Bloody Tales of the Tower


Worms lazy, get up quickly Want to wake up Today is Christmas Eve, higher temperatures 2 to 3 degrees from the normal temperature Because of the influence of high air pressure movement fresher weather today It would be very difficult to get the atmosphere of "White Christmas" He sure will not snow So you believe in him or his father? Of course ... I believe in him Dad lied to me three years ago, also said about Santa Claus As a child my father was cheated too After school and work for your father's company is finally out That Snow ... it is made colt He told my father to be married, and child should remain on guard That's why child care is always crowded now He always take care of you during the night, and saw you sleep soundly Ha-na He wants to tell you something That Christmas this year will be the most fun - Really? - Of course Christmas party last year was very interesting Ballet on ice With a very festive party Cost apartments now greatly improved Where the real estate business recently is not very good Thanks to him, we also get the block I am also changing real estate models Price in the public service and commercial markets determine prices We need to convert it into a new additional service to get to the market price Is prepared this year? I can not say. Until then, everything will be unpredictable He just makes us curious Welcome to the Sky Tower I will explain briefly about the Sky Tower Sky Tower consists of the two buildings A Riverview building, Building B is Cityvuew There are 1700 apartments, able to be occupied more than 5700 people Architecture is a symbol of the developed The two buildings are connected by a bridge If you want to look at the sky ... Sorry, I cut a little Why not explain the fast food service? They moved into a new house is certainly not to eat satay noodles I'm sorry ... Guests can dine in Chinese or Korean Served for free - Really? - Yes If you see a hotel room rates are also reasonable Where will I prepare for a party? - It has been prepared in the presence of host - How many people will be at the party? 50 00:05:16,516 - 00:05:19,451 Due to the success of last year, Should invite all our clients?? - What about reduction? - There will be 10 aircraft to be handling Director, please wait a moment Come all, clean up all the dirt in the sink brass - Is it dirty? - You're too lazy Hello Nona Manager Why not a quiet day? We had a great start the new day, I'm going to be a good mother - Product VLP ready? - Ready - The head chef, all work has been completed? - Done Lady Ambassadors chose Chateau Lafite wine, he confirmed seasoning snail I will choose a suitable spices to wine - What do not mind if I check again? - Certainly not Miss, Please .. Later the food will be taken to where? Food will be moved here from the airport at 12 We are legally married ln Seon Where are you located?? Selamat Natal Nyonya Do you see a small LhasaApso dog? Small decorative dog like this Who are you? I just moved here - Please enjoy this - No, I do not eat it - Ticket - What? - You won the lottery? - How do you know? Often the people who win the lottery always wanted to invite the neighbors to eat cake I did not know such habits I'm not happy to say so Just remember that it's just a habit Here, unlike in other places that you imagined Where's the dog? ln Seon You ln Seon? - Thank You - Excuse me Miss - Selamat Natal Nona - Hello The camera seems to have problems then January issue phone calls, now is the camera? Why is this happening in the building equipment damage continuously? It Weselbor This is the first B017, please check the help Check what? We have no need of any assistance? Please check your camera trouble throughout the building Things that need dimeriksa not the camera, but all the nonsense mu - You openly want to date her - Alright I felt better the day after, I moved to another division course - Why? - Masalah2 in this division happened because I - No No No - Floor 65 Terrace on the left side - There seems to be a problem as well - What? Two two This is my own homemade ice cream - Why are you here? - It's okay - Faster you go - It's not that unusual ice cream - Eat - That is, you eat - Eat - Fast .. fast .. What are you doing here? Not whether you should prepare for a party? Basic slacker. Back to the kitchen Already - I want to check preparations - I'll be back Managers, do not eat