Aladdin and the King of Thieves  Season #2 Episode #4

Synopsis: In this animated sequel, after months of preparation for their wedding, former street thief Aladdin (Scott Weinger) and his beloved Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin) are close to the big day. When Aladdin learns his father, Cassim (John Rhys-Davies), is still alive, he tracks him down. Cassim says he's been hunting the Hand of Midas, which turns everything it touches into gold. Aladdin invites him to stay at the palace, but Cassim's obsession with the Hand soon grows too strong for his new life.
Genre: Animation

Ooh! ln all my years,|never have I seen the streets...

so full of bustle and hustle|and assorted commotion.

Our princess is to wed.

Ohh, wonderful!|And who's the lucky prince?

Not a prince at all.|Just a no-account street rat!

No way! Try it phonetically.

It's Aladdin!

Aw! Some of you don't believe.

In colour!

There's a party here in Agrabah|There's excitement in the air

People pouring in|from near and far

'Cause Jasmine and Aladdin|are gonna have a weddin'

There's a party here in Agrabah|Everybody will be there

So if you're a pauper or a shah|Do somethin' with your hair

You mustn't wear|an outfit that's naughty

A turban that's unravelling|just won't do

No earrings that are|tasteless or gaudy

You're gonna look gorgeous|when I get through

There's a party here in Agrabah|So I'm going to paint the town

If you want to see what colours are|Follow me around

Aladdin's gettin' married and it's|gonna be the wedding of the century

My buddy's gettin' married and|you're gonna see just how much I can do

- You've heard of|your safari bar mitzvahs|- Wow!

- You've all been to a luau sweet 16|- Ahh!

Well, none of them compare|to what this is

The food'll be disgusting|By evening you'll be busting

There's a party here in Agrabah|and it's got us all aglow

If a street rat could've come so far|Maybe I could do it

- Sure, there's nothing to it|- There's a party here in Agrabah

But we're not sure|that we'll go

For although the bride is la-di-dah|The groom is awfully low

And now we take you down|to the palace, where everyone|has celebrated all night long.

Without Jafar and all of his malice|Everybody's happy

What could possibly go wrong?

There's a party here in Agrabah|and we're gonna rob 'em blind

While they're all munching caviar|create a small disturbance

I will sneak up from behind

There's a party here in Agrabah|and the loot is pouring in

I like this wedding stuff so far

Maybe if I'm pleasant|I'll get to keep a present

We've ordered just|a few tasteful flowers

And valets who'll|carefully park for you

The bridesmaids have|been dressing for hours

Girls, you look just lovely|And so grown-up too

There's a party here in Agrabah|Guests are filling up the room

But there's something missing|Yes, aha

Where is the groom


Somebody's gonna be late|for his own wedding!

Hold on, Genie.|There's something I need.

I gotcha.

It's a bachelor party, big boy!

- None for you.|You're the designated flyer.|- No.

This is for the wedding.

Well, that's, uh--|that's a nice dagger.

Interesting nuptial accessory.|It's a, uh, a bit sharp.

- It belonged to my father.|- Your father?

You never said a word|about your father.

Oh, I've got to let the caterer know!|Chicken or sea bass?

He's not coming to the wedding.|He died a long time ago.

- Sorry.|- That's okay.

I never knew him.

Maybe if I did,|I'd feel ready for this.

Al, are you getting cold feet?

No, Genie. It's just that...

I-l've always been a street rat,|stealin' what I need to survive,

- runnin' from the guards,|- Uh-huh.

- Iivin' my life alone.|- Ohh.

I'm takin' a big step today|into a new world.

Today's topic:
fears|of the future family man.

AI from Agrabah, share with us.

I never had a father to show me|how to raise a family.

No role model.|Get a little deeper.

What do I know about families?

Genie, what if|I'm no good at it?

Ah, if my father were here--

Al, little buddy, if your father were|here, he'd be as proud of you as I am.

I just wish he could see this.

There's a party here in Agrabah

And the party's all for me

Just look, you guys|at where we are

And how our dreams|have come to be

There's a party here in Agrabah|and I can't believe it's true

After all this waiting|here we are

We'll finally get to say|"I do"

I never, ever had a real family

I never, ever had|a real, true friend

Someone who could just|understand me

Hey, come on, Aladdin!|This mush has gotta end!

There's a party here in Agrabah|and it's starting right away

Let's get ya dressed|'cause you're the star

Hey, come on|It's your wedding day

Aladdin's gettin' married|and it's gonna be

The wedding of the century

Amazing how Aladdin|could've come so far

- They're finally getting married!|- They're finally getting married!

- They're finally getting married!|- Look at all these presents!

We're finally getting married.

- I'm finally gettin' married!|- They're finally gettin' married!

At the party in Agrabah

There's a party in Agrabah

A party goin' on now! Gotta|party! Gotta party! Help me!

