Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Synopsis: The second of the Lucas/Spielberg Indiana Jones epics is set a year or so before the events in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indy needs to retrieve a precious gem and several kidnapped young boys on behalf of a remote East Indian village. This time he teams up with a night club singer and a 12-year old boy.
Genre: Action, Adventure
Production: Paramount Pictures
  Won 1 Oscar. Another 8 wins & 21 nominations.
Rotten Tomatoes:
118 min

Anything goes

anything goes

anything goes.

Anything goes.

Be careful.

You never told me you spoke

my language, dr. Jones.

Only on special occasions.

So, it is true?

You found Nurhachi?

You know I did.

Last night one of your boys

tried to get Nurhachi

without paying for him.

You have insulted my son.

No, you have insulted me.

I spared his life.

Aren't you going

to introduce us?

This is Willie Scott.

This is Indiana Jones,

famous archaeologist.

Well, I thought archaeologists

were always funny little men

searching for their mommies.


Dr. Jones found Nurhachi for me,

and he's going to deliver him...


Say, who is the Nurhac...


Put the gun away, sonny.

I suggest you give me

what you owe me

or anything goes.


Open it.

The diamond, Lao.

The deal was for the diamond.

Oh, Lao...


To your very good health.


He put a hole...

he put two holes in my dress

from Paris!

Sit down!

Now, you bring me Nurhachi.

My pleasure.

Who on earth is this Nurhachi?

Here he is.

This Nurhachi's

a real small guy.

Inside are the remains

of Nurhachi...

first emperor of Manchu dynasty.

Welcome home, old boy.

And now, you give me

the diamond.

Are you trying to develop

a sense of humor,

or am I going deaf?

What's that?


To what?

The poison you just drank,

dr. Jones.

The poison works fast,

dr. Jones.

- Lao.

- Lao!

You keep the girl.

I find another.

Good service here.

That's not a waiter.

Wu Hans an old friend.

Game's not over, Lao.



don't worry, Wu Han,

I'll get you out of here.

Not this time, Indy.

I followed you

on many adventures...

but into the great

unknown mystery...

I go first, Indy.

Don't be sad, dr. Jones.

You will soon be joining him.

Too much to drink, dr. Jones?

Oh, nuts!


The antidote.

Where's the diamond?


Stay there!

Come on.

I don't want to die!

Who are you?

Wow! Holy smoke!

Crash landing!

Short round, step on it.

Okeydokey, dr. Jones.

Hold on to your potatoes.

For crying out loud,

there's a kid driving the car!



Where's the antidote?

Let me have it.

Listen, I just met you,

for Christs sakes.

Give me...

oh, I'm not that kind of girl.

Hey, dr. Jones,

no time for love.

We got company.

Oh, I hope you choke.

No shooting.

Okay, you asked for it.

This is fun!

Here, hold this.

Where's my gun?

Where's my gun?!

I burnt my fingers,

and I cracked a nail!

Ah, dr. Jones...

I'm art Weber.

I spoke with your assistant.

Uh, we've managed

to secure three seats,

but there might be

a slight inconvenience

as you will be riding

on a cargo full of live poultry.

Is he kidding?

Madam, it's the best I could do

on such short notice.

Heavens, aren't you

Willie Scott,

the famous American

female vocalist?

Owe you a gin.

Nice try, Lao Che.

Good-bye, dr. Jones.

So, what are you supposed to be,

a lion tamer?

I'm allowing you to tag along,

so why don't you give

your mouth a rest?

Okay, doll?

What do you mean, "tag along"?

Ever since

you got into my club,

you haven't been able

to take your eyes off me.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, no...

oh, no!

Mister, mister...

oh, mister, wake up.

Please, mister...

you call him dr. Jones, doll!

Okay, dr. Jones, dr. Jones.

Oh, wake up, please!

Are we there already?

Oh, good.



No one's flying the plane!

Oh, boy...

they've all gone!

You know how to fly,

don't you?

No. Do you?

Oh, no.

- Oh, my god!

- How hard can it be?

- I'm gonna faint.

- Altimeter!


Air speed.

Uh, okay.




I think we got a big problem.

Dr. Jones!


Dr. Jones!

No more parachutes!

- Oh...

- shorty!

- Come on, give me a hand!

- What's that?

