Synopsis: After a group of criminals kidnap the ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, they retreat to an isolated mansion, unaware that they're locked inside with no normal little girl.
Genre: Horror, Thriller


(door opens)

(hinges creak)

(door closes)

(Abigail vocalizing

"Swan Theme" from Swan Lake)

(bag unzipping)


(Tchaikovsky's "Swan Theme"


(horn honks)

The temperature okay back there?

Is it, uh, too cold

or too hot or...

Temperature's fine.

Just f***ing drive.


House cameras are down.

See y'all on the other side.

Yes, sir.


Eye in the sky.

In position.

They tell you

whose house this is?


Yeah. Me, neither.

(music ends)

(thunder rumbles)

(faint ticking)

(cell phone chimes and vibrates)

Hmm, let's go.

-How do I look?



Oh, f***.


So... you got a boyfriend or...

something like that?


("Glamorous Lifestyle"

by The Jacka playing)

(singing along):

Every time you drive by

But you're so into me

you don't ever ask why

You know I got paper

'cause I'm a D-Boy

You a B-Girl,

glamorous lifestyle

Rocks on the wrist,

big dreams, nice cars

-You wanna live life

-(music shuts off)

With a rich rock star...

-(clears throat)


(computer chimes)


Front door is clear.

-(lock chimes, latch clicks)

We're in.

(thunder rumbles)

Tiny Dancer is arriving.

(door closes)

Hey. No one said it was a kid.

Oh, no one said that?

It's a f***ing kid.

You want to walk? Walk.

Yeah, what's what I thought.

Get in position.

You, over there.

(lock chimes, latch clicks)

(cell phone ringing

and vibrating)


-(door closes)

-It was good.


I had fun.

Yeah, I think so.

No, not yet.


-(wood creaks)


Yeah, it's fine.

Okay. Bye.

(muffled screaming)

-Oh, f***!

-(Abigail grunts)

(Abigail screams)

Help me, somebody! Help me!


Oh, f***!

-(groans) Little b*tch!

-(shushing continues)

ABIGAIL (muffled):

I can't breathe!


(screaming fades)

(slow panting)

HACKER (over earbud):


Could be the father.

F***. That's not

part of the plan.





Ten seconds

till they at the door.

Should I take the shot?

-(earbud beeps)


We'll be out in nine.


Good luck.





Need a new pickup. Back gate.

-On it.

-(engine starts)

(tires screech)

All right.

I think we're in the clear.

-(lights clack)

-(alarm wails)

Oh, f***!

-(alarm wailing)

-Open the gate, a**holes.

(tires screech)

(tires screech)

All right, kids.

We're not out of the woods yet.

We still got to get

out of the city.

She okay?

Yep, she's good. Blindfold?

(passing horn honks)

-(tires screech)



Let me see.


-It's not too bad.

Thank you.

You grab me like that again,

I may have to respond.


Okay, there's cameras

at this intersection.

Take a left down the alley

before the light.

-Did you hear me?


Not bad.

-I know, right?

What's your name, anyway?

Hey. No names.

You know the f***ing rules.

All clear from here

to the destination.

All right. Y'all might want

to hold on to something.

It's about to get

real accelerated in this b*tch.

Yeah, baby!

We did that sh*t, y'all!


-Home free.


("Glamorous Lifestyle" resumes)

I know you see me right here

every time you drive by

But you're so into me

you don't ever ask why

You know I got paper

'cause I'm a D-Boy

You a B-Girl,

glamorous lifestyle

Rocks on the wrist,

big dreams, nice cars

You wanna live life

with a rich rock star.

(song ends)

-(birds calling)

-(insects trilling)

What the f***?

(gate creaking)

(van doors open and close)


What's up, boss?

You made good time.


Whose house is this?

-(driver whistles)


This place is pretty sweet.

You like this?

Yeah, look at

all this cool sh*t.


Find a room

and get the girl situated.

Set up a lookout position.

Meet back here in five.

For those of you who

don't know, I go by Lambert.

You all came highly recommended.

And so far, those

recommendations are paying off.

All right. Sweet dreams. Okay.


You know the rules.

No real names, no backstories,

and keep the grab-ass

to a minimum.

It's a 24-hour job,

and the hard part

is already over.

Now you babysit.

But the only one

that sees the girl is this one.

So she only hears one voice.

The rest of you...

get comfortable.


-Yeah. Who's the girl?

You don't need

to know her name.

I don't care about her name.

Whose kid is she?

-The f***'s that matter to you?

-A very wealthy man

who's about to be

$50 million poorer.

Look, you're safe here.

And to be completely certain

that you can't be tracked,

I'm going to collect

your cell phones.

Nobody's tracking me.

We're not taking any chances.

Give 'em over.

In the bag.

Bullshit, man.

One second. I just gotta

send this real quick.


Thank you. Just... Okay.

(sighs) Thank you.

(button clicks)

Keep the doors locked

and the girl isolated.

Anything else I can do for you

before I leave you to it?

Uh, how come

we can't use our real names?

So if any of you fucks

get caught,

you can't rat out the others.

Yeah, dumbass.

You asked the same question

in the van.


You want names?


