Evil Dead Rise

Synopsis: A twisted tale of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable.
Genre: Horror


[wind blowing distortedly]

[fly buzzing]

[ominous music playing]

[motor whirring]

[music distorts

and intensifies]



[boy laughs]

[continues laughing]

What the f***, Caleb?

Oh, wait till you see

the shot I got.

You looked like you were gonna

sh*t a brick out sideways.

You could have taken

my head off.

It wouldn't have been a clean


with these blades.

You'd just scramble

your face up real good.


[exhales, belches]

Shouldn't you go see if

Jessica is feeling any better?

She'll be fine.

I gave her Klonopin

so she can sleep off whatever

the f*** is wrong with her.

Girl is such a pain

in the ass.

[drone buzzing]

[insects chittering]


[flies buzzing]

[girl grunts in distance]


[ominous music playing]

[music stops]


How you feeling, cuz?

Since none of these other

friends of yours

bothered to show up,

can I take your car and escape

the hell of being stuck here

with your latest boyfriend?

[Jessica grunts softly]

Great chat.

You better wake up

in the next half hour

or I'm gonna be forced

to go drown

that brainless meat puppet's

sorry ass.

[Jessica chuckles softly]


[Jessica grunts, gasps]

[Jessica mumbling]

[ominous music plays]

[Jessica] "The intense horror

of my nightmare came over me."

"I tried to draw back my arm

but the hand clung on

and a most melancholy

voice sobbed,

'Let me in.'"

"'Let me in!'"

"As it spoke,

I discerned, obscurely

a child's face

looking through the window."

[in deep voice]

"Finding it useless to attempt

shaking the creature off,

I pulled its wrist on to

the broken pane..."


-"...and rubbed it

to and fro..."

-Please shut up.


"...till the blood ran down

and soaked the bedclothes."

"Yet still it wailed,

[yelling] 'Let me in!'"

[screams] Jessica!


[breathing heavily]

[dramatic music playing]

[chokes and splutters]

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!

[choking and coughing]

No, Jess. Jess? Jess?

[breathing heavily, whimpers]

-[Jessica grunts]

-[gasps, chokes]

[choking, gasping]

[continues choking]

[in distorted voice]

Who's the brainless

meat puppet now?




[heavy footsteps approaching]

[Teresa gasping] Caleb.

What the f***?


Oh, my God.

What the hell happened?



[drone blades whirring]

[dramatic music playing]

What the f***? What?

[gasping] No, no, no...

[Teresa] Caleb!


[Caleb coughs and splutters]


No, Caleb!

[Caleb yelling]

[Teresa] Caleb!



[ominous music playing]

[audience cheering]

[exhales deeply]


-[knock on door]


[man] Beth!

Beth, you in there?

[knock on door]

Just give me five, all right?

Brandon is losing his sh*t.

He can't find the Strat he won

in that arm wrestling contest

last night.

It's already tuned and racked

stage left

like I told you it was

half an hour ago.

You feeling all right

in there?

I'm fine.

Just go man your station.

I'll be back before

curtains up.

You got it, boss.

[audience cheering

in distance]

[breathing shakily]

[ominous music playing]

[thunder rumbling]

[pop music playing]

Have you seen my favorite

black t-shirt?

I need it for the Labor Day

protest tomorrow.



You're not going to any

protest on your own.

Sophie's dad's taking us.

I've told you, like,

ten times already.


Well, did you remember

to check the bathroom hamper?

Tell Danny

to turn the music down.

Mom says,

"Turn the music down!"


I could've done that myself!

[music playing loudly]

[record scratching]

[girl chuckles]

Kassie, you better not have

my scissors.

Don't got 'em, Mom!

It's dirty.

Well, stick it in the laundry,

and I'll do it later.

You'll forget.

You always forget.

You know where

the washing machine is.

[door bell rings]

Hey, Bridget.

Mom's on nights

and we're watching

all the Freddy movies in a row.

