Synopsis: A woman's strength and thinking power grow exponentially after the effects of a performance-enhancing drug set in.
Production: Universal Pictures
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89 min

Life was given to us

a billion years ago.

What have we done with it?


It's easy as pie. In and

out, all done and dusted.

And why don't

you do it yourself?

The last thing

the guy's expecting

is a total 10 turning

up to deliver the case.

It'll blow his mind.

Come on!

What's in it?


Don't get paranoid

on me, all right?

You trust me,

don't you?


Richard, I really

do like you.

But I have to take care

of myself right now.

I don't know. I've got to

concentrate on so many things.

Hey, hey.

What are you doing?

I'm going home, because

I have exams on Monday.

I have to shower

and I have to study, okay?

You know what? The other

day, I was in this museum.

And you know what I found out?


The first ever woman

was named Lucy.

Is that supposed to

make me feel better?



I'll call you. Okay?

Okay, okay, okay.

I'll be honest with you.

I can't deliver

the case myself.

I had a little falling-out

with the guy.

It's nothing major, but if

it's you, problem solved.

You walk in there, you

go up to the reception,

you ask for Mr. Jang

to come down.

He comes down,

he takes the case,

you flash him

your prettiest smile

and bounce.

Look! You can even see

the reception from here.

Come on.

What's in the case?

I don't know, it's

just some paperwork.

Yeah? Let's see it then.

It's locked. And only Mr.

Jang has the code.

I'm just

the delivery boy.

Do you get paid

to do this?

Yeah, kind of.

Like how much?

Okay! We are

negotiating now or...

No, no. How much do you get paid?

I want to know how much.

A thousand dollars.

You get paid

a thousand dollars

for delivering paperwork?


I don't know. It takes me 10

minutes and they pay me a grand

and the rest is

none of my business.

Well, it's none of my business

either, I'll tell you now.



We split it down

the middle. Hmm?

That's 500 for

you, and 500 for me.

Richard, I will call you.

Listen, it's the third

time this week,

I'm showing up in the same

hotel, with the same cowboy hat.


Problem solved!

Go, go.

I'll wait for you. Go.

Lucy, honey...

I've done this

a dozen times.

It's paperwork.

It's probably

just some designs

they switched so

they can copy them.

That's how it works

in this country.

Even my Stetson

was made here. Look.

Says so on the label,

"Made in Taiwan."

So long,

cowboy with the fake Stetson.

Baby, please.

Richard, I got to go.

And seriously...

What the hell are you doing?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I really

need your help.

Stop! Stop it! Take

this off me right now!

I can't. Take this

off me right now!

I can't, Mr. Jang's the

only one who has the key.

All you have to do

is go into the hotel

and ask for him

at the reception.

No! Take it off me

right now!

I'm so sorry. I really

have no choice.

The sooner you go in, the

sooner you'll be back out!

I can't believe

you did this to me.

I'll be right here.

You have my word.

Your word isn't

worth sh*t!

It's worth 500 bucks,

up front.

You're an a**hole.

And you're wonderful.

Miss, may I help you?

Uh, yes.

I'm here for, uh...

Mr. Jang.

Yes, um...

Who should I say is here?


Um, Richard sent me.

What is your name?

No, Richard.

Richard's... He's just

looking for a place to park.

Mr. Jang still wants

to know your name.


Lucy what?

Just Lucy. If he could be

quick, because I have to...

Just a second

while I translate.

Mr. Jang is on his way.

Stay right here.

Can I sit?

Mr. Jang said you need

to stay right here.

I think it's better

if you stay right here.

Excuse me.

Regent Hotel.



Please. Please!


I don't know anything!

I don't know anything!

Please! Please!

No! Please!


Do you speak English?

Lucy! Yes, I'm Lucy.

This has just been

a terrible mistake.

I'm just supposed

to deliver this case.

If you lost the key, you don't

have to chop off my hand.

You can

just cut the chain, okay?


I'm begging you, please.




Hello, miss. I speak English.

I translate for Mr. Jang.

Please tell him that I haven't done

anything. I don't know anything.

It's all just a big mistake, okay?

Please tell him that.

Yes, okay, okay. Hold on.