I can't stop myself!|Somebody rub the lamp!

Somebody rub the lamp!|Ah, you know I feel it!

That's enough.

Why do you walk in the open|while I suffocate like an animal?

Someone has to keep|a cool head, Sa'luk.

Someone will have no head|if this is another wild goose chase.

The oracle is the real thing.

This time I'm sure.

Hello, and welcome to Lifestyles|of the Rich and Magical.

That's right. We're taking you|to the marriage of the millennium.

And who's this coming|on the lovely stretch camel?

Oh, it's Cleopatra and Caesar,|and they're bringing a salad.

How wonderful!

Oh, look, there's Osiris.|Oh, Osiris!

Osiris, can we have|a word with you?

Oh, no, the crowd is parting.|Who's coming? It's Moses!

- And your name is?|- I'm Thor.|- You're Thor?|- Well, it hurts.

Once again, this whole broadcast|has been brought to you by sand!

It's everywhere. Get used to it.

Come on. Come on.

I can see fine from back here.

Uh-uh. It's Aladdin.

Look, there's one thing|I get sentimental about...

and I'm sittin' on it.

- Huh?|- The loot, monkey. The loot.

Bad news, Al. The boutonnieres|clash with the cummerbunds.

Genie, isn't it|a little late for that?

What? What are you trying|to say? Out with it! What? What?

They're here.

Oh, no!

I'm late, I'm late|for a very important date.

- Your Majesty.|- Your Majesty.|- Your Highness.

Your Majesty.

D-Don't look so solemn, boy.|This is a happy day.

Oh, look. It's a Kodiak moment.

Put that bear outta here.

Ohh! Hmm.

- Wow!|- Oh, yeah!

I never thought|this day would come.

Now I'm afraid that it|has come all too soon.

Oh, Father.

- You distract the guards.|- Part of your plan?

A large part.

It's time.

It's all so magical.

I'm not gonna cry. I'm not.

Oh, sorry.

- Well, we're here.|- Together forever.

Let me be the point man.

I thought the earth wasn't supposed|to move until the honeymoon.

Whoa! Oh, my word!


What is going on here?

Come here, monkey boy!|You were almost Dumbo toe jam.

Oh, they trampled the carpet!|That's a little redundant.

So this isn't a bad day|for you, really, is it?

It is an attack.

Not in this palace!

I think we're gonna have|a little problem with leaks.

It must be here somewhere.

Meet your match, Zorro!

Good birdie.|Polly want a little--

Say "cracker" and I'll|let you have it on principle!

- You have a lot of spirit.|- Ow! Ow! Ow!

And a lot of mouth.

- They fight like demons.|- Worse than demons.

- These are the Forty Thieves.|- Really? I get 39.


Where is it?

Ah, at last.

- Can I see your invitation?|- Stay out of my way, boy,

and you won't get hurt!

Fool! You don't stand a chance|against the King of Thieves!

When I get up, I'll bow to you!

Mmm. Huh? Ohh!

That was for ruining my wedding.

Huh? Aah!

I guess there's really|no point to this now.

Freeze, sandbags!|Don't make me use the other end!

Mama always said,|"Magic is as magic does."

Cassim said nothing about|facing the powers of a genie.

Get the others out of here.|We'll leave the "king" to his plans.

Where's the King of Thieves?

I'll see you again, boy.

Ooh! This is not my fault.

This was not built to code.

Good luck gettin' back|the catering deposit.

- Oh, my!|- Fear not, O father of the bride.

- We can rebuild!|- Oh, please do.

We can't have a wedding|without a pavilion.

All right, a wedding pavilion|it is, my man.

Hey, I wanna see some resums|on these guys.

And don't let the one with|the beak near any power tool.

Uh, yes, yes, Genie,|whatever it takes.

I am sorry about|all this, Jasmine.


What were they after, the gifts?

Not all the gifts. This is what|the King of Thieves wanted.

With all the other great stuff,|why go for this thing?

Your question is mine to answer.

The King of Thieves sought my sight|to find the ultimate treasure.

- Did someone say "treasure"?|- Genie?

Oh, it looks like an oracle.

I see all that has been|and all that will be.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Definitely an|oracle. Tells the future. Uh-oh.

Girlfriend,|where were you registered?

Okay, you know all,|so tell all.

Where is the treasure?|You know, the ultimate one?

I am bound by the rule of one.|One question, one answer.

I only want one answer!

Where is the ultimate treasure?

You have already asked|your one question.

You mean before?|Oh, that wasn't a question.|That was, uh, thinkin' out loud.

Very loud.

Aladdin, we could learn anything|about our lives, our future.

You have but to ask.

I know what my future is.|My future is you.

But my past is a blank.

My mother died when I was just a kid,|and I never even knew my father.

I have no idea|where I come from.

Your question is your choice,|but remember the rule of one.|Choose carefully.

Oh, sure, she warns him about|the one question thing. Hey!

