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Big Trouble
Robert Ramsey
God said to Noah, "I am going to put an end to all people "for the Earth is filled with violence because of them. "You are to bring into the ar...Rate it:

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Big Trouble
Andrew Bergman
People. People, no humming with your mouths full. Boys. Eat the protein and get the hell out. Come on. Joshua, Peter, Michael, move it! Now! ...Rate it:

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Big Trouble In Little China
Gary Goldman
What I'd like to do today is get your version of what happened. - You mean the truth? - Of course. First, just state your name and your occupa...Rate it:

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Dog Trouble

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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Jurgen Wolff
The Following Is Based On A True Story... Maybe. [Sinister Laughing] Spin Her! Spin Her! Spin Her! Go! Go! Go! Right! Right! Right! Down, ...Rate it:

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Engine Trouble
Liam Bradley
(THUNDER RUMBLING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Come in. Yes, Martha? Is there anything else you wish me to do, madam? No, thanks. Then I'll just fin...Rate it:

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I Love Trouble
Nancy Meyers
Come on, Hallie. Wait up! I'm Catching up. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth...Rate it:

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther - Trouble in Wakanda
Mark Hoffmeier
1 (reporter) King T'Challa, do you intend to go everywhere dressed as the Black Panther now? The leader of Wakanda has always been a warrio...Rate it:

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Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure
Hannu Tuomainen
Niko 2 - Little Brother, Big Trouble Okay, guys, let's make this practice flight count! How much fun is this? Alright, let's just say... Santa...Rate it:

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Lucky Trouble
Roman Nepomnyashchiy
Moscow, a city of those who always a winner. People come here to become billionaires, politicians, diplomats and great writers. Hello, this is ...Rate it:

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Mouse Trouble
William Hanna
1 [WHISTLING] [YELPING] [LAUGHING] [YELPING] Don't you believe it. [BANGING] [SCREAMING] [TOM GROANING] DOLL: Come up and see me sometime...Rate it:

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Nothing But Trouble
Dan Aykroyd

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Nothing But Trouble
Russell Rouse
- Is this Lorrison's Employment Agency? - Yeah! - Hello, Rankin. - Hello. - Are you still out of work? - Who isn't! - Any chance of finding a...Rate it:

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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
David Slack
1 What are you, crazy? Get out of the way! Since you're new in town. We're going to make this very simple. Stop now! Yeah, man. The locals do...Rate it:

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The Girl Is in Trouble
Julius Onah
1 Anguishing groans from an unidentified man. More groaning, heavy breathing, stifled cries. Man's cries become louder, more desperate. Terr...Rate it:

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The Trouble with Bliss
Michael Knowles
My friend N. J. Once told me there are seven defining moments in a person's life. The challenge is figuring out which ones they are. You know...Rate it:

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The Trouble with Girls
Arnold Peyser
I can see it! Here it comes! 1927. Will Coolidge choose to run again? Will Dempsey beat Sharkey? Is Babe Ruth going to hit 60 homers this year...Rate it:

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The Trouble with Harry
John Michael Hayes
OK! I know how to handle your type. Well, old faithful,|that's your shooting for the day. If we haven't rung up|at least two rabbits, we deserve...Rate it:

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The Trouble with Money
Cookie 'Chainsaw' Randolph
1 Comedy of money. Come in all of you. Tonight we will show you a film for the young and for the old for the rich and for the poor. A film th...Rate it:

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The Trouble with the Truth
Jim Hemphill
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Door opens, bell rings ] [ Door closes ] [ Door opens, bell rings ] [ Footsteps approaching ] [ Door closes ] Penite...Rate it:

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Trouble Along the Way
Melville Shavelson
Come in. Father Burke, you'll have to come right down. The provincial is here unexpectedly. He brought the procurator with him. I'll finish thi...Rate it:

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Trouble Every Day
Claire Denis
Dr Lo SEMENEAU - MD on appointments Let's go ! Come on ! Again... You should stop the cigarettes Mr Perrin. Yes doctor. Of course, you alway...Rate it:

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Trouble for Two
Robert Louis Stevenson
1 10,000 pardons, your excellency. It's quite unavoidable, I assure you - Ceremonies, affairs of state, speeches, you know. Oh. His royal hi...Rate it:

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Trouble in Paradise
Samson Raphaelson
# Most any place # # Can seem to be a paradise # # While you embrace # # Just the one that you adore # # There needn't be # # An apple tree wi...Rate it:

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Trouble in Store
John Paddy Carstairs
Give over! Ah! You'II... you'll pay for that! - One of these days I'II... - (Horn) - Shut up! Don't be impatient! - Move! You have more of th...Rate it:

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Trouble Is My Business
Tom Konkle
1 (orchestral music) (dramatic music) Take me to the cemetery. She's still alive. This better be good. I wish I could say it was. (dramatic ...Rate it:

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Trouble Maker Lucy
Yôichi Nishiyama
"TROUBLE MAKER LUCY" "The Hammurabi code" Sorry, I'm seeing somebody else never call me again. What are you doing? That's my phone. What's th...Rate it:

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Trouble with the Curve
Randy Brown
All right. Okay. Come on, now. Come on, boy. Let's not take your sweet-ass time about this. Jesus. All right. Okay, that's it. Good. Don't ...Rate it:

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Women In Trouble
Sebastian Gutierrez
- You gonna do that all night? - As long as it takes. - They're gonna hang us first thing tomorrow. - lt's not tomorrow yet. - You mean you st...Rate it:

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