Shazam! (2019)

Genre: Action

1 UPSTATE NEW YORK Said the night wind to the little lamb Do you see what I see? DON'T COUNT ON I Thad! I said no toys at Grandfather's. But it's Christmas. Stop it! - Hey! Dad! - HEY!!! Thad, you can't go crying to other people all the time. A man needs to know when to stand up for himself. Dear Magic-isn't-real Ball, will Thad ever be a man? Ouch... Outlook not so good. You broke it. Dad? Sid? Someone help me! Help! Hello? Thaddeus Sivana. Who are you? How do you know my name? I am the last of the consul of wizards. Sworn to protect realms from the Seven Deadly Sins. For years have passed and I have grown weak. That is why I seek a champion to inherit my magic. You want me to do magic? With this, all of my powers will become yours. But first, you must demonstrate that you're pure of heart and strong in spirit. He lies. Don't be his champion. We can give you power. Search the eye. Your father thinks you're weak. Show him your power. No! What happened? Only the purest of hearts can resist their temptations. But you, you will never be worthy. Do you know what I know? Wait. I've telling you, I swear! Let me back in! - Let me back in! - Thad! - Calm down. - Stop! HEY!! I'm gonna kill you, you little freak! Thad-- I... I was just there. This man... this wizard... He took me to a castle and... Stop. Stop! Stop it! You miserable whiny little sh*t! You could have killed us! You understand that? Said the king to the people everywhere Listen to what I say! He will bring us Goodness and light! Dad? DAD!!! Dad? You're okay. You're gonna be okay. You did this. You did this! No, Dad... FIND US Your magic grows weak. Soon you won't be able to contain us. Seeking spells! Find me one soul who's worthy! No matter how long it takes. PHILADELPHIA PRESENT DAY Oh, it's the real thing Oh, it's the real thing Hey! Yeah! All my life, I've said I've said it I'm gonna be one of the greats Oh, it's the real thing Holy moley! The boys in blue! I'm sure glad to see you. I called as soon as I saw. They're in there. You stay here. Police! I saw 'em hide back in there. - Police, comin' in! - Police! - There's nobody here. It's a closet. - What do you mean? You really bought that, huh? Oh, it's the real thing Hey, no, no, no! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Open this up right now, kid! That's a federal offense, kid! You can't do that! Don't go in that car. Come on, open the door, please. Please, please, come on! Open this door, right now! Come on! Very good, very funny. Very funny. That's great. That's hilarious, yeah. Uh, dispatch, we need backup at the Lower One shopping center, please. Dispatch, cancel that request. Some kid stole our walkie-talkies. "Walkie-talkies"? How old are you? No, no, no, no. That's my lunch, kid! Miss Batson, I, uh... I-I've been looking for you. Ugh... No. Gosh. It's me, it's Billy. Ugh... okay. I want the tiger. I know, honey, I know. But Mom's not exactly going pro here. We got one! But I wanted a tiger! Oh, but this is the real prize, baby. See? You can use that your whole life. You'll always find your way. I can't find my way. Mom? Mom! Mom! Hey. Who are you with, bud? Yeah, he says it's Billy Batson. Don't worry, kid. I'm sure she'll come looking before too long, okay? They always do. Mom, I'm home. Yes? Yeah, uh... Is this Rachel Batson? Who's asking? Um... Yeah, see, the thing is... I think you're my mom. You sure about that? Sorry to bother you. You just had to take my lunch, huh? You save me any fries? Foster home in Pittsburgh reported you missing two weeks ago. You sending me back? No. They don't want you. Harsh. You laugh, but you've run from foster homes in six counties, Mr. Batson. From good people... who want you, all in pursuit of someone who arguably does not. It's time someone looked you in the eye and told it to you straight. I don't need parents to play make-believe with. I got a mom. Yes. You're some detective. 73 Batsons, between the ages of 28-40, and you've crossed out every one. She's still out there. I know it. There's a couple outside, Mr. Batson. They run a group home. I can take care of myself. When you're 18. Until then, I won't have you living on the streets looking for someone who never looked for you. Give these people a chance. 