The Unbelievable Truth

Synopsis: After serving time for murder, Josh Hutton returns to his home town where me meets Audry Hugo. No one can remember exactly what Josh did, but they are all wary of him, especially Audry's father.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director(s): Hal Hartley
Production: Trimark
  2 nominations.
Rotten Tomatoes:
90 min

1 The Unbelievable Truth Excuse me , but ... Are you a priest No. I'm a mechanic Where're you headed ? Home. Where're you coming from ? Prison. - Where're you headed ? - Long Island. I ain't going that far. New York Get in.make quick though I'm beat You wanna drive? I don't drive. What do you mean you don't drive ? I don't have a license. Were you a priest or something? I'm a mechanic. Yeah , that's what I thought. So how 'bout it? How 'bout what? Do you wanna drive ? I don't drive. I don't drink. - Where were you last night? - Out. - Where! - Walking. Audrey , The high school called again yesterday. Oh , yeah. I forgot to go to school yesterday. Sorry. Honey , you haven't gone to school all week. How do you forget to go to school! Pass the sugar, please. If you keep this up you won't get accepted by any college in the country I don't want to go to college anyway. Don't start, Audry! But, Audry, I thought you wanted to be a journalist; A TV anchor woman like that lady on the six o'clock news? Why are you two so concerned about my college education? The world is gonna blow up anyday now anyway. It's hopeless. Give my college money to the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament Bunch of goddamn anarchists filling your head with left-wing nonsense! Ofcourse you are gonna go to college.You're gonna go if I gotta drag you there myself! A person hasn't gotta chance in the world without a college education! I got accepted. That's great honey! Congratulations! Here, look, Vic! Harvard! - It's a college. - It's expensive ! You can't put a price tag on a thing like that, Vic. You can put a price tag on anything, Liz! Didn't you apply anywhere else? No I'm gonna be paying for this the rest of my life. Victor, aren't you proud of her? I'm not going anyway. We'll all be lucky if we're alive in September. Shut up, of course you are going to college It says right here in the paper that the present work force between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five is the most highly educated and highest paid in American history. That's what you have to contend with. But, Dad, history is coming to an end. - What's she talking about? - The End of the world. By the way, Vic, the washing machine is busted. Audry, the world's not gonna come to an end When there are so many people making so much money. - What's this about the washing machine? - It's busted. We just bought the damn thing. What's wrong with it? It just shoots water all over the place. Mom, You got any valium? Hold it a minute! I wanna talk about this Harvard thing. - Dad, I'm going to be late for school. - Bullshit! Vic! I hope you're saving the money you making at Burger World. I quit. But, Honey, didn't you like working at Burger World? Let us consider some of the possible ways a person might die in a nuclear attack He might be incinerated instantly by the fireball or the thermal pulse He might be crushed to death by the blast wave. He might receive lethal radiation poisoning from the local fall-out He might die of starvation because the economy had collapsed and no food was being grown He might die of cold, for lack of heat or clothing , or of exposure, for lack of shelter He might be killed by people seeking food or shelter which he had obtained. He might be killed by exposure to the sun, because the damaged ozone layer was no longer filtering out ultra-violet rays... What's with the suit, Emmet? - I just got it. You like it? - I think it's gross. I like it. I told my parents I quit my job at Burger World. You know, things are really looking up for me, Audry. The school psychologist says I'm apathetic. The whole world out there in front of me and I'm ready for it. I told him about the holes in the ozone layer and he said he didn't believe me. A guy like me can go far and that's exactly what I plan to do. Thousands of people across eastern Europe still experiencing lung complications because of Chernobyl and he's telling me how these should be the happiest years of my life. I'm going to take this world in my teeth, chew it up, and spit it back out again. Emmet, we're on the brink of global extinction. The wheels of fortune are rolling in my direction. Every night I go to bed dreaming about suicide. Then I feel ashamed and cry myself to sleep. And my friends all like you a lot. and my parents do too. Emmet, you're not even listening to me. Oh, I am so And I'll tell you quite frankly, Audry, I'm worried About what? - About you. - Why? Well, because lately you seem so... you know, apathetic. Emmet, you're a dick. Oh, come on, Audry, don't be sore! I mean it. I'm worried. You don't even listen to me when I'm talking! I do so! And you've been talking like a Crazy person lately. Everybody says so. And Audry, look what you're wearing! - Look what you're wearing! - Hey! This costs a 185$ ! Congratulations! Listen, Audry, I know you've been a little mixed up lately. I'm not mixed up. I'm depressed. Whatever... What ?! Listen. I don't hear anything. Bombs Listen Audrey what I'm trying to tell you is that I don't wanna lose you. You've never had me, you idiot. What do you mean ? I don't know. Emmet I don't want to go out with you any more. You disgust me ! You mean... You mean you ... I don't want you. But Audrey ... Sorry. MEANWHILE How are you, Pearl? Excuse me for seeming so forward