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I know writers get pitches thrown at them all the time. What about writing a storyline that's a Prequel to Lion King, let's call it Lion King Rising, when Mufasa and Scar are cubs to begin with. We'll get a chance to see what caused the animosity between them two which is in large part due to their Father(who resembles Scar in appearance and thought). Here we could see a father who's nature is wanting to rule with an iron fist, to show boldness and pride in the worst way and willing to do whatever it takes to get his respect. Mufusa is the oldest however resembles the more diplomatic, reserved, and moral nature of his mom. Scar naturally embodies his father's traits but only wants to make him proud. Worried that Mufusa will make a weak king, their father is constantly pushing him and testing him to make him more like him. He has routine bouts between the two sons where normally Scar becomes victor but one time the father eggs Mufusa on too much and Mufusa enraged lashes out at Scar and gives him his infamous eyes scar. [The angered that causes Mufusa to lash out could be that the female cub that Mufusa liked was seeming to like Scar more and the father seeing this, uses it]. Following this, Scar sees how now the father starts to favor Mufusa and groom him for king so Scar embraces his position and gives him the name Scar and becomes the rebellious royal child that everyone actually likes and constantly entertained by. Fast-forward to the teenage stage of them two we get into the main conflict of the movie. There's three groups feeling like they should be deemed royal leaders of the land. The lion's, naturally, but also the elephants and the King Cobra. All having other groups gravitating to one or the other.
Mufusa still struggling with his father's ideology, circumstances have him befriending the next inline for the elephant herd and the most adored rising up king cobra. It's his experience with each one that leads to Mufusa becoming the benevolent king that he eventually becomes and respecting everyone's place, position, and contribution to create balance...the circle of life. Mufusa's father finding out who he's hanging with causes him to take away mufusa's heirship to the throne and give it to Scar. A battle between all the groups finally ensues and it's through the help of Mufusa, his friends(a cobra, an elephant) and a certain bird that helps gain the support of all the fowl that helps them settle the generational war. 

2 years ago


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