Lovers and Other Relatives

Synopsis: In Versillia's sandy beaches during the summer of 1956, a gawky adolescent, Sandro, spends his vacation by the sea, along with his family and his intriguingly beautiful sister-in-law.
Genre: Comedy
98 min

A sin which can be forgiven Come! Come, my darling! You like biscuit? You want? It's good. Come! Eat, good! Be careful not to make nonsense. What is this? It tied with wire as if the earthquake ... He and a. .. Asshole ... You escaped and the this time, but I gonna do it ... - Giustino! - Ordonai! Honey, just because it was a service Quality must not break it. I have not broken the whole, something left. Even God its just one day. Needed for each operator The little time today and break the tile, - ... and tomorrow you will break all service. - What you want from me? And expecting more of, why not go that little creature you pissed? - Why do you think I come here? - To pollute the air, that you know best. In addition you're broke, you had While you're polishing my shoes? Are there. - Why did you want to break service? - I did not swear! That dementia does not know than to jure. Don 't stand. And just what I wanted to break tile, that is not ... ! See he wanted to break something? Less our nerves, do you? - Blestematule! - What happened? Your dog confused bastard my shoes with a toilet. Good, I'll learn to take a toilet. - Look what we have called. - Surprise! Mom, Dad ... ! Why are you crying? Your mother does not is babysitting. Do not know why I do not ask your cream on the face, there have hair. Not even understand the cream to be absorbed the whole body surface. Over time, hair on the face will disappear. Why do not you trust? I told that my father is a doctor. Wed when I turn comes? Has only two health, you do the rotation. You can exit to i. Me? Now can not either watch? Why? You are Batran and my shame, if not exit, type everyone will hear. - Get out! - Go, go! - Get away, you idiot! - Okay, go! It's the first time sit in one place the major smoking. - If you start to spy ... - Mr. and orului Sandro! - Voice of conscience ... - I remain here. Hell, right now! What does that? You see? " The boy has been installed. Looks like a savage. - Can you go. - Well, now! You see, Sandrino? Almost like you are tan. You see, my things were gone and I've never even died. What's this? Women lost Women Inferno Night Sex ... What good books ... I told already, throw everything later. And that's all your package? Who gave your permission? - Now you start smoking? - Put it back! - Will be confiscated! - Give me them back! Be good, love you 'are. You see, you hit! Eat your provender! What's good provender ... - Sir, I smoke?! - F*ck you! I get wine? What ways, you did it intentionally. You want to ruin the life of the poor creatures! Eat! See, I eat. Not note, Pink. If May 1 is again, will not eat in the kitchen. They see it and on it! Colonel Giustino Bellotto, was hired Defense Department with the rank of general ... eat in kitchen in his house. IN MY HOUSE! And I will do what I feel. - Hi, Mom! - Do not go with speed. Yes, yes! Hello, and mech! Do you do Laura without me, they feel lost. Do you get me the phone, otherwise I'll be worried. You can see, a week passes quickly. - What am I gonna do without my dear? - And me without my dear? - Lor ... - What is? Do you know if it does not bother me remains something of yours. I bothers me! It has done good life. It's like you make me start from the end. - How can I talk with old? - How old is he? - 24, 25, maybe 26. - Even ... ! Look! What beautiful ... - Hi, Sandro! - Hi! He's Lino! Hello, lady! Take place, please! - Can I bring anything? - No, thanks! May I help you? Think you can will not hurry. Here it is! Mr Muscle is ready to-and make the number. Those and music every morning. We lacked a drum here. Polishing wax, swollen and a truck wheel ... - And now I and will take its normal position. - What to do? Always has a bad foot where normal people have their brains. Sorry! See you tonight? - What a fool! - Is doing well. Nonsense! - How stupid! - Forget that you make you another castle. Studying ancient history find secret pyramids and ancient writings. Professor Diletti left in Africa legend to study the pyramids ... What do you read? - Nothing to recap a little history. - Bravo! How boring is that ... Tomorrow you will need a crane just to get out of bed. Well, ma'am! Good night! How I hate this democracy ... ! And they say that democracy is good. It's an