Mr. Jang wants to know

what's in the case.

No, I don't know

what's in the case.

Do you speak English

or don't you speak English?

Yes, I do. I studied one year at

International High School in New York.


Richard gave me the case to

give to you, that's all I know.

Okay? Please tell him that.

He gave me a paper with numbers

written on it. What is this?

It's the code

to open the case.

What's really in here?

Nothing dangerous.

So why won't he

open it himself?

He doesn't trust

Mr. Richard.

I don't trust

Richard, either.

I only dated him

for a week.

Okay, okay, okay.

Mr. Jang insists that you open the case.

Okay, okay.

Please, God,

help me.

He wants you to hurry up.

Mr. Jang has

other things to do.

Can you describe

the contents of the case?

It's four plastic pouches filled

with a blue powder. Like a...

Maybe a purple powder.

I don't know.

It looks gross.

Mr. Jang wants

to offer you a job.

A job?

I don't want a job.

If life starts

approximately a billion years ago,

we will have to

wait 400,000 years

to see the aberration

of the first nerve cells.

This is where life

as we know it begins.

Brains in formation of

only a few milligrams.

It's not possible to determine

any sign of intelligence yet.

It acts more as a reflex.

One neuron, you're alive.

Two neurons,

you're moving,

and with movement,

interesting things

begin to happen.

Animal life on Earth goes

back millions of years.

Yet most species only use 3 to

5% of its cerebral capacity.

But it isn't until we

reached human beings

at the top

of the animal chain

that we finally see a species use

more of its cerebral capacity.

10% may not seem like much,

but it's a lot if you look

at all we've done with it.

Now let's discuss

a special case.

The only living being that

uses its brain better than us.

The dolphin.

It is estimated that

this incredible animal

uses up to 20%

of its cerebral capacity.

In particular,

this allows it

to have

an echolocation system

that is more efficient than any

sonar invented by mankind.

But the dolphin did not invent the

sonar, it developed it naturally.

And this is

the crucial part of our

philosophical reflection

we have today.

Can we

therefore conclude

that humans are

concerned more with


than being?


What did you do

to my stomach?


Just a little

horizontal slit.

It's very well done.

And you'll find

within a month,

the scar is

practically invisible.

So, you'll be able to show your

tummy off on the beach next summer.

I don't care

about the scar.

ls it why

we opened you up, yeah?

Rest assured, we didn't harvest

your organs or anything.

We merely slipped a little

package into your lower tummy.

It's a new drug

that kids in Europe

are going to love,

believe me.

What is it?

Well, the scientific

term is C.P.H.4.

Which is not very sexy

from a sales point of view.

So we're still working on

something with a bit more pop.

Any Suggestions?


Excuse me.


Welcome, come on in.

Lovely! Oops!

Splendid, splendid!

Marvelous! Lovely, lovely.


How are you?

Very good, my dear.


Right. Um...

First of all,

many thanks for taking

part in this enterprise,

which I'm sure will

go off flawlessly.

These lovely

passports and tickets

will enable you to return

home in the next 24 hours.

Now, upon arrival, you will be

taken in hand by our people,

so that we might

recover our merchandise

and you might

rediscover the freedom

which you so

richly deserve.

I'm sure I don't

need to remind you,

but for any of those

who may be tempted

to warn or turn themselves

in to the authorities,

we have the names

and addresses

of the families

of every one of you,

down to the most

distant cousins, right?

So, we rely, therefore,

on your complete discretion.



gentlemen, madam, allow me

to be the first to wish you

bon voyage!



You're gonna sell this?

I'm afraid it's

our business model.

For primitive beings like us, life

seems to have only one single purpose,

gaining time.

And it is going through

time that seems to be also

the only real purpose of each

of the cells in our bodies.

To achieve that aim,

the mass of the cells

that make up earthworms

and human beings

has only two solutions.

Be immortal

or to reproduce.

If its habitat is not

sufficiently favorable

or nurturing...

The cell will

choose immortality.

In other words, self-sufficiency

and self-management.

On the other hand,

if the habitat

is favorable...

They will choose

to reproduce.

That way,

when they die,

they hand down essential

information and knowledge

to the next cell, which hands it

down to the next cell and so on.

