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Bliss An Abdullah Oguz Film -That's Ali RIza Agha's niece, isn't it? -What happened to the girl, shepherd? Eat your food. lf you don't eat, you'll die. What did she say? -She didn't say anything. -Oh, dear God... She just sits there. Like a madwoman. l asked her again and again. She says she can't remember, she doesn't know. Are you going to the Agha? Yes. He called me... May the Almighty put no one through a test of their honour. Meryem is like a daughter to me too. -Abi, won't you let me have a word? -What are you going to talk about? Then you'll start feeling sorry for her. What was she doing all the way out there? Seeing she was being a whore she could at least have died. They must have left her there thinking she was dead. Tahsin... We need to clear up this business. The villagers have started whispering. -She hasn't told Done anything either. -What would she say? lt's her sin. Tell Done... She's her stepmother, isn't she? She knows the form. Does she have a birth certificate? We didn't register Meryem, Abi. Good. You're soiled, Meryem. You've sinned badly. You know that too. They've given the verdict. God forgive you. You know the custom. Here's some water. Do your ablutions. Clean yourself up. lf you do the job yourself, maybe you'll go to heaven. You know how to do it, don't you? l witness that there is no God but Allah... And l witness that Muhammed is His Prophet and His creation. And l witness that Muhammed is His Prophet and His creation. And l witness that Muhammed is His Prophet and His creation. We're in big trouble. The gendarmes are everywhere. The villagers keep jabbering about when this business will end. lt has to be cleared up. But you see the job can't be done here any more. Agha... lstanbul? lstanbul... lstanbul... We'll say a suitor's turned up there. A friend of Yakup's. We'll say she's gone to be his bride. She's not registered anyway. -Agha, let's get going right away. -No! This job falls to the one male child in the family. Cemal has almost finished his military service. We'll have to grit our teeth until he's done. Just let Cemal get back... Wet yourself again, have you? No-good! No-good Meryem! You'll get sores down there! -May God ease your work. -Thanks. Welcome. Cemal Abi's back! Cemal Abi! My Cemal's back, thank God! Thank God for bringing back my Cemal! Welcome. Good to have you back, Cemal. -Thanks, Dad. -Was it tough? Yes, but you get used to it. Of course you do. People get used to anything. How many traitors did you kill? -A few l guess. -Good on you! Well done. Cemal, we need to have a word about work. l want you to take over some of the fields. -Of course. -Anyway, we'll talk about that later. But now, you have a duty to carry out. Right, Tahsin? We have a problem on our hands. We'll be sending you somewhere. -What's happened? -ls that how you spoke to your CO? God forbid, Dad. Orders are obeyed. You're going to lstanbul with Cemal in the morning. Take this. Take the money too. you'll need it. lt'll get you there and back. Take the train. Get the job done when it's dark. Then come back. The girl thinks you're going to lstanbul. Remember! -Dad... -Do it and then come back, l said. The gendarmes are everywhere anyway. Bibi... My dear girl. My Meryem. Sweet girl, this is our last chance. Tell me who did it. Cemal Abi's back. He's taking me to lstanbul. To Yakup Abi and his family. Tell me, l beg you! Go on. Don't be stubborn. lf you tell me, l'll go to the gendarmes and stop those cuckolds. -Bibi... -Go on, dear. Why don't the c*cks crow? What dear? The c*cks... They don't crow any more. The c*cks always crow, my love. Some people hear them... Some people don't. l don't hear them any more, Bibi. You don't want it to be morning. That's why, my love. She's my daughterjust the same, Cemal l can'tjust throw her out. She's sinned, l know. l've never dared lay a finger on my girl. lt's tearing me apart, Cemal. She has no mother. Her stepmother beat her the whole time, but the poor thing still said nothing. She'd just let it happen. Don't think badly of her, Cemal. lt's for God to judge. -Cemal Abi... -Move it. We're going. Meryem, l didn't pack much. Cemal will get you everything new in lstanbul anyway. Hey, Meryem. So you're off to lstanbul. Go on then. -Where