exaggeration ... - Leave it Sandrino, is Renzo! - Do you have radar? My dear! Yes, almost ... Yes, well ... How was your trip? Yes, my dear! What are you talking about? Purcelu! How would you like to be? It's sad, l'misses. He like? Tell him it's bad, left her alone on his girlfriend ... Fight him and love him and you ... but not too hard. Punk! Tell him a greeting from him. Hello and you! Phone call me tomorrow night? - Thanks! - You're welcome! - Hey Sandro! - You saw that? - Is my cool! Hi Sandro! - Hello! - We? - Can. - Why? - Where did you find that one? - It's my sister. - Okay, take with us. - Let's be all together. - When was thy sister, you have taken? Of course it would have taken, I would and I did. - We meet tonight. - Hello! - Hi, Sandro! - Hello! - Do not come with us on Neptune? - Can. It's that and not living with us. What can I do. - Welcome! Ciao! - Ciao! Ciao! - It's nice! It's your girlfriend? - Who? You understood well. That? It is one of Milan, was rejected in history, has exam in October. - May I give a hand. - A hand ... What are boring and you ... To rush, just not one of us to wait. - No pushing, asshole. - Move it! - Your hands i red ... - Your body ... "Your body ...". Just what they started. - "Your boom ..." ! - Boom your iron ... I want to kiss your breast your hard .. ! - "I want to kiss your bosom ..." - Well, it's the same thing ... - You make me crazy. - "You make me crazy." - Will be an unforgettable night! - "It will be an unforgettable night. Security will be ... - Be prepared, you arrived and fruit. - 'Road and your fruit. " - "I want to kiss you, let you eat all ..." - And cats want to eat your fruit. Take cats ... - Did you love cats? - Last night I slipped in the bath. - He nails? - There is the spiritual. - Tried to do the Tarzan and I slipped. - In the tub? Sandrino! Remus and Romulus of seven letters. Remus and Romulus ... - Pro are! - Sorry to bother you, gentlemen and orului! However, you might be little more educated. - Gemini, miss! - Thanks! You are very kind. Where was the intellectual ... - What are the pro! - But you know that word? Take you to hell! Look at them, but muscle and mind the children ... Kaput castle! They ruined everything. I broke the ball ... ! So there are foreign. I thought that talk German. - I am Italian. - You must explain your thing. You are small, and he mountain. - Have you heard of David and Goliath? - No, not that I know. Has no importance. Have you heard of the Indochina gorilla? Yes. I heard it. I asked you live. I closed the door, but can not able to talk louder, I hear. Gogo and is furious to! I said it's angry! Do not hear anything, is this the old radio. I have to buy another. - Ordonai! What? - Can I get some money, Dad? - Get out every night? - Even in the evening to stay with friends. Should I do all day on guard treasure. - You want money? - Yes. - Only 200 pounds? - Have increased prices? At your age, present the bill. Man is not made of wood, should work. It seems pretty depressed. Goes to women? It is time. What do you say, is still a child. At his age I was grandfather undocumented, but I was a grandfather. - That still does not come ... - Hey, Sandro! Hello! - Come with us. - Go grab ice cream. - Can. - How bad ... Why not go? Just do not You always stay here ... - Go with your friends. - What about you? I what? No need to wait Besides guard treasure. I know only how to keep me. Can you go without care. - Then go!? - Are you still here? Goodbye! - My dear! - Honey! It was a week like that for long ... Did you hear the horn? We can make and radio. Stay there! Place your on line and English and you kiss them all. - What spiritual e. .. ! My darling! - Why not, and I also have luck? That boy does not know the joke. How are you doing? - When we admit brothel ... - What are you smoking a whole? - Now what? - We must find something else. If you find the key to library grandfather, read "Mrs Lover. Chatterley." Yes, read it and not solve anything. I'll be damned, it's to move than the book! - What you look you two? - Okay, let's go! - Where? - Bring a bag of cats. - To throw cats lu 'sister. - Tcei! We're gonna hear us! Welcome! For me it's okay, anyway I have no sister. - Look at them! She and throw and I among them. - Were you throw? - I like three. - Let's go to the brushes. Leave me alone, I hurt. Why look at me like that seem strange? I do not believe in any miraculous cream ... I prayed to St. Antonio to my hair spa, but you should thank. Thank