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Red Hill
Patrick Hughes
Alice... Have you seen my gun? Somewhere. Thought I had packed it with the photos. Alice? Honey? Is everything okay? I'm okay. Come on Swee...Rate it:

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Red Hollywood
Thom Andersen
1 EMMA: You're only a boy. We don't want to hurt you. The truth, son, that's all we want. Just tell us she was one of you, Turkey, and you'l...Rate it:

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Red Hook
Elizabeth Lucas
(crickets chirping) (crickets chirping) (dog barks) (footsteps approach) (woman screaming) I SAID BEDTIME. WHAT AM I, 5? IT'S 10:00. YOU KN...Rate it:

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Red Hook Summer
Spike Lee
(LOVE TODAY PLAYlNG) Boy, get that thing out of my face, please. Mr. Tk, wait for me. Yes, ma'am. Come on. Come on, babe. Come on. WOMAN: Ca...Rate it:

(4.88 / 9 votes)
Red Is the Color of
Anne Norda
Hello? Blue, I'm in the middle of something. I don't know. Did you-- Did you check under the sink? I did ask you to get some yesterday. Okay...Rate it:

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Red Knot
Scott Cohen
1 Yes? How long? Let me help you. All right. - I'm not... - I'm trusting you now. This is... this is... you know... husband and wife kind ...Rate it:

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Red Lights
Rodrigo Cortés
Margaret. Margaret. Margaret. Yes? You should get some sleep. Dr. Matheson! Thanks for coming. You can't imagine how pleased I am to see y...Rate it:

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Red Lights
Georges Simenon
RED LIGHTS "Meet you as planned at 5 p.m. "I feel like a young man in love on his first date. "I can't wait for us to get on the road and see ...Rate it:

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Red Like the Sky
Cristiano Bortone
This film is based on a true story Come on, this way! Come get me! Come on! Can I play, too? Okay, but you're 'it'. Give him the blindfold. C...Rate it:

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Red Line
Robert Kirbyson
I am home Look, I... yeah, you're right. I don't know. But this is me trying to figure it out. Um, dad, I'm about to get on the subway, so ...Rate it:

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Red Line 7000
George Kirgo
Thank you, tom. See you later, bud. Hello, Mike. You too busy to say hello? James loomis. I was wondering when you'd get here. Just barely ma...Rate it:

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Red Nose Day Actually
Richard Curtis
1 Red Nose Day Actually! MUSIC: God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. # God only knows what I'd be without you. I'll get it. Who is it? He's not ...Rate it:

(2.50 / 2 votes)
Red Obsession
David Roach
For centuries, Bordeaux has commanded an almost mythical status in the world of wine - beguiling kings, emperors and dictators alike. While i...Rate it:

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Red Planet
Chuck Pfarrer
FADE IN ON that most persistent summer SOUND: crickets in high grass-- ree-ree-ree-ree... This in dark which slowly DISSOLVES TO: EXT. A GRAVE ...Rate it:

(5.00 / 5 votes)
Red Riding
Tony Grisoni
1 OMITTED OMITTED 1 2 EXT. LEEDS - DUSK 2 Blue blue skies. Fluffy white clouds drift... Down through the clouds to the dusk over the doleful ...Rate it:

(3.67 / 3 votes)
Red Riding Hood
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Full moon. Lock up tonight. Better the wolf takes the pig than you. We lived on the edge of a dark forest. Few knew our village by name... ...b...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974
David Peace
[Film projector whirring] [Rousing instrumental music] [thunder rumbling] [ominous music] [radio static squealing] A little girl goes missing....Rate it:

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Red River
Borden Chase
What's wrong, Campbell? We got three hours yet before we stop. Dunson here says he's leaving the train. - Is that right? You leaving? - I am. ...Rate it:

(5.00 / 1 vote)
Red Road
Andrea Arnold
Good night. Going somewhere nice? It's Friday night. You know me, Angus. Party animal. - See you Sunday. - See you later. Knock, knock. How...Rate it:

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Red Rock West
John Dahl
There is a lot of uncontrolled vocabulary in this movie! "Red Rock West" (Grunting) (West) (Wyoming, 487) (Texas) (TFH-8T9) Mighty glad to ...Rate it:

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Red Rose of Normandy
Vito Lapiccola
In memory of those who honored fighting for their country - = 2013 MZK = - For Share Dear Klaus, miss you more than words can never show. ou...Rate it:

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Red Roses of Passion
Joseph W. Sarno
- Patience my tormented little brother. Your time with our pretty little prospect shall soon come. These will soften your pain. Ahh, you will...Rate it:

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Red Scorpion
Robert Abramoff
Nikolai Petrovich Rachenko Spetsnaz. Special Forces Our warrior elite. A very powerful and valuable tool. He can be controlled. INSERT TITLE H...Rate it:

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Red Shoe Diaries
Patricia Louisianna Knop
RED SHOE DIARIES|WILD ORCHID III The lord is my Shepard,|I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures, and leaves me beside the s...Rate it:

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