the hell have you been? -Cemal Abi... Don't disappear from my sight. -You were asleep. l didn't want to wake... -Shut up! -Who was that woman? -l don't know, Cemal Abi. Just some woman. -What did you talk to her about? -What would l talk to her about? -What did she ask you? -lf l was going to lstanbul. -And if you were my husband. -What did you say? What would l say? Now look. you don't speak to anyone else until you get off this train. Don't disappear from my sight either. Your husband! What next! Cemal Abi.. l've got something in my eye. There's nothing there. Nothing. lstanbul's beautiful, isn't it, Cemal Abi? -So you like it then. -Yes, l do, Teyze. Good. Welcome then. There's supposed to be a bridge. Where's that? There's lots of bridges. Which one do you mean? l don't know. Didn't l tell you not to speak to anyone? On the train, you said, Cemal Abi. We're on the boat now, aren't we? You were better off in the village, yakup. You still don't understand me. OK, forget you and me. But what about these kids? Dad didn't educate us. At least they should have it different. The village, huh? F*** that for a life. -Shame on you! How can you say that? -lt's the truth. Cemal, come closer. What's going on? lt's kind of complicated. -You ran off with the girl? -No. lt's not like that. Hey, Meryem.. Just look how you've grown! Look how pretty you've got. Meryem, what happened? Why did you come here? They decided it was the proper thing to do, yenge. Girl... -Yenge, is this lstanbul? -Damn lstanbul! l couldn't bring myself to throw her out of the train. Are you out of your mind? Huh? What age do you think we're living in? lt's not that easy. you'd think you were slaughtering a chicken. -That's the easy bit. -Easy, huh? you'd do whatever Dad told you, huh? you'd jump if he told you to jump, huh? He said he couldn't face people in the village any more. Damn the village. How do you know the girl's to blame? you'd believe what other people said and get blood on your hands? She'd say if she wasn't to blame. They asked enough times who did it. She wouldn't say. Who knows who did it if she's keeping it to herself. Mashallah! She's got so big, Elif! -Well done, honey. -Thanks. Elif, tell Mum to start getting the beds ready. lt's not my problem. -Keep your customs, keep everything. -What do you mean? l should become a pimp? Shame on you! Abi, you know as well as l do. l can't go back to the village until l've done the job. They've given the verdict on Meryem. lt's a done deal. She can't live now. There's no way. -They wouldn't let her. -No chance. you're right. Get up. We're leaving. Cemal Abi Let's go. Make your confession of faith. l witness that there is no God but Allah. And l witness that Muhammed is His Prophet and His Creation. l've done it. Cemal Abi... What's that? A graveyard. lt's going to be your graveyard. you're stained with sin, Meryem. you've brought shame on us! Now throw yourself off! l don't want your blood on my hands. Does my Dad know about this as well? Tell Dad, Cemal Abi.. Tell him to give me his blessing. l haven't done anything wrong. Nothing wrong at all. l've done nothing to shame him. Tell him... Meryem's gone to join her mother. Tell him not to worry about me. Tell him not to worry. l want to blindfold myself if that's OK. -Irfan? -Huh? Are you OK? Something's happening to you. Do you realise that? Aysel, sad to say, l have to walk away from this life and f'lnd another world. lt's less my choice than a matter of seIf-preservation. If l don't do it, l won't be able to live another day. 'Cause l know, l will be living in the same house and watching tv on the same couch until the end of my life. Eat at the same restaurants, telling the same stories. And someday, l will die at the hospital or in an ambulance on the way to it... Of the two alternatives before me l have no choice but to pick life. If l get over this ghastly feeling one day l'll come back. Goodbye, Irfan. Irfan? -Another conference, is it? -Thanks, Mum. That's what you said once, remember? you had a conference down here so you dropped by. That was five or six years ago. you were so busy you couldn't stay. you'll stay this time, won't you? l'll stay tonight, Mum. -Some more cabbage leaves? -No thanks, Mum. l'm full. Mum... l've decided to take a bit of a break from