I don't think you can help me.|My past isn't just one question;|it's a million questions.

Ah, but mere questions about your past|can be answered by your father.

My father?

My father is alive?

Abu? Where's Aladdin?

How long has he been up there?


Are you all right?

- What's wrong?|- I always wanted to know|about my father,

but just now I'm not so sure.

What kind of man leaves his son?|Did he even care?

- Maybe I don't want to know.|- Yes, you do.

How can you be so sure?

Because I already know him.

Because I know you.

You showed me the world

When I was all locked up inside

You reached out your hand

And took me on|a magic carpet ride

One look at your smile

And I could see the light

Shining everywhere

People like you|don't come out of thin air

Oh, Jasmine.

You don't understand

There is so much|that you don't see

Just think if you can

What growing up|had to be like for me

Your father's a man

Who taught you who you are

Mine was never there

So how can you say|I don't come out of thin air

There's so much I want to know

You've got the chance to learn

If it means I'd have to go

I'll be right here|when you return

- Our wedding can wait|- I love you

- I think it's worth this small delay|- Maybe you're right

And won't it be great

To have your father see|our wedding day

- I've waited so long|to learn the truth|- It isn't too late

And now at last|we can finally say

Your father is really there

There's so much|that we might share

And you'll finally learn

- You don't come out of thin air|- Don't come out of thin air

- Have you chosen your question?|- I have.

Then ask.

Where is my father?

Follow the trail|of the Forty Thieves.

Your father is trapped|within their world.

The Forty Thieves? ls he hurt?|How long has he been their prisoner?

I'm sorry. I can only|answer one question.

- It's up to me.|- Take as long as you need.

I'll be back in time|for our wedding. I promise.

I should've stayed|with the genie.

Manual labour beats danger|any day.

Good. The trail's still fresh.

- Hyah! Hyah!|- Hyah!|- There.

Definitely should've|stayed with the genie.


Whew. Well, they have|nowhere to go.

- We got 'em trapped.|- We?

They are 40 thieves.

We are you, a rug,|a monkey and me.

- Wait, don't count me.|- They're just standing there.

Open sesame!


- Let's move!|- Oh, oh! Aah!

- Whoa!|- Hang on!

I know, Carpet.|It's incredible. Wha--

How bad is it?


Oh, this is attractive.

Come on.


You wanna not hold up traffic?

I wanna get in, get out|and go home.

Actually, I wouldn't mind|skipping right to the "go home."

- We could've had all of|the loot at the wedding,|- Shh!

but we followed the King's plan.

This is what we have to show|for our trouble in Agrabah.

- Nothing!|- Yeah! I agree.

- This oughta be good.|- Sa'luk is truly ticked.

Your time draws|to a close, Cassim.

Cassim? My father.

If you're talking about|spilling my blood, well, I|just don't see that happening.

Then let me open your eyes.

- Huh?|- Run! I've got him.

I'm Aladdin. You're my father!

His father?

I don't know|about your father, boy,

but I'll send you to meet|your other ancestors.

Let him go. The boy is my son.

I gave this dagger|to my wife years ago.

I told her to give it|to our newborn son, Aladdin.

It's true?

Oh, the boy is the son|of the King of Thieves.

You are the King of Thieves?

Like it or not, boy,|we are blood.

Look at you. I thought|I'd never see you again.

Has it been so long?

Blood or mud,|the boy is an intruder,

and we have rules|about intruders.

- Sa'luk is right.|- He knows our secrets.

- I hate intruders.|- Hey, me too.

He has found our secret lair.

He has seen too much.

He must die.


- They must all die.|- Die?

He's your son. I'm his friend.

Cast a vote for mercy here!

Yes, Cassim, mercy|would be so like you.

Soft and weak.

- Maybe Sa'luk should be king.|- Maybe Sa'luk should be king.|- Yes, yes, he should be.

- Kill him.|- Huh?

Or the boy could--

Yes, the boy could-- No.

- What? What? Th-The boy could what?|- Speak.

- Nothing. Probably a bad idea.|- Let's hear it!|- No, no, no!

Well, it seems to me that--|Oh, never mind.

- What?|- Oh, no, please!

The boy could face|the challenge.

- Ahh!|- Oh, that's right, the challenge!

That's that. My son|shall face the challenge.

And I shall be the one|to test him.

- Yeah!|- A test, huh? Ah, that's not so bad.

Maybe it'll be multiple choice.

Escape? Not likely.

Our ride home is grounded,

and Al-- well, it's been|nice knowin' him.

- What's going on, Dad?|- Oh, the challenge is simple enough.

Only one man survives.

But you're my son.|You'll be that man.

Knock him dead, kid. Seriously.


I thought our side won!

- Look, l-- I-l didn't mean--|- Get him!

Take him to the King.

Look, I don't even|know him, okay?

