The Final Destination

Synopsis: In a car race in McKinley Speedway, twenty-something Nick has a premonition of a deadly car crash with many casualties in the audience and convinces his girlfriend Lori and his friends Hunt and Janet to leave the place. They are followed by the security guard; a racist guy; a mother with her children and a mechanic, that are saved from death. When the racist guy and the mother die in mysterious and creepy incidents, Nick and Lori research and find many similar cases in Internet. They try to lure The Reaper to break the chain of deadly events and survive, but destiny does not help them.
Director(s): David R. Ellis
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
  2 wins & 1 nomination.
Rotten Tomatoes:
82 min

Move, move, move. Tell me again why we chose this over seeing the movie. If these guys lose focus for even a millisecond... have to scrape them off the fence with a shovel. You come hoping to see a crash? No, I would like to see them complete-- Of course it's to see a crash. -You're sick, Hunt. -Come on! Look, here comes Nick with our stuff. -Hey, bud. -There he is. Yes. - Hi, babe. - Hey. Oh, my God. Ha, ha. -Uh, time to lay off the Funyuns, Nicky boy. -Oh, thanks, buddy. - Ah, great. - Yeah! All right! -Oh, my God. -Oh. Here. Want a drink? -Oh. Is that straight-up Jack? -It's his buddy Jim. - Maybe later, yeah? - Hey, sport. Can my girl use your binoculars? Well, they're not really binoculars exactly. They're more-- Drink as much as you like. Go, go, go. Whoa. Easy, fellas. Craig Perry shuts the door as Mark Helfrich tries to overtake him. Hey, thanks for making me take a study break. I really, really needed this. Excuse me. Pardon me. That was a close call.. Well, great. What did I just miss? -Can you see, ma'am? -I'm sorry, not really. -Would you like me to move down a bit? -Would you mind? -Be glad to. -Thanks, man. -Thank you. -And I thought chivalry was dead. Heh. That's not true. I have my cowboy right here. Get a room, guys. Hey. Put these in. -Oh, Mom, not tampons. -Put these-- Put them in. Nick. Nick. - This tickles. - Aw, Mom. - No, no, no. - She put tampons in their ears. That's just wrong, man. I can't see now. Hey, down in front, a**hole. Approaching the halfway point. There goes the neighborhood. Sir. I need you to move your foot. Thank you. Hey, how old is this place? You got me. - Come on, let's go. - Go, go, go. Tire up. What's that? Is it safe to sit here? Of course. There's a fence there. We're fine. Relax. Replay of the Camping World Regional Series race... on the Replay Race Channel at 3p.m. Did you feel that? Just now, right here. You okay? Uh, I felt something touch me. Something strange. For those of you with a business-minded head... Go, go. Come on, come on, come on. - Two's good. - Go, go, go. No, no, no, wait! The screwdriver! Sh*t! Oh. Come on, come on. Let's go, go, go! Come on. Move! Go. Get the f*** out of here. - Come on. - Boys, wait! Come on, Mom. Mom! Hey! Hey! There's an exit this way! Come on, move. -Hunt! -Janet! - Let's move. Come on. - There's an exit over here. Come on. Come on, come on! This way! Run! - Lori! - Move! Lori. Lori, come on, let's go! Get out of here! Move! Push through! Come on! Ow. Hey. What the hell? Are you okay? Nick, is there something wrong? Oh, my God, is that straight-up Jack? -No, no, it's his-- -His buddy Jim. You have been in my stash. You snake. A cowboy in a hat. He sits here. Excuse me. Pardon me. Oh, ha, ha. Cowboy. Tampons. She gets tampons. She puts them in her kids' ears. -Who? -Her, right there. Hey. Put these in your ears. - Oh, Mom, not tampons. - Put them in your ear. Hey, how did you know she was gonna do that? That's a lot of tampons for one woman. Nick? Nick. What's going on? "Down" something. "Down... Down in-- Down in front, a**hole." Down in front, a**hole. There goes the neighborhood. Sir. I need you to move your foot. Thank you. - Let's go. - Move it. Go. Pick up the tire. That's the car that's gonna crash. -We have to get out of here. -Thank God. -What? No, no. I got $500 on this race. -No one cares-- We gotta get the f*** out of here. We're gonna die. There's gonna be a crash. Hey, kid, that ain't funny. -We gotta go right now. We gotta move. -Relax, Nick. - Nick, calm down. - Oh, my God. What's your problem, bro? Get off of me, man. -Come on, let's go. -Wait. Boys, wait! I'm gonna kick your little ass, you p*ssy! Goddamn it! God, you little punk. -Andy. -Stay there. - Come back here, kid! - Hey, you little prick! - Are you out of your mind? - I saw the whole thing. -There's gonna be a crash. -Of course there's a crash. There's always a f***ing crash. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What crash? That f***ing crash. That's what crash I'm talking about. Are you shitting me? That's the reason I come to these stupid redneck things. No offense. -Sir. No, no, no-- -But my wife's in there, a**hole! - No, you can't. - Let me go! I gotta find her! - Dude, relax. - That's my wife! Let me go! Get your hands off me! Have you all lost your f***ing mind? Ew! - Here you go. - Thanks. -Just a second. -That's okay. Nick, was it like a dream or like a voice in your head? I just... I just saw it. -Can we just try to forget about it? -Are you kidding? I am never gonna get that image out of my head. -I mean, that girl's face just-- -Janet. Look, I know it's difficult. -We're all a little freaked out, okay? -But why are we still alive? Who cares why? Okay? If we made it, we deserved it. Hunt, will you give the lucky-coin sh*t a rest, please? Guys, look. - l think we should go to the memorial. - I can't. -l can't go back. -Yeah, screw that. We can pay our respects to those people. What people? People who didn't have a Dr. Xavier with them to tell them to get out of the way? People who didn't have one of these? Go ahead, Janet. Kiss it. It's your choice, heads or tails, but you know I like head. -Can't believe I ever went out with you. -Can't believe you were so lucky. Guys, look. We're here. All right? Something gave us a second chance... let's be thankful and just try to make the most of it. Okay? Come on, let's go. -You okay? -Yeah. Okay. Hi. Hi, I was hoping you'd come. I wanted to thank you. You're a hero. Because of your warning, we're alive and our two sons are safe. Look, I'm not a hero, okay? I-- I didn't-- You knew. How did you know it was gonna happen? - I'm not sure. - Look, we're just glad you all are okay. Take care. Thank you. I'm glad you're safe. Thank you. Excuse me. I'm, uh, the security guard. George. Nick. Lori. -Hi. -Hi. I was pretty freaked out about that back there. -l just wanted to ask you how you-- -You killed my wife. I wanted to go in there after her, but..., uh... I'm sorry for your loss. Well... ...nobody lives forever, n*gger. -Hey, there's no need for that, man. -Back off, you f***ing freak. It's time for you to leave, sir. Time? Your time's coming, chocolate. What's wrong? I just had a really bad nightmare. It's okay, it's just a dream. It seemed real. Just try to relax and go back to sleep. I'm right here. Son of a b*tch. Hey, Ma. It's late. What are you doing up? Okay. No, no, no, everything's fine. Yeah, it's fine. Okay. Time's up. Goddamn it. I'll burn you. she probably wasn't... No, no, no! F***! Help me! Help! Wake up, please, anybody! Please, I'm on fire! It's burning! Oh, my God. My ass is on fire! My ass is on fire! My God! My ass is on fire! -Hey, babe, what's up? -Hey, Lori. Turn on Channel 7 right now. You remember that redneck from the racetrack? -He's dead. -What? Yeah, hold on. --from the freak accident. Although the investigation is still ongoing... ...paramedics pronounced Daniels dead on the scene. Nick, get in here. A member of local PTA and NRA chapters... ...Carter Daniels lived quietly in Fort Wayne. Details are sketchy on how Daniels was killed. All that is known at this time is that a tow truck dragged him... ...down a residential street before the truck exploded. - Wanna hear something freaky? - Carter's wife was killed... I've seen that door before. More to come on our nightly news. And now we'll checkin with our eye in the sky... Hey, hey, I gotta go. I'll call you back. Okay, bye. What is it? What's wrong? Remember that dream I had last night? I-- I don't think it was a dream. It was like... It was like a vision. I mean, there were flames, and there was a hook... ...and that red door. And now that racist guy is dead. It was like I saw clues as to how he was gonna die. Just now I saw another one. Wait, wait, you saw how another person was gonna die? -Who was it? -I don't know. It doesn't make any sense. Nothing makes any sense. Ever since I left the racetrack, I feel like there's something in the room with me. What is happening to me? - You're early today. - Oh, yeah, light load. Hey, look. Come here. -Bet you can't hit that sign with a rock. -Okay. [BOTH GRUNT Oh, ha, ha, yeah. Okay, okay, knock it off. - Yes! - Hey. Nice one. Hey, what are you kids, stupid or something? Get out of here. Okay, come here, guys. Um-- I want you to go play video games. Come back in an hour. - All right! - You're welcome. - Thanks. - Thanks, Mom. - I'm first on "Atomic Destroyer." - No, I am. Hi, Cheyenne, I'm sorry I'm late. I had a 5:00 with Richard. Oh, you didn't get our message? -Richard's out today. -What? Someone got killed on his block. Dragged down the street on fire. -Isn't that terrible? -That's awful. So my appointment? Is there someone else that can see me? Um, it's 10 to 6, and we close at 6, so, ha-ha-ha... I understand, but the soccer game ran late, and it's girls' night out tonight... ...first time in months, and I'm so looking forward to this. -Please. Please. -Um-- -Look at this. -You're killing me. Thank you. Ah, thank you so much. Excuse me, that's-- That is a little-- That's a little tight. - Ahem. - Uh. -Sorry. -That's okay. So, Dee Dee, thank you for staying late. How long have you been cutting hair? Long enough. Goddamn chair. I've only told them to fix it like a million times. - Oh, Dee Dee? - Yeah? Could I please get some water? - No problem. - Thank you. - How's it going? - Almost done. I love the color. It's exactly honey. Do you think? I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. It's okay. Wow. - Hi, Mom. - Hey. Whoa. - Oh, my God, are you okay? - Cut it out. - Thanks, Dee Dee. - You're welcome. Hope you have fun. -Stop. -Okay, guys, knock it off. I am so sorry about this. These guys aren't gonna leave my sight until I ship them to college. -Maybe military