Cherry 2000

Synopsis: In the year 2017, a rich man travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose. When successful businessman Sam Treadwell finds that his animatronic wife, Cherry model 2000 has shorted out, he hires sexy renegade tracker E. Johnson (Melanie Griffith) to find her exact duplicate. But as their journey to replace his perfect mate leads them into the treacherous and lawless region of The Zone, Treadwell learns the hard way that the perfect woman is made not of computer chips and diodes, but of real flesh and blood.
Director(s): Steve De Jarnatt
Production: MGM
  1 nomination.
Rotten Tomatoes:
99 min

Honey? Hi. These for me? Oh, pretty. You hungry? Yeah. I fixed your favorite. Mmm. Would you like to open the wine? Sure. It's a great year. Sorry I'm late. Where were you? I was getting worried. Some tracker brought in a big order of spark plugs and percussion caps. Rusted pure orange. Rusted like carrots. Bon apptit. Looks great. So do you. Thanks. You're welcome, Sam. Do you know that rust is an electrochemical process? Electrochemical? Yeah. I just learned this. I learned something today too. What do these have in common... lightning rods, Fig Newtons, escalators, ballpoint pens and Vaseline? Vaseline? Mm. I don't know. I give up. They were all invented by Americans. Who invented Vaseline? Dessert? Yeah. Cherry? What's wrong, honey? You OK? Kiss me. (electric burning sound) (more electric whirring) Cherry? She sure took a lot of water. Can you fix her? I'm sorry, kid. Total internal meltdown. Don't come any finer than this. Level of response, sensitivity. It's a thing of the past. I'm sorry. What about her chip? You know I woudn't let you go without that. You've got her basic memory here. Her vocal patterns, reflex action, personality. They don't make 'em like this any more. You do know how rare and valuable this is? Yeah, I know. I know how it is. You're like me... a romantic. Most of these birds they come in here and they don't care. It's all apple pan downy to them. But you and I, we both know each one of these honeys is special. Got her own special magic, her own special way. Isn't that true? Let me show you something. Come here. Face it, Sam... this is 2017. Even the best tracker couldn't find a Cherry in these parts. What am I going to I do, Slim? It's a Cherry or nothing. Let me show you a couple of things. This is our Bambi 14 model. Brand-new, never been used. Coming up is our Cindy 99O. Strictly domestic, actually. Housework, taxes. Below the waist, no man's land. If I read yo correctly, I think you're looking for something with a little more spunk. Spunk isn't exactly the word. It's more a kind of... intangible. Step down for a minute and gaze upon perfection,. craftsmanship, disk drive, pelvic roll. This is when Detroit still cared. Sam? Sam? Oh, Sam. Look, give me a little time. I'II check around. That's all I can do. (traffic noise) (TV) With unemployment down to 40%, the nation rounds the corner. Salvage and recycling centers are paving the way for the future. Just as our grandfathers generation did, workers today need to think twice before throwing things away. Toaster ovens, steam irons, blow dryers. Whole families are pitching in. The result is plain to see. A new life for household appliances. (PA) Sectors 19 and 3 are still experiencing periodic shortages. Please check your area for any serviceable manufacturing points. The red zone is for magnesium and silo-carbide recycling only. Please have your reclamation credit form ready for processing. Sambo. Hey, Bill. Sam. Five o'clock, champ. Closing time. We're heading to the Clu Clu Club. What say you tag along? No, thanks. Hey - the drinks are on Bill. Hey Wait a minute. What's the matter Sam? You look kinda pale. You pale or somethin'? I hate Clu Clu Club. We can go some place else. Kwik Kat Club? Bimbo's. The Wink Wink. The Data Blind. Theyre all the same. Actually you see, Bill's got a date with Amy Meemer. Amy who? B*tch on wheels. He's been trying to land that fish for five weeks. Oh come on guys... you know I'm gonna be dead weight. Stand by. Stand firm. Strength in numbers. Ah you guys