Synopsis: Suburban America gone haywire. In the midst of a serial abductor/killer's rampage, a beautiful young teen, Riley Lawson, goes missing. When her desperate parents, Will and Kate, are contacted by her kidnapper, an insufferable FBI Special Agent takes charge of the case.But, from deep within the psychopathic subterranean world created by Otis, Riley turns the tables on her tormentor, manages to escape and to contact her parents. And, fed up with the tragi-comic inability of the FBI to find their girl, Will, Kate, and Riley's brother, Reed decide to take matters - and justice - into their own hands.
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Horror
Director(s): Tony Krantz
Production: Warner Home Video
100 min

Morning, sleepyhead.


Hey, baby.

I can't stop thinking about tonight.

You excited, Kim?

You have your dress all picked out?

Yeah. I guess so.

Can't wait to see you in it.

Didn't I tell you, "Don't bite your nails"?

Yeah, I know I did.

I'm sorry.

My mom helped me pick out my suit.

I think it's super groovy.

It's gonna make you hot.

Is it making you hot, Kim,

thinking about me?



Is it? Is it making you wet?



Yes. Yes, it is.

It is what?

It's making me wet.


Say my name.

Oh, say my name, Kim.

Say my name.

It's making me wet...


It's prom night.

It's gonna be magical.

How we gonna get?

How we gonna get? Say the words.

Wild, wild, wild.

No. No more.

No prom, no f***ing prom.

F*** you and your f***ing disco ball.

Kim, pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone, Kim.

Kim? Play... Play along, Kim.

What are you doing?

Please... Kim...

Play... Play along, Kim.

Kim, what are you doing?

No, no, no. No, Kim, no.

F*** you.

No, Kim, no, no, stop.

You stop it right now, understand me?

You understand? Stop it, Kim. Stop it.

- I told you not to...

- No, no, no...

No. No, Kim. No. No.


No, no, no.




We were gonna make it tonight.


You... You didn't love me.

Six weeks!

Huh? Six weeks down the f***ing drain!

Day 41, and still no break...

...in the case of missing Mayfield teenager

Ashland Warner.

Weeks of uncertainty have torn

this family to shreds...

...as you'll see in our live,

exclusive interview.

I swear to god, Kate, I just wanted to,

I don't know, punch the guy.

Maybe you should have.

Two hundred square feet of porch

shut down...

...because the homeowner's name

is misspelled on the permit.

All I'm saying is maybe you should

let your anger out once in a while.

You know, stand up for yourself, Will.

Anger is something you manage, Kate.

Yeah, so is cancer, and I'm telling you...

...you sublimate your anger for long enough

and you're gonna need an oncologist.

So I should have assaulted

the city building inspector today?

And, what, called it preventive medicine?


- Hey, you hear that?

- What?

It's my stomach. That is my stomach, Kate.

When did you call this in?

On my way home from the hospital,

half an hour ago.

I tried a new place, 24-Hour Pizza.

Slice of Heaven was shut down

by the health department.

Rat poison in the pizza.

We actually had a victim

admitted to the hospital last week.

Is that the one that...?

Yeah, he puked right on

my f***ing clogs.

Bless his heart.

You see this kind of thing on television...

...and it's always happening

to someone else...

...and you don't think it could

ever happen to you.

That you would be searching

for your missing child.

And it's not knowing.

It's torture.

Whoever you are,

you need to come forward.

- We just want our little girl.

- Or what's left of her.

What did she just say?

Four missing girls, dead, mutilated.

One grieving family,

hoping against hope...

...that their little girl

isn't number five.

And the desperate manhunt continues...

...for a killer known only

by a voice on the phone.

A voice who insists

that his victim's name is Kim.

Hey, hey, hey. I'm watching that.

They're grief parasites, Will.

Bottom-feeding grief parasites.


Would you please

turn the music down?

The food's gonna be here

any minute.



Mom said no hitting.

Oh, did she say hide in the bushes

with a camera like a couple of perverts?

- It was your brother's idea.

- Shut up.

What were you gonna do, post this

on YouTube so I look like a total loser?

Loser? No, that's for

the online viewers to decide.

Okay, take your skateboard

and roll home.

You are so dead.

What is wrong with you?

I wasn't the one dancing nude

in front of an open window.

I wasn't nude, you dirtwad.

No, I really wanna know, Reed.

It's not a rhetorical question.

What is wrong with you?

Whatever Riley was doing,

she was doing it in her own room, Reed.

She has a right to privacy.

She has the right to privacy, but you

can go through my stuff all the time?

Yeah, because there's

something wrong with you.

You're selling pills at school...

...you're making Chinese throwing stars

in shop class...

...and now you're videotaping

your sister in her underwear?

- You can make anything look ugly.

- Reed, please sit down.

Food is here.

Reed, please do not walk away

while we're talking.

Hey, if you think you're misunderstood,

mister, you're absolutely right.

Hi. How much?


Nine... Nineteen eighty-four.

Okay. Hey, Dad?

There's not enough for a tip here.


Hold on.


I'm sorry. I wish I had more to give you.

Okay. Thank you. They're still hot.

Okay, thank you.

Want a piece of this?

I'm in your base, killing your dudes.

Die, f***er. That's right.

- Reed.

- Go to Sector 5.

You're gonna get wasted.

Dude, Scott.

Dude, look out. Douche bag.


- Don't you have finals today?

- I don't know.

You don't know. This ends now.

- Oh, for f***...

- What? What did you just say?

