Indiana Jones And The Dial of Destiny

Synopsis: Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artifact that can change the course of history
Genre: Action, Adventure


On your feet!

An American, Colonel.

He was at the gate, impersonating an officer.

You were alone?

Spy, you were alone?

I like to be alone.

What did you come here for?

You got a lot of nice stuff.

Other people's stuff.

"To the victor belongs the spoils."

"To the victor"?

Berlin's in rubble.

The Fhrer's in hiding.

You lost.

Take him upstairs.

What? What?


Hey, wait a second. Guys!

A moment. Please!

Stop! I must speak to the commander.

Colonel. I found it!

Do as he says. Open it.


The Lance of Longinus.

The blade that drew Christ's blood.

The Holy Lance.

Double the guard.

This is the prize the Fhrer seeks.

Colonel, we need to talk.

No time, Doctor.

The train to Berlin is waiting.

Search the woods!

Take the dogs.

Do you think that spy was alone?

Go! Go! Go! We're moving out!

On the double!

Looks like they're leaving without you guys.

Tell us your story, or die.


Okay, okay.


it all started...

once upon a time,

when this village...

of stupid blue-eyed boys

decided to join hands together...

and follow this sweaty little pied piper

named Adolf...


This man was with the American.

This is the American's bag.

What have I done?

Bring him to my carriage.

Careful. This is the Fhrer's special relic!

Stay seated.


you are a birdwatcher?

Yes. Because of the bombing,

the wagtails are following

a completely different trajectory.

We caught your accomplice.

The American.

Oh, my!

Get off of me!

There's one reason you're still alive,


Who sent you?

What was your mission?

Please, Colonel, no. I beg you.

My name is Basil Shaw.

I'm a professor at Oxford.

An archeologist.

There you are.

There is a problem.

I must speak to the Colonel.

It's urgent.

I have a daughter. I beg you.

I guarantee you will never see

your child again, Mr. Shaw.

Unless you explain

why your accomplice had this.

We were told that the Lance of Longinus

could be found at the fortress.

We were looking for it.


Because of its power?

It has no power.

My friend and I were trying to save history.

I must speak with the Colonel.

It's about the Lance.

I only had a moment to look at it.

Of course, my training is in physics,

For God's sake, spit it out!

The Lance...

It's a fake.

It's a fake.

A fake?

The blade is an alloy.

Fifty years old,

the engravings recent. It's a replica.

We're dead.

Twelfth century. Thirteenth century.

Ramesses II.

None of this stuff is fake.

I gotta stop this train.

There is another relic on this train.

One with real power.

What are you talking about?

The Antikythera.

The Antikythera?!

Enough about that old dial!

Colonel, the Fhrer has lost the war...

and his mind!

Let me explain.

The Antikythera's power is not supernatural.

It is mathematics.

Whoever harnesses it...

will not be King...

nor Emperor...

or Fhrer.

He will be God.

Too many Nazis.

And how do you propose we tell him this?

My Fhrer,

I'm sorry the Lance of Christ is fake.

But here is...

half of something you've never heard of.

Tell me,

have you ever MET HITLER?!!

A saboteur aboard.

And Hitler's Lance is gone.

That way!

What are you doing here?!

What the hell?



You're alive!

So far.

I thought I told you

to stay in the woods, Baz.

What sort of a man hides in a hedge

while his friend is facing death?

This lot are carting off

half the world's antiquities.

I was gonna stop 'em,

but now I've gotta rescue you.

Did you at least find the Lance?

-"At least"?

-Well, have you got it?

It's a fake.


A reproduction.

Who are you?


The Antikythera.

Archimedes' Dial.

Bring it.

Hurry up, Baz.

Give me that.

Come on.

Get up, Baz.

Follow me.

Towards the gun?

Away from the Nazis!

Those are Nazis!

Get down! Down! Down!

This way. Come on!

I can't do that!

You wanna stop for a little lie-down?

They have the Antikythera!



Got you! No!


Get the gun!

Shoot him!

Not me!


To the victor go the spoils.

Drop the gun.

Give me the Antikythera.




-They can't hear you, Baz.

We gotta jump!

What about my dicky knee?






Go! Move! Move it!

Bit rum to go home empty-handed

after all that.


Not exactly.

Archimedes' Dial.

Well, half of it.

Come on, Baz. Let's get home.

Larry! Turn it down!

Turn it down!

Hey, Larry!



-Hi, Mr. Jones.

-Where's Larry?

Who is this guy?

It's the old guy next door.

Larry, it's 8:00 in the morning.

-"It's 8:00 in the morning."

-We talked about this, Larry.

Yeah, but that was...

-a workday, Mr. Jones.

-This is a workday too, Larry!

Turn on the news.

It's moon day, Mr. Jones.

Moon day?


All you really need to remember...

is that Assyrian ceramics of this period

are characterized...

by this complex blue-line pattern.


I assigned pages 131 through 171...

in Winford for today.

Anybody do the reading?


Gosh, this is on the test.


Guess I'll spoon-feed it to you.

In 213 BC...

Roman forces led by Marcellus...

laid siege to the city of Syracuse.


Not the Syracuse in New York, Tonya.

The one in Sicily.

Amongst the defenders of the city...

was its most famous resident, who was...

Come on, guys. This is on the final.



Archimedes, who was a...

A mathematician.

A mathematician.

But more than that, an inventor...

a brilliant engineer...

who conceived of a way to harness the energy

of the Mediterranean sun...

on concave mirrors and focus it...

on attacking Roman warships

and set them on fire.