but, you know, you're really quite attractive. No really, I mean it You see, I'm a photographer. Have you ever thought getting into modeling? Sh*t. - What happened ? - She passed out. Pearl! Pearl! - What happened ? - You passed out. This guy here brought you in. - Hello, Josh. - Hello. - You're late - Sorry. I gotta go. See ya tomorrow. Thanks. Sure. How do you like your eggs? It's belong to you? Pearl!What do you say? - Marry me! - No ! Hey, Emmet! Emmet? Emmet,what's the matter? Emmet, you look like sh*t. She doesn't want me. - Who doesn't want you? - Audrey. Jesus, Emmet, is that all? Is that all? Audry is my entire life! - Relax! - I'll never love anybody else. Ever I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so serious. - Get in the goddamn car. - No ! - Emmet, you're over-reacting - What's the point! What's a man without the woman he loves! He's nothing! A hollow shell! Oh, f***, Emmet. She's in love with somebody else! Come on, ease up. She's going through a phase. She's a girl, Emmet. You know how girls are. She's sleeping with some guy who's gotta bigger cock, I know it. That's my f***ing daughter you're talking about, a**hole! But she's a girl! You said so yourself! There's a difference between a girl and a slut! All girls are sluts! - Have you and Audry been having sex? - Of course we have! You bastard. I trusted you! Get real, Mr Hugo! This is 1988 Audrey and me have been having sex since we are fifteen - You're lying! - It's the truth! I'm warning you, you little peckerhead You stay away from Audrey or I'll break your goddamn neck! Mr Hugo, I wouldn't dirty my hands on that promiscuous little b*tch if you gave me money to do it! - Hi ! - Hello. Can I help you find something? I'm looking for a book about Washington. - George Washington,The President. - The first president. Right There aren't any. - At all ? - Here Right You need new shoes. Do you work here? I happen to be a big fan of George Washington myself. - Really ? - He represents a lot of things I admire For Instance He's singular. One. One dollar bill And just look at the guy; he's not very attractive But he's got dignity. And he was a farmer I can't help thinking that he were alive today, doing the job he did then, leading that particular revolution, he'd be locked up Or worse. All of them Franklin. Payne, Jefferson.They'd be executed. Well, maybe not executed. Don't put it past people. I don't trust anyone. So, What do you do? I'm a mechanic. - You work around here? - I don't work anywhere, just yet - Do you need a job? - Yeah Go to this place... - Hi Vic. - What's that still doing here? Man, Vic, this car is really twisted. This was supposed to be done by Wednesday. - Tuesday ! - What's wrong with it? Got me. I thought I fixed it the last time. - Last time? - Yeah,He had it in here last month. What you're saying is that we didn't do the job right the first time. - You got it, chief. - Jesus Christ Mike! - Gee, Vic, is something bothering you? - Well, what did you do to it last time? Hey, back off, I didn't do nothing to it all right Yeah? Can I help you? I'm a mechanic. I'm looking for work. No. No work here. Sorry. Hey You know anything about foreign cars? -What's wrong with it? - Clutch, I think. Worn out? Could be. It Sticks real bad. Two hours. What? I can fix it in two hours. You're a priest or something? What are you still doing here? I told you I ain't hiring He says he'll fix this beast in two hours.. Where'd you work before? Upstate New York. Upstate New York where? - Ossining. - Where in Ossining? In prison. I fixed cars in prison - So what do you think? - It's him. I'm sure it's him It's been a long time. I wasn't so sure before, but now I'm positive We gotta f***ing mass murderer in the garage. - He's not a mass murderer! - That's what I heard! Mike, you're so f***ing simple! Look , I heard That him and the girl shot her parents Then went on the road and then he shot her too. If he killed all those people he'd be in prison for life! Well, that's what I heard. Don't Pearl know what happened? Pearl doesn't talk about it. Well, What happened, as far as I know,he killed the father Because Something like the girl wanted him to. And then she flipped out and killed herself. What about the mother? I never heard anything about the mother. What's he doing now? He's fixing the goddamn Mercedes, you knucklehead!Why aren't you helping him? He just needed me for the beginning part. You should see 'im work, Vic. F***ing amazing. Knows exactly what he's doing. Doesn't hardly make a sound. - Yeah ? - Yeah. - He's good? - Oh, So good. Come on. Thanks. So what brings you back to town, Josh? It's the only place I know. outside of prison. Are your family's all gone? ain't they? The house is still there How long have you been out? Two days. What are you going to do now? I'm gonna find myself a job. Hold on. - Look, I can't pay you much. -I don't need much. Yeah, well ... I can start right away. There's some coveralls back there in the office. What's this? What kinda question is that? Just asking. It's Fish. Really ? - Look, you said the special, right. - OK! OK! It's fine. Listen .. guys probably say this to you all the time But you ever been a model? What? I can swear I saw you in a magazine or an ad or something... What are you tryin' to pull? You don't have money to pay for this?Do ya? Of course I do! I'm a professional photographer.Here's my camera. You're a photographer , huh? Eddie!We have some kinda troublemaker up here! No! No! Look! I'll pay.I'll pay So are you sure it's him? It's him. Josh Hutton. Came back to town. Ain't you scared to be working with 'im? Sometimes he gets this real strange glint in his eye.. Like he's