Move the box!

Dr. Jones, you're crazy!

Shorty, get our stuff!

A boat?

We're not sinking.

We're crashing!

Grab on, shorty!

Grab on!

- Lady, I can't breathe!

- Tight!

Slow it down!

That wasn't so bad, was it?

Aah! Put on the brakes!

I hate the water,

and I hate being wet,

and I hate you!



Dr. Jones?

I'm all right, shorty.

You okay?

Oh, where are we, anyway?


How do you know that?

Oh, I sure hope

this means dinner.

God, I'm starving.

Thank you.

I can't eat this.

That's more food than these

people eat in a week.

They're starving.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You can have...

eat it.

I'm not hungry.

You're insulting them,

and you're embarrassing me.

Eat it.

Eat it.


Bad news coming.

Can you provide us with a guide

to take us to Delhi?

I'm a professor.

I have to get back

to my university.

Yes. Sajnu will guide you.

On the way to Delhi,

you will stop at Pankot.

Pankot is not

on the way to Delhi.

You will go to Pankot palace.

I thought the palace

had been deserted

since, uh... the 1850s.

No. Now there is

a new maharaja,

and again the palace

has the power of the dark light.

It is that place

kill my people.

What has happened here?

The evil start in Pankot...

then like monsoon...

it moves darkness...

over all country...

over all country.

The evil?

What evil?

See? Bad news.

You listen to Suwamu.

You leave Lanka.


they came from palace...

and took Sivalinga...

from our village.

Took what?

It's a stone...

a sacred stone from the shrine

that protects the village.

It is why Siva brought you here.

We weren't brought here.

Our plane crashed.

It crashed.

No, no.

We prayed to Siva

to help us find the stone.

It was Siva

who made you fall

from the sky.

So you will go to Pankot palace

to find Sivilinga and bring back

to us.

Bring back to us.

Bring back to us.

Bring back to us.

Dr. Jones, did they

make the plane crash

to get you here?

No, shorty,

it's just a ghost story.

Don't worry about it.

They took the stone from here.

Was the stone very smooth

like a rock from a sacred river?


With three lines across it

representing the three levels

of the universe.

That's right.


I've seen stones

like the one you lost.

But why would maharaja

take the sacred stone from here?

They says we must pray

to their evil god.

We says we will not.

Excuse me,

I don't understand how one rock

could destroy a whole village.

He's saying when

the sacred stone was taken,

the village wells dried up,

and the river turned to sand.

The crops were swallowed

by the earth,

and the animals laid down

and turned to dust.

Then one night there

was a fire in the fields.

The men went out

to fight the fire.

When they came back, the women

were crying in the darkness.


He says

they stole their children.

Sankara! Sankara...




Little boy escaped

from the evil palace.

Many other children

still there.

What we do, dr. Jones?

What you think?

I think that somebody believes

the good luck rock

from this village

is one of the lost

Sankara stones.

What is Sankara?

Fortune and glory, kid.

Fortune and glory.

Willie, quit monkeying around

on that thing.

Oh, wait a second! Indy!

I can't go to Delhi like this!

We're not going to Delhi, doll.

We're going to Pankot palace.


I can't go to Pankot!

I'm a singer.

Oh, I need to call my agent.

Is there a phone?

Anybody, I need a phone!


Oh, quit complaining.

This is expensive stuff.

You come to America with me,

and we get job in circus.

You like that?

You like America?

You're my best friend.

You're my best friend.

Ooh, what big birds!

Those aren't big

birds, sweetheart.

They're giant vampire bats.


Oh, pipe down, you big baboon.

This doesn't hurt.

You know what you really need?

You really need a bath.

Ha-ha, very funny.

Very funny.

Very funny.

All wet.

I was happy in shanghai.

I had a little house...

and a garden.

My friends were rich.

We went to parties

all the time in limousines.

I hate being outside!

I'm a singer!

I could lose my voice!

I think

we'll camp here tonight.

Cut it out.

What do you got?

Two sixes.

Aha-ha, three aces.

I win.

Two more game,

I have all your money.

Ha, ha, ha!

It's poker, shorty,

anything can happen.

Where did you find your,

uh, little bodyguard?

I didn't find him,

I caught him.


Shorty's family were killed

when the Japanese

bombed shanghai.

