Winnie the Pooh's Most Grand Adventure  Season #2 Episode #2

Synopsis: It's time for Christopher Robin (Brady Bluhm) to return to school, which means he's unable to keep visiting with his bear pal, Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings). But when Pooh misreads a letter from Robin, he thinks his friend has been snatched and relocated to a fearsome land. Along with Tigger (Paul Winchell), Piglet (John Fiedler), Eeyore (Peter Cullen) and Rabbit (Ken Sansom), Pooh journeys to the terrifying place to rescue their friend, meeting many frightening obstacles along the way.
Genre: Animation

[narrator] Once upon the last day

of a golden summer,

there was a boy... and bear.

The boy, whom we shall meet in

a moment, was called Christopher Robin.

The bear was called Winnie the Pooh.

And together they had many

grand adventures in a remarkable place

called the Hundred Acre Wood.

But the grandest and most extraordinary

of all their adventures

was still to begin.

T oday, I believe, is a good day

for being Pooh.


And here, I should say,

is a good place for being Pooh.


Any reason that I think of

is a good one for being Pooh.



But the very best reason of all is...

[boy] Pooh Bear.

...being with my very best friend,

Christopher Robin.

You are just in time

for the best part of the day.

What part is that?

The part when you and me...

...become we.



there's something I have to tell you.

Is it something nice?

Not exactly.

Then it can wait.

It can? For how Iong?

For ever and ever.

# For ever and ever

# Is a very long time, Pooh

[chuckles] # Forever isn't long at all

# When I'm with you [laughs]

# I wanna call your name forever

# And you will always answer forever

# And both of us will be

Forever you and me

# For ever and ever

[creaking, pop]

# I wanna stay like this forever

[Pooh Iaughs]

# If only I could promise forever

[Iaughing echoes]

# Then we could just be we

# Forever you and me

[both] # For ever and ever

# For ever and ever

# Is a very long time, Pooh

[Pooh chuckles]

# Forever isn't long at all, Christopher

# When I'm with you

[Pooh chuckles]

# I wanna be with you forever

[echoes] # I want you right here

beside me forever

# One thing you should know

# No matter where I go

# We'll always be together

# For ever and ever #

[narrator] And so they stayed together,

doing all the things

a boy and a bear could do.

And when the day began to end,

Christopher Robin had quite forgotten

he still had something to tell Pooh.

[Christopher] Pooh Bear,

there's one thing we didn't do today.

[Pooh] And what thing might that be?

[Christopher] Uh... nothing.


Christopher Robin,

what exactly is "doing nothing"?

Well, I'm told it means

going along, Iistening to

all of the things you can't hear,

and not bothering.

It's when people say

"What are you two doing?"

And we say "Oh, nothing."

And we do it.

This is sort of a nothing thing

we're doing right now.

I wish it could Iast forever.

Well, then we must do it again tomorrow.

And the tomorrow after.

And the tomorrow following that.

Pooh Bear,... what if... some day...

there came a tomorrow

when we were apart?

As Iong as we're apart together

we shall certainly be fine.

[chuckles] Yes, yes, of course.

But if we weren't together?

If I were somewhere else?

[chuckles] But you really couldn't be,

as I would be quite Iost without you.

Who would I call...


...on those days

when I'm just not strong enough,

or brave enough?

Well, actually...

And who would I ask for advice

when I didn't know which way to turn?

Pooh, we...

We... We simply wouldn't be.


Oh, Pooh.

If ever there's a tomorrow

when we're not together,

there's something you must remember.

[yawns] And what might that be,

Christopher Robin?

You're braver than you believe,

and stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.

[chuckles] Oh, that's easy.

[clears throat]

We are braver than a bee,

and, uh, Ionger than a tree,

and taller than a goose.

Or was that a moose?

[both chuckle]

No, silly old bear.

You're braver than you believe,

and stronger than you seem...

and smarter than you think.

But the most important thing is...

even if we're apart...

I'II always be with you.