remembering something really horrible - Oh man, I'd be terrified - What did he do? He raped and killed Pearl older sister and then shot her father and ... We never found the mother. - He did not! - He did so! Him and Pearl's sister had a deal, She wanted to kill her father, but she couldn't do it herself So she got Josh to do it. - Why did she want to kill her father? - I don't know. There was probably some sick, incestuous relationship going on and It was driving her crazy. Oh, gross! Maybe, because she killed herself afterward The girl killed herself first. How do you know about it? She killed herself because her old man wouldn't let her marry Josh Hutton Josh then went out after the old man and shoots him. Then he goes back and kill his own goddamn father! Bullshit! That don't sound right at all. - Hey! Watch your mouth, kid! - I'm not a kid - Oh no, prove it! Nice Josh shot his own father too? Well, doesn't Pearl know anything about this? Pearl don't talk about it. And I'm warning you right now kid, don't even ask her. Don't call me kid! You know, that's why Pearl's the way she is. She was just a little kid It's Messed her up good There's nothin' wrong with Pearl! You got it all fouled up! Mr Hugo is crazy hiring a guy like that. Why? He's a good mechanic. He was so nice to Pearl though. Carried her right in off the highway. I don't believe the criminal element can ever be completely rehabilitated. Really, If you hurry, I think you can catch Romper Room. The life of George Washington. Father of our country. Thanks - What's this one? - The Misanthrope. Molire. It's a play. - What's a misanthrope? - Somebody who doesn't like people. I star in it. I mean, in class. We read it in class Are you the misanthrope? No. I wanted to be,But they wouldn't let me play a man.So,instead,I play flirt. Is it an interesting role? Being a flirt? Sometimes. But the thing about flirting is that it leads to harder things. Is that bad? No. It isn't bad. It turns out pretty badly for the woman I play. What happens? - She can't stop flirting. - Ever? It's just the way some people are. She flirts herself to death. It's a sad play. Well, she doesn't die actually. It's just that the only man who really loves her has impossible standards. That's too bad. Yeah, it is Does it have happy ending? Nobody gets what they want and they all go away frustrated and sad. A tragedy... Audrey! What are you doing here? What ? - You know what ! - What ? What the hell happened between you and Emmet! I'm driving to work this morning and I see the kid Standing in the middle of the road immobilized by grief Emmet wears boxer shorts with dollar signs all over them. I don't wanna hear about Emmet's goddamn underwear! What are you so dreamy about! The world's gonna end tomorrow, remember! Right now it's today. It's not tomorrow. Audrey, Did you go to school today? No. Listen , Audrey. I've been thinking about this Harvard thing. Let's ... Let's make a Deal. A what ? A deal If I give $ 1,000 to this nuke-head commie charity organization of yours, will you forget about Harvard and go to the community college? Are you serious ? Yeah, I'm serious. I don't want to go to college. Any college. Will you just give it a try? - Would I have to study communications? - What else would you study? Literature Literature! What the hell are you gonna do with literature? Read ! I don't know. Would this be a yearly arrangement? Or would I be obligated to a full four years in return for the one donation? - That would depend. - On what ? On how well you do the first year. A thousand a year if I pass all my classes. If your grade-point average is high. - Medium. - High Only for literature. I won't do that for communications. No. Communications or nothing. OK, but I have the option to drop out after the first year. Only if your grade-point average is high. - You have to write the check today. - Five hundred now and the remainder at the end of the first semester. It's only fair, Audry. Normal business procedure. - Okay. - Then it's a deal? Yeah, sure Come to my father's birthday party tonight Assets. Any kind of assets.You gotta have 'em. The whole f***ing country's run on credit. I hate that. Yeah, But it works out for guys like you and me, though. I don't trust that speculation crap. I like to see money. I like to lay my hands on it. But you've gotta be leveraged. - What ? - Leveraged - You look wonderfull in that dress. - Really ? - Beautiful. - Great. So who are you waiting for? No one. Audry. Come over here a minute. Audry, I want you to meet Mr Todd Whitbred We know each other for years and years ago Todd here, he's a commercial photographer. So, Todd, tell audry what we were talking about. Listen to this, Audry. Well, like your father was saying Audry, I'm a commercial photographer. I do mostly do christenings and weddings, that kinda thing but I gotta couple a' spreads in couple of magazines Any way, like I was telling your father here you know ... you really got a look. See, you have what they call poise A real presence Poise. That's what you have. Poise. And that's a valuable thing. Oh, everybody thinks so. And in my professional opinion, I think, you could, if you wanted to be a...a model Dad, what's he getting at? - He's talking about work, Audry. - There's a lotta money in modeling. Especially for a girl like you who's got great... poise. What Todd's trying to say Audry is that maybe you can be a model. But I'm going to college... Ofcourse you're goin' to college! But maybe you can make some money and help help pay for college. If I wasn't going to college, I'd be a carpenter. - Since when ? - Since Always Jesus was a carpenter. He was a radical. I like