Who devised giant iron claws...

that could snatch hostiles from the sea.

But how do we know it really happened?

What physical, irrefutable

archeological evidence...

-is there of these inventions?

-The Antikythera.

-The Antikythera.

-For starters.

They're here! They're downtown!

The astronauts.

Giant parade this morning will be seen...

by about two and a half million people

lining the sidewalks...

He's coming. He's come. See?

Oh, here he comes.

Hide the cake.



For over a decade now...

our colleague Dr. Jones has been

a loyal servant of Hunter.

A token of our gratitude.


Thanks for putting up with me.


Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins,

and Buzz Aldrin...

will not be able to avoid the spotlight.

At 11:
00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time,

a grateful nation will pay homage...

with a ticker-tape parade

through New York and Chicago...

climaxed by a dinner in Los Angeles...

What would the ancients say?

Neil, Buzz, and Mike...

If they knew we walked on the moon?

Speaking as an ancient...

going to the moon is like going to Reno.

Middle of nowhere...

and no blackjack.

You don't recognize me, do you?

Whatever I did, I apologize.

It's Helena.

Helena Shaw.


Wow, I haven't heard that in a while.

-You got tall.

-I did.

It's fair to say.

I'm celebrating.

-I'm retiring.



Well, in that case, what are we drinking?

Room service for Mr. Schmidt.

Put that away.

I was asking how you broke your ankle.

None of your business.

Are you Mr. Schmidt?

"Doctor" Schmidt. He's in there.

And he don't eat anything on wheels,

so put it on a table.

When I was a little boy...

I always imagined...

that one day man would walk on the moon.

And by golly...

Quite a celebration out there.

The man you're servin'...

he's the one who put those astronauts

on the moon.

Built the rockets they rode in.


Where are you from?

The Bronx, sir.

No, no. I mean originally, your people.

Do you know?

I was born by Yankee Stadium, sir.

And you fought for your country?

320th Battalion.

Set up balloons to stop the planes

bombing Normandy.

And are you enjoying your victory?

Will there be anything else?

You didn't win the war.

Hitler lost it.


My field agent, she found Shaw.

Yeah, I'm comin'.

Let's go, Hauke.

Where are we here?

Oxford. In the garden.

He was an original.

I just graduated.

In Archeology.

Archeology. Wow.

Apple didn't fall far.

Well, now I'm researching a doctorate.

What's your subject?

The Archimedes Dial.

The Antikythera.

What do you know about that?

Well, for starters...

in 1902, Greek sponge divers found

a wrecked Roman warship...

huge, off the coast of Greece.

Below deck, sealed in wax...

was a clock-like mechanism...

finely tooled, purpose unknown.

Nothing approximating its complexity appears

in the world for 1,000 years.

-You've done your homework.

-Well, not me.

Dad. He had all these journals,

reams of notes about it.

He was obsessed till the end.

He told me you found it

on a Nazi plunder train.

And then lost it in a river

in the French Alps.

Well, that was a long time ago.

And it was only half the Dial.


-Archimedes broke the Dial in two...

-...disassembled it.

-...and then hid...

the two halves from the Romans

during the siege of Syracuse.

I know. Look.

You don't remember the last time I saw you,

do you?

Remember what?

These are the Alps.

Yeah, I see.

And this is the route that your train took...

-from the Nazi stronghold in '44.


It went through this mountain pass...

and then here.

-Here, it's the only river on the route.


Under a bridge.

It's down there. It's got to be.

-And nobody knows except us.


Well, I mean, you.

And me. So, yeah.



And what were you thinking exactly?

Well, that maybe...

we could go there.


And find it.

And I'd become...


Oh, well, not famous.

Renowned. Feted.

A feted archeologist.

And you, a final triumph!

Indiana Jones!

Out with a bang! Back in the saddle!

I'm not selling this, am I?


why are you chasing the thing...

that drove your father crazy?

Wouldn't you?

I got it.

Parade's comin' soon.

So, what we got?

She's in there, third floor, with an old guy.

Who is he, a Russian?

No, a professor. Dr. Henry Jones.


Klaber, get back here! You're not an agent!



I'll get support up here

and pull a file on Jones.

This way.

Basil became obsessed by this German theory.

Conjecture, really.

Archimedes had figured out...

that the movements of the moon and planets...

weren't perfect.

There were irregularities in their rotations.

He thought these irregularities might...

explain fluctuations in temperature, tides.

Storms, even.

So, he set about building a device

to predict them.

But then, he stumbled upon a method

to predict even larger...


Larger disturbances?

Your father thought this thing could...

predict fissures in time.

Hauke, if you don't...

Found 'em.


Are you looking for...

Dr. Jones?

Excuse me, can I help you?

No, thank you.

Just a routine investigation, ma'am.

Are you the police?

It'll just be a few moments.

-Professor Plimpton.


-Professor Plimpton!


Drop your weapon.

What the hell are you doin'?

What the doctor tells me, Miss Mason.


Yeah, no witnesses.

Jesus. What the hell?

Your father wrote so many letters

about the Dial, I stopped reading 'em.

You really don't remember the last time

I was at your house?

I took that from him then.

I thought he'd stopped thinking about it.

But your father was convinced this thing

was real and dangerous.

Do not shoot.

He was terrified that if somebody found

this legendary tablet,

the Grafikos...

The tablet containing directions

to the rest of the Dial.

And if they found the Grafikos...

they might acquire the other half

of the Dial...

and put the two together.

I knew you wouldn't destroy it.

How did you know he asked me to destroy it?


You do remember that night.

-I was 12 years old, Indy.

