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The Exorcist
William Friedkin
EXTERIOR- IRAQ- EXCATVATION SITE- NINEVEH- DAY Pickaxes and shovels weld into the air as hundreds of excavators tear at the desert. The camera p...Rate it:

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
Robert Reece
THE LITTLE MERMAID-ARIEL'S BEGINNING (2008) [Sebastian] The world above is a wonderful place. But everyone knows the true magic lies... ... un...Rate it:

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Baahubali: The Beginning
Vijayendra Prasad
1 "Golden dreams and great heartache," "churn in the depth of the soul of this river...called life." "When great mountains lay in its path," ...Rate it:

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Babylon 5: In the Beginning
J. Michael Straczynski
It is said that in every age, there is one singular event... ...that forever changes the world around us. A nexus, if you will. It is said tha...Rate it:

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Bodyguard: A New Beginning
Chee Keong Cheung
Mr Wong! Mr Wong! Mr Wong are you ok? I am fine. Leung! The police are coming! Are you ok? I am fine, thanks for your concern. Once again, I...Rate it:

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Casper: A Spirited Beginning
Jymn Magon
Oh, dude! This isn't happening. This is not happening. I thought people only flew in dreams. That's it. I'm having a nightmare. ...Rate it:

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Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist
William Wisher
And this is one of my men. We found him in a ditch with a kitchen knife in his back. Murdered by one of you. You see the German army retreating...Rate it:

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Dragonheart: A New Beginning
Patrick Read Johnson
[Man Narrating] My story begins when I was but a lad of 16. It was the year I became a novice at Brother Gilbert's monastery, when I first he...Rate it:

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Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning
Ellen DeGeneres
Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome Ellen Degeneres. Thank you, thank you.. Thank you very much. Yeah, woo... This is a very emotional night...Rate it:

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Exorcist House of Evil
David Trotti
- In 1949, catholic priests of the jesuit order from the archdiocese of St. Louis performed the rites of exorcism on a young boy possessed by ...Rate it:

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Exorcist II: The Heretic
William Goodhart
oh, Father. Father Merrin, in the valley of the shadow of death... at my side. why me? I heal the sick. why me? okay, 8:00 tomorrow. ...Rate it:

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Exorcist: The Beginning
Alexi Hawley
Puppet, sir. Only 10 piastres. They're crap, squirrel. They fall apart before you're out of the door. Five then, sir. It's handmade! Please. ...Rate it:

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Friday The 13th: A New Beginning
Martin Kitrosser
Let's find him. I know he's here somewhere. Come on, look for it. I know it's here. - There! - Over to the right. That's it. There it is! Th...Rate it:

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Gekijouban Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning
Masafumi Nishida
And so the Statue of Justice, a symbol of peace, was saved thanks to Mr. Legend! He's so cool. Well... I'm off to work. Whoops... We have bre...Rate it:

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Jan Dara the Beginning
M.L. Pundhevanop Dhewakul
Well... My name is Jan Dara. The first name was given to me by the man I called father. My last name... I gave it to myself. My life has bee...Rate it:

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Psycho IV: The Beginning
Joseph Stefano
You're on. John, sorry to keep you waiting. - Hello?. She always knew I'd kill her. She'd say: "One of these days, you're gonna shoot me. An...Rate it:

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Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End
Sean Paul Murphy
Apocalypse. Some people fear the as a time of destruction. While others see it as a step towards grace. For centuries they try us to warn ...Rate it:

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The Beginning of Nothing
Vincent Williams
EXT. COSMIC EVENT - 1947 A celestial change is occurring just outside the Kuiper belt in interstellar space. Our Milky Way galaxy is the first to...Rate it:

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The Bible : In the Beginning
Christopher Fry
00:00:42,000 -- 00:00:46,671 NARRATOR: iIn the beginning, God created/i ithe Heaven and the Earth./i 2 00:00:47,589 -- 00:00:51,968 iAnd the ...Rate it:

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The Bible: In the Beginning...
Christopher Fry
In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth. And the Earth was without form and void... ...and darkness was upon the face of the de...Rate it:

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The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning
Shane Morris
In Hazzard County folks like to tell stories. Most are made up or embellished. Like the time I told everybody in town that I wrestled three gat...Rate it:

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The Exorcist III: Legion
William Peter Blatty
1 Catch. Catch. Catch. Catch. Catch. Hep, hep, hep. Hmm. Damien. I have dreams... of a rose... and of falling down a long flight of ste...Rate it:

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The Slit-Mouthed Woman 0: The Beginning
Kazuto Kodama
1 [Police Station] Sorry. Sorry for making you wait. We just have a few more questions just to confirm a few things. Being her sister we can l...Rate it:

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Sheldon Turner
Boss, I need a bathroom break! Please. Dear Lord, help me! Get the hell out of here. Well, that's what you get for drinking on the job, Sloane...Rate it:

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