Wings of Glass

Synopsis: Nazli is18, born in Iran, raised in Sweden. She lives with her father Abbas and her older sister Mahin. Nazli, who wants to blend in calls herself Sara. One day Abbas tell her how he sees her future. He is planning a party for their friends and relatives. He also plans to invite two Iranian men, whom he sees as potential husbands for his daughters. Nazli, who has a very good relationship with his father, is appalled. When she meets with her Swedish boyfriend Johan, the situation immediately gets very complicated.
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director(s): Reza Bagher
  3 wins & 4 nominations.
105 min

Hand-transcribed by TJ Wings of Glass Watch out! Hmmm...alright. This doesn't look good, I'm afraid. But, on the other hand... don't have to have an "A" in math for the janitor's job. No wait, here it says your name is Nazli Ka... ...Ka...well, I don't know how you pronounce it. Kashani. Nazli Kashani. Oh, yes. But on the phone you said your name was Sara? Sara...Sara Lindstrom. You know how it is. If you say that your name is Nazli Kashani people think that you have a veil. And then you don't even get to come in for an interview. And I really want this job. So I thought that if you just meet me... ...then you would see that I'm not like that. Have you gotten any job that way? By giving out a false name? MC Licence Hey, I'm not a Sumo wrestler. Dad! You eat like a little chicken. You're gonna get... ...anoreo...anorenono...anoronocia... Anorexia. No thanks. I told you I didn't want more. Do I have to tell you in Persian? You can't even speak Persian. Let her be. Isn't it enough that you made me as big as a house? The bigger the woman, the more to love. What do you think about having a party on Friday? A party on Friday? Why? God bless Mom... I promised your Mom that you two would get good husbands. So, for that reason, I have invited two men for you. Who I think would fit you. But that's only because I promised your Mom. Nothing else. And then, it's your decision. Do we get to say "I do" in the church... ...or is that already settled? There is no one that says you have to marry them. All I'm saying is that they're gonna come to the party. So that you can meet them. And if... listen to what I'm saying... If you like them... ...then we'll see what's gonna happen. Why don't you say something? Do you think that it's okay that Dad's arranging a husband for you? But you don't listen. Dad promised Mom. I don't think that's true. Are you joking with us? No, but you never take anything serious. You're talking as if you were selling cars. Do they have to go through the inspection too? Why do you always have to make fun of everything? Who are they? It wasn't hard to decide for you, Mahin. I've invited Hassan. I'm sorry. But that is ridiculous. First of all... ...I'm only 18 years old. And second of all, I'm not gonna get married until I got a job... ...and my MC licence. Are you gonna start fussing about that again?! I've made up my mind and there is nothing you can do about it. Fine, become a member of the Bandidos club then! Don't start that discussion again! And who were you gonna invite for me at the party? Wait, wait, he's probably rich... and good looking. Your cousin, Hamid. Like I said, not because you're gonna marry the guy. Just for the chance to get to know him. We don't live in Iran, Dad. Do you think it's so different here than in Iran? Yes, of course it is! I don't have to get married. No! I'm not saying that you're gonna get married. No, but it's what you mean. You just don't say it out loud. Mom would have never said anything like that. How do you know that? Because I know that. Where did she go now? To smoke a cigarette, probably. Does she smoke now, too? Yes, she smokes. You know that she does. And she knows that you know that she smokes. And still you play Hide and Seek with each other. Hi, I'm calling regarding the advert... That hurts like hell! What? Which cousin? Which one? Hamid. You know, the guy who looks like Antonio Banderas? Well, that's incest, Sara. No, not among muslims. You aren't muslim, right? Are you? I don't know what the hell I am. I thought your dad was pretty modern? Modern? "You are wearing short skirts?" "You excite the men." "You are not walking out of this house." Sure, that's very modern... You're coming to the party on Saturday, right? You have to come! It's gonna be the party of the year! Yes, of course. And you're not grounded? No, it's just that there is a lot of fuss and so on... I don't get it why your dad is like that. It's strange. It hurts so bad! Please stop for a moment. Well, my dad thinks that the whole world stands in line to have sex with me. Yeah, if only it would be like that. But Dad! People think with their eyes. Nazli, I say nothing. In that way nothing