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iCarly- iPilot Season #1 Episode #1

Scene 1 Franklin: HAHAHAHAHAHA... Ridges: Carly, get in here, right now. Franklin: Have a seat. So, I understand you put some fliers up all over the school. Carly: Yes, I did Ridges: Why would you photo doc my head onto a body of a rhinoceros? Carly: Well, I- Franklin: Rhinoceros? No, no, no, she m

by Dan Schneider

added by chloe_h
8 days ago
Dance Academy Season #1 Episode #22

1 INT. ACADEMY/REHEARSAL STUDIO - DAY 1 1 TARA, ETHAN INTERCUT WITH: 2 EXT. CITY STREETS/THE ROCKS - DAY 1 2 CHRISTIAN, N/S PEDESTRIANS STUDIO: Morning. Sweat drips off Tara as she focuses on herrehab. She’s lying on her stomach and Ethan has a therabandacross her ankle. Together they work o

by Liz Doran

added by acronimous
8 days ago
It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

[the movie starts with Linus and Lucy exiting their house, Linus finds an Apple on the ground, picks it up, and takes a bite, then throws it in the trash bin. Then Linus finds leaves on the ground and kicks them, then they stop at a pumpkin patch, Linus finds a small pumpkin and shows it to Lucy, Lu

by Tyler A. Craft

added by 1035776
20 days ago
Peppa Pig Season #4

Peppa Pig: I'm Peppa Pig. (oinks) This is my little brother George. George Pig: (oinking) Peppa Pig: This is Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig: (oinks) Peppa Pig: And this is Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig: (huge oink) All: (laughing) Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig. (oinks) Grampy Rabbit in Space. Narrator: Peppa and her friends ar

by Neville Astley, Mark Baker, Philip Hall and Sam Morrison

added by anonymous
23 days ago
125 rue Montmartre

Merci. - So, the king of the paperboys... ...you tired? Is his majesty expecting someone to bring him his papers. You're right. Mmne there'll put 'em aside for you for a favour. You needn't get yourself worked up. The papers... they're her love letters. But it's off to the mines for the re

by André Gillois

added by anonymous
1 month ago
71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance

On Dec 23, 1993, Maximilien B., a 19 years old student, killed three people in a Viennese bank. Shortly after that he shot himself in the head Gamsakhourdia's fighters pound the city day and night with illuminating bullets. Waving a white handkerchief, a sign of peace, refugees cross the

by Michael Haneke

added by anonymous
1 month ago
A Touch of Zen

1 Based on the story The Magnanimous Girl by PU Songling from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (Liaozha iZhiyi), 1679 A TOUCH OF ZEN (XIA NU) Executive Producer XIA-WU Liangfang Planning ZHANG Jiuying Producer YANG Shiqing Starring HSU Feng, SHIH Jun BAI Ying, TIAN Peng CAO Jian

by King Hu

added by anonymous
1 month ago

Hey, Jack, those racks don't go up there. - What do you mean? - They go in the parking lot. The ones with blue plastic go up there. Ah, okay, hey, sorry, I didn't realize. Don't worry, you're fired. By the way, we're gonna miss you tonight. Don't get sentimental on me now. But it won't b

by Javier Gullón

added by anonymous
1 month ago
Almanya: Welcome to Germany

Here is my grandfather and me, this is our first photo. Is here we together all the family. The leftmost is me, the rightmost is my grandfather. This is a last photo together. Shortly after this photograph was taken, everything has changed. We don't dicede ourselves others do for many facto

by Yasemin Samdereli

added by anonymous
1 month ago
Anatomy of a Love Seen

A mark! And B mark Action. Boom! - Is that clear? - Yes. Roll over on top of her. Stay on her for a moment, we'll get what we can. Or do you want me straddling her, sitting up? - Just like this? - Yeah. Do that again, just hand up at the top and... Does this arm look awkward? We're n

by Marina Rice Bader

added by anonymous
1 month ago

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