you! And Thiele! Ciao! - What kind of cream did you give? - How to know? It was teeth paste. Can you give him too much ... Or what do those two? - No Renzo! - Yes. Quarrel. No, not arguing. Laura laughs ... knew and F*ck ... ! Go back quickly I can not stand alone. Did I packed a thigh, who knows Why eat when you're alone. Ending packages mother cats reach, and is sin. - Covers the machine you are not cooled. - Yes. - Ciao! To go slowly. - There he leads ... ! The show starts. You're amazing. Exceptional! You're strong. Ajutai me! What can ... ! That's not sand fell in shit. Take me to the water. If you catch fool that I did it ... ! - No one would you get anything done. - What smells bad ... In and finally found its natural element. Shit! And he found his mother! I'm going in the water, you must escape of smell. There is no danger, water is hot. - Search this? - Thanks! - It is better to you? - Thanks! Thank you! Please let me open bra, Sandro! Sandro! Anoint me back? Show that you know and you to be nice? - Help me, Sandro? - What to do? Have to adjust that dress. It's nice and do not want to throw. What can I do? You must make hem, and not alone. Sting you! - You? - No, too long. Clugri not dress. You? A and make it shorter will be a beach dress. - You? - No, like that's too short. Excuse me, Sandro! I can not decide. You know those we and height, we could ... - Faster! - I can not make me a picture without heeled shoes. You know you have beautiful legs? " - No girl, you look good. - If you do not stop, a strip. I'm going to take action and a and 'll be back soon, miss. God! What misery! I have a gay son. I just had to happen one thousand. What cold? Come back, be I change my bathing suit. - I have to go out. - No, I changed immediately. - I understand, Sandro. - It's good to you? It's good, now rinse me. - Where ver and water Sandrino? - Excuse me, I was little ... - Is it possible? - One time Dad, I almost finished. Take your time, I can be expecting. Bravo! I congratulate you! Skills of hairdressing. Congratulations! Dad ... - Thank Sandrino, are a treasure! - For less. - What you say is see? - What? - Hair ... - No. Sun and has faded, but there are. Feel it? I have to waxing, Renzo's gonna feel. I swore. Here we are at least three kilometers from shore. Why do you fear? Sea is calm. Why should I be afraid? - Enough, let us turn back. - No, you come sit in my place. - I do not know too well to rowing. - Must not rowing are, come back! - Why? - I want to tan. What are you doing? Renzo want to get tan complete. Come back or not? - You could not live alone? - People gossip. You know how many words I would exit it if I came alone? All tmpiii ones would get it right an invitation. You're a rifles not understand. Do not come back, Sandro. Oh! Why go back? Bravo! I know you're a good boy. - What are quiet, the peace! - F*ck peace ... I'm watching! If Renzo tells ... One that beat me ... Sandrino! You knew that I was asleep? Sandrino, anoint me? Sandrino, i opened my bathing suit? What you say is see? I wash? Sandrino, I uncover? Go away! Get the hell out of here! Shut up! Go! Please go! Noisy bitch to die of rabies, to me and to sleep? It's a little bit depressed bieelul that. For a week I do not eat anything, is white as milk. - Oh, mother ... ! - If you are ill, I suffer. - I have a lover! - Mind your mind your own business! Sighs, kisses and embraces countries, but he only sighs. Renzo arrive! In respects kisses and embraces countries On their own, not like that Sandrino? How talk, Renzo ... !? - It was upset? - Who will understand you, young? " It was just a joke. Sometimes do not understand anything, Renzo, is a little love and toaic Milan. A little toaic and Milan? Mom should always know the last. For someone you can be childish, but it is something serious you have no right to you compori in a way so vulgar. Are the right vulgar you inherited your grandfather. Not sure nfierbntai. I swear, I did it intentionally. It was the so nice to me these days ... ... an expensive! Get up and you're going to ask for your apology otherwise I do not look at you until you leave. As you see! It was time! Pinky! Gonna send it soon, my dear. I warned you asshole. Only the form ... Go! Oh Pinky! My Micuul! What did they do? Asasinule! - F*ck you! - Okay, later. I told you I was sorry. - If I knew as ... - What to know? It's something serious, You do not never talk. - What talk? - About face Milan. -Makes you lose your head, know and mecheriile