life. Are you going to go on holiday? Not a holiday, Mum. This is different. A chance to breathe, to take a rest. -Aysel? -No. l'm on my own. Let's hope it works out for the best. l couldn't make it to Dad's funeral. l didn't make it. l know you'll never forgive me, Mum. l've been seduced by a quite different life. lt's wrong. But l can't help it. l can't do it. Time doesn't come back either. you know what, Mum? My wedding wasn't among friends. l didn't invite you. l was ashamed. l was ashamed of myself. Now l'm even more ashamed, Mum. What's happened to me? What's happened to your beloved son, to the Irfan you treasured? l forgot about the pumpkin dessert. lt's in the kitchen. you see? Have a look. Cemal? My friend Selo from the army. Look, Cemal. l can't get my head round the customs where you come from. you know that. l mean, running off with a girl is a thing of the past these days. No, Selo. lt's not that kind of thing. OK, soldier. Forget it. Don't worry about it. -l didn't know where to go. -Where else would you go? Of course you'd come here! Hey, we're brothers, aren't we? Look, l understand. you need somewhere to stay for a while. Sure. Come and stay with me. No, Selo. We can't do that. Then let's send you to a resort-type place. -lf there's a lot of people around. -No, it's quiet. The place is ours. There's a man there. He wants to go back home or something. you could take over from him. Thanks, Selo. -Hello, there! -Hello to you. -Selahattin Sahin sent us here. -l know. l know. Those are bream. And those are sea bass. Got that? -Bream. Sea bass. -Aha. Mix them up and it's no problem. Why not? Because they're fish. They don't know their names. Call them bream or sea bass. Call them Ahmet, Mehmet or anchovy. Fish don't understand. Go on, laugh! But it's true what l say. Look.. you feed this lot with this food. And feed the others with the same food. But don't get them mixed up. No, we won't. And if you shine a light on them, they lose their scales... -And then kill themselves. -Really? What do l know? lt's what they told me. Don't try sticking the scoop in and catching them for a fry-up. you can stay over there. OK, bye. Why are you standing there? ln case you want something. Come and eat. lt's too bad... Poor things. What's poor about them? They're only fish. Have you never had fish before? lt's nice. A bit like chicken. Have some bread. you got a bone there. Cemal... Are you my devil? you no-good pile of trouble! Cemal Abi! -Come on! Who did you flirt with? -Cemal Abi? What are you talking about? Who did you flirt with, b*tch? you have to tell me, damn you! -you're soiled! -l haven't done anything wrong. -Tell me! -But Cemal Abi, l swear l don't know. l'll kill myself if you don't say! Who was it? Who was it? Let me do my ablutions, then kill me, Cemal Abi. l swear l don't know. l swear l don't. l've done nothing wrong. Hey, you over there! Turn it off! Turn off the light! -Turn off the light, friend! Turn it off. -Why? What's going on? -There's fish over there, Abi. -Oh right. lf you shine light on them at night they kill themselves. Sure. you shouldn't underestimate fish. They're sensitive creatures. l see... Fine, but tonight l have to stay here. The engine's broken down. -We'll take a look in the morning. -OK, Abi. Stay. l don't own the sea, do l? you're right. -Who is it? -A tourist. -Cemal, l've kept you from your work. -No, Abi. l had things to do anyway. Well, OK then. l'll be back soon. Don't disappear anywhere. Hi. Where would l disappear anyway? -Hello there. How are things? -Welcome, Abi. Good. -What's up, Abi? -A short circuit, l think. OK, Abi. Let's have a look. -Hello? -Selo, it's Cemal. -Oh Cemal. How's it going? -Fine. -Are you getting used to the f'lsh? -Too right. Hey, soldier. What have you gone and got yourseIf mixed up in? -What's that supposed to mean, Selo? -your brother called. -yakup? -Right. -What did he say? -Nothing, but his voice said it all. lt got me worried. And with you being all cryptic... -lt's no big deal. Don't worry. -He asked about the girl too. -The girl? -Wasn't her name Meryem? Her. -What did you say? -Nothing of course. l said l didn't know. Meryem's not around, Selo. She's dead. Meryem's dead! -What's up, Cemal? What's got to you? -Nothing. lt's pretty damn heavy, Cemal. -l've put you out. Sorry