Area Q.

Synopsis: A year after the disappearance of his son, Thomas Mathews, an investigative journalist, still has no information and begins his own obsessive search. However, the obsession has him losing his house and job so his boss sends him on special assignment in Brazil. In Brazil, Mathews investigates close encounter sightings that have taken place in the small cities of Quixada and Quixeramobim-also known as Area Q. While there, he realizes he will face the biggest discovery of his life.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
100 min

Quixad, BRAZIL, 1979 Joao! Come eat bread. I have no time, I have to go to the field now. Do not worry, eat by at least one piece. No, I have plenty to do. -- What is it, son? She did this. -- Did you do this? --Yes. Chico, but ... s are an artist. --Thank you. 'Nothing. And you take care of your mom while I'm gone. All right. --Blessing, Dad. --God bless you, son. Do not go giving away all our milk by the way, Joao. Snap out of it, woman. Many people is worse than us. Stop making face of concern ... I told you I live over 120 years. -- Do not I told? --Yes. Well. Go! LOS ANGELES, USA CONTACT OR LIE?? Read the story MATHEWS incredible Can we talk? Please talk about the phenomenon you witnessed recently. Phenomenal events not important. What is very urgent is what I learned. We must ensure all descendants ... of the human race to survive. Because they have the strength unwillingness to change. I swore I would not count this story again. SAYS HAPPENED ... A NIGHT WITH AN ALIEN ... Do not know why I agreed to give this interview. Nor am I going to believe. Please stop recording. I believe, Mr. Mathews. Already a legend among us journalists. All right. A YEAR BEFORE MISSING What's that? Why that kid films, pervert? -- What's going on? -- Is my child! This pervert is hidden behind the tree filming his son! Call the police! Hear, hear. He is my son! My child is shy. --I just wanted to shoot it without being seen. --Exactly, black man, 1.80 m. We are in the park. Please come quickly! Yes, fast! Please! We are in the park ... Sorry. --Sorry, sorry. 'All right. -- Are you okay? I'm fine. What is your problem? No I do not know. I think it's crazy. No, no, no! Sorry. Sorry. Please. --Sorry. 'All right. I think everything is fine. Sorry. Come. Idiot! Idiot! Idiot. I'm waiting. What do you have? I'm finishing the story. I send you the weekend. We are eager to see and hope to have it up on Friday. Ready to go? --Dad. --It will be an interesting issue. Hello? Mr. Mathews, Sergeant Williams speaks. I heard about what happened today. Sorry. You're lucky that the family not denouncing it. Not continue tolerating behavior. I know I made a mistake, but That man had the same description. We are not certain that the disappearance of his son ... has something to do with a pedophile. It was a theory that had, but still could not prove anything. Just because someone is filming in a park full of children ... means not to be a pedophile. If that happens again, I will arrest. I'm warning you, Thomas. I understand what you're going ... but do not want to see you near that park. Or spend some time in prison. Got it, Thomas? Okay, I ... THANKS FOR Your generous donation Global News Weekly Magazine. Thomas Mathews Speaks. I can talk to Dylan?, Please? Wait. Hello, Tom. How long. How are you? Well, but about of losing my home. I have to work again. About time. We'd love to have you back. There's always work for you here. I accept whatever. I have a report on cases of alien abductions. Abductions?? Why the journal will cover a story? There is much evidence in this case. Seriously, it's okay. Acertar the details of your trip. Your passport is valid? Yes, why? The report is in Brazil. I can not leave the country. Do not you have anything else? Now, I have only that. I need to work, but I can not ... Sending you would be excellent. You journalist lends credibility our reports. Sure discover if inventions ... or if it really is something going on there. And it will be good for you traveling for a while. Should I be here if they discover something about m son. If something happens, again the same day. Thomas, have faith in God, you will find out what happened. You still there? Are you okay? OUR WINNING JOURNALIST WIN 'AWARENESS IN THE PRESS " What? God forgot about me long. Right? --Thank you. 