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Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I'm sorry to inform that this it is not the film that you will attend. The film that you are about to see it is extremely unpleasant. One want to see a film on a small and happy elf, I am sure that there are plenty o

by Robert Gordon

added by acronimous
18 hours ago
Freaky Friday

Honey, wake up. - No. - Anna. Greet the day. Honey, you gotta wake up. Ow! That's it! Oh! I have had it! - Aa

by Heather Hach

added by acronimous
18 hours ago

EXT. SAN FRANCISCO ROOF TOPS - (DUSK) - CLOSE SHOT We see a close view of a roof parapet and the curved rail of a fire escape. In the bag, are large skyscrapers with all their windows fully lit in the late winter afternoon. This background is used for the CREDIT TITLES of the picture. After th

by Alec Coppel

added by acronimous
9 days ago
ValeyRain Valley Season #1 Episode #1

(The scene starts with showing a cozy village and, then zooms into a castle then fades out to fade into inside the castle, showing a queen and a knight (the scene doesn’t show to queens face but does show the knights face)) Knight: “But it’s too dangerous, M’lady!” Queen: “I don’t care! Do it or I

by Jayden Rodriguez

added by anonymous
11 days ago

FADE IN: 1 INT. CORVAIR -- NIGHT 1 Our camera is MOUNTED to a CAR WINDOW. Driving through a small town at night. Passing white picket fences. Kids' discarded big wheels. American flags flutter. July 4th, 1969 - Summer of Love. Vallejo, California FIREWORKS streak into the sky. Cookouts winding

by James Vanderbilt

added by acronimous
25 days ago
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

EXT. SWEDEN - DAY 1 A Christmas card vista is spoiled by a black line of railroad tracks stitched onto the snowy landscape like a scar pointing north to icy desolation. A phone rings EXT. CABIN - ESTABLISHING A2 INT. CABIN - LAKE SILJAN - DAY 2 An elderly man who lives alone in this

by Steven Zaillian

added by acronimous
25 days ago
Goldie Locke and the Three Bears

GOLDIE LOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS Written by Eric B. Hansen Based on, Goldilocks and the Three Bears By Robert Southey Birds CHIRPING. Black screen. FADE IN: EXT. FORREST - MORNING A cartoonish forest with a cute little fairy tale house smack dab in the fucking middle. Through the front window we see

by Eric B. Hansen

added by anonymous
27 days ago
The Sunset Limited

So what am I supposed to do with you, professor? Why are you supposed to do anything? Well, like I said, this ain't none of my doing. When I left out of here going to work this morning you wasn't no part of my plans, but here you is. Doesn't mean anything. Everything

by Cormac McCarthy

added by acronimous
29 days ago
Robot Boy

Officer 1: this city is on fire. we need to call superman! Officer 2: but carl. there is no such thing as super heroes they're just comic strip charatchers. Offficer 1: so we'll just let violet the rain monster destroy new york and move to another state?! Officer 2: well, there's germany. Office

by Seth Macfarlane

added by anonymous
1 month ago
The Ant Bully

Oh, that's it! Spindle, taillight. Hey. Hey! -What? -What do you mean, "what"? Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Yeah, this is the sleeping chamber. Go to sleep. Don't make me come up there! I'm so sorry, but I must have the final ingredient for my potion. Now, wh

by John A. Davis

added by anonymous
1 month ago

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