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Perl is an open source programming language that was specifically designed for processing text. This makes it very useful when writing web forms, but it also used for creating CGI programs and other web scripts. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, though; check out the Perl scripts in this section and use these gems on your website!
Ad Management Programs(44)
Affiliate Program Software(45)
Application Suite Scripts(1)
Auction Software(21)
Audio System Scripts(8)
Bookmark Scripts(2)
Calculator Scripts(6)
Calendar Scripts(46)
Chat Scripts(16)
Classified Ads Scripts(89)
Click Tracking Scripts(16)
Clock Scripts(4)
CMS Software(84)
Communication Scripts(7)
Community Scripts(16)
Contest Scripts(3)
Countdown Scripts(2)
Counter Scripts(78)
Customer Support Software(27)
Database Tools(63)
Development Tools(11)
Discussion Software(22)
E-Commerce Software(90)
Education Scripts(7)
Email Scripts(79)
Error Handling Scripts(4)
Exchanges Scripts(4)
FAQ Software(15)
File Manipulation Scripts(67)
Financial Software(7)
Form Processor Scripts(64)
Game Software(33)
Groupware Scripts(0)
Guestbook Scripts(34)
Image Gallery Scripts(43)
Image Manipulation Scripts(12)
Interactive Story Scripts(3)
Link Checking Software(15)
Link Indexing Software(44)
Mailing List Scripts(79)
MLM Software(18)
Music Scripts(2)
Networking Scripts(18)
News Publishing Software(51)
ODP Software(4)
Organizer Scripts(3)
Password Scripts(45)
Poll and Voting Scripts(31)
Portal Software(10)
Postcard Scripts(13)
Randomizing Scripts(18)
Recommendation Scripts(23)
Redirection Scripts(30)
Review and Rating Scripts(6)
Search Engine Software(28)
Search Scripts(51)
Security Scripts(24)
Server Management(12)
Site Mapping Scripts(1)
Site Navigation Scripts(2)
Test Scripts(29)
Top site Scripts(9)
URL Submitter Scripts(16)
Usenet Scripts(0)
User Management Scripts(17)
WAP and WML(1)
Web Fetching Scripts(12)
Web Hosting Scripts(5)
Web Ring Scripts(2)
Web Traffic Scripts(26)
XML Scripts(5)

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