One Night Stand

Synopsis: Los Angeles advertisement director Max visits his friend, artist Charlie, who was diagnosed with A.I.D.S. in New York City. There he meets Karen, they are attracted to each other and after they meet later that day at the concert, they have a passionate night. Then he returns home to Los Angeles to his family, and wife Mimi. A year later, Max returns to New York City again to visit Charlie, who is now dying, and there he meets Karen again, who is married to Charlie's brother Vernon.
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director(s): Mike Figgis
Production: New Line Home Entertainment
  1 win & 3 nominations.
Rotten Tomatoes:
102 min

Hello. My name is Max. I'm 35. And I have 2 kids. And I'm married to a beautiful women. I work in the commercial advertising industry. I'm a commercial director. Fairly successful. What am I saying? I'm really successful. My commercials win awards in Europe. Well, enough about me. Before, I used to work with my friend. Charlie. I'm in New York for business... just overnight, so I'll go meet him. Charlie's gay. Well, I'm not gay. Charlie is gay. But... and he recently found out that he's HIV positive. We haven't seen each other in 5 years. I live in Los Angeles. He lives in New York. I'll tell you... when we were in New York together... we hung... I mean... we had... then I was considered the most promising director... in the lower east side. Well... anyway, I still consider him my best friend. Five years ago we had a big fight and... over a work thing and... we haven't spoken since, you know? Stupid, it's just so stupid. But you know how pride can be... he didn't call me to tell me that he was sick. His lover calls me. Anyway... so, I'm a little nervous. We'll see how it goes. Okay, now, now accelerate out of that move. Okay, good. - How's it going? - Good. - How's I.A.? - It's all right. You married a model. Drive a Porsche. No. I don't drive a Porsche. You hanging around, max? Kevin is an alarmist, by the way. Everything's fine. Nothing's happened, yet. Nothing may happen. Nobody knows anything, so if you don't mind not... telling anybody else because... Charlie. If you need anything... like what? Like, you know... I know that there'll be medical bills and, and stuff. Medical bills. Okay. So, what do I need? You need some help. Some... money. I've good insurance. I don't need your guilt money. You make it hard. - You make it hard. - Where's your sense of humor? This is New York. We got it here. That's all we have. Still in the closet? Are you out or in? - Out of what? - Are you hiding? Or are you... - with it? - When'll you get the point? Why do you hang around me? You're getting close to the source. Never. Ever. - "Ever, never, never." - Never. That's right. I am caught into the nappy dugout and I am staying there. That's right. So defensive! "homophobic" is what we call that right now. - I'm not being defensive. - How's your beard? - I'm not being defensive! - Your wife? How is your beard-wife? - I have pictures. - Come on. Let's see the pictures. You have a family. This is Mimi. And my daughter saffron. She's beautiful. And this... this is Charlie. Wow. Thanks. I may need money. Probably. I'll let you know. You do that. You got it. This girl is costing us a million dollars. With all those helicopter shots... I don't want helicopters. And this Claudia Schiffer. What's her price? She's too white. She's too Aryan. No, she's not Aryan. She's from Germany. Shut up. We have an open call. Bring me everybody. New faces. You like any of these women? You want to bring in a bunch more. It would be really helpful if... Cindy Crawford. She works with herb enough. And also, max, talk to me about... collections. The fall collections. Give me. The cigarette? Give. Give. Bad. Bad. He doesn't want to smoke. What time is check-out in the morning? be at the airport at 2:00 and there's that... un-convention thing, so... I'm going to bed. Look! There's Christian Slater. I like New York. Do you like New York? Good night. Take care. I'll come in then. Why? To relax with you and... no? - Good night. - Good night. Good morning, New York. This is your traffic report. Stay out of your cars. The east side's a mess. Welcome to the united nations celebration. Thank you, Mr. Sandpiper. Join us again soon. Sorry about the plumbing. Next. - You're quite busy. - It's the un celebration, sir. and what do you get? Chaos. The airport, sir? Leave one hour at least. The traffic is really bad. You better ring my friends. The van wyck is extra heavy this morning. An overturned tractor tailor carrying dry goods. Westbound L.I.E. Is backed up from van dam to queens midtown. due to construction. Take the 59th street bridge. You have a black heart. On you. Think maybe your pen. Your shirt. Oh, sh*t. Goodness. Hold on. Thank you. You should change clothes. I