-Even the shitty ones.

-There aren't any shitty ones.

So, you, um,

wanna come over and...

In your dreams.


Your boyfriends are weirdos.

You're the weirdo.



[grunts] Kassie!

[both grunting]

[music continues

playing loudly]


Big crowd in tonight, Dan?

[music turns off]

-Get out, Bridge!

-I would, but--

[Kassie grunts]

Let me in!

-[Kassie squeals]

-[Bridget chuckles]


[Kassie laughs]

[doorbell rings]

Somebody get that, please!

[ringing continues]

All right, all right!

[ringing continues]

Boo! [grunts]



-You b*tch.


-Surprise, sis.


When did you get into town?

I Uber'd straight here

from LAX.


You been sleeping?

You look like Mom.

Beats looking like a tampon.


You know, the downstairs

buzzer is totally busted.

I was able to walk in

right off the street.

Whole building's busted.

It's getting knocked

in a month.

You're kidding me.

Nope. We're out.

Have you guys found

a new place?

[sighs] Not yet.

Sh*t, El. You and Jay

have been here forever.

Was Bangkok awesome?

Insane. Crazy, obsessive fans

over there.

Did you drink snake blood?


that's culturally insensitive.

What about

monkey brain barbecue?

Oh, yeah.

That's so much better, Dan.

Who's your friend, Kass?

She's called Staffanie.

Oh. Hey, Staffanie.

What's her, uh, situation?

Danny told me that when this

building used to be a bank,

a teller got caught stealing

and hunged himself

and if you walk around

with coins in your pockets,

his ghost hears the jingle.

And he scares you to death

so he can take all your money.

It's true.

If he comes after me,

Staffanie will scare him

to death first.

Ghosts aren't real.

-Have you ever seen one?


Then how do you know

they don't exist?


I only believe what I can see.

For me?

-It's for badass

rock chicks only.

-[giggles softly]

Look, Mom. I'm a badass.


Please don't indoctrinate her

into your groupie world.

What's a groupie?

Your mom's favorite

nickname for me,

even though she knows

I'm a guitar technician.

If you say so.

Hey, be nice

or you don't get a gift.

Speaking of which,

check out what I got your dad.

What's going on, El?

Danny, go take my car and get

pizza with your sisters.


Sure thing, Mom.

I just can't wrap my head

around all this.

What, did he meet

someone else?

No. He believes paying

child support

equals co-parenting from afar.


Why didn't you tell me, El?

I would've jumped

right on a plane

to help you work through this.

I called you.


First time, when he told me

he was leaving.


the night he moved out.

That was two and half

months ago, Beth.

I'm sorry, okay?

You know when I'm on the road,

I get sucked in deep

and I'm trying to make

chief tech right now.

And if I do,

I'll be the first woman

in my crew to do it, so...

Please, Ellie, we need

to talk this through properly.


Look, you can sleep

on the sofa tonight

but I gotta pack and move.


[buzzer buzzes]

[suspenseful music playing]

[cellphone beeping]

[Ellie, on phone]

Hey, Bethy-boo.

It's Ellie. Just...

calling to say hi. And, um...

me and Jay, we, uh...

-You know what--

-[message stops playing]

I don't blame you.

I hate the sound

of my voice too.


[Ellie sighs]

What's going on with you,


I screwed up again,

like I always do.

And I need you to help me

figure it out.


What happened?


[objects rattling]

[Danny] Hurry up, Bridge.

You wanna carry them?

You wanna get your license?

-[car lock chirps]

-[Bridget] Come on, Kass.


[metal clanking]

[deep rumbling]


-[Bridget] Earthquake!

-[objects rattling]

-[breathing heavily]


[electricity crackling]

Come on.


[objects rattling]

[Bridget] Stay down!

[ground cracking]

[heavy thud]


That was intense.

I think I peed my pants.

Is it warm?

[car alarms blaring

in distance]


It's probably just soda.