You killed Sa'luk. The code of the Forty|Thieves is very clear on this point.

- You're in.|- Hooray! Hooray!

- Congratulations, bub|- You've joined the club

And everybody here agrees

We got the finest blend|of nearly-honest men

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

A fraternity of thugs|that you can trust

There's nothing up|our 80 sleeves

- Got lots of grub to share|- Pull up an easy chair

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Now you get to lie and cheat

Never have to brush your teeth

But we always aim to please

- Care for one another|- You'll never miss your mother

Oh, I love you guys.

Schemin' up a scam|out on the lam

Takin' whatever we please

- And if you like to lurk|- You're gonna love this work

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Together we're the perfect team

Larceny is in the genes

Dare to share the family dream

Live a life of leisure|Countin' all your treasure

As an honorary member|of the gang

That no one alive ever leaves

- You gotta snatch and sneak|- Or else your future's bleak

We got a lifetime contract|that you're bound to keep

You wanna save your skin|You'd better fit right in

Well, well, welcome to the--|Well, well, welcome to the--



Boy. And I thought I was blue.

You would know if Aladdin|is in trouble, wouldn't you?

I thought he'd be back by now.

AI will be back.

Listen to Genie, dear.|Genie knows.

You've got to get your mind off|this incessant waiting.

Here's a sure-fire way to cheer|up a bummed-out bride-to-be.

A heaping helping|of matrimonial magic.

Hey, that's-a no good.|What the wedding needs is a theme.

- It needs a groom too, but|let's work with what we have.|- Genie!

It's a joke. I do that.

Okay, let's see. This'll|be the second wedding for both of you.

I'm thinking we need something|a little more simple, a little|more elegant and less grey.

Did it, done it, own it.|I'm gonna throw some colours|at ya-- mauve, teal and salmon.

What do you like besides|the salmon? Okay, Madonna!

Don't keep it. Just put that|in the mix. Wink. Okay.

I see lasers! It's a miracle!

He believes! He believes!

- Thank you very much.|- I don't think so.

Tres gauche, right?

Hmm, maybe you--|you could elope.

No, you "cantaloupe."|But oh, "honeydew"!

I don't know whether to|put it under props or produce.

Please don't squeeze the tyres. They're|not ripe. And how about that gown?

Whether you're dancing with dwarfs|or simply biting the apple,

it says,|"I'm a princess for now."

- Uh, Genie.|- Hey, it's synergy.

The marketing guys are very|excited. It tests really well.

Thank you, Genie.|I'm sure it will be wonderful.

And thanks for cheering me up.

I'm sure Ali Baba and the boy|are on the road to Agrabah right|now. Isn't that right, Bob?

That's right, Bing. How 'bout|this town? ls it wild or what?

It's like one giant sand trap,|and me without my wedgie.

Hey, let's give a big hand|for Brooke Shields.

I find my son|and lose my enemy.

You did your old man proud,|Aladdin.

- I was just trying to stay alive.|- Huh!

If you didn't fight,|you would've been killed.

So says the code|of the Forty Thieves.

Does this code have any rules|that don't end in death?

It's a strict code.

But there is one thing that I added.|We never hurt the innocent.

Uh, for future reference,

I'm as innocent|as the day I was hatched.

Oh, brother!

My men don't even know|about this place.

Listen, boy,|there is a treasure,

the ultimate treasure.

Compared to this, a pharaoh's|tomb is a pauper's grave,

a sultan's fortune|nothing but lunch money.

And I am this close to it.

That's tantalizingly close.

But it's on an island that is|never in the same place twice.

- The Vanishing lsle.|- That would be a problem.

- What is this ultimate treasure?|- The big one, boy.

The Hand of Midas.

- It's just a myth.|- It's not a myth, boy!

It was once right here.|Look, there's your proof.

From stern to stem,|every piece of rigging,

every peg and board,|all of it, solid gold!


Adopt me, daddy-o!

- Touched by the Hand of Midas.|- And sunk by it.

Oh, you don't understand. You don't know|what it's like to have nothing.

To stare up at the palace|and know you deserve more.

To be called "street rat."

Yes, I do.

I knew exactly what I wanted|for my family-- the best.

I couldn't give up|and go back empty-handed.

But the weeks turned into months,|and the months turned into years.

I came back to Agrabah|one night,

but I couldn't find my wife|or my son.

I thought my family|was lost forever.

At that moment, I would've traded|anything to get your mother back.

We never wanted gold.|We wanted you.

I wanted a father. I still do.

Come to my wedding. This time,|you have an invitation.

Aladdin, l-l just don't know.

Dad, I'm not going back|to Agrabah until morning.

At least think about it?

Aladdin may never understand,|but it just wouldn't work.

I don't belong in his world.

The oracle doesn't belong|in his world either.

It belongs in the hands of two|enterprising treasure hunters:

you and me.

The oracle. It's probably|just another dead end.