already checked out hotel so I've blown that one. That's closed. Max. Karen. Nice to meet you. The bathroom's over there. Sh*t. Sorry for the mess. What mess? No, I just got in. It went well. Are we still on for tonight? I didn't. There's such a thing as a wake-up call! Shut up. What are you doing? You know these guys. It's something that... whatever. I'll call you back. Thank you. That was very kind. I appreciate it. Is everything okay? - Not bad news? - That was my girlfriend. We were going to a concert tonight. - Now she can't make it. - I'm sorry to hear that. What was the concert? Heavy stuff. String quartet. The Julliard quartet. I'm psychic. Actually, I read the review in the times yesterday. I also saw the tickets on the sink there. You like the Julliard? Brilliant. I tried to buy some tickets but they were sold out. I'm jealous. You'll still go, though, right? Yes. I'm still going. - Good. - I can sell the other ticket. Without a doubt. Absolutely. You're leaving town, right? On my way right now. Well, thank you very much. - It was nice meeting you. - You too. - All right. Bye-bye. - Bye. Did my friends already check out? I thought you'd left, sir. - Where? - They were in a hurry. I told them you'd gone to the airport. A minute ago. - Thanks. - Bye-bye, sir. Excuse me, my friend. Is it possible? We're blocked up for 2 blocks around at least. Sorry, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm sorry. So? We're blocked up for 25 or 30 minutes. I don't know what to do. God. Geez. There's no way I'll get you there on time. What about the Williamsburg? We can't get to the Williamsburg 'cause we got a parade... so we won't go to the Williamsburg. The midtown tunnel's a few seconds away. After that, we cruise. I don't know how long this'll take. - No, that's okay. - You want to wait? No, I don't think so. Maybe I'll try to find another street or something. Thanks a lot, anyway. I love this song. You like this? You have me figured as a purist. Well... maybe. Two more. Can we smoke? Here you go. So what? You guys from I.A.? I thought you said you were from I.A. I wasn't going to tell him. Does it show? May I have one of those? Sure. So, did you check into another hotel? So? I mean, what is with this accent? Is it french? Is it...? You hear my accent. Yeah. It's dutch, Holland? You guessed right. German. German. Right. I came to school over here. I never went back. You maintained the accent. - It's something else. - You have a light? Sure. Give me your f***ing money. Okay. Give me your f***ing wallet, man. - Don't hurt him. - You can have the money. - Your wallet. - Please don't hurt him. The money's in my pocket. Do what he says. It'll be okay come on. All right? Here's the money. - Be cool. - Get them f***ing beads. Give me! Give me your beads! Please don't hurt him. - Don't do that! Take the beads. - Charlie! Nice tits. - Maybe I should f*** your wife. - Stop! Kiss me? Get off. - I'll cut your hands off. - It's okay. I'll cut you. Get out of here. I'm sorry. Run. Run. Run. Are you all right? You all right? It's over. Let's get this. Goddamn New York. We got a robbery suspect. Male Hispanic. Wait. You want to report it? If you want to, they're right here. No. Come on. You'll be all right? In a while. I'll feel better. My heart's beating real fast, still. Do you want to go to bed? I mean, you... - I know what you mean. - You know what I mean. No, not yet. Would you like me to sit with you for a while? - Thank you. - You're welcome. Bless you. Do you want one? Thanks. Here's to life. To life. When do you have to be at JFK? You can take the other bed. No, that's okay. - Why? - No, really. I'm going to go. Where will you go? To JFK. Listen, you just saved my life. We're both adults. We're both married. It's the least I can do. I'd like you to stay. I set the alarm. See you in the morning. Don't let it shock you. Maximilian! I'm sorry I'm late. - It's okay. - Traffic was terrible. Where are the kids? At home. I wanted to come by myself. - Well, shall I drive? - Yeah. Sure. Oh, good. Great. Bad boy, staying an extra night. Everything was fine at gram's? Yeah, everything's really good. Right. Good. What is that smell? Do you smell it? It's like there's sharp and sour... wasn't in the car before. What is that? I don't know. It's the cologne I got from the plane. You know that cheap shower substitute. It always... loud. Poor max. Must've been really bad not having a bed to sleep in. No, it was okay. I'll sleep better tonight. That's for sure. I wouldn't count on it, tiger! Don't! Mimi, don't do that! We could have been killed here. Warn me the next time you do that. Chill out, honey. Just a little tweak. I just miss Mr. Puffinstuff. We're here? Is anybody home? Yuck, don't kiss me. I can. I brought you in this world. Come here, you. I'll kiss you. Good to see you. - You like it? - Yeah. It's