[Pooh chuckles]

I'II always be with you.

[echoing] AIways be with you.

[Pooh moans]

[birds twitter]



Braver than our beans.


Longer when we gleam.


Hum dee duh de dum.

Hm dee duh-duh dee.



Hello, Christopher Robin.

I can't seem to remember the...

To remember the, uh,...

It's autumn.

It is. It's the first day of autumn.

A time of hot-chocolaty mornings

and toasty-marshmallow evenings.

And best of all.... Ieaping into Ieaves.

Oh... [chuckles]

Oh, someone's Ieft a honey pot.

AII alone and Ionely.

[groans] With no one to care for it.

I suppose...

I should take it.

AIthough it might belong to someone.

Though, just as easily not.


Think, think. Think.

I believe when a question becomes

this sticky,

I should ask my very good friend...

Christopher Robin.

[echoing] Christopher Robin.

Are you here?

Are you there?

Are you... anywhere?

[Pooh] Piglet!

Piglet! Christopher Robin is gone.

Christopher... Chri...

Why, Piglet, whatever are you doing...

up there?

I'm doing just what Christopher Robin

said I should do.

I'm going to Iook my fear of heights

right in the face and conquer it.


That is, if it doesn't conquer me first.

Christopher Robin!

Are you Iooking for him, too?

[Tigger purrs]

Hiya, Pooh! [chuckles]

- What's up?

- Hello, Tigger.

Piglet... is up.


Oh, relax, Piglet, old pal.

There's no difference between plunging

1 0,000 feet to the jagged rocks below

and tumblin' out of bed.

Oh, really?

Why, sure! [Iaughs]

Except for the splat at the end

they're practic'Iy similar.

Christopher Robin!


CIutched in the throes of terror, eh?

Well, I guess I just better

bounce up there and get him down.

Stand back, this is gonna take

a world's record bounce.

What's the matter with you?

Being a second-rate bouncer

is not what tiggers Iike best.







It doesn't matter

if you think you're not ripe.

This is Rabbit's garden, and Rabbit

does his harvesting by the book.

As it clearly says

in the official almanac,

"Today is... [clears throat]

the first day of fall

following the Iast day of summer."

Harvest day.

Any questions?

[Pooh] Hello.

Oh, yes, the rutabaga in the back row,

"Hello" what?



[Pooh] Hello, Rabbit.

Not much of a house.

Just right for not much of a donkey.

[Rabbit gibbers]


Easy come,... easy go.

Excuse me, Rabbit,...

but would you happen to have a...

a, um,... Christopher Robin about you?

No! I haven't seen him.

- Bother.

- [thud]

- He isn't where he should be.

- [thud]

- And wasn't where we were.

- [thud]

- And seems not to be anywhere...

- [thud]

...where he can tell me

whose honey this is.


Well, it isn't mine.

And I don't have time. It's harvest day!

Says so in the book!

I have carrots to cut, pumpkins to pick,

peas to pluck!

Well, of course it's mine.

It's got my name scribbled all over it.

T-I double g...

Honey?! Yuck!

P-tooie! BIech!

Tiggers do not Iike honey.

It isn't mine.

Then again, few things are.

[grunts and groans]

Oh, here!

If only I could find Christopher Robin.

He could tell me whose it is.

Why don't you check the note

and find out?

A note!

Why, Rabbit, how clever of you.

I'II just read it.

Or would...

if I could.

Perhaps you can, Rabbit.

[harrumphs] I could read this

with my eyes closed.


It says... [clears throat]

[talks nonsense]

Well, I could have read it

if Tigger hadn't bounced me so.

Tar? Jar?

Oh, far!

"Dear Pooh" it begins.

"Worry about me."

"I'm going far away."

"Help!" And the note is signed

"Crelm-flummin Bobbin."

[chuckles] Oh, Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin?

Gone far away?

Oh, what a frightful thought.

Wait! Why? When?

Who authorized it?

Where will we get the strength...

to go on without him?


[Pooh] Christopher Robin.