'All right, take care. LAPD. Official Speaks Collin. Sergeant Williams, please. How whom? Thomas Mathews. He is investigating ... Mr. Mathews, How I can help? I notice that I'm going traveling abroad, about two weeks. They have something new, please call my cell. Sure, Mr. Mathews. The holidays will do well. I'm going on vacation ... I was happy to travel. Mainly to cover cases of miraculous cures. And immediate contacts second degree. But ... so the story was more amazing ... I wrote already started. The spirit is a point One point that does not leave the corner The point is located the corner And the paralyzed corner point Do not be distracted Or leave your corner While his spirit Your old spirit is not ready While his spirit Your old spirit is not ready The spirit is crying ... This small town in northwestern Brazil ... is in the middle of nowhere. And it has one of the largest numbers cases of UFO apparitions in the world. You can not be here. Is this my hotel? Hotel, yes. It seems money Land Bank. How much? Fifty. Fifty. It's .. is this. -- Fifty? --Exactly. Fifty. Thank you. Mr. Thomas! Contact the magazine got me was a unique individual ... My name is Osvaldo. Welcome to Area Q. ? "Area Q"? Yes, the names of several cities here begin with the letter Q. Quixad, Quixer, QuixeI and Quixeramobim. I'm your guide. ELIOSVALDO Q AREA Tour guide, interpreter, ASSISTANT GENERAL Elios ... Elios ... How do you say? Eli--Osvaldo. My mother was Elisabeth and my father, Osvaldo. So my name. Gladly, Eliosvaldo. Same to you. Chief, do everything right? -- You want me to shine your shoes? --No, child. Leave the man alone, walk. Wait, what does? Polishing your shoes. But you have tennis, Then, I told him to leave her alone. -- How much? -- How much? One? For next time, okay? Lord, it's too much money. Come. You won the day, kid! He said that for the next, Le lustras his shoes. This time of year is excellent for making contact. You like this weather. Everyone knows ... after their planet ... Area Q is his favorite place. The most recent is that of Maria das Graas. I was dying and attracting much attention. It's very similar to what happened Joao Batista for many years. And then there's the haciendero Josias, that is a witness. Josias has a farm near this city. And it is near the mountain. Eliosvaldo told me on cases of apparitions incredible ... and abductions that neither the stories Spielberg will win. He also saw the white light orange before she disappeared. That was two weeks ago ... Sir Raymond. --Eliosvaldo. This is Mr. Thomas Mathews. He came to make a research on UFOs. Get him the card. Is today the 12th already? EI trip was so long It seems that I lost a day. I think time it's just a matter of perception. I'll let you rest. And will take it back tomorrow to see some nice places ... and perhaps make contact. Lord Raymond, get her a room. Thank you. This way. Thirty?? Thank you. Mr. Mathews! Mr. Mathews! Mr. Mathews! Mr. Mathews! Mr. Mathews! I do not know what happened. I saw Peter ... When I turned I saw a man, but I do not know ... -- A man with Peter? What do you mean? I do not know where he is. -- A man took Peter? -- I do not know! I do not know! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was beginning to regret have taken the job. I should not have gone there to cover a story ... that even a tabloid would seem hard to believe. Dad! Hello, friend! Hey, Dad! How are you? Genial! Come home. I can not, Dad. -- Why not? In short, Dad. Shortly. Its color is not common here. I thought they thinking seeing Eddie Murphy. Forget it. I think I want to go talk ... with the woman who was dying, like you said. Maria das Graas course. First, let's talk to Josias. He is closer. S it looks good. Please tutame, tell me Thomas. Sorry, boss. I'm going out to do some pictures. See you in a bit. --Wait, wait, I'm with you. --Me too. Tell him that part is always hotter. He said that this part of the soil always hot. A 43 degrees in the shade, What would not be hot? He said no wonder. With the heat in here ... What would not be hot? Of course he was talking about 10 degrees Celsius. I had to later conversion. It was a difference of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you smell that? Jasmine. Very strong. What? Smell that. It smells like jasmine. I do not smell anything. Do you feel, Josias, the scent of jasmine? Can you explain ... what happened here? Want me to explain how it came here. I was at home ready to sleep ... I heard a noise ... and ran out here. Just saw a strong light. Imagine a strong light. It was so ... white, orange. He stopped here, right up here. Then he disappeared, the other side of that mountain. Thank you. Thanks, Josias. No way. Must be a coincidence. He must be sure that there was crazed. Dylan, I have to go. I will deliver the report the weekend, I promise. What's that? Go! I did not know they were drawing so well. You are a small