radicals. Audry, knock it off. Dad if I'm gonna have to help pay for college then I'm going to study literature. - That wasn't the deal. - Well, the deal's different now. - What 'bout the charity donation? - Still holds. You drive a hard bargain, Audry. You can make a lotta money fast if you make the right connections. There, Audry, see. Oh, yeah? How do you make these connections? - First you need a portfolio. - A what? Portfolio. It's French. It's a bunch of shots of Audry here With the different outfits, different make-up,different hairstyles - To show her off, as a model. - Where the hell am I get one of those? Well It's up to you but I give you a good deal on the shots myself And I can also introduce Audry around. Help her make some connections. How much? Well, it's hard to say right off the bat, but... $ 750? - What ? - $ 650! For photographs? It's a necessary and important investment in a modeling career. But I hardly know you! How'd you get in here? What are you doing here? I deserve some kind of an explanation I mean, really, after all we've been through What have we been through? Well, everything. It's another guy,right? Did you really have a fight with my father? It's Bill,isn't it? Emmet, please I knew it. - You said 550? - 650. I don't know. Look Mr Hugo you can make a lot of money of this girl She's a good-lookin' kid. Trust me You get her in this modeling thing and You'll make your money back in no time. 600 ornothing. It's a deal. It all just seems so empty to me. What does ? Everything does The house. These clothes. Party What was that? Excuse me? You said something! - Yeah, I said something, so What's it to you? Well I'm not so sure I like what you said. - You don't even know what I said! - Oh, yes I do. - I don't know. Does he? - Got me. - What did I say? - I don't care what you said! I think it's about time you guys left this party. - We just got here! - Look, pal, what's your problem? - Listen you wanna go outside? - No, I don't I think you and I better go outside and settle this thing. What thing? - Look, pal, you're buggin' me! - No, you're buggin' me! - Come on, let's get outta here - No way! We ain't done nothing! - You guys are making trouble, man! - I ain't starting anything! - You wanna go outside? - Yeah! You wanna go outside? Yeah, I wanna go outside Come on, out! Let's go outside and finish this thing once and for all! OK. Wait a minute Ready ? Go! Pearl Let's get out of here. Okay. - There. - What is it ? - Do you hear it? - Bombs? - Could be - Nearby? No. They wouldn't drop the bomb on the weekend, would they? Who knows ? Could be some freak accident happens and BOOM!!! History of human endeavor is flushed down the toilet. It makes you think. You know, Who would do something like that? Could be anybody. Everybody's got nuclear capability now. Even the Pakistanis they've got this bomb - a nuclear bomb - that fits inside a suitcase. I don't want to think about it. No. Let's not think about it right now. Let's just lie here. Pearl , Do you like older men? Occasionally. - I met a man yesterday. - An older man ? I think so. He looks older. he was older than me. What was he like? He had a history. You could tell just by looking at him. Be careful of men with histories. He was poor He was hungry He had no possessions. He had no place even to live And he was like entirely dressed in black. Who is it? His name is Joshua, Joshua Hutton. Pearl, what is it? I have to go now - Pearl? - No really I have to work later this afternoon and I really need to get some sleep. Bye. F***ing cowards Emmet! What happened ? Audrey, is that you? Knock it off! Tell me what happened? I kicked ass. But why ? Well because I love you, Audrey. That's too bad, Emmet. Mom, what do you know about Josh Hutton? Josh Hutton. What do you want to know about Josh Hutton? Dad just hired him. - Really ? - Yeah. What do you know about him? Well... He killed some people. Who did he kill? Pearl's sister. When was this ? This was a few years before he killed her father. I don't remember any of this. It was a long time ago. You were only two And Pearl never talks about it. He seems like a nice man. You think so? I mean, after he's killed your sister and your father. Things happen. People make mistakes I can see how your sister was a mistake. But... he threw your father down a flight of stairs. I think... I think he seems like a nice man. And you like him. Right? He doesn't seem like a killer. Maybe he isn't. I mean He hasn't killed anybody recently,has he? I don't think so. I knew he had a history Fundamental scientific laws govern the ability of an engine to convert energy in the fuel to an energy form that can make a car move. Scientific principles, huh? Yeah. It's what they call the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Where'd you learn all this stuff? In prison. I read this book. Why'd you kill Pearl's father? I suppose I was pretty angry You suppose? I mean, don't you know? Christ, you killed a man. Neither of us wanted to kill each other when we started.We just kinda lost control. Why'd you go over to his place, anyway? Wanted to apologize to him for killing his daughter And you threw him down a flight of stairs. Yeah , Something like that. Why'd you run? I was scared It sounds like it was an accident Killing a man is killing a man. Yeah, I guess so How is Pearl anyway? She's OK She's a difficult woman. How 'bout you? You gotta main squeeze? No. Ever? No. Ouch. The first thing you notice about having a girlfriend... You know,right off the bat, when you start staying over her house and everything Is you start cleaning yourself a lot better - Really ? - Yeah,no sh*t You just start paying more attention to everything