is said. Then don't say anything. Do you have to wear that shirt tonight? If it doesn't please you, I'd be happy to go out instead. What's up with the music? Are we having a party or a funeral? Mahin? Do you know what Lotta has done? Name one thing that Lotta hasn't done... She tattooed a tongue... ...right here. It's so cool. And if she would later regret it? Don't you think that would look nice? ...with a tattoo? Wouldn't a butterfly tattoo be nice? Here? Get a tattoo???!!! Over my dead body! Stop it! Yeah sure. Great! Then I made a bargain! Hi, Hamid, what's up? Good. I bought Hamid's old "Mercedes" last month. It's working perfectly. But I'll have to change the exhaust. Oh, alright, well, they got cheap ones at "Biltema". Cheap?! It can't cost more than $6.25. And there's 20 kilometres to the store, and then you have to go back. How much does the gas cost? That's NOT cheap! well... Hassan! Don't be so naive and blue-eyed! Dad! Stop talking about cars! Everyone's not as car-fixated as you. Hassan, just change the subject. We weren't talking about cars. We were talking about the German car market... Mercedes is symbolizing the German car market. Just as order and fidelity. Kinda like you Hassan! Yeah. Hassan? Have you tasted Mahin's dessert? Yeah! It's so delicious you wanna eat up your own fingers. I was gonna change my gearbox this week so I thought that maybe... ...I could help you with the exhaust? Are you a man worthy of your promise? Yeah. Okay. Cheers! Cheers! It's the clothes that defines a man. Look... ...nice shoes, handmade from Italy. Prada. Nice costume, Armani. Nice shirt, nice tie... Versace...Rosenborg... And this is my "Bjorn Borges". I agree with you, blood is always thicker than water. Nazli...she's a pretty girl. You know, I always thought that. You'll see...We're gonna make it work. No problem. By the way...Do you know if... ...Nazli can handle "Excel"? I think so... I mean "Excel." It's a computer program... Oh, ok. She probably learnt that in school. It's better if you ask her yourself. Now? Well, yeah. "Knock before entering" I'm busy. She's on the phone... Women and their long phone conversations... Break up with him. I've said that before. Lotta, I have to hang up now... What? No, it's my cousin, he forgot... ...his hearing aid at home... Okay. Bye. ...La Vida Loca... Isn't he a bit passe for you? I mean, I thought it was just little girls who liked him. He's just hanging on. You know when... ...God created you... ...he thought of two things: First of all... ...he thought about how far he could go. Second of all...He thought about me. I've got a job for you. If you're interested of course. What? You don't want it? Yes. Yeah...sure. Good. You'll start tomorrow. Right on. Ok, and then cu... No wait... Alright, I'll start over. Customer number. It's that crazy guy who always comes in here. He's been hanging here the whole week without buying anything. He just walks around, looking at stuff. Do you need any help? What? Do you need any help? No, I'm just looking...thanks. Have you seen this one? Yeah, I've seen it. How about this one? No. What? You haven't seen it? It's really good. Action. With... Yeah, I'll take it. $3.05, please. Oops! I'm not a wolf. Dad! I need some help here. God, I've put on some weight. Nonsense. You've got the shape of a woman. It's good that you get out and have some fun. Thanks for the effort, Dad, but it came 10 years too late. I've never stopped you from going out. No...but Mom did...So you didn't have to. Where are you guys going then? We're going to a Greek restaurant, Dad. Mahin. Hassan is a little bit stuck up and shy. It's not a bad quality, but... ...I think you need to help him a little. Dad! Mahin. Hurry up, Hassan is here. Come on in. Oh, well my dad is waiting in that car. He's gonna give us a ride. What a beautiful lady. Beautiful like a moon. A moon? In Persian, we say 'moon'. In Swedish you say 'sun'. Yeah, yeah, I know it's up to me. What are you talking about? I've always told Abbas that he made the wrong decision by not teaching you Persian. But he always has to stand out from everybody else. He did the best he could. You have to learn it, Mahin. I want my grandchildren to speak my language. Yeah, well, Dad, I'll teach her. Good. When should I pick you up? I'll call you. You gave me the wrong movie. It was "The Sound of Music"... ...not "The Matrix". I want my money back. Nazli, you have to check closely. It says "844", right? But here it says "344". It's not that difficult. I apologize, she's new. What's your customer number? What? What's your customer number? Sh*t, the same. I don't need the money. Well, it did look like an '8'... Yeah, yeah, 8,3,3,8. It's okay, it happens. But there is one thing you always need to keep in mind... ...the customer is always right. Hey... ...Could I ask