It works! That's how|the kid found you.

- It knows everything.|- Everything?

And I know where|they stashed it.

Cassim, we are talking about...

the wedding of your only son.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime|opportunity.

How can I pass it up?

- Captain, over here.|- Show yourself!

You're alone. Good.

So you are the one with information|about the Forty Thieves?

What would you say|if I handed you...

the King of Thieves?

I'd say, "What in it for you?"

I'll just sleep better knowing|that he's off the streets...

and on the executioner's block.

Everyone knows that the King|of Thieves cannot be caught.

What miracle do you possess?

Two words that will make you|Agrabah's greatest hero.

Open sesame.

- Hop on, Dad.|- Oh, no.

It's a rug. You sweep dirt under it.|You don't fly on it. At least I don't.

- Don't be afraid. It's fun.|- I am not afraid!

- Now get off that thing|before you break your neck.|- I trust Carpet with my life.

- Give him time. He'll come around.|- We'll take horses.

Horses were good enough|for my father and his father before him,

and they were always|good enough for me.

- He sounds like a father, all right.|- Uh-huh.

Whoa! This is the spot, men.

- But there is nothing here.|- Now. But watch.

Open caraway!

There is still nothing here.

When I get ahold|of that no good--

But I thought you said|it was "open sesame."

Easy. Whoa. Whoa! Hey, hey!

- Looks like Genie has everything ready.|- Yeah. Uh-huh.

Genie? You have a genie? Have|you used all three wishes yet?

Oh, please, don't go into it.|It's just too painful.

Oh, Al, you're back,|and your front!

- You're both here!|- That's great, Genie. Uh--|- Security's tight.

No big crowd.|Immediate family only.

- Perfect, because this is my--|- No lowlifes this time, other|than the parrot, of course.


You have violated the perimeter|of the Aladdin and Jasmine wedding.

Prepare to be vaporized.|Thank you.

Armed and dangerous.

I'd like to see one of those|Forty Thieves get within|an inch of your wedding.

Allow me to introduce--

The King of Thieves.

- All units, we have a code red.|- Code red! Code red!|- Code red! Code red!

Code red! Code red!|Code red! Code red!

Code red! Code red!

Code red! Code red! Code red!|Code red! Code red!

Come on, boys. Follow me.

- Cavalry, forward!|- Code red! Code red! Code red!

- Geronimo!|- Arapaho!|- Navajo!|- Pocahontas.

- Code red! Code red! Code red!|- C-C-C-C-C-Code red! C-C-C-C-C--

- Code red!|- Do not attempt to move, or|we'll be shooting ourselves.

- Genie!|- Back off, Al. This creep's got a|yellow sheet as long as my arm.

Genie, meet my dad.

Stand down, men.|Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

If you're Al's dad...

and the King of Thieves,

- I just want to know one thing.|- Yeah?

Will you be having|the chicken or the sea bass?

Come on, Dad. I can't wait|for you to meet Jasmine and the Sultan.

Ahem, Al. Don't you think we oughta|lose the "Agrabah's Most Wanted" Iook?

- What's wrong with the way I look?|- When you're here, you're|not the King of Thieves.

You're my dad.

Mmm, I had more practise|being the King of Thieves.

Oh, come on.|Enough of this dark past.

Let's roll out something|a little new.

It's a big, bright|beautiful future

Thank your lucky stars|you're alive

You got someone special|to talk to

A friend that you|can trust for life

You've been on your own|with no family ties

But those solo days are done

You'll be two of a kind|spending quality time together

As father and son

Building model ships

Takin' fishin' trips

Workin' hand in hand

Painting the palace|Mowin' the sand

First and ten to go,|with your daddy-o!

Once you break the ice

You can postulate|paternal advice

I see you're travelling at the speed of|light. That's the theory of relatives.

It's a fine|"fantabulous" future

I see fruit on the family tree

You'll be great|as a grumpy old grandpa

Bouncin' babies on your knee

You can fall asleep|on the comfy couch

After playin' one-on-one

Dreaming back to back|that you walloped the Shaq

Together as father and son

May be a bumpy ride

We'll make it side by side

Good afternoon.|I'll be your travel guide!

Move over, laddie|Make room for Daddy

Got a whole new shoulder|to cry on

Take a chance now|Give it a spin

You've had chums|for pallin' around with

But you never had|a friend like him

Put your checkered past|behind you now

No more living on the run

Face the big, bright|beautiful future

- Together|- Together|- Together|- Together

As father and son

My boy Aladdin must be born|under a lucky star...

to find such a treasure.

You are most definitely|Aladdin's father.

-And I have the DNA to prove it.|-Oh, it must have been dreadful.

- Trapped by the Forty Thieves.|- Uh-oh.

I try to block out the memories.

Say no more. Not another word|on the subject.

Yes, let's turn our attention|to happier thoughts.