food Halo What you are in the puber? Yg fun playing with the department more above you? Today is a good chance that, following the appointment of employees to our division I tw which way you speak Look at me, I can not wait almost died But ... why every time I saw you, he kicked? This guy Hello Yoon According to my observation, like you too to show attention Really? If you want to take him should obey the rules of the three six nine what is it? Every day send 3 messages for him After receiving the reply, do not answer for 6 minutes Do not reply to messages sent until after 9 minutes Today he can be a happy woman Tonight is Christmas You guys dating? Invite only for Mr. Mrs. Jung, today I only give advice only Thank you very much Why are you late? Apa? After 3 minutes turn off the stove - Then turn off the oven it after 3 minutes - OK Hey you, come here for a while I'm not going to give up peeling onions F***ing manager, brave once she eats the ring Why else would the nose? Fire What is it? - Bet all - bet all? Going fast I won Hurry up Source of fire from the building Haeundae Jelas2 that I win I'm here Where is he? - Hello - Deputy Where? You see this Who are you? What is the cause of all this? Who is your manager? Sorry Problems in the kitchen, he was responsible Yes, I know, but the design of the building itself that has a problem - What's the problem? - You know how many stoves? Compared to the stove very little heat dissipation If not fixed soon customers will certainly complain Since the beginning, the design of the kitchen is not reasonable and The cause of the fire is When there is a fire sprinkler equipment was also damaged All empty without water Air? Manager Chief Lee Let's focus on preparing for the feast Just wait when the party's over The report, I fire Lee Seon-woo On December 24, 201 1 firefighter was sent to the Haeundae For all What do you think about this job?? Okay, I will try, to be a fireman outstanding Firefighter excellence Excellence firefighter? It is ... Not arbitrarily go, to try to do the same What are the advantages firefighter? Byung-Man, take him Husband Do not want to go? Firefighters should always be ready for rescue action So what? So far, we're not ready - Quiet but also work - but This is your place ... where he is. Hopefully you'll get used By the way, is clean and shower How to take a bath? What do you say? At night, if the wife does not bathe But .. thus even get on the bed, What do you think? I feel he is not ready Now you're not ready Go to the bathroom Then go get the equipment Captain Kang Young-Ki is not working today? - It is not working - He's a legend in my school Legend - Did you hear about me? - What is your name? Okay, you do not need to know my name, will make me more headaches anymore You coming? Thank you Thank you for helping me It does not matter Is not that mistletoe? What is it? You do not know the mistletoe? At Christmas, who brings the mistletoe will get a kiss I do not know I chose this place does not mean that a particular I ... Are you okay? Drink hot coffee when new delicious This is not rock Dali? He thought diamonds? Kim, this is paradise Is it? This is Paradise He'll soon find out when you start job ... not in the field what to do. Do you hear me? - Yes, I did. - Listen Fire, rescue, evacuation, there was little firefighters could do three things It's me If you were in my group, you will be a true firefighter What are you doing? We have to charge now Hurry!!!! I still do not get the equipment Chairman Chairman Chairman Hi Bibi - Chairman - Quick Chairman Let's wish him good luck Welcome to Lee Sun-Woo has joined Welcomed into the team. Welcome to join us Thank you - Scared? - Uncle always startling - Where is my father? - Your dad is busy Do you want to meet a woman who is your father like? - The father like? - Yes Park Service from level 60 upwards No water - Water Pipes carry around? - Last year ... Plumbing .. carried out - This is the story of 80 - Nothing There will not be anything happens You know tonight is the party? I remember the beginning of this Sorry ma'am Throw your dog tinjanya - So what? - As a rule, owners must clean up Bibi ah Bibi should clean it - If you do not get paid for it, then what aunts do? - Yes Today I'll help you clean it up. However, next time you have to clean up after herself Now aunt threaten me like that? Siapa Nama Bibi? Sorry