about that. -No, Abi. l had a job to do. l got it done thanks to you. OK then. Meryem... ls that the girl's name? lt's done, that urgent business l had. l'm back now. -So what happens to us? -They didn't tell me that. Cemal, listen. l'll be leaving this cove pretty soon. Let me drop you somewhere near wherever you're going. Come on. Don't think about it. Come on. -Got it worked out, have you Cemal? -Of course not, Abi. What happened with the fish farm? lt was just a temporary thing anyway. So what are you going to do now? We'll see. Cemal, listen. As you can see, the boat's huge. And l'm on my own. l was going to look for staff when l got to the harbour. Why not work with me? -But how would that work? -Easily enough. Meryem can look after the kitchen. And you can help me. -l don't know, Abi. Am l up to it? -Sure you are. Besides, weren't you a commando? -you bet, Abi. -Well, there you go then. ls there anything a commando can't do? We'll give it a try. lf it works, it works. Meryem! l've made you the chef, OK? Let's hope everyone's happy then. A commando, huh? you're not from around here, are you, Cemal? No, Abi. Did you come here as workers? There's a lot of people like that here. Especially cotton pickers in Adana. -Abi, l'll just check on Meryem. -you have any kids? No, Abi. Meryem, leave those. you can deal with them in the morning. Come on, it's time for bed. Oh, just a second. lf you get seasick, take one of these. OK? -OK, goodnight then. -Goodnight. Old age for you. l forgot my water. Go on, off you go to bed. Hey, calm down, Cemal. Lie down. lt's only me. -Why don't you sleep a bit longer? -No, Abi. -Cemal, l'm off shopping. Need anything? -No, Abi. Thanks. Make yourselves at home. See you later. What a nice man, isn't he, Cemal Abi? Don't be so wide-eyed, Meryem. you can't tell what he's like right off. What do we care anyway? Don't trust everyone just like that. And don't call me Cemal Abi when he's around, or he'll realise. -What should l call you? -Cemal of course. What do you think? -Cemal. -When he's around, l said. -Selamun aleykum. -Aleykum selam. -Do you know where yakup is? -Over there. you wait here. -Dad, what are you doing here? -l have to explain myself to you, do l? No, you don't. you never explain yourself to anyone. Where's Cemal? Where's that whore? Get out of here, Dad. you don't have a father. you should have thought of that when you bunked off. Where are they? -How do l know where they are? -Don't lie! Leave me alone for God's sake. Get out of here! Cemal showed up. Then he disappeared. He left. l don't know. Have you got that? This is lstanbul, Dad. lt's no place for your kind of customs. We'll soon see if it is or not. -Welcome, Abi. -Thanks, Cemal. Give us a hand here. -Here, take this. Thanks. -Thanks, Abi. Wow! Hey, Cemal... -What have you done to the boat? -What's up, Abi? What's up?! The place is spotless! -Was it you, Meryem? -Me and Cemal Ab... Me and Cemal. lt's good l got this lot then. Cemal, here. These are for you. -Abi, you shouldn't have bothered. -Come on... We're talking the tiniest present for the helmsman and deckhand. Here, Meryem. These are for you. l hope you like the stuff. Off you go and get changed now. Go on! Rule one, nothing gets you down on board. Rule two, your radio doesn't pack up. -The radio's important, Abi. -Of course it is. Crucial. Now look. First, you set the frequency. Press to speak. Let go to listen. Abi, l know all about radios. These are small. Ours are bigger. Aselsan. Ours are Aselsan... -Have some wine, Cemal. -No thanks, Abi. l don't drink wine. ln that case.. There you go then. Cheers! -l'm glad l ran into you guys. -Thanks, Abi. Cemal, you know what? Meryem's very resourceful. Abi, she's uneducated. Don't mind if she does anything wrong. No, no. She's a very clever girl. So you left and came all the way here. Why did you come? How? There must be a reason. Abi, circumstances... That's why we came. Circumstances... That's why we came. Circumstances... you're a very straight guy. l've never been that black and white. l've never been that straight. -Don't say that. -No, it's not modesty or anything. you know what? l really wanted to be like you. Sharp, clear-cut as a blade... But l never was. -Or maybe l was when l was young. -But you're still young, Abi. No, l'm