Like,I don't know,cleaning your teeth before you go to bed And worrying about washing your back Your back ? Yeah your f***ing back Right down the middle.It's almost impossible to do Who the hell thinks about it anyway. Girls do, I guess I suppose it must get kinda dirty down there.With all that sweat and everything But you never see the goddamn thing. Underwear. Suddenly I'm buying underwear Must be really different when somebody seeing you without your clothes on all the time. Yeah, Damn straight! So how do you stand this celibacy sh*t? How does anybody stand anything? Being in prison for all those years helps. But didn't you get any before the crash? My friends were always making fun of me So one night I took Pearl's sister to the movies I was determined I knew she liked me and she was as pretty as Pearl is Anyway... we drove to the movie, and we kissed and all that Then I picked up 6 pack of beer, Then drove out to this place that I knew. You sure you don't want a beer? Aren't you curious? - Are not you curious? - Most of the time. But,see I killed a man I never thought I'd be able to do that. I mean... When you've done something unimaginable When you've done it even before you ever thought about it When you see how easy it is ... Then everything is put into this new perspective Suddenly things you thought were the most important things in the world are no more significant than anything else. Because, you've done the unimaginable. You've done what you thought was impossible. And then you see ... you see that you can do anything. You ain't a homo, are you? No. I mean, I don't have anything against guys liking other guys as long as they don't like me - You know what I'm saying? - Sure -I thought I was a homo once. - Really ? - Yeah. F***ing unbelievable. - What happened? I joined the Marines. They straightened my sh*t right out. See my tattoo? My, Audry, you look so elegant in this one! You should've seen some of the awful clothes they had there. Well, I like this one. Oh, yeah, that one's allright. Kinda tight, though. It shows off your breasts well Will you two shut up! I think Mr Whitbred did a really nice job. Very professional.. He better have. I paid seven hundred and fifty bucks for those Audry! Don't get your dirty hands all over 'em! They are clean! Wow! Audry, you really do have some figure. Mom, cut it out. Don't be silly, Audry. Flaunt it while you have it. I'm just about losing mine. - You look OK. - Liar. You look great. Don't she, Dad? Look. Can't you two see I'm trying to eat! Mom, straighten your back. I learned this today. What, like this? After a while Look, right here - in the raincoat with the umbrella. - Holy sh*t! Look at that! Ain't that something? Audry right there in the goddamn newspaper. She made five hundred bucks for one day's work. - No sh*t? - Damn straight. Hey, Josh, look at this! You know Vic's daughter,Audry, right? Pretty girl Right. OK, let's get back to work.Josh You almost through with that Mustang? Just gotta set the points on in and then I get started on the Firebird. -Right,let's get 'em all finished up today. -Right You don't think you ride him a little too hard He can take it. BUT Well, I think that maybe it would be a good thing If she's not sure what she wants to study Maybe it would be worthwhile for her to take a year off and just work Make some money Dad, I promise. It'll just be a year. At the end of a year, I'll make so much money, maybe I will be able to pay for college all by myself. We had a deal, remember. - I remember - I held up my end. I appreciate that. - Sh*t. - Audry, eat your vegetables. THEN - Emmet, you look terrible - I tell you Audrey. I'm a wreck! - You look really nice in that dress. - I'm sorry. - I'm gonna kill myself. - Oh Emmet, Don't be maudlin Well, then I'll kill somebody else. - Where are you going, anyway? - To work - Oh not Modeling - Sweaters I hate seeing you in those advertisements where other men can slobe all over you. I make a lot of money. Since when are you so interested in making money? Since I started earning it Why are you so happy lately? Don't you know the world's f***ed? Did you read the paper today? Emmet, I know the world's f***ed. I don't read the papers any more And, have you bathed lately? Emmet, really, you smell You're in love with that homicidal auto mechanic, aren't you? Emmet, I'm gonna kill you. It won't last. I know it won't last. Emmet, you know what the ancient Greeks said about happiness. F*** the ancient Greeks. - Here's my ride - Don't go ! Emmet, tie your shoe Hi. Good afternoon, Mr Hutton. - You don't have to call me mister - What am I supposed to call you? You can call me anything you like, but you don't have to call me mister. I think I'll call you... Reverend. - Like a priest? - Don't you like it? I admire people who are dedicated to things. Why didn't you come to the party? I had no clothes, no money Sorry It's OK. Do you have any money now? I have what I need. Look. That's my foot. No kidding ! They paid me almost a thousand dollars to put this shoe on and let them photograph my foot. It's a pretty foot Thanks Listen, do you want take a walk somewhere? Where to? - Anywhere. - Why? I've got something to tell you about me. - I don't want to hear it. - It's important - What good will it do? - I think you should know. I already know. Does it make a difference? No. Audrey! Audrey, listen to me. It's for your own good ! I don't want you to associate with that man. But why? - He's a mass murderer! - Dad, cut it out! He's a loaded pistol! No tellin' when he'll go off! If he's so horrible and dangerous, why'd you hire him? Well, I ah... I'm a... I'm letting him go tomorrow. You wouldn't dare. Oh