go on. I gotta straighten out this extension cord situation in sector five. Sector five? Sector five's a lost case. Hey pack it in and have a drink, pal. You're working too hard. Have two drinks. So your robot is gone, pal. Why don't you try some real women? Take five. Take ten. Get away from the plant. OK. Let's do it. This is it, Sam. Flesh and blood. All you got to do is a little paperwork, song and dance and the you're home free. Women, Sam... Real women. (Rock music) Amy Meemer. Looks hot. Let's get it down on paper. Stick your tonge in my client's mouth and I'm gonna sue your ass off! Deal breaker. Hi. This is me and Steve. I think that's Steve... yeah. I met him here last month. You're really something. Don't you have something to show me? Actually, no. What? My card's expired. I'm sorry. What in the hell's the matter with you? What are you doing if your card's expired? I'm sorry. Of all the stupidest goddamn things. A**hole! OK. Let's see. The standard one night arrangement? I guess. Yeah. So a dinner, complete sexual encounter, full penetraton, optional episode in the morning, right? Just slow down. You know I personnally thought it'd be nice. Let me see this. My lawyer better see this one. For instance... the oral clause... seems a little sticky. It's a minor point. We can work it out in bed. Hey! You work it out in bed... 'cause I'm not gonna be there. No deal. No deal. (Cherry's voice) Hi, honey. These for me? Oh, pretty. You hungry? I fixed your favorite. I learned something today too. What do these things have in common... Lightning rods, Fig Newtons, escalators, ballpoint pens and Vaseline? Dessert? I'm sorry, kid. Total internal meltdown. Bingo Sam. I heard of a tracker who'll go into Zone 7. He'll get you a Cherry... same make, right down to the year and model number. Right down to the eyelashes. You stick in her memory chip and you got your girl back, exactly the way you had her before. There's a tracker bar out of Glory Hole. Drive ot there. Find a tracker named Johnson. Good luck, Sam. You're gonna need it. (bell rings) (cat meows) I'd like a room for the night. The name's Treadwell. That'll be buck 50 for the night. We run clean place. We like things quiet. The rule is: you can't bring robot in after 11. All right. We got big selection of Freds and Johns and Marilyns. So you don't have to go draggin no one in here. Have yo got any Cherrys? (coins dropping on floor) Cherrys? Where you come from? Hmm Jeez! Not again. Damn thing's busted. Whatever happened to pride in workmanship? (rhythmic sqeek) (knock on door) Hello? Anybody here? It better be good. I just want to talk to E Johnson... about a Job. Who are you? Sam Treadwell... from Anaheim. I'm E Johnson. Excuse me. I think I made a mistake. What the...? I grew up in the Zone, mister. I've been a guide in the territory since I was a kid. I can distingish between poisonous and non-poisonous reptiles and I know the roads. I used to ride with Six Finger Jake when he had all his digits. He used to be the best tracker in the business. Maybe I was a bit rash. Now, what is it you want? Not so fast. She's a Cherry 2000. I want you to go into Zone 7 and get me one like her. This isn't a dating service. I thought you never say no. I haven't, yet. I'm paying 500 for the job, 200 up front. It's been sort of a dull week. Hope you don't mind travelling at night. Hey wait a minute! What are you talking about? We'd have more fun chewing on razor blades than dribblin' around in the Zone in broad daylight. What do you mean "we?" I'm not going anywhere. I hire you to go in. That's the deal. You bring her back... you get paid. Those robot chassis are kept in the worst part of the Zone. We call it the graveyard. Now, maybe I can find this thing. But I need somebody riding shotgun to make it out in one piece. Forget it. I think I'II find this guy Six Finger Jake. (piano music and muffled talk) (music stops) Who are you? My name's Treadwell. Sam Treadwell I'm looking for a tracker, a guy named Six Finger Jake. Could you tell me where could I find him? I've got a job for him. Jake's dead. Lester caught him out in Zone 7 and cut off his