All right. Come on.

[Danny] Holy sh*t.

Bridget, check this out.

What is it?

There's a hole.

[suspenseful music playing]

Careful, Dan.

There could be aftershocks.

It's an old bank vault!

[Bridget] Danny, don't!

[breathing shallowly]


Come on, Danny. Let's go!

[Danny] Just hang on!

[suspenseful music playing]



Relax a minute, Bridge!

[forceful creaking]

[dramatic music playing]



[Bridget] Danny, are you okay?

I'm fine.

[chains clinking]

[breathing shakily]

[debris falling]

[ominous music playing]



[sinister music playing]

-[knocking on door]

-[breathing heavily]

[cellphone beeping]

[Ellie] Anything?

The network

is totally screwed.


I'm sure they're fine, El.

-[door opens]

-[Gabriel] Hey.

Is everyone okay?

Anybody hurt?

Hey, Gabe.

The kids went to go get pizza

and I can't get through

on their cells.

Can I borrow your car

to go find them?

-How about I drive you?


Let me get the keys.

[door opens]

-Who are you?


Ellie's sister.

Ah, yeah, yeah.

The groupie.

Let me ask you somethin'.

Can you hear her up there?



Sent her hiding in the ducts.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Let's roll.

[elevator bell dings]

[Ellie] Is that them?

-[Ellie sighs in relief]

-Good to meet you.

You never take the elevator

after a quake.

Bridget dropped the pizza.

Oh, honey. I love you guys

so much more than pizza.

The magnitude 5.5 earthquake

hit just north

of the Puente Hills fault

less than an hour ago.

Jolting downtown Los Angeles

and everywhere from

La Habra to...

[continues indistinctly]

[ethereal music playing]

[Danny] You think it might

be worth something?

Mom could do with some extra

money right now,

don't you think?

I don't think Mom wants cash

from something you stole.

It's not stolen.

It's probably been

locked in that vault forever.

Yeah, and weird sh*t like this

gets locked away for a reason.

Just leave it, Dan.

Argh! F***!

Let me see it.

It's just a nick.



[suspenseful music playing]

Danny, please close it.

[Bridget grunts, pants]

I don't like this, Dan.

You need to put it back

right now.

Mom's not letting any of us

out the front door

again tonight.

First thing in the morning


Promise me?

You going deep sea diving?

I gotta see under

before I get in.

I got stung by a jellyfish

at the beach before.

I don't like going underwater.

I don't think

there's any weird

sea creatures in the tub.



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

-It's a... It's a...

-[Kassie gasps]

-[toy duck squeaking]

-[Kassie chuckles lightly]

[Beth groans]

[Beth breathing shakily]

You okay?

I'm good, sweetie.

I hate when

my tummy hurts too.

[suspenseful music playing]

[needle crackles on record]

[low growling on speakers]

[distorted male voice

speaks indistinctly]

[distorted male voice

continues speaking]

[man] Good afternoon,

my fellow clergymen.

I am Father Marcus Littleton,

the library keeper here

at Saint Patrick's Cathedral

and I welcome you all today

to the City of Angels.


You've been invited here

to witness the unveiling

of a unique artifact

that was discovered

by our overseas missionaries.

I would like to present

what I believe to be one of

the three fabled volumes

of Naturum Demento,

The Book of the Dead.

My tests to date have revealed

that its bindings

are made of cured human flesh,

its passages and etchings

inked in blood.

[man] This is heresy!

[Littleton] Today,

I seek church approval

to translate

the spiritual mysteries

its pages undoubtedly hold.

[man] Destroy it!

It's called The Book of

the Dead for a reason!

[Littleton] I seek to look at

this book for the good of man!

[needle scratching on record]

[Littleton] Rejected by

the elders of our church,

myself, Canon Damien Shanahan,

and Father Hugo Cortez

have been working in secret

to translate

The Book of the Dead's

myriad writings and glyphs.

