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Amazing Grace
Steven Knight
Go on! Go on, you lazy nag! Stop a moment! Go on! Go on! Wilber. Wilber, you're not well enough. For once, let it pass. If you leave your ho...Rate it:

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Amish Grace
Micky Levy
Based on a True Story. However, certain events and characters have been fictionalized including the Graber family. - (Bird Cries) - And you hav...Rate it:

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An Uncommon Grace
David Golden
1 ( Helicopter blades whirring ) One minute out for POI. - LZ's hot. - Roger that. We're putting downa point of injury, middle of a firefight...Rate it:

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Full of Grace
Andrew Hyatt
Hail Mary... Full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Send word to Peter. It's time. Peter. Peter. Peter. Peter. Where did we lose you? Oh. ...Rate it:

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Paul Solet
Woman: I just loved breastfeeding. And you know what's great? You can eat whatever you want and not gain weight. And it's good for the baby. D...Rate it:

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Grace Is Gone
Jim Strouse
[phone rings] [ring] [ring] [ring] [Woman on answering machine] Hi. You've reached Grace, Stanley, Heidi, and Dawn. We're not home right now...Rate it:

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Grace of Monaco
Arash Amel
Cut, great. - That's a wrap, everyone! - (APPLAUSE) (CHUCKLES) Great job, fantastic! Fantastic! That was amazing! Nice. Beautiful job. That...Rate it:

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Grace Stirs Up Success
Jessica O'Toole
1 - Hey, Grandma. - Hey. - Hey Grandpa. - Morning, Grace. I'm just about to set up. Let's do it. Yes, yes. I hear you, my old friend. Oh, ...Rate it:

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Grace Unplugged
Brad J. Silverman
(INDISTINCT CHEERS) (APPLAUSE) CROWD: (CHANTING) Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! (MUSIC PLAYING) JOHNNY: (SINGING) Under the surface We're all the s...Rate it:

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If I Should Fall from Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story
and when I hear the cannons roar and the the bloody shites of war...??? well my old man was uhh in charge was uhh in apartment around to see ab...Rate it:

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Looking for Grace
Sue Brooks
Hey man. How are you doing? Doing good. How are you? Pretty good. Anywhere you want. Jamie. Thank you. My mother has big tits. My mother h...Rate it:

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Maria Full of Grace
Joshua Marston
See you later, honey. We still need 40 dozens, standard. No more uncuts. That's enough. So, Blanca, did you see him? I waited by the plaza but ...Rate it:

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Savage Grace
Howard A. Rodman
I was eating a tomato at teatime a few weeks ago, And I suddenly realized that Mummy is not dead at all... Just very, very mysterious. Papa sp...Rate it:

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Saving Grace
Craig Ferguson
Alouette, gentile Alouette, Alouette, je te plumerai Je te plumerai le chien ...woof, woof! Working out, work, work Work cochon. work work! ...Rate it:

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State of Grace
Dennis McIntyre
How ya doin'? That's for you. - You sure you're up for this? - Yeah. - So, see you tonight, right? - Yeah. - Everything all right? - Yeah. ...Rate it:

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The Grace Card
Howard Klausner
Ubuntu. It's an African word. Roughly translated, it means "family." The spirit of it is that our creator made us for one another. To be conn...Rate it:

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