Highlander: Endgame

Synopsis: When Connor MacLeod sees his old friend Rachel die in an explosion, he's had it with his immortal life and the endless pain it brings him and those he loves. He locks himself inside the Sanctuary, a Watcher-organized retreat stationed on holy ground, where immortals who are tired of the game can go to forever escape it, as well as to ensure that The Prize never falls into the wrong hands. But when an old enemy, Jacob Kell, and his posse of assassins attack the Sanctuary and kill everyone there but Connor, he is forced out into the open and into battle. Kell and Connor were friends once, and knew each other back when Connor was cast from Glenfinnan; he returned when news came that his mother was to be burned at the stake, and in the attempt to free her, Kell was killed by none other than Connor himself, and became an immortal, bitter with hate, and devoted to making Connor's life a living hell. In the present day, Connor's kinsman Duncan MacLeod is attacked by Kell's posse, including Ka
Director(s): Douglas Aarniokoski
Production: Miramax Films
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87 min

Want a hot dog? No, thanks. Just ketchup, please. Thanks. Listen, I've got an errand to run. Kind of skimpy on the ketchup. Duncan, I've got to do this alone. What? Wait, wait, wait. You called me in Paris, and you said, "We have to meet." Now suddenly you've got an errand to run? What's going on? I don't know. It's... nothing. You okay? Yeah. I'm okay. Really. I know you better than that, Connor. Haven't seen you like this. People change, Duncan. You'll learn that. Fine. You can tell me all about it tonight. And you're buying. Right. Mm-hmm. You sure you gonna be all right, Connor? Of course. Duncan... watch your back. Connor? Connor? Okay. What is it, Connor? Open it. Oh, a ballerina. Wow. She's beautiful. Thank you. Mmm, my angel. Oh, my God, I'm so proud of you. I love you, Connor. I love you, my Rachel. Oh, God, I'm proud of you. Thank you. Hello? Rachel! Rachel. My beloved Rachel. How long has it been since she died? A year? A century? More? My mind keeps slipping, but some things I know. I am Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, and once, a very long time ago, I was a Highlander. Born of this land, and like this land, immortal. Witch! You brought this plague on us. You damned us all, Connor MacLeod. You sold your soul! You're a witch! You child of Satan! They drove you from your home, cut you off from your own people. What else do they want? Someone to blame. Your mother will burn! Connor. Your mother will burn! Rot in hell! Get in the house. Get off my land! Leave us in peace! Get off my land! Connor, please. You're not going back to Glenfinnan. I have no choice. Connor, please. They can't hurt me, and they know it, but they can still hurt the ones I love. I'm afraid. I love you, Heather. More than anything in this world. Do you believe me? Yes. Then don't be afraid. Nothing can keep me from you. Nothing. Connor. I thought you might be the water horse... come to take me on his back and drown me in the loch. No one comes to take care of you? Not in years. They think I bedevil their children... because my own was banished. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Tiny mites... and soured dispositions. I've no need of them, Connor, any of them. Then it's settled. You're coming with me. Aah! Connor! Connor, what is it? I'm not sure. It happened once before. Aah! Aah! Connor! In the name of the Holy See... and the rule of law, you are hereby charged, Connor MacLeod, with heresy... and the practice of black magic. We were friends, remember, Jacob? I stood at your ordination. I vouched for you. You shouldn't have come back, Connor. Take him. Aah! The ties of blood... cannot be severed by word or deed. Mother. Due to the infinite compassion... you are entitled to one final opportunity... to renounce all that is unholy, and declare Connor MacLeod not of your loins. How say you, Caiolin MacLeod? If your God... should persecute me into the next world, then I shall simply have to find myself another. Burn her! No! No! No! He is your son. I am silent for you. Black powder. It will ease your suffering. Mother! No! No! You're next, you demon! Aah! Aah! My water horse. Unh! The Devil's come back to life! Let her be, Connor. Aah! Father? Father? Please. Do not leave me. Father. Aah! Connor-- My endless days... are filled with memories of the past... and the death of my mother by Jacob Kell. Boy, you people are extremely difficult to find. We like it that way. Go ahead, man. Take your pick. Unh! Uhh! Aah! Aah. Take their heads. They might be Immortals. Yes, they might be. Aah! Don't be long. The Sanctuary. So it's true. What sacrifices they have made of you, warehoused like rotting pieces of meat. Tell me, is this... the better way? I'm sure you've had time to reflect upon it. What you need to understand... is that I don't care about the game. I don't care about the rules. I don't even care about these pathetic souls... you keep locked away as a barrier to the prize. Which one is Connor MacLeod? Well, what do we do now? What we always do. We're Watchers, not cops. We'll find another volunteer. Whatever you fear about Connor MacLeod, fear the worst. Who is this? A friend. Don't bother looking for me, Duncan. He's on the move. Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Hello, Methos. What brings you to my humble abode? Need your help. Why me? You've been around for 5,000 years. I want the benefit of your experience. And I thought it was a social call. You ever had nightmares? What kind of nightmares? Bloody images... powerful enough to even break your meditation. We live violent lives, MacLeod. Some of that's bound to stay with us. These ones came that Connor MacLeod disappeared. Connor had good reason to go. He told me how much Rachel meant to him. There was more to it than that. I was with him that day. The day Rachel was killed? Something wasn't right. Connor, you okay? Yeah. I'm okay. Really. I know you better than that, Connor. I've never seen you like this. People change, Duncan. You'll learn that. I need to know if he's still alive, Methos. You know a little about Buddhist monks. Some of them come to cherish life so much... that to step on an insect or harm a blade of grass... becomes a violation of their creed, so they place themselves under an extreme form... of protective custody-- A Sanctuary of sorts. Well, for an Immortal... who comes to abhor the bloodshed, there's a similar solution-- Away to be removed from the game forever. The price is unimaginably high, but you are, for all practical purposes, protected from the violence within you. And it's called The Sanctuary. Connor would never do that. Are you sure? It's been around since before you were born. At least until last night. What happened last night? It was annihilated. Hey, Duncan, what's the matter? The British... destroyed the clans, Connor. Scotland's finished. Scotland will always be Scotland, and someday you'll go back. You can bet on it. How much? Aw, come on. Does everything have to be a wager with you? Well, you're the one that keeps telling me... our lives are nothing but a boundless game. Good morning, gentlemen. What seems to be the problem here? They refuses to pay her toll, sir. Really? How dare they. These men are rogues. These men are liars and scoundrels, sir. They've done nothing but prey upon us 3 years running, right at this very spot. And by whose authority do you act? By Deed of the King. There is a little "X" down here. Does the King always sign his name with an "X"? Excuse me. Sorry. Ha ha. I think these gentlemen should be paid. That deed is a fake. That's a matter of opinion. You, sir, are no better than they. That is also a matter of opinion. Here you go. Ladies. It's gold! Why not-- It's gold. First man: Ha ha! Hey, wait a minute. They took my money! Oh, it's here. They took my money! Let's go get 'em! Shall we? Aye. Aah! - Ooh. - Ooh. Heh heh. Not bad. Uh-oh. Mmm. All right boys, time to go. Let's go! Come on! Ohh. Cuckoo. Oh, looks heavy, huh? Looks like you lost your edge, lad. Really heavy. Or could he be lass? Could be. Could be. Hyah! Come on! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Corporal Duncan MacLeod, sir. I've come to pick up the wounded. You've improved greatly. Ah, you really think so? No. I'm just being gracious. Hmm. Now, remember. You are only immortal... as long as you can keep your head... on your shoulders. Gahh. Duncan, what you give up to your adversary... in defeat... is everything. I know. And at that point, I'm very, very dead. Come on! Heh heh heh. Not just dead, Duncan-- Empty! Aye, Connor, I know. It's called the Quickening. Our strength and knowledge, our life essence, flows into the victor, feeds him, and makes him stronger, yes? It's what drives the other Immortals... to kill us, and what forces us... to be smarter, better than the rest. I understand. Ooh. You do? Ohh. Good. I slipped. Listen, soon you and I will have to part. There is one more thing I want to give to you. Va via. Va via! Ho ho ho. Oh, aye! Oh, aye. This is much more to my liking. Good. Bah! Heh heh heh. Heh heh heh. Attack me. But you've got your back to me. It's not always about strength, Duncan. Attack me! Aah! It's about manipulation of the mind... as well as the body. Aye, but now I'm in control. Heh heh heh. Are you? Remember well, my friend. Properly executed, this move is unstoppable. Properly executed, we'll nae have this talk again. Who are you? A friend... or a lover. Or a wife. Kate? Attaboy. Except I'm Faith now. Part of the makeover. What are you doing here? Remember our wedding day, Duncan? I do. The way we danced. I felt like we were flying. Of course, we did come down... didn't we? Crashing. Oh, sh*t. It's time to show our Immortal brother... a thing or two. Somebody order a club sandwich? He's funny. Nice outfit, too. Faith, I told you I look like a f***in' orange! I'm not dressing you black, Bob. Trust me. Who are they? Friends. What, it's a team sport now? What, you didn't know? It's a whole new ball game. Aah! Hey! Nice bat. Aargh! Told you I was gonna cut you. Aaah! Let my man Jin Ke deal with him. Jin Ke... who served with the Emperor Chin. The same man. Some people say you're a man of honor. What do you know about honor? Oh, great. Yaah! Honor's not in a weapon. It's in the man. Enough! Boys, boys. I do apologize. When it comes to discipline, the first hundred years are the hardest. Ohh! Ohh! Guess I'm not much of a swords guy. I thought I told you to stop. Yeah, well, I stopped. Tell me, Carlos. How much is your life worth? Don't start this bullshit, man. 