you something? Yeah, sure. What is it? Yeah...could you call me Sara, instead? Oh...right. Can I ask you for a favour? It's about your cropped top. Personally, I think it's really sexy and everything... But what do you think the customers think? I don't give a sh*t. This is not a toilet. Here, we do give a sh*t about what they think. If I didn't give a sh*t I'd be standing at the grill... ...grilling hot dogs. Let's forget this sh*t now. It's not gonna work. Just forget this sh*t. Forget this sh*t? Yeah. What about the apartment? How are you gonna pay for the rent? People have been evicted before that's not... Are you gonna sleep on the street? Don't you get what's gonna happen if we get caught? Hi, darling! So, what do you think? He's handsome! About the job... I think that it looks like a... store. Wasn't Peter supposed to go out with his jurist buddies? No, he wasn't. Well, it doesn't matter, right? I couldn't leave my baby alone all night. Sara, what about me? I'm home all night by myself. Wait. Here, take a taxi on your way home. Come on, take them. Have a nice time tonight. Dad, go to bed now, okay? She comes when she comes. Straighten up, Nazli. Do you know what time it is?! This is the last time. Well, give me some keys so you don't have to get up then. No more keys. You've already lost 2 pair this year. Yeah...I am a careless (slapdash) person. Can I come in now? Sh*t. Can I sleep in here? Please. Well, yes. Oh, come on, give up. I don't feel like having a trial tonight. But your 18 years old! Yeah, but there's no one here that treats me like I am. Try to start showing it then. It doesn't matter anyway cause in his eyes I'm always doing it wrong. I bet you're drunk too. Well, are you? Look at me. How many beers have you've been drinking? Look at me. What? Are you crazy... you know how much that would cost me? So, where did you guys go? He took me to a Greek restaurant. It's starting to smell like a wedding... Hassan and Mahin... It sounds like "Hennes & Mauritz" (H&M). Well, how is it going with Hamid? I'll tell you what... The only thing that's interesting to me is to make money. Hamid, he can get lost. What do you think about Hassan? Isn't he like ugly, but good-looking, in a way? Ugly more than good-looking. And he can remove that thing he got over his lips. So you can look at him without becoming irritated. You're so rotten. What? You know what they say about bachelors from Iran? No, and I don't want to know, either. Stop it! Stay where you are, damn kid. Ouch! I'm sleeping! Oh, really? Are you sleeping in here? Why were you smiling like that at him? Do you have to hug her husband every time you meet? The skirt is too short... ...the stocking is see-through. I said get out of my house. Get out of here. I don't want that in my house. A little sex can always fix things. And I'm telling it to you, Mahin. What is he doing? He is wearing out the varnish. What is he gonna do? That the only thing he has to show off. One moment, and I'll go look for it. PO's, please hold, thanks. Hi. I don't have time with you right now. What? Well, you don't know what I want. Yes, you want free lessons or ones with a discount. Or what was it? Ah, you wanted to purchase then by installments. And what was so wrong with that? As shameless as ever. Well, I've got a job now, so... I want to sign up for the intensive course. You don't say. Yeah, I work at the video store with my cousin. Alright. Perhaps I can pick out a film for you that will cheer you up. You can do that? You don't say... Well, in that case, take a driver's application here. And pay me in advance. The next course is starting in The application? Yes, there, take it. See you then. Yes, hello? It's not all of the money, but you'll get the rest next month. I got a new progress. Not a problem. We can deduct that from Sara's salary later. Or what do you say, Sara? It's not a problem for you, right? No, I have to change the exhaust pipe first. You have tricked him into buying that piece of garbage. If I had the money I would buy leather seat covers. Wasted money...sell the car instead. Watch out. Or otherwise, I might take the car back, if it's really nice. Sara... Can I have a look at your left hand? What...why? Come. Come. It's nothing scary. I can read palms. Let's have a look. Do you know what? You're gonna do well. Alright. You have to look at those lines. Look here. Never in my lifetime. No, no wait, it's true. I have it too. I'm gonna have 4 children too. Wait, wait. You don't have to be afraid. I thought that I... ...would ask you out tonight. I know a really good place. It's got great food and it's really cosy. No, thank you. Don't forget to put on the numerical codes before you go. What? Can't I do that tomorrow? No, do it now. People are gonna rent them tomorrow. I don't see anything! Idiot!! I