Michelangelo, right? Who? Michelangelo, an artist famous talented. But not as much as which you have. It is a beautiful mountain. It's you, Dad. Really? Where am I? Come. Chao, Dad. Chao. --Chao, Mr. Mathews. --Chao, Luz. See you later, buddy. Chao, Dad. Thomas. Who's there? Show yourself. You know the mountain near the hacienda of Josias? Yes, boss. How many appearances already given in that mountain? Many. How many? Not sure, but that place is like an airport for them. Always come and go from there. But without rows and safety, sure. -- How are you? -- How you doing? We always found. I think we're more desencontrndonos. She was very sick. The doctors said I was dead ... that no nothing more to do. My mom, the poor, just prayed and cried. Daughter, I'll bring your breakfast. It was a miracle of Jesus Christ. --The feeling I had. --Thank you. Is it all happened in just a few minutes ... but when I ... it was morning. Did you see or feel something? Did you see or feel something? The light, the light was very strong. I opened my eyes only for a few seconds ... and saw the mountain before me. Whatever has passed you did well. She seemed never to have been sick in his life. There was a twinkle in his eyes. A joy. A certain secret pleasure. I felt like it was touched by the hand of an angel. So, I took a liquid that tickled my body. And I knew the purest water I've had in my life. It was the hand of God. My prayers were answered. He did not want that was now. She did not deserve it. She's a good girl. Daughter ... Talk about your job in the asylum with the oldies. No, Mom. It was God's work. She wants to talk about their work with the old folks in the nursing home. And I also felt something else. It was all the time, jasmine smell very strong. Was scent of jasmine? Jasmine smell, all the time. Did you tell the smell of jasmine I felt in the estate of Josias? No, I said nothing. -- I swear it? --Yes, sir. What are you saying, Eliosvaldo? It intrigued by the smell of jasmine. Jasmine smell?? It signals presence of Santa Paulina! She is the protector of patients with cancer. So ... Did you feel healthy the next morning? Did you feel so well the next morning? As if it never been sick. Please tell them thank you for your help. He thanks them for their time. Ask him what is that brand. Where did that mark on your hand? I went with her then I disappeared. She came back with this brand after she disappeared. The girl seemed honest and true. She really believed who had been abducted. Lord! What? She wants to tell you something. His mom still does not know. No one knows. She is pregnant. Are you talking about conception immaculate ... of aliens, or what? Maria, did the child is the alien? No, my boyfriend. Her boyfriend. Excellent. Chao. Congratulations, Maria. Congratulations, bye. Thank you! Phase Four of ovarian cancer. Had spread to the uterus, bowel and bladder. He had six months a year. Refused chemotherapy or surgery. Her mother took her home to die in peace. No explanation medical or scientific. But it is completely healed. There is no sign any disease. She told us that she is pregnant. Did not you know? She is a healthy woman now ... able to get pregnant. How about if we take a walk? I could not get out of my head the story of Maria das Graas. It was strange that we would have felt the same smell. She also mentioned I had seen the mountain. Did you know that this area has much uranium? Maybe that's why you like it here. It's like a gas station to them. Even a writer Brazilian famous ... born and raised here ... said he saw a ship orange with white light. My grandmother knew and always said she was not lying. Does the writer is called ...? Rachel de Queiroz. Interesting. Tell me more of that other famous case. The man who was abducted near the mountain ... --That behind the estate of Josias. --Joao Batista. That was thirty years ago. He became a legend here. When he returned, told everyone ... strong light on who took him into space. People say they never was never the same after that. Who? People, worldwide. They said he had powers. -- Powers? --Yes. I had to talk to these people. I thought if everything went wrong, at least ... would use all this madness of witchcraft and superstition in my story. Excuse me, ma'am. I wonder. Does the story of Joao Batista you know? Yes I know, sir. I pray Joao Batista every night. Inclusive, we sent letters ... Cardinal de Sao Salvador to be canonized. And I pray to Maria das Graas too. --I pray to Maria das Graas too. I'm sure became holy. For me, Joao Batista is a madman. The guy got into the mount and hit him in the head too much sun. And came back with that story