'Cause that's what they're giving you. You're out of options. All right, let's get the spiel. Just stay with me and Rosa, we get it. We were foster kids back in the day. Ooh, back in the dark ages. Girl! I'm young at heart. Got my finger on the pulse. Yeah, that's a reference to his blood pressure because he's old. Billy, do you have any food allergies? Oh, wish you did. Darla's cookin'. - Oy, guerito! - What? We know how overwhelming it can all be. New house, new faces. All up in your face. Just... take it at your own speed. Hello? We're home! That's what happens when you suck! So much for the welcome party. Yeah, that thing growing out of the couch would be Eugene. Is that him? Oh, my gosh! Billy! Whoa, slow down, slow down! Welcome home! - And that's Darla. - I'm Darla. Big hugger. I noticed. Die! Die! Die! He doesn't mean that. It's the game. Hey. No sodas after dark, remember? Whoa. When did it get dark? Oh, the poster. I made you one. Come look! Oh, no! Sorry, Pedro must've been working out. He was supposed to be at school. Oh. Here. Yes. Exactly why your Math Department is so uniquely suited for me. I can't, I can't even... with Eugene right now. Sorry. Mary. Hi. College interview. - I'm Billy. - What am I most excited about? Oh. What a great question. I was hoping you'd ask. Mention you're a foster kid. Colleges eat that up. What I'm most excited about is the campus experience. As a foster child, I'm a big believer in finding family and friends in the most unlikely of places. Oh, I'm gonna miss that girl so much! It's Caltech, it's a very prestigious school. And also all the way in California. But we don't have to talk about that right now. It's a tough subject for me. Do you like vegan food? - Mm-mm. - 'Cause, see, I love animals. Oh, no! The tofurkey! Oh, no, we may have to eat a real turkey! - Is that? - It's okay. Come, I'll show you your room. It's a bit of a madhouse, I know, but, it's fun! Watch the bumps there. Pedro, mi amor, hola. Say hi to Billy. Don't take it personally. He's like that with everyone. Freddy. This is Billy Batson. Make sure you make him feel at home, okay? Maybe don't say anything too weird? Oh, one weird thing is you know the Romans used to brush their teeth with their urine? Apparently, it-it works. Yup, um... Oh, it's, uh... it's a long way down. Trust me, I speak from experience. Victor pushed me. They seem nice, but don't buy it. It gets real Game of Thrones around here. What? Dude, I'm... just messin' around. It's um, it's terminal cancer, I... I have three months. Kidding, again! You look at me and you're, like, "Why so dark?" "You're a disabled foster kid, you've got it all." Right? Oh, yeah, that's the, uh, the old batarang. I mean, it's a replica, but... Feel how sharp. Could kill you in your sleep with that thing. You ever a Supes guy? Yeah, me too. Behold, the holy grail. One nine millimeter round shot at Superman himself. It's legit. Probably worth, I dunno, $5-600, maybe more. What's in the bag? Hey. Hey, it's all good. It's good to maintain boundaries. You don't gotta talk so much, you know. I mean, this place is great. You're gonna love it. Dinner! All hands on deck! Sweet. Thank you for this family. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this food. Even if it's not steak fillet. Big school. 2,000 students, you might think, "Wow, so many strangers." But not if you think of them as possible for each friend then, "Oh, so many friends." The principal, her name's Shirley. She's the best. Next. This is our security scanner. Like in an airport. It's totally safe. I know what it is. Does she always do this? Silence makes me uncomfortable. She's almost never uncomfortable. Have a good first day, big brother. Look, you don't have to hug me all the time. We're not actually brother and sister, so. I'm sorry. - Hey. - Hey. I-I didn't mean to make her... I was overwhelmed, honestly. He said I must be pure of heart. He called himself a wizard. Just like a... a wizard from Harry Potter, some... But y-you're saying that other people have experienced this? In a sense, yes. Do you remember what he said to you? He tested me. There were these statues. Their eyes, it's like they were looking at me, making me think things. Like, horrible things. And do these approximate what you saw? Yes. That's exactly how I remember it. I-I don't understand. How do you know...? Recurring imagery has proven very common in cases of mass hysteria. "Mass hysteria"? I know. The term's a bit theatrical. But take UFO sightings, for example. Lights in the sky, flying saucers. Isolated incidents of people who do not know each other... Symbols. Ask her about the