- The blessed union of our children.|- Indeed.

It worked, Genie.|They love him.

It was the hat. Nothing does|the trick like a smart chapeau.

- It's more than that.|- Ah, to be back among|civilized people.

- Back among family.|- All he needed was a second chance.|- It's a miracle.

- You'll pay for this!|- You traitor!|- You sold us out!

- My nose!|- He's not in there!

You didn't capture|the King of Thieves?

Because he was not|at the hideout!

He had to be there.|Where else would he be?

- Uh, apologies, Captain Rasoul.|- What?|- What?

Well, the Sultan said|he won't be able to sentence|your prisoners until tomorrow.

What's more important|than sentencing my prisoners?

Why, the wedding. Princess Jasmine and|Aladdin are finally getting married.

Aladdin? You didn't capture|Aladdin with the others?

Why would he be with|the Forty Thieves?

Because his father is|the King of Thieves!

Ooh, where can he be?|Oh, I do hope nothing's wrong.

Perhaps we should dispatch|a search party, hmm?

Now, Father, I'm sure|he's on his way.

- Where is he?|- Hakuna matata.

Whoa! I was having|an out-of-movie experience.

My guess is he wants|to make an entrance.

Here's the monkey's lock picks.|You know how to use 'em?

I promise you, bird,|after this I go straight.

Straight to the dungeon.

We've been expecting you.

Do you think something is wrong?

- Genie, can you find him?|- I'll sniff him out.

I need a scrap of his clothes|or a lock of his hair or a shoe.

A shoe's good.

- Huh?|- Ohh!|- Rasoul, what is the meaning of this?

Your Majesty, meet|the King of Thieves.

- Dad!|- We seized him in the treasury.

- He was after this again.|- No.

And this is his accomplice.

Big misunderstanding!

It's a slap on the wrist and,|uh, community service kind of thing.

Now I know why|you really came back.

Your father is the leader|of the Forty Thieves?

B-B-B-But this is most p--

Aladdin, did you know?

I thought I could change him.|I had to try.

You can change my clothes, Aladdin.|You can't change who I am.

And the law is crystal clear|on what we must now do.

Father, isn't there|another way?

I'm afraid there is not. Take|the prisoners to the dungeon.

- Dungeon?|- For life.


There are some wishes that|even I can't make come true.

The oracle was right. My dad was trapped|in the world of the Forty Thieves.

Trapped by his own greed. I was|so stupid to think I could change him.

Trying to show him a better life|wasn't stupid, Al.

Leaving him alone with the|parrot, that was stupid.

Everything was perfect|before he came into my life.

I just want things|the way they were.

Genie, I need|my father's clothes.

A-A-A-Al, what, did you|wrap the turban too tight?

Come on! Why you wanna dress|in the King of Thieves ensemble?

Might I suggest something|that doesn't actually say, "Arrest me!"

It fits. Good.

I'm seeing-- I'm seeing nothing|for your future if you dress like this!

I'm breaking my father out|of that dungeon. The guards|will never know I was there.

Tonight the King of Thieves will|make his most miraculous escape ever.

Out of my life!

It's the cape talking, isn't it?

Since he's captured the King of|Thieves, there's no living with Rasoul.

Well, it wasn't exactly easy|living with him before.

- Who?|- I've come to say goodbye.

- Why are you--|- We don't have much time.

While the guards chase me,|you get out.

- I can't let you--|- Forget it.

They can't catch me.

He even sounds like me.

When the Sultan gives me my due,

I'll put the good word in|for you, the little people who--

It can't be.

He was here. I know it.

- The King of Thieves!|- No man could've escaped that cell.

He-- He isn't a man, I say.|He's a demon!

I want him, dead or alive.

Surround the block!|He's close. I can feel it.

- Well, which way did he go?|- I don't see him.

Look over there. Hurry!

There! The King of Thieves|on the roof!

Get up there! Now! Now! Now!

- Found him!|- Lost him.

- Which way did he go?|- I heard him over there.|- Over there!

- Over there!|- There!


The King of Thieves.

Your charmed life is over,|Your Majesty!



Well, I guess I'll have|to settle for the Prince of Thieves.

We shall see if the Sultan|wants you in his family now.

Keep your hands off my son!

- Dad?|- Hurry, son. We must move.

- Did we lose him?|- I don't know, but I did|lose my lunch back there.

They won't be able to pick up|our trail 'til daylight.

By then, we'll be|long gone from Agrabah.

I'm sorry for what you lost.

But you can't go back now.|You know that. What are you doing?

I'm not going with you. I can't.

Well, you can't go back.|The moment they saw your face,|your life in Agrabah was over.

I have to go back.|Jasmine is there.

Kid, it's over.|You're a criminal now.

I won't do what he did.|I won't run away.

- I never ran away|from anything in my life.|- You ran away from your family.

I told you what happened. What else|could I do? What else can you do?

