Synopsis: Viridiana, a young novice about to take her final vows as a nun, accedes to a request from her widowed uncle to visit him. Moved purely by a sense of obligation, she does so. Her uncle is moved by her resemblance to his late wife to attempt to seduce Viridiana, and tragedy ensues. In the aftermath, Viridiana tries to assuage her guilt by creating a haven for the destitute folk who live around her uncle's estate. But from these good intentions, too, comes little good.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director(s): Luis Buñuel
Production: Criterion Collection
  2 wins.
Rotten Tomatoes:
90 min

Sister Viridiana. Your uncle sent word that he can't come see you take your vows. Very well, Mother. You seem unconcerned. I hardly know him. I met him once, years ago. He invites you to visit him. I'd rather not leave the convent. He's in poor health. He's your only relative. You should bid him farewell before taking your vows. You'll never see him again. Why should I go? He never bothered about me before. He's paid for your studies and he just sent your dowry. Does that mean nothing? I'd prefer not to see the outside world again, but if you order me-- The retreat begins in a few days. You may leave tomorrow. Everything you need for the trip is in your cell. Try to show him some affection. That's enough for today, Rita. You like the new rope I gave you? Yes. It's got handles. Go and play now. - Leave it to me, miss. - Hello. Welcome, miss. I am Ramona, Don Jaime's maid. Pleased to meet you. Excuse me. - How are you, Uncle? - Fine. The bus was a bit late. How was your journey? Very nice. What a peaceful place, Uncle. You'll feel as if you never left the convent. How long will you stay? I can only stay a few days. Was it difficult to get permission? No. Mother Superior ordered me to come. I mean so little to you that you had to be ordered? Frankly, yes. I'm not a good liar, Uncle. I respect you, and I'm grateful for your material support. But beyond that -- - No affection. - None. - You're right. Loneliness has made me self-centered. I'm sorry we've seen little of each other. Now it's too late, isn't it? Yes, it's too late. You've neglected the farm. The weeds have taken over these last 20 years. And beyond the second floor, the house is overrun with spiders. I hardly ever go out. It's true. And when he does, he makes me skip. Come here, you rascal. - Who is she? - Ramona's daughter, Rita. - Come here! - She's a little animal. You even walk like your aunt. You've told me before. There! Even your voice is like hers. She made her bed on the floor, sir. She's got something like thorns in her suitcase. Her nightgown is made of coarse linen. It must chafe her delicate skin. That's enough now. Go to bed. Yes, sir. Good night. - Good morning, Moncho. - Morning. Morning, Rita. How will we behave today? - Today? Good. May I bother you for a glass of milk? Is it very difficult? Nothing to it. Try it. I don't know how. Sit here. Just pull hard. - Grab it and -- - Quiet, kid. Grab it. Don't be afraid. Don Jaime's very good at it. - Scram! - I don't want to! And take these buckets. They're always in the way. Don't be afraid, miss. Shall I help you? Give it a pull. No, I can't. I saw you in your nightgown. What? Is that true? Yes, I saw you. She's a little liar. It's true. Her hairpins fell out, and she picked them up. How did you see me? From the terrace. It's naughty to spy on people. Want to come to the henhouse? - No. Good morning. Good morning, Uncle. - You're up early. - To see more of you. I'm going to bake you a delicious cake. You're spoiling me. What will I do when I'm alone again? You choose to be alone. - What do you mean? - Nothing. Don't you trust me? Tell me. Very well. I can't hold things in. Do you really have a son? How did you know? My mother mentioned it years ago. So it's true? Yes, it is. But what do you know of life? You can't understand. But I do. You should have taken that child in. His mother wanted to keep him. She was a poor woman. I was in love with your aunt. I feared I'd lose her if I told her. That's why I didn't speak of it. And the innocent child? Don't worry. He won't be forgotten. You must think I'm a monster. No, Uncle. But it's a pity life's that way. The poor thing would've drowned. Who's there? - Is she up yet? - Hours ago. She told me to get her things ready. It's her last day here. I'll never see her again. Why not ask her to stay a few more days? I did, but she shows no gratitude. Sometimes I feel like hitting her. And when I mention the convent, she turns to stone. Ramona, come here. Sit down. I need your help. - I'm at your service. This is in our way. Have a seat. Go ahead. Sit down. Do you respect me? I'd be ungrateful not to. You took us in when we had nowhere to turn. Never mind that. Would you do something to help me? Whatever you ask, sir. Would you speak to her? You women always know what to say. Say something to make her stay a few more days. You're a good soul. Speak