"For fuh"? "Fuh"?

For fun, from now on,

Reed is going to turn his name into a verb.

You lose that?

Fall out of your backpack?

- I already read it.

- Oh, yeah. Prove it.

- No, really, I did.

- No more Internet, okay?

No more gaming,

not until you get your grades up.

- No way.

- Way.

- Dad, I have 157 kills. I'm not...

- The frog.

Huh? Yeah, oh...

Your mother told me that the principal...

...suspects you of nailing a dissected frog

onto his office door.

- He'll never prove it.

- The locker?

Did you stuff some kid

into his locker last week?


I thought so.

- Dad...

- You are a sick boy, Reed.

- He is an adolescent.

- Yeah, I'm an adolescent.

It's puberty.

- No, it's delinquency. It's Satanic.

- That's a whole other thing.

How am I supposed to get good grades

if I can't get online?

- I need to get online for research.

- Research.

Oh, yeah,

like how to make methamphetamines?

Okay, I gotta go. Wish me luck.

I have my big physics test today.

- Oh, you go get them, kiddo.

- You're gonna do great.

Why don't you ever get on her case?

Because your sister's a good student.

She gets perfect grades.

So does that mean she gets to

leave the house without wearing a bra?

- Huh?

- Riley.

See you. Wouldn't wanna be you.

- Riley.

- What?

Dad, it bothers me, okay?

The underwire is very uncomfortable.

You try it, okay?

You wouldn't last an hour.

Besides, it's not that big of a deal

to go braless.

I work with construction guys all day.

It's a damn big deal.

- Now go, you know, put the bra on.

- Mom.

Riley, look.

Wear it today, and after school

we'll go shopping...

...and I'll get you something

more comfortable.

Not too comfortable.

I'm thinking Kevlar, you know?

One of those flak vests.

Okay, you go get them, Papa Bear.



- Help! Help!

- Stop it.



Okay, any thoughts about dinner?

Uh, anything but pizza.

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Erik Jendresen

Erik Jendresen is an author as well as a writer and producer for plays, television, and film.As co-creator, lead writer and a supervising producer of the critically acclaimed mini-series Band of Brothers for HBO in 2001, Jendresen was one of the recipients of that year's Emmy Award for "Outstanding Miniseries", which he shared with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, among others. Jendresen also shared an Emmy nomination for that show in the category of "Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special". The show also resulted in a Golden Globe Award for "Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television", and 20 other awards, including the Peabody Award. As a writer/ producer for film, his current projects include The Mariner (directed by Christopher McQuarrie for FOX); Mission: Blacklist (directed by Rodrigo Cortés); Saint-Ex (directed by Christopher McQuarrie); Aloft (starring Robert Redford); Solo (directed by Antonio Banderas); and an adaptation of Walter Tevis's The Man Who Fell to Earth (directed by David Slade). Earlier film projects include Star Trek: The Beginning (Paramount), Sublime, starring Tom Cavanagh and Kathleen York, Otis and The Big Bang (starring Antonio Banderas and Sam Elliott), and Ithaca - an adaptation of William Saroyan's The Human Comedy (directed by Meg Ryan and starring Sam Shepard and Hamish Linklater). As a writer, producer, and showrunner for television, his current projects include Special, a series based on the documentary filmmakers of the 1960s (with Marti Noxon, for the National Geographic Channel); a series based on the stories of the French Foreign Legion (with Thomas Bidegain and Dimitri Rassam); The War, a five-season series about the unending interconnected conflicts of the 20th century (with Christopher McQuarrie); The 43, a six-hour mini-series about WWII British ex-servicemen fighting fascism on their home soil (BBC/NBC); A Coloured Man's Reminiscences, an eight-hour miniseries chronicling the story of James Madison’s slave, Paul Jennings (with Tyger Williams and Rodrigo Garcia, for ABC); Castner's Cutthroats, a six-hour miniseries about the Battle of the Aleutians (Discovery Channel); Rocket Men, a ten-hour miniseries about Wernher von Braun and the men who took us to the moon and beyond; Climb to Conquer, a ten-hour miniseries about the 10th Mountain Division in World War II (with Wildwood); and Shot All to Hell, a four-hour miniseries about the James-Younger Gang and the Northfield, Minnesota, raid (TNT). Previous projects include Killing Lincoln, co-produced with Tony and Ridley Scott for the National Geographic Channel; a series based on the Francis Ford Coppola film, The Conversation (with Christopher McQuarrie); The Pony Express (with Robert Duvall); an eight-hour adaptation of Gregory Maguire's novel, Wicked (ABC); an eight-hour miniseries Majestic-12; and The Command - a series set in the world of the Joint Special Operations Command (FIC). Jendresen also has to his credit several books, most of which deal with the socio-anthropology of Peru and the Amazon Basin, including Dance of the Four Winds and its sequel, Island of the Sun (both based upon the journals of and co-written with Alberto Villoldo), and the children's book, The First Story Ever Told (also with Villoldo). Hanuman (with Joshua M. Greene, and Li Ming) is a re-telling for children of a portion of the Ramayana. He is also a playwright (The Killing of Michael Malloy, Excuse My Dust, Malice Aforethought). Jendresen lives in Sausalito, California, aboard the M.V. Hindeloopen, 112-year-old riveted wrought iron vessel which saw service during the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. He is married to Venus Madora Aslee Bobis, Program Director of the Partial Hospitalization Program at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute of the University of California, San Francisco, and his partner in Pilothouse Pictures. He is an advisor at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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