Thus, knowledge and learning

are handed down through time.

Okay, okay.

Keep calm.

You have to wait.

Just play for time.

You'll have time to think

it through on the plane.

Just take the flight.

Take the flight,

get out of here.

That's the main thing right now.

Just save time.

Don't try anything. Keep your cool.

You're alive.

You're alive, babe.

You're alive.

That's all that matters.

Just wait.

Save time.

Save time.

I'm not in the mood.

Let's imagine

for a few moments

what our life would be like if

we could access, let's say,

20% of our

brain's capacity.

This first stage

would give us access to

and control of our own body.



Has it been

proved scientifically?

For the moment, it's just

hypothesis, I confess.

But if you think about it,

it's troubling to

realize that the Greeks,

the Egyptians

and the Indians

had notion of cells

centuries before

the invention of

the microscope.

And what to say

about Darwin,

whom everybody

took for a fool

when he put forth

his theory of evolution.

It's up to us to push

the rules and laws

and go from

evolution to revolution.

100 billion neurons

per human,

of which only

15% are activated.

There are more connections

in the human body

than there are

stars in the galaxy.

We possess a gigantic

network of information

to which we have

almost no access.



And what will be

the next stage?

Well, the next stage would probably

be control of other people.

But for that, we

would need to access

at least 40%

of our brain's capacity.

After control of

ourselves and others

would come

control of matter.

But now we're entering into

the realm of science fiction

and we don't know any more than

a dog who watches the moon.

Excuse me, sir.


But what would happen if,

for some reason we ignore,

somebody unlocked 100% of

their cerebral capacity?



I have no idea.



Hey! You speak English?



You speak English?

Yes, yes.

Take me to the hospital now.


My leg!


Wait for me.

Miss! Hello?

Hey! Miss!

I need help.

It's urgent.

You cannot be in here.

We are operating!

Please, get out!

You wouldn't have been

able to save him anyway.

The tumor had already

invaded the cortex

and the right side

of his spine.

Somebody put

a bag of drugs in me.

I need you to remove it.

It's leaking.

Do it now.

Right. I'll just administer

a local anesthetic.

Don't bother.



Calm down, please.

Put the gun down.

I'm just going

to examine, okay?

Do you mind?




Hey! LUCY-

Baby, it's great

to hear from you!

But what time

is it over there?

I don't know,

it's night.

Hold on a sec, let me get

rid of the other line.

I'm going to

have to go inside.

I'm back. You're not partying

too much, are you?

You promised me you'd

look after yourself.

I'm trying to, Mom.

lam trying to.

Well, thanks for calling

out of the blue like this.

Your father's gonna

be sad he missed you.

He isn't home

from the gym yet.

Usually, you call us

in the morning.


I feel everything.

What do you mean, sweetie?


the air,

the vibrations,

the people.

I can feel the gravity.

I can feel the rotation

of the Earth,

the heat leaving my body,

the blood in my veins.

I can feel my brain,

the deepest parts

of my memory...

Sweetie, we have a bad

connection. I can't hear you so well.

What did you say

about memory?

The pain in my mouth

when I had braces.

I can remember the feeling

of your hand

on my forehead

when I ran a fever.

I remember stroking

the cat, it was so soft.

The cat? What cat, honey?

A Siamese with blue eyes

and a broken tail.

Sweetie, you can't

possibly remember that.

You were barely a year old.

I remember the taste

of your milk in my mouth.

The room,

the liquid...

Sweetie, what are you

talking about?

I just wanna tell

you that I love you,

Mom and Dad.


And I wanna thank you

for the thousand kisses

that I can still

feel on my face.

I love you, Mom.

I love you, too, sweetie.

More than anything

in the world.

How much is left?

500 grams.

And how long

will it take my body

to eliminate

the rest of it?

To answer that, I need

to know what it is.

May I?

Go ahead.


Tell me about it.

Pregnant women

manufacture C.P.H.4

in the sixth week

of pregnancy

in tiny quantities.

For a baby, it packs the

power of an atomic bomb.

It's what gives

the fetus

the necessary energy to form

all the bones in its body.

I'd heard they tried to make

a synthetic version of it.