not. Come on, let's drink. Cheers! Commando, commando... Every Turk's born a soldier! Every Turk's born a soldier! Abi, where did you do military service? ln Burdur. -There's commandos in lsparta and Egirdir. -No, l did short service. l was in America. l came over to do it in between a Masters and a PhD. you know what? l got blisters on my feet. l walked about in slippers for two weeks. -ln slippers? -yes. lf only you'd asked... you get a sanitary towel, stick it in your boot and you're fine. -A sanitary towel, huh? -Right. Though it makes no difference up in the mountains. Minus 20 or 30 degrees, rain, snow... you go off to the outback for ten days or so... And come back to find the bastards have bombed the gendarmerie. So back you go for another ten days or until you catch them. So did you catch them? lt's God's command, Abi. The country can't be left to traitors! lstanbul, Ankara has no idea what we saw. No idea what we went through. That's OK. Bless the motherland. lf Turkey is still on its feet, that's all because of its soldiers. And a few prayers of course. yes, there's that too, of course. Abi, what are you doing down here? What am l doing down here? What's Irfan Kurudal doing down here? Professor Irfan Kurudal... A good question. Circumstances... Come on, let's drink. Bravo, Cemal! Good on you! Let's drink, huh? Let's drink. Bravo, Cemal! Commando! Commando! Commando! Commando! Every Turk's born a soldier... Every Turk's born a soldier... Ali RIza Amca? Selahattin... Where's Cemal? Cemal... l haven't seen him. Selahattin... l don't know, Ali RIza Amca. -Selahattin, l need Cemal. -l don't know. Honestly, Ali RIza Amca. Just a second, Ali RIza Amca. Hey, careful with those! Careful! MARMARIS FlSHERlES Selahattin... Where does this fish come from? Marmaris. From our fish farm... Marmaris... Actually, from all over the place. yes, from all over the place. Marmaris... l'll be in the village waiting to hear good news from you. -Don't come without doing the job. -Agha, Cemal? Make sure he's not hurt. Bring the bastard back to me when you've finished with the girl. l'll be dealing with his punishment. -Take this photo. you might need it. -All right, Agha. Well done, Meryem. you did a greatjob there. Now come here. Come here. l'll teach you to tie a clove hitch. OK? -Cemal, what's she so upset about? -Nothing, Abi. She's a bit of a coward. -Good morning. -Good morning. -How are you? -Fine. you know, Meryem? A knot should be secure. lf you loosen it a bit, it'll quickly unravel. People are like that too. Hold it like that. With this hand pull the end through here. Then underneath again.. Irfan Abi! When we're about to moor somewhere let me know and l'll do it. l'll go and prepare some food. Meryem, Cemal's jealous. He's worried you'll be a better skipper. People can be young and old, but not the wind! Can you let the ladder down? Teacher! Teacher! Hi teacher. Hello. Don't you recognise me teacher? l'm Serap. -Ah! Serap from the third year. -yes. -Where do you appear from? -The sea. Well, bravo. l was on that boat over there. l looked and saw it was you. -l thought l'd come and surprise you. -lt's really a nice surprise. Teacher, what a great move. l mean, disappearing just like that. What can l get you? -you have any pomegranate juice? -l don't think so. -Whatever you're drinking then, please. -OK. l'll go and fix that. And some water, please. Thanks for the trouble. That's all right. -Do you work with Irfan the teacher? -He's a good guy. -yes, you're right. Thanks. -There you go. -Thank you. you're welcome. -She's his student. -Who? The girl. She's Irfan Abi's student. Good. But she's pretty, isn't she, Cemal Abi? What? Caked in make-up like that? Even you're better looking. There's no one from college or anything. lt's a BBQ party. Please come. We'll see. Get ready, guys. We're moving to another cove. The salt, Meryem! Look, it's there. Irfan Abi, no. l can't do it. Really. Look, Irfan Abi! Come here, Cemal. Come on. Come here, come on. All together... No, Irfan Abi. Please! Come on, guys. you're hopeless, honestly. What kind of young people are you? Here, take this. Off you go and lay the table, Cemal. -Go on! -But it's a woman's job. lt's not right. What do you mean ''a woman's job''? Now listen. Who's the skipper here? you, Irfan Abi. The skipper of a boat is also like a CO. The CO's word is final. There are no women's jobs, no men's jobs on my boat. Now, take it. No, Meryem, not you. Take it. Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on! Good on you. Everyone does everything, huh? This is what a commando has to sink to? -What are you looking at? -l'm looking at the moon. you remember we went to a wedding once? -What wedding? -The wedding at Uncle KazIm's. That was so long ago. There was a moon like that there too. lt was shining on the lake. Remember? No. l've never forgotten it for some reason. This one's the same. The moon's the same everywhere. -you had these brand new, brown shoes. -Huh. How come you remembered that? But you were so funny at that wedding. l don't know. Like a grown man. No talking, no nothing. Of course, we were kids then. Some people showed up from Gevas or somewhere. They eyed us and you blew your top. Like a grown man. Those were nice times. We'll never be able to go back to the village, will we? No, Meryem. Because of me. -Stop that now. -No. No, l'm not stupid, Cemal Abi. l understand a thing or two now. l don't know. Forget the village, Meryem. OK? l'm dying, friends This is the last stop But if l don't like it, l'll be back Knowing what death is about Come in, Meryem. Thanks. So you're a teacher. That's nice. yes, at university. When did you leave school? After second grade at primary school. -Then? -Then, well... This is a map of where we are. lt shows us the way. lt's here we decide on our course. you know what ''course'' means? -No. -lt means direction. Look, we were here yesterday. Then we came here. Here, have a look with this. Take it. lt looks enormous. you're so funny, Irfan Abi... Really... lt's beautiful. That's my dear friend Hidayet. years ago, he set sail round the world on his six-metre boat. you know what he used to say? He'd say he wanted to live not thinking or knowing about tomorrow. l don't know if he managed it. He went. l stayed. Maybe we'll see Hidayet Abi somewhere. Maybe. Life's so strange, you know, Meryem. The trip l didn't do years ago l'm now doing with you. Me, you and Cemal. Cemal, take this list. Just a second. l'll give you some money. Here, take this. The supermarket's that way. Cemal, wait. l forgot the most important thing. -your first lot of wages. -No, Abi. you keep it. We'll manage. -But you might need it. -No, Abi. Let it pile up with you. -OK. -Thanks. Irfan Abi, is there anything special you want me to cook? you're the chef, aren't you, Meryem? you can cook what you like. See you then. Meryem... -Here. This is for you. -What's this, Irfan Abi? A present. l hope you like it. -No, no. l can't take it. -What do you mean, you can't take it? That's so rude! you can't turn down a present. Here. Open it and see what's inside. -lt's beautiful. -you like it? Go on, put it on. Wait. l'll help you. Here. Let's see. lt looks great on you. -Enjoy wearing it. -Thanks. you like it too, Cemal? -What's that thing round your neck? -A present... Don't give me his presents. Don't be angry, Cemal Abi. He said it was a present and it was rude to refuse it. -How could you let a stranger touch you? -l couldn't do it up. He helped. -l was all confused too. -Confused, huh? Confused! -OK, Cemal Abi. Don't be angry. -Shut up! you're still banging on. you'll lose your head soon. lt's my stupid fault. For not punishing you. Whore! you're not ashamed of yourself but at least be ashamed in front of me! Cemal Abi! What did you say, Meryem? Did you say ''Cemal Abi''? l heard right, didn't l? -you keep out of this. -What do you mean, ''keep out of this''? you misled me... you lied to me. Why don't you get it? We're living here together. you weren't working here. Was it so hard to be honest with me? Huh? Why did l leave lstanbul to come here? Why did l set out on this trip? Because l'd had it with lies and deceit. But you lied to me. lt's the last thing l expected from you. you don't know your place anyway. -Where are we going? - Just shut up. you're always telling me to shut up, Cemal Abi, but l'm not going to! OK, don't. Whatever trouble we're in is your fault anyway. Talk away. Whatever you're going to say. -l haven't done a thing, Cemal Abi. -So l see. you haven't. l haven't. Irfan Abi hasn't either. you always feel bad. -That's