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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Richard Brooks
We want Pollitt. Brick Pollitt. We want Pollitt. Brick Pollitt. Don't you do that! I'm warning you, Trixie. Gooper! Can't you stop your child...Rate it:

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Dou Fo Sin (City with No Mercy or Flash Point)
Still hiding, Fatso? I'm busting you no matter what. Have I ever busted the wrong guy? I'll leave the answer to the judge. My duty as a cop... ...Rate it:

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Flash Gordon
Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Klytus, I'm bored. What plaything can you offer me today? An obscure body in the SK system. The inhabitants call it Earth. How peaceful it loo...Rate it:

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Flash of Genius
Philip Railsback
(HORN HONKING) MAN ON RADIO: On the Maryland Giant, I'm the Fryman in the morning, and it's time for sports! The Orioles continue to shoot sk...Rate it:

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Hot Bot
Mark Polish
SOMETIMES DIFFICULT TO SAY WHETHER IT IS REAL "ABRAHAM LINCOLN - 1903 Welcome to International Financial News. I'm Lindsay Hawthorne. Die deutsch...Rate it:

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Hot Fuzz
Edgar Wright
Police Constable Nicholas Angel. Born and schooled in London. Graduated Canterbury University in 1993 with a double first in politics and sociol...Rate it:

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Hot Girls Wanted
Brittany Huckabee
Are you ready to go pick up girl number one? Can I drive? - No. - Aw! Ooh! There's her bus. My Ava is home. Five new applicants. - Really? ...Rate it:

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Hot Lead and Cold Feet
Joseph L. McEveety
% % May the best man win% % % % Way out West, a rich, old man had two such different sons% % % % Eli spoke with Bible raised, and Billy spoke w...Rate it:

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Hot Mashooka: A Dangerous Lover
SOVIK Venture Capital DCG Plus presents In association with M Venture Capital Showbox and I-Vision Entertainment world sales by Mediaplex Sho...Rate it:

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Hot Property
Andrew Cryan
Hello, you've reached Melody's phone. Don't bother leaving a message because I probably won't listen to it. You have 112 new messages. Melody...Rate it:

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Hot Pursuit
David Feeney
All right, baby girl, you ready for your first day at work with Daddy? - Daddy, go fast! - Okay! - Happy Halloween! - Happy Halloween to you, ...Rate it:

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Hot Rod
Pam Brady
Kevin. Did we reinforce the take-off ramp? Nah, we didn't have time. Cool. Soul of an eagle. Oh, shit. Are you okay? What's up, little rider...Rate it:

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Hot Saturday
Seton I. Miller
Make it a certified check for $183.28. $183.28? Yes. And make it payable to the Hartford Wholesale Produce Company. The Hartford Wholesale P...Rate it:

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Hot Shots!
Jim Abrahams
FLEMNER AIR FORCE BASE 20 years ago Look out! He singed my tail feathers. All right, Buzz. That's enough of that. What did I just say? That i...Rate it:

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Hot Shots! Part Deux
Jim Abrahams
:: HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX :: [Whistles] [Humming] [Speaking Arabic] Arsenio Hall! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Team two, take the prison. We...Rate it:

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Hot Summer Nights
Elijah Bynum
(SIREN WAILING) BOY: (WHISPERS) Shh. Listen. This all happened a while back in the town I'm from. (THUNDER RUMBLING) I can't swear to every l...Rate it:

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Hot Tub Time Machine
Josh Heald
Turn it up! Turn up the radio I need the music Give me some more Come on, Boots, you have three minutes left. You can do this. You came to m...Rate it:

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Josh Heald
Whose fucking phone is on? We're going to just touch you up. - Okay, Mr. Dorchen? - Hey. Do I need nipple rouge? Can we get... I don't... Do ...Rate it:

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Hot Young Bloods
LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS A DAMSO FILM PRODUCTION What the? Oh no! It's Young-sook! Shit. He's at it again. Shit. What? It's you? Small ...Rate it:

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Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash
James Krieg
1 (BEEPING) (GRUNTS) Booyah! Half man, half machine... All awesome. I'm like a ninja meets an acrobat. I'm a Ninja-Bat! Maybe I'm in the ba...Rate it:

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Life Is Hot in Cracktown
Buddy Giovinazzo
Pass the ball. Watch his crossover. Watch it, watch it. He'll break his legs, watch this. - Let me show you something. - Where' we goin'? Rom...Rate it:

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Long, Hot Summer, The
It was him!|He did it. in my corn again. so I put it in my pen. I told him he could have his hog back|when he paid me a dollar pound fee. - Wha...Rate it:

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Ricki and the Flash
Diablo Cody
Yes, mama! I love you, ricki! - Ricki! I love you, ricki! - Heh-heh-heh. Thanks, everybody. Thank you, my sweet Daniel. - I adore you. - Aw....Rate it:

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Some Like It Hot
Billy Wilder
FADE IN: CITY AT NIGHT A hearse of Late Twenties vintage is proceeding at a dignified pace along a ...Rate it:

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Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome!
Derek Dressler
(EAGLE CRIES) - Hmm... - (DISTANT RUMBLING) Eh? Huh? (ROARS) (SCREAMING) - Morning. - Morning. - Morning. - Morning. LINCOLN: Forescore....Rate it:

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The Hot Chick
Tom Brady
[ Slow Middle Eastern music|plays ] [ Indistinct conversations,|laughter ] Where is my bride? [ Wind whistling,|chimes tinkling ] My wedding dr...Rate it:

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The Hot Flashes
Brad Hennig
1 All right. Come on, Armadillos! Go, number 11! Good job, Millie! - Millie, great. - Ooh-whoo! That is my baby! That Kayla Rash is a bitch....Rate it:

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The Hot Rock
William Goldman
- Name? - Dortmunder. This way. Sign here. - What is your name? - Dortmunder. - Your first name? - John. Put your package on the table rig...Rate it:

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The Hot Spot
Nona Tyson
- How about a tall cool one? - Can't serve you nothin' before noon. Get you a beer right down there. They got air conditioning. But it's a hot ...Rate it:

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Wet Hot American Summer
Michael Showalter
1 # Can't you see it's all over # # For you and me, girl # # There's a time for love and a time for letting me be, baby # Jane, you're playing...Rate it:

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