Obsession With An Older Woman

Synopsis: This is the story of Jack Hinckley’s obsession with an older woman (Marian Thatcher). Jack is a seventeen year old high school graduate who gets hired by the Thatcher family but in the process falls madly in love with Marian Thatcher and due to circumstances tries to murder her. Will Jack be able to murder her and destroy a family?


OBSESSION WITH AN OLDER WOMAN BY DIVIJ KAK Contact Info: Email:divijkak7@gmail.com Copyright ©. All rights reserved.


OBSESSION WITH AN OLDER WOMAN Logline This is the story of Jack Hinckley’s obsession with an older woman (Marian Thatcher). Jack is a seventeen year old high school graduate who gets hired by the Thatcher family but in the process falls madly in love with Marian Thatcher and due to circumstances tries to murder her. Will Jack be able to murder her and destroy a family?


OBSESSION WITH AN OLDER WOMAN FADE IN: SUPER: “Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A 2014” INT. THATCHER’S HOMEVEGASNEVADA - USA - EVENING 5:25p.m. During the Summer Vacation: MARIAN Is that you honey? I’m in the nursery and I’m just putting Chris to bed. JOE What a day I’ve had! There is so much of paperwork to be done and the boss is always looking for new ideas every damn second and I’m trying my best to do what he wants however the only problem is the economy is so lousy and people aren’t buying our products. Well, anyway, that’s life in the steel industry, so what’s going on here? Is Chris taking a nap, Marian? MARIAN Yes. (Pause) Joe, it’s a real problem looking after Chris. I take him everyday to work with me and he does not give me any trouble, but I am always worried that he might hurt himself. There are so many ways a child can hurt himself in a beauty salon, so I really think that we should advertise in the newspaper for a babysitter. JOE An excellent idea sweetheart, it’ll take a load off your mind and mine too, okay? MARIAN Okay. Cut to


INT. JACK HINCKLEY’S HOME - EVENING Tuesday, 6:00pm: Jack is listening to the wonderful oldies music on his CD System and is singing along with the tunes, his parents come home. He shuts off the CD player and goes down. JACK (to parents) Hi Mom, Dad. I’ve finished my chores for the day. I’ve cleaned the yard, mopped the floors, vacuumed the house, cleaned the garage, cleaned the bathrooms, scrubbed the tubs and watered the plants. (He smiles at them). TOM HINCKLEY That’s a good boy Jack. But, there is still one thing your mom and I would like you to do. JACK What’s that? TOM We want you to get a job. You are going to be 18 very soon and it’s high time that you start to earn for yourself, isn’t it? JANE HINCKLEY It’s not that we are forcing this as a burden on you Jack, not at all and we want you to be successful in life and we want the best for you. (4)


JACK Mom, Dad, I really appreciate what both of you are saying to me and I will succeed in life and I will get a job, I promise. (He starts looking at job prospects in the newspaper and sees Marian and Joe Thatcher’s ad in the newspaper regarding a babysitter and tells his mom and dad that he has found a job and is going to try to get it) JACK Mom, Dad, I think I’ve got it. I’m going to see what luck holds in store for me, alright. TOM Have you found a job? JACK Yes. Bye mom, bye dad. (He gives mom a kiss and dad a hug and goes to the Thatcher’s home). Cut to (5)


INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - EVENING Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Jack arrives and catches a glimpse of Marian in the window, Jack has an immediate crush on her. She does not see him. He rings the doorbell and Joe opens the door. JACK Hi there! I’ve come in response to your ad in the papers about a babysitter, who is to look after a four year old child, is that right? JOE Oh yes. Please come in. JACK Thank you. JOE Have you worked anywhere before? JACK Not really. I just graduated from high school and my parents were after me to get a job somewhere, so, here I am. JOE You do realize that we will only hire someone with work experience and especially someone who has babysitting experience, don’t you? JACK I do understand. Definitely, but I can assure you that I am extremely gentle with toddlers and I really love children, I have a baby sister and I take care of her all the time when my parents are not at home. (6)


JOE Okay, I guess you’re alright and you seem like a fine young man to me. JACK Thank you very much sir. I am extremely grateful to you and I will take proper care of him. JOE That’s all we want really. (Marian comes downstairs). Marian dear, I’d like you to meet…uh, why, I don’t know your name and we got carried away as to whether you were in or out. What is your name? JACK Jack Hinckley, Sir. JOE (To Marian) Great, now I can introduce you two and Marian, Jack is our babysitter; is that alright? JACK It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Thatcher. (Jack kisses Marian’s hand) MARIAN Hello Jack. Are you in the habit of kissing every woman’s hand that you come across? (7)


JACK Well, not every woman Mrs. Thatcher, only pretty women, not that I mean anything by that remark, really. MARIAN Oh don’t worry about it. That was a tough question I asked you anyway, (Pause) although I have a feeling that you will be a good babysitter. JOE Now then, we will pay you $5 hourly. Marian works from 10am to 4:30pm and she gets home at 5pm. It’s a total of 7 hrs and that will be $35 altogether and I get home at about 5:25pm. JACK So, what you are saying Mr. Thatcher, obviously, is that my pay is for 7 hours, right? JOE That’s right. It’s not a bad investment for a day, eh, and this will be probably three days a week. (Hearing this Jack is a little surprised). I know it might seem strange to you that if both of us are at work for a few hours everyday, why we don’t put our son in a child day care center, it’s just that we don’t feel comfortable with the idea, that’s all. We are really nervous parents, you know. (8)


JACK Well sir, I can understand that, but why hire a babysitter then, I mean, couldn’t a parent also feel nervous with a babysitter (a stranger) in the house especially with a four year old boy to take care of? JOE Well, with another person, we might be a little nervous and many teenagers had come for the position but we found them all unqualified disasters. They all seemed weird. (Jack laughs) But you, I think we can trust you. I think you will do a great job. JACK I will Sir, absolutely. I’ll treat him the same way I treat my baby sister. I’ll give him lots of kindness and attend to his every need. MARIAN Splendid! Well, why don’t we show Chris to Jack? JOE Of course; Jack this way. (They go upstairs to the nursery where Chris is taking a nap. Jack tries to caress Chris’s hair). MARIAN Shh…, don’t wake him up, Jack. We just wanted you to see him, you know. (9)