to her. I know I needn't even offer you a reward, but if you succeed, I promise I won't forget you or Rita. But why would she listen to a servant? You're right, but we must do something. You think of something, sir, and I'll help any way I can. Look in the cabinet on the top shelf. There's a little blue bottle with no label. There are some white pills inside. This one? Yes. Leave it there. Now go back to work. I'll tell you more later. I never could do that. I'm too nervous. Why didn't you wake me? - They say it's dangerous. - Don't believe it. I sleepwalked once years ago, and they slapped me to wake me up. And here I am, still alive. I'm so sorry I put ashes on your bed. Why? It's no stranger than anything else. Sleepwalkers have no idea what they're doing. Ashes mean penitence and death. Penitence must be for you, the nun-to-be, and death is for this old man. If you don't mind, I'll see you off tomorrow in town. Thank you, Uncle. We must do something special tonight as a farewell. Whatever you wish. I'd like to ask an innocent favor that means a lot to me. I can refuse you nothing today. So you'll do it? You have only to ask. What am I saying? This is silly. It's hard to even ask you. What a strange girl you are! At first you seemed offended and said no. Now suddenly you make me the happiest man in the world. Thank you, my child. I don't like masquerades, but I decided to go along with your whim. It's neither a masquerade nor a whim. I'll tell you something few people know. Your aunt died in my arms of a heart attack on our wedding night wearing that dress. You look just like her. You must think I'm mad. No, I'm pleased I've made you happy. Despite what I first thought, you're a good man. If you only knew. I was full of high ideals as a young man. I wanted to do big things to help others and show my love of humanity. But whenever I started anything, I was afraid I'd be laughed at and I felt ridiculous, so it was back into my shell. - Isn't that just cowardice? - No. I've proved I'm no coward when faced with real danger. Yet a simple visit from a well-meaning stranger can unnerve me. I can't take my eyes off you. Come, let's sit down. Uncle, don't think I won't be sad to leave. Don't leave then. It's up to you. Unfortunately-- It's all my fault. If I'd seen you more often, everything would be different. Perhaps. There is one way you could stay. If I were to ask-- I mean, if I were to tell you-- I can't. He wants you to marry him. I'm sorry, sir. If I didn't say it, you never would. He loves you, and he deserves love. He's a good man. Are you serious? I never want you to leave this house. You can't be in your right mind. I've been so happy here, and now you've spoiled it all. I'd better go back to my room. Wait! Forgive me! Stay just a few more minutes. If you go now, you'll always hold it against me. I'll say nothing more to upset you. I'll put on some music and we'll have some coffee. Sit down. Here you are. It will do you good. - Why are you crying? - I'm afraid. - Nonsense. Go to sleep. - I saw a black bull. - A black bull? - A real big one. - Real, real big? - Huge. Surely he couldn't fit through the door. Then how did he get in, silly? Through the cupboard. You little liar, get out of here. I'm afraid. Here. Call your mother if you have nightmares. Go on now. Stop bothering me. You look tired. Perhaps you should go to bed. Don't think badly of me. I only want her near me. Ramona, leave us. - What are you doing? - Don Jaime kissed the lady. Because she's his niece. I kiss you, don't I? You should be in bed. - A black bull came into my room. - Hush. Come. I'll put you to bed. I'm thirsty. - How do you feel? - My head aches. It'll pass soon. What happened to me? You fainted after supper. The master and I carried you here. Did I sleep long? You slept well. Don't worry. Bring me some water. Leave us, Ramona. Don't go. Go. Please go away, Uncle. I want to get up. I have to leave. You can never go. Last night you promised not to speak of that again. Please go. Who could be further apart than an old recluse and a young woman consecrated to God? I don't want to hear any more. I want to get dressed. You've made me forget the passion that sustained me all these years. Go away! I must've been crazy. I hoped you would marry me, but you refused, of course. And now it's the day of your departure. I had to force you. It was the only way to have you in my arms. - You're lying. - No, it's true. I made you mine while you slept. Now you can't return to your convent. You're not the same girl who left there. You'll have to stay with me here forever. But all I have will be yours. If you don't want to marry me, if you'd rather live as we have until now, as long as you're at my side, I'll be happy. Think about it. Take your time. Go away! Get out! - What did you tell her? - That look she gave me! Now she hates me. I've made a terrible mistake. She's leaving, and nothing can stop her. Talk to her again. Explain it all to her. What