symbols. Sorry, Ms. Kwan. But as an example of recurring imagery, maybe you recall seeing these symbols before the alleged abduction? Don't remember any symbols, no. I think I caught it on video. There was something, um... I remember the numbers on my alarm clock, they kept shifting. Video? Show me the video. Uh, Ms. Kwan, this is Dr. Sivana. Um, one moment, I can send it. Hello? Oh, my God! Who's there? Hello? What's going on? What's happening? I'm-I'm going to call the police. Then this blinding light all around me. And I felt like I was getting pulled down... Like a temple carved inside a mountain... Exactly what you'd expect from a guy who call himself a wizard. ...brought there to save the world. Dr. Sivana! I appreciate your enthusiasm. But you're funding my project. And when I'm interviewing, I don't wanna be interrupted. 56 reported abductions. - I never saw it. - Saw what? Doctor, what is all this? All these years... I was convinced I had the incorrect sequence. Or perhaps... the wrong symbols to open the door. But on that woman's alarm clock, the seven symbols. The sequence repeating itself seven times. That's the difference. Is this some sort of joke? It may seem that way to you. Because we're not, in actuality, studying mass hysteria. What all these people have seen, every single one of them, is absolutely real. An alarm clock malfunctions, and your first thought is it's proof of a wizard? Come on, Dr. Sivana. You can't believe any of this is real. Why, yes. Yes, I do. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. And now, here we are. You don't remember me, do you? I remember you. You were a boy. Now, you dare intrude in my kingdom. Do you know what it's like for a child to be told, "You'll never be good enough"? No, you don't. What you said to me all those years ago made me realize who I really was. And you know something? I am not pure of heart. The wizard is too weak to stop us. No. No! You never found your champion. But we found ours. You are the true champion. They're using you. You're nothing to them but a means of escape. Through you, they'll spread the poison to everything they touch! Make mankind turn into them. You seek a pure soul, old man. But no one's worthy. Flight or invisibility? If you could have one superpower, flight or invisibility, what would you pick? Everybody chooses flight. You know why? So they can fly away from this conversation? No, 'cause heroes fly. Who doesn't want people to think they're a hero, right? But-But invisibility, no way, I mean, that's perfect. Spying around on people who don't even know you're there. Sneaking around everywhere. It's a total villain power, right? Then they did this study, and this is a real thing. They asked people the same question, You know, what power do you want? But this time, they made it so the answers were anonymous. And-And most people, since they knew that it was secret, said invisibility. And I think that's 'cause most people don't feel like heroes on the inside, deep down. You're gonna run away. I mean, you stole my Superman bullet. Dude, I get it, I get it. You've been screwed over way too many times. You don't trust anyone. But that's the thing about invisibility. You handle it by yourself. I didn't steal your dumb bullet. Hey, how was it today? That good, huh? Whoa! Oh, my God! Freddy! You okay? What the hell? What is wrong with you two? - No way that's gonna buff out. - You gonna pay for that thing? For the dent you made almost hitting me? Yeah, sure, um, do you guys take these? Brett, stop! Don't touch my brother! What, you need your fake family to stand up for you? - Stand up for yourself, man. - Yeah, huh? Here, stand up. Stand up for yourself. What are you gonna do? Go home, cry to mommy? Oh, yeah, you don't have a mommy. Stop hurting him! Hey! Man, sorry about that. That wasn't fair, but, then again, you don't play fair, so. Back off, assbags, I know how to use these things! Oh! Hey! Freddy, you okay? Nowhere to run! - Go, go, go! - Grab him! Get out of the way! Whoa! No, no, no, no! You're dead, kid! Yeah, you think you're funny? I know where you go to school, right! Next stop, 30th Street Station. Change for the Regional Rail Line. Hello? What's going on? Help! Holy moley. Hello? What the hell? Who-Who's doing this?! Hi, um... I was supposed to get off at 30th. Billy Batson. How'd you know my name? I am the last of the consul of wizards. Keeper of the Rock of Eternity. Oh. You're that guy. Listen, I don't have