Scream VI

Synopsis: In the next installment, the survivors of the Ghostface killings leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter in New York City.

[phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]

[person screaming]

[phone ringing]

[pop music playing]

Just one sec.

Hasta El Fuego.

Please hold.


This way.

[customers chattering, laughing]

[hostess] Here you are.

Your server

will be right with you.

Hey, Jason.


Hi. Do you know what you want?

Uh, yeah.




[clears throat]

[cell phone chimes, vibrates]





Another shot?

Yeah, sure. Okay. Um...

[cell phone rings]


[clears throat] Hi. Hi, Reggie.

Laura, hi. [chuckles]


Um, so nice to phone-meet you

in this

incredibly embarrassing way.

Oh, you know, no-- no problem.

It's fine.

This is what I get

for picking a trendy place

with no sign out front, huh?


Yeah, why do they do that here?

I don't know.

I've only been in the city

for a few months.

Me, too! No way! Yeah.

Oh, wow.

Well, um,

it's a very cool restaurant.

Is it on Hudson?


Am I on Hudson?

I don't know.

I am not on Hudson. Sh*t.


Uh, I am now

walking towards Hudson.


I am so, so sorry.

This is not

the first impression

I wanted to make

on a college professor.

Oh, pfft. Associate Professor,

and it's just

Film Studies, so...

Oh.'re safe.

Film Studies? That's...


You say that,

but try teaching a class

on 20th-century slashers

to a heap

of hungover 19-year-olds.

Slashers, huh?

[imitating Ghostface]

What's your favorite

scary movie?

Um, not that one.

[both laughing]

So why slashers?

Well, I just, you know,

I think it's interesting.

You can really examine

the culture of the moment

by looking at

the tropes of the time.

Like, um, the masked killer,

the final girl,

the different rules:

Don't split up. Don't have sex.

[both chuckling]

Don't answer the phone.

Exactly, exactly, exactly.

It's all clich.

But out of those clichs

comes an opportunity

for outsider art.

A voice for the voiceless,

you might say.



Jesus Christ.

Yeah, I'm more of

a rom-com guy,

to be honest.


Okay, I think I'm on Hudson.



What color is the outside

of the restaurant?

I-I think it's red.

I don't see anything red.


I, um-- I could be wrong.

Let me just, um...

Let me go have

a little look-see.

Oh, okay. Thank you.

All right, um...

Yep, it's definitely red.

Yeah, I'm not seeing

anything red here.

[people chattering]

Sure you're on Hudson?

Um... Oh, crap,

I'm still a block over.

It looks like there's

an alley I can cut through.

Is the restaurant

near an alley?


Yes! Yes.

There is an alley.

Oh, perfect.

I'm coming down the alley.

[people continue chattering]

I don't see you.

Wait. Really? Are you sure?


Let me just...

Uh, there are some dumpsters

about halfway down.

I see them,

but I don't see you.

Yeah, I don't see you, either.

This is creepy, right?

Uh, a little bit.


20th-century slashers, huh?

Yeah. Are you sure you're

walking towards Hudson?

I'm sure.

Oh, wait, I think I see you!

Can you wave?

Can you see me?

Uh, the person I'm looking at

isn't waving.

They're just staring at me.

Are you sure?

Okay, this is weird.


Now they're moving towards me.

Are you okay?

Sh*t. He's following me.

I don't see anybody.

Holy sh*t! He's after me!

Where are you?

He's got a knife!


And that's not the worst part.

[voice modulator powers up]

The worst part is...

[as Ghostface] teach a class

about slashers

and you still walked

into a dark alley.


Okay, that's not funny.

[Ghostface chuckles,

breathes heavily]


It's not.

[passerby screams]

[people laughing, chattering]


[Ghostface grunting]




Now I see something red.


[blood splattering]

[breathing heavily]

[blood dripping]

[laughing in distance]

[siren wailing]


[students chattering]

[Reggie humming]

[students chattering, laughing]

[student 1]

Hey, girl, you look great!

[student 2] You're not wearing

a costume? Come on.

No, I wouldn't

have done that.

Oh, hey. Tara!


Are you and Greg gonna come

to the OKB party?

Well, if he finishes his

Spanish project in time,

yes, we will.

Is your sister coming?

No, Sam wouldn't be caught dead

at a frat party.

There's a first time

for everything.

Not tonight, though.

Can't convince her?

No. That's not my problem,

that's yours.

Save me a drink!

All right.

I'll see you.

[thunder rumbling]

Honey, I'm home!

[victim 1 screaming on TV]



[victim 1 on TV screams]

[victim 2 on TV screams]

[cell phone ringing]

[cell phone beeps]

I'm sorry, okay?


I just got massive blue balls,

and I-- I had to practice.

Please don't be mad.

How mad are you?


Oh, I'm not mad, Jason.


We said we wouldn't

use the voice on each other.

We said a lot of things.

[thunder rumbling]

This is Greg, right?

[Ghostface chuckling]

Who else would it be?

[Jason] Where are you?

I want to tell you about it.

Oh, by the way,

we should go to that frat party.

Tara's going.

What was it like?

Not on the phone, man.

Seriously, turn off

the f***ing voice modulator.

I'm just trying

to get the voice right.

You got to have your practice,

I get mine.


Just tell me

what it felt like.

Then maybe I'll come out.

Dude, I know

you're not here.

Humor me.

All right, fine.

[sighs] It was even better

than we ever could have


[thunder rumbling]

I mean,

when the knife went in her,

it's like

she wasn't human anymore.

Just an animal.

[victim 2 on TV screaming,


And every time it went in,

she was less and less human.

And then,

she was just meat.

But she wasn't just meat,


She was a person.

Our film professor.

Yeah, well,

f*** her.

[Ghostface chuckles]

[clears throat]

She gave me a C-minus

on my giallo paper.

Is that why you killed her?

Because of the C-minus?


Who's next, your grade-school

vice principal?

You know who's next.

Why are you

being like this?

Come on, Jason.

How long

have we known each other?

You tell me.

Eight years.

We met in junior high.

In Atlanta.

I just want you to tell me

why you think

you're doing this.

In your words.

We're finishing

Richie's film.

That's right,

by killing Sam and Tara.

Why are you f***ing with me?

Why won't you tell me

where you are?

Why do you keep asking me that?

I already told you.

I'm here.

Let's play a game.

[sighs] Sh*t.

Do you know Warmer, Colder?

Come on, find me.

And then we'll go and cut up

the Carpenter sisters.

Are you using

the f***ing cameras?

Yeah. The cameras.

And at the moment,

you're very, very cold.

All right, douchebag,

let's play.



Heating up.



[heartbeat thumping]

[chattering on TV]

All right, you know what?

This is stupid.

I'm gonna hang up now.

But you're getting warmer.

[character moaning on TV]




You're on fire!

[gasps] Oh, f***!


Do you feel

like an animal, Jason?


Please, stop!

Like meat?

But we have

to finish the movie.

Who gives a f*** about movies?

[Jason screams]

In my head

Let it begin

Push it away

But it's pulling me in

Trying to pretend

I'm not aware

When I do it again

I know the signs

I see the pattern

In front of my eyes

Something inside me

Open it wide

Stretching me

[backup singer]

In my head

I can feel it getting closer

In my head

Breathing heavy

On my shoulder

And I'm trying to fake it

But there's no way

To escape it

In my head

[music ends]

So how are the new meds

treating you?

Okay, I think.

Still not seeing anyone

I shouldn't be.

What I'm really worried about,

though, is Tara.

What I'm really

worried about is you.

You've been coming here

for six months now,

and all we've

really spoken about

is how your sister

isn't dealing with

whatever happened

to both of you

a year ago.

Now, you've alluded

to an abusive relationship,

issues with your father,

but every time I push you

for specifics, you shut down.

I have trust issues.


If I'm going

to help you,

um, I-- I need you to

give me the details.


My father was Billy Loomis.

He was a famous serial killer.

They made a movie about him.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Certainly did.

Last year I found out

that my boyfriend

was also a serial killer

and only dating me

because he idolized my father.


Him and his psycho girlfriend

killed a bunch of people.