'Cause the only way to win your freedom... is to kill me. You're crazy. Am I? Then go ahead. Stop the madness. Can you live with the fear? Can you live with the weakness? Weakness, Carlos. I call this... decap with a twist-- No sugar. Watchers? Huh? Watchers observe Immortals. They're not supposed to interfere. Unfortunately, our role has changed somewhat. Why? Because the rules have been broken. One of your kind has gone renegade. In doing so, he's gained himself a sizable advantage. One that'll be impossible to overcome. Nobody's unbeatable. Oh, yes, Duncan. He is. Unbeatable. No. Ahh. Sorry about that. There must always be two of your kind. As long as there are two, and you're kept from fighting, then the prize is safe. The Sanctuary must not fail again. You're insane. Get yourself another volunteer. We had a number of volunteers! Sadly, that's no longer the case. You'll be warehoused, hidden away. Go to hell. Don't worry. The drugs'll kick in momentarily. Get up. Get up! You have better things to do than lie there on your ass. Who are you? Someone who knows more about you... than you know about yourself. Are you a demon? Heh, heh heh. I've been called that... and worse. I'm Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Connor MacLeod? And like you, my friend, I have a hard time dying. Dawson? Heh, you look like sh*t. Thanks. How long have I-- We'll talk about it later. We gotta get outta here. Come on, can you walk? Yeah. Uhh. Go. Go! What are you doing here? Keeping tabs on you. Yeah? Well... someone should keep tabs... on that psychotic a**hole back there. Didn't you get it back in London? These guys don't play by the rules. You don't know what you're up against, Mac. So people keep telling me. Stop the car. I managed to liberate that from their lost and found. There's blood on it. I didn't say it was easy. Pull over. What? Pull over. MacLeod, tell me something. Mac, hear him out! Mac! Will you tell me something? Now, how many Quickenings have you had? How many heads have you taken? I don't keep score. Well, we do. MacLeod, Connor. What's that? The Watchers' version of a resum. It's a bit like handicapping horses, I know, but it's part of the gig, all right? 174 confirmed Immortal kills. Sound about right? So, what's your point? Here's the gentleman you met in Connor's loft. 661 confirmed Immortal kills. Welcome to your worst nightmare. Sanctuary wasn't sh*t, pal. This guy is way out of your league. I want to see Connor MacLeod's body. Why? Something doesn't make sense. What are you saying? I think he's saying he wants to see the body. Well, it's gonna be a rough I.D. They're all missing their heads! We gave 'em a Christian burial, MacLeod. It was decent, you know. Said all the right words. Can't begin to tell you how reassuring that is. With all these unexplained corpses, well, we had to take it off the beaten track. End of the road, Joe. Thanks. You watch your ass, MacLeod. It's not my ass I'm worried about. Did I happen to mention about all this... coming to a bad end? No, Methos. I don't believe you did. You were gonna stay and dig. Dig? Oh, yeah! I need to know if he's still alive, Professor. I want to see Connor MacLeod's body. One of your kind has gone renegade. People change, Duncan. You'll learn that. No. What are you doing here? You walked out on your life, Connor. Why? I had my reasons. Reasons? Every life I touch ends... brutally... and for no reason. It's a curse... that's followed me for centuries. I can't outrun it, and I can't outlive it. Rachel's death made you the last soul on this planet... that means a damn to me. I thought there was a way out. The Sanctuary? Yes. The Sanctuary. So, how did you escape? I didn't escape. I was let go. I couldn't see the slaughter, only heard it... and felt it. Jacob Kell. So, here we are-- Both immortal. Missed the signs, didn't we? But we were both so new at the game. Connor. What a glorious sight. Just look, Connor. Look back at the endless travesties of your life, and you'll see me, always there waiting in the shadows. When friends and lovers... are wiped from your sight-- I'm there. When those you cherish... die abruptly and for no reason-- I'm there for you. And when your cellmates... in their so-called Sanctuary... are left twitching like headless chickens-- Guess who? Connor. Stay out of it, Duncan. Would you kill an unarmed man... again, Connor? Oh! You didn't know, Duncan? Because you didn't tell him. Would that finally put the agony... in your