I didn't realize

that they'd succeeded.

If it really is C.P.H.4,

in this quantity,

I'm amazed

you're still alive.

Not for long.

Learning's always

a painful process.

Like when you're little

and your bones

are growing

and you ache all over.

Can you believe I can remember

the sound of my own

bones growing?

Like this grinding

under the skin.


different now.

Like, sounds are music that

I can understand, like fluids.

It's funny,

I used to be so concerned

with who I was

and what I wanted to be

and now that I have access

to the furthest reaches

of my brain,

I see things clearly

and realize that

what makes us us

it's primitive.

They're all obstacles.

Does that make any sense?

Like this pain

you're experiencing.

It's blocking you

from understanding.

All you know now is pain.

That's all you know, pain.

Where are the others?

The others

carrying the drugs.

I need the rest of it,

for medicinal purposes.




Thank you for sharing.

Oh. Evening, Professor.

Bonsoir, Albert.

Do we have you

for dinner tonight?

I'm afraid so.

I'm exhausted.

Have a good rest.

Thank you.

You scared the sh*t

out of me,

ringing that bell

like some nutbar!

I missed you.

Me, too.

Yeah, you lose your

keys or something?


Can I borrow your laptop?

Yeah, of course.

So I spent all of yesterday in

auditions, which are awesome.

They just have you

standing around all day

because they don't give a sh*t about

your time gabbing away in Chinese.

Who understands Chinese?

I don't understand Chinese.

And then they say they're always

gonna call, and they never do,

because they don't even

take your phone number.

Except this one guy,

but he's not Chinese.

He works at the agency

and he's cute.

Oh, my God, he's cute.

In the cute-and-l-kinda-know-it

kinda way.

Like he had this thing...

Oh, my God, and his ass!

Phew! Let me

get started on that!

And you are never gonna

guess where he took me.

Four Seasons, Royal Suites,

and we made love all night.

I'm sorry, I'm talking about myself.

What's up? How's Richard?

He's dead.

You guys are crazy.

I'm gonna take a shower.


Professor Norman,

my name's Lucy.

I just read all your

research on the human brain.

We need to meet.

All of my research?

Well, I'm very flattered,

young lady,

but I find that

hard to believe.

I must have written

no less than.

6,734 pages. I can recite them to

you all by heart, if you wish.

Are you one of

Emily's friends?

This sounds like one of her silly jokes.

ls she there with you?

No, I'm all on my own.

Who are you?

I just told you.


Lucy, right?

Yes, sorry.

I read your theory on the use

of the brain's capacity.

It's a little rudimentary,

but you're on the right track.

Thank you.

Professor, my cells are reproducing

at a phenomenal speed.

Several million per second.

I'm having trouble precisely

evaluating the time of my death,

but I doubt I'll last

more than 24 hours.

What are you

talking about?

What I'm saying is that your

theory is not a theory.

I absorbed a large quantity

of synthetic C.P.H.4.

that will allow me to use

100% of my cerebral capacity.

Right now, I'm at 28%,

and what you wrote

is true.

Once the brain reaches 20%, it

opens up and expands the rest.

There are no more obstacles.

They fall away like dominoes.

I'm colonizing my own brain.


I don't know what to... Say.

It's true, I've been working on

this theory for over 20 years,

but it's only ever been

hypotheses and research ideas.

I never thought

anyone would...

You can control

your own metabolism?


And I can start to control

other people's bodies.

Also, I can control

magnetic and electric waves.

Not all of them,

just the most basic.




That's amazing.

I don't feel pain,



It's like all things that make

us human are fading away.

It's like the less

human I feel,

all this knowledge

about everything,

quantum physics,

applied mathematics,

the infinite capacity

of a cell's nucleus.

They're all exploding inside

my brain, all this knowledge.

I don't know

what to do with it.

If you're asking me

what to do...

You know,

if you think about

the very nature of life,

I mean,

from the very beginning,

the development

of the first cell

that divided into two cells.

The sole purpose

of life has been

to pass on what was learned.

There was no

higher purpose.

So if you're asking me

what to do

with all this knowledge

you're accumulating,

I'd say

pass it on.