yes I would. Without Josh your whole business would fall down around your ears! Don't tell me about my business, Audrey. Ok? You know you need a good mechanic! And he's a good mechanic! Since when do you know so much about auto repair? Huh? Look, Audry Why do you want to go and get involved with a mechanic from around here for? - Next year you're gonna go to college - Maybe I won't go to college. Don't start, Audry! You promised! We had a deal! Right ? We had a deal. You can't go back on it now! If you don't fire him If you don't fire him I won't see him again! What are you up to? I'm not up to anything If I keep him on, you'll keep away from him? Yeah You promise? You're making a bargain, Audry. You gotta stick to it. I see him once more. I have his wrench. -Why the hell are you ... -Once more - You promise? - Promise. And you've gotta go to college. in the fall! - Okay for literature - No!communications! Broadcasting! Okay. OK. But it's gotta be Harvard. Okay ? Allright But you've gotta model full-time before you go into college And give me back all the money I gave that bomb squad charity of yours! Allright, It's a deal Is it something else ? You know, Josh... You make a difference around here. I'm just doing my job. Right Think I'll give you a raise. Whatever you think is fair. An extra fifty bucks a week What do you say? Thanks OK. I don't want you coming anywhere near Audry.Got it? Hello, Pearl. Hello - I just wanted to apologize. - Don't. Just let's not talk about it.Okay? I believe people get what they deserve in the end I can't believe you let her do this! Victor, it's only an underwear advertisement! She's half nude! She's wearing underwear and a bra! Girls at the beach wear as little as that! Less! There's a difference between bathing suit and underwear! She was paid good money for that Why can't she model sweaters or raincoats? You were the one that encourage her to going into modeling in the first place Audrey! - Hi. Thanks, I have your wrench. - Are you OK? - This is a really nice house - Your knee! - Oh, it's nothing. - Here, sit down - I've got some band-aids in the house... - No. It's OK. The House belonged to my father. It's been vacant for years. Do you like the book? Oh, yeah.That's great. Thanks. I have others. - Books ? - No, Wrenches. I have plenty at work. But this one is yours, right? It's your personal wrench Yeah I thought so. So I thought I'd return it to you Why? 'Coz I thought you need it. Well It's true.I might but... I mean... if you need it, you can use it. - Really ? - Sure Thanks What's that? - These are planetary gears - What is it do? Well ... it's ... transmission... In a car. Right. How does it work? Well, it's a little bit complicated. I have all the time in the world Are you really wanna know? I mean it's really interesting what people do. I mean, when they do something that they love Because when you do something that you love, no matter what it is you do it well. And when you do something well, you feel useful. And it's important to feel useful, I think. Because... Because well there's so much in life that seems... pointless. Well, OK. An automatic transmission... There are manual transmissions too.They do the same thing, just a bit differently. Transmissions works by changing which gears transmit power in the engine to power in the wheels The car. Automatic transmission use planetary gears. - You follow me ? -Uh-huh You see here, It is the sun gear here in the middle Will you make love to me? Wait here. Get out of here, Audry. Go on What do you mean, you wanna move out? Someone offered me an apartment in New York City for six months. No way ! But, Victor, she works in the city all the time. She spends almost a hundred dollars a month just on train fare. So what! She can afford it! Christ,the damn kid makes more than me! What do you want ? - I just wanna explain... - There's nothing to explain. Thanks for lending me the book. I have a library card now. What are you reading ? History History is gonna come to an end. Soon. Why are you so sure the human race is going to kill itself? - Because it can - That doesn't necessarily mean it will.. The human race has never invented anything it didn't use - True, But It's not the last word. - What's the last word? I do not know. Faith, maybe? Which one? Faith or maybe? I'd like to see you again It's too late... You had your chance. - Let me explain - I have a deal to keep. - F*** the deal - There are rules. - Break them! - I can't My father has made good on his end of the deal What deal? Everything in life is just deals You can't get anything for nothing Unless you have nothing to begin with. Are you telling me I should feel sorry for you? I'm not talking about me at all. I've got nothing to feel sorry about Mr hot-shot auto mechanic! philosopher! And I know exactly what I'm doing, so just drop dead You can't have faith in people Only the deals you make with them People are only as good as the deals they make And keep. I know what you need. Excuse me? You need a woman. - That girl's crazy. - I know, but I like her. - She's leaving town. - So I've heard. So come on.What do you say? I know what you need - Excuse me - You need a woman. - That girl's crazy. - I know, but I like her. - But she's leaving town. - So I've heard So come on.What do you say? I know what you need. - Excuse me - You need a woman. - That girl's crazy. - I know, but I like her. - She's leaving town.. - So I've heard So come on.What do you say? I know what you need. - Excuse me - That girl's crazy. A MONTH MAYBE TWO MONTHS LATER Audry makes up her own mind. If she wants to live in the city and earn her own keep, What's that got to do with me? She's eighteen