The right thing.|You should take this back.

- You can't!|- I won't walk out on Jasmine.

- Aladdin.|- I'm your son, but I can't|live your life.

Al, they'll lock ya up.

If there's a punishment,|I'll take it.

- So be it.|- We have the oracle!

- The treasure's just waiting for us.|- The oracle?

- I had nothing left to lose.|- Yes, you did.

It was supposed to be|a father-son outing.

- Go with him, lago.|- What?

You mean it? Really?


Good luck, kid.

From 40 thieves down to 7.|What are we to do?

How did they find us? How did|they learn the magic words?

- Another raid?|- Not again.

It is a good day to die.

Or to come back from the dead.

- Sa'luk?|- You're alive?|- Impossible.

I'm a survivor, like all of you.

No thanks to Cassim.

- The King?|- You saw him?|- What's he want us to do now?

He wants you to rot|in the palace dungeon.

Bah! The King of Thieves|is loyal to the end.

- Pushovers!|- Ouch!

He betrayed you, sold you out.

You have always hated the King.|Why should we believe you?

How do you think the guard|got the magic words?

He told him the magic words?

- I don't believe it.|- Me neither.

You've forgotten what life|was like before Cassim.

I remember a time|when crime was sublime

There was plenty of loot|in the lair

We'd plunder and pillage|and ransack a village

With nary a worry or care

Then along came this king|with his soft-hearted dream

But he ratted us out in the end

So rally the troops|We were meant to regroup

And return to our roots|once again

Are you in or out

Gotta know without a doubt

I'm the one you need|for a dirty deed

I'm the best|Success is guaranteed

Are you men or mice

Take a slice of my advice

You want a fearless leader|One that's strong and stout

Better vote for me|Are you in or out

- We used to be smart|- Yes, horrendously heartless

In a ravaging raid|we were rough

We knew that we had to|be blissfully bad

Then Cassim brought|this sensitive stuff

And we strayed from the path|of our rigorous wrath

- Now we're taking a bath in the dust|- Huh?

But we'll reclaim our winnings|Our humble beginnings

In turmoil and torture we trust

Are you in or out

Double-crossers or devout

Put your faith in me|Pretty soon you'll see

I'm the prince of generosity

Are you foe or friend

Here's the path I recommend

You wanna ride to fame|I've got the fastest route

What's it gonna be|Are you in or out

We'll go robbing|in all the right places

From Agrabah dunes to Paris

Imagine the fear on their faces

When we drop by|for cookies and tea

Come along, boys. Follow me!

Are you in or out

- If you're with me give a shout|- Yeah!

I'll lead you all the way|into the glory days

We'll begin a life of crime|that pays

Are you out or in

Make your choice now|Sink or swim

You can stick with me|or stay behind and pout

What's it gonna be

Consider carefully

Are you in

Or out

I know the treasure's limitless,

but I'm not crazy|about a 40-way split.

If it was just, uh, you and me--

I would never cut my men|out of the deal.

They're my family,|my only family.

I can always count on them.

I'm home!

Why don't they|look happy to see you?

We are. We're thrilled.

- Hurry, little friend.|- I'm wriggling. I'm wriggling.

I am growing impatient, Cassim.|Ask the question.

- We must be, uh--|- Just a little further.

Further out to sea.

- No. Ask it now!|- Now's good.

Where can we find|the Hand of Midas?

The Vanishing lsle|will appear at dawn.

I will show you the way!

There's your setting, Captain.

Frankly, my boy, your actions|were most disappointing.

It is tragic, Your Highness,|but the street rat...

has obviously followed|in his father's footsteps.

Aladdin is a criminal.

I object, Your Honour.

I object to that|outrageous statement...

and I object to a tertiary|character having any lines|during my big courtroom scene.

Here, take this to|a higher court. Ciao!

Your Honour, if I may enter|a plea of insanity,

because I'm crazy|about this kid.

Genie, I can handle this myself.

Sultan, I convinced my dad|to come here.

It was my fault.

I would have been better off|if I had never known him.

Aladdin, you found your father,

a father who risked his freedom|to see your wedding.

And you risked everything|to help him,

just as I would for my father.

Your father. Uh-- Oh, yeah.

Uh, well-- Uh--

Aladdin, I could not overlook|your father's crimes,

but what you have done,

well, you did it out of love.

And you came back to take|responsibility for your actions.

Let us put|this matter behind us.

I believe we have postponed|the wedding long enough.

Good call! Okay, let's give a big hand|for the wise and generous Sultan! Yes!

- Al's-- dad-- Sa'luk--|- Just take a deep breath, lago.

- Now, what about Aladdin's father?|- It's Sa'luk, the guy AI beat.

He's not beat. He's back,|and he's got Cassim.

That's his problem. He chose|to go back to that life.

Al, I know your dad made|a lot of bad choices, but that|doesn't mean you have to.