He's been living on the streets

since he was four.

I caught him trying to pick my

pocket, didn't I, short stuff?

Biggest trouble with her

is the noise.

Hey! You cheat, dr. Jones.

You cheat!

What do you mean?

You take four card.

- You pay now.

- Oh, they were stuck together.

No stuck. No mistake.

They were stuck together.

It's a mistake.

I'm very little.

You cheat very big.

Dr. Jones, you cheat!

You pay money.

You owe me ten cent.

Look at this.

Look at this.

You accuse me of cheating.

You're cheating.

You make me poor.

No fun.

Play with you no fun.

- I quit.

- I quit, too.

Oh, this place is

completely surrounded.

The entire place is crawling

with living things.

That's why they call it

the jungle, sweetheart.

Oh, my god,

what else is out there?

Willie, wait...


Willie, Willie...

what is that?

Is that short for something?

"Willie" is my

professional name, Indiana.

Hey, lady,

you call him dr. Jones.

My professional name.

Why are you dragging us off

to this deserted palace?

Fortune and glory?

Fortune and glory.

Well... this is a piece

of an old manuscript.

This pictograph

represents Sankara,

a priest.


Gentle. Gentle.

This is hundreds of years old.

Is that some kind of writing?

Yeah, it's Sanskrit.

Cut it out.

It's part

of the legend of Sankara.

He climbs mount Kalisa

where he meets Siva,

the Hindu god.

That's Siva?

And what's he handing

the priest?



He told him to go

forth and combat evil.

And to help him, he gave him

five sacred stones

with magical properties.

Magic rocks?

My grandpa was a magician.

He spent his entire life

with a rabbit in his pocket

and pigeons up his sleeves.

He made a lot of children happy

and died a very poor man.

Magic rocks.

Fortune and glory.

Sweet dreams, dr. Jones.

Where are you going?

I'd sleep closer, if I were you.

For safety's sake.

Dr. Jones, I'd be safer

sleeping with a snake.

I said, cut it out!

I hate that elephant.

Indy, look!

I see it, shorty.

That's it:
Pankot palace.

Dr. Jones, what you look at?

Don't come up here.

No! No, no, no, no!

Don't leave! No!

No, no, no, no, no!

Oh, baby elephant, stay here!

Oh, no! Indy!

They're stealing our rides!

We walk from here.


I should say

you look rather lost.

But then I cannot imagine

where in the world the three

of you would look at home.

We're not lost.

We're on our way to Delhi.

This is miss Scott.

This is Mr. Round.

Short round.

My name is Indiana Jones.

Dr. Jones, the eminent


Hard to believe, isn't it?


I remember first

hearing your name

when I was up at oxford.


I'm Chattar Lal, prime minister

to his highness,

the maharaja of Pankot.

I'm enchanted.


Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Welcome to Pankot palace!

Enchanted, huh?

Shorty, where's my razor?

We are fortunate tonight

to have so many

unexpected visitors.

This is captain...


And you, sir, are

dr. Jones, I presume.

I am, captain.

Captain Blumburtt and his troops

are on a routine

inspection tour.

The British find it amusing

to inspect us

at their convenience.

I do hope, sir,

that it's not, uh,

inconvenient to you, uh... sir.

The British worry so

about their empire.

Makes us all feel like

well-cared-for children.


you look beautiful.

I think the maharaja

is swimming in loot.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad

idea coming here after all.

You look like a princess.

Mr. Lal, what do they call

the maharaja's wife?

His highness

has not yet taken a wife.

How interesting.

Well, uh, maybe it's because

he hasn't found the right woman.

His supreme highness,

guardian of Pankot tradition,

the maharaja of Pankot,

Zalim Singh.

That's the maharaja?

A kid?!

Maybe he like older women.

Captain Blumburtt

was just telling me

something of the interesting

history of the palace...

the importance it played

in the mutiny.

It seems the British never

forget the mutiny of 1857.

Yes, well, you know, I think

there are other events...

before the mutiny,

going back a century,

back to the time of Clive...

that are more interesting.

And what events are those,

dr. Jones?

Well, if memory

serves me correctly,

this area, this province,

was the center of activity

for the Thuggee.


Snake... surprise.

What's the surprise?