now. She does what she wants. I can't stand it. Every single magazine I open I see her! Emmet, you gotta pull yourself together. How can you stand it.All these complete strangers ogling her?! It's better than you ogling her in the flesh. Besides, she's only gonna do it for a year. Then she's going to Harvard to study journalism. That's what she really wants to do, you know. This modeling stuff is just a phase. Mike! What the hell are you doing? Shut up and Get off the boat! Oh Hi Ms. Hugo, How are you? Hi, Josh. I heard about Audry's picture in the Sunday Times. Yeah. Three pictures. It's a whole, you know, spread. - You must be really proud of her. - We are. We're gonna go to church now, then we'll gonna go buy the paper. And have a few people back to the house. That's nice Josh ... Josh, you go into the city occasionally, don't you? - Every once in a while. - Oh, good! How about tomorrow? Would you take these earrings in to Audry for me? She's out of the country right now but she'll be back tomorrow Come on, Liz, let's go. Ah! Josh ... If you get a chance take a look at hydraulic jack, - It's been sticking all week. - Right - Hi, Pearl. - Hi, Mike. Oh Look Everyone's here This is so exciting ! It's killing me. She's got nothing on Not in this one either. Well, I think it's an ad for jewelry, I think. She's absolutely naked. - You don't see much. - We see enough. Pearl, let's go back and put some charcoal on the barbecue Hold it! I know what you slobs are thinking. You're thinking, She's a f***ing slut! Well I would tell you people something You people make me wanna throw up! You think what she does is easy? This is hard work!You think she just gets up there and takes her clothes off? Huh? is a skill! And she gets paid damn well to do it! Does any of you make a thousand dollars a day? Huh! Huh! Why, she's in Europe right now! You all like to go on vacations and you all like to drive nice cars! Why hold it against her when she gets it? Come on Vic, we don't hold anything against her. I can see it in your eyes! You're all saying how can he let her do it! Doesn't he have any shame? Well, I wanna tell you the only thing I'm ashamed of Is that I didn't think of it sooner! There's money to be made out there and if you gotta get your goddamn hands dirty to get it well then so what! Josh! Vic ... Mike. Mrs Hugo, I just wanted to say I don't think this is right. And then there's that one. Who? Josh? He's OK. A goddamn mass murderer always making eyes at my daughter. I had to send her away to live in the city! I had no choice. I don't think you gotta worry about Josh. What are you talking about? Gimme that bottle. Well,he's not very interested in girls What do you mean?you mean ... He's a fag? No! he's like a... priest or something. No man is like a priest. Priests aren't even like priests when it comes to women. Well, It's different with Josh All he ever thinks about is engines He was telling me this stuff the other day you wouldn't believe it All this scientific sh*t. Amazing He doesn't have time to think about anything else Look,If you ask me Audry be safer around Josh than she would be around Anybody You think so ? Absolutely. I mean it's right, but... - I don't think it's what Audry wants. - But isn't it what you want? This is what I want. Maybe She doesn't know what she wants. That's what I mean. How are you, Josh? Glad you could stop by! Come over here a minute. I wanna talk to you. Josh, have a seat Well, Josh This ain't easy for me to say. I know you like Audry Well, to be completely out in the open and up front about everything Audrey's crazy about you. You look surprised. But listen to me, Josh.I ain't kiddin' you. The girl sleeps with your crescent wrench. Well, I... appreciate you saying that Look Take tomorrow off She's flying in from Europe tomorrow afternoon some time I think it'd be a great surprise for her to find you when she got home Here's the address where she's living in the city She's living with a friend. And here. Here's five hundred dollars - I don't know, Mr. Hugo. - Shut up and take the money! Don't be so goddamn polite. Take her out to a movie ..., a play Take all the freakin' cabs you want! Show her a good time! You know how girls are You gotta spend some money on them. They eat it up! Look , Josh You know, I'm not a real romantic type But I think this could be a really beautiful thing Mike! What the hell are you doing? - Hey, aren't you the guy... - Back off! It wasn't me! I wasn't even there! - You'll play something? - Maybe. Cigarette? No! I don't want a cigarette! you know I ain't a beggar man I'm an entertainer! I'm an artist - I don't drink. - What ? - I don't drink. - Bullshit! Everybody drinks. I don't Why the hell not? Hey, you're a priest? I'm a mechanic. Really ? My ex-wife's husband is a mechanic He drinks it. Well,I don't I don't believe you. - You don't believe I don't drink - No, I don't believe you're a mechanic. I am I think you're a man of God! I'm a mechanic. So, Why don't you have a drink with me? What, am I not good enough for ya? The last time I took a drink I got in a car crash and I killed a girl. No ! Yeah. That's enough to drive you to drink. I've been in prison They put you in jail for a car accident! No, not for that Few years later, I get into an arguement with the girl's father. and I killed him too. - No sh*t! - Yeah. How? I pushed him down a flight of stairs. Why you do that? He was hammering away at my face pretty bad So I kept laying in to his chest with everything I had Next thing you knew... boom Dead? Broken neck. Smashed skull. I didn't even see it happen. You got a cigarette? Yeah. Do we have to listen to that bum making all that racket? I like