ma'am What is your name,,, Please? Why do people look like busy? It Manager Manager I Already know the cause clogged pipes due to external influences So the fire sprinkler equipment from level 60 to 80 is not filled with water Before the pipeline renovated, we must add the number of fire extinguishers Kapten Lee What you do not see people who are very busy? Everyone is busy Preparing for a party I do not know what's most important? Manager Sorry, president Why cancel a schedule of events that has been promoted? I heard that there will be high winds Higher density than the air flow Gas stored? Now how to solve? Call center fire - Yes - make contact with the air rescue team What has the team do? They manage flight - Call the head of security for the mayor of Seoul, go - Yes I know Hana - Sweet girl ... - Each time the father is always busy Dad must ensure safety for others that are in this building Sorry but wait a minute and then we can go LGI Go You do not know about the kids Hey, you made her cry. Deserted Why? - Hana, honey? - I I do not want to play with me How mw to do this? We are in the fire equipment problems She had to go check - I'm sorry you are annoyed because it helps keep Hana - Yun-Hee Han also very busy We are still busy. Want to go Hana, Remember not naughty What do you say to her until she cries? Hana is acting intelligently Apa? I told him, if you want to Ms. Yun-Hee playing together, wept long- But, what should she cry?? I was going to make my deal with Hana Thus, he will be your future Uniting the two of you together. tomorrow is a success Like one of those guys? Powerful? Or selfish. What a ride like blood? My dad's blood group O You do not mind men with girls? It is ... I like men too soft or O blood But he had a daughter, I do not like But ... If his cute like Hannah could certainly be the exception It's for you? Our daughter will be a chef Dad, guess what this is? Is the father? How is this? What is it? It is Ms. Yun Hee, I made it myself Nice ... But should this picture and made by Ms.Yun Hana-Hee Just like home, right? Kim Tae Yin, Oh Byung-Man He is always on duty except at Christmas Sister-in-law would love It was the first time she experienced Christmas with him, right? Her character is also really good I want to give a gift Head Why not me? - My son - Do not call me kid - Do you want to eat? - I've eaten 340 00:25:59,324 - 00:26:04,387 - I hurry, gotta go now - I do not know what to say anymore I have asked for a down payment of 3 months, but the new lunch - Why do not you tell me? - I've been told, I would like to meet you You do not have to worry about the cost of college Hyun-Sang, today is Christmas, or let us create a barbecue at home, Today I had to work Are not you also have to work at night? Remember to eat mother - You have an allowance? - Yes This take, Hyun-Sang Thank you, next time remember to re-visit our Cake Cream Chocolate Beri aku Cake Cream Chocolate Sorry, Christmas day the whole cake should be ordered in advance What do you want? I'll take before at 7? - All right, we will prepare your order - Thanks Putih Chocolate Cake Christmas time is when you're on fire, then we will get divorced Next what should you do? - Cheers - Thanks Welcome Dimilai already master Welcome, Ladies and gentlemen Tonight is a big night At this We are Stay close to the majestic sky Tonight is Christmas Eve, what would you see Going beyond imagination ... you - Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas Mendekat ke Tower of Sky Waiting for orders Ladies and Gentlemen It was a gift from the Sky Tower for you all Look,,,, Snow ... Look no snow there, how can that be? look in there, there's snow With this all looks like heaven Hallelujah It is a Holy Christmas that I have for you It was snowing and we'll clean up the station \ Today there is no snow Snowball war will be prepared for my daughter you see? Snow behold Daddy, What I'm saying no one right down tonight predication Snow Already So beautiful Before the first day Jesus died Last ... dinner Today, I want us all to share dinner I drink this glass Cheers my brother co-co Control of gas with this? Wind also airflow is very fast You really touched you? Increased air flow Hazard Too dangerous could not control the steering What's this? let's go out A fire broke out Fire Sky Tower, getting all the troops Submit this to our fire rescue, the captain returned