Its pages contain ancient

rituals and incantations,

the recitation of which

proclaim to allow contact

with supernatural forces

that exist beyond the thin

veneer of our known world.

[ominous music playing]

[Littleton] It is January 24th

in the year of our Lord, 1923.

And I,

Father Marcus Littleton,

shall now commence

reading aloud

the first of the spiritual

resurrection passages.

[distorted chanting

in other language]

[chanting continues]

[breathing heavily]

-[chanting continues]



[sinister music playing]

-[electricity crackles]


[chanting continues]

[voice reverberating]

[elevator bell dings]




[electricity crackling]




[muffled] Help!




[distorted voice grunts]

[voices whispering]


[distorted growling]

[snarling and growling]




[snarling and growling


Shut the f*** up!

[snarling and growling stops]

[Ellie breathing heavily]

[low growling]






[grunts and yells]


-[bones cracking]


-[bones cracking]


[thunder crashes]

[electricity crackling]

[Danny gasps]

[Kassie breathing heavily]


It's okay. It's okay.

It's just a blackout.

[ominous music plays]


[thunder rumbling]

[Beth] Bridget?

You all right?


Looks like it's just us

that's out.




El, are you sleeping?

Where is she?


[ominous music playing]




[lighter clicking]

[ominous music playing]

[metal scraping]

[sizzling, popping]

[eggs cracking]

What's up, sis?

[Ellie] I had the most

beautiful dream.

We were together,

sitting in a tall forest.

The wind was clean

and the birds were singing

the sweetest...

[speech slurring]


It was a perfect day

and all I could think about

was how much I wanted

to cut you all open

and climb inside your bodies

so that we could stay

one happy family.





-[all gasp]

[breathes shakily]


It's in me.

[suspenseful music playing]

[all gasp]


-[bones cracking]




Don't let it take my babies.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Beth panting]


Bridget, take her back inside.


What's wrong with her, Bridge?


Stairs. Go!

Go, go, go.

[whispers] Come on.

Wake up, Ellie.

Come on, wake up.


They're gone.

One minute she was fine

and the next

she was talking crazy and...

And now she's gone.

[suspenseful music playing]

[phone beeping]

Network's still f***ed.

May I pray?

She's not religious.


It's just a few words.

Join me.


Eternal rest grant unto her,

O Lord

and let perpetual light

shine upon her.

May her soul

and the souls

of all the faithful departed

through the mercy of God--

What the hell happened

to her face?

Rest in peace.

Looks like someone

beat her up.

There's an old fire-escape


on the north side

of the building.

I could try to get down that,

raise the alarm,

get some help in here.

You have to go through 82.

Ah, sh*t.

That's unoccupied, right?

Yeah. Like most of this

condemned dump.

[Gabriel] You got the tools?

We could just cut right

through the door.

[inhales sharply]

In my truck.

You ain't gettin' through

those old doors

without something heavy-duty.

[Kassie crying]

I want Dad to come home.


He will.

When we get the phones working

again, he'll come right back.

How do you know he will?

You said Mom

was gonna be okay.


I thought she would be.

I'm so sorry, Kass.


I'm gonna get my shotgun,

and we're gonna blast it open.

Just give me a minute, okay?

I don't like being trapped.

Everyone is on edge enough

without guns getting fired

in here.

[fly buzzes]

[ominous music playing]


I don't know what to do, El.

[in normal voice]

You're the one

who always has the answers.

I'm too scared to even face

your kids right now.

No matter how busy

you ever got,

you always found time for me.

For everyone.

I can't believe I'm never

gonna speak to you again.

[on phone]

Hey, Bethy-boo. It's Ellie.

Just... calling to say hi.

And, uh...



You have to help me, Beth.

You have to.

-I'm burning.

I'm burning alive!


[sinister music playing]

[Beth shuddering]

[fly buzzing]

-[fly buzzes]




-She's alive?

She's burning up.