it Come on, Audrey! You disgust me Why do you live here with me then if you won't let me touch you? Because I can. It's free. And I'm greedy. Nothing is free, Audrey. Greedy people know that I can throw you out! - You won't - Don't count on it Here's money for the rent. I don't want your money. Money is all I have You wouldn't be living like this if it wasn't for me. You make a lot of money of me too pal You're getting a damn good deal having me as your personal manager! But you're not still satisfied are you? The immediate effects of a ... twentymegaton bomb are not different in Come on. You have to play the game. Life ain't pretty! You gotta make compromises Life is all compromises. You don't get something for nothing! You could do a lot worse than a guy like me. I'm not a rich man, but I'm doing OK for a guy my age.I'm leveraged. I have money in real estate. I own art Two Andy Warhol prints! Valuable stuff! That car outside. You know how much that baby costs? This vase here alone is worth over six thousand dollars. You see, I've been smart. Assets. Tons of assets. And I'm in great shape. I go to the most expensive gym in town... I have nothing. - I don't want anything. I want you. - Is that all? - You owe me. We had a deal. - We made no deal. We had an understanding. I never said I understood anything. Do you really think I let you live here out of the goodness of my heart? Oh my God ! My f***ing vase! Josh. How are you, Pearl? Can I talk to you? I'm not much in the mood for talking right now. It's important. Would you like to go down to the water? Let's go to my house. Can we walk? You guys seen Pearl? She just left. With Josh Hutton. Pearl? You OK in there You didn't kill him. Kill who? My father. What do you mean ? He... He hit you real hard and you fell in through the bathroom door. you didn't move again and then He stepped out into the hallway at the top of the stairs and then he saw me. I startled him He stepped back and ... He fell. When... So when they asked me... They asked me if you had shoved him. And I just nodded. I've hated you Everybody did All I ever knew was that you killed my sister and I supposed to hate you. I've hated you even more since then. I made myself hate you more and more. Then I just tried not to think about it. And I forgot. I forgot you didn't kill him. You didn't kill him. I read in the papers recently about this big miscarriage of justice somewhere. A man had got to prison for five years before all was sorted out He went to court and sued the state He got lot of money Maybe you could do something like that. I don't need the money. Mike? F*** you! Mike, It's all right. I told him to Oh yeah ? Nice touch Vic! Mike! Dad ! What are you doing here ? Hello, Mom? It's me. I'm at Josh Hutton's house. everybody's here. I think you should come over. Dad's really flipping out Yeah Allright I see you Bye Audrey? Did you make love to Josh? No. Did you? - No. - Why not ? I just got here - Pearl, what are you doing here? - Sleeping - Didn't you sleep here? - No, I just came from the city. That bastard! - Dad ! - That thief ! He owes me five hundred bucks! Come on Mike, where are you going?huh? Calm down ! I go out of my way to convince Vic that Audrey's safe around you And what do you do? You put the moves on Pearl I wouldn't do that Don't be an idiot Where are you going ? I'm gonna drown myself! What the f*** do you care? What the hell is your problem! Where's my money? I don't have your money any more! I gave you five hundred bucks to get Audry and bring her back! You didn't do it and kept the money - I didn't even want the money! - You didn't hold up your end of the deal! - We didn't heve any deal! - We had an understanding! You don't understand anything! You can't trust anybody. - Where were you? - Where were you? I waited for you till five o'clock at the beach house. You said you'd meet me there at four! Oh, I got hung up. Why didn't you call me? I didn't have a quarter. What's wrong with you?, Vic? Nothing is wrong with me. I want my money! Pearl says you're innocent. Innocent of what? - He didn't kill Pearl's father. - What ? Dad, since Josh is not a murderer, all the deals We've made are now null and void. Oh, no! You still gotta go to college! I'll go to college when I feel like it. What about the money I gave that insane charity thing? $ 11,000. All the money I have in the world. It's yours. I've decided I can't have faith in what I can't see. What do you want to see? The world. What about this Whitbred guy? He means nothing to me. How do I know that? You have to trust me. I don't trust anyone. So do you have any money? $ 12. How about you ? No I don't have my tools either - I have your wrench. - Oh,good.that'll do. I suppose we're car thieves now? You just gave your father eleven thousand dollars. But there was no agreement, no deal. Yeah, just money! Hold it What ? Do you hear that? No. What is it? Listen

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Hal Hartley

Hal Hartley (born November 3, 1959) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and composer who became a key figure in the American independent film movement of the 1980s and '90s. He is best known for his films Trust, Amateur and Henry Fool, which are notable for deadpan humour and offbeat characters quoting philosophical dialogue.His films provided a career launch for a number of actors, including Adrienne Shelly, Edie Falco, Martin Donovan, Karen Sillas and Elina Löwensohn. Hartley frequently scores his own films using his pseudonym Ned Rifle, and his soundtracks regularly feature music by indie rock acts Yo La Tengo and PJ Harvey. more…

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