And when it got out

that I'm Billy's daughter,

this crazy rumor started online

that I orchestrated

the whole thing and framed them.




[Sam] Richie was my boyfriend.

But you didn't.

Of course not.


He almost killed my sister

and me,

before I stopped him.

Okay, and how...

How-how did you stop him?

Well, I stabbed him 22 times

and slit his throat.

And then I shot him

in the head.

But that's not why I'm here.

Why are you here?


it felt right.

I... [clears throat] Uh...

I think we're done here.

What? No, you said

give you details. I'm just--

I-- I'm not equipped

to deal with this kind of thing.

Please, Dr. Stone.

I'm asking for your help.

By law, I'm required

to report this

to the authorities.

Report it? Report what?

I didn't say

I was gonna do anything.

Not explicitly, no.

You know what?

Forget it.

You're just like all the others.


[door slams shut]

[people chattering]

[siren wailing]

[line ringing]

Hey, you've reached Tara.

Why aren't you texting me?

[line beeps]

You know you're supposed

to pick up when I call.

I got out of therapy early,

so I was thinking

maybe we cook dinner tonight.

If you want.

I'll see you soon.

[locks clicking]

[locks clicking]




[glass clinking]

[roommate moaning]

[bed frame creaking]

[roommate continues moaning]

[roommate] Oh, yeah.

[sighs, chuckles]


[Quinn chuckles] Oh, sh*t.

[Quinn's lover] Come on!


Were we being too loud?

[Quinn's lover groaning]

Not at all.

Have you seen Tara?


Don't be mad.

Why would I be mad?

Because you get mad.

Is that Paul?

[Quinn's lover]

Who the f*** is Paul?

Life, I have found,

is about variety.



Uh, this one's yours.


Where's Tara?

She went

to the Omega Kappa Beta party.

I begged her

not to go to that!

And we've now arrived

at mad.

Do you know if she at least

took her Taser?

I cannot speak

to how heavily armed Tara is

at this fraternity party.


[Quinn's lover]

Babe, you coming back?


I don't know.

[Sam sighs]

[Quinn gasps]


is Cute Boy shirtless again?

[Quinn's lover]

Who's Cute Boy, babe?

Always you... sweetie.

You guys have been checking

each other out for months.

Why don't you just

talk to him?

Because that right there

is about all the romantic

interaction I'm ready for.

I'm gonna go find Tara.


Be right back.


[door opens, closes]

[whispers] Damn.

["Blow the Whistle" playing]

[partygoers laughing, chatting]

And for the last 300 months

I made 16 albums...



Chug, chug, chug, chug!

Two singers

And ten comedians

And I'm still gonna yell it

Every time you see me in

What's my favorite word...

What up, man?

[partygoer 1]

Where can I get another beer?

[partygoer 2] Who's drinking?

Let's party!

[partygoer 1] Hey, guys.

Oh, my God, Lou, how are you?

Blow the whistle

Blow the whistle

It doesn't bother you?

Being at a house party

after you were almost

brutally murdered

at a house party?

No, I think of it

like being struck by lightning.

The odds of it

happening twice

to the same person

are extremely low.


Guess I should stay close

to you then.

[both chuckle]

Sh*t, I'm sorry. [giggles]

Watch out.



How are you doing, T?

[giggling] Hi.

You're lying.

No, last one's kicked.

We got some hard stuff

in the kitchen, though.



Lead the way.

You Omega Beta Zeta?

No, not yet.

But I might rush it.

Oh, freshman. Right on!

Where from?


All right.

You know what?

I got a bottle of Fireball

up in my room.


F*** it. Yeah, go.

Uh... Oh, I don't love that.




You want to call it a night?

No, uh...

I think that I'm actually

still gonna hang,

but you guys don't have

to wait for me.

Don't worry.

I'll take care of her.

I'm Frankie.

And I'm spectacularly


in knowing

anything about you.


No, dude, Anika,

I'm not that bad.

But I appreciate you

looking out for me.


Let me see it in your face.

Mmm. Mmm.

Closer. Closer. Ooh. Uh.


All right, all right.

Cheers, man,

to the dynamic duo

of Hortense Tower,

third floor, room 315.



[groans, spits]

Oh, man.

Time to start making moves.

Yeah, get you out there.

Introduce you to some girls!

What about her?

She's gorgeous.

Great. Ask her out.

No, I can't.

Ask her out. Ask her out.

Shut up!

Got to have confidence.

Plus, look at you, man!

You're a snack!

Practically an entire meal

all on your own.


Yeah. You're Ethan Landry.

Hey, excuse me!


Howdy. How you doing?

My friend here,

he's a snack, right?

[Chad chuckles]

What did that mean?

No, it's good.


It's not bad.

There's room for improvement!

Hey, big guy, you're needed.

See ya.

Aren't you that girl involved

in that "Stab" sh*t

in California last year?


That's a different pirate.

Hey, partner!

Tara's good down here.

[scoffs] Sorry, bro,

I didn't catch that.


Yeah, you did.

No, Chad.

It's fine. I want to.

Yeah, see, Chad?

It's okay.

She wants to.

Come on.

[winces] Ow!

Get your f***ing hands off her.

Get the f*** off me!


Who the f*** are you,

Risky Business?


[Sam] Guys, guys!

Sorry to interrupt.

I'm just gonna tase you

in the balls real quick.

[grunts, shrieks]

Don't ever lay hands

on my sister.

You f***ing b*tch!


[Frankie] F*** you!

Are you f***ing kidding me?

You're stalking me now?

Holy sh*t,

it's that psycho girl!

[partygoer] That's her?

[partygoers chattering]

Tara. Will you stop?

I cannot believe you did that!

You embarrassed me.

That guy was a dick.

He was gonna

take advantage of you.



If I want to hook up

with an a**hole,

that's my decision!

It's my decision.


It's not about you!

You're out of my life

for five years,

and then you can't

leave me alone for five minutes.

Because you're not dealing

with what happened to us.

Have you even gone

to see the counselor once?

[Tara] No, I'm not going to.

[Sam] Why not?

Because I'm uninterested in

living in the past like you are.

What's that supposed to mean?

Guys, come on.

It means I'm not gonna let what

happened to us for three days

define the rest of my life.

So you're just gonna

pretend it never happened.

What are you doing here, Sam?

In New York.

You're working two shitty jobs

to help with rent, whatever,

but what's your plan?

I know what I'm gonna do.

Okay? Because I'm gonna

keep going to college,

I'm gonna get my degree,

and I'm gonna live my life.

My life.

Okay? I know.

You just followed me here,

and you won't let me

out of your sight.

I'm just trying

to look out for you.

I-- [sighs]

I know.

I know you are.

You can't do it

for the rest of my life, though.

You have to let me go.

[footsteps approaching] Hey!



What the f*** is wrong

with you, b*tch?

You got a problem with me?

You guys should stay away

from her.

She knows what she did.

I didn't f***ing do anything!

Sure, b*tch.

Walk away!

I'm so sick of this sh*t.

[Mindy] Hey, calm down. Come on.

Hey, I have tissues

if you want tissues.

["when the party's over"


I have, like,

three tissues.

Don't you know too much


I'll only hurt you

If you let me

[thunder rumbling]

Call me friend

But keep me closer...

[knocks on door]

[Quinn] Hey.

I'm sorry I told Sam

where you went.

It's fine. I just...

She's all the way up my ass.

Like usual.

I know what it's like

when they hold on too tight.

After we, um...

lost my brother,

my dad

wouldn't leave me alone.


He even transferred to the NYPD

when I got into college, so...

Stalker much? [chuckles]

I'm gonna go,

let you guys... chat.

[door closes]

[Tara] Thank you.

You can, um,

go back to your dorm.

I'm pretty sure

the fighting is done

for the day.

That's too bad.

I was actually looking forward

to getting some shots in

while I can.

Oh, yeah?


Bring it.



Thank you

for not letting me go

up those stairs.'ll be a dream

Yeah, I don't know,

I think I was just

more messed up

than I realized.

And I watch you float

Cross the floor

And the night...

Survivors got to

stick together... you know.