[gasping, gurgling]

I'll get ice.

[gasping continues]

[breathing heavily]

[growls softly]


[scream echoing]

[continues screaming]

[objects rattling]

[both breathing shakily]


[in demonic voice]

Mommy's with the maggots now.



[breathes heavily]

[bones crack]

[objects crunching underfoot]



[Beth yelling]

Mom, stop it!

[Beth whimpers]


-Stop it!


[demon, as if Ellie]

It's not my fault, Bridget.

Get away from her, Bridge!

What's happening to me,


I don't know, Mom.

I do.

I'm free now.

Free from all you

titty-sucking parasites.






[grunting, panting]


[Bridget wailing]

Let me kiss it better.


[Bridget gasping]

[in demonic voice]

Who wants to rot next?





[Gabriel] Ellie?

[ominous music playing]





[screaming in pain]



[choking and spluttering]


[continues choking]

[breathing heavily]

[breathing shakily]

-[all shuddering]

-[banging on door]

[Beth] Grab the cabinet.

[suspenseful music playing]

Get away from the door.

[Kassie whimpers]

[banging continues]

[banging stops]

[suspenseful music playing]

[boy grunting]

[boy yelling]

[gasps softly]


-[Beth gasps]

[Gabriel] Please, we need help!

Let me in!

[chokes and screams]




[breathing heavily]

-[demon laughs]


[demon snarling]

[all breathing heavily]

[Mr. Fonda shouting]

[chuckles softly]




Can you hear me?

Don't you think Mom looks

just like one of those pictures

from that book?

Answer me, Danny.

You never should've stolen it.

This isn't my fault.

This is your fault!

-Get off me! Get off!

-[Kassie] Stop it!

-Hey! Hey, hey!

-This is all your fault!

Hey. Hey.

You don't turn on each other.


I need to show you something.

[thunder rumbling]

What is this, Danny?

[wind whistling]

[Kassie] Does it hurt bad?


I'm okay.

[demon, as if Ellie, humming]

[suspenseful music playing]

[demon, as if Ellie]

Gold-haired girls

With curling tresses

Hush-a-bye baby

Babe not mine

[breathing shakily]

[lighter clicks]

Mothers who nurse

With sad caresses

Hush-a-bye baby

Babe not mine


-[Kassie breathing shakily]


[Danny] Beth?

I took these too.

There's this creepy priest

on them,

reading passages

from the book.

It's like a weird dark prayer.

And when he spoke the words...

Bridget's right.

This is all my fault.

[suspenseful music playing]

[deep demonic voice] Bridget...


[breathing heavily]

[coughs and splutters]

[demon, as if Ellie]

And black knife bring

To cross my sorrow

Hush-a-bye baby

Babe not mine

Oh, there you are.

Hey there, cutie-pie.

What's wrong with you, Mom?

I was just feeling sad about

me and your dad.

But he's here now.

He came home to see us.

We're getting back together.

We love each other.

Isn't that right, my darling?

And we love you too.

[coughing, gasping]



Open up and let us in, Kassie.

We can be a big,

happy family again.

You don't look so good, Mom.


Nothing a big old hug and kiss

from you won't fix.

Open up now,

like a good girl.

That's it.

Come on, now.

[in demonic voice]

Do it for Mom and Dad.


[Kassie] Mom!


-[Kassie grunting]

[Beth grunting]

[banging on door]

-You okay?

-I'm sorry.

I thought Mom was better.

[banging continues]

[in demonic voice]

Open the door

like you open your legs,

you stinking groupie slut!

[both yelling]

I'm not a groupie,

you psycho b*tch!

[Danny] Beth.


[Beth] Go to your room.

[Danny shuddering]

It'll be okay, Danny.

Staffanie will protect us.


[Danny sniffles]


[objects clattering]

What are you looking at, hon?

[glass splintering]


[in demonic voice] I gotta

kill the creepy-crawlies

that I got inside my tummy.