hands. Then he bled to death. Where you from, mister? Anaheim. (bellicos laughter) (more laughter and muffled talking) Rum... 151. Uh-huh. And a crawler. Two bits, Anaheim. Maybe I can help you out, mister. You a tracker? I do odd Jobs. The name's Stacy. This is Earl. He's visiting from Adobe Flats. Sit down. Have a drink... and a doughnut. What did you want to see Jake for? Don worry about Earl. He's deaf as a doorknob. I'm looking for someone to go into Zone 7. Zone 7? That's rght. What do you want in there? My, my. Is that a Cherry? Cherry 2000. Va-voom. Know where you can find one like her? That depends on how much you're willing to spend. Just the chassis. You got the money on you now? Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. OK. Earl? Mm? You stay here. Me and Mr Treadwell gonna go talk to Jake. Six Finger Jake? Jake's alive. He just don't like publicity. Yes. Zone 7's a tough place. You should see the way they carry on there. People staying up all night playing Twister, reverting to their animal natures. So where are we going? I'm taking you to see Jake. Where is he? He's dead. Drop the gun. I didn't mean you, weevil brain! Now pick that up! God! You make me sick. The cartridges too, while you're at it. I thought he couldn't hear too well. I read lips. Got the money on you, Sam? What about the chip. Lester's gonna want that chip. Shut up, Earl. Search him. Get up! Get off of me! Earl, you chicken head. (cat screeches) Hey, Johnson. I've been thinking it over. You got the job. That's what I figured. Get in. OK. Let's just get a few things straight, Treadwell I do the tracking. You just sit there and don't touch anything. Fine. Let's just get outta here. (engine starts) (engine revving) (tires squealing) How can you see? I mean... how can you see to drive? I drive by feel mostly. By feel? Mostly. (tires squeal) What the hell are you doing? What's wrong? Why did we stop? Put this on. Don't you wear one? It might mess up my hair. Are you lost? I think we're... Mister, I'd appreciate it if you'd just shut up until we get to the barricades, alright? What barricades? Just keep low and try not to get shot. Oh great! (engine revving) (gun shots fired) (gun shots fired) Hang on! Friends of yours? Bunch of freaks out on the edges. They got nothing to do, they're bored. They just want a little action. It's real mature. Have a nice nap? Where are we? We're about right here. And the robot graveyard is over here. I figure 8 hours of driving will get us to the yard about 4 in the morning. Gives you abot 15 minutes to find your doll. At the most. There'll be sirens screaming, patrols everywhere, dogs, you name it... the whole shooting match. The trick is to time it so we can make it ot while it's still dark. You make it sound so easy. You stand watch. I'm gonna get some rest. Wait a minte. You expect me to sit around here when were so close? Why don't you let me drive while you sleep? No way, mister! Nobody drives my car. Go hum a little tune or something. Count your lucky stars, read a book... I don't care. Just don't go walking around. Yeah. I'II hum a little tune. Unbelievable. "Nobody drives my car." (Cherry's voice) I love you, Sam. I'm so lucky to be with you. Kiss me. Oh, Sam. That's nice. What do you want me to do? OK. Move closer. Mm. Yes. That feels good. Yes. Yes. Here. Faster. faster. Oh. Is that your hand? Let me help you with that. Oh, I like that! (gunfire in the distance) (Cherry's voice) Faster. Faster. Yes. (distant screaming) Thought I told you to stay put. Next time you wander off like that I'm gonna leave you behind for the buzzards. Is that a threat or a promise? It's Lester. Who's Lester? He's sort of judge, jury and exectioner out here. A total wacko. He and his gang control Zone 7. What's he doing here? Good question. (distant voice) Please, don't! Come on. We're gonna take a little detour. Good idea. (distant cheering) It's Just one more day. Don't look so broken hearted. Her eyes are red dots. That's from the flash. That's where the red comes from. If I took a picture of you the same thing would happen. Why do you wanna take a picture of me? I said "if" If. Ah. If