this, I could help you. It has no connection, just a child. It's not a little girl, but an older woman. - Just not married? " - Yes! And I knew that blood is not water. Dying of impatience to know everything about it. Story and get me! Come! If you know how many spouses have learned how to behave. Cause I load of evening classes. And now you are married, you should to be of the wife. I'm not interested, it's not just my wife. To where you came? - Before you and Laura to come, it ... - It? This lady took me to the boat, then I went alone in general ... You saw what immoral ... ! I have uploaded his head, and that not even to think about it at him. That is a bitch ... - Got a cigarette? I've done. - No. What artist, story boat not return, I fell asleep ... ... I hope you have not returned. It's a refined expert. That he likes to put less you know the grill and I can boil over low heat. A whore! I do not have any cigarette. Of course, poor fool was in love. - This is not e. .. - You're sure? Look what I got and you can smoke. Clear that one day and it's gonna shoot him but first he likes to have fun. - Really? - Try to find out who oversees e. I! I would love to see them when I return. - I do not believe in this story. - Come here! This story ... - Give it to them all? And Lino's? - Yes, and his. He entered the cabin and I had. You fell out of bed this morning? Why not talk, belly hurts? With you not. I want to give you advice. Careful not to see you my brother. Do ugly when angry. To avoid the scandal. What I did talk to me like that? - If May I talk like that, I'll give a ... - Lino! It's here ... What comes to my hard ... God ... ! Hello! Hello? My brother is an idiot and he's happy. - Say something? - No, nothing. Go and look for it on Lino, an hour I called, but not coming, gone. It is on this. Right now? " - What do you mean? - Nothing ... - Are you ready to go ... - Welcome ... I knew two causes him. Bet your ferry gave and and and. Are you two idioi more 're three perverse and i. Do not see too well, you're ... Ole ... ! - A hundred pounds! - Perverted and stupid. Another week, my dear. Not anymore. Now go. Enough. Bravo! I could change uniform measures. Rather than waste money on maid uniform because you can no longer see your feet ... I have to change legs maid. - Sandro, exit slightly to change. - Why go? You can do that last time. - I do not watch. - How do you want? What are you doing, Sandro? Come back! - Are you crazy? - Bitch! How Do you permii? Do not just say it. And Renzo says. A tell your husband, so it's true. - What are you, are you crazy? - You do all know. With that in pig muscle, with Lino ... I heard everything. Who do you think? Why not me? You're forbidden to minors? - Did you hear? Oh, God! - Now you feel like laughing? What do you do at night instead of sleeping, spy? And you're not beautiful? Who spies? And sounds when breathing. What do you think are deaf? Excuse me! Sorry! Sandro You know, everything you hear is a kind of play ... People who sit together and i say some things a. ... to make life more interesting. I do not know how to tell your, all and i say such words. - Understand? - Of course, just not stupid. - What day asshole! - If you like what you come with us? - The way we compete. - Last receives punishment. Wait for me! - You scared me. - We have your talk. - We have your say something important. - Something nice? - Bitch ... - What are you doing? Let me! - You're a big slut ... - And you're a big dork! How can you tell me such words? Never stop talking to you. Are words that say have fun, you feel better. What fun! Enjoy yourself! All I and say such words, fool. Just do not know anything? - I have to talk to you, Sandro. - It's late. - Only a little! - Okay. Tell me, Sandro! In your room hear all, do you? You should mui in another room. I can not tell by Renzo: not tonight We love to hear everything that Sandrino. Do not even say crap stuff, just as the name you are you ... Understand, do you? Since I know you hear everything I'm a little embarrassed. What can I do? Great philosopher Kant was right Between wealth and poverty is preferable wealth, nor discuss. Are like a hand, and the wine I suddenly. Excuse me, guys! I got a little heated and I forgot to make presentations. A I know the wife, the Countess? Today's hot. Last adage, it's hard is about the losers and elai. It was an old ... - It was mad! What I said? - No! Always do and a. Howls like a madman ... I'll be damned, What gave the ass