JACK (In whispers) Of course, how stupid of me! He’s so adorable, I couldn’t help myself and I’m not that gullible. I know you probably wanted me to have a look at him and I think the two of us will get along just fine, alright. (They leave the nursery). JOE So it’s settled. You’ll start tomorrow at 10. We’ll be here till you get here and it doesn’t matter if we are late by a few minutes because our superiors understand, okay. JACK Right, well you probably expect me to come at 9:40 am then and I have no intention of making you folks late to work and I don’t mind my pay beginning at 10 am, if it’s alright with both of you, is it alright? JOE It’s alright, thank you. JACK Not at all and thank you both for giving me my first job, I appreciate it. MARIAN It’s our pleasure. You are a good kid, I can see that. JOE Yes and very considerate too. (10)


JACK Well, thank you again and see you tomorrow. Bye now. JOE and MARIAN Bye. Cut to INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY Jack Hinckley comes to the house and finds the door unlocked. He arrives punctually at 9:40am on Wednesday and knocks on the door. JACK Hello, is anybody at home? JOE Yes, we’re just leaving, come on in. MARIAN Hi Jack. Chris’s food is in the fridge. I’ve labeled it baby food, the microwave is there. All you have to do is heat it and give it to him at 12:30p.m, alright bye. JACK Bye folks and don’t worry about a thing because big Jack will take care of everything. (They smile and leave and little Chris comes out of the nursery). JACK Hello Chris, do you know who I am? (11)


CHRIS Yes, my mommy told me that a friend will be coming to spend the day and play with me, so what’s your name? JACK You are absolutely right. May I tell you that you are the cutest, smartest, bravest and the most mature 4 yr old boy I have met in my whole life although I only know one girl who is your age and she happens to be my sister. Oh, by the way my name is Jack. Let’s play. CHRIS Okay. (Time passes and Marian comes home at 5p.m… She sees Jack playing with Chris). MARIAN Hello Jack. Hi sweetie, mommy missed you so much. Jack, it’s really wonderful to see that the two of you are getting along and come along Chris, it’s time for your evening nap, so let’s go to the nursery. (She goes up to put Chris to bed. After putting him to bed she comes down). MARIAN Did you give him the food at the proper time? JACK Yes, absolutely Mrs. Thatcher. (12)


MARIAN Good. Jack tomorrow is my off day. I get Thursdays off. So, we’ll call you when we need you again and here is your $35, good job! JACK Thanks. But, do you mind if I come tomorrow anyway? I really like Chris a lot Marian, please? MARIAN Sure, why not. What about your sister though, doesn’t she need someone to look after her Jack, what do you say? JACK Oh! She’s very well attended too. You see, we have a part-time maid and tomorrow my parents are going out of town for about two weeks and they are taking my baby sister Catherine, with them. MARIAN Wow, you’re going to be all alone then? JACK Yes. Thank you very much Mrs. Thatcher. MARIAN Oh, don’t be so formal and you may call me Marian, I won’t mind Jack. JACK Yes Mrs. Thatcher, I mean Marian. May I call Mr. Thatcher, Joe? (13)


MARIAN Sure. He won’t mind either. JACK Well, I better go home now and say hello to Joe from me, okay? MARIAN I will. JACK Well, so long. See you tomorrow. MARIAN Goodbye Jack, take care. Cut to INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY Hinckley comes on Thursday to the Thatcher’s home. JACK Hello Marian. MARIAN Hi Jack. Did you have a good night’s sleep? JACK I slept very comfortably, thank you. How about you? (14)


MARIAN I slept peacefully too. (Jack sees Chris playing with his toys). JACK There’s my little Prince of Wales and how are you doing today? CHRIS Mommy bought some new toys for me. JACK Yes, I can see that. They are really very nice. (To Marian) Is Joe working today? MARIAN Yes he is. Joe gets Mondays off. JACK I see. MARIAN Well, make yourself at home. I have to go shopping. I won’t be too long. It’ll be about half an hour. JACK May I come along too? MARIAN If you’d like, but I thought you wanted to play with Chris, do you? (15)


JACK Well, I do but don’t you need any help with the groceries? MARIAN I do have a lot of things to buy. I guess I could use you. JACK Splendid! MARIAN Come along Chris, we are going shopping. JACK Marian, I’ve known you for four days now, well, three and a quarter days to be exact and I still don’t know where you work at. MARIAN (Laughs) Why Jack, you are quite a practical, mathematical man; you don’t have to be that exact. After all, it is the fourth day. Anyway, I work at the “Women’s Beauty Salon” and it’s on Dopkins Avenue. JACK Oh yes, now I remember. I’ve passed through Dopkins Avenue a number of times and I’ve seen the beauty salon. It looks to be quite an elegant beauty salon, so do you get lots of customers or you don’t get too many? MARIAN Yes. Even though there is a recession, women are always trying to look good and pay good money to look it and we in return give them the styles they want. (16)


JACK Good. Where does Joe work at? MARIAN Joe works as an executive in a steel factory. JACK Is that the name? MARIAN No. I think you are going to laugh when you hear the name of it. JACK What is its name? MARIAN Rock Hard Industry! JACK (He laughs). That’s very close to my house. I live at 2250, Westside Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117. When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe that anybody could think of a name like Rock Hard Industry. It does make sense if you scrutinize it carefully but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a decent name, Rock Hard, huh! Oh boy, isn’t life bizarre at times? MARIAN Yes, although it is doing really well. It is making a profit of nearly $100 million annually and it is the leading steel factory of today. (17)


JACK Wow! Consumers must be really happy with their products. MARIAN Oh, they are. (IN THE CAR): (Jack stares at Marian’s legs and they reach the Supermarket). JACK So, what are we getting? MARIAN (She takes out her grocery list). Well, let’s see; cheese, milk, chicken, potatoes, peas, beans, spinach, carrots, fruits and baby food, that’s it. JACK That sounds great. (While getting the cheese, Marian drops it. Jack picks it up for her and while giving it to her; he stares into her blue eyes with passion). MARIAN Thank you Jack; is something wrong? Or were you staring at me because… JACK I was staring at you because I have this really bad habit of staring at pretty women, if you don’t mind me saying that, Marian. (18)