only I had red eyes. Are we lost? Relax. I've been this way a hundred times before. What is that? It's a crane. I can see that. I mean what's it doing out here? Nothing... yet. Well we're wasting time. Let's keep going. Hold your horses. You're paying me to do a job, not drive a bus. Just leave the tracking to me. Fine. I'II get some sleep. I wouldn't get too comfortable. More barricades? This ain't nothing like the barricades. Les, we've got a sitation here. An unidentified white male and that red-headed tracker Just blasted their way into the Zone. That is unauthorized, Brad. Waste 'em. (woman) I can't wait any... Randa, I do like your personality. (warning siren) Hope youre not afraid of heights. Magnet attached. I don't believe this. It's the best way to cross the river. Don't tell me - you've been this way a hundred times before. Target in position. Get ready. You know how to use it? We'll go on three. One, two, three. (radio) Buck, dump 'em in the river. Ten-four. Give me a rope. You got it. Time to take out the operator. Right. Aagh. I'm hit. Be careful. Keep me covered. (machine gun fire and more explosions) Put on your seat belt. Things are gonna get a bit rough. Wish me luck. You're crazy. Whoa: Are you all right? Swallowed my gum. Hurry up... give me your hand! You always work this way? Yeah, but it's never been this easy. Never say no, huh? I hope you know what you're doing. OK, Treadwell. End of the line. Great! What's next? We gotta hoof it from here. Hey, wait! Gotta get my stuff. I can't see the bottom. Don't worry. It's down there. Aagh Aagh Look out! Watch it! Good move up there. Hope you can swim. It's a little late to be asking that. He with you? Client. You all right? Yeah. Just taking a little dip. It's good to see you. I almost shot your friend. This is Sam Treadwell from Anaheim. Ah. It's good to see you (donkey brays) (Cherry's voice) Hi, honey. Did you have a nice day? Oh, pretty! What are the women like in big towns? Do you have any idea? You mean like Anaheim? Yeah. Like Anaheim. Well, it's all sort of paranoid and audio-visual. Nobody has it easy. People meet in bars and use everything they got. All kinds of legal mumbo jumbo, demo reels, under-the-counter drugs. It's just bad, that's all. No way I'd put up with that. Well shoot, E. How's these fellas gonna find out about your 101 charms? Well, anyone with any brains would just figure it out. Yeah. Where'd you find Mr Handsome? It's a job. I liked you better in them other duds. This is how I usually dress. Where'd you get all those boxes back there? Those toaster ovens. Oh, I found them with some rubbish out this side of Reno. They all work? Well, what'd I be doing with them if they didn work? Toast is just the beginning of your new toaster oven. You can make open-faced sandwiches, baked potatoes, and best of all... the tray's removable for easy cleaning. Look at that. There ain't nothing like it for cooking rattler. mmm You're Six Finger Jake, aren't you? He is, isn't he? Well, what if I am? Nothing. I just heard a lot about you. Like what? I heard you were dead. Retired's more like it. I've been trying to create a serene outlook. You gonna tell me what you and Speed are doing out here? We're going into the yard to get one of those sex robots for Sam. His old one broke down from over-exertion, it sounds like. It wasn't like that. It wasn't? "Are you all right? Here, lay your head here." "Ah, is that your hand?" We talked. I could talk to her. Yeah, right. "Faster. Faster." You can never understand with that tiny neanderthal brain of yours. At least I have a brain. There was tenderness. A dream-like quality about her. There was romance. Romance? Yeah, romance. With a robot! I mean, we are talking about a robot, aren't we? (donkey brays) She isn't just a robot. Maybe I know what you mean, Speed. You're a dreamer. You got something you believe in... and that's a rare thing these days. But there's a lot more to love, than hot wiring. Morning. Good morning. Catch anything? A couple of carp. So we moving in here or what? Gotta wait till dark to flush out my Ford. I'd rather be chewing on razor blades than