for? She'll give me that same look. I can't do it. But she might listen to you. Try to convince her. - What can I say? - The truth. Tell her I lied. I didn't really take advantage of her. I meant to, but I caught myself in time. Then I spent the whole night thinking. I decided to lie so she wouldn't return to the convent. Tell her that. Go on. You must come right away. Let me go. Before you go, you must listen to me. I've listened to you enough. Let me go. It was all a lie. I only said it to keep you here. I only possessed you in my thoughts. You can't leave hating me like this. Tell me you believe me, and I'll let you go. You disgust me, even if what you say is true. So you won't forgive me? You believe me, don't you? Don't lie. You don't believe me either. It's all very strange, sir. Never mind, my child. Watch this. I didn't get it that time, but you'll see. Bet you can't do this. Look how high, Moncho. - Don't bother me. I dropped it that time, but-- The carriage is ready, miss. Your suitcase, please. - How are you, Miss Viridiana? - Is something wrong? - You can't leave. - Why? Something terrible has happened. Where? Please come with us. Over there. Let go! It's mine! Show some respect for the dead or I'll box your ears. Don't play under this tree. Don Jaime liked to watch me jump rope. If something awful happens, it'll be your fault! You're not eating enough. I've brought you some milk. I'll fix some meat for your supper. You look so pale. The mayor is seeing to your request. You can go to the village when you like. It'll do you good to get out. We have visitors. Leave me, Ramona. - You weren't expecting me, were you? - Mother. How you must have suffered, my child. I've been terribly concerned. We heard of the tragedy only yesterday. We've all been so worried. But it took a while to catch a train to see you. Why didn't you write? We'd have come at once. - I've had so much to think about. - You should have informed me. I spoke with the parish priest. He told me what happened. Why was this horrible offense against Our Lord committed? Do you know? I only know my uncle was a great sinner, and I feel guilty for his death. How could you be to blame for a man's suicide? As Mother Superior, I must hear your confession. I'm not returning to the convent. Therefore, I owe no more obedience than any other Catholic. Is there some serious impediment that prevents you from taking your vows? I've done nothing wrong. I only know I've changed. Weak as I am, I'll try to follow the path the Lord shows me. Are you aware of the pride in your words? To what great plans will you dedicate yourself? I know my weakness, and I intend to work humbly. But however little I do, I wish to do it alone. Very well. Since you won't allow me to help, I'll leave you. I'm sorry to have disturbed you. Good-bye, my child. Mother Superior. Forgive me if I've offended you. You are forgiven. - Why hasn't she come? - She's still praying. Very pious, eh? She's going to pay us to live with her. Spare a coin for the afflicted. Pity a poor blind man. For charity's sake-- She's coming. Your days of tripping over cobblestones and scuffling with kids are over. I'll take the little girl. Come here, precious. Everyone ready? - Whenever you wish. Let's go. She has the face of an angel. Pity you can't see her. Spare me the compliments. I don't like them. Here they come. Are you the other two? Come with me. What a strange man. I wish I knew what he was like. He cared little enough for you. I've never borne him any grudge. Anyone can have a fling and then walk away. But why acknowledge me at the last moment? What did he have in mind? He was a very good man. Better than some might think. - Why did he kill himself? - I don't know, sir. It's not good to be alone all the time. I'm not like him, am I? - Not in that respect. You're always looking for company. - What do you mean? - You know. Please don't. I'm sorry, but the master would play for hours on end. It was a pleasure to hear him. I'll get the other suitcase. The air is wonderful here. Look how those fields have been neglected. There's a lot to be done here, and nobody to boss me around. We won't have time to get bored. Aren't you happy? I don't know. I wish I hadn't come. Look. It's huge! Good. There'll be room for all of us. How many floors? Two. Are there many windows? Lots, and balconies too, and two huge towers. Then it's quite a house. - Did you fix the windows? - Yes, and I've set out blankets. Show them their accommodations. She has a heart of gold. Yes, but she's a little nutty. Men and women will sleep in separate dormitories, but we'll eat together. Tomorrow we'll find you some better clothes. Viridiana. - Jorge? - Yes, Don Jaime's son. The lawyer told me you were coming. This is Luca. You'll like her. - What's your name? - Don't touch me! You can sleep with the chickens! Keep moving. Stick your nose where it doesn't belong and you'll hear from me. We may be poor, but we have our dignity, brother. Don't "brother" me. There's no scum in my family. Even the servants put on airs here. I'll punch your face in! - What's going on? - This louse is looking for trouble. - You're the louse! - Don't talk like that. I've had it with all this piety. - That'll teach you manners. - Blind freak! Stop! Stop fighting and go inside. Moncho, show them the way. No. You stay here. What have I done to deserve your insults? I'm just fed up. If you stay, you'll have to learn some discipline, and some humility with the others. Then I'd sooner leave. Can you spare some change? Only because I'm poor, otherwise-- - You must be tired. - I've never walked so much in my life. I feel refreshed now. - Let me do that, miss. - I've spoiled him. You can take this away, Ramona. - Supper is ready whenever you like. - Let's have it now. What's wrong? - Nothing. - Why the scowl? - Viridiana gets on my nerves. - She's crazy. - Not crazy. Rotten with piety. Let her be. She's not bothering us. Know what I think? You're annoyed because she takes no notice of you. That's all we needed! Where were you looking? Look what you've done! Get something to clean it up with. I don't know what's wrong with her. She's more stupid by the day. Anyway... I think I'll have some more beans. - Give me a tomato. - Pass me some bread. Here you go. As I was saying, before I was afflicted, I used to sell pigs. I was honest as my blessed mother. Didn't he come from an orphanage? - I'll bash your teeth in! - Don't listen to the little devil. Hey, Amalio. Zequiel was asking me yesterday what happens when you get an itch. How do you find the place to scratch? Tell Zequiel that when I get an itch, I'll get his mother to scratch it for me. Shut up and eat. Watch it, Amalio. I've got my eye on you. Good evening. Come in. There's a seat for you and one for you. These are your new companions. I expect you must be hungry. May God reward you. Did you enjoy your meal? I don't mean to criticize our benefactress, but may I say the beans were a bit acidic? - What's that mean? - Sour. Pay no attention to him. They're delicious. If Don Zequiel says it, it must be true. We'll remedy that tomorrow. Now for good news. Starting tomorrow, everyone will have work. Don't worry. It will all be according to your interests and abilities. It's just to occupy you and give you some exercise. I'm good in the kitchen, especially with roasts and custards. I cooked for last year's festival. - Very good. I made a chorizo dish that they're still talking about. Very good. You can help me with the accounts. I can paint religious pictures. I used to know how to write, but with this handicap, I've forgotten how. I used to weave, but with this rheumatism, not anymore. - What about you, Manuel? - I'm only fit to be laughed at. There'll be laughter here, but I'll see no one laughs at you. I'm a good gardener. The priest will tell you. Then there'll be plenty for you to do here. Look at that! It's disgusting! Let me see. - He's a leper! - Throw him out! He'll infect us all. Let me see. They're varicose veins. I haven't been able to have them looked after. - It's not contagious? - The hospital said no. Don't listen to him, miss. I know all about him. It isn't leprosy! I'll take you to the doctor tomorrow. Sit down and eat. I don't think it's leprosy. Care for him like a sick brother. Be compassionate. Now finish your meal, and then off to bed. Everyone in bed by 8:00. Show our new companions where to sleep. Good night, everyone. You, out. Clear out or I'll slit your belly. It's not your place. The lady said I could stay. Stab him if he doesn't go! Calm down. If anyone's hurt, we'll all be thrown out. Throw that trash out! All right, I'll go. You got your way for now, but I'm still sleeping on the farm. Give me something for the morning. - I'll come see you tonight. - No, the kids sleep with me. - Let Refugio look after them. - They'll start crying. Besides, there's another woman now. Then I'll grab you in the fields tomorrow. Pass the salt. Who's there? You startled me. Is something wrong? Isn't it time we had a talk? Is it so urgent? If not now, it'll never happen. If you're not with your paupers or praying, you disappear. What's it about? First, the house. I want electricity. Electric poles stand 50 yards away, yet it's like the Middle Ages here. And I want to make some other renovations. Then there's the land. It mustn't lie idle. - I don't know a thing about that. - But you have a say. Do what you think best. Is that all? - No, there's much more. It's ridiculous for us to live so close together and yet know nothing about each other. What do you really know about me? You worked in an architect's office. And how about what my mother and I went through? Well, well. If Father had taken better care of us, I'd be an architect now. How can you live like this and spend so much time alone? I'm not like you. You have your wife. She's not my wife. I don't need anyone's blessing to live with a woman. I can see that you-- Well, I'd better