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Cold Creek Manor
Richard Jefferies
The family of a woman who died after a botched police raid intend to sue the city for $500 million, naming the city, the police department, a...Rate it:

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Cross Creek
Dalene Young
1 Marjorie: My journey to maturity began in New York in 1928. I was married to Charles Rawlings, a newspaper man and yachting enthusiast. I ha...Rate it:

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George Lucas
-Is it a girl? - Yes. Show me its arm. - She bears the mark. - No! The omen is true. I must tell my mother. - Help me! - I can't. - They'r...Rate it:

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Black Creek
James Crow
(skateboard rolling) (eerie theme) (fantasy theme) (moody electronic music) [Narrator] As children, we are told stories of monsters under the...Rate it:

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Blood Creek
David Kajganich
In the early '30s, Adolf Hitler and his inner circle became obsessed with the occult, believing that the black arts were key to their plan for ...Rate it:

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Boggy Creek
Jennifer Minar
Stop! God damn it! Dumb ass, you pulls up your crime scene like that you're gonna contaminate the damn evidence. Oh my God! Oh yeah! Looks li...Rate it:

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Coroner Creek
Kenneth Gamet
Howdy, Danning. - Find any of them? You're lucky, the buck wants to buy him a new wife. He's a Chiricahua Apache so he'll take your money. Yo...Rate it:

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Deliverance Creek
Melissa Carter
- Hey. - Nice shiny blade there. Stand easy. They're ours. Stand easy! Looks like you claimed another easy victory for the union, major. Wh...Rate it:

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Frenchman's Creek
Daphne Du Maurier
You've got me all in a sweat. Here. Charge. Harry, you still haven't answered my question. Have you arranged with Lord Rockingham to meet us t...Rate it:

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From a House on Willow Street
Jonathan Jordaan
1 -Hello. - Hey, it's me. I'm outside. -Alright. Daddy's little Princess. - So you want me to get in close? Look for a way in? Maybe check ...Rate it:

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Fury at Furnace Creek
Charles G. Booth
In 1880, silver was not yet king in the Furnace Hills. But rumor that the Apache Indians used silver bullets in their rifles was widespread... ...Rate it:

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Mean Creek
Jacob Estes
Hey! What do you think you're doing?! - You're a punk, Sam! - Get off. I ought to kill you! You fucking dickhead! - I told you to never touch...Rate it:

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The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Preston Sturges
- Hey, Doctor! - I'm not a doctor. He's upstairs. Hold the presses! Hold everything! Hold it! Get me the state capital. I've got to talk to the...Rate it:

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Bob Dolman
FADE IN: EXT.. NOCKMAAR CASTLE - DAY Under gloomy sky a huge fortress looms on a volcanic mountainside. From within WE HEAR the agonizing scream...Rate it:

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Willow Creek
Bobcat Goldthwait
1 Ow. Are you OK? Here, hold this. Honey, I'm, I'm driving. Just hold it. Hey, that's my jam. All right. Say something. This is not safe. ...Rate it:

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Wolf Creek
Greg McLean
[Birds calling] You traveling with two sheilas, are you, mate? Uh, yep. - Two, eh? - Yep. That'll be a bit of fun, eh? Yeah, yeah. Just sig...Rate it:

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Wolf Creek 2
Greg McLean
1 Shit. It's under. He doesn't know that. Yes! Oh, yeah. G'day. Get out of the vehicle. No worries. Know how fast you were going? Faster t...Rate it:

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