dribblin' around the Zone in broad daylight. Treadwell... you in position? Hold on to your horses. (Cherry's voice) I love you We're going down the tube in two minutes. Careful up there. (gunfire) Treadwell! You all right? Treadwell! (indistinct voices) (rooster crows) (footsteps approaching) Elaine? Is that you? Hi, Sam. I changed my name. I changed it to Ginger. You look great. It's good to see you again. Do you think you could help me with this? What are you doing here? I live here. This is Zone 7, right? You guys. This is my old boyfriend, Sam. Now scoot, huh? We've got some catching up to do. Right, Sam? Vamoose! Come on, boy. Sit by the pool. Tell me what you've been doing. Listen. I was with someone and we got shanghaied. The next thing I know I wake up here. Does anyone found know I was brought here? I don't know anything about it. Les said you were the only one left alive. Oh, Sam. I just love it out here. The city was just so much bull. I'm a whole different person now. I feel so secure. I feel... focused like I've never felt before. Elaine, I told you I was with someone. Can't you... I said I changed my name. Can't you respect that? Can you listen when I talk to you? You haven't changed a bit, Sam. We can't have any negative energy around this place. Les isn't gonna put up with it. (horns in the distance) Lester? That's him now. (piercing whistle) Try not to get in the way Sam. I've gotta go change. Don't be so negative. Lester's very sensitive. (horns and gunfire) Sam... This is Lester. How's it goin' Sam? Good to see you're on your feet. Donny! You heard the man. Get up! Let's go! This here's Jim Sneak. The boys found him asleep in that broken down car... case of sunstroke. Skeet... the name's Skeet. He was heading for Elko, but got lost. I still am lost. See you later. Well, supper's almost ready. (Lester) Gentlemen, don't goof up. One grenade will get you off. Keep a close eye on these prisoners, soldier. (rhytmic drumming) Nature is the great provider. I do like fresh pods. Chris? Sir? Thank you, Lester. Sam? Do you work out? No. You should. You've got the frame for it. Trim. Gotta watch what you eat though. Diet's important. Man's gotta watch what he eats. We got a program here: diet... exercise... mental discipline. I like to see people reach their... full potential. Recognize her? That's a Cherry 2000. I've got a passel of them in the yard, but can't seem to find the right kind of chip to make 'em work... to get 'em to go. Get one of these fired up and it's like slamming an octopus. How're you doing down there, Sneak? That bird too cooked for you? I just don like to eat heavy before a big tournament. What did you say you were doing in these parts, anyway? I was on my way to EIko. Gonna play in the Elko Classic. I been meaning to ask you something else too, Sneep. How is it my boys found these firearms, smokin' in your bags when they picked you up? (stammering) I just carry that for protection. Protection. What about all those dry cell batteries underneath your front seat? Ah, you're a tracker, aren't you, Jimbo? No... now wait a minute. We got a policy against trackers in these parts. And I could never tolerate lying in any form. Chet! Ah-ah-ah: Slip that on yor head. What? Put that on your face. Thanks. Don't tear that now. John, help him out. Now what? What's going on? What are you doing with my hands? Help! Help! What are you guys doing? Ah, hell! I've got too much club for this dude. (distorted cries) (excited cries) Make it a hole in one! Let me out of here. Four! (cheering crowd) (singing) Do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about. Hey! You put your right arm in. You take your right arm out. You put your right foot in And you shake it all about. (humming) That's what it's all about. Sam... Les really likes you, Sam. It's great the way you have this rapport with him, right off the bat! The man is a psychopathic killer. Don't impose your values on me, Sam. A lot of the people, I'll admit it, they're flakes, but that's why we need somebody like you, Sam. Somebody to pull in the slack. You're not listening to me, Sam. No. No. No. I'm listening... Ginger. I