Frank. Dean.

-Sammy. Peter.


-Joey and...


The man got his finger

on the pulse of pop culture.

And you're Don f***ing Rickles.

You happy?

Not really.

Who the f***

is Don Rickles, man?

There's clean bedding

and lit fires in the rooms.

Kitchen's fully stocked,

so is the bar.

See you in 24 hours,

my lovely pack of rats.



Why'd he...

How come he called us rats?

Goodbye, good luck,

God bless you...

(bicycle bell dinging)


Man, this place is dope, right?


No. No, it's not. Thank you.

Come have a drink with us, Joey.

Gotta go check on the kid soon.

Maybe after.

-(bell ringing)

-(imitates buzzer sounding)

No party poopers allowed,


Hey. Who do you guys

think that, uh,

-this girl's father is?

-Hmm, some tech billionaire.

Nah. Probably real estate.

Nah, you don't get

a house like that

without being into some sh*t.

Weapons, drugs...

human trafficking.

What about you, Joey?

(imitates tire squealing)

-(rings bell)

-Who you think he is?

America's dad. Tom Hanks.

Ha, ha.

(wrapper rustling)

Let me get

a piece of that candy.

Get your own.

F*** you, too.

You grew up with a bunch of

brothers and sisters, huh?

I'm like a expert

at reading people.

Oh, really?


You like a nanny

or a babysitter,

looking after that kid.

Your man here is the bagman

for that dude

who let us in the door.

Lookout/private security.

Explosives man in the back,

and a little

teenage runaway hacker

turned black hat for the feds.


You might be

the least perceptive person

I've ever met.

How the f***

would you know that?

You literally got nothing right.

About anyone.

Pretty sure

she ran away from home.

-(Sammy chuckles)

-Crisp $100 bill,

you can tell me

one true thing about me.



Told y'all she ain't know sh*t.

You used to be a cop.


No way.

Did he arrest you or something?


It's the stance.

The walk. The shoes.

Not to mention

the standard-issue Glock,

the shoulder holster,

and he used police hand signals

back at the house.

Not a street cop.

No. Too smart.

You need to be in control.

So I'm gonna say detective.

Homicide or vice.

And he tries to hide it,

but he's from Queens.

Probably only been up here

a few years.


Hey, uh, you do me, too?


Right here.

I almost feel bad taking this...

'cause you've basically got

a f***ing neon sign

over your head

that reads "muscle."

Quebec, right?

You got bullied in school?

Probably by Dad, too.

So when you got bigger

than everyone else,

you turned the tables.

Made it into a career.

How much will this get me?

Wow. Really?

A 20?

That's cheap, considering

you come from money.

-It's true.

Which means

you're only in this

for the kicks.

You don't get your hands dirty.

You use a keyboard

instead of a gun

and tell yourself that makes

what you do not as bad.

Good luck

when the illusion wears off.

Very good.

(Rickles chuckling)

No cash.


Then I'll just leave it

at "semper fi."

And you're getting off easy.


Hold on, now,

you forgot about me.

You don't want me to do you.

What you mean? This fun.

You're not a professional.

I'm the best motherfucking

wheelman in this town.


I didn't say you weren't good.

I said you're not

a professional.

You've got... loose wiring.

Probably a sociopath.


And you are a junkie.

Cop knows a junkie.

Your little candy affectation.

Long sleeves.

Why you don't want

to have a drink with us.

You in recovery or something?

How many days you got?

-We gotta be worried about you?



Don't ever f*** with me.

I will know.

I'm gonna go check on the girl.

I knew it.

Junkies never share candy.


-(chain rattles)

What's happening?

How are you feeling?

(breathing deeply):

Where am I? Who are you?

I can't tell you that.

-I want to go home.

-Me, too.

But we can't just yet.

Hopefully very soon.

Can you take the blindfold off?

It's really tight.

(gasping breaths)

Are the cuffs hurting you?

(breathing deeply)

My arms are sore.


Sit up.


(handcuffs clicking)



-(Abigail sniffles)


What's going on?

We're keeping you here

until your father gives us

some money.

-Do you know who my father is?


And we don't want to know,

so don't tell me.

Can I...

Are you hungry? I could

bring you something to eat.

Are you gonna hurt me?


If you behave and do as we say,

and if your dad gives us money,

you'll be fine.

In the meantime,

I'm here to keep you safe

and comfortable.

Can you promise me

you're not gonna

let anybody hurt me?

I'll do you one better.

I pinkie-promise you

that I'm not gonna let

anyone hurt you.

What's your name?

Um... Oh, you can call me Joey.

Do you have any kids?

I have a little boy.

About your age.

What's his name?

Mine's Abigail.

I can't tell you his name.

-Can I make one up?

-I'd rather you didn't.

I'm just gonna call him Justin.

What's Justin like?


just a...

normal kid.

What does he like?

Just normal kid stuff.

I don't really know

about kid stuff.

My dad, well...

he thought

he wanted a child, but...

then he just lost interest.

You've made a mistake.

He doesn't care about me.

I'm gonna leave you alone now.

I'll be back soon.

Really soon, okay?




I'm sorry about

what's gonna happen to you.

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