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The Addams Family

THE ADDAMS FAMILY - 11/6/90 FADE IN: A1 EXT. ADDAMS MANSION FRONT STEPS - CHRISTMAS EVE A1 A GROUP OF CAROLERS, their eager faces upturned, SINGS an endless and cloying roundelay of "Little Drummer Boy." They sing with self-righteous good cheer. As they pompously begin their umpteenth vers

by Faulkre Frey

added by anonymous
1 day ago
Johnny Test Fanfiction Season #CHRISTMAS

JOHNNY (to reader) This will be the best kiss of your life. ~Bling Bling Boy Busts in!~ BLING BLING (to Johnny and reader) NOT SO FAST!(said with smirk) JOHNNY (to reader) RUN MY LOVE!

by Laura Shmitt

added by anonymous
1 day ago
Bubble Guppies Season #1

(upbeat ukulele music) Little Fish: Bubble Guppies. Molly: Hi. It's me, Molly. And it's time for... Gil: Arf, arf, arf. Molly: Do you hear a puppy? Gil: Arf, arf, arf. Molly: I do too. Come on. Gil: Arf, arf, arf. Molly: Oh. Hello, little puppy dog. It's time for... Gil: (whimpering)

by Jonny Belt, Robert Scull and Adam Peltzman

added by anonymous
3 days ago
Baby Jake Season #1

Isaac: This is a house with lots of windows. Ducks: (quacking) Isaac: And lots of stairs. Ducks: (quacking) Isaac: Here are ten brothers and sisters. A is for Ava who's the oldest of all. B is for Blake who's ever so tall. C is for Chloe with her pet rat. D is for Dylan with his pirate hat

by Carol Noble

added by anonymous
4 days ago
Little man Tate

For the first two weeks of my life, I didn't have a name. - Dede couldn't make up her mind. - Hi, kid. She finally decided on Fred. She said she'd never heard of a little kid named Fred before. When I'm dancin' at Radio City once a week, you can h

by Faulknre Reagen

added by anonymous
7 days ago
Trix Season #1

Trix Rabbit: Finally, delicious two colored Trix yogurt and fruity Trix cereal. All the Trix on Earth are mine. Girl: The rabbit's stolen all our Trix yogurt. Boy: Our cereal, too. Girl: We can't let him take our Trix. All: We've got to stop him. Girl: He can run, but he can't hi

by Joe Harris

added by anonymous
12 days ago

SIRENS. LOUD. THEN: EXT. BOSTON - CITY STREETS - NIGHT A POLICE CRUISER flings itself down a city block, sirens screaming, tailing a GRUNGY SEDAN. The two do their best stock car impressions, hopping in and out of traffic, jockeying to gain the upper hand -- The sedan gambles on a skiddi

by Kari Granlund

added by marina26
15 days ago
Senior Year

INT. RUBY SUE’S ROOM - MORNING Three outfits laid out on a bed: shoulder pads, bright colors, crazy patterns. All very 90s. RUBY SUE CONWAY (17) twirls her hair as she ponders which one to wear. Flawless skin, perfect body, piercing eyes - she’s every boy’s dream. RUBY SUE (to herself) Fi

by Andrew Knauer & Arthur Pielli

added by marina26
15 days ago

THE SKY Still. Blue. Scattered clouds below 35,000 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL An AIRBUS A380 roars past MINUS 62° FAHRENHEIT And then it's gone. The sky frenzied in its trail ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE 3.4 PSI We’re descending rapidly now Breaking through clouds Plummeting faster Tow

by Pete Bridges

added by marina26
15 days ago

EXT. MOUNT VERNON, BALTIMORE - SEPTEMBER 17, 1984 - DAY Framed in a blue sky, a marble effigy of GEORGE WASHINGTON is perched atop a stone-white column above red-brick row-houses. Beneath, FRANK CORDEN (mid 20s, curly hair cut into a preppier ‘do) does his door-to-door civic duty. COURTNEY

by Mike Rosolio

added by marina26
15 days ago

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