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A Study in Terror
Donald Ford
FOOTSTEPS ECHO COCKNEY: 'Ello. Like a bit of fun? SCREAM RUNNING FOOTSTEPS Police! Police! 'Elp! MURDER!! WOMAN SINGS IN DISTANCE # I'm not ...Rate it:

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Adopting Terror
Nik Frank-Lehrer
BULGARIAN BORDER, 10 SEPT. 1918 Relax! Coffee's on the way. It's nothing! Stay put Ferrandire. It's just the 9 o'clock mail. Sleep, sleep! W...Rate it:

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Amityville Terror
Amanda Barton
Babe, leave it! Let's go! We gotta go now! Mommy. It's not him, Faith. Don't leave me, Mommy, please. That's not our son. God. I don't wann...Rate it:

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Birdemic: Shock and Terror
James Nguyen
- Hi. - Hi. - Here's a menu. - Thank you. I'll be right back with you. - Excuse me, miss. - Yes? I don't mean to bother you. What? I feel...Rate it:

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Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror
Stephen King
[Gasps] [Groaning] [Thunder Crashes] Found another one today. - Young heifer. - Where? Out by the property line. Throat slit from ear to ea...Rate it:

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Eight Hours of Terror
Hyo-cheon Kim

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Experiment in Terror
Gordon Gordon
Oh, shut up, Murphy. Is someone there? I'm not going to hurt you. I don't wanna hurt you. I just wanna talk to you. Now, nothing's going to ha...Rate it:

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Galaxy of Terror
Marc Siegler

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Island Of Terror
Edward Mann
Steady as you go. Steady now, steady. All right, let's have it on the truck. Is that all they need? Yes, I think so. How long will it take to...Rate it:

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It! The Terror from Beyond Space
Jerome Bixby
This was the planet Mars as my crew and I first saw it. Dangerous, treacherous... Alive with something we came to know only as... Death. Thi...Rate it:

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Monster of Terror
Jerry Sohl
- Mornin'. Taxi? - That's right. - American? - How d'you figure it out? Your clothes don't fit proper! - Maybe you can recommend a tailor. - ...Rate it:

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Planet Terror
Robert Rodriguez
They called him Machete. $70 a day for yard work. Get in. Sewage. Have you ever killed anyone before? As you may know, illegal aliens such as...Rate it:

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Point of Terror
Ernest A. Charles
1 I lent a deafened ear to all the sounds of sadness I watched with blinded eyes the looks of loneliness Broke and heartless Won't give a dam...Rate it:

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Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
Lynn Riggs
Germany broadcasting, Germany broadcasting. People of Britain, greetings from the Third Reich. This is the voice you have learned to fear. T...Rate it:

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Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Tom Szolossi
1 [Wolves growling] Whoa! Easy. We'll be home soon, Lilliana. Lilliana. I can't breathe. Dear God! Karl! [Karl screaming] The baby. You m...Rate it:

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Tales of Terror
Richard Matheson
This is the beat of a human heart. Sit very still and listen. Is your heart beating in this same rhythm? You are experiencing the heartbeat of ...Rate it:

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David McGillivray
1 - No, no! - Tell his lordship, go! - No! No, no! Oh, no, go away, no! - You've found her? When will she die? ' Now. - I want to see it. ...Rate it:

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Terror by Night
Frank Gruber
The Star of Rhodesia is one of the most famous of the Earth's treasures. First touched by the fingers of the humble [unintelligible]. It wou...Rate it:

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Terror in a Texas Town
Dalton Trumbo
You're too far away for a fair throw, Hansen. Come a little closer. Just a little closer in. You wouldn't want to disappoint your friends. The...Rate it:

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Terror in the Aisles
Margery Doppelt
JlLL: Hello? Robert, I don't think this is very funny. Bobby? Who is this? (TELEPHONE CUTS OFF) HOST: As you watch the screen, your heart be...Rate it:

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Terror Of Mechagodzilla
Yukiko Takayama
Godzilla king of the monster. Nobody knows the origin of this indestructible monster. But many people believe Godzilla is some kind of an ancie...Rate it:

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Terror Train
T.Y. Drake
Happy New Year! Sigma, Phi, Omega, hey!|Sigma, Phi, Omega, hey! Sigma, Phi, Omega, hey!|Sigma, Phi, Omega, heeeeeeey! Hey, there she is now. Wi...Rate it:

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The Final Terror
Jon George
Jimmy, look out! You all right? Yeah. I think I got a few scratches. How about you? I'm caught. - Over there. See if you can lift it. - Okay....Rate it:

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The Terror Within
Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
Exploration party calling mojave lab. Exploration party calling mojave lab. Sue, are you there? Sue? Sue, we're at three sisters. Sue, you the...Rate it:

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The Terror Within II
Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
THE TERROR WITHIN 2 Translation and processing vucina83 In the days after the nuclear disarmament of a superpower, even more frightening... ......Rate it:

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Trailer Park Of Terror
Timothy Dolan
Man! Ain't nothing better than Two Thousand Maniacs! I tell you. Right, Cigrit? You damn right, Floyd. That Herschell Gordon Lewis. Genius. He ...Rate it:

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