soul to rest? Then go ahead. Send me home. What's stopping you? Honor? Guilt? The nagging sense that maybe you, more than I, deserve to die? Or somewhere along the way... did you just lose your nerve? It's holy ground, Connor. Ooh. Yes. Take your shot. What better chance than now? Do it. Do it for your sweet mother. Aah! Or the sweet little war orphan... Rachel Ellenstein... who, if I'm not mistaken, you raised as your own daughter. Tell me, do they even begin... to equal for the murder of a man of God... who raised me as his own son? Aah! Slow... close-- Feels good, doesn't it? But look at you. Even now, you're afraid-- Afraid you'll lose. That's your true fear, isn't it? The thought of giving up your essence to me, making me even stronger by it. What's wrong? Don't you want to be inside me? I want you to think back to this moment, Connor! In the endless nights ahead! Aah! And know... Aah! every time you close your eyes... from now to eternity, I'll be there! Ripping apart the ones you care about most! Aah! It's never over, Connor MacLeod. Living is what matters. And you will live with this. Count on it. One far-off day, you and I will be the only two remaining. You will look back on this... and know you had one chance to stop me. You failed. But until that day, I will take my vengeance... on those you love. Your living... has been my prize. For old times' sake. He is your son. You, on the other hand... are on borrowed time. Call you. Is what he said true? Is it? Believe only what your heart... and conscience tell you. Connor... with time, anything can be forgiven. You taught me that. Did I? Oh, look at Dave. Dave! Behave yourself, Duncan! No more talking! May all your hardships fade away. Till night becomes morn, let love remain to guide your way. Till the day we are reborn. Till the day we are reborn. Kiss her, won't you? Connor? I thought you'd never get here. Connor! You know Kate is like us, immortal. Aye. I sensed something the day we met, but I wasn't sure. Well, now you know. And you know as well as I do... that her Immortality can only be triggered... by the shock of a violent death. Yes, I do. And without such a death, she will simply grow old and die. Yes, I know, Connor. Is that what you came to tell me on my wedding day? Come on. Drink up, man. No. I was wondering. Does she know? Why? Many years after I was married, one night... I found Heather in front of the house. She had a knife in one hand... and her hair in the other. When I asked her... why she had done such a thing to herself, she said it was the one part of her... that would never age. It would forever remain the same... as when I first fell in love with her. That's how she wanted me to remember her. Why are you telling me this? Because I once loved a woman... more than life itself-- and I watched her die. Unlike me, you have a choice. What would you have me tell her? I'd tell her nothing. She wouldn't believe you anyway. Then I can do nothing. She's in the flower of her youth. Enjoy the moment, and let it pass. And if it were you in my place? I was in your place! But I thank God I never had the choice. I love Kate, and I will hold on to her as long as I can. And that is all I can do! Forever, my love. Until the day we are reborn. Until the day we are reborn. You haven't lost your touch. What do you want? To talk. Oh, that's a first. I've tried to talk to you a thousand times-- Get to the point. I was wrong. Oh, no, no. Stealing's wrong. Lying's wrong. Killing's wrong. What you did goes well beyond wrong. Fine. I deserve that, but I want a chance to make it right. You want to make it right? Then give me back the ability... to have children, to grow old with the man I love. How about anything that resembles a normal life? And you took it all away from me. Those things I can't give you. Oh, something else you forgot to tell me. Good-bye, Duncan. Kell can't give you those things, either, so tell me, Kate, why him? Because I've never known anybody... with such a capacity for hate-- Except me. That's what's kept you going all these years? Hmm? Fine. Go home, Faith. Take care of what's important. You were with him. A woman is a temple... built on a sewer. Remember what you were when I first found you. A whore. Now, look at you. A liberated whore. F*** you. Oh, we'll get to that, blossom. But in the interim, be grateful... I don't take your pretty little face off. Hurts, doesn't it... that there is something you actually can't have? Hmm. I can have... anything I want. Except me. I've already had you. Not really. Close enough. Forever. May love remain to guide our way... till the day we are reborn. Forgive me. Uhh! I'm sorry. You had no right. Uhh! Kate? No. Don't be frightened. You're immortal. We both are. Aah! Uhh! I did it for you-- For us. - Uhh! - Kate. Kate? Oh, no! Oh, no. Oh, my God. What have I done? Kate! You wanted this. You forced it on me. I never asked for eternity. I never wanted us to be apart. Would you have really understood? Which part? The endless, numbing sameness of it all? Or never bothering to