any money. Do not patronize me, boy! You are standing in the source of all magic. The Rock of Eternity. Seven foes, seven wizards. But long ago, we chose a champion. And we chose recklessly. He used his power for revenge. Releasing the Seven Deadly Sins into the world. Millions of lives were lost. Entire civilizations erased from existence. That is why I vowed never to pass on my magic until I find one truly good person. Strong in spirit. Pure in heart. Look, man, maybe this is magic. I-I don't know, but, the people you're looking for, good, pure people... I'm not one of them. I-I don't know if anyone is, really. You, Billy Batson, are all I have. All the world has. Lay your hands on this staff. Gross. And say my name so my powers may flow through you. I open my heart to you, Billy Batson. And in so doing, choose you as champion. Thanks. Don't scream at me, mister, but I really gotta get going. My brothers and sisters were slain by the sins. Their thrones lie empty! My magic must be passed on. Now... Speak my name! I-I don't know your name, sir. We just met. My name is... Shazam. Wait, for real? - Say it! - Okay. Jeez. Should I say it? Like, Shazam? Yes! Carry my name and with it, you carry all of my powers. The wisdom of Solomon! The strength of Hercules! The stamina of Atlas! The power of Zeus! The courage of Achilles! And speed of Mercury! What happened to me? Why am I...? W-W-What did you do to me? What did you do to my voice? You have been transformed to your full potential, Billy Batson. With your heart, unlock your greatest power. The thrones of our brothers and sisters await! Huh! Oh! Get me outta here! Dope! My brother, I applaud your choices today. Gold shoes, gold belt, white cape! It shouldn't work, but, hot damn, it does! Yes, officer, I'm aware he's run away in the past, I... 23 times? Guy's got no social media presence. At all. The guy's a ghost. You know guys, I'm happy to look for Billy. More than happy. Then you gotta wash the dishes, that's what's more important. What are you gonna do, Freddy? Run after him? Ha-ha-ha! Very funny! No, wait, don't scream. Uh, Victor! Victor! Victor! It's me! It's Billy! It's Billy! You asked me, "Flight or invisibility?" I thought that was stupid, but now I look like this and I need your help! Meet me back here after lights out? What's up, bud? You all right? Yeah. Yeah. I'm just... I'm really... sad. Because Billy's gone. And you know, maybe it's my fault. Maybe I did it. Uh, you know, maybe I-I snore. Hey, hey, hey. Not your fault, son, all right? We'll find him, 'kay? You don't snore that bad. But you kinda smell. Oh, oh, oh, my God! Hey, stop right there. How do I know you're not a supervillain using telepathic abilities to make me believe that you're Billy, huh? All I have to do is press dial on this thing. No, no, I have proof, I have proof, here. Look, I lied, okay? I took your bullet. - Oop! No, no, no! No! - No! No! Stupid adult hands! But you saw it. You saw it, right? Look, Freddy, I swear it's me, okay? Look, I know we're not really close friends or anything, but you're the only person that I know that knows anything about this Caped Crusader stuff. - That's Batman. - What? Forget it. Can I...? Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh! Oh, my God! It's crazy, right? What are your superpowers? Superpowers? Dude, I don't even know how to pee in this thing! Okay, c-can you fly? Okay, let's do this. How do we do this? Just, um, just like Superman it. Pkkwwff. Pkkwf. Obviously, you have to jump. Come on. How is that even obvious? Okay. Try, uh, t-to believe that you can fly. Okay, I read this deep dive in the pyramid studies of superpowers and in 6 out of 10, belief is the key. Belief, belief, belief. Okay, okay. I believe I can fly. I believe I... I believe I can fly. I... Did you believe? Yeah. You wanna try invisibility? How do I do...? You... Forget it. You know. Okay, okay, okay. Oh, my God! It worked! Where'd you go? I'm right here. You can't see me? Where? I'm invisible! I'm right here. I'm over here. I'm invisible! I'm invisible! Hey! Nice outfit, dipshit! I-I might have been testing invisibility and super intelligence at the same time. Freeman, I'm gonna come over there and beat you. Oh, my God! The lightning, it was staring us right in the face the whole time! Literally! Okay, okay. Billy, we gotta give you a lightning-themed superhero name. Yeah. Oh, right. Hey, you, back... off. Hyperspeed, check! I... I'm sorry-I'm so