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A Matter of Faith
Dave Christiano
[Music] [people click glasses] [calling out Speech, speech, speech, speech] Well I'm not much for making speeches, but, on behalf of her mot...Rate it:

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Leap of Faith
Janus Cercone
- Hand over that gun! - You thought you held all the cards. You thought you'd force me not to file for divorce. Erica, the gun is mine. I want ...Rate it:

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Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
Paul Rudnick
And now. Ladies and gentlemen... the Luxurious Stars Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas... is proud to present the final performance... of an excit...Rate it:

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Act of Valor
Kurt Johnstad
Before my father died, he said the worst thing about growing old... was that other men stopped seeing you as dangerous. I've always remembered ...Rate it:

(4.50 / 2 votes)
Sister Act
Paul Rudnick
FADE IN: INT. ST. ANNE'S ACADEMY - AKRON, OHIO - CLASSROOM We are in a parochial school classroom, in the late Sixties. The child...Rate it:

(4.33 / 3 votes)
Keeping the Faith
Stuart Blumberg
1 (MELLOW SONG PLAYING) The evening fell just like a star Left a trail behind You spit as you slammed out the door If this is love we're crazy...Rate it:

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Act of Dishonour
Nelofer Pazira
Ooh the next full moon... Congratulations. There isn't much time but one should hurry good things. Salam, Mother. Thank God you're home. That...Rate it:

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Act of Faith
1 (dramatic music) (rapid pen scratching) Jesus is the same Yesterday, today and forevermore Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Jesus is the same Yeste...Rate it:

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Act of Violence
Robert L. Richards
A light breeze|is whipping the flags of state and nation... ...while a warm and bright sunshine|streams down. Yes, it's typical California weathe...Rate it:

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An Act of War
Ryan M. Kennedy
1 Sanchez. What's this kid's name again? Hello. Jacob? Who's this? Sweetie, it's me. Mom? You don't sound too good. I'm okay, baby. I'm j...Rate it:

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Class Act
John Semper
TROUBLE IN CLASS Jo! I mean, hey! Look, this is not me! I am Duncan Pinderhjuz. Watch out, I was a genius. I mean, I am a genius. -They housed...Rate it:

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Faith Like Potatoes
Regardt van den Bergh
What have I done? You are mad. Move back... move back... Hit! Hey, boys, hit, man! Hey, these boys... ...there we go. This is it! Thank you...Rate it:

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Faith of My Fathers
Peter Markle
We're going after the thermal power plant in the middle of Hanoi... with an attack heading of 090. Be alert to the warning tones. Missile track...Rate it:

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Faith of Our Fathers
Harold Uhl
1 John Paul? It's me. Sweetie, I didn't know you were coming over. Well, I thought I'd make dinner for us tonight. Oh. Did your mom throw ...Rate it:

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Faith School Menace?
Richard Dawkins
Education has become one of the most fiercely debated political battlegrounds. Billions of pounds of our money are poured into schools every ye...Rate it:

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Faith's Song
Frank Hutto
0 Free Online Movies - Is everything okay? - Go ahead and get dressed, I'll be right back. Ooo yeah Ooo oo oooh Today I give glory to the Lo...Rate it:

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King's Faith
Nicholas DiBella
[MUSIC] [SIRENS] you gotta stop listening to the same voices playing over and over in your head. I can pretty much get the voices to stop now...Rate it:

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The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith
Salvatore DiSalvatore
Your focus is off. I can't do it, grandfather. I know what is expected of me. I'm just a shepherd. Sit down. I'm going to tell you a story ...Rate it:

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The Faith of Anna Waters
Kelvin Tong
In the name of the whole universe, by Him who has the power to consign... That's enough! So you will kill in the name of your God just to sa...Rate it:

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Todd Glass: Act Happy
Todd Glass
1 You're... You're... You're... fun, you're talented, you're great. Look at this face. Look, right? All the positivity, you take it out there....Rate it:

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Twist of Faith
Joyce Gittlin
State your name for the record. Dennis Gray. - Where were you born? - Toledo, Ohio. - What year? - '48. And where did you attend school? St....Rate it:

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