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The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
John Milius
Door. Shut the door, squirrel. Whiskey. How are you? Bean. Roy Bean. Maybe you heard of me. My picture's on the wall. On the other side of t...Rate it:

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Wes Anderson
The Obeamyway peninsula a remote and fascinating region teaming with extraordinary marine life. we choose this mysterious water as Bellefontai...Rate it:

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The Life of David Gale
Charles Randolph
- Shit! Shit! Shit! - Hey! Stop, please! In a related story, the high court had also refused... to stay Friday's execution of former philosoph...Rate it:

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The Life of Emile Zola
Norman Reilly Raine
It's no use, Emile. The place is like a sieve. It would take all the rags in Paris to stuff half its holes. Paris. Vast. Motionless. A gigant...Rate it:

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The Making of the Life and Death of Peter Sellers
Action! OK, folks, here they come. Lots of applause. The marvellous Harry Secombe, the delightful Spike Milligan... Oh, and Peter Sellers. Th...Rate it:

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The Meaning of Life
Graham Chapman
In the bleak days of 1983, as England languished in the doldrums of a ruinous monetarist policy, the good, loyal men of the Permanent Assuranc...Rate it:

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The Men in Her Life
Frederick Kohner
The girl is not a dancer. She belongs to a horse. Oh... hey what do you think, you're doing? Young man, you are in the presence of a great bea...Rate it:

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Peter Hedges
1 (PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) (BIRDS CHIRPING) James and Cynthia Green? - Yes. - Right this way, please. (SIGHS) EVETTE: Okay. James and Cynthia ...Rate it:

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The Private Life of Don Juan
Henry Bataille
1 [ Bells Chiming ] [ Guitar] Hark, the scented dust is falling The tender serenade With melody is calling Twixt every man and maid For love...Rate it:

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The Private Life of Henry VIII.
Lajos Biró
[Bells Pealing] - So that's the king's bed! - Yes. And he's not long left it. Feel! - [Women Giggling] - Ooh! - I wonder what he looks like ...Rate it:

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The Road of Life
Eduardo Landeta
Let's help him! Leave him to die, him! Why was he waiting, putting us at risk? "ASSAULT ON AN AUTO PARTS DEALER BY JUVENILE DELINQUENTS" THE WAY...Rate it:

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The Salt of Life
Valerio Attanasio
The Salt of Life Listen to Alfonso, he's a lawyer. The notary, Madam Valeria, is going to read us a legal document. Don't be concerned. It'll ...Rate it:

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The Secret Life of Chaos
This is a film about one very simple question. How did we get here? These are the elements and compounds from which all humans are made. They'...Rate it:

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The Secret Life of the Sun
90 million miles from us is the power that shapes our world. Our very own star. The sun. We see it shine in the sky above us. But beyond our s...Rate it:

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Ken Englund
Not so fast! You're driving too fast! What are you driving so fast for? You were up to 35. You know I don't like to go over 30! You're always ...Rate it:

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The Secret Life of Words
Isabel Coixet
There is so little deep down. Millions of millions of tons of water, rocks and gas. Affection. Blood. A hundred minutes, a thousand years. As...Rate it:

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The Secret of Life on Earth
Desmond Hawkins
Every form of life on Earth depends on the ability of plants... capture the sun's energy and transform it into food. Sea birds feed on fi...Rate it:

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The Secret to a Better Life
Elisha Shapiro
00:03:11,457 -- 00:03:13,948 Carlos! 2 00:03:14,093 -- 00:03:16,152 Carlos! 3 00:03:17,497 -- 00:03:19,431 Carlos! 4 00:03:37,550 -- 00:03...Rate it:

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The Sweet Life
Jared Rappaport
Woman: What are you doing? Nothing. No, you're invading my personal space. Personal space is, like, arm's length. No. Not always. How so? ...Rate it:

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The Sweeter Side of Life
Janeen Damian
Mmm! Woke up on a summer day The birds above come out to play They're chirping outside my window La da da da The sun is shining in the sky ...Rate it:

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The Ultimate Life
Brian Bird
Jason, if you're standing here now, it means that not only have you succeeded in receiving all of my gifts, but you have done so beyond the bo...Rate it:

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The Very Private Life of Mister Sim
Michel Leclerc
- There is a bar? - Yes, indeed. Here you are. Your seat is here. - Thank you. - Have a nice trip! It's the first time I'm upgraded to Premium...Rate it:

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The Wild Life
Domonic Paris
1 Oh, disc it. Task it a buiscuit, hold Dr. Ceci. Stop your plan it. Almost. There. We'll be shadow puppets. Why haven't got me breakfast ye...Rate it:

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This Girl's Life
Ash Baron-Cohen
You know, the mouth really is an amazing orifice. What a phenomenal creation from Mother Nature. So poly-functional. We need it to breathe, ob...Rate it:

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