-You knew we didn't drop it in a river.

Baz didn't tell you that.

-See, listen. I didn't...

-No, he never lied.

-No. You...

-What was all that crap about the map?

No, you've had too many whiskeys.

What are you doing, Wombat?

Stay where you are.

Don't move.

-Who are these people?

-We need to get out of here.

Are they with you?

Not an inch, Miss Shaw.

Miss Shaw, stop!





Dr. Jones. It's over.

Who are you people?

What do you want?


Helena Shaw!

She's on the roof. Find another way up.

Dr. Jones!

Dr. Jones, we're not gonna hurt you.

-Move. We gotta follow 'em.

-Go. Hurry up.

Fan out!

-Let's go. Move, move, move! Pack it up!

-Come on. Get everything.

Found her!


-I need the police.

Hunter College. People are dead.


-Hang up, fella.

Stand up.

Okay, okay.

She's gone. You blew it...

you trigger-happy cracker.

-She had it in her hand.

-We got the professor.

Here's the file on Jones.


Who are you?

That's my question.

You're CIA.

Oh, not me, man.

I don't take government jobs.


How are you acquainted with Miss Shaw?

She's my goddaughter.

I haven't seen her in 18 years.

Why did you meet with her today?

To give her the Dial?

Lady, it's an ancient hunk of gears.

Half a hunk.

Oh, it's a lot more than that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Where do you think you're going?

I got a parade going on.

And a demonstration coming down here.

Hey! Hey, hey!


-Shut up.

I can't go this way. Gotta go back.

Hell no! What is wrong with you, man?

Damn it!

Let's go on foot.

You heard her.

What the hell were you thinking?

-Walk! Come on.

-What is your problem?

-You don't look when you're backin' up?

-Take care of that guy.

Who's gonna pay for that?

Easy, fella. Easy.

Keep movin'.

Can't you see my cab? It's yellow.

No, you're gonna have to pay

for this bodywork, man. I don't...

Peace now! Peace now!

Stop the war! Stop the fighting!

-Where are we going, Mason?

-This way.

-Hell no, we won't go.

-Shut up.

-Hell no, we won't go!

-Hell no!

-Hell no, we won't go!

-Hell no, we won't go!

We won't go!

-Hell no, we won't go!

-Hell no, we won't go!

-Hell no...

-Shut up!

Hell yeah!

Hell no...


Officer! Help me!

Officer, there was a shooting...

-All right, all right.

-...this morning at Hunter.

People are dead. God damn it.

-Some rogue maniacs broke in and...

-Sir, you need to calm it down.

Please listen to me.

There was a shooting this morning, and the...

They're in a Con Ed van

right around the corner!

Hey! What do you think you're doing?

-Watch out!

-What's he doin'?

You did it!

Move, out the way!

Watch out!

Move! Quickly!

Move! Move!

Go, go, go!

Come on. That's ridiculous. It's a horse.

Come on!

-Hey, mister.

-Move! Out of the way!

Hold my horse.

Move! Move!

Transfer is available

for IND Queens Boulevard.

Next stop, 59th, Lexington Avenue.

Subway is faster.

People tend to romanticize science,

when it is, in fact, quite cold.

So, what's next, Dr. Schmidt?


No, we've conquered space.

I'm moving to the next frontier.

What's beyond space?

You might wanna get that suit pressed,

Dr. Schmidt.

We leave for the airport in an hour.

He's gonna meet the President.

If the President objects to a few creases...

perhaps he should find himself

another physicist.

-Can I use that?




It's for you, Doctor.

I may wanna leave a bit later

for Los Angeles.

I'm expecting a delivery shortly.


Your goons made a mess.

Did they?

Miss Shaw met with a professor. Jones.

She acquired the device from him.

Then we lost her.

Dr. Jones got away as well.

Is that so?

Most unfortunate.

I gotta clean things up here, Doctor.

And as a representative

of the United States government...

I urge you to cooperate.

Get on that plane to Los Angeles...

and get your medal from the President.


Call our friends

and secure a private charter.

To Morocco.

Yes, sir.

The university murders took place

at the height of the parade.

Police are searching for retired professor

Dr. Henry Jones.

A colleague told ABC

that Jones recently lost his son...

and was in the middle of a divorce.

This guy, he looks like you.

Nah. No.

It is you.

No, no, no. Hey.

-Go home, pal. You're drunk.

-This is the guy!


-It's the killer!

Sorry I'm late, Indy.

Bridge traffic.

Boy, am I glad to see you, Sallah.

I wish I could say the same, old friend.

Quickly, Indy. Inside.

Your goddaughter, Helena...

was arrested in Tangier last year...

for auctioning contraband.

There's more.

She was bailed out by Aziz Rahim.

Aziz Rahim is the son of Big Rahim...

a well-known Moroccan mobster.

Big Rahim owns the Hotel Atlantique...

in Tangier, and this week...

the hotel is hosting its annual auction...

of stolen antiquities.

All the big players are already there.

Alia, Jabari.

This is the great man who brought our family

to America during the war.

Quick, when was the Suez Crisis?

Very impressive, Jabari.

My grandchildren watch too much TV...

but they know their history.

They understand what it is

to be American and Egyptian.

I need a ride to the airport, Sallah.

If you run, the police will assume

that you're guilty.

Without Helena or the Dial,

I'm gonna get framed for murder.

Have you thought about calling Marion?

She doesn't wanna talk to me.

Welcome to New York's John F. Kennedy

International Airport.

The upper level is for Pan American Airlines

passenger drop off only.

I took something else from your apartment.