My very best best friend.

It simply cannot be.

Whatever will I do?

I wonder, Pooh, if... if perhaps

u-u-until Christopher Robin gets back...

um... I might possibly be your...

best best friend.

Yeah. [sobs]

And when Piglet gets sick of you...

[sobs] we can take over.

Oh, thank you.

But you already are

the very best of my best friends.

You see, you and I can do anything.

But only Christopher Robin and I

could do...


Poor guy. His very Iittle brain

is half gone with grief.

Ah-ha! I've discovered where he went.


An O, another O, and...

[gasps] Oh, my.

What is it, Owl? Where is it?

Somewhere bad, I fear.

How bad?

On a scale of one to ten...

It's not good.

[match strikes]

[match strikes]

He has gone to S-C-H-O-O-L.

[gasps] Skull.


What sort of place is that?

Well, from the very sound of it,

one can tell it's a most forbidding

and faraway place.

Then we must help Christopher Robin.

Help him get back... to here.

And us.

And me.

Then it's a quest, is it? [Iaughs]

That's the spirit.

Hoo, the nobility of it.

A Iong and dangerous journey

through the Great Unknown.

Of course, you'II need a map.


Oh, Owl,... you wouldn't suppose

we'd meet any, uh...


Oh, thank you, I nearly forgot.

Herds of Heffalumps.


Down here I fancy, in the... southeast

corner of the far west portion.

W-w-what about W-w-woozles?

Woozles! Wonderful!

- Jagulars?

- Hoo-hoo, just a dozen or three.

Here, there and yonder.

Not to mention the fabled... [chuckles]



Oh, come, come, come.

Without a monster or two

it's hardly a quest.

Merely a gaggle of friends

wandering about.

Hoo-hoo-hoo, how I envy you.

Not everyone has the chance

to face the unspeakable terrors

of the Great Unknown.

# Today's the day

# In only a matter of moments

You'll all be on your way

# What lurks around the corner

Not a soul can say

# But I can guess

# More or less

# Hidden dangers, great duress

# Ah, the moment of glory

Is close at hand

# Hoo-wee, it's gonna be grand

# Adventure is a wonderful thing

# Pack only the essentials

I'll tell you what to bring

# Your strength, your nerve

Your hearts, your wits

# And for skullasaurus attacks

First-aid kits

# Adventure is a hoot and a half

# You'll face unearthly dangers

And look at them and laugh

# The claws, the teeth

The chase, the thrill

# You'll never want to come home

Maybe you never will

# That's the beauty of adventure

It's strictly sink or float

# It runs you till you're ragged

Then it grabs you by the throat

# You'll struggle to survive

Although the chances are remote

# Hoo-hoo, lucky you

Wish I was coming too

# Adventure is a wonderful thing

I almost forgot the very best part.

You not only save your friend from

the most dangerous place, namely Skull,

but from the most dangerous part

of the most dangerous place.

The eye of the skull itself.

Oh, bother.

# And you, General Pooh

# Off you go

Marching high and low

# Your friend waits at the end

# Right here

# Take a look

The map is perfectly clear

# With your excellent sense of direction

You've nothing to fear

# Through the quicksand and the chasms

# Tempting fate and fighting spasms

# Dodging avalanching boulders

# Remember

# Christopher Robin's fate

Rests completely on your shoulders, Pooh

Excuse me.

# It's up to you

# That's the beauty of adventure

# The trembling and the dread

# I can't think of another thing

I'd rather do instead

Perhaps you could join us?

# No, no, you go ahead

# Hoo-hoo, lucky you

Tally-ho and toodle-oo

# Ready now? Noble chin

Chest out, tummy in

# Make a fracas, have a fling

# Drop a postcard, give a ring

# Get the lead out, time to swing

# Whoop-de-doo and ba-da-bing

# Adventure

# Is a wonderful thing #

I salute you. And those of you doomed

to never return, I salute you twice.