to find Just today alone Captain Is that true? Did not the captain had said to send him home Firefighters here Haeundae Please do one way of salvation - Fire team to rescue policy Haeundae - How install seat belt The fire started to grow and is expected to explode - Are you okay? - I'm all right, Hannah? Many people panic, but not all fear Hana find the correct exit I know People flee, hurry hurry Prepare everything Suami ku? I may be late today Do what you should be doing - You have to be careful - Yes Every time calling directly off Do not take the elevator. Please use the stairs Do not take the elevator Why not use the lift? We have been told but people just get together Do not jostle, everyone calm - Are you okay? - Where to? - Now sngat dangerous to use a lift - go to the third floor You have to be careful Down Doors open Lift down quickly, just go up again. Other backward Sorry, there was a child Now regardless of age anymore. Down - Down - Do not Do not use the lift Please do not do that What happened? wear dangerous lift leave this lift sprint Quickly go Hana Hana it does not matter The ground floor has become a sea of fire, right? Side, how do I get to the restaurant? - Fire occurred on the 63rd floor - Fire Power? Unless there was an explosion of fire incident - There is no way to prevent fires - How was the beginning of a fire prevention tool Sprinkler equipment is broken and How is the way out of the floor 63 or less? Can take advantage of the stairs leading to level 19 Then exit through the West zone can save a lot of time Young-Ki, the fires are too dangerous Now more important to evacuate people If allowed to extinguish the fire then we must be ready to sacrifice everything I'm ready for that deputy At 12 hours all to gather here Without losing anyone. Everyone should remember this Clear - Do not miss more of my dri 3 steps, you hear? - Yes I heard Down Jump Jump Stairs far is the closest distance to the ignition In here Oh Paman Who? Help me Help me Even on Christmas Eve, there was a massive fire most historic In Sky Tower has a collision causing fire Predicted the death toll would be the highest in history Please try This is a new store opening Dear God, what is this? Fire in the Sky Tower Mrs. Down If there are certainly better stick - Club there - There is no Come on ... Hurry up Why is bgitu big ass? Did not you tell me you were a girl? Go fast, go Director Jang How long time to be able to handle the heat? Is there a certain technique? The fire department had a force that much I still have not solved the best way out for this It burned on the 63rd floor, it takes a while to get there complete fire extinguishers for everyone Use the fire ladder to fight the fire from the 19th floor upwards So what? Do not have a guide? It is difficult to reach the fire in the upstairs except for firefighters Is there no other way Fire destroyed the building blocks can not determine the number of people trapped inside What has been decided to save people before? Now unless \ c up was the team of And evacuation planning near the ignition point You do not understand my words? You think this is a residential building? This is the Sky Tower Focus on first elite race to be saved Log in here We are firefighters Be patient, stay in place, we will come evacuate your Now you are in the safest position We will soon send a team to the rescue We Repeat, you are all waiting in the Right here Director, this is a list of priority relief Determine their positions and report to me immediately Dollar Safe Hana The evacuation process began in central ignition - Wait - Is here Recently this place has been an explosion Moving quickly No Down Head run here Captain, fast Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Do not be down here. Dangerous No. Wait a bit No. Whoa I had to take. My daughter is in it No. I beg you hurry down Dangerous, If your child is in there Are you going? Damn, why is it called the phone? Now what? There was a fire in the kitchen, Quickly put out the fire, quickly Right here again hey Meet people who are very good First I want to convey a sense of grief with this incident We are really going to rummage It will not hurt anyone guilty - Protect the safety of everyone Come on, over here Stop - Is there another way? - If you go the other direction takes 5 minutes I asked where we could gather a fire in the engine room? I