It was under the bed.

Thanks, Sallah.

I also brought my passport.

I could help you.

In Tangier?

Wherever chance takes us.

Indy, I...

I miss the desert.

I miss the sea.

And I miss waking up every morning...

wondering what wonderful adventure

the new day will bring to us.

This is not an adventure, Sallah.

Those days have come and gone.


Perhaps not.

Give 'em hell, Indiana Jones!


We've got four more hours to Tangier.

Your scotch, sir.


Basil. Come on, Baz!

-Open the door!


-Stay out, Indy!

-Open the door.

The Germans were right, Indy.


-It's too big. It's too much.

Hey, Ba...

Hey, hey!

-Hey, Baz! Give me...


-What are you doing?

-You've listened to nothing that I said.

I don't understand it, Baz!

Well, I was trying to explain it

to you downstairs.

-You've just ignored everything.

-You're terrifying your daughter.

Indy, Archimedes...

discovered a temporal meteorology.

Archimedes was a mathematician, Baz...

not a magician.

He could predict fissures in time.

Fissures in time?

-Baz, you can't prove that!

-Well, not yet.

Proving it is what makes it science!

Oh, Baz.

I never should've given you the thing.

It belongs in a museum.

Give it to me. Please.

If I give you this...

it must be destroyed.

I will.

I'll destroy it, Baz.


I'm sorry about this.

It's all my fault.

-Are you gonna be here?

-Yes, sir.

Okay. I've gotta catch an airplane.

If anyone finds the Grafikos,

they'll have both halves.

Some things should stay buried.

I know, Baz.

-It's vital that you destroy it.

-I will, Baz.

-Do you understand?

-I'll destroy it.

-Say you will, Indy.


I will... Yes.

You promised me. Remember that.

I will... I promise.

There's a reason...

a reason that Archimedes broke it in two.

I know, Baz.


Thanks, Wombat.

He's gonna be all right in a few days.

I'll call you as soon as I land.

Ladies and gentlemen...

we are 20 minutes from landing in Tangier.

-Stop drinking!

-What are you doing?

No more champagne! How many more...

I'm staying.

Go home. Go home!

Miss Shaw, she's here.

Forged in bronze.

Nearly complete.

It is an astrological clock.

Dating third century BC...

and built by Archimedes himself.

All right, let's start at 20,000.

20,000, thank you very much.

30. 30.

Gauges green...

power full...

and when I reach 85, I rotate.

What next?

-Louis, help him! He's so cute.

-Pull back on the yoke.

-I did, man. I'm airborne.

-Yeah, he's airborne.

-Can I have a sip?

-Do I pick up the flaps?

Don't touch the flaps under 400 feet.

Decrease your pitch to get to 120.

All right.

-Private auction, old timer.

-I've gotta get in there.

No password, no entry.

I don't make the rules.

-And what is the current bid?

-The bid is 50,000.

Then I bid 55.

-Who'll give me 60?

60. 65?

-65. 70?

-75. 80?

-How about 90?

This auction is private.

This auction's over.

Au contraire, it's hardly begun.


I like the hat, by the way.

Makes you look at least two years younger.


-110, bravo.

-I told you that this auction is over.

Excuse me, who is this man?

-I'm her godfather.

-He's mildly related.

And she's up past her bedtime.

-Come on, Wombat.

-I wouldn't do that.

You want to explain it to the cops

at the bar?

The ones I paid off?

You're out of your depth, Jonesy.


-He thinks I'm a criminal.

He's the one wanted for murder.

Nice big picture in the New York Herald. 130?

I didn't kill anyone.

-No entry, it's a private auction.

-And you know it, Helena.

But whoever did was looking for this.

What you've got here is Pandora's Box.

No, actually.

It's my box.


Have we met?


My memory is a little fuzzy...

but your face rings a bell.

Are you still a Nazi?

You're confused. My name is Schmidt.

Professor Schmidt of Alabama University.

Professor Schmidt.

How nice to meet you in person.

-After our conversation, Miss Shaw...

I thought we'd come to an agreement

about the Dial.

Funny. The last time I saw the other guy

who looks like you...

he was also after this.

Your numbers were light, Professor Schmidt.

But good news is, you're here now.

-The bid is 160.

-You don't seem to understand, Miss Shaw.

This relic is my property.

It's not yours. You stole it.

Then you stole it.

And then I stole it.

It's called capitalism.

The bid is 160.


You should've stayed in New York.


-You should've stayed out of Poland.

170. Anyone? Anyone?

Going, going...


Stay away!

Get the Dial.

Stay away!

Oh, hello, Claude.

You should not have come back, Helena.

Get back.


Rahim says you stay.

Thank you.

See you in the past, Dr. Jones.

Move! Get out of the way!

It's my cab!

Tell them to back off.

I just told them to shoot you.

All right, guys.

Put the guns down.

Put 'em down.

All right.

That's better.

Oh, dear.


You're in pajamas.

I was sleeping, Helena.


Then my father woke me.

He told me you'd returned to our hotel.

Then he handed me this scimitar...

and told me to come home with your head.

Does it have to be that bit?

I thought maybe you returned

because you loved me.


I had an item to sell.

Excuse me. The item she's talking about...

-actually belongs to me.

-No. You do not need to...

-And some very bad people...

-...intrude in this conversation.

-...worse people, have run off with it.

-You do not need to get involved...

-with my business.

-Is this your new man?

-No. No, no.

-It's complicated.

What exactly do you owe this guy?

Just some bail money

and a lifetime of happiness.

I presume you sold the ring.

