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Black Nativity
Langston Hughes
Sweet little Jesus boy Silent night You'll get through the night I heard that when a mother bestows a name on her child, she reveals her hope...Rate it:

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Black or White
Mike Binder
1 Dr. Patterson, line 3422, please. Dr. Patterson, line 3422. There's a heart On the line And it rests With your eyes Please don't fade An...Rate it:

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Black Orpheus
Marcel Camus
BLACK ORPHEUS Adaptation and dialogues by Jacques Viot and Marcel Camus A film by Marcel Camus Serafina, look how beautiful! No! Sorry I am...Rate it:

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Black Panther
Ryan Coogler
BOY: Baba... MAN: Yes, my son. BOY: Tell me a story. MAN: (CHUCKLES) Which one? The story of home. Millions of years ago... a meteorite made...Rate it:

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Black Past
Olaf Ittenbach
PRESENT DAY -Hi, that was the last box. -Good. The coffee is done. -Good. The old apartment is empty. -About time. I really hate moving. I'm ...Rate it:

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Black Pond
Tom Kingsley
1 ( man ) Before I die, I'd like to play a prince. A noble prince, like princes in the plays, who fights and shouts and dances like a god. ...Rate it:

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Black Rain
Craig Bolotin
- What's happening? - Nick, we've got a young punk here. - Nice bike. Fast, huh? - Yeah. - You want to bet? - Ain't you got nothing better to ...Rate it:

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Black Rider
Pepe Danquart
That way! ID. Can't you see I'm with customs? -ID, quickly! Right, an over-achiever. Please. Was he a smuggler? We think he had Englishmen ...Rate it:

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Black Robe
Brian Moore
BLACK ROBE The Indians, who went to Flangis, thought there was a city of gold... QUEBEC, NORTH AMERICA, 1634. In the South there is a city of...Rate it:

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Black Rock
Mark Duplass
( Hoofbeats ) ( Music playing ) Woman: Oh, my God. You, like, threw up back here with your preparation. I swear to God. That's like a Sarah t...Rate it:

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Black Rock Shooter
Nagaru Tanigawa
APRIL 7TH 7:00AM What? You're up early, Mato. I woke up before the alarm went off. Now if you can just keep it up... Ow! Ow! It's hot! - Mat...Rate it:

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Black Sabbath the End of the End
1 Since I've got to this building today, I've been happy, I've been cheerful, my emotions are flying all over the place. It's weird. Let's ...Rate it:

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Black Sea
Dennis Kelly
And we want you to know that this has nothing, nothing at all, to do with your performance, which is exemplary, by the way. Look, the business...Rate it:

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Black Sheep
Jonathan King
Man: Hold him there. Hold him there! Man: Hey! Henry, we've got a bolter! Henry, Tucker, go get him! Get down, hold him! Hold him! Hold him!...Rate it:

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Black Site Delta
Rick Benattar
Haven't seen you around here. How 'bout one for your friend? None for him. But I will have another. All right. Where are you coming from? Wha...Rate it:

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Black Snake Moan
Craig Brewer
Ain't but one kind of blues. And that consisted between male and female that's in love. ln love, just like l sung one of them songs a while ago...Rate it:

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Black Snow
Leonel D'Agostino
1 Juan. Juan. BLACK SNOW Hey. Hey. Are you feeling better? The nap did me good. Really good. Does he kick? He's watching TV. He's a lazy...Rate it:

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Black Sugar
Hank Friedmann
(suspenseful music) (soft music) - [Man] You've got hockey practice at six. - Shit. - [Man] What was that? - I'll be back at six. - Be back a...Rate it:

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Black Sun
Nobuo Yamada
1 A NIKKATSU PRODUCTION Pops, let me throw these on. Hey, watch it! Wow, this ain't easy work! Here, let me help you. Thief! He took the bes...Rate it:

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Black Swan
Mark Heyman
1. 1 INT. DARK STAGE - NIGHT 1 OPENING CREDITS: A SPOTLIGHT slices black space. In its beam, a DANCER materializes. She is fair-skinned. Bea...Rate it:

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Black Tar Road
Amber Dawn Lee
- Everyone has a story. I'm Heather, and this is mine. - The lot is pretty much where the truckers kinda tend to hang out, you know, it's a pl...Rate it:

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Black Water
Andrew Traucki
I wish you'd let me clean it. - Mum, it's a rental car. Come on! Thanks for a lovely Christmas. - Bye, Mum. Bye bye, my baby. She's 22, Mum. ...Rate it:

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Abobi Lisa
DAY 1 BEDROOM SETTING IN THE MORNING. A phone rings. Cindy groans from under her pillow which is obviously shielding her from the sharp sun rays. T...Rate it:

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Black Widow
Ronald Bass
When he didn't come to the office, 10:30, 11:00... ...I called the house. Catharine... ...he went in his sleep, so peacefully. The doctor sai...Rate it:

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