love someone... because whole lifetimes tick by so fast... they don't even count anymore? Then why did you come? To see if I could feel again-- Anything. You're missing the point, Kate. The difference between Connor and I... is that as long as you're still alive, there's a chance that one day... I might be forgiven. It may take years-- Centuries, even. But at least I can carry that hope inside me. That's one blessing of immortality-- There's always tomorrow. Even for us. What are you doing, Jin? Just thinking. Men, for the most part, can mend their ways... only after they have made a mistake. One day soon, we will all... serve very little purpose to Kell, except dead. A toast. I see tonight... as a celebration of the spirit. To all of you... who continue to stand by me-- even those who might waver... at times-- You are my flock. You... nourish my soul. You are all a part... of a great journey-- a 400-year quest-- for justice. And here, my friends, is the instrument of that justice-- The giver... and taker of creation... baptized in blood. It is the living... that matters... after all. It sings like an angel. Just listen. Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Till the day we are reborn. Ohh! Ohh! Aah! Uhh! Kell. Jacob Kell. Connor? We've lived many lives, you and I. We've seen things... that most people could never understand. But now what do you see? I see someone who would never kill an unarmed man. I also see someone who has lost hope. Life brings hope and pain... but revenge never brings redemption. The path and choice are ours. Connor, what the hell's going on? I have chosen mine. Aah! What are you doing? Kell's too strong, and he's getting stronger. Neither one of us can beat him alone. Are you out of your mind? Aah! If we let him win, it could mean the end. Connor, no! Kell is going to kill you, Duncan, just to torment me, and there is nothing you can do about it-- Nothing! I don't believe that, Connor. Neither should you. Alone, neither one of us can beat him. Together, we can. You know the rules. Only one Immortal can challenge another. And only one will. This isn't the answer. Listen to me. In the end, there can be only one, and that has to be you. No. We can beat him together. Then we are in agreement. Enough, Connor! I won't fight you. I will never fight you, Connor. Then you die! Uhh. No! You're not doing this, Connor. Oh, yes, we're doing this. Every day, every breath we took was for this end. Look inside and tell me I'm wrong. Aah! Aah! Aah! Do it! I can't. Remember how you first found me? Sitting in that bloody bog, scared out of my mind? You taught me how to live, Connor. You taught me why we live. Have you forgotten all of that? No. Our bonds... are all that hold us in this world. Don't break this one. Please, Connor. I'm begging you. It's too late. This has to be done. Haah! No, Connor! Not like this! Come on, stop! Connor, stop! Duncan! One of us has to die now, old friend. No. And you know it. No. Good-bye, Duncan, my true brother. I love you, Connor. Aah! No! Aah! Duncan. Well done. I ever thought you had him in you. What does it feel like to kill a brother? Feels good, doesn't it? You'll never know, will you? Now you'll never have Connor MacLeod's head. Are you going to run? Are you going to hide? Run? Uhh! Aah! Brother, come on! Aah! Aah! - Aah! - Aah! How bad do you want it, Duncan? You'll pay! Ahh! Ohh! Duncan! Okay, Kell. Come on. Let's do this. Just watch. Merry Christmas. A valiant effort, Duncan. Too bad. And this is just the beginning. You see, when you absorbed Connor's spirit, you inherited his curse. Revenge... is so sweet. I wonder who we'll start with? Oh, Kate. Forever. Oh, God. Kell! Jacob Kell! Revenge... will never bring you redemption, so I'm going to do it for you. Aah! Is that all you've got? Dunc, I'd thought I'd be home for dinner... an hour ago, but this is very impressive. Come on. Come on.What are you waiting for? I'd be delighted. Yaah! Impressive... isn't it? Uhh! Duncan! You see at last your fate! Yes! Because this game is done! Uhh! Well, look on the bright side. At least you went down swinging. Jacob Kell. Time for redemption. The game isn't over yet. What's the matter? Don't you want to be inside me? In the end-- ...there can be only one. And you're not it. Uhh! Call ya. No! Aah! Hope you found peace, my friend. So, why are you here? You hoping you'd find me? For whatever reason, Kell made his choice. So, um, what now? Trust. You can always trust me, Faith. Faith is dead. I thought we'd give Kate another chance. Not yet. Till the day we are reborn. You hold onto it for me. We've got plenty of time.

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Joel Soisson

Joel Soisson is an American screenwriter, producer and director. He works primarily in the field of independent film. His numerous credits include Dracula 2000, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Prophecy, Little Pink House and Buffalo Rider. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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