MARIAN No, you told me that once before, when you kissed my hand, you know. JACK Well, don’t pay attention to it. I didn’t mean anything by the stare, I promise, okay. MARIAN That’s okay, I understand. I’m not going to scold you or ground you or assume any motherly responsibility. You are big enough to know what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again, I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings in any way, have I? JACK Oh no, no, that was extremely educational and thank you for telling me this. (They leave the Supermarket. At this point Marian is a little confused, not knowing what to believe, however, Jack has fallen deeply in love with Marian and is obsessed with her). Cut to (19)


EXT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY They reach home. JACK Well, Marian I just remembered I have to go to a party at my friend’s house, it’s his graduation party. MARIAN Oh that’s fine and I’m going to be here the rest of the day, okay. JACK Right, I know and I guess you need me tomorrow, well do you? MARIAN Yeah. JACK Great! I’ll be here at 9:40am and say hello to Joe from me, please. MARIAN I will, see you. (After Jack leaves, Joe comes home). JOE Hi honey, I’m home. MARIAN Hi. How was your day? (They kiss) (20)


JOE Oh excellent. The boss gave me a raise. He said I was working really hard and making a profit for the company and I deserve it. MARIAN Why honey, I’m so proud of you. That’s wonderful. JOE So, what did you do today? MARIAN Oh nothing much, just looking after Chris, then Jack came. JOE (He is surprised). Jack came today. I figured since today was your off day, you would have told him not to come. MARIAN Well, yesterday I did tell him, but he insisted on coming and he said he just wanted to spend some time with Chris. JOE Hmm, I see. How much time did he spend with Chris? MARIAN About twenty five minutes. JOE Twenty five minutes, that’s it? (21)


MARIAN Well, I was going shopping and I was obviously taking Chris along and Jack decided to come along too and I said alright and then when we returned, he told me suddenly that he had to go to his friend’s graduation party, which was a little strange. JOE If he did have to go then why did he come in the first place? MARIAN He forgot. JOE Kids! Yes, they do the strangest things. MARIAN I think he might have a crush on me. JOE Why do you think that? MARIAN I don’t know, just the way he looked at me in the Supermarket; he told me it was just a stare and said that at times he can’t keep his eyes off pretty women, I did not know what to do. JOE Well, in a way it’s understandable if he does. MARIAN He’s really very nice to Chris.


JOE Oh I know he is. Well, just oblige him. If he tries to cross the line at any time, explain the situation to him. He’s a real smart guy, he’ll understand. MARIAN Yes, he is smart. I don’t think there’s any need to because I told him what was necessary. JOE Good. MARIAN Do you have any doubts about him Joe? JOE No. I was just puzzled as to why he came but not any more and I’ve done a lot of crazy things myself as a teenager, a lot crazier than Jack, in fact, come to think of it, I don’t think Jack’s done anything crazy. He obviously forgot about his friend’s graduation party and he likes Chris, so he came by, that’s all. The bit about the crush Marian, well, that happens, but it wears off like that. MARIAN I didn’t really say it was a crush. I said I think it is. JOE Never mind. Everything’s okay. MARIAN I guess so.


JOE Well, it’s getting pretty late, let’s hit the sack. MARIAN Yes. (During this conversation, Chris has fallen asleep on the sofa. Joe and Marian take him to the nursery). Cut to EXT./ INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY Hinckley comes on Friday at 9:40 am, he comes by bus. Jack sees Marian waiting outside, they wave at each other and then Marian leaves and Joe has already left for work, Chris is in the house. JACK Hello Chris, my boy. CHRIS Hello Jack. (24)


JACK What kind of games shall we play today? CHRIS Let’s play the one in which you pretend to be a horse and I sit on top of you, is that right? JACK Right, you are the jockey and I am the horse. Hop on! (Chris sits on Jack and they go around the house). Here we go, wee. CHRIS This is fun. JACK I’m glad you like it. Let’s play another one. CHRIS Okay. JACK How about hide and seek? CHRIS Yes lets, I like hide and seek. JACK Okay, I’ll count to twenty and you hide anywhere in the house, does that sound good? (25)


CHRIS Yes. JACK Go on hide. (Chris hides in the closet while Jack starts counting). One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty, I’m coming Chris. Where is Chris? Fee fi fo fum, I smell a little human boy under the sofa; got you. (He looks under the sofa but Chris is not there). Fee fi fo fum, I still smell a little human boy in his room upstairs, I’m coming. (He goes up but Chris isn’t there). Damn it, ah, fee fi fo fum, I now smell the boy in the closet and a-ha, I have got you this time sweetie, do you surrender? CHRIS Not fair, you cheated. JACK Honest to God, I did not peek and let’s play another game, is that okay? CHRIS Okay. (Soon time flies and the clock strikes 5 pm. Marian comes home). (26)


MARIAN Hello sweetie, how have you been? (She gives him a hug and some kisses). CHRIS Okay. Jack and I played a lot of games. MARIAN Good. Did you enjoy them? CHRIS Yes. MARIAN What kind of games did you play? CHRIS We played hide and seek, horsy, ringa roses, Gingerbread man and many other games, you know. MARIAN That’s very nice Jack, you really kept him busy. JACK Well, I tried to keep him occupied. MARIAN Here’s your money. JACK Thanks. I wonder if I should ask you this or not. (27)


MARIAN What’s on your mind? JACK Well, what I was thinking, would you like to go out for dinner with me, Marian, if you don’t mind? MARIAN I don’t think so Jack, I appreciate the offer, but Joe will be coming home soon and I need to get dinner organized and Chris will be all alone at home, Jack. JACK Sure, I understand. (Pause) Although, I brought some cake, homemade chicken, rice, lentil, potatoes and vegetables and the only thing Joe would have to do would be to heat it; Joe usually gets back by 5:25pm and it’s 5:15pm now besides ten minutes won’t hurt and Chris always finds something to do, you know. MARIAN Why Jack, where did you learn to cook like that? JACK Oh, my parents taught me. MARIAN Well, in that case why don’t we wait for Joe and we’ll all have dinner here, what do you say? (28)