[narrator] And so Pooh and his friends

crossed over

into... well, that part

of the Hundred Acre Wood

which Owl called the "Great Unknown. "

It was the start of their quest

for Christopher Robin.

They would find him, Owl said,

if they could get through the woods.

For the woods, Owl said,

were filled with Heffalumps...

and Woozles,...

and... who knew how much worse?


"The Upside Down Rock."

"If you've made it this far...

you're where... monsters... are."

[distant growling]

What was that?

Sounded too hungry for a Heffalump.

[growling continues]

Too plump for a Jagular.

[growling continues]

I'd say it's a... big old...

buggy-eyed, saber-toothy skullasaurus.


- Which way do we run?

- Where do we hide?

What's the shortest shortcut home?

I believe... that way is a good way.

[all] Run!

[all gibber]

AIthough, this way could be better.

[Tigger] Give me a break!

- If not over here.

- [all scream]

AIthough... [chuckles] there

might be particularly pleasant as well.

[all gibber]

Stop it!

We're getting nowhere fast, Pooh,

and that just won't do.

A Ieader must be someone Ieaderly,

quick-thinking, informed.

Someone Iike...

- me.

- [Iouder growling]

Well,... there.

Anyone with half a set of smarts

can see we Iose the beast

by cutting across this Iovely meadow.


And a Iovely meadow it is.

[gasps] Why, Iook.

Is that a golden dahlia-daffodilus?

Rare for this Iocation.

What exactly is this Iocation, Rabbit?

And might it be nearer Christopher Robin

than farther?

Why, we're right here,

on course, of course.

Where else w-would we be?


Owl, where are we?

"Nice peeceful spot!" Ha! Indeed!


- [ping]

- Oh, d-d-dear.

This is not the place for a small

and frightfully fearful animal...

such as myself.

Or myself.

Or himself.

Thanks for noticing.

Yes, well, uh,

precisely why I chose it.

No skullasauruses would dare

follow us in here. [chuckles]

[distant growling]


Piglet! Come back!

I can't Iose you, too.

[butterfly squeaks]

[Piglet giggles]

- [butterfly squeaks]

- [Pooh] Oh, my, my.

I believe you've made a friend, Piglet.

[chuckles] I believe you're right, Pooh.

[butterfly squeaks]


[butterflies squeak]

And another, it seems.

And also that one.

And that one, too,... as well.

And he, or her.

And her, and him.

And they, and them.

Face it, Piglet, old pal,

you're just plain popular.

Some piglets have it,...

some donkeys don't.

[butterflies squeak]

Why, I believe, Piglet, they want

to take you home with them.


It's very kind of them, I'm sure,

but I already have a home.

Oh, d-d-dear.


Don't Ieave.

I wouldn't if I couldn't, but I can't.

Jump, Piglet. We'II catch you,

Iikely as not.

I would if I could,

but they won't Iet me.

Perhaps you can ask your friends

to bring you back.

Why, yes.

But I don't know which way back is.

[chuckles] It's down here.


I'm afraid I'm too afraid to Iook.

Oh, if only Christopher Robin was here.

Christopher Robin.

Piglet, that's it.

He said all I have to do

is remember that you are...

bigger than a big Ieaf...

I mean, uh,

bolder when you're not green.

[sighs] Or...

Is any of this making you feel

any Iess afraid, Piglet?

I'm afraid not, Pooh.

Oh, bother.


How to get a piglet down

who is very... up.

[butterflies squeak]

[Pooh] Oh, bother.

E-excuse me, b-but is that you, Pooh?

Yes, Piglet, it is.

Might we be coming down soon?

I believe so, Piglet.

Uh, how soon?

[Pooh] Very.



That's throwin' your weight around,

Buddy Bear.

Imagine, being outnumbered

by those buggy boys a zillion to one.

What a guy.

Brave indeed. Now if you don't mind,

Crustopher Ribbon,

Ristopher Crobbin,

Rustopher Crobbin, is this way.

Are you all right, Piglet?

Yes, Pooh. Thank you.