I don't like having things

inside my tummy.

[sinister laugh]

Do you, Auntie Beth?







[yells in pain]


[dramatic chord plays]

-[Danny whimpers]



[Danny grunts]



[softly] Hey.

Is this a nightmare?

It's just like a nightmare,


Is what happened to Bridget

and Mom gonna happen to us?

I'm not gonna let that happen.

I promise.

You'd be a good mom someday,

Auntie Beth.

[chuckles softly]

Oh, yeah?


You know how to lie to kids.

[ominous music playing]

I thought I should tie her up.

Just in case.

I wanna listen to that vinyl.

It's too dangerous.

Those words...

Yeah, well, maybe

there's words on there

that can help stop

all of this.

We've got no power

to run a turntable.

I can fix that.


[electricity crackling]

[powering on]

[Danny] I listened to the first

and then he spoke the words

on the second.

[sighs] I guess I'll start

at the other end, then.

Just in case.

[needle crackles on record]


It is now two nights

since I read aloud

from the book.

My want to understand and

commune with the other side

could not have been

more misguided.

I make this final recording

as a warning to whoever next

comes into contact

with its malignant pages.

Naturum Demento

cannot be destroyed.

When you find it, bury it deep

in our secret vault,

for the words I uttered have

unleashed a demonic entity

beyond my darkest nightmare.

[Kassie] Is Bridget gonna

come back like Mom?

I don't know, Kass.

[Littleton] The demon possessed

Cortez first,

rotting him

from the inside out.


With the might of

our Lord's words,

we tried to drive out

the foul entity

but it mocked our prayers

and took Shanahan

under its control.

Fellow priests

came to our aid

but the possession quickly

spread amongst them

without rhyme nor reason.

[cat meows]


-[snarls softly]

-[cat meows]

This evil is not governed

by the rules of man.

No, it takes its pleasure

in creating terror

through total chaos.

Desperate to end this curse,

I tried to kill what were once

my brothers.

I led them to the woodshed

and set it ablaze.

But they danced in its flame

and reveled in its burn.

[objects clattering]

[Kassie gasps]

[clattering overhead]

[heavy thud]

Mr. Fonda's kitty hides up

there sometimes.

I don't think it's a cat.

[Littleton] I buried their

squirming, spitting corpses

in consecrated earth.

[ceiling creaking]

But they arose again,

rotting and rage-filled.

-Careful, Danny.




-[Danny grunting]


[Littleton] After hiding

in the cellar for a night,

I knew only

one choice remained.

Complete bodily dismemberment.



[in demonic voice]

Told you, you should've

put the book back, Danny.


[demon screaming]

[screaming stops]


I chopped, and I hacked,

and I...

I failed.


I can hear them

outside the doors now,

begging for me.

It is only a matter of time

before I am taken too.

Nothing can stop

this demonic force.

Even its final remnants

will come after you.

You must run.

All you can do is run!



This horror will not stop

until innocence is destroyed.

Until evil...

[in distorted voice]

...be thy name.




[Kassie] Danny.

I'm sorry, Kass.

[Kassie sobs]



[in demonic voice]

I will swallow your soul.



[heartbeat pounding]

Two souls?

Please. El...

Ellie waits in hell for you

and your unborn bastard baby.


[heartbeat pounding]

[Kassie] Auntie Beth!



[bone cracking]

[Kassie sobbing]

Are you hurt?

Are you gonna be a mom?


And I'm getting us

out of here.


[furniture scraping floor]

[door unlocks]

[electricity crackling]

[metallic clunk in distance]

[Beth] Fire escape. Let's go.

[Kassie whimpers]

Don't look back there.

[Beth grunting]


[bones cracking]


Get back. Cover your ears.

[demon] Bethy-boo!


[demon, as if Ellie]

She's trying to take

your mommy away

from you, Kassie.

I know you're not my mom


Don't take me from them.

