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Death Note: Light Up the New World
Takeshi Obata
1 "Anyone whose name is written in this notebook shall die." A Death Note is the reaper's tool to control mortals' life spans. Years ago a man...Rate it:

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Death of a Salesman
Arthur Miller
Boy, oh boy, oh boy. Willy? It's all right. I came back. Why, what happened? Did something happen, Willy? - Nothing happened. - You didn't s...Rate it:

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Death of a Superhero
Anthony McCarten
Oh God not again. Why do you think he's here? Donald. Why do you think you here? Nice thought. What do you think? Listen ... How are you fee...Rate it:

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Death of a Vegas Showgirl
Brian D. Young
Let them do what they do Just worry 'bout you Got to keep your cool Them haters try to take it from ya Go ahead Let 'em run they mouth Every...Rate it:

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Death of the Artist
Robin Feldman
The Artist I won't talk ! Iwon't say a word !!! Speak ! Speak ! PLEASE BE SILENT BEHIND THE SCREEN Long live free Georgia !!! I will get yo...Rate it:

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Death on Scenic Drive
Gabriel Carrer
1 (THUDDING) (BUZZING) (CELL PHONE BUZZING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) [ALICE] Hey. You're still up? Oh, barely, I... (KNOCKING) Yeah. (MUMBLING)...Rate it:

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Death on the Fourposter
Jean Josipovici
1 - It's interesting? - That's Edie. Punctual as always. She won't complain if you chat with her a little. - Always charming, are you all rig...Rate it:

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Death on the Nile
Anthony Shaffer
Death on the Nile See. It's her. It's Miss Ridgeway. That elegant. Some have to work to live. Daisy! In its place. Welcome to Wode Hall Mll...Rate it:

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Death Powder
Shigeru Izumiya
I found him. I found him. He's fuckin' playing in a place like this. I found Kiyoshi! Nice - a woman! It was a nice game of chase! Hee-hee! S...Rate it:

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Death Race
Paul W.S. Anderson
Damn it. Rear armor? Shot to hell. You better drop back... It's the last lap. We can win this. Why don't this son of a bitch just die? Oil....Rate it:

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Death Race 2
Paul W.S. Anderson
(NARRATOR READlNG) (PEOPLE CHATTERlNG) (MAN GRUNTlNG) Hey, are you gooks almost done? Faggot. (ALL LAUGHlNG) -You are big motherfucker, yes? ...Rate it:

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Death Race 2050
G.J. Echternkamp
(ENGINE REVVING) (ENGINE REVVING) (CROWD CHEERING) Hi, my fellow citizens of this great country of ours, the United Corporations of America....Rate it:

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Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
Paul W.S. Anderson
Sayonara, motherfucker! We're going live. Can you check on it? Ten cars down, two to go. These drivers are crazy. I still don't understand why...Rate it:

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Death Race: Inferno
Paul W.S. Anderson
Death Race, the number one sport in the world, located on Terminal Island. Convicts race over the course of three grueling days for the chance...Rate it:

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Death Sentence
Ian Mackenzie Jeffers
Okay. Can't get that, that... Okay, guys. Ready? - We wish you a Merry Christmas. - T's just the... bike wanted. Yeah, do you ike it? S that ...Rate it:

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Death Ship
John Robins
1 Achtung Achtung! Feind in Sicht. Alles in Stellung. Alles in Stellung. Alle Maschinen fr den Kampf bereit. - You're off course by two degrees...Rate it:

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Death Spa
James Bartruff
- Wasn't that something? - That was great. - Great class. - Yeah. Goodnight, Amber. - Bye. - Bye. Oh God, Marvin...ha! Don't do that. Come...Rate it:

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Death Takes a Holiday
Maxwell Anderson
Flowers? Yes, yes. They're beautiful, aren't they? More. - All of them, sir? - Yes, all of them! My dear! Oh! Oh, Lambert, what are we going ...Rate it:

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Death Train
Dieter Tarnowski
1 Plutonium... The key ingredient to nuclear bombs. This plutonium was stolen, gram by deadly gram, from a German nuclear power plant. My org...Rate it:

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Death Trance
Shinichi Fujita
Did you hear? What? He's close by. Who? The coffin man! Coffin? The coffin that grants your wishes! Does it really grant wishes? Yeah. He ...Rate it:

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Death Tube: Broadcast Murder Show
A DEATH TUBE MURDER MOTION PICTURE SITE COMMITTEE PRODUCTION WARNING: Gross shocking video death tube?? what is this???? is it going to be mes...Rate it:

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Death Warrant
David S. Goyer
1 I think he's inside. I'm gonna check it out. Burke, wait for backup. He killed my partner. I'm not waiting. Listen, Burke, this is L.A., not...Rate it:

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Death Warrior
Hector Echavarria
It is only a test an artist in martial arts a challenge that can cause true skill. It's a test of life and death ... The test of courage, the...Rate it:

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Death Wish
Wendell Mayes
Hold it right there. Hold it again. Come on, Paul. One more. - You won't show those to anyone. - Why? You've got a prime figure. - You really...Rate it:

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