makes makes makes - The best that anyone makes Pancakes, We make them with flair Pancakes, We flip them in the air Pancakes, Have one or have a pair They're great against aches Our juicy pancakes They've got all it takes Every single day We're putting up a flag Our pancake flag You get the best pancakes - Anyone makes makes makes - That's right Pancakes, We make them with flair Pancakes, We flip them in the air Pancakes, Have one or have a pair - We don't ever get complaints - Never About our fine pancakes Because our fine pancakes Give you the shakes shakes shakes Our fine pancakes Are just tasty and good And you get the very best Anyone makes makes makes Pancakes, We make them with flair Pancakes, We flip them in the air Have one or have a pair. - We haven't got all day. - This is an important moment. - My first pancake in years! - You can eat it in the car. Let's just take it easy for a minute. Think how hard we've worked. I think I'll have another. They're actually quite good. I think I'll have another. I promise you all the pancakes you can eat, as soon as we get there. Let's move! At current average eating speed, the destination will never be reached. It's impossible to enjoy anything with that thing cackling. - I'll just drive myself. - Hey, wait! I'm coming. - Pardon me, isn't there ... - Something ... You've forgotten? - Nothing in the world ... - Is free. - There's always ... - A price to pay. Let's see now. Oh, I didn't bring any money. Maybe Kalle did? No, sorry. Could we owe you? We promise to come back and pay. - I don't mean to spoil your day. - But that's going to cost you ... - An extra day's dishwashing. - Impossible. We have to go now! They've locked us up. Cheer up, Kalle. I'll make an effort. This is impossible. It'll never work. That's how it's always been. I'm no good at things like this. Alf, maybe you're the only one who can help us. I hope you think you're funny, because no one else does! - It's our only chance. - What is? - You're our only chance. - Listen. I just smashed 163 plates. Now, Alf, let's go. - Come ... - Back here! Alf, you're amazing! That was nothing. Did you see that wall collapse? Yeah, and those ladies got themselves a real surprise! You were incredible! - Me? It was your idea. - I could never have done it alone. Damn it, Kalle, we're a team! You and me, Kalle. Me and you, Alf! And SmartyBoy. Skymaster! What? Skymaster. It's something I say to my sister when we fly. Continue straight ahead for 1.2 miles. Then turn right. Consider it done, Smarty! Storm warning! Storm? Where? Look out the window. - SmartyBoy needs new batteries. - It says hurricane on the display. Nonsense. There's hardly a breeze out there. But maybe it's what they call the quiet before the storm. Don't slow down. I can't see a thing. I knew something would happen. Relax, we're going to make it. This is just an itsy bitsy storm. As long as trees don't start falling on the road, we're fine. - We have to go around it. - Reverse 25 yards and turn left. Fast, come on. Don't get all worked up. Just let me get this thing in reverse. - Quick, turn off. - Processing: Turn right, turn right. Alternative route: Turn left, turn left. - This can't get any worse. - Processing. - Quick, SmartyBoy. Now what? - Processing, processing ... The woods are so pretty and so fine ... Twiddle twiddle twiddle twiddle dee dum ... - No! Maybe he's just overheated. - He looks pretty dead to me. He's not dead! He's just resting. Let's go. - There's a tree blocking the road! - We have to. Try to push it aside. Start the car. - That's impossible. - Try! Oh, no! I've ruined my dad's car. - I should have stayed at home. - We need help. I'm not going anywhere. And don't count on finding anyone to help. Everyone's indoors, waiting for this thing to blow over. And that's exactly what I intend to do. Need help? - Yes, please. - We're in a hurry. No problem! Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue We'll be there as fast as lightning No need to worry about anything Moving a whale is the easiest thing And our tow trucks Are just full of bling Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue We want some more of that juice Horsepower! Turn it loose We make all the girls goose Bad weather! No excuse! Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue We like steaks And a continental spread An 18 wheeler? Slap it on bread We look good From our toe to our hat When we get there, Switch to code red! Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue When it breaks We're ready to blow Even if it's just Your wheelbarrow So we hurry out and fix it Come wind or rain or sleet or snow Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue Yes, it's true We always keep The atmosphere spruce Taking care of business in a hurry And if one of your screws are loose We'll tighten it right Don't you worry Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue We're the best team you can hire If your bird is stuck on a wire We keep going we never tire Where there's smoke There's always a fire If you're low and starting to sneeze We'll make sure you don't freeze Wrap you in a ton of blankets And give you a little kiss goodnight Hey hey you! We're seven to the rescue Yes, it's true Sing it with me And here are seven more for you And seven more there ... Welcome to our humble home. It's warm inside. Watch your ... head. Oh no, did you hurt