why you're always angry. -Meryem! He said it was a present and it was rude to refuse it. What's wrong with that? And he's been like a father to us, Irfan Abi has. -you're sick on the inside, Cemal Abi. -Move it, Meryem. We're going. l'm not going anywhere. you're going to stay and be a whore, are you? l'll be whatever l'm going to be. Enough! Fine then. -Hello? -Hello, yakup? Cemal, where are you? Dad and his guys are looking for you everywhere. Looking for us? -yakup! Get your ass over here! -Coming, Abi. l have to go, Cemal. Just watch out. Believe me, it's dangerous. l know l really hurt your feelings. you don't have to tell me everything. Why am l trying to meddle? l'm very sorry, both of you. We're not married. Cemal Abi's Dad and my Dad are cousins. Something happened. As l understand, something happened. So you left and came here. Circumstances demanded it. Right, Cemal? None of that matters. When l came here from lstanbul, my head was a muddle. But everything's very different now. l want you to stay with me. l want you to come back to the boat. Please. Cemal Abi... Come on. Come here. you could at least have picked the Greek islands. Why are you doing this? Really, l'd love to know. Why are you doing this to us? l'm doing something for me. Or rather, for the first time in my life l'm trying to do something for me. -Except you're failing, l tell you. -At least l'm trying. l'm sick of everything, you know, Aysel. And you don't realise that. l'm sick of university, of television, of your rich friends... And l'm sick of this vacuous ostentation. l'm sick of you. l haven't written a book for five years. l have a complex. l can't accept that my wife has more money than me. Etc etc, huh? -Stop it. -No. Not now or any time soon. What right do you have to disappear? - Just about every right. -No, you don't. -yes, l do. -No, you don't. Listen to me, Aysel. l wanted to be in charge of my life again. l'm trying to get together the missing bits of my mind. l'm trying to define who l am. And most important of all l'm trying to understand my dear friend Hidayet. l want to live not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Fine. you're friends with those peasants, are you? -They're my crew. -Sure, 1 7 years old... -you have a stunning crew. -What's that got to do with it now? Oh God, l wonder! A coy, charming village beauty... -Who's the guy with her? Her husband? -No. l know you won't understand but l'll say it anyway. Meryem's very different. She's very smart, very clever... And most importantly she's still pure. Sure she doesn't have the conversation your friends do. lf that's a crime... -But you know what she can do? -She must have told you. She doesn't have to. She doesn't need words for that. Look at her eyes and you understand everything. you also do a greatjob explaining, Irfan Kurudal. Well, you've fallen head over heels in love. Don't be riddiculous. you're being a coward as always. Don't drink too much. Or drink as much as you like. What do l care? Defendant: Irfan Kurudal Case: Divorce Watch out for Irfan. Watch out for that girl too. Give her a wide berth, Cemal. OK. Thanks. you know what, Meryem? Aysel's jealous of you. For goodness sake... Come. How was it we oriented ourselves? What do we do first? Decide where we're heading. Then we measure our position. The compass says 189 degrees. -That's not how you orient yourself! -How do you do it then, Cemal? you put down the compass. you take your bearings. you work out where there are mountains and where there are villages. you work out where the enemy's hiding. Where he might be hiding. Will that stupied bullet come from this direction or that? But you mustn't face the sun. you must wait. you mustn't move if it kills you. Not even move a muscle. Why not? Because the sun will get in your eyes. And you won't see the enemy. you see how to orient yourself now? lt's a bit different, Cemal. -Want a newspaper, Abla? -No, no. l've got fresh melon. Newspapers. l can give you some ice. -Give her some ice. -l don't want any. Where's the woman gone? -What did you say? -Nothing. F*** off! l'll rip your spleen out! Bastard! Come here! Hey, Cemal! What's going on? -What happened, Cemal? Why the shouting? -lt's nothing. -you're scary, Cemal. -Why would you be scared? l mean you're unpredictable. See