Synopsis: Whitman is a psychotic religious killer who was caught by Inspector Morell a former seminarian, whose religious knowledge led to Whitman's capture. Whitman was tried and sentenced to death. However, he was rescued by a secret government group who want to make him an assassin, however, Whitman escapes and decides to get back at the people who tried to stop his mission, the jury, the judge, the district attorney, who's Morrell's ex-wife. Morrell recognizes the killings as Whitman's style but how could it be when he's dead. The man who recruited Whitman posing as an FBI agent claims that they are looking for a copy cat but Morrell finds it hard to believe that it could no one other than Whitman.
Genre: Thriller
Director(s): Mark L. Lester
Production: Sterling Entertainment
91 min


( Woman crying )

no, please. Don't hurt me.

I'll do anything

you want. No!

- ( Nail gun fires )

- ( screams, crying )

His will be done.

The engine's still warm.

Maybe we should call

for backup.

And say what?

All right, this

is a tricky f***er.

Now, I want you to

watch my back.

And I want you

to watch yours.

You got it.

( Whimpering )


- ( Nail gun fires )

- ( screams )

( Screams )

( Door creaks )


Jesus, god almighty.

( C*cks gun )

- St. Andrew.

- What?

He was crucified

upside down.

Stay sharp,

watch my back.

Look around,

all around.

Oh, god.

Proverb 11:

What the hell does

that mean?

"As a Jewel

in a swine's mouth,

so is a beautiful woman

without discretion."

( Door closes )

( Whispering )

go, go, go.

Come on.

( Grunts, body thuds )

Oh, sh*t.

- ( Grunts )

- oh!

- ( Fires )

- ( groans )

- ( Fires )

- ( groans )

Now, you know something

of the suffering of the lord!

Sick motherf***er.

( Grunting )

Tell me--

tell me, how does it feel

to be so lucky to be blessed

like the Christ?! Huh?

( Grunts )

( Groaning )

- ( Crunching )

- ( screams )

( Spits )

( Panting )

( Water stops )

( Grunting )

( Screams )

( Breathing heavily )

( C*cks gun )


Nothing there.

You're really awake now,



( Chuckles )




detective morrell, could you

please describe to us

what you saw on the night

in question when you arrived?



We arrived at the ranch

at about 9:
00 P.M..

We entered cautiously.

I saw that man right there,

John Matthew Whitman.

I saw him clearly.


proceed with

the questioning.


did you clearly see his face

from across the street?

...exactly what she's

talking about?

- Judge:
rephrase, counselor.

- Man:
Is it true the street-

light on the corner was out?

...was incapable

of this kind of behavior.


Rephrase, counselor.


clearly we understand

Whitman was not capable

of doing...


next question.

Ladies and gentlemen

of this jury,

the evidence presented

here today

has proven without

reasonable doubt

that John Matthew Whitman

deserves to die

in the gas chamber

for his crimes.


have you arrived

at a verdict?

The defendant will now rise

and face the court.

John Matthew Whitman,

you are found guilty of

all nine counts of murder

in the first degree.

The state of California

hereby sentences you

to die in

the gas chamber.

Do you have anything you wish

to say to the court?

"What then shall I do

when god riseth up?

And when he visiteth,

what shall I answer him?"

Those who stay the hand

of divine vengeance...

Will themselves be damned.

- Hi.

- hi.

You're here early.

It's been a tough two years,

one appeal after another.

- I'm ready to put

this behind me.

- Yeah.

- How's your hand?

- ( Man coughs )

Baby, maybe I need to do

this in my own rhythm.

And at this point,

maybe you don't need to

check up on me.

We're not--

married anymore?

I know that.

But I still care

about you, Don.


( Clears throat )


John Matthew Whitman,

you have been found guilty

of the murders

of nine people

and have been sentenced

to be put to death

by lethal gas at

San Quentin prison

as prescribed

by the penal code of

the state of California

on this night of

June 8th, at midnight.

Do you have anything

to say before

sentence is carried out?

His will be done.

( Gas hissing )

( Gagging )

( Groans )

( Gurgles )

( Prays in Spanish )


( Heart monitor beeping )

( Beeping rapidly )


John Matthew Whitman

is dead.

Relax now.

No harm can come to you.


You will have no

memories before these.


Know that you

are Steven Lloyd schmidt.

( Electricity crackles )

Steven Lloyd schmidt,

you were born January 21st...

( Overlapping voices )

your father was shop foreman

at Bethlehem steel

until his accident.

Your mother

worked 14 years...

You graduated class

of 1975, 19th in your class.

You attended lehigh

university, r.O.T.C.

Stationed ramstein,


Second lieutenant

Steven Lloyd schmidt,

bravo company, 177th.

Your code word is,

"the unicorn

is in the garden."

Your code is...

"The unicorn

is in the garden."

- ( Basketball bouncing )

- player:
Come on, man, d up.

Player #2:

I'm taking him.

D up on him.


if you ain't gonna

take it, pass it!

Player #2:

Here! I'm open!


come on, you gotta

play some d.

-Player #3:
'Sup, come on!

- ( Horn honks )

- I got him.

- I'm open. I'm open.

- ( Players whistling )

- hello.

( Laughing )

Be right back, fellas.


right, right.

All right, come on.

- What's happening?

- Hey, you.

Even on your day off,

you're still working

with the gang kids.

Well, it helps...

Keep them and me

off the streets.

And I need

the exercise.

I was going to say,

you're looking a little

out of shape there.

- Oh, thank you.

- ( Laughs )


( clears throat )

I was wondering if you

wanted to have dinner

with me Friday night.

- You gonna cook?

- Yes, I'm gonna cook.

Do you want to have

dinner with me on

Friday night or not?

Hey, definitely.

It's cool.

- 8:

- let's make it 7:00,

I need to get up early

for a deposition.


You sure you want to?

I mean...

Aren't you?

You seem kinda like

you're busy, you know.

You know that used

to be my line.

Okay, Friday night.

- 7:

- okay.

- ( Players laughing )

-see ya.


bye, gorgeous.

Hey! what y'all

looking at?

( Crowd chattering

over TV )

- Four more years.

- Perry!

The senator

from this state.

Two more minutes till

the senator arrives.

Do you copy that,


( Cheering )


Tilt the camera

a few degrees.

Senator should be there

in one more minute.


he's coming up.

He's pulling up.

( Cheering )


you go get 'em,


You go get 'em.

Get 'em, Sam.

Go get 'em.

- Oh!

- ( screaming )


get that man!

Somebody, do something!

Schmidt, neutralize

the target, now.

The unicorn is

in the garden.

Hit him now!


( Tires screech )

Sorry, norwood.

Your mumbo jumbo

never really worked.

But I did enjoy

killing his bodyguards.

( Laughs )

I quit.

( Engine starts )

( Radiator hissing )

( Footsteps running )

( Sirens wailing )

( Chattering )

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.


attention, please.

The San Diego county court

of records division

is now closing.

Please conclude your

business immediately.

Thank you.

- See you tomorrow.

- All right, take care.

( Country music playing

over radio )

( Door closes )

I'm from the "tribune."

- My name is--

- hang on, let me

get that radio.

( Turns off )

- Mr. Edward ackers?

- Yeah?

It's quite a place

you have here.

I'm from the "tribune."

- My name is Jonathan Saltzman.

- I already subscribe

to the "tribune."

( Laughs )

Oh, no, sir.

You don't understand.

I'm a reporter...

And I'm doing a piece on

the criminal justice system.

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