good. Too spicy for you? Nope. It's fine. It's from that new place in the mall. - I thought tonight was special. - Tonight is special? Now, see, mommy's very thoughtful, huh? What's thoughtful? A thought, dumbbell. No violence against women. Remember? You have to sleep at night. Trust me. You'll think I'm stupid, but last night... after I got your message, I couldn't stop thinking about New York and how violent it is. I imagined you being mugged. No, come on. How silly. See, and here I am safe and sound. Come on. - Oscar. - Come on. Oscar, get out of there. What? What do you smell on daddy? - Oscar? - Go to your bowl. What is it, boy? - Wonder what he smells on you? - Cut it out. Oscar's getting kind of funky. Maybe he doesn't like the cologne. The dog has taste. Right? I should just go upstairs and take a shower. - No, honey. Eat. - I know how to take a hint. Because you smell doesn't mean anything. It's a everyday thing. Joke's on dad. Those were big news at the un's fiftieth birthday. Motorcades came. Motorcades went. Motorcades backed up... leaving New Yorkers wondering... who was sitting behind the tinted windows. Oscar out! What do you thinks bugging Oscar? Hell if I know. Maybe he's trying to tell me something. Maybe he smells another b*tch on you. Is that possible? I must tell you something. You'll hate me. I know what you'll tell me. Was it just once? Was it more than once? You've been smoking, right? Oscar's not stupid, max. He can smell it on you. So can I. The smoke police'll have to watch you night and day. Huh, Mr. Sinner? Let's go to bed. Almost. Almost. Honey, circles. Circles. That feels good. Slower. Come on, slower. Oh, yeah, gentle. That's it. Harder. I'm getting there. Yes. Come on, baby. I'm almost going to come. Almost going to come. Oh, yes. Honey. No, no, hold still. Hold still. Yeah. Hold still. Hold still. Oh, my god, yes. I'm coming. Squeeze my breasts. Squeeze them. Squeeze them. Honey, honey. You'll wake the kids. F*** the kids! I'm coming. I'm coming. Was it good for you? Fantastic. How about you? The best. Honey? I'm sorry. You okay? I'm all right. I'm sorry. I like to rough you up. I bought a video. What kind of video? Guide to lovemaking. I just thought maybe we could try something new. You want to watch some tonight? Jesus. What'd you do last night? Is that a bruise? It's ink. Ink? It's from my pen. See, ink bled from my pen. It's... okay. You've got a black heart. Good night. Smoking will kill you. Smoking will kill you. Smoking will kill you. D-m-z productions, can I help you? Max, how's it going? I really wish I could, but I can't right now. How was your trip to New York? You're such a bad boy. The pickle association doesn't limit itself to pickle workers. No, sir. Pickles are seasonal. So we're talking about an association that... represents the rights of pickle and sauerkraut workers... of the entire west coast of America. What do you say we start on the right track? Nathan has come up with... an awareness campaign that I think is interesting. That weather guy that wears a different costume every show? Send him a pickle suit. Then we send him a sauerkraut and hot dog suit. Two suits. Two shows. We could try a hot dog association campaign. Wed sauerkraut to the dog. We find the foremost hot dog maker in the country. - Gus. Gus bank. - We get him to talk about... how good and how traditional it is... to have sauerkraut with the hot dog. We piggy-back on the dog. "Everyone loves a dog." This is a very bad time for sauerkraut. I'm the first to admit it's not designer food. We want to target the under 21s, the rock-and-roll... max will direct the spots. You saw his show reel and you liked it very much. Max, you want to toss a few logs on the campfire here? The national pickle awards. And who would get these awards? Anyone famous who's in a fix. The British royal family. John Wayne bobbitt. I think you'd probably like to elucidate on that... a little bit there, max. "He was caught between..." "his bun and his sauerkraut." "It was no big dill." Speaking frankly... I'll never put that sh*t on my reel. It's not always about art. Wait a minute. Just think about the company. What about the profile? Did we put this hip show together so I could put... the green peen on screen? If it's just about numbers, fine, go ahead. You do that. I'm out of here. What you should do is try to keep accounts... like the Armani account. Now, see, that's impressive. F***ing pickles. These are the 2 ladies from Armani. - Max Carlylse. - I hear you're a genius. - Thank you very much. - That's a good one. There were supposed to be 50. There were. I couldn't get George, hang on a second. Give me one second. - Excuse me. - Go pick some more leaves. These Armani ladies... are born again hard about the nipple thing. - My nipples. - You have wonderful nipples. These are my