Just like any simple cell

going through time.


Yes, of course.

I'll be at your

door in 12 hours.

You're leaving?


What is this?

A prescription.

Since when did you

start writing in Chinese?

Since an hour ago.

Luce,l don't

understand any of this.

Your kidneys aren't functioning

efficiently, your liver's failing you.

You need to make

some lifestyle changes.

Take this medication,

work out, eat organic.

You'll be okay.

Last night, at 11 pm,

a woman shot a patient dead.

It happened at

Tri-Service Hospital.

The suspect is 25,

blonde, medium height.

Police are hunting nationwide.

She is armed

and dangerous.

Del Rio.

I've got a weird call

from a US citizen in Taiwan.

A young woman calling to tip us off

about a big drugs ring.

- I'll take it.

- I'll tape you.


I have important information about

a group of drug traffickers.

I need to speak with someone

in a position of authority.


You're very lucky,

there's no one

with more authority

in this office than me.

But let's start at the beginning.

What is your name?

Listen up, Pierre Del Rio.

Get off your desk,

sit in your chair,

pick up the red pen

to the left of you

and take down

everything I say.

There are no cameras.

Hurry up!

I've no time to waste.

Go ahead.

I'm gonna be sending

you the details

of three people about

to arrive in Europe.

Each one is carrying

a kilo of drugs.

I need you to arrest them

and collect the substance.

I'll need it for later.

What form are these

drugs in? Bars? Capsules?

Powder. Hidden in plastic pouches

inside their intestines.

Excuse me?

Make sure to be careful

when you remove them.

The product

is very powerful.

Believe me.

Got it?



I'm counting on you.


Good morning.

That's him!

Pick him up.

Come with me, please.


Sir, come with us.

Welcome to Rome.

Good morning, sir.

Please, follow me.

This way.

Yeah, sure.

Del Rio.

Thanks for calling me back.

We took delivery

of your package.

Thanks very much.

I'll send you the paperwork

for the transfer.


Okay, we got all three.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are now beginning our descent

to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Miss, I have to ask you to

put away your computers now.

You should wipe your nose.

Excuse me?

May I have

a glass of champagne?

Um, yes. Of course.

Could you bring some champagne

to the girl over there?

Yeah, l just

have a nosebleed.

Miss, your champagne.

Thank you.

I'm very sorry, but you really

need to close your table now.


To knowledge.

If the habitat is not sufficiently

favorable or nurturing...

The cell will

choose immortality.

In other words, self-sufficiency

and self-management.

No! Miss, miss!

You must remain seated!


Miss! Open the door! You really

have to go back to your seat!

We're gonna land soon.

Please! Open the door.

Please, say something.

Are you okay? Miss?

Miss, please,

open the door!

Please do something,

help me! Please!

We're gonna land soon!

Open the door!

Miss! Are you okay?

Say something!

With a scar

on her lower abdomen?

Pretty recent,

with thread in it.

- How is she?

- Fine. She's sleeping.

With the shot I gave her,

she'll be out all day.

- She's awake!

- Are you sure?

She's sitting on the bed.

That's her.

- You didn't restrain her?

- Sure, we did!


Don't move.

I need to talk

to you alone.

And I need you to put

your hands up, please.

Did you get the packets?


Where are they?

They're safe.


in Paris.

They'll be safer

in my hands.

Don't leave the car there.

Park it up.

You know, as a cop you see

some pretty weird sh*t.

But I have to be

honest with you.

What you did back there,

that freaked me out.

To put everyone

to sleep like that.

Do I need to be worried?



Do you mind?


What's that?

Korean. I'm gonna drive.


This is a police car!

You can't. No, this is

not possible, lady.

This is a police car.

Okay, okay.

Let's go, guys!

Sir, sir, excuse me, sir.

I need to talk

to somebody.

Talk to the police.

Look, I'm a German citizen and

I demand to see a lawyer.

I'll check with Surgery.

- Grab us some food.

- You're a foodaholic.

Do you always

drive like that?

I've never driven before.


Hey, that's one-way.

We're late.

Hey, I'd rather be

late than dead.

We never really die.

Sorry, sir.

I don't feel good.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'm gonna tell them

to stop following us.