And besides,

you can do a lot better

than Date Rape Frankie.

Tara, you're...

I think you're really special.

Maybe we're only strangers

On mystery trains

You're only a ghost

Who has stolen my heart away

I'm not messed up


Just so you know.


Now, if you need me...

I forgot my phone.

Did I cock-block you?

What did you just say?

I cock-blocked you.


I cock-blocked you,

didn't I?

Immediate no.

Please stop saying

the word "cock."

What did you need?

[Quinn] My phone.

Don't ever enter a room

like that again.

I won't.

No, it was rude.

I'm gonna go.

But get some rest,

get sober,

and please don't kill

your sister, okay?

She loves you very much.

Good night!

[Tara] Bye-bye.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


[inhales, sighs]

Maybe we were always strangers

On mystery trains

You were only a ghost

That has stolen my heart away

[gate buzzes, opens]

[gate buzzes]

[whispers] Careful.

Someone might see us.

[whispers] You always say

the most romantic things.



Can I help it if my kink is

"woman who's ashamed

to be seen with me"?

Come on.

You know it's not that.

I'm just not ready for--

I know, for your sister

and your friends to know

that you enjoy

physical contact

with another human being.

I get it, I do.

Your secret

is safe with me.

A little thing--

It's not a big deal--

I just can't help but notice

that you're covered

in Cherry Coke.

Um, I'm pretty sure

it's Diet Cherry Coke, actually.


What, you don't like it?

No, I love it! I do.

It's a very sensual,

aromatic choice.


Was that another

conspiracy nut?

Being famous

isn't all it's cracked up to be.

And Tara's pissed at me.



She says she wants me

to let her go.

Yeah, family can be rough.

[running footsteps]

[Chad] Sam!

Get up here right now!

[reporter on TV]

I'm standing in front

of the apartment building...

What's going on?

...where the mutilated bodies

of two students...

Cute Boy. Nice.

...were discovered.

Their names have just

been released by police.

Jason Carvey

and Greg Bruckner.

Holy sh*t, that's that chode

from our Film Studies class!

The one obsessed with Argento.

Also found at the scene

were various

Ghostface costumes,

a character popularized

by the Stab movie franchise.

Pack a bag.

We leave in ten.

[Tara] Sam! Wait, Sam!

We're getting out of the city.


Thank you, suspicious new guy,

but we got it from here.

Have a good night.

Get home safe.

Go, go, go.


Sam, wh--

[stammers] Hold on.

Come on.

[Tara] No, wait, let's talk

about this for a second.

'Cause this might not

have anything to do with us.

Are you serious?

It's a big city!

It's Halloween.

Everybody's wearing masks!

You don't know.


this isn't a coincidence.

You knew him!


Chad, Mindy, back me up.

It is a little bit...

Close to home.


Quinn, your dad's a cop, right?

Can you call him

and find out what's going on?

Before you make

the unilateral decision

to abandon my college education

and flee the f***ing state!

I'm calling him now.

Thank you.

[phone ringing]

[Tara] Who is it?

[phone continues ringing]

Why did everyone just freak out

when her phone rang?

You got to keep up, my dude.


My dad wants to talk to you.

Mr. Bailey, hi.

[Mr. Bailey] Hey, Sam.

[camera shutter clicking]

I was actually just about

to call you.

[Sam] Well, my sister thinks

I'm probably overreacting.

[Mr. Bailey]

No, unfortunately, you're not.

[Sam] What do you mean?

What's going on?

I'm afraid I need you

to come down to the station.

Sam, slow down.

Tara, no.

Get back inside, lock the door.

Are you serious?

Now you don't want

to stick together?


[cell phone ringing]

[siren wailing]

What the f***?

I never deleted his contact.

This is coming

from his number.

Don't pick that up.

Just let it ring.


Who is this?


Hello, Samantha.

Did you miss me?

I want you to think

long and hard

about whether you really

want to do this.

Because the last two people

that f***ed with us

ended up dead.


You should be thanking me, Sam.

Jason and Greg were gonna

kill you and your sister.

I gutted them

before they had the chance.

So what?

You're protecting us now?

[Ghostface] Not quite.

I'm going to show the world

who you really are:

A liar and a killer.

I'm going to punish you, Sam.

You shouldn't believe

everything you read

on the Internet, a**hole.

Don't be cute.

You're gonna pay

for what you did.

And I'm not gonna stop

until I butcher you.

You and anyone

who gets between us.

You and Tara

better watch your backs.

You better watch yours.

No! No!

[Tara grunts]


[Tara panting]

Come on!

Help! Please!

In there!

Please help us!

We were just attacked.

Call 911!

There's a f***ing line here,



I'm telling you, sir.

Could you--

You got a problem here, guy?




[both gasp]

[shotgun c*cks]


[shells clatter]

Go out the back!

Thank you!

[Tara breathing heavily]

[Sam] F***, it's locked.

Keys! We need your keys!


Look out!

Watch out!

[shouts, grunts]

[both gasping]


Wait, wait! No, no, no!

[music playing on radio]

[glass shattering]

[shotgun c*cks]


[both quivering]

[footsteps approaching]

[can clatters]

[glass crunches]

[Sam grunts]

Run! Go! Run!

[sirens wailing]

[tires screeching]

[officer 1] Let's go.

[officer 2] Going round back.

[door hinges creak]

[police radio chatter]

[officers clamoring]


[door opens]

This was found next to the body

at the apartment crime scene.

DNA says that it belonged

to someone named Richie Kirsch.

Does that ring a bell?

We're familiar

with him.

But the one that attacked us

had a different mask on.

It was kind of more beat up.

Like it was older.


I got to ask...

do you have alibis

for earlier tonight?

I was at a party

with my friends.

I was at my therapist's.

I can give you his information.

You can call to check

if you want.

And then I met Tara

at that party,

where I tased someone.


Was that before

or after this happened?

[student] Murderer!

[Sam] What the f***

is wrong with you, b*tch?

You got a problem with me?


The point is,

we were with people all night.

So, our roommate's dad

just happened

to pull our case.

That'd be a crazy coincidence,



The detective who had the case,

he offered it to me

because it involves Quinn.

Um, but I can totally give it

back if you're uncomfortable.

It's up to you.

It's fine.

So if the man who attacked you

did steal your license

and plant it next to the body,

it'd probably be somebody

close to you.

How long have you known

your friends?

Well, we moved here

with Mindy and Chad

for summer semester,

like, six months ago.

So, Quinn, um, Ethan, Anika--

all since then.

I think I can vouch for Quinn,

so that's one less

we have to worry about.

Do either of you have anyone

that might want to target you?

Not anyone

who's still alive.


[door opens]

FBI's here,

claiming jurisdiction.

Where are they?


Can I help you?

Special Agent Kirby Reed,


I work out

of the Atlanta office.

Oh. You lost?


Your two vics

were residents of my city

before they moved here

for college.

I have been investigating

their online activity

for the past few months.



I take a special interest

in Ghostface attacks.


Hey, Sam.


[Kirby] Tara.

You're the FBI?


You guys know each other?


We went

to Woodsboro High together.

She was a senior

when I was a freshman.

We share a certain history,


I'm not trying

to get into

a jurisdictional

pissing contest here,

I just want to help.

I'll show you mine,

et cetera.

Thank you.

He left this mask

at the bodega.

DNA traces of two individuals,

Charlie Walker, Jill Roberts,

both deceased.

The Ghostface killers of 2011.

Charlie Walker gave me this.

Like I said,

I take a special interest.

Is this the mask he was wearing

when he attacked you?


So he's leaving them

on purpose.

Which means whoever's doing this

is a student of the killers

who came before.

Maybe he believes

Sam is the latest

in a long line.

Yeah, good luck with that.

We're getting out of town.

I'm sorry,

that's not possible.

You're both persons of interest

in a double homicide,

so you're not allowed

to leave town. Sorry.

Are you serious?

He's right.

But if we work together--

We're going.

[reporters chattering]

Samantha, do you have an alibi

for last night's murders?

Tara, do you feel safe

around your sister?

Tara! Tara!