It didn't go for as much

as I thought it would.

I'll do it!

What are you... Hey!

You just got me killed!

Well, I'm not the one that's engaged

to a mobster!

I don't need morality lessons

from an aging grave robber!

I'm not a grave robber.

Your father and I

did important work together.

Don't tell me all your escapades were noble,

selfless quests.

You did it for the buzz!

Oh, good work, Teddy!

-Move over, kid.



-Back up! Back up!

Not this way!

You don't know where you're going, Indy!

-Listen to him. He knows this town!

-I know Tangier!

There he is!

Faster. Go faster!

Ten minutes to the airport, boss.

I'm not sure Professor Schmidt

is an actual professor, by the way.

-He's a Nazi!

-Turn left!

Turn left! Turn left!

-Oh, no!


Helena! Don't do this!

-Hey, this way!

-That way!




What the hell?




What the hell?

Come on!

Come on. Come on!

You think he'd be proud of this?


Your father!

His only daughter selling her soul

for bail money!

Sounds quite cool when you put it like that.

And it's not all bail money.

-Some of it's gambling debt and some...

-Thank you, Teddy.




How did you end up like this?

Well, you mean resourceful?

Daring? Beautiful? Self-sufficient?

Hold on!

Go this way!

There he is.

-Stop! Stop!

-Hey! Hey!

On the left!

Take the wheel, Teddy!

What are you doing?

Getting what's mine.


Damn it! You crazy?

Hey! Helena!

-Take the gun!

-Miss Shaw.

Let go, Miss Shaw!

Let go.

Come on! Give me the Dial!



-Turn back! They went that way!

-He's gone!

-Move over!


I didn't come here to rescue you

from your fianc!

Rescue me?

I just want the Dial back.

Put your hands above your head.

Not the smoothest break-up I ever had.

-If your father was still alive...

-Well, he's not, Indy.

Hey, something's wrong with the engine.

If only there'd been someone there for me,

some father figure...

someone specifically anointed for the job.

-You have no idea about the kind...

-Don't beat yourself up about it.

I mean, what even is a godfather?

Anyway, family never was your strong suit.

-What is the time, by the way?


Hey, no fair.

Give me that back.

That was my father's watch!

Give it back to him.

You're gonna have to leave town with me.

Rahim will be looking for you too.

They'll go to Tangier airport first...

so we'll need to catch a train

and get a plane from Casablanca.

What was that?



I know, sir.



They pulled the plug.

You got them scared.

-Because they don't understand.


Because your associates killed

three American civilians...

and blew up a nationally televised parade.

Because you stood up

the President of the United States...

ran to Morocco...

and created an incident

that required military extraction!

Then take me to DC,

and I will explain it all.

They want you to vanish.

We have half the Dial now.

They were just trying to keep you happy...

letting you chase that thing.

They never cared about it.

They will, Miss Mason,

when they understand what it can do.

You put them on the moon.

They got what they wanted.

All right, buckle up. We're landing in Spain.

C-9 transport will take you

from there to Maxwell.

I'm not going back to Alabama!

All we need is a vessel to take us

to the Mediterranean.

The Grafikos will take us to the other...

Please, Miss Mason. Please.

Let go of me, Schmidt.

I'm asking you personally.

You're a piece of work, Doc.



My name is Voller.

Jrgen Voller.

That's a Sea Stallion.

American helicopter.

Did you know the Wright Brothers?


-The Wright Brothers.

Orville and Wilbur.

They invented the airplane,

and they lived in Indiana.

Wilbur was born in Indiana.

I'm not from Indiana, Teddy.

And the Wright Brothers were born

during the Civil War.

Oh, I thought maybe you went to school

with them.

Oh, come on, Indy. That was funny.


I'm stuck in Tangier with a broken tuk-tuk

and two thieves.

I'm wanted for murder.

Nazis have half of Archimedes' Dial...

and your father's notebooks.

I have a copy.

Dad's notebooks. I made a copy.


You memorized five notebooks?

Seven. And of course not.

Half of them were as dull as ditchwater.

Just the really important bits.

Like what?

The location of the Grafikos.

Nobody knows where the Grafikos is.

-Dad did.

-No, he didn't.

-Yes, he did.

-No, he didn't.

-Yes, he did.

-What's a Grafikos?

It's directions to the rest of the Dial.

Ask her if she knows what language it's in.

It isn't in a language. It's in a code.

What code?

Archimedes used two codes.

Linear B and Polybius Square.

So, even if you find the Grafikos,

without me, you can't read it.


Dad taught me Polybius when I was nine.

Used to leave little notes around the house.

"Tidy your room."

"Stay away from my brandy."

What if it's Linear B?

50 quid it's Polybius.

Give me that.


That won't work.

Moroccan chewing gum's made from the sap

of the Manilkara.

Heat resistant.

Try and start it.

-Start it.

-I am.

Huh? Huh?


-It won't hold.

It'll get us to the train station.


-You goin' home?


I'm going to Casablanca.

Then I'm gonna hop a plane to the Aegean.

Just like you.

What makes you think

we're going to the Aegean?

You gotta get to the Grafikos

before the Nazis.

Archimedes was surrounded by Romans.

Where else would it be?

The Aegean is huge, Indy.

And you don't have coordinates.

And you don't have a boat.

I've got an old friend in Greece.

An expert diver.

With a big, beautiful boat...

that'll get us there before they will.

You need me...

and you know it.




So, that's the expert diver?

Spain's greatest frogman.


So, Spain's greatest frogman has a sh*t boat

and only one good frog leg?

Stop it.