was captain of the management here Whether to drill about 20 cm thick walls? Not a problem. Where is it? Just drill the wall to make the air flow scat This is the place - Come prepared for full equipment - here Centre wait a minute If you met your daughter, I want you to give this If you see your daughter, then contact us immediately Hana, Yun-Hee Please breathe Aunt hurt? I beg you to take me out of this place Now I'm looking for a girl It ... my son's college tuition My son is Hyun-Sang Phone 0102434 Two - Sauna - Sauna Flush here to go True, the proper spray More water To attack the center fire Lee Sun-Woo bangunlah Ayo Do not change the squad formation - Okay, moving forward - Carry forward press again Head Head Not good, we only make things worse This is where the center of the fire ignition Is there a best technique to put it Sun-Woo Sun-Woo, be careful. Hurry up - Head - Stronger lgi Sun-Woo, hold on Sun-Woo, Sun-Woo Sun-Woo, bangun Provinsi, Sun-Woo, provinsi - I'm awake, Captain - Province? - Young-Ki, not finished - Release your hands Head Now it's time to quit immediately Some holes have to be made to the fire exit Oh Byung-Man, check the water Head Head - Why? - It is to make a fire out Head Must continue to breathe - It's very dangerous - Create a protection for me Captain, do not go. Head This will not work. Follow him Going fast It is very difficult what you have done Now here the fire was extinguished Now I will report the results of evacuation The upper part of the building can go over the bridge People can get away melaluis One side of the building Except the top floor will be saving on floor 50F or less, will be using a ladder The problem here Restaurant building, a lot of people were there All trapped No firefighters, we can not leave Sorry Ms Jung I do not mind, if he has to go You have to fight even harder - There will come firefighters - When the rescue team arrived Sleight of hand Go take mineral water in vending machines Fast,, get a few bottles here Damn map Fire behold Want to drink alone so take yourself, why should anyone else who painstakingly 've Swallowed my ring. A very expensive ring again - Now also ask to be taken drinking water - Ln-Gun He Dae-Ho Did you see her? He was in a restaurant with a manager Is there power to quell the ignition point of the center is that? But the extinction of the fire that is the impact of the explosion on the upper floors And the fire had spread to the floors 60 to 70 and Enable Wall-boot to prevent fires - No, sir President It was still not save everyone - Chairman - Exit Do not turn on the fire wall English, what is it? Dollar Come quicker Dollar English Father - Ayah - Hana Hana Head Head Entry I was in a restaurant position S0847 12 Do all roads closed by a wall of fire, However, this method is chosen to save us Wall of Fire S0847 12 Made of titanium ... Only one way to destroy When we blow up the walls, the people should be staying away from that place - Have you seen my daughter? - Yes. Thank you Now we will pass Tim will come to safe us What we get out of this I'm afraid You did it all very well This is the command center, ordered to the floor 72 to hospital Sometimes Haeundae red black Now that we're there to save, Haeundae 1 team most nearby Are there any other teams Sending? I Jang Director, now please hurry to get there There were 10 victims of respiratory distress Still no casualties Kang Young-Ki, now the building is in danger of collapse There is no way at all can be done to save everyone in the building Quickly go Byung-Man To penetrate the wall of fire, ready for harvesting bomb, wait my orders The others follow me. into here Is here Why did you come only now? The person must know Know that time? Mom again The rest? What? But not quickly bring us to safety Where our pets? ln Seon ln Seon In Seon, mother almost forget Tim Haeundae 1, please report Has saved three lives including your pet dog I'm going to shut down service, a**hole Damn it Lead them to come out Sun-Woo Lee, follow me Clear I do not believe there will be a help, knapa they have not come too? Fire walls made to save lives Now make people closer to death Dad, there's ... Finished wall fire exploded When firefighters arrived then explode, here will collapse. Need a way to stop them Do not set off the fire wall I Oh Byung-Man, I would open the way for you still too close Oh Byung-Man Oh Byung-Man