Gale Weathers, Channel 4.

Do you ladies

think you're the reason

the Ghostface killer

has come to the Big Apple?


[crowd gasps]

[scoffs] Nice try, sweetie,

but I've done this dance before.


[crowd gasps]

Stay away from us.

[reporters clamoring]

Are you still mad at me?

You said you wouldn't write

a book about what happened.

And then you wrote a book

about what happened.

Oh, come on.

Somebody was gonna write

about it!

It's what I do.

I heard you couldn't sell

the movie rights.

It's all about true-crime

limited series these days.

After everything

we went through together.

What would Dewey think?

That's a low blow.

So was your book.

You called me "unstable"

and a "born killer."

That's taken out of context.

That's literally a quote.

You don't think

what you wrote

has something to do

with what's happening to us?

[Sam] Come on.

Hey, I talked to Sidney.

She's not coming here,

is she?


She sends her love,

but she's taking Mark

and the kids someplace safe.

She deserves

to have her happy ending.

On that much, we agree.

Hey, I want to catch this f***er

as much as you do!


Or maybe you're just afraid

that without Ghostface

in your life,

you're gonna fade away.

[taxi departing]

You fools! You're in danger!

Can't you see?

They're after you!

They're after all of us!

Our wives,

our children, everyone!

[knocks on door]

They're here already!

You're next!

[continues on TV]

You're next! You're next!

You're next!

You're next!

[knocks on door]

[Dr. Stone] Who is it?

You're a day early

for trick-or-treating, you know.

[dog barking in distance]

["Red Right Hand" playing]

[students chattering]

Take a little walk

To the edge of town

And go across the tracks...

[Mindy] Okay, nerds,

listen up!

As terrifying

as this all is,

I'm actually glad

I get a chance to redeem myself

for not calling the killers

last time.


It's fine. Okay.

The way I see it, someone is out

to make a sequel to the requel.

Um, what's a requel?

You're beautiful, sweetie.

Let's hold questions to the end.

Stab 1 took place

in Woodsboro.

Stab 2 took place in college.

So we think that

the killer is trying

to copy the movies?

That is one possibility.

Heroes now in college:


Suspicious new characters

brought in

to round out the suspect list

and/or body count:

Check, check and check.

I don't like this.

But it can't just be

about Stab 2.

Why not?

It would make sense

if this were just a sequel.

But we're not in a sequel,

because nobody

just makes sequels anymore.

We're in a franchise!

And there are certain rules

to a continuing franchise.

I had a feeling.

Rule one:

Everything is bigger

than last time.

Bigger budget, bigger cast,

bigger body count.

Longer chases, shoot-outs,


You got to top what came before

to keep people coming back.



Rule two:

Whatever happened last time,

expect the opposite.

Franchises only survive

by subverting expectations.

If the killers last time

were whiny snowflake film nerds

with Letterboxd accounts

instead of personalities,

you can bet

the opposite will be true here.

And rule three:

No one is safe.

Legacy characters?

Cannon fodder at this point.

Usually brought back

only to be killed off

in some cheap bid

for nostalgia.

It's not looking too good

for Gale and Kirby.

Oh, and that's

not even the worst part!

This is the part where she

tells us the worst part.

The worst part is

franchises are just

continuing episodic installments

designed to boost an IP.

Which means main characters

are completely expendable now,


Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson,

Ellen Ripley,

Sally Hardesty, Jigsaw,

Tony Stark, James Bond--

I mean, even Luke Skywalker--

all died so their franchises

could live on.

That means it's not

just the friend group.

Any of us could go

at any time,

especially Sam and Tara.

[Ethan] Wait, any of us?

[Mindy] Yeah.


Am I in the friend group?

[Mindy] Yeah.

Am I, like,

one of the targets?

[Mindy] Mm-hmm.

Am I gonna die a virgin?

That was a weird overshare.

But it brings us

to our current suspects:


The shy, dorky guy

who no one suspects

because he's so shy and dorky.

Why am I

on the suspect list?

Because I'm randomly

Chad's roommate?

Roommate lotteries

can be juked.

You could have fixed it

to get next to us.


The slutty roommate.

A horror movie...

[smacks lips] ...classic.

"Sex positive,"

but... thank you?

Mm-hmm. Um, how did you come

to live with Sam and Tara?

I answered their ad online.

Okay, say no more.

You've already implicated

yourself enough.

It was an anonymous ad, Mindy.

And you know we vetted her.

Plus her dad is a cop.

And that makes it more likely

that she's the killer,

because having a cop dad

is a great cover.

Do you not remember

how these movies work, Tara?

Is she always like this?

And finally... Anika.



Never trust the love interest.

Okay! So, we have our rules

and we have our suspects.

But wait.

What about you guys?

I mean, I think it's pretty safe

to rule out the four of us

who went through this last year

in Woodsboro.


Um, not agreed.

What if the trauma

you all went through

caused one

or more of you to snap?

Yeah, or the fame you got

from the killings

made you thirsty for more.

I mean, let's be honest here,

some of the theories online

about Sam are--

Don't you f***ing dare.

Okay, she's right, though.

I mean, face facts--

if we're all suspects,

you're all suspects.

[people chattering]

Remember Samantha Carpenter's

alibi, the therapist?


[Bailey] He was stabbed

to death. Through the nose.


Through the nose.

How messed up is that?

It's pretty messed up.

He turned her in

for making threatening remarks,

ended up dead.

And guess which patient's

notes were stolen?

So Sam kills her own alibi and

steals her own session notes?


Another mask

was found at the scene.

It's a DNA match

for Roman Bridger.

The Ghostface

who was directing Stab 3.

It's like he's leaving us

real-life franchise Easter eggs.

Like dropping

the killers' masks in reverse.

Almost like he's counting down

to something.

What happens

when he gets to one?

So we've had nine

Ghostface killers so far.

Nine. I thought in the movies--

Forget about the movies.

The movies don't matter.

Look. Last year was

Amber Freeman and Richie Kirsch,

whose masks we found

at the first crime scene

along with the bodies

of two film students

who killed their professor

earlier that same night.

Then it was Jill Roberts

and Charlie Walker--

theirs at the bodega.

Roman Bridger was the only

single Ghostface.

Kudos to him for ambition.

His mask

was found at the shrink's.

Which leaves Mickey Altieri,

Nancy Loomis, Stu Macher...

...and Billy Loomis. Number one.

And the father

of our chief suspect.

Well, whoever's doing this

is leading us back to Sam.

[cell phone ringing]

I will check in later.

And tell your daughter

to stay sharp.

Proximity to the Carpenters

is proximity to Ghostface.

[door opens]

Hey, Jack? Would you call

the Atlanta field office?

Dig up what you can

on Agent Reed.

[soft pop music

playing on speakers]

I think you should

get out of the city.

You know, considering

what happened to you

last time.

I-- I wouldn't blame you

if... you wanted to go.

That's very thoughtful of you,

but, um,

I don't think

I'm going anywhere.

[Mindy gagging]

Will you two

just make out already?

That is so inappropriate,


Oh, whatever.

Get it over with!

[Sam] Here you go.

[Mindy] Sam?

[Sam] Yep?

We do not

have to stay here.

Well, too bad. I insist.

Safety in numbers.

This'll be so fun.

A little slumber party

with the Core Four!

"Core Four"?


Did you give us a nickname?

I sure did.

We've been through

a lot together,

and it's a pretty cool


That's debatable.

It's extremely debatable.

You can't just give yourself

a nickname, dingus.

Of course I can, dingus,

because I just did.

Core Four, up top!


Down low.

Get that away from me.


for the love of God.

Don't do it.

I would like a little more

respect and support

from my fellow members

of the Core Four.

Guys. What the hell?

We're hearing from sources

inside the homicide division

that the prime suspect is none

other than Samantha Carpenter,

one of the survivors of

the Woodsboro killings in 2022,

seen here attacking a woman

on the street last night.

[bleep] is wrong with you?

You got a problem with me?

Knock it off!

[student] Stay away from her.

She knows what she did.