that he had seen a Frisbee. Be patient! -- Where is he now? --No one knows. He disappeared a few months after returning. I think that was in October. Do not take it anymore. Among those who believed ... I was crazy and that revered him, cas mad. All right, Mr. Thomas? Boss? Joao Batista and stories mountain, pure nonsense! Something to attract tourists to the city ... to spend money with nonsense here. He does not believe, sir. -- Say what? I do not know. A politician is lying scoundrel to promote the city. Yes, son, nobody jokes with that. In that mountain, I will not, not getting paid. A politician is lying scoundrel ... I felt bad in the heat and those people around me. Had to get out of there. HOTEL LACERDA Thank you, Mr. Raymond. Sergeant Williams, Thomas Mathews speaks. I wanted to know the progress the case. Please call me when you can. I'm in Brazil, but do not worry by the time zone. Call me anytime. M number is ... You again. Nice to meet you, Valkyrie. Thomas Mathews. Are you popular today? All are cases UFO appearances. Everyone wants to have its history. Do you? Do you believe that? I do not know. We do not see. At that time, knew not to go to the mountain alone and at night. But I could not stand. The picture of my son was not only resemblance to that place. He drew this mountain. But I knew I had ... plausible explanation to what was happening. Who's there? A friend. Who are you? Will not hurt you, Thomas. How do you know my name? I know all about you and your son. Does my child? What do you know about my son? What are you doing here? I heard voices. Are you talking to someone? Yes. -- Who? --That man ... Are you okay? Please, are you okay? Do not you see? No, only I see you. Wait! Excuse! How was it? A normal man. I do not know. Are you beginning to believe in all this? I am a journalist ... I can not deny what my eyes saw. Is the darkness upsets one's ideas. And this heat you should be sick. Did you hear talk about Fogo de Santelmo? The movie? No, Fogo de Santelmo is a phenomenon climate in which a luminous plasma ... is created by a discharge an object originated terrified ... in an electric field. As the generated by thunderstorms. What are you saying? The lights that people have seen here. They are a scientific phenomenon. Believe me. There is always an explanation science for all. Even for an imaginary man. I did not know who the man was, or how he knew my name. What did he know about my son? Disappeared. It seemed so quiet ... powerful. And he said he knew ... knew about ... So are. What was the man, boss? Tall, brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin. He was about 30 and a few years. I'm sorry, boss. The woman ... must have scared away. What was the reporter there? I'm not sure. Perhaps there was looking for you. Perhaps like you. Thanks for bringing me here. This place is ... cute. Going back to the hotel. --Take the rest of the day. 'All right, sir. I read my notes and start writing. Raimundo, hello. He's my son. Nilton'm his son. Nice to meet you. Why not seen you around here before? --Vine visiting New Jersey. -- New Jersey? Who is that? That's Joao Batista. He was a friend of the family ... and a local celebrity. Yes, I heard about it before. Your dad knew him? Definitely. I grew up hearing stories of how Joao Batista cured me as a baby. Tell that Joao Batista was a great man. My dad is saying that Joao Batista was a great man. Thank you. With permission. Eliosvaldo, change of plans. Meet me at the entrance Hotel, please. Yeah now. Please. My husband was chosen for him. He went to work as all the other days ... and when he returned seven days later ... said that a light had been. And he changed. He said he was getting younger ... and he had a mission very important to keep. I had a mission ... very important to keep. What kind of mission? What kind of mission was? He talked a lot about a new direction for the world. And renewal. He talked about a new vision for the world and a new beginning. What do you mean by that? What did he mean by that? I do not know, sir. That's too complicated for me. Some months later, disappeared again. How do you deal with your absence for thirty years? Lady Judith, how hold not having or Joao for thirty years? I'm sure you will. How are you so sure? I dream a lot with him. It's as if he were here with me. He said he's coming back ... and he is really younger and nicer. And that presence comforts me. Their presence comforts her. What, sir? Ask him where he got that. Tell him it was my son Who made that drawing. He made his dad the day disappeared first. His son drew the day Joao Batista that disappeared. I think I saw her husband. Say what? I did not understand. Blessing, Mom. Son. How are you? --Hello, Junior. 