from the floor ... What pain ... Easy, Be careful. Let's take a dip in the sea. Blestemailor! - You need a lover. - And you of two hands. A write and in the newspaper. Excessive affection certain women to animals domestic hides a deep sexual disorder. You're the only animal that I have an excessive afeciune. Instead to read these pornographic smut ... Edwige! Edwige, chiloii! Look it. This is not a home is a hospice. - Hello! - Are Renzo. Want to talk with Laura? It's up, dressed, a call immediately. I have time, are expected at a business dinner. What can I say? Tell him I'm sorry, but can not to get home tonight. - I was able to the phone earlier. - How? I have to call me tomorrow and they explain everything, you understand? - Do I call? - No! A kiss from me. Hello, Sandrino! Oh! I dress for him. Want to go to a party with me? - Will receive an old like me? - Do not talk nonsense. I'm going to change. I'm back in a minute. I'm a little embarrassed, is the first time one lying on my wife, the marriage. Now you're more beautiful. It's like it was yesterday, even if been a long time. July 1950, the summer ... ! It was winter, in November 1951. Are you sure? Maybe ... - Talk to my wife. - From Laura? Quiet, trust in me as a holy book ... A good girl I do not headache, as you said. You said you thought so. - In finally! - I'm chiloii Mrs. Laura. - Stop, fool! - I'm a woman. - What are A knew? - Chiloi. You can not wear normal chiloi As all the men wearing? He and the fashion is, are franuze are. That's cool for fags, I can not tell you Dad. Real men are my sons, Look what I can do with your fashion! Shows that are quality. Stop! Do you know I love you ... - It's good ... - I never said anything bad. That where nab? Where grab? And what it looks? And not put a bra ... Lumme me and this party. - Hi, Rosy! How are you? - And A and the like that, but you? Excuse me! Hi, Sandro! - Look at this bad! - Yet you're mad at me? Nothing special, I do, but you? Evening talking about those, You jumped on me ... - No, thanks! - What? I feel like dancing tonight, about me a headache. Excuse me! - Rosy! - What is Sandro tonight? It's completely crazy. Want to dance with me? What's sensual fragrance ... ! You saw that? It came with Sandrino. What pieces, is his sister. Has two balloons, I still chest pain. - You dance and you with it? - Yes. Why, you have not danced with her? I danced with her and I comforted her always on bottom. If you know what my legs and to have ... That is jealous of me. - Want to dance? - I want to go. - Not yet midnight. - Okay. - Plecai? - Excuse me! Stop! The whole night you behaved strangely, bothers you that they can? That bothers me give you all the gossip with and you reach the bottom and a whore. - But Sandro ... - Yes, as a whore. Not the Renzo you're thinking, if I in place, you take in your hands. - What talk? - Let me! - Cry, Sandrino? - Who complains? Fool, fool .... Sandrino ... You're jealous ... ? God! Dear Renzo, and did I in the wrong faith! Dear Renzo, happened ... Renzo! I had your wife. I ask: almost ... - Hello! - Speak! - Here Renzo Bellotto. Who? - I am Renzo. - Who? Hello, do you hear. - I can not speak up, all I hear. - Hello! - You must tell your something, Renzo. You are, Sandrino? Hear nothing. - Renzo, I ... - What happened? I kissed Laura. You kissed Laura and call me at this time that tell me? What said I was sorry that was at a business dinner? What are you saying! I kissed your mouth, I put language in your mouth. Ms. those, I understand! Now you're with her? - No! Laura, your wife! - I understand what you want. - Your wife ... - You put your hand on it as I told you? - I told that I kissed her. - And she stayed? - First the state, and then fled. - Sit still, dying to touch. Listen, I call oracle. He put his hand on the bottom, and the first opportunity do more ... An attack under belt. You understand? You calling me when I'm here but not at this hour, that upsets me. - Kissed Laura. - What did I tell you so far? " - F*ck you! - Quiet and you yourself, Sandrino! You understand? Hey, Sandrino! Kid that ... ! I never cigarettes. Sandro, if you're man, of courage and say that your brother you're not interested! I'm not interested. Hi, Sandro! What sleep I e. .. I have a headache ... What you gave me drink last night? I do not remember anything than that we came to party ... What time we got back? I hope I did some stupid. When you drink a glass ... - I live at sea? - No, I want to sleep all day. - Close