was just double-checking. How the f*** can you be so stupid!! What do you say..."this is a robbery"...? Drive. Drive. F***, shouldn't we make bigger holes...? Can you drive?!! Yes. Calm down! Sara. Don't forget the alarm. What the f*** are you doing? The door's there... Drive! Drive!! No! No! Drive! Shut up! Stop. Stop!! She saw me. Hello! Wait up a bit. Please wait up! Wait up! I HAVE to talk to you. Please! May I sit down? I don't give a sh*t about where you're sitting. I'm in a f***ing pinch here. I'm 3 months behind on rent. I'm gonna be evicted any minute. Any minute. You're not going to the police, right? Please. Stop. Stop the f***ing bus! Hi, sweetie! Hey. Hello. Here. It's the best phone ever...weights 90 grams... got an IR-thingy, and it's voice-operated and stuff. It's yours. Do you have one for me too? Why are you giving it to me...? You get it as a thank you. Thanks for what? Did I miss something? I don't want it! I'll be over there if you change your mind. Are you stupid or something? I could've used that phone. Mine was stolen last week, you know. Do you want to order? No, I'm not having anything. It's typical. It's the handsome ones that are weird. What did Johan want anyway? you know who he is? Uhm...hello! Everyone knows Johan Andersson. It was his mother...the piano teacher that... ...always came to school drunk. She killed herself. Is it him? He looks so different. Don't even think about it. That type of guy only wants sex. Well, that's good. Because that goes for me too. If anyone's gonna f*** him, it's going to be me. He's good-looking; I'm good-looking. He's tall; I'm tall. You wouldn't even be able to... Knock it off! But what did he want with you? What's it all about? I don't know... I'm sure he's Pisces. Dreamy and unreliable. An ugly customer...("full fisk" (fisk=Pisces)) He's Pisces, I'm sure of that. He's not grounded at all. What am I saying? I feel sorry for him. Imagine if your mother just went and died like that... I'm sorry, I forgot about your mother... It's okay. Are you sure? I have to go home to meet Peter's parents for the first time. And the stupid f*** doesn't want me to wear my... ...piercings. Do you get how stupid he is? So I said: I'll just stay home then. That's f***ing great. And now, what am I... ...gonna do? Sara! Nice that you're listening to me...! Yes, I do. I just have to give him one minute. Hi. Okay, what do you want? Sit down, please. Do you want something? Beer? Just that...I'm not normally like that. It was just a stupid...I want to apologize. It was really stupid... I'm not gonna tell on you. What would I even say? That you came in with a drawn-up hood? Do you want something? Uhm... We're leaving now. I'm gonna stay a while. Lotta...! Last order. Two beers! Two beers. Guys, we closed half an hour ago... I think she wants us to leave... Come on, now! Hurry! Can I give you a call sometime? Or...I'll call you. I've begged on my knees that Hamid would give you a chance. When he's asking you out you're not even giving... ...him a chance! But to run around with thugs... that's alright! You cannot run around having fun all your life! Say it as it is. You want me to marry him, and I'm saying I'm not interested. I never said that! Mahin! Have I ever said you should get married to this person or that person?! You get to choose that for yourselves! Thank you! By the way, I'm gonna find another job. You don't know what you're talking about! Why? Can't I get a job like everybody else? "Like everybody else"'re not like everybody else! When are you going to realize that you're not Swedish. Nazli! Everybody else does not have a gpa of 2... Hamid lets me keep the car even though I cannot pay. How can I look at him in the eye again? Try to understand ME as well. I'm talking to you, Nazli! I said, I'm talking to you!!! "Knock First!" You think you can do what you like, don't you? Grow up sometime! Starting now, I want you to pay rent! I need my money for the license! The license? Over my dead body! What about this one? Burger King... that's alright...? Burger King?! You're becoming a frier? Frying hamburgers...the fat eats into your pores, don't you know? You'll have frying smell all over you! But what am I to do? Easy for you to say, you just trot into a hip clothes store and get hired right away. IS it that hard? Excuse me, I'm looking for a girl who... Hi! I'm Johan. Okay... I'm looking for Sara. Who are you? Her can say. We have no Sara here...who has a buddy, "one can say". Are you sure? A short girl with curly hair, dark... No, no. Then it was another apartment... Yes, better luck over there. Is he as dangerous as he looks? More dangerous. Maybe I have to dye my hair for him to like me... You're fine as you are. But what did I do wrong? You're you, that's it. Hah. Only that... Maybe I should buy flowers anyway... F***, why is it so expensive? I'd be fine with just one... Who are they for? Dad. He has a theatre premiere tomorrow. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I told you it would make you happy! Here. In my time one was enough...! Times are changing. Thank you! I have to go. Bye! "The Wolf and the Lamb" "A performance for children by Abbas Kashani" I'm not a wolf...I just look like a wolf. No! Baaah! Where are you...? Meeeh! I'm really a lamb... Why does he say that? An innocent little lamb... It's called "lamb". All the other lambs have gone home... Why does he say that?! The wolf talks wrong all the time. He talks like my dad. He's bad. You have to be quiet. Otherwise, you can't hear what the wolf is saying. The wolf can't talk properly. Why do you talk wrong all the time? That's it for today. It's hard. These are little kids. They want simpler theatre. Maybe a clown. Maybe we can try again next week? That may be hard...scheduling, but we'll contact you. Hi, Daddy! Sorry, I'm late. But...Nazli. I know...I didn't have to. But I wanted to! Should we go eat something? You look so handsome. It's not often one sees you looking this nice. "F***, she's nothing to have. She's with everybody." I will never feel at home with this language. I'm beginning to understand... ..."one cannot teach old horses to sit." "Dogs", Daddy... My point exactly. Sometimes I wonder how it would've been...if you hadn't moved to Sweden. Maybe it would've been...easier. In the end, it became like an obsession to your Mom. It was for you and Mahin. She really thought you would... better off here. Then the...damn cancer came. Ate her up. Then she was just gone. Can I ask something? Did you love each other? You and Mom? When you got married...were you in love? No. It's not like it is here. My Mother thought she had found a good match. A girl from a good family. What about love? came over the years. And when we had kids we loved each other through you. That's the way it works back home. The last thing I promised her...was that I would make sure you'd get married and be happy. Not even that have I succeeded in. What would she think if she saw me? She would say that you're the best dad ever. It's all very good. Yes. Why wouldn't it be? Is it Calvin...Clayne?'s not called Calvin "Clayne". It's Calvin Klein. You know, Nazli...Sorry, I mean Sara... I've always liked you. Ever since you were this little. And now all of a sudden you're standing here as an attractive woman. You're actually getting more beautiful every day. Like a Persian rug that gets better with age. Hello! Can I get to work in peace? By the way, have you ever been with a guy? Of course I have. But have you ever had sex with them, or just made out? That's MY business. But that's over with now...right? That's not your decision to make! Yes, if we're to be together... I'm allowed to f*** anyone I want! Open it! C' it! What? Is it too expensive for you? Huh? You don't like it... Do you want some? No, thanks. Come on. Have a little something. I won't tell Abbas, I promise. But I don't like whisky. Mix it with coke. Always delicious! Here. You worked well today. C'mon...a tiny one, it's yours. No thanks, I'm good. I don't want more. You can take a taxi home later. I'll pay. Seriously, Nazli...what feelings do you have for me? Seriously? No feelings in particular. Come on! You know you're lying! Hamid...I just want to work here. Until I can find... ...a better job. That's all. According to our traditions, the matrimony of cousins... written in the stars. Don't be so f***ing embarrassing, "Cuz". I'm going to ask Abbas if I can marry you, anyhow. Why are you asking Daddy? Ask me, and you'll get an... So you don't give a sh*t about family and tradition? Yup! F***...get a grip, Nazli! You'll get a family! With kids and the whole nine yards! I don't know if I should laugh or cry... There are many girls in our family who'd do anything to get me to marry them. You know this! Fine! Then I don't have to. Yes, but... Of all the girls in our family...I think you're the most beautiful and the finest. You're the sexiest, you...'re free, somehow. I really think so. Too bad. Why? Because I don't give a f*** about what you think! I get so turned on when you're this cocky! It's something... You're crazy to believe I want someone like you. What? Who's crazy?! Is it you or is it me? You. I'm crazy?! Okay, I understand. I'm crazy. I have my... ...own Mercedes parked outside. My own shop, a fat bank account, lots of friends. Crazy?! Calm down! Take a pill; take two while you're at it. Go and live off your daddy's welfare, then! Like your dad lives so much better. Yes, he does. At least he has his own business. "Cleaner", it's called, in Swedish. Okay. He's a cleaner, but at least he's got a job! As opposed to your Father who's... ...walking