nipples. - You look marvelous, okay? - You look absolutely beautiful. I'll talk to you soon. I won't talk to other people, okay? - You can't leave. - I won't leave. Stay in your light. Such a professional. Don't patronize me. I'm a vegetarian. I've said it 5 times today. Fish-eating vegetarian. The dress doesn't make the woman. The woman makes the dress. What's wrong? Are you on your period? I'll come back tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow. I'll go home. You can't come back. What they're really concerned about is... how many of their $4,000 dresses... will we drag through potter's field? The next year was a tough one. Everything in my life seemed to change at the same time. There was nothing I could do except watch. It was as if I didn't exist. I could see myself, and I could hear myself. But I was detached from the whole process. I love my wife. I adore my kids, but I wasn't me anymore. Just wasn't me. What did I miss? What did I miss? I said that frankly I don't understand the gay thing. I know we're supposed to be liberal here in California... and all, but... you know, men are not natural... grinding away on each other. But women... - are natural. - Are natural. - Let me ask you a question. - Yes. Have you ever kissed a man before? I have not kissed a man in my entire life. Look at that smile. Denial. Denial. But you do like anal sex though? Given that we both work in the advertising industry, I've seen you kiss asses... and you've... we've seen me kiss asses. So that's a yes? I guess we have equanimity in that area. The steaming question is, have you ever kissed a man? Get out of here. Now, does that make me any less of a man now? Not in my opinion. I guess that's a question that we should pose to Mimi. Where is that coffee? Pretty goddamn spectacular... to be on safari last year with Marie in the Congo. In the middle of the jungle, we could return to our hotel room, flip on the tele, get CNN, find out what was happening... in the first and second worlds. Before I book our vacations in places like that, I always ask if they, you know, have CNN. Most of the places have CNN now. Actually, not only do they have CNN, they have MTV. I know. Certain shows are educational. Television is the worst f***ing thing... that has ever happened to America. You sit there and watch all these little talk shows. Talk show after talk show. You sit there and you're entertained... by f***ed-up dysfunctional people. Then they come along with... nice little TV news with 30-second sound bites, throw in a few human interest stories. Nice and cute. So that all of us won't take a f***ing.45... and blow our f***ing brains out. - Don't be so dramatic. - Isn't that good? You want to know what television really is? It's your paycheck. Television is a frontal lobotomy. Let's hear it for Joseph Lenin's right-hand man. Spouting his poet warrior philosophies about television. No, thank you. Dope-smoking man-kissing max. Hey, tambourine man, the '60s are over. You know what? F*** you. On that signal... anybody care for dessert? We've got bailey's, haagen-dazs. Your favorite, don. We have to go in a moment. That finished the party off. I thought we'd lighten things up a bit, you know. Have a real conversation for a change. I don't think so. Everybody had a great time until you made it serious. You have to show what a deep thinker you are... and how stupid we are. Some people are interested in things... other than f***ing bottled water. Like your assistant for example Mickey? What? Come on. She hangs onto your every word. What are you talking about? Are you f***ing her? What? Somebody has to be getting it, and it sure ain't me. She'd like you to f*** her. Really. Really. Or what about Marie? She found you fascinating suddenly. Well, yeah. I am fascinating. Speaking of Marie, maybe Marie does find me fascinating... because her husband looked down your dress all night. - Now it's the dress. - I like the dress. Great. No, it's how you wear the dress. I think you may be in the minority, because... to be honest, it's nice to know... that some men find me attractive. You are attractive! You don't have to expose your breasts... to be constantly f***ing endorsed, is all. I was not... - did it even dawn on you... - f*** you. When you leaned over the table... f*** you. That you are exposing your f***ing breasts? You know? This something that you work all out? Is that it? - You are so f... - maybe you worked this all out. You are just so stoned out of your mind... because you don't make sense. - I'll try. - I don't know... what you're trying to say. Listen, listen... is it possible that when you buy those low-cut dresses... that you go there and you decide on... if a lean to the left or shade too much of the left side? No, you don't buy dresses that way. If you lean to the right it shows the little pink area may I