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This is a true story about friendship that runs deeper than blood. This is my story & that of the only 3 friends in my life who truly mattered. Two of them were killers who never made it past the age of thirty. The other is a non-practicing attorney livi...

by Barry Levinson

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15 days ago

Act One. THE JOB Scene One -KACL The Frasier Crane Show. Dr. Frasier Crane, the host, is at his console, admonishing a caller; Roz Doyle, his call-screener, is in her booth. Frasier: [firmly] Listen to yourself, Bob! You follow her to work, you eavesdrop on her calls, you open her mail. ...

by David Angell

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22 days ago
Set It Off

Thank you, sir. Have a nice day. Next in line, please. Ooh, a week in Hawaii. - All right, I'll fill in for you. - Are you sure? Yeah. You take your little honeymoon before I change my mind, all right? Oh, thank you. - There you go, sir. - Thank you very much. ...

by Takashi Bufford

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1 month ago
Fidel Castro Speech at the UN

Mr. President, Fellow Delegates Although it has been said of us that we speak at great length, you may rest assured that we shall endeavor to be brief and to put before you what we consider it our duty to say. We shall also speak slowly in order to co-operate with the interpreters. Some people...

by Fidel Castro

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1 month ago
Beatriz at Dinner

Hola, ¿qué sucede? Lola, no. Lola, ¿por qué? CENTRO DE CÁNCER ARDENDALE Kim, mírate. Te ves fantástica. Voy a acomodarme, ¿sí? Tardaré dos segundos. Respira hondo. Hacia abajo. Deja que llene tu estómago y que se expanda hacia tus pulmones. Contenla. Contenla. ...

by Mike White

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2 months ago

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