sorry. I thought you were the one who was screaming. I doused him with pepper spray. Smart move. Yeah, hey, get up, mister mugger guy! Give the old lady her purse back. Um, I'm your age. And he didn't get a chance to take it 'cause I didn't let him take it. Good, yeah, good. You're really on top of this stuff. And that should teach you that old ladies, regular-aged ladies like yourself don't need your protecting. Right? So get off, bro. I'm sorry, who are you? His name is Thundercrack! Hero to the people. With the power and speed of lightning all in one. Dude, that sounds like a butt thing. - Mr. Philadelphia! - That's a cream cheese thing, dude! Powerboy, 'cause he's got all the powers. 'Cause sometimes pepper spray can't protect against evil. Powerboy, do you know this child? Like, like a teeny little bit. I don't really know... Yeah, he's, like, my manager. He's like a miniature manager. - I'm his manager. - And uh, you know. Powerboy's not gonna work either, okay? So work on something else... Hey, hey, hey... Electricity manipulation, hyperspeed, super strength! Dude, you're stacked! You're as cool as Superman! Almost. I didn't see you or what's happened here. I don't wanna know. Just don't hurt me. - Oh, no, no, I'm not gonna hurt you. - Thank you for your kind donation. No, no, no, but if you need any more help, just look for the superhero that still can't fly. Forget flying, man, we just made 73 bucks! 73 bucks? Come on! Hey, wait a minute. I just got an idea. I'd like to purchase some of your finest beer, please. I don't know about this. I mean, we don't have a fake ID. Freddy, would you relax? Look at me, I am the fake ID. Everything from the register! Go! Go! Now! Come on! I don't have much time! Let's go! Move! I want it all! Hurry! This is your chance. Oh! I... okay. Come on, come on, let's do this! Gentlemen! Why use guns when we can handle this like real men? Billy, look out! Bullet immunity. You have bullet immunity! I'm bulletproof. Today is December 8th, and this is video proof of authenticity. Shoot him again. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Here, here. Go, both of you, come on. Go to town. W-W-W-Wait! We still don't know if the suit is bulletproof or if you are. Shoot him in the face. Shoot me in the... in the face? It kinda tickles. You're dead. - Sorry about your window. - Have a good night. But you're welcome for not getting robbed! Come on! Let's get outta here! Hey. - To fighting bad guys. - Yup. That tastes like actual vomit. You know, habanero jerky, if you eat enough of it, it could burn a hole in your stomach. - Worth it. - Yeah. Probably not you though. Probably got stomach superpowers. Probably. Oh, hey, what's up? I'm a superhero. Yeah, his name is, uh, Captain Sparkle Fingers. No it's not. No it's not! It's not my name! Hey, we should hang out. We're like, the same age. Ho! po-po. I'm out. Hey, wait up! I mean, it's a pretty sick view. I totally get why Rocky was training so hard to get up here. I like you like this. This is so cool. I mean, no offense, but like, Like, at first, you were kinda like the opposite of how of how Darla is. A dick? Your words, not mine. But yeah. All right, well, I feel like every criminal was either on drugs or asleep by now. Wanna head home? Looking like this? Yeah. I mean, usually we'd have a lair to go back to, but that's long term. Right now you have a bunk bed. Just scares me thinking of him out there all alone. This is what he does, Rosa. Difference is when they find him, we'll be the first to take him back. With open arms. Didn't even make it two days. Not even two days. Baby, we did our fair share of running off back then. At least, I did. Even Mary did it, twice. That second time she ran off, you said something that I'll never forget. You said, "It's not a home till you call it a home. "It's something you choose." All we can do is give him a place full of love. Whether he chooses to call it a home, that's up to him. Gonna help me with this tree? This tree's so sad. H-Hello? Just got done in the bathroom. Oh, okay, Freddy, sweetie, goodnight! - Night. - Night. Freddy, who was that? It's Billy, he's just really tired and he has laryngitis. - What? Laryngitis? - I'm just kidding! I'm just kidding. He's really, really tired and he wants to go beddy bye. - Beddy bye? What's beddy bye? - Just hide, hide. Billy, you're back! Let us see you! We're so worried about you.

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