[reporter] In the wake

of the Woodsboro tragedy

last year,

rumors sprouted online

that Carpenter was actually

responsible for the killings,

blaming the crimes

on her boyfriend, Richie Kirsch

and teen Amber Free--

[TV turns off]

I know you're not a fan

of the way

that I've been handling things,

and that I've been giving you

a really hard time.

But I can say

that none of us can relate

to what you are experiencing.

And I'm really, really sorry

that you have to do that alone.


It's not your fault.


And I know I shouldn't care

what people think.

It just sucks

being this hated.


Hey. Hey. Just a reminder,

not a single person

in this room hates you.


We have all been through

some f***ed-up stuff,

and we are

coping with it differently.

But, I mean,

we moved here together

for one

very specific reason.

We are a team.

[Mindy] We are

the Core F***ing Four.

Thank you very much.

Ah, I hate myself.

You said it.


That is what I'm talking about.

It's the Core Four.

[Mindy] Say it.

[Tara] I'm not gonna say it.

I mean, yes,

we're a team, but...


It's got a nice ring to it.

I've been sleeping with Cute Boy

from across the hall.


I f***ing knew it!

I knew it, I knew it.

You called it.

I knew it from the day

you had that hickey.

[all laughing]

[news anchor] Sales

of the Ghostface Halloween mask

across the Tri-State area

in the last 24 hours

have gone through the roof!

I've got my mask.

What about you, Jay?

[Jay] You know it.

It's gonna be

one spooky Halloween.

[news anchor] I'll say.

Now, let's get over to Guy

for a look at our weather.

I know she's my roommate,

but you're, like, the police.



[water running in shower]

[Quinn] No, I know.



Hey, yeah.

Wassup, b*tch?

I see you, motherf***er.

Sam! Samantha!

I feel like we should high five

or something.

The Core Four High Five--

may we, please?

[Tara] Don't call it that,

but we'll do the high five.

[Chad] Come on.

Sam! Samantha!

[all chattering]

[Danny] Sam, what the f***?

[Quinn] She's really

freaked out and paranoid.

[Paul] Babe, you gonna join me?

[Quinn] Hang on.

No. And don't use

my good face wash.

It's pH-balanced for women.

Pick up your phone, baby.

[cell phone ringing]

[all continue chattering]

Is that him?

No, Tara. Not right now.

Hey, what are your intentions?

[all laughing]

[Chad] That's right.

It's fine. I'll call him back.

[Mindy] Poor guy.

[Chad] Okay.

[shelves clattering]

[Quinn moaning]

Quinn and her gentleman caller

are back at it again.

She's getting it,

too? Okay.


[Quinn moaning, grunting]

[cell phones chiming, beeping]

[Quinn continues moaning,


[Quinn] Help! Stop!

[Quinn screams]

Tara, wait, wait!


Oh, sh*t!



[Tara] Guys, come on!

Oh, f***.


[Anika] Mindy!

Stay the f*** back!


[gasping, choking]



[Sam] Hey!

Wait, wait, Chad!

They're still up there.





Do you have the keys?

No, I left them inside!


[banging on door]


Mindy, bathroom door. Hurry!

Oh, f***! That guy's dead.



[Sam] Oh, sh*t.

Oh, f***.




Don't worry,

I got you.

Are you f***ing kidding me?

You have a better idea?

F***. No.

[Anika groaning]

[Danny] You have to come

one at a time.

You two go first. Mindy!

What? No.

Someone needs

to hold the door.

I'll send Anika next. Go!

[banging on door]

Sam, come on.

Eyes on me, baby.

Keep your eyes on me.

Oh, sh*t.

Oh, my God.

[Danny] I got you, baby.


[Danny] Baby, come on!

[Sam] It won't hold me.


It ain't going anywhere.

It's gonna hold you, I promise.


I got you.

You ain't going nowhere.

Let's go.

She's losing a lot of blood!

Say something more positive!

[Danny] Eyes on me, Sam.

Come on, baby.


[Danny] Come on. I got you.

Come on, I got you.


Come on!

Let's go!

Come on, Mindy!

Let's go, we got to move!

[Sam] Anika, come on!


[Danny] Go! Come on!

[Mindy] You have to go first.

[Anika whimpering] I can't.

You have to go.

Mindy, no! I'll be

right behind you, I promise.

[Sam] Mindy, come on.

You got to get over here!

[Danny] Let's go!

We got you.

[Sam] That's it. Mindy.

[Danny] Slow and steady.

[Sam] We got you.

Oh, God.


Baby, you can't stop.

[Sam] Get over here right now!

Anika's coming right behind you.


Anika, come on!

[Danny] Go!

[Sam] You can do it!

[Mindy] Come on, Anika!

[sobbing] Oh, God!

I can't do it, I can't do it.

[Sam] Don't look down!

[Mindy] Look at me!

[Sam] You can do it!

You're doing good.


Anika, you have to move

right now!

[all screaming, clamoring]

[screaming] No, God! Please, no!

Anika, you got to move!


[screaming, crying]

You have to make it!

Baby, I don't want to die!

No, Anika.

Anika, give me your hand.

I got you.


[Mindy sobbing] No!

[panting, crying]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[officers, medics chattering]

[investigator] So are you

pullin' anybody for interviews?

How far along are you on that?

[officer] Uh, just got two.

[investigator] Okay.

[Danny] Hey. You okay?

This isn't your fault, Sam.

But it is.

Someone took our knives,

so we couldn't fight back.

I don't know

who I can trust.


Then don't trust anyone.

Not your friends. Not me.

Not anyone.

[investigator] I have

a few more questions for you.

Just this way, Danny.


Where were you?

What? When?

Last night!


I had Econ.

You know this.

Bullshit, man!

You disappear,

and my sister

almost gets killed!

Dude, I was in a study hall

with a hundred other people.

You can ask any of them.

F***, man.

Oh, my God.


[Chad] Anika and Quinn.

Mindy, I'm so sorry.

Step the f*** back.

You're at the top of my list.

I had Econ!


Go right ahead, sir.

I'm gonna be right back.

I'm really sorry

about Quinn.

Thank you.

Both my kids are gone.


My whole family...

[sobbing] gone.


They took me

off the case.

But I'm not gonna stop

until I find him.

You f*** with my family...

you die.


Hey, are you okay?

I came as soon as I heard.

Gale, I swear to God...

Truce, okay?

I'm here for whatever you need.

Okay. Nice try.

Really, I am.

Okay, fine.

Off the record, okay?

Okay. Thank you.

I'm sorry I punched you.

No, you're not.

I'm not.

You're the cop, right?

I did some digging

on your first two victims

and I found something.

I know where the masks

are coming from.

[car door shuts]

Show me.

[Kirby] Ladies.



She's with the FBI.

She's a child.

When did they start

letting children into the FBI?

I'm 30.

Well, you look like a zygote.

I have a gun, Gale.

Okay, fine. You're gonna

want to see this, too.

[birds squawking]

[Gale] Jason and Greg

were little Atlanta rich boys.

Apparently, they used

fake names to rent this place.


How did you find it?

It's called

"investigative journalism"

for a reason.

How didn't you find it?

Weren't you tracking them?

[Kirby] I went through

their financial records

dozens of times.

This was not in any of them.

Doesn't make sense.

Don't worry.

I'm just really good at my job.

You'll get there.


[lock beeps]

[lock beeps]

[Sam] What is this place?

What's with all the security?

[electricity buzzes]

It's a movie theater.


It's not just a theater.

It's a shrine.

[machinery powering up,



They've got

the whole goddamn franchise.



This was Uncle Randy's.

They've got everything.

Is that--

The knife I was stabbed with.

You all have been through

so much.

Who drew all these?

[Gale] Dewey.

Hey, how'd they get

all this stuff?

Isn't this evidence?

[Gale] Well, cops like money,

and evidence can get lost

pretty easily.

Present company excluded,

of course.

Um, why am I here exactly?

My alibi checks out.

So I can keep an eye on you,


[Gale] The killer must have

found this place

before he murdered Jason

and Greg.

And then he took the masks

off the mannequins.

All nine, from Stu and Billy

to Amber and Richie.

[Billy] Hot damn!