the door, please! - Okay. - Hello! - Hi! How are you? - Can I choose a disk? - Of course! - What were you last night? - Why? You were kind of weird. I know when I drink a glass watch everything. - There are mad at me? - No, why? - For those evenings. - It was stupid. I wanted to say your ... You did not have ... I wanted to say your ... - What are we doing tonight? - An evening in the club management after 6:00 ... - Package is empty. - "You Do not smoke. Yes. - Where you going? - To steal cigarettes from Sandro. Renzo! Renzo! - Where are you? - What? - I cried, you did not hear anything? - When? - In a minute ago. You heard me or not? - No! What did? I ... Nothing! How come here tell me that I've cried and tell me he did not want anything? See what motherfucker ... - Tape ... - The phone as I leave? Well, if we always here You can get tampesti. Why not tell him Sandrino to come with us? I find it bad to not invite him. - You think you are playing with us? - Do you know no longer a child. Thank you, brother! - It was the end of the world. - What do you mean? I'll explain later. It was a kind of experiment ... Try to bend it with both hands and fails and you then write in the journal ... I tried to bend with both hands, and I succeeded. The experiment should be resumed two hands. This time successfully. - To write ... - What talk? Do not understand! Do not interrupt me, honey, fail to continue. Talk afterwards! Try 50 years and experiment achieves your journal and write ... You never rdei not? " 're Always tense ... And wrote in the end, with two hands, we succeeded. - Do not see what's funny. - I'm done, baby ... Not understand that he doubted? My wife's an angel does not know anything ... I can not say it directly, here is a rifles. - Countess penis! - It's a precocious child .... I understand! What happened with that crazy? I have brought up the head? I show him his! Leave him alone. You have treated as a child and was upset. He's right. Excuse me! - I very sorry ... - Pu and i know are suprcio And I tell you a story. He was a doctor ... Doctors make me pi and me ... Urologii! - What's the big idea? - I was at lunch with some morons. Night club is a place where I come all morons. I agree, but was not If you get the compori and a. Those crazy not to laugh at me anymore When I was in third, imagine your now. Do not think you overreacted a little? You drink a little too much whiskey. The drink has no effect. You know you dance well? Do not hear anything from your room, Sandro. I checked today. How did you hear us? You stuck your ear to the wall? Promise me that you have been doing it. Please! Enough, are pretty tired to go back to the table. - How to say it! Countess penis ... ! - Be careful how drive, Renzo. In front of two ladies ... Milk still has dirty mouth. Did I just say, this is nerve with adults, even us. But you do not ... ! There's a child no longer a child ... ! Now you see, this is the man! Will not forget like that to me I can not even drive. - When he looked to me and a. - Shoot him some, he deserves. I'll be damned ... - How do you exit it? - I walked a little. - A walk ... - I was hot and I could not sleep. You were with that woman. Say, you did it? - Let me! - Still not? What and expecting, to make the army? Just do not say that you were in to do three night serenades. If you need me, I can help but now, are destroyed. Do not know why, but always after, makes me thirsty. - What are you, my dear? - Nothing. Do not be sad like that, not go to war. Come on, get a grip your! Next week I take vacation and we will be together. - I love you! - What? Nothing. Ciao! - I'll learn to swim? - No. - We want to go rollerblading? - No. - Let's go! - Where? I do not know. Few steps to make i. - Just two of us. - I hope not your bath with me. - I'm serious. I love being with you. - Okay, Fri. Stupid! You put my horns? I'll break your neck! - Let me! - Fucking asshole. - Give me that. - Help! I'll show you who's Zagar count! - Get out of here, stupid! - Help You gonna pull it with my wife! I'll break your eggs! No! Eggs, no! I'll eat out of you. I did nothing. Have mercy! What's happening? I do not know how, but he learned that his wife was too passionate bodybuilding. Bodybuilding bottom! Ouch! Why will not you leave it to emerge only with you? We go to the cinema, but not later than 23 hours, it's late. Can you exit have fun a girl, but not after 23 hours. - You, your hold of six? - Only up to entry into the cinema. After those, you