JACK (Pause) I confess I like you a lot Marian. You especially have been so kind to me and to show my appreciation to you I thought dinner at a fancy restaurant would be the way I could. I will repay Joe in another way, I promise, unless you absolutely don’t want to I won’t force you to but it’s not like I’m trying to lead you away from Joe, no Marian, not at all and I mean it. MARIAN Oh no, I never thought for a moment you were trying to lead me away from him, you just want to have dinner with me alone, that’s all. JACK Yes, without any kind of obscene intention. MARIAN I guess it’s alright. JACK Thank you. Oh, it’s 5:20pm. Joe will be arriving here at 5:25pm. Maybe you can leave a note on the door saying that we have gone for dinner and we’ll be back. Do mention in the note there’s nothing to be puzzled about, Jack just wanted to take me out for dinner on a friendly impulse, we’ll be back soon and Jack brought you food. MARIAN He is going to think you did this deliberately. (29)


JACK I don’t see anything wrong in doing it deliberately. Alright, I planned to bring the food because I wanted to spend an evening with you, Joe will understand, like you have understood that I like you as a friend and since you’re a woman I’m a little bit attracted to you and on a friendly impulse I am taking you to dinner, there’s nothing wrong with a dinner date, I mean between friends. MARIAN No, there’s nothing wrong but, I still want to make sure that Joe is here and tell him that you have cooked food for him and explain to him that I am not a bad wife for not making his dinner because that’s what he’s going to think, I’ll also tell him that since you have brought everything there was really no need to make anything extra, otherwise I would have and the other thing is that I want to make sure that Chris is taken care of, that’s the most important thing. JACK Oh great! Joe is obviously going to say no when he gets here, I’m sure. MARIAN No, he won’t and like you said, he’ll understand that you like me and you want to take me out to dinner with no obscene intention; but tell me how you are going to pay for the dinner at a fancy restaurant, well how are you? JACK I keep extra pocket money with me and my parents give me a big allowance, so there’s no problem at all.


MARIAN You do have an answer for everything, don’t you Jack? (Joe arrives home). JOE Hello honey. Hi Jack. MARIAN Hello darling. (She gives him a kiss) JACK Hello Joe. MARIAN Joe, Jack would like to take me to dinner, do you have a problem with that or you don’t? JOE A problem! No, only if you promise to bring her home at a reasonable hour, no later than 10:30pm and don’t start trying anything funny with her, no problem and have fun. JACK Thank you Joe, I never would have believed it. JOE Why not? I understand these things. I was 17 once, you know. (31)


MARIAN Thanks for understanding Joe. (She hugs him) Oh, he’s not going to try anything funny because I won’t let him, absolutely not and that’s for sure. JOE There is one thing though, what about my food and Chris’s, has it been made? MARIAN Chris’s food is in the fridge and yours is in that plastic bag; Jack made it, not that I… JOE Honey, I understand no need to explain. MARIAN Alright darling, see you. Bye Chris. Jack and I are going out for dinner, but daddy’s here and mommy will be back soon. Okay Chris, love you. (She kisses Chris) JACK Bye Joe. Thank you. JOE Bye Jack. (They leave) JACK Oh, there’s one other thing. My car broke down, I came by bus. (32)


MARIAN (She laughs). Some date. The gentleman is supposed to take the lady out Jack. JACK I know, but these things happen. MARIAN Never mind, we’ll take mine. (Back inside the house) CHRIS Why has Jack taken mommy out for dinner? JOE Well, Jack is probably just trying to show off the good money he made and took your mother out, that’s all, although I don’t think they can go to a restaurant with only $35 unless your mother pays the balance, maybe Jack has extra money. Well, they’ll be back soon and don’t worry daddy’s here. Cut to (33)


INT. RUPERT’S RESTAURANT - NIGHT Friday HOST Hello and welcome to Rupert’s. JACK Hi, table for two please. HOST One moment Sir! Yes sir, table seven and the steward will show you the way, alright? STEWARD Here you are Sir. JACK Thank you. STEWARD Would you like to order now Sir? JACK Uh! I think we’ll wait. We’ll call you when we are ready. STEWARD Very good Sir! (Marian looks at the prices). MARIAN Jack are you absolutely sure that you can pay for the dinner or I would love to pay the balance, what do you think?


JACK Not a chance. This is my treat. Relax; I know how much it costs to have dinner in these fancy restaurants. My parents, like I mentioned are not here and they have left me a lot of money, so don’t worry about it. MARIAN Alright Jack. What do your parents do? JACK Well, my mom is a homemaker and my dad is an attorney, working for the “law-firm”, “Reynolds Group” and this firm deals in civil cases. MARIAN Oh wow, I guess that answers the question. JACK Yes, so therefore they are always going on these little escapades to different places and I don’t go because I love Vegas, those places don’t interest me. I’ve been to some of them, but Vegas is the best. Oh yeah! MARIAN Where did they go this time? JACK They went to Lake Havasu City, which is in Arizona. MARIAN Oh! It must be hot there. (35)


JACK They like the heat; but you’re absolutely right, last year I had gone there and only because we have our relatives staying there; it was unbearable, it was 104 degrees Fahrenheit there just think about it. MARIAN 104 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s worse than murder. JACK Yeah, no kidding! They went there because our relatives invited us, but I chose not to go. MARIAN (Pause) Which college are you planning to go to? Or are you planning to go? JACK Definitely! I’m going to the University of California, San Diego. MARIAN Great! When do classes begin? JACK I’ve applied for the Spring Quarter, so not for a while and so I’m just enjoying life. MARIAN I see. STEWARD Is the gentleman ready to order now? (36)


JACK No, not quite and I’ll call you. I’m sorry; we got into a long conversation, you know. STEWARD Sure sir, please take your time, happens all the time, indeed. JACK (He laughs). This guy is a character. These Englishmen are great, I mean wonderful jokers, the lot, good humor, that’s what I mean. MARIAN Oh, you can also talk in a British accent. JACK Sure, most definitely. MARIAN Forget the English; you have a good sense of humor yourself. JACK Thank you very much. You have made my night. MARIAN Have you ever considered working in films? (37)