Start building cracks, this phenomenon Iron building will begin to melt If there is a display of high temperature steel melt like sugar But why so fast? Because of the intensity of the cement lining, fusible than conventional cement Safe Yun-Hee Yun-Hee, this way how are things there? Cracks began to creep up, it is difficult to know the real situation Do not go into it not a safe place to hide Leaving the victims? Head The crane Yun-Hee, dangerous There are tools Derek Hana, stay here, you will be fine Yun-Hee ayo lompat Everyone jump I did not dare to jump down - Let's go - I can not jump Ms. Jung, it does not matter You can do it You can do it Let's jump out of time Apa One, two, three Ms. Jung, you did Last - What are you doing? - If so .. We ... will drop People try to swing Hana, wait One, two, three, jump Hurry up Stand Jump I Oh Who? I know you can not get out of this right I just hope no one sees me To submit this for my kids Tolon give my children Thank you It will temporarily ... Helps reduce pain .. Her Maybe today we will see a Santa Claus It turns out Today ... is Christmas Eve Did not you say in the world there's no Santa Claus? Ya. Sinterklas Did my dad ... Santa Claus at the heart of Hana's gorgeous ln-Gun why did you go there? stay a few more floors we are able to reach the bridge Almost any will made way and then huge explosion occurred Looks like I should resign To order hard pieces of rice Where is this? Heading to nowhere? - What is it? - Universal Princess Bridge Can you send an angel to save us please sent down with them we pray, O please send it to us Angel of the lord Hallelujah - Hallelujah - Amin Oh Byung-Man Byung-Man where are you? I'm here I'm here Head Wait This is dangerous Please check back Head If many people crossing the bridge, the glass will crumble down - What? - Should be spread Hurry up Safe Next, wait for orders Please follow the glowing path Do not run Let this smart girl advance Caution Fast. Do not rush, ayo lari Father Stop Do not look down, run Hurry up Hana retreat No manajaer Stop - Backwards - father Do not come here No Come away Lee Sun-Woo Lee Sun-Woo This is a simulated building collapse This is dangerous It's really facing us There is no way to prevent it? According to direct observation, can only use explosives to reduce losses OK Remove all firefighters in the building, prepare yourself for it But in it there are many people I want to double Haeundae 1 wounded troops? - How much time is there until it collapsed? - The building began to crack It is not balanced Now an unexpected When a building loses its balance, it will begin to falter Lake water balance of the 85 floors It has been ... oblique, making falls much faster pace How much water in the tank? Approximately 800 tons If open water may reduce the chances of collapse? If the building is under a heavier then we could have more time - Let's get started - do not We will encounter obstacles from blaze Because it is the center of the building, very few people in it Young-Ki, tower now in danger of collapse The building will collapse If you want to get out of here there are 10 minutes to open water reservoirs But we Keep fingerprints Lee Dae-Ho Maybe too cruel Now he was in great pain In this building There are many children like Hana Mood their parents So .. like 2 people Where there is no time If you do not hurry ... Will add more people ... Also ... suffer as I Parents Lee Dae-Ho Now I need you - Sometimes two reports position and movement - I put out the fire on the 35th floor Back. Hurry up TIm 5 report the location where you Located on the 28th floor, down Lord, give me the wisdom and courage - Please give me strength - Let me ask please give courage, wisdom and tsunami Tsunami, we beg tsunami God, please give us a tsunami Tsunami, O Lord Tsunami Air Tsunami there, hallelujah Hang on Last Manager, wear it wear it I could be a little lighter Chiu Where should we go now? staff, we are here. seelamatkan help us Fire through here, there are stairs Fast. Hurry up - Ayo - Kapten Kang Young-Ki - Captain Kang Young-Ki - Lee Sun-Woo, where are you? Where the head prefect Father Hannah, you okay? Are you injured? I'm fine dad Dad, come down here soon Yes, I will come to you Besides the father should bring Aunt Yun-Hee also Yes, my father would bring Aunt Yun Hee-together Hurry up Director Fog is too much, it can not be done