You got a different boat.

Stop it.

We're going here.

Where they found the first part

of the Antikythera.


we're going deeper.

Dad tracked down the old sponge diver

who found the Dial.

He told him...

that the wrecked Roman ship broke up

under the sea...

70 feet below.

Filled with the skeletons

of over 100 centurions.

That's where they found it.

But he said that most of the ship

had broken off...

and sunk to the ocean floor.

Too deep for sponge divers.

So, Dad started wondering

why a Roman warship...

would sail out of Syracuse

with 100 centurions on board.

They weren't taking half a Dial

for a joyride.

They had the Grafikos...

and they were looking

for the rest of the Dial.

Your dad was a genius.


He was.

Seven of spades.

How do you do that?


Do it again.

Pick a card, Dr. Jones.

Seven of spades!

She's magic.

Trick deck.


I force the card.

I offer the mark...


the feeling of a choice...

but ultimately,

I make you pick the card I want.

"The mark."

Yeah. Tomorrow is a big day.

I have to check the lines.

Good night.

You remember seeing any dates

in your father's notebooks?


What dates?

These dates.

Written over and over again in this letter.

August 20th, 1969.

That's three days from now.

And the same date in 1939.

Two weeks before Hitler invades Poland.


Now you believe the Dial has magical powers?

I don't believe in magic, Wombat.

But a few times in my life, I've seen things.

Things I can't explain.

And I've come to believe it's not so much...

what you believe.

It's how hard you believe it.

I've seen things too, Indy.

The only thing worth believing in, ever...

is cash.


What if you could go back in time?

What would you do?

Witness the Trojan War?

Check in on Cleopatra?

I'd stop my son from enlisting.

Did he sign up to please you?

No, he signed up to piss me off.

How would you have stopped him?

I'd tell him he was gonna die.

I'd tell him that his mother would...

find no end to her grief.

And that his father would be...

helpless to console her.

And that the loss would put an end

to their marriage.

You're still wearing the ring.


More promising.


Get your gear on. They're waiting.


Come here.


I'm gonna show you something.

Gosh, this looks important.

Around the rope...

Now, we are going deep.

Descend fast,

and breathe through these hoses.


Stay separate.

No crisscross. All right?

We cannot stay long.

I have a method

that usually prevents the bends.



I call it "the bounce."

You know, fast down...

three minutes on the bottom, and then up.

Three minutes!

No one more second.

Three minutes.

Yeah, that's right.

-Where is my lighter?

-I don't know, capitn.

We have to go.

Quick question.

What's that?

-They're sharks?


No, no. No sharks here. Eels.



Most are small.

Sometimes they are big. Two meters.

But if you see them, stay still.

They bite you, they lock the jaw. Yeah.

They look like snakes.

No, they don't.

Private Brandy reporting for duty.

You're not coming, Teddy?

I can't swim.

Lucky him.

Everyone can swim.

Reach and pull. Reach and pull.

All right. You stay here with Hector

and watch our lines.

It is time, camarada.

Two minutes?

I got it.


Hurry up!


Come on.

That's it. That's it. That's it.

That's it.

Who are these people?


First, you return my Dial, Dr. Jones...

and now, you bring me the Grafikos.

I'm very happy you're not wasting

in retirement.

I should have retired you

when I had the chance.

Where are your sponsors?

I'm on my own now.

Things move forward, Dr. Jones.

And sometimes...

they go backward.

Now, let's get comfortable

and have a little talk.

What language is that?

It's not a language.

It's a code.


You owe me 50 quid.

Not familiar with Polybius cipher?


But it appears you are.

Read it, please.



Feeling helpful now?

I am.

I know this stuff backwards.


Sorry, Indy.

I don't do noble death.


cold, hard maths.

I crack the code,

help you find the other half.

One hundred grand. Cash.


Take it or leave it.

You have a deal.

He'll never pay you.

I think you will find this is worth

more than your asking price.



don't do this.

Let's see what we've got here.

"My Makhana..."

that's "machine"...

"lies with me, in the city I left.

"Where wolves teach men to walk.

"Under one of nine, I lie."

Only one thing lies anywhere forever.

The dead. So, if the Dial lies with him,


then this is directions to his tomb.

The Tomb of Archimedes?

Undiscovered for two millennia.

"The city I left."

Archimedes lived two places his entire life,

so he only left one.

Anyone? At the back?

Come on, Indy. Everyone knows this.

Even this clown.


Full marks.

Now, "wolf" in Greek is "lycos."

Root of the word "lycaeum" or "school."

And the Doric for "walking" is...


Which also happens to be the word for...

I thought you were a bright spark.

"Peripatio" means "walking"...

but it also means "counting."

So, "Where wolves teach men to walk"...

-could be...

-The School of Mathematics.

Is correct.

Now, the next bit is easy.

"Beneath one of nine"?

There are nine Muses.

The Museon.

The Greek word

for the Great Library of Alexandria.

Which, as we all know, has nine statues

supporting its roof.

May I?

Thank you.

The nine Muses, in reverse order...

are Calliope...





...and Meli whasisname...

that other one...



but the first is...


The Muse of history and time.

That Archimedes...

-what a clever bugger.

-The entrance...

to the tomb

is by the School of Mathematics...

under a statue of Clio...

in the ruins

of the Great Library of Alexandria.

Gold star for Dr. Brains.


The Grafikos, get it!

I have said it before,

and I will say it again!

When you're in a tight spot, dynamite.

My friend was just murdered.


You told them everything.

Word for word.

But Archimedes didn't make it that easy.

