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'The Roommate': The Next Generation of Stars
- Hi. - Hi. - Sara Matthews. - Sara Matthews. You're in Room 316. - Welcome. - Thank you. Bad driver. Hey. I'm Tracy. Sara. - Let me help ...Rate it:

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Ki-duk Kim
We are currently on a family trip. If you need to reach us, please call tomorrow. Be happy! Open the door. You have the keys! You wanted to g...Rate it:

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A Generation
Bohdan Czeszko

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Amityville 7 : The New Generation
Rise and shine. So you're up early. This guy outside just broke the window of that car to steal an umbrella. That's cause it's gonna rain today...Rate it:

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Attack On The Iron Coast
Herman Hoffman
Shall I turn it off? No, leave it. It's no good blaming yourself. What else? What else? The weather, the men? I planned it. I led it. La Pla...Rate it:

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Cross of Iron
Julius J. Epstein
FADE IN THE CREDITS: Which are SUPERIMPOSED OVER a SCENE of almost unnatural beauty. A thickly wooded forest which practically shut out the sun...Rate it:

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Generation Iron
Vlad Yudin
If it was easy, everybody would be good at it. I was told that long time ago by a coach. If you want something you never had before, you gott...Rate it:

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Iron Doors
Peter Arneson
England, in the year 1215, had been under the reign of King John for 16 years. The most villainous of England's monarchs, John was renowned for ...Rate it:

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Iron Eagle IV
Michael Stokes
1 specs say to break one of these babies at 10 1/2 gs. What do you say we check it out? Let's do it. Radio: Falcon, do you read? You're in...Rate it:

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Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon
Yasutoshi Murakawa
1 World War 3 broke out. A nuclear winter spreads as a nuclear bomb is dropped on Japan. Japanese government becomes isolated from the world, ...Rate it:

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Iron Invader
Hey. How's it looking there, bro? Well, that depends. Do you want the good news, or the bad news? There's good news? No, actually that's the...Rate it:

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Iron Jawed Angels
Jennifer Friedes
I've got nothing to do with committee appointments. Let her submit her proposal to Anna. She's here in Philadelphia. All she wants is half an h...Rate it:

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Iron Maiden: Flight 666
Sam Dunn
We shall go on to the end. we shall fight in France. we shall fight on the seas and oceans. we shall fight with growing confidence and growing ...Rate it:

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Iron Man
Mark Fergus
I feel like you're driving me to court martial. This is crazy. What did I do? I feel like you're gonna pull over and snuff me. What, you're not...Rate it:

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Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United
Henry Gilroy
The Incredible Hulk. Strength, invulnerability, and a temper that has made him infamous. Created by the accidental exposure to an exploding ga...Rate it:

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Iron Man 2
Justin Theroux
Long ago that I'm before Qty. but no evidence exists. It has been said about my participation on the events that occurred - On the street ... ...Rate it:

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Iron Man 3
Drew Pearce
1 TONY: A famous man once said, "We create our own demons." Who said that? What does that even mean? Doesn't matter. I said it because he sai...Rate it:

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Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United
Henry Gilroy
1 DR. CRULER: Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Attention all hydra defense units! Proceed to the South platform. Lethal force is authorized. ...Rate it:

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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore
Kengo Kaji
Sasha: One must be a sea to receive a polluted stm Without becoming impure. Lo, I teach you the overma. He is that sea. Rhodes: What's the pro...Rate it:

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Iron Men
1 [cheering] [Mark Noble] This is a family, this ain't a football club. When you come to this football club, you get embraced. You've given s...Rate it:

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Iron Sky
Jarmo Puskala
Roger that, be adviced radio stato cognent roger that 710 .... Seven, three, eleven Looking good. Landing vector optimum touch down in t-minus...Rate it:

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Iron Will
John Michael Hayes
Come on, boys! Let's go. Hike! Hike! Hike! Let's go! Hike! Let's go, Curly. Atta boy! That's it, Curly. Hike! Yeah! That's a good boy. Yea...Rate it:

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Mythica: The Iron Crown
Jason Faller
1 - He's on the move, everything's coming to a head now. - I've sent a team. - A team? You mean that fledgling magician and her mangy crew? ...Rate it:

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Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation
Tim Metcalfe
[Rock] Estimated A.A.O.C., one hour, 11 minutes and 33 seconds. - What's A.A.O.C? - Actual arrival on campus. [Nerdy Laughing] [Sighs] Colle...Rate it:

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Satree lek 2 (The Iron Ladies 2: Before and After)
We'll have to wait and see if the Iron Ladies can still retain their throne... Out of form! Iron Ladies crash. Nong has crossed over to the Ti...Rate it:

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Star Trek: The Next Generation
Gene Roddenberry
1 (music playing) There are days when wake up don't know what I'm doing here I barely recognize The pair of eyes Staring back at me In the m...Rate it:

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Taboo IV: The Younger Generation
Helene Terrie
To hear the radio conversation KQQK by della Syntnef Tonight's guest is ... Dr. Jeremy Lanz psychologist, lecturer ... ... Special issues of i...Rate it:

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Kim Henkel
[First lines] August 18, 1973. News of a bizarre, chainsaw-wielding family - reports which were to ignite the world's imagination - began to filter...Rate it:

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The Face of Alexandre Dumas: The Man in the Iron Mask
Alexandre Dumas père
[Aramis] Some of this is legend, but at least this much is fact - when rioting citizens of France destroyed the Bastille, they discovered in ...Rate it:

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The Gene Generation
Pearry Reginald Teo
Hayden Technologies... birthplace of what was supposed to be our greatest scientific breakthrough. Jackie has been unresponsive to all treatm...Rate it:

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The Invincible Iron Man
Greg Johnson
Hmm? Aah! The Mandarin! Yeah, looks like we're gonna need someone else on the temple. Mr. Rhodey! Mr. Rhodey. It's Mr. Rhodes or just Rhod...Rate it:

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The Iron Giant
Tim McCanlies
Mayday! Mayday! This is the Annabelle. I've lost my bearings! I'm taking on water. My last good reading is Portland Station to Annabelle. What...Rate it:

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The Iron Heel of Oligarchy
Aleksandr Bashirov
1 A warm summer evening in the Pines resorts Butterfly sun rise in price by It's already raised with Anzhi Have nowhere All is calm all beaut...Rate it:

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The Iron Lady
Abi Morgan
1 EXT. BEACH. MARGATE. KENT. DAY. 1885. 1 The STEADY FOOTFALL OF A WOMAN’s BOOTS, sinking in wet sand- The RISE and FALL of a WOMAN’s breath-...Rate it:

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The Man in the Iron Mask
Randall Wallace
FADE IN: From the BLACKNESS before the first images, we hear a young woman's tortured SCREAM, muffled by her own will. We see her mouth, open in ...Rate it:

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The Man in the Iron Mask
William Bast

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The Man with the Iron Fists
1 When you forge a weapon, you need three things. The right metal, temperatures over 1,400 degrees, and someone who wants to kill. Here in Ju...Rate it:

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The Man with the Iron Fists 2
John Jarrell
1 Deep in the Wuyi Mountains, there laid a mysterious well which contained a powerful form of chi known as the Golden Nectar. Lord Pi, a rene...Rate it:

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The Mars Generation
Michael Barnett
1 [siren] [Raj] I have no information from anyone in space. I mean, this is important. [Patrick] Ground Leader checking in. I was directly to...Rate it:

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