can return home, if you want. - Yes? Thank you very much! - I understand! Okay, I'll make this your favor. If you encounter someone, Alor will tell them yours? Sorry! I still I have seen this movie. Come with us, it's our pleasure. Three tickets. - Colonel! - Ordonai! Lady asks if you led dog to do pee. - Where the hell are you? - I am on the terrace, Colonel. Mrs. wants him out a walk on a leash. I want to see the face, You talk like Romeo and Juliet. - But not enough. - I know, but try to do a little effort, Do you see can and feet. Do not go, Colonel. Warning! This is a warning from the sky. I swear that I will not no dog anymore. How do you know if you can not come? Wait a little. Renzo, I'm tired I stay old and a two rifles. I can, I'm bored. Try to understand, Renzo. Do not come tomorrow. Why heat would be interested? Welcome! I agree! Yes, yes! Ciao! What to do? Hear a noise from left wheel, e. do not understand what Nothing. I want to be vulgar, but maintenance of cars cost a bag of money. Want to climb to drink? I think you do not feel. You seem a little sad about tonight. I feel my stomach hard, maybe I ate too much tonight. - I have to apologize. - Needless to excuse you, Renzo. I am pleased to see a man happy and in love. - I think I advised you well, huh? - Yes. There ... That's why not. Have not passed any even five months since we got married. You mean expected in May other five months? Thank you! It is very nelegtoare. I'll thank me. To support and what helped me to know. - Why, what have you learned? - Nothing! Has no importance. Ciao! - Good morning, lady! - Good morning, Edwige. Mrs. Colonel and still sleep? This morning was to F*ck Col. head with a flowerpot. - Sandro woke up? - No, it's still in bed. I'm going to shop, if you need something ... No, thank you! What? You may not bath the door When you enter the room to others? Why, you bath in the door when you go others in the room? - I read? - It's my job. Tell me the title! What, a manual of horticulture? I want to see! - Give me that! - Forget it! Let me see! Mother Superior asked me to take my clothes off and heating, and she raised me in the arm and repeat saying poor child ... It's a friend of mine, took it from the library of his father. Without realizing, I was all over it and she covered me middle with her legs. - What crap? - What crap? It's a French classic. - A classic ... ! - Give me that! I can give him your father that you know what books you read. - Yes? You have to tell and how you get it? - Sandro! - Give me the book! - Stop it, is something absurd! - It's my book. - My fault, did I allow more. - Paper. - I do not even listen. What you came into my room? Do not you understand? Let your say Why did I tell you before. - I saw ... - You can not talk to you, you're an oaf. - There are no child and no fool. - Welcome! Excuse me! - Get your card and exit i. - You kissed me. - I kissed a sister. - Do you let your pet as a sister? We hope you understand, I did not want ... Please Sandrino, I know your's hard, sorry! Do you sorry? Liar! - Renzo was right, you're a whore. - Do you know I call your father. Call him! All went. Renzo! - Now you can see you ... - No I'm not interested ... Stop! Is anybody home? Laura! Look after receipt six hours of travel! Laura! Not anybody can go. If you and further to touch you once, my life. Do not talk rot. - You're here, Laura? - You come, Renzo? There are still on the road. Excuse me, my darling! Water and not make noise I heard. I woke up the morning as you get here at this hour. Why not go soon, Renzo? Jokes are? In the end, I can stay with you two weeks and you want to climb again car to reach do not know where ... ? Here we are well and servii without spending a dime. What do you want? What are you? There Is something wrong? - Mom and Dad do not behave well with you? - Nothing. I wanted to be just us two. We have all winter to be only two of us. Whole life. I'm dead tired. I'd like to take a bath. That what? Alfred de Musset Gamiani! It's a French classic. I'm going to bring your suitcases? No, I go. - Now you have a weekly cycle? - Sometimes I feel like I did once. What's this? Yesterday crying: Come quickly, I can not ... My Flower sad ... Now is not sad? - Talk slower, ranule. - How I ran? I shoot all week without to have fun or even less. After many tentaii should to have a halo and St. Antonio. Let me! Forgive me, my lover ... You know I wanted ... - What was that? - Nothing! A gust of wind. What were the words