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Ticker (2001)
Synopsis: Ticker is a 2001 American action film directed by Albert Pyun, starring Tom Sizemore, Jaime Pressly, Dennis Hopper, Steven Seagal, Ice-T, Kevin Gage, and Nas.

He punches her full force in the face - she collapses,

knocked out cold. Rice rushes over.


You okay?


Yeah, just a nick ...

Then, over Reilly's shoulder, Rice sees a dark SILHOUETTE

emerging from behind a machine. Rice draws his pistol.


Freeze! Police!

As Reilly whirls, the Silhouette raises a Mac-11.

Rice shoves Reilly aside as the Silhouette OPENS FIRE...

Diving for cover, Reilly flings back his trenchcoat, whips

out his 9mm and RETURNS FIRE at the Silhouette, blowing the

shit out of windows behind, sparks showering off machines.

Silence for an instant, Reilly looks for Rice and finds him

bleeding to death on the floor nearby - he is completely

exposed to the line of fire.

The Silhouette and another FIGURE OPEN FIRE on Reilly.

SWAN, 40s, crazy-brilliant, manic eyes... and one of his men,

pale, sweaty, wearing an EARRING, 30s, continue the barrage.

Swan fires ONE SHOT at a time at Rice, deliberately aiming

not to kill him, trying to flush Reilly out.

Rice screams as BULLETS RIP into his legs. Reilly tries to

reach him but can't, shots forcing him back.

A dark-eyed man with a BEARD appears in the b.g. and stealths

towards Reilly from behind.

Reilly' face is in agony as Rice moans in pain. He glances

urgently from the gunmen to the exit behind them, to The Girl

lying next to him -- what's keeping them there? Obviously

The Girl.

She stirs. Desperate, Reilly grabs her by the hair, shoves

his 9mm to her head. Using her as a shield, he drags her in

front of Rice to protect him.


(to gunmen)

Drop it!

Swan's eyes flare. He steps out into the open, gun aimed at

Rice, eyes locked murderously on Reilly.

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