Dr. Jones,

you know perfectly well

the Thuggee cult has been dead

for nearly a century.

Yes, of course.

The Thuggee was an obscenity

that worshipped kali

with human sacrifices.

The British army

nicely did away with them.

Well, I suppose stories

of the Thuggee die hard.

There are no stories anymore.

I'm not so sure.

We came from a small village.

The peasants there told us

Pankot palace

was growing powerful again

because of some ancient evil.

Village stories, dr. Jones.

They're just fear and folklore.

You're beginning to worry

captain Blumburtt.

I'm not worried,

Mr. Prime minister, just, uh...

just, um, interested.


what? You are not eating?

I had bugs for lunch.

Give me your hat.


'Cause I'm gonna

puke in it. Oh!

You know,

the villagers also told us

Pankot palace

had taken something.

Dr. Jones, in our country,

it's not usual for a guest

to insult his host.

I'm sorry.

I thought we were talking

about folklore.

Excuse me, sir, do you have

anything simple, like soup?

What exactly was it

they say was stolen?

A sacred rock.


You see, captain, a rock!



something connected...

the villagers' rock

and the old legend

of the Sankara stones.

Dr. Jones, we are all vulnerable

to vicious rumors.

I seem to remember

that in Honduras

you were accused

of being a grave robber

rather than an archaeologist.

Well, the newspapers greatly

exaggerated the incident.

And wasn't it

the sultan of Madagascar

who threatened

to cut your head off

if you ever returned

to his country?

No, it wasn't my head.

Then your hands, perhaps.

No, it wasn't my hands,

it was my...

my misunderstanding.

Exactly what we have

here, dr. Jones.

I have heard the evil stories

of the Thuggee cult.

I thought the stories were told

to frighten children.

Later, I learnt

the Thuggee cult was once real

and did of unspeakable things.

I am ashamed of what happened

here so many years ago,

and I assure you

this will never happen again

in my kingdom.

If I offended you...

then I am sorry.

Ah, dessert!

Chilled monkey brains.

Uh, I think I'll

just check on Willie.

That's all you better do.

Tell me later what happened.



I've got something for you.

There's nothing you have

that I could possibly want.



Mmm, mmm, mmm.


Oh, you're a very nice man.

Maybe you could be

my palace slave.

Wear your jewels to bed,



And nothing else.

That shock you?

Nothing shocks me.

I'm a scientist.

So, as a scientist, you

do a lot of research?


And what sort of research

would you do on me?

Nocturnal activities.

You mean like what sort of cream

I put on my face at night,

what position

I like to sleep in?

Mating customs.

Love rituals?

Primitive sexual practices.

So you're an authority

in that area?

Years of fieldwork.


I don't blame you

for being sore at me.

I can be hard to handle.

I've had worse.

But you'll never have better.

I don't know.

As a scientist, I don't want

to prejudice my experiment.

I'll let you know

in the morning.

Why, you conceited ape.

I'm not that easy.

I'm not that easy, either.

Trouble with you is, Willie,

you're too used

to getting your own way.

And you're just

too proud to admit

that you're crazy about me,

dr. Jones.

If you want me, Willie,

you know where you can find me.

Five minutes.

You'll be back over here

in five minutes.

I'll be asleep in five minutes.


You know it, and I know it.

Five minutes.

Four and a half.

"Palace slave."

"Nocturnal activities."

I'm a "conceited ape"?

"I'll tell you in the morning."

I can't believe it.

He's not coming.

She's not coming.

She's not coming.

I can't believe I'm not going.

Indiana Jones!

This is one night

you'll never forget!

This is the night

I slipped right through

your fingers!

Sleep tight...

and pleasant dreams!

I could have been

your greatest adventure.

Dr. Jones, your whip!

- Shorty...

- huh?

Turn off the switch.

Oh, Indy.

Oh, be gentle with me.

Be gentle with me.

But I'm here.

There's nobody here.

No, I'm here.

Indy, you're acting

awfully strange.

Hey, I'm right here.

"Follow in the footsteps

of Siva."

What does that mean?

"Do not betray these truths."

Shorty, go get our stuff.

Stay behind me, short round.

Step where I step,

and don't touch anything.

I step where you step.

I touch nothing.


I step on something.

Yeah, there's something

on the ground.

Feel like step

on fortune cookies.