JACK Yes, lots of times. But, dog-gone it, the entertainment industry is so difficult to get into and I am not that crazy to work in an elegant restaurant like Rupert’s and wait for an executive producer to come, have dinner one day and introduce myself to him and say that I’m a good actor and please give me a break. First of all, it seldom happens or it never happens. I would rather go to college and study and hope to become a doctor. MARIAN Wonderful! It’s really nice to see kids of your age being focused on academics; however you do have a striking face, just like Tom Cruise. JACK I’m flattered and honored. Hey, Tom and I go way back. We were friends although we did have a ten to fifteen year age gap but nevertheless we were bosom buddies. MARIAN You know something, you really are good. JACK Well, I’m a smooth talker. (To the Steward) Yes, the lady will have the chicken soup to start with and then the fried shrimp, mashed potatoes, olives, fish, rice, beans and I’ll have the same. STEWARD Very good Sir! (Steward leaves) MARIAN You just said that because I said it.


JACK Oh no, I decided on the exact same thing because the rest of the dishes just seemed a little flamboyant without any substance, you know. MARIAN I see. All that glitters is not gold type of thing. JACK Right, excuse me; I need to go to the restroom. MARIAN Certainly! (Jack goes to the restroom. He paces up and down and is by this time, fatally obsessed with Marian, he talks to himself). JACK This is ridiculous. How do I tell her? Should I just tell her right away or should I bide my time, oh, I want her so much. She is so beautiful. When I gaze into those blue eyes of hers, I am overcome with such passion that I can’t control it and I have to be with her. Oh, this is killing me, I don’t know what to do but I’m going out there and whatever happens; happens. (Jack comes out and is perspiring). MARIAN Jack, what happened? (39)


JACK Why, what’s wrong? Why are you staring at me that way? MARIAN Well, you’re perspiring a lot. Are you alright? JACK Oh yes. It was just pretty hot in the rest room, that’s all. MARIAN Well, come on and have a seat, your food’s getting cold. JACK Right! (The conversation ends. After some time, Jack starts talking). Marian, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you but I don’t really know how to say it. MARIAN Why don’t you just say it? JACK Marian, ever since I first saw you through the window, I have been in love with you. MARIAN Wait a minute, here. What window? How did you see me? (40)


JACK Chris’s bedroom window; when I came to your house to get the job, as I was walking to the front door, I caught a glimpse of you at the window and became attracted to you instantly. MARIAN You were spying on me? JACK I wasn’t spying; I just looked up and saw you and look, it doesn’t matter, because even when you walked down those stairs I knew that I was in love with you Marian and that we were meant to be together. MARIAN Listen to me, Jack. It’s nothing more than a crush, I know you like and admire me and I like and admire you very much. Don’t worry Jack, it’ll wear off. JACK It’s not going to wear off because it’s not a crush, its love, wonderful love in its purest form. MARIAN Jack, you are smart. You understand the difference between love and a crush, for Pete’s sake Jack, I also have a husband and a child, you know. I mean, I can’t believe this; this is Jack Hinckley, a smart, handsome guy who is going to become a doctor and is going to the University of California, San Diego, a world famous university in order to reach that goal. (41)


JACK Divorce him. MARIAN Excuse me. JACK You heard me, divorce him. MARIAN Are you out of your mind? What the hell has happened to you? Ever since you came out of the restroom, you have been acting strangely. JACK I have been in love with you for quite some time now; the restroom did not change me in anyway. MARIAN Oh boy. You need help, better see a psychiatrist. JACK I do not need help, I am perfectly sane Marian. So, are you going to divorce him or not? MARIAN Absolutely not, I love him. JACK I thought you liked me. (42)


MARIAN I like you, yes indeed, I am still saying you are smart, but come to your senses child, please. JACK Listen to me, are you saying that you don’t want to live with me because you are too old for me, am I right? MARIAN That too, but I have a family. Damn it. JACK If a 63 yr old man can marry a 32 yr old woman and cases like that have happened, what’s wrong with you living with me? MARIAN You are insane; you want me to marry you? JACK I do not want you to marry me. I know I’m underage. MARIAN So what exactly do you have in mind? JACK Just for us to be together. MARIAN You’re crazy, I know it now and sick too. (43)


JACK (Not paying attention to the last comment). The house is in whose name Marian, yours or Joe’s? MARIAN What difference does that make? JACK Whose name is it in? MARIAN (Angrily) Mine! JACK Splendid! You see, after you have divorced him, Chris, you and I can live there and when I’m 21 we’ll get married. I’m rich. I get a big allowance and you are working too, piece of cake. MARIAN You are not getting the message through your head. JACK I am purposely not getting it through because I want you to divorce your husband, understand? (44)


MARIAN You mean you planned this whole thing? All the good behavior, manipulating Chris to fulfill your own selfish desire, going with me to the Supermarket and inviting me here to the restaurant; all planned! JACK Well, most of it. After I left the first day Joe hired me, I knew that I would fall deeply in love with you as I could not control myself so I planned to always be suave, sophisticated and fun every time I was around you, however I really like Chris, I would never hurt him in anyway. MARIAN You diabolical, calculating bastard! JACK Hey! (He grabs her arm). Never say bastard to me. I am my mothers and fathers legitimate child. Now, hear me good, you better divorce your husband if you know what’s good for you and him. I am obsessed with you and that can be very deadly. MARIAN You stay away from my family, you hear me or I will have you sent to jail, I’m warning you. JACK I tell you what, why don’t you tell this very interesting and intriguing conversation to your husband and I will stop by tomorrow. (45)


MARIAN Go to hell Jack, stay away from my family, we don’t need you anymore, you’re fired. (She leaves). JACK (He talks to himself). So, she deliberately did not take me with her. Anyway, no problem at all, I’ll take a bus home. STEWARD Oh, has madam left sir? JACK No, she’s waiting for me in the car. STEWARD Well sir, here’s your bill. Good night sir. JACK Good night, pleasant dreams. STEWARD Same to you sir! (Jack pays the bill and takes a bus home). Cut to (46)


INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - NIGHT Marian goes home and talks to Joe: Friday JOE Hi honey. How was the dinner? You guys were away for a while. Which restaurant did you go to? Where’s Jack? (Marian does not respond and she starts walking up the stairs). Is anything the matter Marian? MARIAN Jack has gone mad. JOE What happened? MARIAN The guy has flipped, he’s really lost his mind, he’s crazy, sick and perverted and I could never have imagined this. JOE For God’s sake Marian, calm down and tell me what is wrong? MARIAN He wants me to divorce you. JOE You’re kidding me. (47)


MARIAN I wish I was, but I’m not. Jack has everything calculated, planned and well organized. He is absolutely obsessed with me. He wants to live in this house, since it’s in my name with Chris and me and then eventually marry me when he’s 21. JOE I am shocked; I could never have imagined that he would turn out to be this diabolical, it’s scary. MARIAN Yes, well now I can tell you that, that crush never wore off. The man is just a psycho, I tried reasoning with him too, but nothing helped and you say that you are shocked; I am absolutely petrified that he can be this malicious, oh God! JOE How could he manipulate a 4 yr old boy, who truly loves him, it’s sickening? MARIAN He said that he likes him a lot and that he would never do anything to hurt him because… JOE You believe that? MARIAN As ridiculous as it may sound, I believe that he would never harm him, but us I could not say. JOE Didn’t you fire him?


MARIAN Yes, I was really mad; I exploded at him and I said that he must stay away from my family or I will have him sent to jail. JOE Then, he won’t be back. MARIAN I am not sure about that. He is crazy and sick and I don’t know whether he has become crazy or he has always been crazy and you have to see him to believe that he is in fact senile. JOE Has he told you he’ll come here tomorrow? MARIAN Yes, he has, he said that I will come and talk to Joe and tell him about the interesting conversation that took place over dinner, tomorrow. JOE The little bastard! Well, if he comes here tomorrow I am really going to scare the wits out of him. MARIAN I hope so. (49)


JOE Don’t worry about it unnecessarily, let’s have a good night’s sleep okay and by the way I put Chris to bed a long time ago and he’s fast asleep. MARIAN Good. JOE You know Jack is really a good cook. (Marian starts crying) I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean for it to sound like that. It’s like I told you before, I understand. He brought the food and obviously, he had planned to bring it, that’s certain! MARIAN That’s not all. JOE Oh, there’s more? MARIAN Yes, he came by bus today since his car had broken down! JOE That devil and I thought he was taking you out to dinner. He is calculating and who paid for the dinner? (50)


MARIAN Jack must have and I was so furious that I just stormed out of the restaurant and didn’t think about the bill. JOE Did the car really break down? MARIAN I don’t think so, that was probably part of his act, but then again you never know. JOE Well, never mind. Let’s go to sleep. I’ll take care of him tomorrow, if he shows up. MARIAN Please do. I just wish I hadn’t gone for dinner with him. The minute he talked about dinner; I should have just fired him. JOE You can’t blame yourself; and we could not think that Jack would turn out to be such a manipulating, diabolical fiend, especially with an innocent, handsome face like that, no we never would have suspected this, even if we had thought about it in our wildest dreams, no way! Cut to (51)


EXT./ INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY Hinckley comes on Saturday. JACK Greetings party, here I am. MARIAN I thought I told you to stay away. JOE I’ll handle this honey. I see your true colors now young man, what brings you here Jack? JACK Way to put it eloquently Joe, last night I had told Marian to tell you about our little conversation, did she tell you? JOE I heard about it and I could not believe it; what the hell is wrong with you Jack? JACK Oh, nothing’s wrong with me. I just told her that I wanted her to divorce you, that’s it. I love her. JOE But, she doesn’t love you. She used to like you, now she hates you and so do I. Now, kindly leave or I shall have to call the police. (Jack notices a little space between the two and comes quickly into the house) (MORE) (52) (CONTINUED)


JOE (CONT’D) Who asked you to come in? JACK I just wanted to see Chris. JOE I see, so that you can use him to further gratify your obsession with Marian. JACK Listen to me, once and for all both of you. I have never ever used Chris in any way, I love him just like I love my own baby sister. (To Marian) Now, have you thought about it? MARIAN The answer is still no. I will never divorce my husband, even if he becomes poor, is that clear? JACK Come on Marian. MARIAN That’s Mrs. Thatcher to you now. JACK I could give you twice more money or love than he can. (Marian makes a threatening move but Joe has grabbed Jack’s shoulders and shakes him violently). (53)


JOE I have had just about enough of this sick, pathetic, useless discussion, is that clear? You are one loony. Leave this very instant or I will kill you. Do you understand me? (He lets him go). JACK I’ll go. (On the way out talking to Marian) Marian, I will make you mine one way or another, if not in this world then in the spiritual world, I mean it. (To Joe) Beware! JOE Get out of here you bastard before I really lose my mind and kill you. (Chris comes down). CHRIS Hi Jack. (Joe and Marian hold him). JACK (To Chris) Chris honey, your parents and I have had a huge argument and they no longer want me to stay with you. CHRIS No. Mommy, daddy what’s wrong? JACK No more games Chris. JOE Enough! Leave! (Jack leaves) (54)


CHRIS (shouts) No Jack, don’t go. (Jack hears him shouting from outside. He looks back and sees that he’s upset and then he goes his way). MARIAN (to Chris) Chris, you are too young to understand what has happened; Jack has behaved badly, that’s why daddy and I have fired him. (Chris cries). JOE Stop crying sweetie. Listen, mommy will read a story to you only if you promise me that you’ll stop crying. CHRIS Okay. (Marian reads to him for a while until Chris has fallen asleep). Cut to (55)


INT./ EXT. ROCKHARD INDUSTRY - NIGHT It is now Tuesday. The Thatcher’s have not heard or seen Jack. They think that he has finally gotten the message. Joe is at work and it is 7:30 pm. JOE (Phoning Marian) Hi honey. MARIAN Hi Joe, when will you be coming home? JOE I’m really very busy honey. I’ll try and be home by nine but don’t wait up for me, okay. Give Chris a kiss from me. MARIAN I will honey. JOE Oh, by the way, is Chris still upset with us for firing Jack? MARIAN No, he hasn’t mentioned a word so I think we somehow got across to him, thank God! JOE Yes, I’m glad we did. Alright sweetheart, I love you. See you soon. MARIAN I love you too. See you sweetheart. (Joe works till nine) (56)