help you, sir? Yes. I'm looking for Charlie rivers. He's right over there. - Thank you. - You're welcome. Hey, man. How you doing? Good morning, Charlie. Hi, gentlemen. How did you sleep? Here. I'll give Charlie his bath. You may prefer to wait outside. Stick around. We slept good last night. It's Vernon. Charlie's brother. Vernon. - How you doing? - How you doing? Sh*t. Sorry. Let's get rid of these. Oh, boy. How are things going here? The doctor gives him a week. Maybe two. I hear things are going great for you. Charlie said business is good. - Things are fine. - That's good. That's nice to hear. That's really good. Being in I.A. Enjoying it. What a dream that must be. - I'm doing well. - Good. That's great. You meet any stars? Do you ever? Probably not. That's all right. The last time I saw you... you know... is there a bathroom around here? There's... well, you don't use that one. I think it's down on the left. Great. Great. Excuse me. Max, how you doing, buddy? I'm fine. How are you? I'm really tired. I can't sleep. How long can you stay? I know Vern' gave you the skinny. Okay? I know it, so... best thing for you to do is... I'll be straight with you. - You be straight with me. - All right. You know what's going on. I'm here to be useful. Anything you want, you just ask, and I'll do it. The first thing you can do is move this pillow. Turn it around. This side is wet. And pull me over a little to the left. Here you go. Sweating my skull off. All right. How's that? Man, such a difference. Really? You are sweating. Get me some really good bud. I should have known. - It's done. - Okay. Did you come alone? Sure. Mimi's coming later on. Mimi's coming? Must be a lot sicker than I thought. The traffic sucks. So by the time that I want to see the people, the people I love, they don't get me at my best. Sloppy. You know? I need you to manage it. You can do it without being impolite and all that. All right. What's the best time I should visit? The graveyard. Right before dawn. That's when it's really scary. About 5:30, 5:45. I sh*t in my pants for fear of death. Be here then, would be nice. I'll be here. I realized that he was going to die. 'Course, I had known that all along, but up until that moment, it was an abstract idea. Now it was reality. What I meant was that Charlie'd be leaving soon... and he wouldn't come back. Death is so f***ing strange. Everything in me that was hollow and false... seemed so clear, suddenly. Look at you. - You're beautiful. - Start the party. I've arrived. It's on the fifth. Not the third. The day after tomorrow. No. It's on the third. All right, it's the third. - Max. How you doing? - Vern. Good to see you. I'd like you to meet my wife. There you go. Hi. How are you? When's your wife coming in? Is your wife coming? Is she? - When's she get... - tomorrow. We should get together and have dinner. There's a great place downtown. You like sushi? That's good. Let's do it. I'm scared because that list of all the people. I slept good and I got to call all those people. I'm angry because there's sores in my mouth... and Kevin won't kiss me anymore. I'll listen to your heart. - It sounds good. - Still there? Still there. Good. Let's try the lungs. I need you to breathe for me a bit. Deep one. One more. One more. I think I'll go ahead and go now. I would. You want anything from the store? One more breath, Charlie. Some good food? Some good food or I don't know, or Carnegie deli. Good, good. How about that papaya juice? Papaya juice. The enzyme thing. - That's good for the... - that's good for your mouth. Can we put the blue shirt on? You're kicking ass, doing a great job for me. But I'm worried about you because... - you're worried about me? - You don't look happy. You deserve to be happy. You spend all your time here. I want to check his back. Real slow. Chris said that you're anxious and depressed... and I said, yep. - Isn't that what you said? - Anxious and depressed. You worry about you. I'll worry... okay, listen. All right? Look at me. Life is short. The tree huggers are right. This is not a rehearsal. This is it. Okay, man. Good-bye. I'll see you. How's the breathing level? It's good. He'll get me some grass. Is that okay? It is not okay. Why? I have no immunities, anyway. What'll that do? It'll be harder for you to breathe. Remember me? It's good to see you. Happy birthday. I didn't know it was your birthday. Max didn't tell me. We have 2 beautiful kids. We couldn't bring them. I mean, is this okay? It's really good to see you. How you doing? I'll just do something for you. It's your birthday, right? Who's that talking with Charlie? - That's Vernon. His brother. - That's Vernon. We must go. I won't be able to come for a few days. Max'll be here. I'll be back when I can. Take care. Hi, Vernon. This is my wife, Mimi. Hello, Vernon. It's a pleasure. Hello. - Nice to