go. If you must come again, knock first, and wait until I tell you to come in. Her face is yellow to show she's ill. - Finish already. I'm all stiff. - It's almost done. I don't like sitting still for so long. No, you're the type to wiggle around. - She looks like a squash. - Don't mind him. It's very good. I don't like being the Virgin. I can imagine! Miss, would you pose for the Virgin? Me? Then she'll turn out really beautiful. It'll just take a minute. This is for a lady who was cured of the fever. The Virgin smiled on her. You seem very devoted to Our Lady. I'm no saint, but everyone has his own beliefs. And with my affliction and all, if I didn't have faith-- - Did you sleep well, miss? - Very well, Refugio. A blessed morning. - When is your baby due? - Why? To let the doctor know. I think in about four months, but I can't be sure. She's not so sure about the father either. It was dark and she couldn't see his face. Shut up! You don't have to tell everyone! Quiet! That's no way to speak before our blessed protectress. I'm so sorry for you. Do you have other children? No, this is my first. Excuse me. - We're off to the village. - By God's leave, and yours. I need potatoes, bacon and rice. Here. And come back on time today. Could you bring back some tobacco? Smoking's no good for him, and he spits all over. Only when I smoke cigarette butts. As for your vices, I can't mention them in front of the lady. That's enough. Buy tobacco and I'll distribute it. Miss, come see the painting. Go on now. It's very good. - She's still missing one eye. - But I like it. - How many feet? - Fifty. Fifty by 23, right? Thanks for the lift, my friend. Sure, anytime. Hey, this dog's exhausted. Why not let him ride in the cart? The cart's only for people. At least untie him. He'll follow you. What if he gets run over? I'll buy him from you. He's good at hunting rabbits. He knows he'll starve if he doesn't hunt. How much? I didn't plan on selling him, but pay me whatever you like. Untie him. Thanks, and good-bye. Drive on. Remember: The less he eats, the better he hunts. - What's his name? - Canelo. Easy, boy. Come here, Canelo. Easy, Canelo. What will you plant here? After lying fallow so long, this soil could produce anything. This land is meant for wheat. We used to grow corn above the orchard. - And in the orchard itself? - That's good soil. A miraculous appearance! Did you come to inspect the work? You know I don't know a thing about it. The best thing my father left me was the land. It will really show results. If you helped me, this place would take shape in no time. What are you doing here? Beat it! Leave him alone. You won't do much with these people. Those days have gone. You should let me kick them all out. - They annoy you that much? - Frankly, yes. Especially for your sake. Helping a few beggars does nothing for the thousands of others. I'm well aware how little I can do. I'd like to create a shelter -- with your consent-- where they can find a roof, some food and a little human warmth. - Will that be your life's work? - I'm not sure. I'm only now recovering from a recent shock. I may return to the convent one day. We told you to clear out! Make me, coward! Why do they shout at him? Do they have no feelings? I don't know. Ask him yourself. Those devils have tied a can to him so they'll know when he's coming. Why are you here? I told you where you could walk. It's a lovely day, so I just kept walking. How are you today? Have a seat. A little better, I think. Let's see your arm. You heard the doctor: It should have been treated earlier. But with God's help, you'll be cured one day. It's God's punishment, because I lay with a woman one windy day, and I've had this ever since. You're the first good woman I've ever met. - Are your parents alive? - What good are they? - Don't say that. - Fine, but still-- Pay no attention to him. He's no good. He wants you to catch it too. At church he puts his arm in the holy water, and I've heard he says, "May every goddamned woman get what I have!" The priest won't let him in. - He's a liar! - Calm down. He's making it all up. You can ask the priest. That will do! Go and join the others. We need a cure for that temper of yours as well. This must have been my grandfather's. Wake me up early tomorrow. - What for? - To start my usual work earlier. Nice knife. My, my. You're happy, aren't you? Any reason I shouldn't be? You, on the other hand-- I'm bored, alone all day with nothing to do. In a house like this there's always plenty to do. Listen to this. Listen. What do you think? I think your cousin is more to your taste. She's not my cousin. Whatever she is, you like her. I knew I shouldn't have come. Perhaps I should leave... and soon. We can talk about that some other time. How the devil do you wind this thing up? I think I'd best leave tomorrow. Don't talk nonsense. Why run from something that might not even happen? So you do like her. Such is life. It brings some people together and pulls others apart. What can we do about it? Don't cry, Luca. Come on, stop crying. What an idea! Where could my father have found this? Ramn, wait. Is there time for another trip? - No, it's nearly 6:00. Finish up quickly, boys, and let's go. When are you leaving? - Tonight. I'll be back tomorrow or the next day. Time for the Angelus. The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. And she conceived by the Holy Ghost. Hail Mary, full of grace. And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners-- Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to-- Blessed art thou among women... Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. ...was made flesh. ...among us. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women... Pray for us sinners... Pray for us, O holy mother of God. ...the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. - Good-bye. - Bye. See you tomorrow. Will they work on our part of the building too? Don't worry. You won't be disturbed. Don't forget your meeting with the lawyer. The car will come by in the morning. I'll be ready. - You plan to stay long in the farmyard? - Yes. Why? If you'd like, you can move back into the big house. Now that I'm alone, I can stay anywhere. - What about your girlfriend? - She's gone. Isn't she coming back? Why? Why does a man leave a woman? If you don't know, I won't explain. A pious woman like you with no blood in her veins might be shocked. - So you still want to leave, Moncho? - Yes, miss. There's nothing I can do to make you stay? You don't like my paupers, do you? Where will you go? - He'll stay with me. If that's what you want... but I'm sorry you're leaving. Thank you for everything, Moncho. God be with you. Of course. Here's the rest of the furniture. Look at this mess. Father must have been a character. I don't think he ever came up here. - What's in here? - Old curtains. There're probably rats in here. Let me ask you something. In the seven years you worked for my father, did he ever mention me? I don't remember. But I'm sure he loved you. Why? If not, you wouldn't be here. These chairs aren't bad. With some new fabric and a little varnish, they'll be fine. What are those sacks doing here? - I don't know. They've always been there. How stupid. It's plaster. It's still usable. And these others? Sand. Tell the foreman to get these out of here tomorrow. What's the matter, woman? Why are you staring at me like that? You know, Ramona, if you fixed yourself up a bit, you could even be pretty. Nice small teeth. Full lips. What more do you want? Let's sit down for a minute. - Shall we go? - Don Jorge will be at the lawyer's at 4:00. Very well. I leave them in your trusted care. See that they behave. Don't worry. I'll keep them under control. Do you want anything? A flute, perhaps. I'd like to study music. They're going to hurt me. You'll just have to bear it. Let's go. Have a nice trip, miss. Get in. Shut up! Those brats are a nuisance. - Should I kill them? - With their future -- - They'd be better off dead. Put her in the sun with her sister. They're gone. Let's kill a couple of lambs and roast them. What do you say? - All right, if it's not disrespectful. - What would Viridiana say? - She'll never know. If you say so. But a roast like that takes four hours. We're not in any hurry. Didn't you say you can make custard too? Hear that? Get some eggs and milk. I'll see to the lambs. Relax. We're on our own now. - What of it? - Why bother to work? Hush! You're one of those troublemakers. The lady left me in charge. There'll be no fooling around. I'm talking to you! Old coot. Who said I was making trouble? Zequiel, Refugio, come here. Damned women! How did you get in? - Through a window. - Where are you going? - Come on, Zequiel. I've been inside before. There are some lovely things. If it's just to look... but don't touch anything. Little dove, are you hurt? What's your name? My little dove. Take that! - Beat it! - I'll make you a eunuch! I hope you all get what I've got, you swine! The lady who looks like our Miss Viridiana was the wife of the man who hanged himself. Imagine hanging yourself with that kind of dough. He must have had asthma. These rich guys all have asthma. Look at this stuff! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! - What a snazzy tablecloth! - Let's spread it out. That must have cost a good thousand. More like 10,000. Can't you see it's French lace? - Put it away now. Shut up and smoke. We're doing no harm. You're smoking the man's tobacco, and that's worse. Zequiel is right. If they come back and catch us, God have mercy on us. The driver said they'll be back tomorrow. To die without ever eating off such wonderful linens! Don Zequiel, come on. For good luck. Don't worry. We'll leave everything spic-and-span before they get back. Pass that over here. Go on with your story. I can't talk over all this ruckus. Riddle me this: What bird-- Shut up and let him talk! - Tell us, Amalio. - Silence! Two of us went begging at high-class churches. The girls passing by smelled so sweet you could almost feel them. Figure that: You could smell them but not touch them. Why did you split up? Shut up, you! Somebody else ask me. - Tell me. 