that I said earlier? Talk seemed another. - There was nothing ... - C'mon tell them once. You think not, but I will. A and to have to learn. You will feel your whole life guilty of my death. Now crying, too late anyway. Agathe up my body without life. I'll be damned ... Shout! Crying? Feel guilty and Rava and ITA. Are dead, can not do anything. I think I'll quit ... Not reached him. God, what happened a with my child? - Just do it or be abducted. - Have or have removed the ccciosul that? I knew that one day will punk happen like that with that. He fled with Banino, I will kill him. - What happens? - My child has not returned home. - You announced the police? - Yes, and firefighters ... For that hoodlum should to announce moral brigade. - Do something, Renzo! - Do not leave your comprehensive and hysteria. I know where he went. Last time I caught entering three night in the house. - Good lord, my baby three night ... ! - Holy Giuseppe ... ! You do not curse. What was My baby at those? You want to understand her mother? Your baby has grown. You decided to call the police or should it do? Police have gone mad with it. Poor ... Where you going? - I really do not understand anything? - Good morning, lady! Poor? That poor? Talk like an oracle son, make me die, you talk about? - But her husband does not ... ! - Hell, whose husband? Sandro is the woman that her husband now. A real woman? With e? Do you realize what you're talking? - Sandrino is one of this? - You started to count them, Dad? I'll thank you, Lord! - Do not cry! - You gave me the most beautiful consolation ... of my life ... - Have you seen the Sandro? - At this time, sleeping ... Not sleeping at home, maybe I was Something happened! Give me the key to the cabin. I want to see if his clothes and left in, then go to look for it. Can any of your friends saw it. I have friends. For me this beach is a disaster. Sandro! Little punk! What fear I pulled ... My child ... Stupid! You never do it no more. Do not think about are the others? - Have you seen my wife? - Is the cabin. - Q swimsuits and put in place to look for it? - What 's this morning, the family council? - Laura! - Yes, Renzo, are here. - No answer. Do not you feel better? - And they felt that in, but now is fine. - Do you need help, we all know here. - Open up, honey! - Open! - It explains everything, is a woman. It's big mess here arrange everything and leave immediately. - Are you sure you feel good, Lauretta? - I feel better, come and me in a minute. You see? It feels good. Better to think of our baby. How crazy! - Now you must exit and tell them. - Why? How, why? Just do not want to fly, disappear as the stories. Almost! I went there Last night, I had no key and there you exit all i. Not you? He and the E! I get a smoke? I hope you were not complications, is an expert. - As I said, seems an expert. - Be careful how you talk, son! Look ... You're Rava and ITA, and he and the spent time with a slut. Please Renzo! What have I done? " - I feel good, my dear? - Oh, my baby ... ! Sandro, where have you been all night? That everyone should know not slept a night at home? Where were you? I did worry all night. You're not thinking at all to your mother. You're a jerk. Need to announce the whole family leave to make your head curvarule. What? By mistake I pulled your a slap after 30 years of marriage. Are men and slapping him wives every night. Let's go! Need to celebrate. It's a kind of marriage ... Here! Do not say that brother Think your not you. Need your family, not you? Now he is playing with doll and full of life ... Come on, open up! Port igaret gold. Officially announce that my brother started smoking and conclude the topic. - You became a man. - Open! Is written in a dedicaie. Read aloud. For Sandro, from his brother Renzo fateful day in which he became man. The health of former Virginia! What shame ... Laura! And bump for you and you new man of the house. - I forgot the most important person. - Who? Grand missing! The finally laugh and you. Now everybody has a whopping more. He and only pay to see it the girl for two minutes. And crashed for him. Come here, Sandro. "Until horns will fall ..." ... Orlando Briosso words! Cheers!

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Ottavio Jemma

Ottavio Jemma (1 January 1925 – 25 December 2015) was an Italian screenwriter. He wrote 41 films between 1959 and 2015. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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