around, head held high, calling himself an actor! He lives backwards. One more word and I'll break your ugly nose. You're a disgrace to the whole family. Even your stupid Father knows it. Running around like a cheap whore. Maybe you want to know what we call you?! AA - the family Ape in an Armani suit! Do you want me to tell you how it is, huh? Do you? Wait, wait. I said wait! Listen! This is how it is. You dad comes to my house, and my Father's house. Gets down on his knees and... ...kisses our asses and says, "Hamid, please take care of my daughter. Make a woman out of her." Do you get it?! He's kissing our asses and asking me! That's how it is and you don't get it! Sorry...I got mad. I'm sorry, Nazli. Nazli, I'm sorry! Let go of me! Don't go, don't go... Let go of me! Let go of me!!! Are you going to be as pigheaded when we get married? I don't know what you're doing...'s going to be me and you anyway. But let go!! Calm down, dammit! Stop it, calm down! I just want to show you how much I care for you. Don't you get it? Come on. Come...come. A little kiss... No. Stop it. Stop! Come... Stop! Stop!!! Stop!!! Stop!!! Calm down. Stop!!! Stop!!! C'mon, for f***'s sake! I just want to show you that I like you! Don't you understand! Calm down! Nazli! Nazli! Nazli, stop! Don't go! We have to tell Daddy. Daddy? It's not possible! You know what he's like. What if he...postpones your wedding? He may have another heart attack. If what you say really is true, we have to tell Daddy. "Really" you think I'm lying?! No! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way. Nazli... It was my fault... I had that cropped shirt on... Of course it wasn't your fault. I'm not inviting that swine to my wedding. Do you hear me, Nazli? He will not set food in this house anymore. How long do I have to stay grounded? That's up to you, Nazli. Daddy... Go back to work. For my sake. For mine and Mom's sake. But I have told you...we don't see eye to eye. Daddy? Do you listen? Sh*t! I still have a little honor left. People think with their eyes. How am I supposed... hold my head high amongst family and friends if they see you with those types?! Are you locking me in?! Over my dead body will you go out with that filth! You don't know them. They're my friends! Friends?! Yes! You don't get to say who I'm to be around. I'm 18! They taught you to steal, as well? I just borrowed it. You'll get it back. What shall become of you? Something you're not gonna like, but it's me! Do you plan on letting me out?! Don't speak to me that way! Come on, hit me. That's how one treats women in Iran. This silliness ends here. They can honk til the battery runs out. Get out of my sight! You can stand there until you die! Drive. Come on, now! Come! You're crazy...! F***! Good! Where are the hairpins? Ahh...I forgot. You're unbelievable! Okay...I'll fix it now. Now? Now?! It's too late now! Let's not quarrel about little things... So typical of you. You haven't helped at all! I ask you to do one little thing, and you ignore it! You don't give a sh*t! I'm sorry! I'll fix it now, okay? It'll be awesome not having to be your mother anymore! Mommy would never... What?! What would Mommy never...this time? Mahin, we don't have the time! She needs to know the truth! Quit dreaming, Nazli, and grow up! Mommy was no angel. Daddy had to intervene between her and me. I didn't have anywhere near as much freedom as you have. And it was not Daddy's fault. You've had it so f***ing easy, Nazli. And you don't even know it. She's so friggin' spoiled! My stomach aches...they're here in two hours! God! Is it too much...? Look! It's wonderful! I look so mushy... Not at all! "Hassan...what do you hide from me in your dark eyes!" Stop it... "...a faint tint of light somewhere... but still, a Hassan..." "This is how I feel for you, I beg you..." Stop it. Hush! You, Mahin Kashani, daughter of Abbas Kashani. Do you take Hassan Ravanpor, son of Abdollah Ravanpor... be your lawfully-wedded husband, to asseverate your love in sickness and in health? Yes. Nazli...I didn't invite him. That swine dares to show up here! I have to talk to Daddy... Please, not now. Not now! Not tonight! Can't you be flexible for once?! We'll be embarrassed forever! Nazli... Nazli!!! You're done playing now! Who the f*** do you think you are?! Please, Daddy, listen to me! Are you happy now?! This is what you wanted. That after 18 years...that I should hit you." Stop! You don't know what's happened! I don't give a sh*t! That is no way to behave! He tried to rape me.'s not true. Hamid. Your cousin. Would Hamid come here if he had raped you? No... You believe HIM. The guy who touched my breasts and ripped my panties. I don't want to hear this. It's enough. Daddy, you have to listen to her! To her? Who's lying to our faces? Can't you see? She dresses like a