Saving me was very brave of you.

But you're brave, too, Piglet.

Braver than...


I am?

Oh, what thing is that?

I'm not sure, Piglet.

Oh, if only I could remember.

[narrator] This way and that way

the map led them,

to all the places

Christopher Robin wasn't.

But to none of the places he was.

And still Rabbit refused to realize the

map didn't know which way it was going.

So we first head east by south,

then south by east.

Of course, minus the magnetic variation,

plus the wind drift.

We clearly go...

this way!

I wonder if those

rather forbidding Iooking things

might be the Forbidden Mountains,

where Christopher Robin is.

[Piglet] You're right, Pooh.

[Tigger] You found 'em, Buddy Bear.

Excuse me.

The way to there is over here.

But, Rabbit, isn't that them,

over there?

Now, which are you going to believe,

this official map or your own eyes?

Look for yourself

and you'II see we're right on course.

It's all right there in black and white.

Why would anyone want to wander around

wondering which way to go

when they have a map to follow?

# A map is not a guess

An estimation or a hunch

# A feeling or a foolish intuition

# A map is a dependable, unwavering

# Inarguably accurate portrayer

# Of your position

# Never trust your ears,

your nose, your eyes

# Putting faith in them is most unwise

# Here's a phrase you all must memorize

# "In the printed word

is where truth lies "

Y es, but, Rabbit...

# Never trust your tummies,

your tails or toes

# You can't learn a thing

from any of those

# Here's another fact I must disclose

# From the mighty pen true wisdom flows

# If it says so

# Then it is so

# If it is so, well, so it is

# A thought's not fit to think

till it's printed in ink

# Then it says so

So it is

Y es, but I think...

# Never trust that thing

between your ears

# Brains will get you nowhere fast

My dears

# Haven't had a need for mine in years

# On the page is where the truth appears

# If it says so

Then it is so

# If it is so

So it is

# A thought's not fit to think

Till it's printed in ink

# Never differ from or doubt it

- Bother.

- # Or go anywhere without it

# Thank goodness we've got this

# So we don't need to fret about it

# If it says so

# So it is #

[shrieks] Oh, no! The map!

Get the map! With only half a map

we're... we're Iess than nowhere.

After that map!

I got it!

Don't have it.

I had it!

I don't have it now.

I want it again. I got it!

I ain't got it. I don't have it.

I got it! Wait, I'II get it...

No! I don't... I have it!


I wonder what's causing

this tail to fail.

Maybe it just doesn't

have what it takes.



Christopher Robin!

Tigger, of all the safer places to be...

I don't think this is one.

- You could fall.

- Yeah.

Well, you know what they say.

What doesn't bounce up

has got to fall down.

- [Iaughs]

- [creaking]

Uh... there's no time for this.

We've had too many delays.

So you just bounce out of there

this moment.

[Iaughs] No way.

The wind isn't right.

But there isn't any wind.

OK, OK, you've got me. [sobs]

The truth is... [whimpers]

my tail... just doesn't have...

enough strength.


Oh. [chuckles]

Don't worry, Tigger,

Christopher Robin said

I just have to remember you're...

taller than a beam.


Or was it "slower than whipped cream?"

Do you feel any bouncier now?


Oh... [chuckles]

Perhaps your tail just needs a hand.

Could you... bounce up this far?

Pooh Bear!

Ooh. How about now?

No, no, no. Thanks for trying.

I'm goin' out the way I came in.


A second-rate bouncer.



[snorts, sobs]

Um... Uh, Tigger.


Oh... OK.

Look at the biceps on that bear.

I don't deserve to dangle

from the same precipice.



What's Donkey Boy saying?

I said "Ouch."

[all scream]



Now, don't worry, Piglet, it's only me.



Now, don't worry, Piglet,

it's only Tigger and Rabbit and Eeyore.

The map! Whoo-hoo, we have it!

We can go now!

[distant growling]

Worry now, Piglet,

it's the skullasaurus.