am. But I can't stay here. There's three kinds of barbed wire fencing that's in here. There's mines further out. No real water to speak of. I think you should just stick around. Give this place a chance. Les is gonna bring you in on a training session in the morning. Oh, great. So I think you'd better get some sleep. Ok. Goodnight, Sam. Nice night. Is that right? Yeah. I was just taking a walk. You know, admiring the stars. There's Orion. Right there. See? What the...? Did you miss me? Come on. What happened to you? Tracked you on a mule. Took a while. Is Jake dead? Not yet. What happened to the other burro? They shot him in the heart. Sorry about your gear. What are you doing? Let's just get out of here. You've got about 6O seconds. Edith, where did you get that little go-to-hell hat? Found it. Yeah. Well, I'm gonna circle 'round the back and I'II meet you at Snappy Tom's. Here, darling. I don't want you to be lonely, so you take this. And you let me know how things turn out, will ya? You ease up there, Uncle John. (bees buzzing) (engine roars to life) Go! Go! Go! About time! Red alert! Les, watch out for the bees! (bees buzzing in frenzy) Well, you've won your spurs. Yeah. I told him to stay, Les. I explained everything and I encouraged him to stay. Ginger... have the girls fix some sandwiches. Yech. Why are you looking so glum? I lost Cherry's chip back on that mule. Kind of wipes out the whole deal, doesn't it? I mean... we could break into the yard and get Cherry... but then it'd be just like a toaster or something. I mean her whole personality is on that chip. You can't separate personality from the rest of it. At least, I can't. Well, we can turn around and go back, after we meet Jake. Then you can get a full refund. I don't care about the money. I never cared about that. Nelson! Dix! I want you to chase those birds till they drop. Don't kill 'em. Just hold 'em till I get there. Do you understand? We'll get the vehicles fixed as soon as we can. We're counting on you men. Keep the sun out of your eyes and be yourselves. (alarm sounding) Whoa (engine dies) Are you OK? Yeah. I just bumped my head. I wasn't watching. Where are we anyway? Are you sure you're OK? No. I mean, yeah. I just feel really groggy and hot. (player switces on) (Cherry's voice) Hi, honey. Are these for me? Oh, pretty. Are you hungry? I fixed your favorite. Where were you? I was getting worried. I learned something today too. Why didn't you tell me? I don't know. I'm sorry. You lied to me. You say a lot of things about Cherry, but she never lied. Yeah? Well, I'm not a f***ing machine. Great. Lester's guys. (machinegun fire) I feel better now. Get in the car. Where are we going? To the robot graveyard. What'd you think? I mean that's what you hired me for, isn't it? That's rght. That's what you really want. Yeah. Damn right. Want one of these now? Hurry up, Randa. Check out the hut. Drop it. Turn around. Drop it, sugar. You drop it, red. Drop your gun, Snappy. Well, Jake. Dogs and cats! I heard you was dead. Not yet. I'm sorry. I didn't recognize you, E. Randa, you know Jake. Hi, Randa. Hi. This here's E. Johnson. Hi, Randa. Hi. I don't know who this young man is. Sam Treadwell... From Anaheim. How are you getting on out here, Randa? I miss the beach. Yeah. Randa here's gonna fix us some lunch, ain't ya Randa? No. Well then you can just go sh*t in your hat. I wish you wouldn't say them dirty words, Snappy. Forget it Johnson. Don't even think about it! There's no way. It's easy. We fly over the mines, drop into the yard. In and out. Forget it! Just fix the car. Look. I flew one in the border wars. This one's shot to hell Do you think you could you manage to take the plugs out of my Ford? What are you trying to prove? I'm just doing my job. You can't fix this. You need a whole new engine. Look at yourself. You're a mess. Well we can't all be glamor pusses Ah! Randa? Randa, honey. This is Les. Lester? Snappy Tom here, Lester. Everything's just fine. Snappy. I'm looking for a shabby little individal who burned down Sky Ranch. He escaped in an orange custom jobbie Ford. He ain't alone. If they show up, hold 'em until