'Cause the deaf fellow started robbing offertory boxes. How did you know? I heard coins in his pockets, and we'd received nothing that day. Know what I did? I told the police. Because he didn't give you a cut, you rat! The judges thanked me. One of them even said I was-- What was the word? A squealer -- that's what I'd call you. He called me civic-spirited, for your information. I threw it in the well The carnation you gave me I threw it in the well I don't want carnations from any young man All the time I had it It weighed on my heart To your health and that of this wonderful gathering. Shut up, you little brat! You gonna shut up, or am I gonna shut you up? Who do you think you are? Why do you have to yell like that? Leave my girls alone! We can't hear ourselves talk. I ought to bust your head in. Don't touch me or I'll get your scabies, you pig! Stop it! Let me go! Calm down, Enedina! She's not worth bothering about. Let's not forget our manners! You stay where you were. My custard! Get out of there, thief! I won't forget your kindness. You'll see! Let me go! - Enedina. - What do you want? Now? Enedina's going to take our picture for a souvenir. - With what camera? - One my parents gave me. Everyone over there. I won't take it unless you all sit still. When I say "freeze," don't anybody move. Come on, hurry up. Amalio, tilt your hat back. Refugio, pull your hair back. I can't see your face. Riddle me this: What bird lays eggs in a barn? A chicken. Sit still! Don't move! Tables aren't for sleeping on. Eat your custard. It's really yummy. You're so right, Enedina. Little dove of the south. Enedina, come here, woman. Have a drink. Look at this, Enedina. Down here. - What is it? What? - You have to get closer. Look, Zequiel. Isn't it shameful? Let me go! Let me go! Let 'em scuffle. They can make up and be friends later. Look what they did to you, Don Zequiel! - Don Amalio. - What is it? - Enedina and Paco. - What about them? They're picking posies behind the sofa. - Which sofa? - The one over there. - Take me there. - I've gone too far. Come on, take me. Where are you, you dog? Take me there. I'll kill him! Now he's spoiled the party. How will we ever clean up this mess? Holy Mother of God! Let's go. There's going to be terrible trouble. Let's make sure we're seen in the village tonight. If Amalio were my husband, he'd be entitled. But as things are? You're right. And the way he treats you! It's every man for himself now. Let's go. Good evening. He's feeling a bit ill. Good night, Don Jorge. We were just on our way out. Let's get out of here. Weren't you supposed to be back tomorrow? I didn't want to, but they made me. Go on! Get out of here! Blessed are they who gave shelter to a helpless blind man. May God reward them. Didn't you hear me? Come out. Get out of here. Don't be angry, sir. I won't hurt you. I got him, comrade! My God! What have you done? - He asked for it. - But why? Don't cry over him. If you've lost one man, another will console you. Jos, stop him! Don't worry, miss. We're all decent folk. We have to alert them in the village. They'll catch 'em right away. Get in, Rita. Just relax. It's gotta happen sometime. Ramona, help! Come here! I might get a turn when he's done. Come here! Help me and you'll be a rich man. Me, a rich man? Come on now. - There's lots of money in the house. - Where? You needn't untie me if you're afraid. Just kill him and the money's yours. - Where is it? - Kill him and I'll tell you. It's thousands of pesetas. Kill him, you idiot! Kill him! That'll teach you to bully me! Where's the money? In this cabinet. It's not locked. The top shelf. Under the linen. Up there. Let's go. I want a switch here and a socket down there. Are you over the shock? And another socket here for two floor lamps. Where are the towels? Who could that be? Where are you going? Wait. Come in. Is something wrong? You want to speak to me? What can I do for you? Come in. I must say I wasn't expecting you. We were playing cards. Don't be surprised. You have to find some way to pass the long evenings here. Have a seat. Don't go, Ramona. Come. The lady won't mind if you stay. She isn't proud. You know how to play? Sit down. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You sit down too. All cats are gray by night. You like this popular music, Viridiana? Cut the cards. Like this. You know, the first time I saw you, I thought, "My cousin and I will end up shuffling the deck together."

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Julio Alejandro

Julio Alejandro (1906 – 1995) was a Spanish screenwriter. He wrote for 80 films between 1951 and 1984. He wrote for the film Ash Wednesday, which was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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