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The Picture of Dorian Gray
Albert Lewin
Lord Henry Wotton had set himself early in life to the serious study of the great aristocratic art of doing absolutely nothing. He lived only f...Rate it:

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A Talking Picture
Manoel de Oliveira
A TALKING PICTURE "In July 2001, a little girl crosses thousands of years of civilization, along with her mother, a distinguished history profe...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Harold Livingston
FADE IN : 1 EXT SPACE (S) 1 An ever expanding infinity of light and color as CAMERA ...Rate it:

(3.50 / 4 votes)
The Penny Dreadful Picture Show
Nick Everhart
1 It's done, mum. We've made the selection and it's ready for you. The perfect edit. "Pop Goes the Weasel" This is so amazing, isn't it? No,...Rate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
Robert Shepyer
A THOUSAND WORDS (2012) My name is Jack McCall. If you can hear me, what you're listening to is not the sound of my voice. It's the sound of m...Rate it:

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Goal! III: Taking On The World
Mike Jefferies
The FIFA World Cup come in to BBC this summer from Germany. Champions, Champions, Ole, Ole, Ole. Ok. Cut. Okay, that the last one. Thanks ever...Rate it:

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Picture Perfect
Arleen Sorkin
I... I really don't need to wear one. What? Yeah. I tested negative, and, um... I've got this unbelievable control. Ahem. Excuse me. Excuse...Rate it:

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Picture Snatcher
Daniel Ahern
Goodbye, Danny. It's been nice having you here with us. You're the best head keeper of a big house in the country. But if it's all the same to ...Rate it:

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Picture This
Temple Mathews
MANDY: My world was divided into two kingdoms. There was Camelot, and then there was where I lived. MAN: Stay behind the red line until you ar...Rate it:

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SP: The motion picture kakumei hen
Kazuki Kaneshiro
Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind. - R.W Emerson Mr Inoue Karou How was your off day yesterday? Is Chika-chan doing well? O...Rate it:

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Taking 5
Shauna Cross
- Oh, he is so cute. - So cute. Make my dreams come true Take me away Look. 'Cause falling in love ain't very far If marshmallows were a boy...Rate it:

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Taking Chance
Michael Strobl
Blue one to blue two, checkpoint alpha bravo has been reached. Copy, leader one. Blue two, we have a suspicious vehicle on the right, moving p...Rate it:

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Taking Chances
Annie Nocenti
Throughout the saga of this great land, whenever the shells of tyranny have flown toward our hallowed soil, we have always endured. And that i...Rate it:

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Taking Earth
Michael Harrison
1 [epic music] We look up at the sky... We behold the infinite stars... And we believe we are all alone. [remote beeps] Begin. [orchestral...Rate it:

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Taking Lives
Jon Bokenkamp
Where are you going? The 2: 1 5 to Mont Laurier will be loading at gate number 1 0. One ticket, please. Mont Laurier. Do you mind? The guy in t...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Taking Off
MiloŇ° Forman
Time was apart the wind to fly away and I caught on him butter why to stay oh why to stay but he be gone for all that I could say for all tha...Rate it:

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Taking Sides
Ronald Harwood
FADE IN: INT. BERLIN CONCERT HALL (1944) - NIGHT A man conducting Beethoven. Air raid in progress. Bombs ...Rate it:

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Taking Woodstock
James Schamus
Don't jump in the pool. The water we put in next week for the summer. South Vietnam ground war. The U.S. Command reports 148 Americans ...Rate it:

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The Dirty Picture
Rajat Arora
Mother... I've heard that... a beautiful world exists beyond this village. Big cities, grand markets and... huge houses where movies can be see...Rate it:

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jim Sharman
Michael Rennie was ill The day the earth stood still But he told us where we stand And Flash Gordon was there In silver underwear Claude Rains...Rate it:

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Jim Sharman
1 Michael Rennie was ill The day the earth stood still But he told us where we stand And Flash Gordon was there In silver underwear Claude Ra...Rate it:

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The Taking of Deborah Logan
Adam Robitel
(DARK MUSIC) (WIND WHISTLES) (BOTH CHATTER INDISTINCTLY) GIRL: Oh, this is a nice house, huh? - Hi! (CHUCKLES) - BOY: Is that the daughter? ...Rate it:

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The Taking of Pelham 123
Brian Helgeland
So. And so I'm sitting there, Sydney is in there right? and he tells me to get my fucking, crunchy fuckmeister the fuck outta there.. Believe ...Rate it:

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The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Jianxin Huang
1 "New York 2015" Jimmy- What time is it? The farewell party doesn't matter? Here I am I can only stay for 30 minutes I'm taking the 10:30 p...Rate it:

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