I get there. I want 'em alive. Hi Lester. They're here. Three of them, plus a donkey. They're fixing that old air... Blow this off. We got new coordinates. Stupid! It'll never run. No way. You afraid of dying, Speed? I can't say I think about it too much these days. Well, The way I got it figured, when your time comes... my time... your time... it's like you turn into a little part of the world. Wind... maybe. Yeah. A little stream of wind. Maybe so. Sometimes I feel like I know the whole story. Then other times I feel like it's completely out of control. (engine starting) They got that damned plane working. Go get the macaroni and cheese, Randa. Lunch! Tell E come to lunch. Right. Great! You fixed the plane. Yeah, forget it. Lester and the guys from the motel are making a beeline for us. Go tell Jake were leaving. Jake! Those guys from the motel are almost here. We gotta clear out. You and Edith go on ahead. I'll... (gunshot) Hold It! Get those legs moving! Let's hurry up! Mount up! Jake's dead. What? That girl shot him in the back. He's dead. Get rid of that. I don't like what I feel. I feel anger. I'm experiencing anger, Snappy. I'm sorry to hear that, Lester. You told me the plane couldn't fly. That was my understanding, yeah. Frankly, I don't know how she did it. But I got one of 'em. I mean one of them's dead. Right there. I told you I wanted them alive. Alive? Well, sometimes things don't always turn out like we want. I thought I saw something in you, Snappy. I thought I saw potential. Lester, I've been waiting for you all week. I'm busy, Randa. Look at my new sandals. Tell her to go back inside. Randa! Go inside, Randa! Wait. Listen, Lester. The guys in the plane... they're going into the yard. If we hurry, we can catch them. Oh, my God! What happened to your face? You need to work on your personality. (gunshot) Sorry, Snappy. Move out! Yes, Lester. Come on. Let's go! E, let's just turn around and call the whole thing off. It's too late for that. No, it's not. I've gotta believe I've been doing a job here. You take that away and then what? What did Jake get shot up for? You sure we'll find a Cherry? Follow me. Where are the patrols? Dogs. You said there'd be dogs. How should I know? Unload! Let's move back there! Hurry up. Remember, gentlemen... Life is an adventure. (engines revving, people cheering) This is it. Make it quick. Me and the boys gonna take this on foot. You wait in the Jeep. I'll be right back. What about these sandwiches? It's not good to go out in this heat on an empty stomach. Ringo! Squid! Keys! I want them alive. Check the robot room first. Be friendly yet firm and don't break anything - especially you! Move out. Ringo. How about you and me check that skylight? Let's go. This one? Close, but not quite. Hey! Get on down there... now! Do I have to tell you to hurry? Hi, honey. (circuit breaker switched on) I told you to hurry. Where are we going? We're going home. Cherry,. Iet's go. Pretty! Up there! (gunfire) Come on, Cherry! Whee! Who are those guys anyway? Just come on! Hurry! Get down! Honey, I'd really rather be watching this on television. Keep down! You ready? On three. One, two, three! Let's get outta here. Come on, E! Come on. Lester. Come on. Start her up! (gunshots) Come on, baby. We're too heavy. There! The plane! Don't let 'em get away! Slow down when you pass the garbage and I'II jump out. What? My job's done. I'II be all right. Forget it! Just hold on. I've almost got it. We made it! The tracker! There she is! Squid! Janey! The junk pile! I love you. I love you. (sound of empty clip) Shoot! Cherry, I want you to get me a Pepsi. Sure. A Pepsi? Come on, E! Come on! Get those legs moving! Let's hurry it up! What about her? She was the whole point. She's a robot. Ginger, what are we gonna do now? You want some sandwiches? Lesters dead. Well, no sandwich for him. Pretty!

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Michael Almereyda

Michael Almereyda (born 1960) is an American film director, screenwriter, and film producer. His best known work is Hamlet (2000), starring Ethan Hawke. more…

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