cheap tramp and runs around all night with thugs! We don't even know if she's still a virgin. Don't you trust me, Daddy? How am I supposed to know what you've been up to? The way you run around, strutting your stuff... Stop it, Daddy! You're only destroying things more! Don't go, Nazli. Nazli! Hi. Listen...tonight's not good. You can't sleep here. I'm very sorry, but Peter and I had a fight since your phone call... Don't you have somewhere else to sleep? Listen, I can give my mom a call if you'd like...Sara! Hi! I'm in a little bit of trouble... Do you want something? Coffee... ...or..I've got tea as well. Can I...can I stay here for a while? Of course. Stay as long as you want to. Or as long as I'm allowed to stay here, that is. That you want me to kick his ass? F***, Sara. I'll do it if you want me to. Can't I sleep in here?'s not possible. Why not? It's taken. Taken with what? With stuff. It's my mom's stuff.'re waking the neighbors. You have to bury me next to your mom. Promise me! Come. What is this nonsense... Come, get to bed now. What's the longest time you've been with someone? A week. His name was Robban, and we were 10. F***, Sara...are you joking...? No. You must think I'm such a dork. No. You think that. I'm not Swedish. Don't you get it? As much as I want to, I will never be Swedish. F***, Sara... My name is not "F*** Sara", it's "Sara"! It is...? What's your real name? Sara! Your name isn't Nazz...Nazzi... Nazos...? Nazli. With a "z". Beautiful. You think? Mhm. Very pretty. What does it mean? The "hard-to-get"...I think. Which language? Persian. The "hard-to-get"... It suits you. You're going to teach me some Persian. No! Never. Oh yes! You get to teach me. Congratulations! Ah..."Hi" do you say that? Salam... "Salam". Mhm. And "thanks"? Merci. But that's French! It's the same. "I love you". What...? "I love you" do you say that? "Dooset daram". What? One more time. No! Can't you at least tell us where you live? With Johan. The thug! Okay, Daddy was not at his best, but you can't punish him like this. I don't want to talk about it. He's been both our father and our mother! You can't do this to him! I said, I don't want to talk about it! Go on, bury your head in the sand! But when he's dead... ...and gone, it's too late. Stop it! By the way, you're the one with the head in the sand! Don't you get that Dad has sold you to Hassan?! You're the one who doesn't get it! I've wanted Hassan the entire time! I love him! So there...! Nazli! Hi! What a mess, huh? I've been a bit busy. Haven't had the time to get rid of all this sh*t. If I had found such fierce clothes in town, I'd have bought them in a heartbeat. You can keep them on if you'd like. They suit you. Cheers! Cheers! Cigarette? Yes, please. No, don't use that to light up! A fisherman dies every time someone lights up that way. This is how you do it. Come on...! What? This is how it's done. Someone you know just entered. What? Who? Tell me! romantic. Hey. Hey. Hi! I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't mean for it to be that way... It wasn't your fault...But my guy will never call the shots like that. Get it?! No risk of that ever happening... We should go now. No, we're not going! I think you should go get a chair. I want to talk to Sara. I'm getting a glass of wine. When did I become your boyfriend. Ah, it was just...I had to say that. You was just...old stuff. Were you upset...? No, I wasn't. I feel so good! I'll never be able to sleep! Do you know what you sound like when you sleep? Like this:... Squealing like a pig... No, this won't do. We're going for something else now... What's up? They're evicting me now. It was for you. Is everything alright? No, it's not alright... What does it say? It's from my sister. Daddy neither eats nor sleeps. Your family seems a bit weird. Weird? Is that your opinion of me? No, your family. Not you. My family. Don't speak about my family! Calm down! What are you...what are you doing? What are you going to do? I'm not sitting here wasting my life like some people. And you're so f***ing perfect, ehy?! Hi, I'm Johan...I'd like to talk to your dad, if possible. He's not at home. Okay...where's he at? Uhm...The Society. Where is that? By the market square. Thanks. Hi. May I sit down? What do you want? I want to talk to you. You and I have nothing to discuss. Maybe I have. With what right do you have to barge into my life like this and steal my daughter?! I've labored and toiled and gotten grey hairs for my children. I've sacrificed my whole life for them. And to this day... To this day, although they are grown up, I'm ready to give my life for them. I love Nazli. "Love"...! You don't even know how to spell the word! How old are you? 20, 22? For more than 10 years I was one of the primary actors at the Iranian National Theater. Then I moved