meet you. - Very nice to meet you. - This is... - I'm Karen. Nice to meet you, Karen. - And, you are...? - My wife. Okay. That's what I figured. It's great you could be here. Sure. Sure. Way to go, doc. So, anybody hungry? - Listen, no, no. - Yes, actually. We... that place we talked about... remember that sushi... - I love sushi. - It's fantastic. I'm not hungry. Maybe it was a woman's instinct or a maternal instinct. Protecting our kids. Remember, honey? I said, "I must sell this house." I told you, right? I had this 6th sense. We sold it right before the earthquake. - You had an intuition. - Exactly. - I was insistent. - That's what real estate is. We sold the house. At a really good price. And then the earthquake hit. The big northridge earthquake. It totaled the house. I felt bad for the buyers. During the earthquake? After we sold it. That's beautiful. Don't you love Japanese food? They're so pretty. Anyway... real estate prices plummeted, and we got our new home, this beautiful house for... half the price? It's gorgeous. Smart. Housing prices out there are at their lowest... since before the gold rush. With the mud slides, everybody was afraid to move. You know the mud slides were started intentionally? What? You can't have fire hoses up there. Right, honey. Such a goof ball. So... we were tempted. Tempted to move out there. I was. It was more difficult for Karen because of her work. So... what do you do, Karen? I'm a rocket scientist. She works for the Fairchild group. It's a company that design rockets... for satellite communications systems. And telephone systems. Really? But they closed their west coast division last year... so we're still here. You still live in New York? What part? - Upstate. - Upstate. We've got a home outside of Albany. Oh, Albany. I've heard of Albany. Don't we have a friend in Albany? We must get back tomorrow, so I thought... max, if it's okay with you, I'll leave you a couple of numbers. The cellphone's on here. I'll give you the home in case... anything happens with Charlie. This must be really difficult for you. What? Watch my brother die, without being able to do anything? It's so sad. Yep. It is. It sure is. But... something to be expected. You know, with the lifestyle these guys lead, it's... if you see someone playing in a mine field, you expect to hear an explosion, right? It didn't have to happen. And it didn't have to happen to him. So stupid. I'm glad you're here. I know it means a lot to Charlie. It means a lot to me, too, Vern. So, what do you say? How about a toast to Charlie? - To Charlie. - Yes. To Charlie. To Charlie. I'm fine. We should start digging into this... before it gets, what? Warm? You get it? Anyway, what do you want? Do you want tuna? Cheer me up. Surprise me. Here we go. Taxi! - We're sorry. - That's good timing. - Perfect. - This is for you. You take it. Go ahead. It's all right. - You go ahead. - No, it's all right. There's another one. We'll catch that. - Please. - Thanks. It was a good time. - Good to see you. - Good to see you, too. It was a real pleasure. - We have to do it again. - I hope so. Good night. Let me get this. - Night. - Good night. God, I wish I had a cigarette. Give him a shot. It's okay. It's okay. Why don't you speak sentences instead of generalizations? - You know what? - No, you know what? See, that's where, that's where... - morning. - Hey, max. It's not much, but I brought you a little something. My appreciation for all you're doing for Charlie. Thank you. Just, I mean, really, thank you. - He's hanging in. - Great. I'll move on. See you a bit later. Thanks, mate. When'd you get back? Last night. I liked your wife. She liked you, too. Oh, really. So, how is he doing? Not so good. But he talked a lot. He told me you came to visit him last year. I realized it was that same time. Same time. Is this really difficult for you? No, it's okay. As far as I'm concerned... nothing happened. Exactly. Nothing happened. Morning, Charlie. New shift is here. How you feeling? Did you get some sleep? Kevin is coming at five. Okay? And I'll be here this afternoon. Hey, man. Sorry to wake you up at dawn, right? Why are you kissing my... sister-in-law? Remember when I came to New York? To visit you? I missed my flight. So, what should I do? Life is an orange, max. What does that mean? You don't remember that joke? The young Jewish boy sitting at the foot of his wise father. And his father says, "always remember, son..." "life is an orange." He ponders. He thinks on the meaning of this phrase his whole life. About 60 years later, his father's dying, and he goes to see him for the last time... and his father's slipping away... and he says, "what did that mean, pa?" "What did what mean, son?" And then he says, "you know that, that life is an orange." And with his dying breath, his father says, "I haven't a f***ing