I know we went over this way...

And I came across...

But then I... I Iost my way over...

And if I don't... I know...

Might you know which way

Christopher Robin is from here, Rabbit?

Uh, well... Uh, I mean the...

There's this way, of course.

Not that it's the right way.

We obviously want to go this way.

Though that way's further than farther

and nearer than not.

AIthough we can't rule out this way.

Now, if Christopher Robin was here,

what would he say?

Well, he'd say...

"That Rabbit can't function

in this humidity."

"It's not his fault.

This fog isn't even on the map."

"And that... [sobs]

that Rabbit is just not smart enough

to know where to go

or... what to do."

Oh. Christopher Robin says

"At a time Iike this...

all I have to do is remember..."

Remember what?

I forget.

But it's something Iike...

you're smarter when you're pink.

Does that help?

No. I don't know where we are

and where we aren't.

And I haven't known for hours.

[sighs] I've failed us all.


I believe I have as well.

Let's face it,

without Christopher Robin,

we don't have a chance

of finding Christopher Robin.

Perhaps we might rest in there

until this mist is mostly... mistless.

[Eeyore] End of the road.

Nothin' to do.

And no hope of things getting better.

Sounds Iike Saturday night at my house.


- [snorting]

- [shrieks]

[mutters, Iaughs]




[Tigger Iaughs]

[Tigger mutters]


[Pooh] I've tried to find you,

Christopher Robin.

I know, Pooh, I'm sorry.

You'd have found him by now if...

if I hadn't...

Pooh Bear?

I've Iooked all the places you weren't.

I just can't find the places... you are.

I only know that you are where I am not.

And... where am I?

I wish you were here to tell me.

Perhaps if I were to wish...

very, very hard.

# Come out, moon

# Come out, wishing star

# Come out, come out

# Wherever you are

# I'm out here in the dark

# All alone and wide awake

# Come and find me

# I'm empty and I'm cold

# And my heart's about to break

# Come and find me

# I need you to come here and find me

# 'Cause without you I'm totally lost

# I've hung a wish on every star

# It hasn't done much good so far

# I can only dream of you

[Christopher Robin laughs]

# Wherever you are

# I'll hear you laugh

# I'll see you smile

# I'll be with you

# Just for a while

# But when the morning comes

# And the sun begins to rise

# I will lose you

# Because it's just a dream

# When I open up my eyes

# I will lose you

# I used to believe in forever

# But forever's too good to be true

# I've hung a wish on every star

# It hasn 't done much good so far

# I don 't know what else to do

# Except to try to dream of you

# And wonder if you are dreaming too

# Wherever you are


Oh, my.

# Wherever you are #


[wind whistles]


Oh, dear.

[Piglet gibbers]





Try to be specific.



[all shriek]

Christopher Robin's in the eye

of that thing?

[Tigger] How we gonna get way up there?

By going... in... there.

[Tigger] But it's dark.

[Piglet] And f-f-f-frightful.

And we have no idea what we'II find.


But we know what's gonna find us.

[Piglet] The skullasaurus.

[Piglet] N-n-now which way

to the eye of the skull?

Don't Iook at me.

Oh, bother.

Think, think.

If each of us went

where the other one hasn't...


And one were where another wasn't.

By which I mean to say...

perhaps we should split up.

Why, Pooh Bear,

I believe that's a very smart idea.

I'm so glad you Iiked it. [chuckles]

Whatever it was.

[echoes] Christopher Robin.

C-C-Christopher Robin.


Christopher Robin.



What's that?

Oh, d-dear!

[nervous giggle] There's nothing

to be afraid of, it's just the wind.

That's right, i-i-it's nothing.

Nothing at all.



[Rabbit shrieks]

Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin.

Come out, come out, wherever you aren't.

[bats squeal]



[Rabbit shrieks]

Ooh! Ahhh!


[Eeyore groans]

[Eeyore shrieks]



[Eeyore shrieks]

[Tigger] Help!