JOE (To Secretary) Well, good night Mrs. Carlyle. MRS.CARLYLE Good night Mr. Thatcher. Sleep well. JOE Same to you, are you still working? MRS.CARLYLE Yes, I still have to finish the production graphs that you will present to the President and the Board of Directors tomorrow. JOE Very good Mrs. Carlyle, see you tomorrow. MRS.CARLYLE See you sir. (Joe walks to his car in the parking lot. He opens the door and sees Jack. Jack’s hands are together behind his back and is holding a baseball bat but Joe does not see it). JOE What the hell? How do you know I work here? I never told you. JACK I know Joe. Marian did, the day we had gone to the Supermarket. JOE Didn’t I tell you never to come back? (57)


JACK No. Marian did, but you did not. All you said was get out of here this instant, but you never said don’t come back. JOE You filthy, smart Alec kid. (Joe rushes up to him and grabs his throat but Jack kicks him where it hurts and he falls to the ground. Jack shows him the bat). JOE No! JACK Goodbye Joe. Farewell. (He bludgeons him to death and then he stares at his corpse filled with anger; then leaves). Cut to (58)


EXT./ INT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - NIGHT Two policemen arrive at Marian’s house that same night. MARIAN (surprised) Yes officers, what can I do for you? OFFICER 1 Mam, we’re terribly sorry, but unfortunately we found your husband’s body outside Rock Hard Industry and it appears to be murder. His body has been kept at the morgue and someone bludgeoned him to death. MARIAN (shocked) Do you have the name of the person who was murdered? OFFICER 2 Yes mam, Joe Thatcher and Mr. Thatcher was your husband, was he? MARIAN Yes he was. OFFICER 1 Is there anything we can do for you mam? MARIAN (in tears) Yes, please find that murderer and kill him. OFFICER 2 We will mam; and you sound like you know the person who committed the murder, who is he? (59)


MARIAN I do. His name is Jack Hinckley. He used to be our babysitter. OFFICER 1 (surprised) How old is this Jack Hinckley? MARIAN Seventeen! OFFICER 2 Why would a 17 yr old teenager want to commit murder and tear a family apart, it doesn’t make sense? MARIAN That’s because he is a psycho. The guy is obsessed with me. He wanted me to divorce my husband and live with me. Obviously, that’s why he got rid of my husband. OFFICER 1 We’ll get him mam. Don’t you worry. He won’t harm you, I can promise you that. We’ll have a patrol car guarding the house day and night just in case we can’t find Hinckley. Do you have his address mam? MARIAN Yes, 2250, Westside Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117. OFFICER 1 Right, and now don’t worry, we’ll find this guy easily now; you know he made a big mistake giving you his address, really he did. (60)


MARIAN Wait a second, supposing he gave a wrong address. OFFICER 2 What do you mean? Did he plan this murder way in advance? MARIAN Well, he may not have thought of killing my husband at first, but since he is really careful and extremely calculating; he must have considered every alternative and then committed the crime. OFFICER 1 Oh, I don’t think so. If he did that, he’ll be the cleverest murderer in town; I don’t think that’s possible. Furthermore, he’s only seventeen. They have to make a mistake sometime. Do you have a photograph of him? MARIAN No. Damn it, I should have taken a picture of him. OFFICER 1 Well, now don’t worry about it. We’ll see that this bastard is taken care of and locked up all his life for a heinous crime like this and there is absolutely no excuse, regardless if you are obsessed or not for this sort of animal behavior; he shall get his due. OFFICER 2 I will guard the house. I’ll follow you everywhere you go and he won’t be able to touch you, I guarantee. OFFICER 1 I’ll check the address out and can you describe him just in case it’s the wrong address?


MARIAN Definitely, he’s tall, dark and handsome and he sounds British, but not completely. That’s about it and oh, he did tell me that his dad is an attorney and his mom is a homemaker and they are vacationing at Lake Havasu at the moment and they won’t be back for a few days. OFFICER 1 Thank you, I’m going there right now. I’ll tell you if he’s there or not tomorrow morning. If he isn’t there, I can still trace his real address. By the way, my name is Todd. OFFICER 2 Mine is Henry and I’ll be guarding the house nightly and Todd or another officer will guard the house daily. Hinckley is good as dead. MARIAN Thank you so much. TODD No problem. We’re here to serve the community. I am sorry about your husband and please get some sleep. Good night. HENRY I’ll be in my car. If you need me, just yell. Sleep tight. MARIAN Alright! Good night Officer Henry. HENRY That’s Officer Jackson mam. (62)


MARIAN Right! Good night. HENRY Good night again, mam. (Todd goes to Hinckley’s address and Henry goes and sits in his car. Marian goes to Chris’s room and she caresses his hair and cries). Cut to (63)


EXT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY Wednesday, 8am Officer Henry has stayed all night. Todd comes and relieves him of his duty, he rings the doorbell, Marian answers it. TODD Good morning mam. MARIAN Good morning Officer Todd. TODD Harrison is my last name mam. MARIAN Okay, Officer Harrison then. TODD I had gone to the address last night. Unbelievable, as it may sound, he did give you the wrong address, however, I did get his correct address from the Department Of Motor Vehicles and I went to his home but he was not there. His parents are not back as yet from Lake Havasu. MARIAN I had a feeling he had given me the wrong address. The reason being that if I did not meet his demands, he would do something dreadful, I came to realize this only after Joe’s death; like I mentioned earlier to you Todd, he considers every alternative. TODD Well, don’t worry mam; have you read this morning’s papers as yet?