You have no idea

what it's like

to bring a child into

this world, Beth. [sniffles]

[in demonic voice]

That's my gun,

you thieving c*nt.

[Beth grunting]

[Kassie] Auntie Beth!

Auntie Beth!

[Bridget and Danny sobbing]

[both laughing]

[in demonic voice]

Everybody here

dies by dawn, Beth.


[in demonic voice]

Dead by dawn!

Dead by dawn!

-Dead by dawn!

-By dawn!

[demons] Dead by dawn!

Dead by dawn!

Dead by dawn!

Dead by dawn!


Dead by dawn!

Dead by dawn!

Dead by dawn!


[Beth breathes heavily]


[elevator motor clunks]


[suspenseful music playing]

[Kassie whimpering]




[creaking and clanking


[demons chanting] No way out!

No way out!

No way out!

[deep rumbling]

-Auntie Beth!

-Come here!

[both yelling]

[Beth grunting]




[demons snarling]

[Kassie sobbing]

[elevator juddering]

[elevator cable whipping]

[deep rumbling]

[elevator bell dings]

[gasps, coughs]


Kassie. Kassie.

Kassie. Kassie. Kassie.


Am I dead?

[deep rumbling]

[car unlocks]

Come on. Get in.

[engine starts]

[tires screeching]

Kass, where's the beeper?

Come on. Come on.

-[buzzer buzzes]

-[door motor whirring]

-[tires screeching]

-[heavy thud]

[engine revving]

[tires screeching]

It's coming.

[ominous music playing]

[low growling]

[demon pacing round]

[shushing softly]

[marauder screeches]

[glass squeaking]

[buzzer buzzing]

Get under!


[Kassie screams]



[Kassie screams]

[cries out]



[chainsaw whirring]

[in demonic voice] All I want

is your little head, baby girl.





Come get some.

-[Beth grunts]



[demon growling]


[Beth yelling]

[machine turns on]

[Beth yelling]




-[machine turns off]

[chainsaw whirring]

Turn it on, Kass!

[chainsaw whirring]


-[machine turns on]

[Beth yelling]


[breathing heavily]

[agonized screeching]

[demon panting]

[demon, as if Ellie] Please.

Help me, Bethy-boo.

Only my sister

gets to call me that.

-[chainsaw whirring]


[Beth gasping]

You know, you really do

look like Mom.

And you're gonna fail

miserably just like her.

You stinking, horrible...

-[in demonic voice]

...groupie c*nt!


[machine turns off]

[Kassie whimpering softly]

[both crying]

[electricity crackles]

[siren wailing in distance]



There's been no cell signal

until, like, five minutes ago

and the thunder kept me awake,

so I got basically

less than zero sleep.

Anyway, all my early morning

moans aside,

we are still gonna have such

a fab weekend at the lake.

Caleb's dad's cabin

is so awesome,

and you're gonna absolutely

love his friends.

I'm sure one of them

will be perfect for you.

[Teresa] I don't mean to be

a downer or anything

but I was actually thinking

of taking a rain check

on this whole trip thing.

Not a chance.

I'm picking you up in 15.


-[car door shuts]

-[engine starts]

[engine stops]

[ominous music playing]

[breathes shakily]

[gasping, sobbing]

-[metallic clang]



[electricity crackling]



[ominous music playing]

[music stops]

[fly buzzes]

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Lee Cronin

Lee Cronin is an award-winning writer/director from Dublin, Ireland. He is previously well known for Ghost Train (2013), which won the Méliès d'Argent for Best European Fantastic Short Film. Earlier in his career, he wrote and directed the shorts Billy & Chuck (2011) and Through the Night (2010). His debut feature film, The Hole in the Ground (2019) premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2019 to critical acclaim, and landed him a Saturn Award nomination for Breakthrough Director. His next feature Evil Dead Rise (2023) will release theatrically through New Line Cinema in April 2023. more…

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Submitted by JamesLA0721 on August 15, 2023

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