[Eeyore shrieks]


Tigger! Rabbit!


Thanks for noticing.


There it is! There it is!

[Tigger] It's the terribibblist

skullasaurus I've ever seen!

Not to mention the only one.

[all shriek]

Did someone say... "Skullasaurus?"


[Pooh whimpers]

Did you hear that? The skullasaurus.

He got Pooh.




I'm gonna miss that bear. [sniffles]

Oh, Pooh.

[distant growling]

Now it sounds Iike

the beastly creature is...

[gasps] Look there!

The eye of the skull.

Whatever will we do?

Well, we could get the kid out of there.

If anybody has any ideas

how to get up there, that is.

The map! What's it say?

Oh, my. It's useless.

There's nothing in here

about how to get up there.

Why, why, I'd have to figure it out

all by myself, from scratch.

I... I... Can I do that?

Yeah, can he do that?

I could try.

For Pooh.

Fank you, Wabbit.

Whoo-hoo! I have it!

Tigger, you can bounce Piglet

to that Iedge up there.

And, Piglet, you can toss

that Iong viney thing to us down here.

And we'II shimmy on up

and rescue Christopher Robin together.

Me? Make a bounce Iike that?

With a rickety old tail Iike this?


Well, I guess I could try.

If it'd make Pooh happy.

Vewy, vewy happy.

It's a... rather high place

for a... a very small animal.

But I'II be brave for Pooh Bear.

One for the money, two for the show,

three because uh... uh...

it comes before four.

And here we go.


You did it!



You know,... for a moment, I almost

thought I could hear Pooh Bear,

cheering us on.

Wait for me, Piglet.

Hold on, Eeyore.

Oh, bother.

I believe if there is no way out...

that I shall have to stay... in.

With no more friends.

No more Christopher Robin.

No more... we.

If only I hadn't forgotten

what he asked me to remember.

Oh, Christopher Robin,

if you just could have seen Piglet.

He was so much braver than he believes.

And Tigger was stronger than he seems.

And Rabbit smarter than he thinks.

[Christopher Robin] Even if we're apart

I'll always be with you.

Christopher Robin?

[Christopher Robin] Always be with you.

[Christopher Robin] Always be with you.


It's a rather puzzlesome thing,

but it's almost as if

you had never Ieft me.

But that can't be, can it?

Or can it?

Perhaps you are here.

So, even though we're apart...

we really are together.

[chuckles] Then perhaps

Owl was mistaken all along.

Perhaps the place where you are...

is not on a map.


How very nice for... us.



This is it.

[Rabbit] It's...



[Piglet] Christopher Robin?

[chuckles] You made it.

How clever of you.

We're so very glad to see you.


Where have you been? I've been

searching everywhere for you.

We've been searching for you.

But on the way I found something else.

That I'm brave enough.

Feast your eyes on this.

I'm strong enough.


[Rabbit] Ahem!

I found I'm smart enough.

Pretty smart, eh?

Didn't have to come clear out here

to find it.

Had it inside all along.

Of course you did.

It's just Iike I told...

Wait! Searching for me?

[Tigger] Why, certainly.

To save you from Skull.


[chuckles] Oh, no.

I was at school.

- School?

- That Owl!

I knew skull had another "y" in it.

But you said to worry about you

'c-c-c-cause you were going far away.

Yeah, and you needed help.

No, no, no.

"Don't worry about me.

I'm not going far away."

"Just to school.

Be back this afternoon."

"Help yourself to this honey."

"And it Iooks Iike Pooh did."

Where is Pooh?

Oh, Christopher Robin.

The skullasaurus gobbled him up.

- The what?

- [growling]

[all scream]

[chuckles] That's no skullasaurus.

There's only one thing

that makes a sound Iike that.

The rumbly tumbly

of a hungry for honey... Pooh Bear.

[tummy grumbles]

Now, Christopher Robin,

I was saving this honey for you.

But since we're together,

if I munched a small smackerel

you'd have half, would you not?

AIthough, to be fair to us both,

I should munch twice as much.