He is your father.|How can you do anything else?

I'm being as stubborn as he was.

Show me the way.


You have arrived.

- Help!|- Where is it?

- I see nothing.|- Nothing but fog.

- I've had enough of your trickery!|- No, this is it.

The Vanishing lsle. Watch.

Look out!

- The Vanishing lsle.|- On the back of a giant turtle.

And never in the same place|twice. Let's get closer.

Time to rock and roll, dude!

Now I am here. I am here.

- Huh?|- How 'bout a packet of Nutty Buddies?

- Genie, we need a distraction.|- Survey says,

"Show me turtle"!

Boom! Another fake blow|to the head! Boom!

Oh, no, he's got him in the half nelson.|Now he's got him in the full nelson!

Oh, no! The dreaded|Ozzie Nelson!

Rick, boys, maybe you wanna|come over here and see what's happening?

He's comin' in quick.|Oh, no, he's up! He's down.

And he's actually|inside the turtle.

We'll be right back|after a brief message.

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

It took me years to find my father.|I'm not losing him again.

- You came to help me?|- How could I do anything else?

Now, let's get that|treasure of yours.




- Feels like Genie got carried away.|- No! It's the Vanishing lsle.

The turtle is diving.|We must climb higher!

We're almost there!

Don't you see, Aladdin?|We were meant to do this together.

Come on!

Pity I didn't find this place|years ago.

This would be much easier|if I were much younger.


See? It pays to have|a junior partner.

Be careful. Don't touch|the golden hand.

Heads up.

The Hand of Midas!

Time to go, Aladdin!

Nobody's going anywhere.

Give the Hand of Midas to me,|Cassim, or your son dies.

-Sa'luk, your battle is with me!|-Don't worry, Dad. I can take him alone.

But you're not alone,|not any more.

You want the Hand of Midas,|Sa'luk?

Take it!

The Hand of Midas is mine!

And also, the life of your brat.

What are you staring at?

Oh. No! No!

No! No!

Hurry, son.|We're running out of time.

Come on, Dad. You can do it.

Yes. But it would be|a lot easier without this.

After all these years,|you finally have your treasure.

This thing? No.

This wretched thing almost|cost me the ultimate treasure.

It's you, son.|You are my ultimate treasure.

I'm just sorry it took me|this long to realize it.

The Hand of Midas can take its|curse to the bottom of the sea!

It's gold. It's turned|everything to solid gold.

Oh, we are sinking!

I didn't see where they went,|and they could be anywhere!

There they are.

Get up here, you blasted rug!

- You actually trust this thing?|- With my life, son.


- Genie!|- Present!

Let's go home. We have|some unfinished business.


Out in the open? No mask?|Pretty risky, if you ask me.

Even a wanted man can risk a bit|to see his own son's wedding.

So, you little turkey,|come to say goodbye?

Nah, I already said|my goodbyes.

Of course, the monkey had|to cry, and that got me goin'.

- You're not gonna live in the palace?|- With the newlyweds?

It'll be all lovey-dovey.|I'd just as soon keep my will to live.

Well, I don't know|where I'm going,

but you are welcome|to come along for the ride.

You're a good guy, Cassim.

But not too good.

So it goes short and sweet|They were wed down the street

May their marriage|be truly blessed

Happy end to the tale|And tomorrow's a sale

So I'd better go home and rest

Here's a kiss and a hug|Sure you don't need a rug

I assure you the price is right

Well, Salaam, worthy friend|Come back soon, that's the end

'Til another

Arabian night

- Congratulations, bub|- You've joined the club

And everybody here agrees

We got the finest blend|of nearly-honest men

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

A fraternity of thugs|that you can trust

There's nothing up|our 80 sleeves

- Got lots of grub to share|- Pull up an easy chair

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Now you get to lie and cheat

Never have to brush your teeth

But we always aim to please

- Care for one another|- You'll never miss your mother

Oh, I love you guys!

Schemin' up a scam|out on the lam

Takin' whatever we please

- And if you like to lurk|- You're gonna love this work

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Together we're the perfect team

Larceny is in the genes

Dare to share the family dream

Live a life of leisure|Countin' all your treasure

As an honorary member|of the gang

That no one alive ever leaves

- You gotta snatch and sneak|- Or else your future's bleak

We got a lifetime contract|that you're bound to keep

You wanna save your skin|You'd better fit right in

Well, well, welcome to the--|Well, well, welcome to the--



Wait a minute. We're not|gettin' outta here, man!

We're not gettin' outta here!|Don't ya understand it, man?

This is it! Game's over, man!

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Sam Rogers

When the pint-sized Rikki and Revver decide they're tired of being kids, it's up to Doc and Dewey Decimole to show them, through songs and stories from the Bible, that kids can really make a difference in the world. After learning about the lives of the kids in the Bible, Rikki and Revver begin to change their mind about staying a while longer. more…

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