How f***ing cool is this place?

F***, no.

[Billy] F***, yes.

Come on, Sam,

you got to be excited

to get our murder on again.


Billy and Sam.

Team Loomis.

Get ready to slice up

more motherfuckers.

[Tara] What are you doing?

I don't know.

[Chad] So,

somebody killed

these chucklefucks

and took over?

Someone who believes that Sam

masterminded Woodsboro.

[Mindy] If this were

a normal Stab movie,

this would be the killer's lair.

Which means this isn't

a normal Stab movie.



The TV that killed Stu Macher.


If you believe he's dead.

I hear

you're a horror fan.

It's been said.



Best Nightmare

on Elm Street?

[both] The original.

Best Friday the 13th?

Part II.

The Final Chapter.

Had a crush

on Corey Feldman.

Okay. Respect.


Psycho II is...

[both] ...underrated.


The original or requel?

[both] Both.

Okay. Okay.

Game recognize game.



You okay?

Sam, when do I get

to be a normal person again?

I don't know.

I don't want

to be a part of this.

I don't want to be a part

of some stupid legacy

because I'm--

Because of me.

I'm sorry.

[thunder rumbling]

Just drop it, Sam.


[Kirby] I got her.

That seemed intense.

Ever since I came back

into her life, I've just...

made a mess of it.


Where's your mother

in all this?

She cut me off

when I told Tara

about Billy.

Then Tara cut her off

because she wouldn't

talk to me,

so now neither of us

have a mother.

I'm sorry to say this,

but f*** her.

My parents sucked, too.

But you can still

make your own family.

Even if it's just

with one person.

And if you lose

that one person?

You just-- You keep going.

And maybe

you find another loner,

and you look after each other.

How'd you get past

what happened to you?


[clicks tongue]

I almost died

after I was stabbed.

Technically, I did die.

For four minutes.

When I recovered...

I got mad.

I didn't want

to spend the rest of my life

being afraid of monsters.

I wanted the monsters

to be afraid of me.

I like that.

[door opens]

[Bailey] Sorry to interrupt.

Think I might have an idea

about how to turn the tables

on this creep.

Yeah. We're in.

Sorry, Gale.

No press allowed.

Police business.

I'm good at my job, too.

[people chattering]

You should have stayed

with the others.

That's not gonna happen.

There's no point in both of us

putting ourselves at risk.

I'm not.

I'm your backup.

So we're really doing

the phone tracing thing

that never works

in the movies.

It'll be all, "Keep him talking,

Sam. Two more minutes,

I've almost got him."

And then he hangs up just

before we can get a lock.

I can trace a call

in under 15 seconds.

Well, you've got them

out there as bait.

Because the killer usually calls

from somewhere nearby.

And you think they're safe

because it's broad daylight

in a public place?

Look, I am here, okay?

And so is Bailey.

This is exactly

how our Uncle Randy died.

Broad daylight.

Public place.

Yanked into a van.

Stab, stab, stab. No more Randy.


Hey, Sam?

Stay frosty out there, okay?

We're good.

[people chattering]

[cell phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]

You're gonna die,

you know.


No, you're gonna die, Samantha!

Choking on your own blood

while I hack up your sister.

Unless we find you first.

[Ghostface] For a mastermind,

you're not very bright.

Waiting for me to call,

desperately hoping I'm nearby

so the police can grab me?

But I'm not nearby.

I'm a step ahead.

Be seeing you, Samantha.

Did you get it?

Yep. Geolocation

coming through right now.

He's on the Upper West Side.

He's inside

an apartment building,

halfway across the city.

On West 96th?

How did you know that?



"No press."

B*tch, last time I saw you,

you were in glee club.

Forgive me if I don't trust you

to keep them safe.

Here you go, baby.


My friend Danny works

on the Upper West Side.

He can get there quicker.


or he could finish her off.

Is it possible he's the killer?


We have to get there now.

It's 50 blocks away.

We don't even know if it's true.

Sam, wait! Take a minute.

We don't have a minute.

You have to trust me,

we got to make the right call.

He's already--

[Tara] Sam!

Get in.

What's she doing?

Hey, get out of my car!

What do you think you're doing?

That's an official vehicle! Hey!

Should we use the sirens?

Did you think

we'd steal a police car

and not use the sirens?

Do you have a license?

F***, yeah.

What are you doing?

[siren wailing]

It's a cop car!

You can't steal a cop car!

[phone ringing]

[Gale's partner]

That'll be our food.


Not the food. It's for you.

Who is it?

May I ask who's calling, please?

He says it's the killer.


[Ghostface] Hello, Gale.

Strange that you and I

have never spoken on the phone.

This is long overdue.

I agree.

[whispering] Call the police.

[Ghostface] I figured

after all these years

you'd want an interview.

[cell phone vibrating]

Well, you figured right.

So, what's your motive

this time?

You angry at the movies or you

just trying to stay relevant?


I could ask you the same.

Don't you know

the legacy characters

are disposable now?

Nobody cares

about last century's heroes.

Then why bother with me at all?


Call it nostalgia.

Or maybe

you deserve to be punished

for all that money you made

off the misery of others.

Maybe it's time

someone made a buck

reporting your death.

You know you're like the tenth

guy to try this, right?

And spoiler alert,

it never works out

for the dipshit in the mask.

Oh, but they certainly

leave a mark

before they go, don't they?

Richie and Amber

managed to butcher Dewey.

Carved him up

like a Christmas goose.

How does it feel

to lose the only man

who ever loved you?

F*** you!

How does it feel to know

that you weren't

there for him at the end?


Not there to give him comfort

as he died screaming

in his own guts.

You're the one

who's gonna die screaming.

Maybe. But you won't

be around to see it.

You couldn't stop

what happened to Dewey.

Just like you're not

gonna be able to stop this.

[glass shatters]




[Ghostface grunting]

Oh, God!

[banging on door]

[keypad beeping]


[shell casings clatter]

How's that for nostalgia,


[phone ringing]

[phone beeps]

[Ghostface] You missed.

Sure I did.

You win.

I'm in the elevator

heading for the ground floor.

Sure you are.

Maybe you did hit me.

Maybe I'm wounded.

Or maybe I'm wearing

a bulletproof vest.

That's why I'm gonna shoot you

in the f***ing head!

[Ghostface] You would've made

a good killer, Gale.

Sidney never would've

made sense, and Dewey

was the fan favorite.

But you

cracking under the pressure

and turning into Ghostface

would've been a great twist.

Keep talking,


[chuckles] Sure.

What do you want to talk about?

[breathing heavily]

You never got to be

the leading lady, did you?

It was always all about

poor sweet Sidney,

sucking up all the oxygen.

What did that leave you

to be?

The brains

and the sex appeal.

Sorry about your boyfriend.

All those muscles

didn't help much.

They sure didn't.

[Ghostface laughing]

Can you hold, please?


[line clicks]

[line ringing]

[phone ringing]

[Ghostface grunts]

[ringing continues]


[both grunting]


[grunting, groaning]



[both grunting]

F*** you!

[Sam] Hey, fuckface!


[Sam] Oh, sh*t. Gale?



I'm sorry.

I should've known that he was

gonna come after you.

I'm so sorry.

[sirens wailing in distance]

He didn't get me.

Tell Sidney

he never got me.

[sirens continue wailing]





[Sam] Gale? Please.

[elevator dings]

[paramedic 1] Out of the way!

Out of the way!

Move. You got to move. Move!

No! No!

Okay. Get them back,


[Tara] Sam, please!

They need to move now.

Excuse me. Please step back.

[paramedic 1] Call it in.

[paramedic 2] Right away.

[paramedic 1] Checking.

[Tara] Come on, Gale.

Got a weak pulse.

Get the backboard.

We need to move now.

[paramedic 2] Yeah.

[paramedics chattering]

Backboard! Let's move.

[sirens wailing]

[Danny] Hey. Hey.

I got here as fast as I could.

Did you?

I'm scared,

you guys.

I really don't want

to get hurt again.

Neither do I.

I don't want you

getting hurt again, either.

I know. I know.

So what do we do now?

Maybe he gets to win this time.