The tomb isn't in Alexandria.


So, what do you see?

Polybius square.

Made of?

Wax and wood.

Anything else?

It's heavy.

Too heavy.

Give me that.

This is solid gold?

Ancient gold.

From the Nile.

Hold it, Teddy.

Sell this thing...

and we are out of the hole and then some.

I have just the customer.

-Cranky, old Duchess in Gibraltar...

-This is going in a museum.

Take the wheel, Teddy.

What does it say?

"Search where Dionysius...

"hears each whisper...

"like a hurricane."

The Ear.

The cave of Dionysius.

Where is that?

In Sicily.

-How much fuel have we got?

-It's full.

They're heading west.

Not east.

I want the papaya.

How much is it?

Take this.

Look at that kid with the straw hat.

This way.


What do you think?

What are we doing?

Waiting for closing time at the caves.

It's crawling with tourists.

Okay, so he's, like, running the show now?

He's not running the show, Teddy.

I just thought we were in this

for all the wrong reasons.

We are.

Most assuredly.

You know he's never gonna let us sell

any of that stuff.

I'm still in charge, Teddy.

Helena, get over here! Give me a hand!

You splurged.

Here's your backpack.

Where's the kid?

Hey, watch it!

What's wrong with you?



Let me go!

Let me go!

Get off me! Let me go!

Hey, hey, hey!


They've got Teddy.

They took him up the hill somewhere.

What are they gonna do to him?

He knows about the Ear,

what the Grafikos says.

They're not gonna hurt him.

They're gonna use him...

to get the other half of the Dial.

We gotta get there first.

Colonizing queens built many cities

in Sicily.

-The temple...

-Let's go. the oldest of the Greek temples.

The cave's over there.

Could we go a little faster, please?

The Ear of Dionysius.


"Search where Dionysius hears each whisper

like a hurricane."

That's some echo.

Keep making noise till we find out

where it's loudest.


This is it.

Greek pediment.

An entrance.

Used to be.

A crescent.

Just like on the Grafikos.

I think there's an opening up there.

You okay up there?


You're not moving.

I'm thinking.


About what the hell I'm doing up here,

40 feet in the air...

with crap shoulders...

crumbling vertebrae...

a plate in one leg, screws in the other.

Yeah, I get it. I get it.

No, you don't get it.

You're half my age.

You haven't been forced

to drink the blood of Kali.

No. Fair enough.

Or been tortured with voodoo.

And I'm just guessing, but I don't think

you've been shot nine times...

including once by your father.

Dad shot you?

Don't talk to me.

Just go ahead. I'll follow you.

No, no, no.

We are close. We are close.

Look around you.

-We are close.

-The Cave of Dionysius.

No, no, no.

The cave is closed for renovation.

Let me ask again.

Where is the Cave of Dionysius?

What's the matter? You worried about the kid?

Are you sure they won't hurt him?

He'll be fine.

He's smart.

Where'd you find him?

He tried to steal my purse outside a casino

in Marrakesh when he was 10.

I hit him repeatedly with my car door...

but he didn't let go and neither did I.

So, been together ever since.

Thought you were all about the money.

I am.

Nobody memorizes every page

of their dead father's notebooks...

for the money.

Herr Voller!

They went that way.


Come on, come on.

Let's go.

Oh, my...

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

-Oh, God!

-No, no.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Are they off me?

-Get 'em off!

-No, no.

-Get 'em off!


What is that?


Don't breathe.

Don't breathe?

We've gotta get outta here.


Goddess of war.

And reason.

"Under the moon...

"life lies at her feet."

Water displacement.

Get in the pool!

Why? Help me open the door.

Well, they didn't get out the doors!

Get in the pool!

Okay, I'm getting in the pool.

Help me.

Archimedes was fascinated...

by water displacement!

Hey! Get back here!


You don't need to do that.


Give me that!


Leave them.

I said leave them.

Reach and pull.

Reach and pull.

Reach and pull.

Archimedes' tomb.

Grab that corner.


This frieze...

It's a phoenix.

A common icon.

No. Look, it isn't.

This phoenix has propellers.

What's this doing here?

Clocks won't be invented

for 1,000 years...

much less watches.

Archimedes used it.

Dad was right.

It works.

Of course it works, Miss Shaw.

Mathematics works.

As it conquered space, it will conquer time.

You've already lost your son, Dr. Jones.

Your wife is gone.

Do you really want to lose your godchild?

For what?

A world that no longer cares

about men like us.

Thank you.

History's greatest moment.

Its end.

Throw me the gun!

Get him outta here.


Teddy! Teddy!

Come on! Go!

This way. Come on.






Now what?

Bring him.

Helena, come on!

-Teddy, we can't just leave him.

-We're not!

Follow me!

Come on!

Come on.

Teddy. Come on. We've got a car.


Stay there.

Hop on.

The first hemisphere sets the destination.

The second calculates the location

of the fissure...

in Alexandrine coordinates.

Have Messner transpose this

to longitude and latitude...

and transmit waypoints to the pilots.


-You got coordinates for 37.07.

-So, who is it?



Who are you gonna kill to win the war?

In a few minutes,

with the help of Archimedes...

we shall fly into the eye of this storm...

and cross into Sicilian airspace...

on August 20th, 1939.

We will head north over friendly skies

with enough fuel to reach Munich.

My quarry will be waiting for me...

at 16 Prinzregentenplatz...

for an update on his V-1 rocket.

What kind of Nazi kills the Fhrer?

The kind that believes in victory, Dr. Jones.

Hitler lit a fire that could have burned

1,000 years.