here with a single, shitty trunk to secure my children's future. I haven't been in ONE dignified play since. So...don't come here telling me you "love" my child. I've sacrificed my career for my children. Not many parents do that. I never had a daddy who could sacrifice his career for me. I can tell. The reason I'm here is because Nazli is not feeling well. Don't look surprised. You know why she's not feeling well. Am I late delivering the videos, or...? No, I don't work at the video store anymore. Sara...right? Yes! Or...actually, it's Nazli. And I'm a Muslim. But Swedish as well. That's all well and good... Naz...Naz... Nazli. Right. What can I do for you? need someone to help you here at the office... ...who knows computer stuff. And I do...I know computers. So I thought could give me a job. Easy now! I'm not looking for employees. But that's just it! You always have so much on your plate, so you don't even have time to look for employees. And part of my payment could be cheaper driving lessons. As cocky as ever! I'm very good with Excel too. Yeah, yeah, Excel... Right, I have to... When will you have made up your mind? Call me next week, and I'll have made a decision. Hi... Come in. I'll pop to the store and get some...onions. How are you? Okay. Do you need money? I'm doing fine. I've filed a police report on Hamid. But you don't know the situation now. Everyone has turned their back on Hamid. He can't show himself anywhere. Can't we just forget about this now? You might be able to, but I can't. I think... I don't care what you think! Do you want me to leave? No, I want you to listen to me! Although I happen to be your daughter...although I'm a woman... Maybe I have something to say, too. Say it! Say what's on your mind! Ask me if I'm still a virgin! Isn't that the most important thing to you? I couldn't even in my wildest nightmares... think that it would turn out this way. Believe me, Nazli! Of course I believe you... But did you believe me? Don't be so hard, Nazli. Hard?! Who's been hard? If you had just once been able to admit that you were wrong...this would never have happened. Of course I've made mistakes. But you haven't exactly been Miss "goody-two-shoes" either. And for that sake I deserve to be raped? You have guarded me for more than 5 years... ...because of something that Hamid could take away in one minute. Was it worth it? Look at me! Was it worth it? You haven't even wanted to spit that swine in the face. That's surely the least one can expect of a man from your culture?! Yes...I should buy back our honor with blood... But...I'm old and tired now, Nazli. I don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore. No, you don't know what's right or wrong... But ever since Mom died your whole life has has centered around trying to make me into... ...someone I cannot and don't want to be. I want to be like everyone else! We're not like everyone else. Maybe you want us to be different, but I don't! I didn't ask to move here. Sometimes one just gets so f***ing tired of feeling sorry for you! Have you ever listened to me... and really tried to understand me?! How can you say that? I have... Have sacrificed your entire carrer for our sake! Yes, yes, I know!!! Continue playing the martyr! Go on! But it doesn't... me or the poor preschoolers who don't understand what you're saying. I was in the Mosque yesterday. It was the first time since I came to Sweden. I was down on my bare knees asking Allah for strength so I would be able to come here. God is my witness, I love you more than anything else on this earth. You may not understand it now, will understand when you have kids of your own. I want to ask for your forgiveness, Nazli. Johan! You don't need to tag along with me any further. What...? You know how it is... Let's just give it some time. So you don't need me anymore... I don't fit into your family portrait. Okay. Thanks for everything, then. It's not like that! What's it like, then? I just can't cope arguing with Dad over you... Not now. No, it's not worth it, right? Johan! Where does this go? The yellow amongst the yellow ones. Hello! Hi. It's me. B: "First look in the rear view mirror". "Then blink and turn". C: "First make a turn, then blink and look in the mirror". I don't stand a chance. No. You have no chance at all if you don't try. A... It doesn't matter, Nazli. You'll make it next time. There's not going to be a next time. It's not necessary! It's on here, clear as day! Nazli Kashani! Hi. Daddy...! "THE END" Hand-transcribed by TJ

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Reza Bagher

Reza Bagher (born 10 March 1958) is a Swedish film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his film Popular Music. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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