He wants to punish me.


So maybe I let him.


I'll just give myself up.


If this is what I have to do

to keep you safe,

it's worth it.

No, we're not doing that,


You went back to Woodsboro

to protect me.

Every single day, you make

the decision to protect me.

None of us would even be alive

if it weren't for you.

You have to let us

protect you this time.



We're a team, remember?


we're a family.

Let's go! Core Four!

Come on.

Core Four.

Come on.

Core what?

It's an us thing.


He's gonna keep

coming after us.

Isn't there somewhere safe

we could just hole up in?

No, he's gonna keep finding us.

[sighs] Great.

We could use that, though.

I'm getting my ass chewed out

for not dropping the case

and now you want me to do what?

We want to lure him

to a secure location

and trap him inside.

And then what?

We execute him.

Are you gonna help us?

Let's kill

the son of a b*tch.

Now, I'm stuck here,

but Gale gave us

the keycards to the theater.

It's got heavy surveillance

and security cameras,

but we can use that against him.

I'll tell Kirby

to meet you there.

I'll join you

as soon as I can.

Got it.

And remember, travel in public.

The more people around you,

the less chance he has

to take a shot at you

before you get there.

[crowd chattering, laughing]


Is this even a good plan?

You don't have to come

if you don't want to.

So we just peel off

and the killer picks us off

one by one? No, thank you.

Let's just get to the theater.

Come on, in here.

Yes, because it'll be

much less scary

at the serial killer

movie theater.

[Mindy] F***.

Wait, hey, hey! Chad!

Hey! F***! Chad!


Wait, where's Mindy?

Chad! Sam! Hey, Sam!

Mindy! Mindy! Mindy!

Let's go. Sh*t.




Get your Ghostface ass

away from me, Ghostface.

[announcer over PA]

The next local one train

to South Ferry

will arrive in...

Go away.

...five minutes.

Where's Mindy?

She missed the train.

I was gonna wait for her,

but Cute Boy here dragged me on.

Trying to keep us together.

By pulling us apart?

It's okay.

It's fine. She's with Ethan.

She'll meet us there.

[announcer over PA]

This is a South Ferry bound

local one train.

Oh, sh*t.

The next stop is 79th Street.

[electricity crackling]

How many stops do we have?



[announcer over PA]

This is 79th Street.

[passengers chattering,


[announcer over PA]

This is a South Ferry bound

local one train.

The next stop is 72nd Street.

[cell phone chimes]

[passengers chattering]

[announcer over PA]

This is a South Ferry bound

local one train.

The next stop is 79th Street.



[masked passenger laughs]



Still nothing from Mindy.

[announcer over PA]

This is 72nd Street.


[passenger 1] Dude!

[passenger 2]

Watch yourself, man.

[announcer over PA]

The next stop is 66th Street,

Lincoln Center.


F*** you.

[announcer over PA]

This is a South Ferry bound

local one train.

The next stop is 66th Street,

Lincoln Center.


[passengers cheering]

[muffled screaming]

[heartbeat thumping]

[Mindy grunting, groaning]


[announcer over PA]

This is 66th Street,

Lincoln Center.



[train doors open]

[announcer] As you exit,

please be careful

of the platform and the train.


Oh, sh*t.

Mindy! F***!

Sh*t, sh*t. Mindy!


that's a lot of blood.


Help! Somebody help!

F***. We got to get you

out of here, okay?


Damn it.

Come on!

[Mindy] F***.

Sh*t. Somebody call 911!


Oh, my God.

Yeah, I'm so good.

Are you okay?

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

Goddamn it.

I got it wrong again.

What the f***?


[staff member]

We need medical assistance.

We're at

the 66th Street station.

F*** this franchise.

[Kirby] Hey.

I talked to Bailey.

I've got everything set up.

Where are Mindy and Ethan?

They're five minutes

behind us.

[Kirby] Let's get you

all inside.

Not you.


Don't trust anyone, remember?

We don't know you.

Not really.

You know me.

You're not Woodsboro.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay, I get it.

Be safe, okay?


You, too.

Good call.

[lock beeps]


I cleared the whole place

before you got here.

[door closes]

So, this is the only way

in or out.

He steps in

through the first door,

both doors lock automatically,

trapping him inside.

We turn it into a kill box.


One gun,

and I hold onto it.

I am the only one

with a badge here

and that's the way

it's gonna be.

We're safe here.

I'm gonna check in with Mindy.

See if they're close.

[line ringing]

Come on, come on.

[Mindy] Hey, you've reached me.

Leave a message.


You know you're not safe here.

Whenever someone says,

"We're safe here,"

it means you're not.

[Sam] Not now.

But you're smarter than this,


Grab a weapon

and clear this place yourself.

You know I'm right.

Excellent choice.

My favorite.

[door closes]

[Sam] Kirby?


[cell phone rings]

[gasps, panting]


Get everyone out of there, Sam.

You're not safe.

I heard

from the Atlanta field office.

They said Agent Reed's been

on a downward spiral

ever since the Woodsboro

murders last year.

What are you talking about?

They fired Kirby two months ago

for being mentally unstable.


She's no longer with the FBI.


[breathing heavily]


[projector turns on]

[phone ringing]

[woman] Listen, a**hole.

[man] No, you listen,

you little b*tch.

Hang up on me, I'll gut you

like a fish. Understand?

[woman] What do you want?

[man] To see

what your insides look like.

Oh, sh*t.


[Tara] When was the last time

anybody used this place?

It's so old.

[thunder rumbling]

[Chad chuckles]

Um. I'm sorry,

you can have them.

Take them.

No, I mean...

If you want them,

you have them.

You think I want these?

Kind of.

They're a hundred years old.


Maybe that's your thing.

I actually--

It's maybe embarrassing

how long I've wanted to do that.

Yeah, you should've done that

a lot sooner.

I know.

But you could also do it

a lot more times.



[Ghostface grunts]

[Chad grunts]

Tara, let's go.

Come on, come on!

[both scream]

[Chad] Come on, go, go, go!

It's Kirby. She's the killer.

[Chad] No sh*t!

That's locked. Come on.

Are we trapped?

She made this whole theater

a kill box. For us.

Hey, what about that?

There's an exit door.

Maybe it leads to the roof

or something?

There's only one way

to find out. Let's go.

Bailey's on the way, but--

[Ghostface grunts]

Oh, f***!


[Sam] Tara! Come on.

Smile for the camera,


[Ghostface grunts]

This way! Come on!

She should

be running out the front door.

[Ghostface grunts]

[Tara pants, screams]

[Chad] Get f***ed!

Tara, go! Go!






This way. Up here. Come on.

[Tara shouting, sobbing]

[man] Everybody's a suspect.

You're not scared, are you?

[sobs] Oh, Sam!

[man] It's a lot scarier

when there's no motive.



I need you to be ready. Ready?

Look at me.

I'm ready.

Come on, motherf***er!


It's okay!

Stay the f*** back!

We know it's you, Kirby.


One of them knocked me out.

[Bailey] Kirby, stop!

Get away from the girls!

What are you doing?

Did you kill Quinn?

Did you kill my daughter?

Jesus Christ!

Whatever he's been saying

to you, don't listen to him.

He's probably the killer.

Behind you!


Great job.

Both of you.


Yeah, of course me.

Frankly, I expected more

from the two of you

after what you did to us.

What do you mean, "us"?

[Bailey chuckling] Ta-da!

Mindy was right.


It was easy to juke

the roommate lottery.

All I had to do to meet you

was room with a conceited,

condescending alpha

literally named Chad.


it felt good to kill him!

This was your grandmother's,


Nancy Loomis?

Really runs in

your f***ing family, doesn't it?

Speaking of family...

Wait for it. name's

not Ethan Landry,

is it, Dad?



Wait. If it's you two,

that just leaves...


Hey, roomies.

You didn't see

that one coming, did you?

Yeah, because you died!

Kind of didn't, though.

It was a good way

to get off the suspect list.

Stab Gale Weathers,

stab Mindy on the train.

That sort of thing.

Yep, and I just made sure

I was first on the scene

so I could switch her body out

with a fresh one.