MARIAN No. TODD The papers have the description of Hinckley and there’s a $10,000 reward to anyone who can either tell the whereabouts of Hinckley or can bring him to the police station. The F.B.I. is also involved in the case. It’s on the 11:30 a.m. news on CNN, Hinckley will hear it on the news that he is the most wanted criminal, if he hasn’t already read it in the newspapers and will start panicking and is going to make a mistake somewhere. He cannot get to you but we will catch him and when we do; he is finished for life okay, so don’t lose heart; it will be all over soon. MARIAN Thank you so much Todd, you know you and Officer Jackson have been wonderful; absolutely angels, I don’t know what I would have done without the two of you, thank you. TODD Not at all Marian, protecting people from the Hinckleys of the world today is our sole responsibility. MARIAN Would you like to come in for breakfast? TODD No, thanks mam! MARIAN Alright then, definitely for lunch and tea then, is that alright? (65)


TODD Yes mam, thank you and Marian, I’m sure that your husband would have wanted you to be strong and bear this unfortunate situation for a little while longer; so hang in there. MARIAN (sadly) Yes, he would. TODD Well, I’ll be in my car. MARIAN Okay. (Chris comes down). CHRIS Hello mommy. Where’s daddy? I did not see him last night nor did I see him this morning. Has he gone to work? MARIAN (holds Chris tightly and cries). Chris sweetie, daddy is dead. CHRIS No. (He cries). MARIAN Yes honey, I’m so sorry. Jack murdered him. CHRIS Jack did? Why would Jack do a bad thing like that mommy? Jack has always been good to me, I don’t understand.


MARIAN Some people do these kinds of bad things, sweetie. I promise you Chris, the unhappiness that Jack has given to this family will not go unpunished, the police are looking for him, he will be found and he will go to jail and everything will be alright. CHRIS (Angry and crying) I hope he does. I hope the police hang him. MARIAN They will sweetie. They will. Come honey, mommy has to go to the Supermarket to buy groceries, so get dressed and let’s go. (Outside, Marian talks to Officer Harrison). I have to go shopping. TODD Alright, I’ll be right behind you. Todd waits outside the Supermarket, but keeps an eye on Marian. Hinckley is in the Supermarket and he sees Marian and also notices the police car outside, he has disguised himself. Jack had kept an alias and was staying in a hotel and his parents are still out of town. JACK (to himself) I’m coming for you Marian. We are going to live together, that’s for sure. Marian sees him, but she does not recognize him and she leaves the Supermarket, then Jack follows too after Officer Harrison leaves. Cut to (67)


INT./ EXT. THE THATCHER’S HOME - DAY Thursday 5:30 am, Marian’s alarm clock rings. Officer Jackson has stayed awake all night, but now he begins to doze off. Hinckley comes and he bludgeons Officer Jackson to death, he has a set of master keys and he opens the door and enters the house. Jack places his bat under the table. Marian comes down. He makes himself visible. They stare at each other for a brief moment and then begin to chat. JACK Hello Marian. MARIAN (angrily) The police will get you, you bastard. This was an incredibly dumb move that you made; now you’ll pay, you cold hearted snake, definitely. JACK (calmly) I don’t think so Marian. I like that, cold hearted snake, eh? Why don’t you take a look through the window? (Marian goes hesitantly). Go on. She sees the car and Jackson lying dead on the seat. MARIAN You vicious murderer! You are the most perverted swine I have ever seen in my whole life; you actually enjoy killing. (68)


JACK I do not enjoy killing. Although, there is a kind of thrill in it, however Marian, none of this would have happened if you had divorced Joe. (Marian unable to control herself is filled with hate and rage and runs up to Jack and strikes him hard across the face). MARIAN You animal! (Jack is filled with rage. He gets his bat from under the table and on seeing this Marian immediately darts out of the house). JACK Vengeance! (The chase begins. While running…) Marian, Chris is all alone in the house. MARIAN Oh God! Somebody help me. JACK Where can you go Marian? I’ll track you down anywhere. There’s no use in running. I tried to reason with you, but your answer was very clear. You must die now. Do you hear me? MARIAN (Screaming in terror) Please. Help me someone. Won’t you? (They are still running. They come to a railway track. A train is coming. Marian is about 20 feet away from the train). (69)


JACK Oh lord! Can Marian make it? Can she cross the track? (She makes it but now the train is a few feet away from Jack). Shucks! I better shut up or I won’t make it. Then it’ll be all over. (He jumps as the train is three feet away from him but in the process his bat drops from his hand and falls on the track and is shattered to pieces, he makes it safely across and is ecstatic). Yes. Man beats machine. CONDUCTOR Jesus Christ. What is that kid thinking? (The rest of the passengers are dazzled, surprised and shocked. Meanwhile, Marian who is still running sees a phone booth. She dials 911). TODD Officer Harrison speaking! MARIAN Todd, it’s Marian. Listen to me, he’s got Henry. Hinckley is after me. I am at the Pacific Railway Station. Come quickly. He’s going to kill me. TODD Marian, don’t panic. We are on our way. (Hinckley sees her on the phone from a distance. Marian, on seeing him drops the receiver and runs for her life). JACK Marian!


(He gains on her and he flies on top of her. There is a struggle, she kicks him in the stomach and makes a getaway but he catches her again. A second struggle follows. He pins her on the ground and starts strangling her). If you had just listened to me that day Marian, none of this would have happened, I mean it. (The cops arrive. Todd grabs him and throws him away from Marian. He then places the cuffs on him and he tells another officer to read him his rights and goes over to Marian). TODD (Comforting Marian) Are you alright Marian? MARIAN (Breathless) If you hadn’t got here now Todd, he would have strangled me, oh my God! (She cries) TODD It’s over. It’s all over. Where’s Chris? MARIAN He’s at home sleeping. (Todd goes to talk to Jack). TODD I guess you have a long life ahead of you in prison. JACK I guess you’re right. (He stares angrily at Marian. They look at each other for the last time). (71)


TODD Take him away and book him for two counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder, okay. (Jack is taken away by the other officers). Marian I’ll take you home. Let’s go. (They leave). FADE OUT: THE END

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Divij Kak

Divij Kak is an Indian actor, singer, writer and Black Belt in Taekwondo, which is a Korean martial art. He has acted in three movies in Bollywood (Mumbai), "Saathi: The Companion", "Pehli Nazar Ka Pyaar" & "Bhootiyapanti". The first two films have released and the third is in the dubbing stage. 'Obsession With An Older Woman' was a finalist in the Industry Boost Competition in Miami, Fl in 2016. more…

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