what you did to those guys. l expect they were so scared they fled all the way to Bodrum. -l'm completely predictable, Irfan Abi. -you're kind of brutal. Soften up a bit. -you're not in the army any more. -That's different. Leave the army out. you don't getjerks like that in the army bothering everyone's wife or daughter. So if Meryem was your girlfriend you'd probably have killed the guy. Irfan Abi, l don't know what the deal is with girlfriends. They're an invention of where you come from. Where l come from, everyone knows their place. Women know what it is to be a woman, men what it is to be a man. Fine, but then you kill women when they've done nothing wrong. Who? lsn't that right? lt's in the papers every day. Don't believe everything you read in those papers. These are complex matters. Whether it's Meryem or whoever, no one talks to a woman who's with me. What did the weather forecast say? -Coastal areas mild, rough out to sea. -So? So, you're the same, Cemal. Coastal areas mild but rough out to sea. Then we'll go from coastal area to coastal area. -Morning, Irfan Abi. -Morning. Cemal's been on the bottle again, huh? Pass me that bucket, will you? What kind of bucket's that? lt's glass. you can see the seabed with it, you know. We did it all the time as kids. Look, like this... Meryem... Meryem? Meryem! Meryem! Where the hell are you? Meryem! Where are you? -They're so small! -Here. Very cute. -Look at those tiny fish there! -Here. Look. you see that? That's a starfish. lf he doesn't like death he'll be back. The hell you will! A couple of stupid bullets in the head and how will you come back. Some poetry! Meryem! -Irfan Abi? -yes? -Does it snow in lstanbul? -Sometimes. There's my Bibi. She's my grandmother but l call her Bibi. She always tells me stories when it snows. We sit by the stove until morning or as long as the wood lasts. She strokes my hair. But what stories! lf you heard them! All made up. All far-out like the movies. Do you miss it back there? lt's the only place l know. Of course l miss it. Who wouldn't miss their home and hearth? you can go back. l don't know. Maybe. Hello, Cemal. -l'm going to the kitchen. -Whore! -Cemal, what are you doing? -What were you doing more like? -Shut up! -Fine but get a grip on yourself, Cemal. Take an ignorant peasant like me for an idiot, huh? A pimp, huh? Rapist! you've been planning this for days, right? you're finished! l'll kill you! Cemal! Why does no one listen to me. Am l dead? Meryem, Meryem, Meryem.. No-good Meryem. No one knows what Meryem feels. lt can stay that way. Why didn't you kill me? Why didn't you kill me? Why didn't you kill me? She's asleep. Now listen to me. Meryem's like a daughter to me. Get that into your head. Shall l tell you something? you love the girl. Really you do. lf you love her, why make life hell? Both for yourself and the girl. -Meryem's tainted. -Meryem's pure. We're all more tainted than she is. l can guess what happened. How can you blame her? Besides, if you love her... l love her. -l love her, Irfan Abi. -Good on you. That's the way to be. Chill out a bit. Hey, Cemal. you almost strangled me today. Forget it. Cemal, we need to sort out Meryem's birth certificate thing. The deputy governor's a close friend, you know. And nothing can happen to you as long as you're with me. you know that, don't you? Don't tell me the world's not big enough for Cemal and Meryem. We'll sort it out. Meryem! Uncle Ali RIza, don't! Stop it, Uncle! Uncle Ali RIza! Uncle! Uncle, don't! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, Uncle! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, Uncle! Don't kill me! -Good news, l hope. -Good news! l've come to rid the world of a rapist. Cemal... Son... Cemal Abi... lt's you, who said the wind is young, Irfan Abi. lt's you, who said the wind is life. l understand, Irfan Abi. Life is amazing. Don't ask me what l'm going to do, what will happen now. l don't know. But this life is mine, Irfan Abi. Cemal still feels bad towards you. That's why he didn't say anything, but you'll understand that. They don't say 'skipper for nothing. you pointed us in the right direction. l'd love to meet again one day. To laugh and have a good time together. Have a good trip, Irfan Abi.

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