It's not fortune cookies.

Let me take a look.

That's no cookies.

It's all right.

I got him.


Go. There, go.


Look, just stand up

against the wall,

will you?

You say to stand

against the wall!

I listen to what you say!

Not my fault! Not my fault!

Willie, get down here!

We're in trouble!



Bet I get all dirty again.

- Willie, get down here!

- Not my fault!

We're in trouble!



What sort of...?

This is serious!

There are two dead people

down here!

There're going to be

two dead people in here!


I've almost had enough

of you two.


What's the rush?!

It's a long story, Willie.

Hurry, or you don't get

to hear it.

Ooh, god, what is this?

Indy, what is this?

I can't see a thing!


All right!

Oh, I broke a nail.

Uh... uh...

Willie, hurry!

They're in my hair!

Aw, shut up, Willie!

Indy, let me in!

No, let us out!

Let me in!

Let us out!

Shut up!

I'm down here!

They're all over me!

There's got to be a fulcrum

release lever somewhere.


A handle that opens the door.

- Go on!

- They're just,

just square holes!

Go to the right hole.

Hurry, Willie!


the other one!

The other right.

Your other right!

The one on your right!

Oh, there's slime inside!

I can't do it.

You can do it.

Feel inside.


You feel inside!

Do it now!




Willie, we are going to die!

It's soft.

It's moving!

Got it!

Get 'em off of me!

Get 'em off of me!

They're all over me!

Get 'em off me!



It wasn't me! It's her!


Come on!

Go! Move!

Come on, move!

Come on!

It's a Thuggee ceremony.

They're worshipping kali.

Have you ever seen anything

like this before?

Nobody's seen this

for a hundred years.

Kali ma.

Kali ma...

kali ma!

He's still alive.

Kali ma.

Kali ma...

that's the rock they

took from the village.

It's one of the Sankara stones.

Why they glow like that?

Shh, shh.

The legend says

when the rocks are

brought together,

the diamonds inside

them will glow.



- Diamonds!

- Shh.


Hey, hey.

Look, I want you two

to stay up here and keep quiet.

Shorty, you keep an eye on her.

Why, where are you going?

Down there.

Down there?!

Are you crazy?!

I'm not leaving here

without the stones.

You could get killed

chasing after your damn

fortune and glory!


But not today.

Be careful.

Where's he going?

Let me go...!

Run, Willie! Run!

Dr. Jones!

I keep telling you,

you listen me more,

you live longer.

Please, let me die.

I pray to Siva,

"let me die," but I do not.

Now... now the evil

of kali take me.


They will make me drink

the blood of the kali.

Then I'll fall

into the black sleep

of the kali ma.

What is that?

We become like them.

We'll be alive,

but like a nightmare.

You drink blood,

you not wake up from nightmare.

You were caught trying to steal

the Sankara stones.

There were five stones

in the beginning.

Over the centuries, they

were dispersed by wars,

sold off by thieves like you.

Thieves like me, huh?


Still missing two.

A century ago, when the

British raided this temple

and butchered my people,

a loyal priest hid

the last two stones

down here in the catacombs.

So that's what you've got

these slaves digging for, huh?

They're innocent children.

They dig for the gems

to support our cause.

They also search

for the last two stones.

Soon we will have

all the five Sankara stones,

and the Thuggees will be

all powerful.

What a vivid imagination.


don't believe me?

You will, dr. Jones.

You will become...

a true believer.


Dr. Jones!

Don't drink... it's bad!

Don't drink!

Spit it out!

Dr. Jones...

you dare not do that.

Leave him alone, you bastards!

The British in India

will be slaughtered.

Then we will overrun

the Muslims.

Then the Hebrew god will fall.

And then the Christian god

will be cast down and forgotten.

Soon, kali ma

will rule the world.

Dr. Jones...

kali ma protects us.

We are her children.

We pledge our devotion to her

with an offering of flesh...

what are you doing?!

...and blood.

Your friend has seen...

and she has heard.

Now she will not talk.

I'm not going to have

anything nice to say

about this place

when I get back.

Indy! For god sakes, help me!

Wh-what's the matter with you?

No... no.




Indiana... help us.

Please, snap out of it.

You're not one of them.

You're not one of them.

Please come back to us.

Don't leave me.