I saw every mistake.

Every blunder.

And I will correct them all.

History is a long list of losses, Dr. Jones.

It's just a question of whose.



You think you can fly one of those?

A Nord?


It's not a ringing response.

Well, I haven't flown a Nord.

You've never flown any plane.

I'll get it started.

No, Teddy.


Fasten your seat belt, Dr. Jones.

There might be some turbulence.

You're German, Voller.

Don't try and be funny.

Come on, big talker.


Okay. Okay.

Gauges green. Power full.

And when I reach 85, I rotate.

Okay, wings down.

Okay, 84 miles an hour.


Time to destination?

60 seconds.

Continental drift.

Continental drift!

Archimedes didn't know

about continental drift.

He couldn't have!

It hadn't been observed yet.

You're off target.

Your coordinates are based on markers...

that have been moving for 2000 years!

You could be off by 10 degrees, by...

30 seconds.

Herr Voller...

Your calculations are wrong!

-Herr Voller...

-Will you shut up?

I'm thinking!

20 seconds.

Hold the flight path!

15 seconds.

I don't know where we're going, Jrgen.

10 seconds.


-But it sure as hell...



-...ain't 1939!


Turn around!


Turn around!


We're being pulled in!

What are you doing?!

This is my plane!

You're flying my plane!

We're going to DIE!!!

We need to pull up!

Restart engines!

That's Sicily.

I did it.

I did it, Dr. Jones!

Setting coordinates for Munich.

Yesterday belongs to us, Dr. Jones.

Those are Roman triremes.

Keep it in the air!


The Romans are getting closer.

They have dragons!


Open the door!

What are you doing?

What are you doing, you idiots?

They think we're a monster!

You have to turn around.

This is the Siege of Syracuse.

214 BC.

You got the wrong war.


Don't ride out there, Master!

The dragons!!

We must take down their dragons!


Change course!

The portal closes in minutes!

I have to go back!

I can't be here!


The plane won't make it!!

Get out of the way!

How do you like that, you savages?

Sorry, pal, but you're a Nazi!

What are you doing here?

Rescuing you!

Get him off!



I got a parachute!

Hang on!

Let go!

Give me the parachute!

Grab it. Hang on!


We're losing altitude!

We're going down!

I've lost control!

Hey, those are my friends.

Those are my friends. We need to help them!

Those are my friends!


He's trying to land.

Come on, Indy. Help me.

Get up. Yeah.

We need to get you out of here. Okay.

Help me. Sit up, okay?

Sit up. You need to help me.

I know it hurts, but we gotta get you back.

This is incredible, Wombat.


Yeah, it very well is.

But we have to get you out of here.

My God.

We're witnessing history.

Reverse these numbers.

They'll get you home.


I'm going to stay.

No. You're not serious.

Wow, you are serious.

Indy, you've been shot.

You're bleeding.

You can't stay here.

Yes, I can.

But for what?

For a long, painful death

with poultice and leeches?

I've imagined this, Wombat.

Studied it.

-All my life.


And if you stay here,

you will muck it all up.

And die.

Please, get up.


I did it!

Bravo, Teddy! Three cheers!

Okay. Indy, we've gotta go. Get up.

-I need to get you into that plane, okay?


-We need to.


Get up. You can... We can!


We have to leave, Master.

It's him.

He's asking how far we've come.

Two thousand years.

We've come...

two thousand years.

But we didn't expect to meet...

the great...



were always...

going to...

meet me.

That dial is a forced deck.

It doesn't take us anywhere but here.

He built it to get help.

Well, we just scared off

the entire Roman Navy...

so I think we've helped enough.

Apologies, Archimedes.

I'm a fan...

but we need to leave. He's hurt.


He can't keep that, by the way.

He needs to build his own one.

Helena, we need to go!

Indy, the window is closing!

We cannot get stuck here!

I want...

to stay...

with you.

No, no, no! Do not say yes!

You are a brilliant man...

a wise man...

a genius...


a hero to your people.

But he can't help you.

This is your time.

This is your time.

He must be in his own time -

He needs to be in his.

His work is not done.

He needs to go home.

There is medicine at home.

He cannot die here. He can't.

Helena, get on the plane.

I'll be all right.

No, you won't.

I need to do this.

Me too.

Good morning.

How's the shoulder?

Better than my jaw.


You should've let me stay.

I couldn't do that.

Why not?

Well, for starters, you'd have changed

the course of history.

That's supposed to be a bad thing?

You're meant to be here, Indy.


For who?





What are you doing?

Putting groceries away.

There wasn't a scrap of food in this place.

No. Really.

Someone told me you were back.

Are you back, Indy?

It was explosives...

and Indy was running,

Marion was running...

and suddenly the plane exploded.

Indy, you're up and about.

Yes, I am.


Why don't we go and get some ice cream, kids?

But Marion just bought some.

Oh, I know a better place.

You can never have too much ice cream,

can you?

See you later.

A British tar is a soaring soul

As free as a mountain bird

His energetic fist

Should be ready to resist...

That looks bad.

Does it hurt?

Everything hurts.

I know how that feels.

Well, where doesn't it hurt?


It doesn't hurt here.

And here.

Jabari, Alia, slow down!

Helena! Hurry up!

I scream, you scream...

Everybody, slow down.

-I scream, you scream

-I scream, I scream

We all scream for ice cream!

Slow down.

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James Mangold

James Mangold is an American film and television director, screenwriter and producer. He is best known for directing the films Cop Land, Girl, Interrupted, Kate & Leopold, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, and Knight and Day. more…

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