clue." Right. You must work out your sh*t, max. That bad stuff between you and me, that was a stupid waste of time. - No, that was... - I know. I know. It was me. I was envious. Envy is a god awful thing. I was just very... I was pissed 'cause you left... and didn't take me with you. But I couldn't. I didn't know how. I know. I just want things to be clean between us. I'm sorry. It's okay, baby. It's okay. This is a lot harder for my friends than it is for me. There's something I must ask you. Do you want a priest? You listen to me, okay? You listen to me right now. I seen too many people lose... their courage at the last minute. I'm not sorry. I'm frightened. Frightened. But I'm also fascinated... about what's next. So... thanks, but no, thanks. All right. Your dad was here. I guess that I'll best... best remember him as my kid brother. On the beach. Dreams of hitting the big time on Broadway. I remember one time I was coming home from school and I got home and there he was... coming out of our mother's bedroom... dressed in one of her outfits. And he had lipstick on that day. He was definitely ahead of his time. It was his last wish that we have a celebration of his life and that's what we'll do. After the service, we'll have a party. It's what he wanted. He paid for everything. That's what we'll do. I don't know. Who needs a drink? You want a drink? You know, actually, I think I'll take a little walk. I'll be in shortly. We should all get pregnant and... are you okay? Have all these little Charles. What's wrong with Karen? She's had too much to drink. She fell dancing. Very strange. Let's have little Charles tonight! Do you want some of this? Still don't look happy, max. Do something. Hey, can I cut in? You want to cut in? Dance with this. - What are you doing? - Hopefully dancing. Are we dancing? Will you dance with me? Wait, you're supposed to dance with me. - Are you crazy? - I'm not crazy. I think there's someone. I think there's someone in the house. This internet thing... it's all a new concept to me. It was for me too. But once you start, you can't stop. Anything you want to know. - It baffles me. - It's great. And you get addicted to it because you have so much. I've been out of touch but that's where it's at. - Nice acreage? - You can get some good stuff? Can you grow marijuana? You can grow anything you want. I wonder about people's minds. What they can come up with. Little old me, I can't conceive of it. Kids use it instead of the encyclopedia. I went to see Charlie last week. Visit the grave. Put some flowers down. You wouldn't believe the house. - What have they done to it? - It's completely different. They did the gardens all over. Remember how they were nice, overgrown? Everything's different. You don't even recognize it anymore. You go back to a place that was yours... and now it's not. The only thing I hear about the internet thing... is what, cyber-sex? - Porch is gone. - The porch is gone? They took the porch off. That was a nice porch. They rebuilt it. Walled it in with glass. Garden's changed. The pool's gone. Everything's all manicured. Precise. Stuffed. It's good. Check, please. There you go. - Let me get that. - We'll split it. Here. Thank you. Want to go down to Soho and get a drink? Got to pick the kids up in about an hour and a half. - Where are they? - At the movies. What are they seeing? Something completely unsuitable for them. But max insisted. Come on. We got to stop treating them like children. They grow up too fast, honey. They hear everything in school. It's weird. What can you do? I had... had this weird dream the other night. I was in this hotel and... by myself. I didn't know where I was or anything but... sitting there and the phone rang. So I picked it up and it was Charlie. And he says, "how you doing?" "Okay." "Don't worry. Everything's all right." "Everything's cool." Life's an orange. - It is. - Life is short. No, it was cool. No, it made me feel good. You want to take this one? - You go ahead. - You go ahead. It's all right. You're in a hurry. Go ahead. It's fine. Go ahead. We'll go walk around and enjoy the fresh air. If you can call this fresh air. It's better than I.A. Well, anything's better than I.A. Take care. All right. Excuse me. You'll bring the kids to the airport tomorrow? All right. The flight's at one. I know. It was good to see you, max. Good to see you too. Be make sure the kids are properly packed. Last time you left half their stuff at your place. I'll do it. Good-bye.

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Mike Figgis

Michael "Mike" Figgis (born 28 February 1948) is an English film director, screenwriter, and composer.[1] He was nominated for two Academy Awards for his work in Leaving Las Vegas (1995). more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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