yourself? Put these on. On your knees. Sit down. - Why is the ceiling so low? - In the past, we were small people. But where there's a heart there's a hearth. Cheers. I'm Snow White. - Is your name Snow White? - That's what they call me. - What are you guys doing? - We're looking for my sister. - They're going to cut her wings off. - She has wings? Yes, kind of. - And can she fly? - Yes, she flew once. And what about him? His name is Alf. Everyone calls me Kalle. We help each other. - Does he always stare? - No. He just started doing that. - You think you could fix our car? - Those boys can do it in no time. - I'll just go check on the car. - Okay. Please sit down. I prefer to stand. - But wouldn't you like some coffee? - No, really ... I'm okay. But you must! It'll warm you up. I better not have any. It was just an accident. Let's try again. Let me help you. Look, here's a new cup. That's fantastic. Amazing! I did it. - It's because of you. - Because I gave you the coffee? Yes. I could tell the minute I saw you. Did you see that too? When I saw you, did you see that I saw you when you saw me? What is this? I'll tell you exactly what this is: What are the odds That I'd meet you today When I was really going The opposite way We're so lucky What can we do I was just me And you were just you So let's do it, now that we know And make everything grow and grow Kiss me, on the wing Together we'll go flying Across the starry sky Where we play tag and sigh Kiss me, on the wing Can you feel what happens to me When you're here beside me The moonlight's ready to bless Our very first kiss First kiss Kiss me, on the wing Together we'll go flying Across the starry night Where we play tag and sigh Kiss me, on the wing. Hey hey you! Hey hey you! The car is ready! They've fixed it. Kalle, I think I'll stay here. I just drank from a coffee cup ... Without breaking it! - I feel great. - No, we're leaving now. Why don't you drive yourself. I'm staying here. Alf, you know I can't drive. Right, I've got another idea. What if someone else drove you? Stop it, Alf. We're partners. I've just found the woman of my dreams. And a new home. I think you guys need a helping hand. Boys! This is really a bad idea. Please put me down. I'll count to three. One, two, three. Okay, I'll count to five. One, two, three, four, five. - Good luck, Kalle. See you. - Sure. Faster. We've only got half an hour. I want to go home! Which is why I'm driving slowly. The faster I go, the further I get from home. I just found a home. And love. And now I'm goofing around in the middle of nowhere. - You don't know where we're going. - Plastic Palace! Yes, but do you even know if it's there, or there, or there? No, I'm turning around. Stop! Let go. Hands off. This is my car. Before I met you, I had a place to live. I don't anymore! And the pancake house ... We couldn't stay there either. And I finally, finally found a place where I'd like to stay. And then you make me leave again. I'm not going to take it! - Drive! - No! - Drive! - No way! Plastic Palace! Help! We're drowning. Help, we're drowning. Help! Kalle. We're not actually drowning. But we're under water. Won't we drown? This is a Cadillac De Ville 1959. It's 100 waterproof. It's too late to save Little. In 22 minutes, they'll chop her wings off. And there's nothing I can do. Nothing. Can't SmartyBoy do something? You're right. We've still got SmartyBoy. Listen, SmartyBoy. We're in a car ... - How deep are we? - About 15 feet. 15 feet underwater. What do we do? My name is SmartyBoy. I was produced in August 2001. And I can sing this song: I want a little baby ... I'm sorry, Kalle. It's all my fault. I forgot how important this was. Sorry. - I'm a fool. - It's not your fault. You've been a good friend. But we won't make it. Yes, we will. We'll make it! Why did you do that? That's why! Invalid command. Try again. Please put me down. - Which way do we go? - This way. What are we waiting for? We're ready. Yes. Exactly! Just fine. Yes. Then let's get started. I've got work to do. Is she sleeping? Good. Let's begin. - See anything? - No. I thought it was over here. Further. Further. A little to your right. Left, left. Back out a bit. Out. What are you doing? The thing is, I don't feel comfortable using scalpels. - And Svend-Erik here is ... - Not too comfortable with ... - Blood. - What a couple of nincompoops. Anybody can do it. Here, give me that. I think we've been here before. See anything? Just reeds. You know what? Step up. There, I can see it. That way. Soon, everything will be completely normal. And we'll all be really, really happy. Little! Skymaster. - It's beautiful! - It's incredible! That's not normal! Is it? Is it? It's not normal at all. Not at all. It's completely abnormal. This is not good. Life isn't like that, is it? Life isn't like that! What are the odds that I'd meet you today When I was really going The opposite way We're so lucky, what can we do I was just me, and you were just you So let's do it, now that we know And make everything grow and grow Kiss me, on the wing Together we'll go flying Across the starry sky Where we play tag and sigh Kiss me, on the wing Can you feel what happens to me When you're here beside me The moonlight's ready to bless Our very first kiss Skymaster. Kiss me, on the wing Kiss me, on the wing On the wing ... On the wing ...

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