Don't bother.

I got you bacon...

Give me the case.

Kill her and get the pouch.

Don't stand there, kill her!


Open it.

Let's go.

I'm not sure I could

be of any help for you.

Yes, you are.

What for?

A reminder.

Shall we go?

Where are we going?

Take the first left.



Follow that car.




Oh! It's her! It's her!

Hey, you.

You're in Paris?

Yes, lam.

Good, good! Excellent.

So, look, I am no longer

at the hotel now.

I have come

to the university,

where I've taken

the liberty

of calling together a few of my

colleagues to discuss your case.

Top minds in their field

and very trustworthy.

I trust you.

Oh, thank you.

So, do you think

you could meet us

here at the university?

I'm, uh...

I'm very pleased

to meet you.


Captain Del Rio.

How do you do?


Let me introduce

you to my colleagues.

This is Professor Cartier,


I know who everyone is.

Of course.

Gentlemen, this is Lucy,

the first woman to...

l mean...

As I mentioned earlier,

Miss Lucy has,

for reasons that

remain a mystery to me,

unlocked certain

portions of her brain

that offer access to

previously unexplored

cerebral zones.

She has abilities.

Can you give us

an example?

Your daughter,

Gabrielle, age six,

died in a car accident.

It was a blue car,

leather seats,

plastic bird hanging from the

rear view mirror.

Boss, 5 men down at the hospital.


How many men left?

I have about 25 with me.

That damn girl,

she doesn't give in.

She's a witch.

I know that.

I'll kill her myself.

There are men coming here.

Can you secure the room?

I need to stay focused.


Speed it up.

How did you manage to access

all this information?

Electrical impulses.

Every cell knows and talks

to every other cell.

They exchange a thousand bits of

information between them per second.

Cells group together, forming

a giant web of communication,

which in turn forms matter.

Cells get together,

take on one form,

deform, reform.

Makes no difference,

it's all the same.

Humans consider

themselves unique,

so they've rooted

their whole theory

of existence on

their uniqueness.

"One" is their

unit of measure.

But it's not.

All social systems we've put

into place are a mere sketch.

One plus one equals two.

That's all we've learned.

But one plus one

has never equaled two.

There are, in fact,

no numbers and no letters.

We've codified our existence

to bring it down to human size

to make it comprehensible.

We've created a scale so that we

can forget its unfathomable scale.

But if humans are

not the unit of measure

and the world isn't governed

by mathematical laws,

what governs all that?

Film a car

speeding down a road.

Speed up the image


and the car disappears.

So what proof do we

have of its existence?

Time gives legitimacy

to its existence.

Time is the only

true unit of measure.

It gives proof to

the existence of matter.

Without time,

we don't exist.

Time is unity.

Search the whole building

and find her!

We won't be able to

hold them for much longer.

Time to go then.

Are you sure you

need such huge doses?

I'm afraid

you won't survive.

Some cells

inside me will fight

and defend their integrity

till the very end.

In order to attain the last few

percent, I have to force it

to crack the cells open

to their nucleus.

But all of this

knowledge, Lucy...

I'm not even sure that

mankind is ready for it.

We're so driven by

power and profit.

Given man's nature,

it might bring us only

instability and chaos.

Ignorance brings chaos,

not knowledge.

I'll build a computer and

download all my knowledge in it.

I'll find a way for you

to have access to it.


I just hope we will be

worthy of your sacrifice.

Nobody move!

Do you understand English?

What is she doing?

She's looking

for energy and matter.

And she's trying to connect

with our computers.


I'm here, boss.

Do something about them.

Okay, boss!

You guys, come on.


You Okay?

Get a medic. Fast!

Oh, my God.

What's happening?

What is she making?

New generation computer,

I presume.

Where is she?

Where is she?

Answer me.

Answer me!

Hey, you!


The computer, it's moving.

DEL mo; Hey.

Where is she?

Life was given to

us a billion years ago.

Now you know

what to do with it.

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Luc Besson

Luc Besson is a French film director, screenwriter, and producer. He directed or produced the films Subway, The Big Blue, and Nikita. more…

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Submitted by aruntalukdar on October 18, 2017

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