unless the head of surveillance would have done this. This is a suicide mission. - Hatch y Park? - It is up and reduction \ c came out to the rescue Quiet, please order The kids again? Brother, this way What about the kids? Hana, wait, watch Sun-Woo Lee, went with him - I have to go down? - Do you have the heart to leave him there alone? Sun-Woo Lee, would not you want to do the best firefighting action? Takeoff go Fly Do not be afraid. We'll be fine - We'll be fine - you Brother Brother When people come to our rescue? Mreka coming soon - Byung-Man - Head - What are you doing? - I? Hana safe For the sake of heaven and earth Preparation of water, open Come on, it's here Okay? But it will collapse slowly but we can not do anything else Preparation of explosives, sort evacuation Head - Talking - Now bring explosives into Are Staying rescue? Please hurry and quickly left the site I know Do not put out the fire before it? We can hold the fire, but we just added a few minutes to get out of here There is no other way? - Attention All - Fast 'It's fitted with explosives. we want to go down with it? Not to go down, but with the drop Sky Tower 10 each has a processing tool Every 10 floors will have a barrier like this position Will prevent the elevator from falling When the Wall fell, the action star is still operating? - Probably not stable everywhere - we do not know to work or not If we fall into the fire? remain here will be burned to death, fell under the fire was going to die God In a fire, lift devices can not function normally So it will move through it very quickly Until the 20th floor and 10th floor Only where the device can function normally As Lee Dae-ho said, therefore we can do Safe Riverview now at 4.5 degrees of Cityview At least 40 minutes before the collapse of Riverview - If you can stop on the 20th floor? - Do not talk nonsense crouched, facing the wall Kapten, boat be prepared to fall Back next we have to go down again Jump keep on jumping Quickly jump Theretofore Why not stop there? we stuck Hurry up Apa you first. Hurry up ayo Naik Yun-Hee Yun-Hee, hold my hand Why is this? Not ... Dae-Ho, OK No, Yun-Hee No No, Yun-Hee Yun-Hee - Do not - calm Yun-Hee Captain Kang Young-Ki had escaped Follow me Chief ordered evacuated Only police and rescue team Sky Tower will crumble around a while longer Hana, Hana - Ayah - Hana Help me, somebody help me Wake I think .. Can survive ... Chae Yun Amin Tim Haeundae 1, Please help support Captain, please answer please reply Although it is not to save us Please talk Dad should not go Bibi Yun-Hee Still down Without aunt Yun-Hee Hannah with daddy like a star who fled, Background badly damaged now except for waste water system through the Han River Disposal ... not at all But here in South River very much not enough time It? Where the flow of rain water I'll give it here To blow up the rainwater storage tank, a large amount of water going into the drainage system At this point, the flow of water will flow toward the Han River Captain, this is the map control detonation After 20 minutes, Riverview will explode If out will await rescue team Come on. Head Is not the captain said do not leave me three steps? - Yun-Hee - I Oh - I Oh - Yun-Hee Head Head Here We are here Here ayo cepat Yun-Hee Yun-Hee Oh Byung-Man Head Oh Byung-Man Oh Byung-Man ayo masuk Head Captain, we're here we must get out of here - Yun-Hee - I am here Yun-Hee, okay? Yun-Hee Slowly Yun-Hee I'll be right back Developed down to 3-12 Is the captain? I have planted a bomb Then will come after this is completed now and then we run out, let's go Captain What are you doing? There is no time Apa? there is no time. Quickly run - I have to blow it up - What? Device driver crashed and lost No. Open the doors - Let's go - Lee Dae-Ho Everyone is waiting for it But not the captain. Let me go No need to I do not need saving to rescue people in distress later Head I hope you will remember Head Head Lee Dae-Ho Thank you Head Head Never tried the recording function Do not know? You hear me? Are you there I was a bad husband Indeed, I have encountered many difficulties In Sorry Thank you I love you My wife Chun Park ln Captain? Why are you crying? Captain? Captain? Head Say We will arrive I know Head Head Get ready for a blast Fire cake, promised to take before the hours of 7 Please help me....

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