But then this would only Iast...

half as Iong.

[sighs] Oh, it's a bothersome thing

eating for two.

[tummy grumbles]

When there's company of three.

Oh! Look what someone has Ieft.


[Pooh mutters]





Silly old bear.

[Pooh chuckles]

And we Iooked and Iooked.

But every place we Iooked

was one of those places you weren't.

And by the time we thought

to Iook where you were, well...

Well, you... Um...

Exc... Excuse me, Christopher Robin,

but wasn't that a bit... um... bigger?

Yeah. And a whole Iot scarier?

Well, things can seem that way

when we're alone and afraid.

Or so I'm told.

But now there's nothing to be afraid of.



Nothing to be afraid of at all.

# The sky is perfectly blue

# The clouds are perfect too

# And here I am with you

# What could be more right?

# A quest has come to an end

# And home's around the bend

# And here you are, my friend

# What could be more right?

# Nothing can go wrong

If everything is right

# And everything is right somehow

# Nothing can go wrong

As long as everything is right

# And everything is right right now


# Bees are buzzing around

# We're on familiar ground

# And look at who we found

# What could be more right?

# Nothing can go wrong

If everything is right

# And everything is right somehow

# Nothing can go wrong

As long as everything is right

# And everything is right

T op to bottom.

# Everything is right

Thank goodness you've got him.

# Everything is right

[Pooh] Perfectly.

Wonderfully. T otally.

Silly old bear.

# Right now #

I still am not certain why you went

to this school, Christopher Robin.

Well, I went there to Iearn things.

We Iearn things here.

I mean things Iike...

where the sun goes at night.

And how words are spelled.

[sighs] And how they're not.

[Pooh chuckles] Rabbit will be so proud.

It's rather fun really,

in a different sort of way.

It was scary at first.

But then... I remembered

how brave Piglet can be.

And that helped.

And sometimes I didn't think

I'd have the strength to go on.

Then I thought of Tigger.

And once I found myself

feeling very much alone.

What did you do then?

I... thought of you, Pooh.

[chuckles] It's what I would have done.

Pooh Bear.

I'm told that tomorrow

I'II be going again.



Shall I find you again?

No. I'm going to school.

I'II be back,... as Iong as you're here.

Promise me you'II be here.


Even when I'm 1 00.

How old shall I be then?


I promise.

For ever and ever?

Yes, Christopher Robin.

For ever and ever.

[narrator] And so it is here

we shall leave them.

And here we shall find them again.

For the boy and the bear

will always be together

in this remarkable place

called the Hundred Acre Wood.

# Come out moon

Come out wishing star

# Come out, come out

# Wherever you are

# I'm out here in the dark

All alone and wide awake

# Come and find me

# I'm empty and I'm cold

And my heart's about to break

# Come and find me

# I need you to come here and find me

# 'Cause without you I'm totally lost

# I've hung a wish on every star

# It hasn't done much good so far

# I can only dream of you

# Wherever you are

# But when the morning comes

And the sun begins to rise

# I will lose you

# Because it's just a dream

When I open up my eyes

# I will lose you

# Oh, I used to believe in forever

# But forever's too good to be true

# I've hung a wish on every star

# It hasn 't done much good so far

# I can only dream of you

# Wherever you are

# I hear you laugh

I see you smile

# I'll be with you

# Just for a while

# Oh, I'll be there just for a while

# I'll come and find you

# I used to believe in forever

# But forever's too good to be true

# I've hung a wish on every star

# It hasn't done much good so far

# I don't know what else to do

# Except to try to dream of you

# And wonder if you're dreaming too

# Wherever you are

# Wherever you are #

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Sam Rogers

When the pint-sized Rikki and Revver decide they're tired of being kids, it's up to Doc and Dewey Decimole to show them, through songs and stories from the Bible, that kids can really make a difference in the world. After learning about the lives of the kids in the Bible, Rikki and Revver begin to change their mind about staying a while longer. more…

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