The Mighty and Powerful Nelson Fire

Synopsis: Nelson Christopher Amador is 16 old from Seattle, WA and he had a really privileged childhood as a boy, But when Nelson was little, his parents were killed by a criminal name Arthur Denherd and Nelson becomes a foster a child and he lives with a very wealthy family The Donavons and Nelson moves to Maple Valley, WA but even though the family is very rich, Nelson is an outcast in the family and his step sister Krystal treats him like complete social Garage and makes fun of him and bullies him a lot through out his life. This causes Nelson to go from a very happy child to a shy, scarred 16 year old and a person with really no social life around him, Nelson goes to Tahoma High School basically as an outcast, As he is not very rich, or doesn’t even wear top notch fashion, Nelson also ends up having Zac Efron like hair. The only friends Nelson does have is Riley Owens and McKenna Franks and they are very supportive towards him. Nelson suffers a huge accident by the Cedar River and causes him
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Epic, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Thriller

Ext. Downtown Seattle – night

A person in a red and orange suit is fire sliding around the city.

The person lands on the Bank of America tower and he looks down at the city skyline.

Nelson fire (V.O):If you are just seeing this for the first time. And seeing a person with a red and orange suit. But not too long ago. This guy use to be a normal person that had a normal life...Well somewhat normal anyway.

Fade to black:

The Main Title:
The Mighty & Powerful Nelson Fire

Fade to:

Int. the Amador house in Beacon Hill – morning

Roger gets up and he kisses Melissa on the lips.

Melissa Amador:
Morning baby.

Roger Amador:
Morning Melissa.

A little boy starts walking to them.

Roger Amador:
Hey Nelson. How is my big guy?

Young Nelson Amador: I’m doing really good dad.

Roger Amador:
Are you excited to come to work with me today?

Nelson nods his head up and down.

Roger Amador:
Good son. I think you will really like it.

Cut to:

Roger and Nelson going into Roger's car and they start driving.

Cut to:

Int. Donovan jewelry building – morning

Roger starts creating jewelry in the factory and Nelson is watching him.

Young Nelson Amador: Dad How much money do those sell for?

Roger Amador:
Well son they are sold for a lot of money. But the one that I'm working on is a gold one and this one is the one that costs the most money.

Young Nelson Amador: It's really cool looking.

Roger Amador:
I want you to keep it Nelson. Just in case in your life you get scarred I want you remember this because it will always remind you of me just in case.

Young Nelson Amador: Oh okay dad.

Roger Amador:
That’s what I want to hear sport.

As Nelson is watching his dad work, a very strange man in a suit is spying on them.

Thomas Donovan:
It sounds like Roger is screwing around again and not really working.

Arthur Denherd:
I don't know about that boss. He is just showing him how work is done.

Thomas Donavon:
Yeah it's amazing how he doesn't know what I truly am. And what kind of things that I can do.

Arthur Denherd:
So what do you want me to do?

Thomas Donavon:
Just call Roger into my office. I want to talk to him about the gold jewel that he made.

Cut to:

Int. the lounge – afternoon

Nelson goes into the room and he sits down and he starts looking at the jewelry.

Roger walks in.

Roger Amador:
Well mom should be here to pick you up.

Young Nelson Amador: Aren't you going to come with us dad?

Roger Amador:
No I have to stay a little longer buddy.

Young Nelson Amador: Oh okay.

Nelson starts walking out of the building. As Nelson is walking, Thomas is spying on him with a very evil look on his face.

As Nelson is waiting, Melissa picks up Nelson and Nelson goes into the car.

Melissa Amador:
How was your time with dad?

Young Nelson Amador: It was really fun mom.

Thomas keeps on staring at both of them.

cut to:

int. Thomas's office – afternoon

Roger comes into Thomas's office.

Thomas Donavon:
Hello Roger. I have been expecting you to come in.

Roger Amador:
So what did you want to talk to me about Mr. Donovan?

Thomas Donavon:
Well one of the things that I really wanted to talk to you about is that I am really impressed the gold diamond that you created and I think it's really going to sell a lot.

Roger Amador:
Oh thank you Mr. Donovan.

Thomas Donavon:
I can really tell that your boy really admires your work.

Roger Amador:
Yeah Nelson is something else and he has a very huge imagination.

Thomas Donavon:
But yeah I really feel like this diamond will change the world a lot.

Roger Amador:
And I'm really glad to be working for you sir.

Thomas Donavon:
I'm glad to hear that. Why don't you take the day off and be with your wife and your son Roger.

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Nelson Christian Amador

Nelson Christian Amador is an author, Screenwriter, Youtuber, and Photographer And a Photo Retoucher from Seattle, Washington. 

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