Little fake blood, a prosthetic.

You'd be amazed at what

a grieving father

can get away with.

I got Stu Macher's mask.

He was my favorite.

Nice. That's number three.

That's two.

Which leaves...

your father's.

This is what we've

been counting down to, Sam.

I'm gonna need you to put it on.

F*** you!

[Bailey laughs]


Stay the f*** away from her!

[Bailey] Come on.

What? What is this?

You did this as a family?

Hell yeah, b*tch!

You should know

better than anyone.

They're still not getting it.

I don't know

what you believe,

but I didn't commit

those murders in Woodsboro.

It wasn't me!

We know that.

Of course you didn't.

You think this is based on

some bullshit conspiracy theory?

Come on. Who do you think

started the rumors about you

in the first place?


Do you know how easy it was

to turn Sam

from the hero of Woodsboro

into the villain?

How easy it is

to convince the world

to believe the worst in people

rather than the best?

Because it's not enough

to just kill someone these days.

You have to assassinate

their character first.

So when Dad here "discovers"

your horribly mutilated



...posed with Sam

wearing her father's mask,

he'll say some poor dumb bastard

read on the Internet

that you're the real Ghostface

and took matters

into their own deluded hands.

Exactly! That's why

it's the perfect alibi.

And all the best lies

are based on the truth.

And you're a killer.

Just like your father.

No, I'm not!

Yes, you are, you motherf***er!

You killed our brother!

What are you talking about?

You said your brother died

in a car accident.

[Ethan] No, no, no,

you sweet, dumb thing.

He died in Woodsboro

at the hands

of your b*tch sister.

[thunder rumbling]

You're Richie's family.



She's finally starting

to get it.

Now! It wasn't

until I saw that photograph

of what you'd actually done

to him that I knew.

That I knew you had to f***ing

die! You had to be punished!

Along with anyone else

who stands in our way.

There she is.

There's the f***ing killer.

Great parenting job,

by the way.

Shut your whore

f***ing mouth!

[Tara] Sh*t.

[Sam] You okay?

Have I been a perfect Dad? No.

Have I maybe overindulged

Richie's love

of these little movies?

Yeah, maybe.

For me,

they're just a little dark.


Richie really loved them.

He loved them!

He even made a few of his own.

Did you know? Did you know?

So you think I didn't post

a holiday special.

Well, I tried to.

I really did try.

That I could interact with.

There's a very special bond

between a father

and his first son.

[thunder rumbling]

Which is why I helped him

build this collection.

This was all his?

Yes, he's

a very passionate collector.

And he inspired others.

We had to kill those two

wannabe film students

because, well,

we had to kill you first, Sam.

I put the theater in their name,

then good old Detective Bailey

would've just stumbled on it,

but I didn't have to because,

by golly,

that Gale Weathers

is one hell of a journalist.

I built a tribute

to my son.

Which is why this is

where you have to die, Sam,

surrounded by all the things

he loved the most.

What happens next?

After you're done with us

you just disappear?

No! We got to hurry

over to the hospital

and make sure Mindy

and Gale don't pull through.

Because everybody dies, Sam!

Everyone who had anything to do

with the death of my son

suffers and dies.

F*** yeah, they do!


Now put on the mask.

He was... [sighs] pathetic.


That's not true.

Yeah, your son,

he was a man-baby

who made his girlfriend

do all the killing.

He was a strong,

virile young man!

He was a limp-dick

little f***

who cried

before I slit his throat.

Shut the f*** up!


Sam, come on!

[both grunt]

Recognize this?

F*** you!


but I kind of need this.

F*** 'em up.

What are you gonna

do about it, b*tch?

Ow! F***!




I'll get help.



[Tara] Be careful.

[Sam grunts] Come on.


[Tara screams]



Go get her.

Get her!

[Tara] I can't grab you.

[Sam] It's okay.

I can't grab on.

I can't grab on.


[Tara screaming]

[Sam] No!

I've always wanted

to stick something in you, Tara.

F*** you!

F*** you!


You guys are so f***ed now!

[Tara] Sam.

[metal scraping]

[Tara] Sam?

Let me go.


Yeah, let her go, Sam,

come on.

[metal screeches]


Trust me.

[Ethan] F***!

[metal screeching]

You have to let me go.

[grunting, groaning]






Now die a f***ing virgin.

[panting, sobbing]

Looks like you're down

another brother.


Always got to

shoot them in the head.

[gun clicking]

Oh, f***.

[both screaming]


[high-pitched ringing]


[film on projector screen

continues, indistinct]

[man] Do you see

your boyfriend anywhere?

[woman] I don't even have

a boyfriend right now.

[man] Would you like one?

[woman] I don't even know you

and I dislike you already.

[cell phone ringing, vibrating]


Hello, Detective Bailey.

I've got one question for you.

Oh, yeah?

What's that?


What's your favorite

scary movie?


"Favorite scary movie."

[Ghostface] I'm asking

because you're in one now.

You're in my movie.


I see you've

put on your true face, huh?

Your birthright.

Poetic that you're

gonna die in it.

This is what you wanted,

isn't it?

Now you know the truth, huh?

Murder's in your blood!

[footsteps running]

Stop f***ing around

and show yourself!


Be careful what you wish for.

All right,

I'm a f***ing police officer.

How do you think

this is gonna go, Sam?

Who do you think

they're gonna believe, huh?

Probably the one

who's still alive.


[cell phone shatters]

No! No!


[Ghostface grunting]

[Bailey screaming]

[Ghostface panting]

[breathing heavily]


My father was a murderer.


No matter

what you think,

I'm better than that.


Thank you.

Thank you.

But you did

f*** with our family, so...





You okay?



["Red Right Hand" playing]

Take a little walk

To the edge of town

And go across the track

Where the viaduct looms

Like a bird of doom

As it shifts and cracks

Where secrets lie

In the border fires

In the humming wires

Hey, man, you know

You're never coming back...


Past the bridge

Past the mills

Past the stacks...

Thank you for letting me go.

On a gathering storm...

I knew you could

take care of yourself.

In a dusty black coat

With a red right hand...

I want to be

in your life,

but only as much

as you want me to be.

I want you to be.

I promise you I'm gonna get

so much therapy after this.


I'm serious.

We're gonna get

through this.



[Ethan choking]

[Kirby panting]

I saw that

in a scary movie once.


[metal clanks]

Sam. Hey.

Two over there.

Let's go.

[officers chattering]

Are you okay?


I thought you might need

some reinforcements.

And I called Mount Sinai,

and Mindy and Gale

are gonna be okay.

Mindy's on her way here now.

They couldn't stop her.

Not bad, Cute Boy.


[crowd clamoring]

If you ever need me, call.

We're all part of

the same f***ed-up family now.

And legacy doesn't always have

to be a bad thing.


[Tara sniffling]



It's just Chad.

[sirens wailing]


Hey, we got another one here!

[EMT] Watch out, coming through.

[Sam] Oh, my God.

Chad! Chad!

How are you alive?

[chuckles] Core F***ing Four.

[Chad] Mmm. Mmm.

Sorry. You probably need that.

[Mindy] Oh, my God!

Are you guys okay?

I know who the killer is!

It's Ethan and Bailey.

And Quinn.

And Quinn? F***!

Did I miss the monologue again?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

You don't look okay.

Oh, my God, we all survived.

It's a twist on a twist.

They gave me a lot of drugs.

You guys should

get some of these drugs.

I can't feel anything

below my shoulders.

[Tara] Sam.


["Still Alive" playing]

Still alive

Woke up under water

Throat chained at the collar

Couldn't get any farther

From the daylight

Was I still dreaming

Stuck to a machine

Or choking and screaming

With my hands tied?

Callin' and callin'

But nobody comes

Fallin' and fallin'

No air in my lungs

Don't know how

I opened up my eyes...



Not every movie

needs a post-credit scene.

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Kevin Williamson

Kevin Meade Williamson is an American screenwriter, filmmaker, and actor, best known as the creator of the TV series Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries, The Following and Stalker. more…

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Submitted by JamesLA0721 on July 15, 2023

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