'Hello, boy. Nice to meet you. So it was you whom I saw last night. -- How? --He said he saw you last night. --I, no. --Last night he spoke English. I spoke in English. -- What? -- Where did you see, boss? I saw him last night on the mountain. It was from him that I was talking about. I saw it there last night. He said he saw you last night, We talked. Do you speak English? No. What is that? No. No. He said he saw you on the mountain last night and you talked. No, it's ... Last night was with my girlfriend. SERGEANT WILLIAMS Sergeant Williams?? What's that, man? -- Can you hear me? --Mr. Mathews ... sorry to interrupt your trip, but I have a new track for you. Do not interrupt and I'm not traveling. Sure. We captured the pedophile. When we were researching. Does he kidnapped my son? That trying to discover. Higher. -- Higher! --No, that's too high. Higher. Higher. 'It's too high. --Higher. Come! Peter, not funny. Appears now! Peter? Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Are you okay? What are you saying? I know it's hard to believe, Mr. Mathews. I myself saw the video and I find it hard to believe. Are you sure the video is real? They can be special effects. The video was tested and true. There was manipulated. We look all over the house. We found no evidence. No hairline, no clothes, nothing. But we are still investigating. That is not logical. What was that light? What seemed? Well ... like a flash of light white color, with an orange color. Detective, send me the video, please? I want to see. Well, I send it to your e--mail. What now? What is the next step? We will interview witnesses again. Well, I'll go on the next flight. No need, Mr. Mathews. Call what's new. No, I call on arrival. 'Well, you see ... --We have to go. I did not know what to think. Suddenly, the disappearance my son has a connection ... with what is in this city. Well ... Say it again. That is excellent. I am confirming Well, thank you. All right. Already you go, boss? Although there much to see here. What is it, sir? Damn! I see you like to investigate people. Sorry. Who do you work? For a Brazilian magazine called "Today". What did you find so far? I will not let you steal my story. I did not mean that. Just do not know what to think of this. Well, if you can ... we leave here. Compare notes and exchange information. Come. Can you leave my car at the hotel, please? Sure. We ... people in this area depend of newspaper stories ... to increase tourism. It's just a well--crafted lie. So your guide is part of the plan. Are you sure? Was not it he who told you pregnancy of the girl? Are you saying that to medical is involved? -- Why would I do that? --Security are paying. Do you have any evidence? I have evidence that there is water under the house of Josias. Water naturally hot ... and is always hotter raising the soil temperature. I delve into the matter. What else do you know? Do not forget the Fogo de Santelmo. It is a plausible explanation to what has been seen here. So ... Your report will be on a big lie in a small town. Yes something similar. Still not convinced? I just heard a story identical somebody to 8,000 km from here. I do not know if your story about lying is plausible. Tell me everything. You can not post any of this. Why not? Because it's about my son. Sure. Between us. That's my point. So I ... I do not know, I'm not convinced. Strange things have happened. And today there was news about the disappearance of my son and ... white light orange. All this ... can not be just coincidence. What about your wife? What do you think about all this? My wife died when my son was born. I'm so sorry. --No problem. Are you hungry? Yes. She was a very organized. And, occasionally, left a message saying ... "Remember who won the prize Consciousness in the Press. " Really? The scandal of the toxic spill. I read about the award. -- Did you read my story? --Yes. Sure. You worked on it for two years. Almost dying to expose this scandal corruption of big business. Congratulations. The victims were rewarded. Erin Brockovich're the ... journalism. Everyone in our profession to read it. Thank you. Sorry I did not interrupt you. Please follow. Well ... When Carol died ... Peter turned around for me. It's a clever boy. Sometimes I wonder how we could hacho have something so perfect ... He is more than my son ... is my friend. It's a great teammate. Excellent listener ... had to grow up so fast having no mother. God. Must be so big now. Sorry, did not want talk nonstop. No, please continue. Not much to say ... except ... feel like I've disappointing to both of us. Not resist his seduction. Long ago it was not so close to someone. Our son will return to you. I expected to find it again and get some answers. The smell of jasmine dominated the air ... and seemed to take to a specific address. Joao! Are you here? Good to see you. I was waiting for you. You know me and my son? Your son was abducted. Evidence heard today Sergeant Williams is true. If you do this to attract more attention to your city, it will not work. I understand your suffering and I'm sorry. Do you feel it a lot? You have no idea. Yes I have. Order. What a bad joke is it like? Who are you? Joao Batista am. I'm just a messenger. And what is the message? This planet will only chance survival ... s help. Got my son? I want to see. Stop playing with me! All is well. No. All is well. Do not run. Not hurt you. Not hurt you. My God! You came here wanting answers. I'm giving you answers. Was that a dream? It was a vision of a possible future. Why were they so afraid? Because people will so insensitive about to hunt children ... as if they were stray dogs. -- Why? --No water ... food. The devastation caused by you will substantially reduce the population. EI will be complete disorder. Enslave children to maintain productivity. It will be survival of the fittest. I can not believe we get to that point. Humans will not be so desperate and insensitive. You are too insensitive. Thousands of children die every day from hunger or lack of shelter. You are walking to a collapse and we have to intervene. Why my child? Your son is one among many. This city is one of many. You are invading. What is happening is an invasion. They are taking people to analyze and see if our species are compatible. They're using my Peter as a guinea pig. Peter has rejuvenated in recent years. Ready waiting turn to return. What does that mean? People who were elected are being prepared. Are receiving information and important knowledge. Would become faster ... if so many pregnancies were not interrupted. What is your mission? Reversing the direction when you are walking. How do these people make that? Lead the world with a new vision. New ideas and even new technologies. Will that change leaders how society interacts. This means that the world will have a legion of people ... with a capacity extraordinary intellectual. Spreading and practicing kindness ... charity and honesty. But it will be their last hope. Imagine a world with thousands of people like Gandhi ... Chico Xavier, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King. To change the world does not take much ... only willpower. If you do not believe in us, Why are we helping? Its natural resources are vital to maintain the harmony of the universe. What's that? Higher! Higher! --I No, you're too high! -- Higher! Higher! Higher! Come! That is cruel. Why are you doing this? You are here for a reason. Coincidences do not exist. They will return to lead people and change their future for the better. Someone has to make that will do justice to their potential. Peter will need your guidance when you return. When? Coordinates?? Best memorzatelas. Be there in 2011. ? 2011? It's when you start your mission. Too long to wait. EI is only time a matter of perception. Perfect. Perfect. I did not know if I was being paranoid ... or if everyone looked at me by reason. Things looked different. It was a long walk back, but neither felt. My body was light and relaxed. Can you give me the key my room, please? Do you stayed here? Yes, of course. We met yesterday, remember? No, sir. Excuse me. Your name? Thomas Mathews, I'm in the room 30. I have another guest in the room 30. And your father, Mr. Raymond? He saw me coming and going from here the last few days. My dad died six months ago. What? No, I saw it yesterday. I was here with him, remember? I spoke about Joao Batista tradujiste you and me. ? 2010? Your timing is bad. We are not in 2010. OCTOBER 16, 2010. Now I remember you! Already the American that disappeared last year! Where were you? I saw you yesterday. Thomas Mathews. Never did the check--out. We charge the value of your stay ... in credit card we had on your tab. That is not logical. I was only out one night. What about my stuff? Does my computer, suitcase, m passport? He says his things were left in her room. --Must be in our warehouse. -- That must be wrong! Wrong! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010 It was true. He had gone for a year. For me, there was only last night. I went ... and it was morning. Boss? Boss! You came back! You came back! We thought you were dead! Already spent a year, seriously? Police sought you. The American Embassy, to your boss came to the United States. -- Dylan wine? -- Yes! Where were All this time, sir? In the mountains. What? For me, it just happened overnight. I met one of them. I met Joao Batista. You were right place thereon. He told me his plan and he knew all about my son. That seems crazy, Mr. Thomas. What do you mean by that? I thought you think of this. I have evidence. Talked to Joao Batista overnight. I think that this man spent much this time under the hot sun. You'll see. This is not true. It's a movie! Long! Where is the picture? Do not believe in me, no? All that was in your room is here. It was hard to believe it had been a year. But seeing that dusty suitcase ... made all the more real. Incredible! Strange things go here all the time. You must think I'm crazy. You're not the first to disappear here. Some of my stuff disappeared. How? About my suitcase! My video tapes and my computer disappeared. I can assure no one stole anything here. No, of course not. Can you take a look in that tank again? Maybe there's another box or another suitcase. Sure, right now. I'm sorry. It was just that. My dad left everything marked. Where can be my stuff? Anyone else had the room key? Was anyone else in her room while you were here? I had a visit. But, why grab m computer and video tapes? What? A woman was hosted here makes one year. Her name is Valkyrie. Can you give me information on it? She was in my room the night he disappeared. She may have taken some of my stuff. Do you know his name? I had to get me a new passport ... and renewed access my bank account. Everything was frozen while he was gone. It was hard to believe that this I really was going on. Thank you. Nape forget you. Neither do I forget. I was not lying. How could I forget this guy? Have a good trip. --Come visit someday. --I will come. Come back soon, boss. You bet. Well, the last time I saw that woman ... was when Mr. Thomas appeared. She also disappeared, right? So I said that was not a journalist! Could it be that it was she who sent to kidnap Mr. Thomas? Is it? Could it be? At that time, Dylan was willing to be re ... writing for the magazine. He did not believe me. Nobody did. Turn around. Turn around, please. Are you here? I need more answers! Would I know what to do? Hello! Does anyone hear me? Where is my son? ? I can see my son, please? Where is my son? Please! ? I can see my son? These creatures are dangerous. Not reliable. They are not here to hurt us. They want to help. The idea that there ... is sufficient threat to the natural order. Who do you work really? For people trying to protect ourselves from them. Sorry ... but I can not let get out there and tell your story. So what were you doing just your work when we met? You have to come with me. I will not go. There is nothing that you or your boss can do to stop them. Killing me will not help! Do not change anything! Mr.? Thomas? Are you okay, sir? Did you see that? What? Valkyrie shot me. Are you hurt? No, she was taken before give me the bullet. Mr. Thomas ... those things are just stories. He was anxious to go home and tell my story. I went to the park every day expecting to see a ray of light. O Peter, but saw nothing. After I told my story stir hoping others. No one took me seriously. I started to believe that both want my son back ... I had hallucinated the whole story. Why do you think that nobody was able to verify his story? Nobody ever tried. Go to Area Q and see ... Keep foreign happen there every day. And the mysterious Valkyrie? It stuck with intelligence government. I'm talking about things like ... Area 51 and Men in Black. She did not kill me that day ... but managed to of m history a big joke. Everyone believes I had a nervous breakdown. I doubt your editor go to publish this story. Although agreed to do ... the government would endeavor to destroy my credibility. Does the government is following you? Yes. Have hope that your child back? Hope is all I have left. FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, Africa Help me! Help me! No! No! Already the baby comes? Bid! Bid! Bid! It's coming. Bid! Bid! I see the head. Bid! Bid! Bid! It's coming. It's coming. It's a boy. Back for you. I'll get help ... One detail I did not tell to that journalist or anyone. I checked the date on which the child Maria das Graas born. First of January 2010. The mark on his hand was 1110. I had a similar mark in my chest, 1111. So he knew he was about to find out if it was all true. My God! Hello, friend. English Translation: nastero using Google Translate and Gedit.

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