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Lethal Weapon 2
Jeffrey Boam
God! l love this job! Man! Can't you go any faster? Floor this thing! lt's my wife's. l won't go faster. You're doing 65 now. Get your foot of...Rate it:

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Lethal Weapon
Shane Black
FADE IN: CITY OF ANGELS lies spread out beneath us in all its splendor, like a bargain basement Promised Land. CAMERA SOARS, DIPS, WINDS ...Rate it:

(4.00 / 3 votes)
Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal (Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon AKA War of the Arrows)
Han-min Kim
Get them! Don't let them get away. Get them! That way. Get them! Get them all! Over there. Father! Look at me, son. Are you afraid? Answer...Rate it:

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Heavy Metal
Daniel Goldberg
FADE UP ON A WHEATFIELD A beautiful field of wheat glistens in the morning sun. As the camera skims overtop, titles start to roll. Ahead of us a...Rate it:

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Heavy Metal 2000
Kevin Eastman
Long ago, the Arakacians ruled the galaxies. Horror and devastation lay in their wake. The source of their terrifying power... ...lay within a ...Rate it:

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Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon
Yasutoshi Murakawa
1 World War 3 broke out. A nuclear winter spreads as a nuclear bomb is dropped on Japan. Japanese government becomes isolated from the world, ...Rate it:

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Lethal Weapon 3
Jeffrey Boam
[Flames roar] [Sirens blare] [Tires screech] Riggs, Homicide. COP: Nobody's dead. RIGGS: The night's young. This is Sergeant Murtaugh. RIGGS...Rate it:

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Lethal Weapon 4
Channing Gibson
Riggs, you sure we're on the right street? We must be getting warm. -You see anything? -Where? I don't see anything. This must be the place. H...Rate it:

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Murder Weapon
Ross A. Perron
1 So, are you curious about those tests we did yesterday? Kind of. Did I do Well? Oh, it shows that you're recovering in quite a short time ...Rate it:

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Naked Weapon
Jing Wong
Good day Mam Good day Who is she, Mike? I'm working on it Fiona Birch Alias Fiona Nielson born in London, England, 1978 Wanted for murders i...Rate it:

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Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
Edward T. Lowe Jr.
Shh, he's here. You gentlemen look like educated men of good taste. I have here some rare old first editions. He's not bothering us. I'm int...Rate it:

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The Perfect Weapon
Alex Brenner
1 Five, four, three, two, one. Take off. War. My father taught me what that word meant today. He says its what we will have without the Sta...Rate it:

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