What are you doing?!

Are you mad?!


oh, this can't be happening,

this can't be happening.

Wake up, Willie, wake up.

No! No! No...!


No, no, no!

Wake up, dr. Jones,

wake up!

Dr. Jones!

Indy, I love you.

Wake up, Indy!

Wake up!

You're my best friend!

Wake up, Indy!

Wait! Wait!

He's mine!

I'm all right, kid.

Mola ram!

Give me some slack!

Willie, Willie, wake up!

Willie, Willie, it's me!

I'm back!

Oh, Indy.

Indy... my friend.

I'm sorry, kid.


now, let's get out of here.

Right. All of us.


I've got to save him!

He can take care of himself.

He needs me.

I've got to save Indy!

Okay, save him.

Drop him down!

I kill you!

Drop him down!


What's the matter with him?

Here. Try this.

Go, Indy!

It was the black sleep of kali.

Short round!

Quit fooling around

with that kid!

Get down in the cart, now!

Okeydokey, Indy!

Please listen.

To get out,

you must take the left tunnel.

Thank you.


Quit stalling!

Come on, Indy!


Go! Go!

Shorty, look out!

- Come on!

- Indy!



Hurry up!

Indy, take the left tunnel!

The left tunnel!

No, Indy!

You missed it!

Left tunnel!

We got company!


Let her go!

- Let go of the brake.

- What?


Let her go. Our only chance

is to outrun them.

- Shorty?

- Huh?

Come up here

and take the brake.

Watch it on the curves,

or we'll fly

right off the track.



What are you doing?

Short cut.

- Yes, Indy.

- Short, cut.

Watch it!

Indy, help!

- Hang on!

- Indy!

Pull him in.

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let go of him!

No! No!

Pull him in!

- I'll catch him!

- No!


All right.

- What?

- Brakes. Brakes.

Slow us down.


Uh-oh. Big mistake.

Big mistake, Indy.


We're going too fast!

Too fast!

We're going to crash!

Water, water, water!

Oh, look!

Look there!

- Water!

- Fire! You're on fire!

Water, water!


water, water.

Water, water.

Come on...

come on!

Let's go!

Run, run!

Willie, look out!


Head for the bridge. Go!

Come on, Willie, this way.

Oh, god.

Come on, let's go.

Strong bridge.

Come on, let's go.

Strong bridge.

Look... strong wood.

Come on!




I'm falling down.


Not very funny.




Let her go, mola ram.

You are in a position


to give orders.

Watch your back!

You want the stones,

let 'em go.

Let her go!

Drop them, dr. Jones.

They will be found.

You won't.


Behind you!

Oh, sh*t.

Go on.


Go on!

Go on!

That way.


hang on, lady.

We going for a ride.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

Is he nuts?

He no nuts.

He's crazy.

Mola ram,

prepare to meet kali...

in hell.

What are you doing?!

You fool!

Indy, cover your heart!

Cover your heart!

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god.

- Look out!

- No!


Hurry! Let's go!

The stones are mine!

You've betrayed Siva.

You betrayed Siva.

You betrayed Siva!

Well, it's about time.

Hold your fire.

We know you are coming back

when life return to our village.

Now you can see the magic

of the rock you bring back.

Yes, I understand its power now.

You could've kept it.

Ah, what for?

They'd just put it in a museum.

It'd be another rock

collecting dust.

But then it would've given you

your fortune and glory.

Anything could happen.

It's a long way to Delhi.

No, thanks.

No more adventures

with you, dr. Jones.

Sweetheart, after all the fun

we've had together?

If you think I'm going to Delhi

with you, or anyplace else

after all the trouble

you've gotten me into,

after all the trouble

you've gotten me into,

think again, buster!

I'm going home to Missouri where

they never feed you snakes,

before ripping your heart out

and lowering you into hot pits!

This is not my idea

of a swell time!

Excuse me, sir.

I need a guide to Delhi.

If you could...


very funny.

Very funny.


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Willard Huyck

Willard Huyck was born on September 8, 1945 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Willard Miller Huyck Jr. He is a writer and director, known for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), American Graffiti (1973) and Howard the Duck (1986). He has been married to Gloria Katz since November 25, 1969. They have one child. more…

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Submitted by aviv on November 06, 2016

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    Good work
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