school? -Ha, yeah, maybe. All right, boys, come on. Let's go. Get in the car. I've got my eye on you two. Oh, my God! It's that lady with the kids, from the racetrack. We just lost a really hot MILF. -Dude, this is serious. -Yeah. Don't you think it's weird that two of the people Nick saved are dead? Weird is putting tampons in your kids' ears. That's weird. She was bound to die sooner or later. That's actually why we asked you guys to come over. The night before it happened, Nick had a really strange dream. Great. I'm glad I cancelled my golf game for this. Good. But it wasn't a dream. It was like these random sounds and images. They really didn't make any sense. And then I read what killed them... ...and I realized that I'd seen how the next person was gonna die. Wait, what do you mean, "the next person"? Okay, don't laugh, but we stayed up Googling premonitions... ...visions, signs, things like that, just to see how much information we could get. There are tons of articles about people... ...who had a premonition about a disaster... ...they saved themselves... ...and then they died. Okay, so people died. So what? Every survivor died. In the precise order they were meant to die in the accident. Well, we survived. So now does that mean we all die? -Well, who's next? -I don't remember. But there might be an out. Some say the chain can be broken. Like if you were to intervene into someone else's death... ...that would end it. But others say unless the chain is broken completely... ...then you're just changing the batting order, and sooner or later, you're up. That is some spooky psychobabble sh*t. shut up, please. This is not funny. -He could be watching a ton of TV. -You know what this does to me. It's okay. All we're trying to do is figure out what's going on. You are gonna have to figure that out without me. You can call me later, but I gotta go. Hope you have fun. Janet, come back. Don't leave. No, Lori. No. You guys are freaking me out. What's with that? She went from uptight but normal... uptight and totally insane. Why do you gotta be a prick? She saw somebody die. - So did we. - Yeah, and we're all freaked out. Would it kill you to be sensitive? I don't know. I've never tried it. Where are you going? If you're right about this whole crash thing... ...then I'm going to make the most of every moment I have left. I'm gonna go get laid. If I'm dying, I'm trying. Keep up the good fight, guys. And if I happen to bump into Janet, I will check on her. Thanks. Well, that went well. Yeah, our friends think we're crazy. It's great. Well, maybe we are. Look, they're probably just some weird coincidences. You think? I hope so. Nick? What did you see? -l think we can stop it. -How? We gotta go to the racetrack. Oh, my God. Look at this place. All those people just... - l don't wanna be here. - I know, I know. But this is the only thing that I can think of to help me remember the order. It's over here. This is where we were. Let's see if this works. The mechanic's girlfriend dies first. Then that racist and his wife. That woman with the kids, she was next. Let's go. We shouldn't be here. Let's go. I can't remember who dies when. -It's okay. -I don't know what to do. I can't-- Maybe this was a really bad idea. No. I gotta try. You better have a damn good reason for trespassing. I just need to remember the order. Young man, that sounds crazy. But maybe this will help you. Now, this will bring up all our video cameras right here. There. That's where that guy in the mechanic jacket dies. - so he's next, then. - I think so. That collapse kills Hunt and Janet. And that's when you die. And then Lori. Then me. Maybe if we can stop this mechanic from getting killed, we can break the chain... ...and the rest of us will be safe. But how? I mean, we don't even know his name. - We know nothing about him. - But we do know where he works. Grandstate Customs. Gotta finish up that differential. Bond that to the fibreglass on it. - Done with that impact? - Yeah, hold on a second. You just want that spot-welded, right? Hey, can you give me a hand with this test probe? Good stuff, man. - Hey! - Are you okay? Who's the f***ing moron? You. What are you doing here? Trying to find you. Look, man, I'm sorry for being blunt, but your life's in danger. You're gonna die. Three of the people who left that stadium before that accident... ...they're now dead. I'm sorry, but we think that you're gonna be next. You're serious? Andy. You know you can't have these people here. Take them outside. No visitors in here. Let's go. Look, man, I'm trying to put my life back together, okay? I mean, watching Nadia die like that in front of me... Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I lost my wife and my daughter in a car accident. I was driving and I was drunk. Every day, I ask myself how come it couldn't be me instead of them. For a long time, I carried so much pain and anger... was actually destroying their memory. So now I try to live each day in their name. Hey, guys, I hate to break it to you, but I'm getting a really bad feeling. Look, kid, I'm around dangerous equipment every day. If I was meant to die, it would've happened by now. Look out! - Holy sh*t. - You okay, Andy? Yeah, I'm okay. Well, I guess it's not my turn to die. Y'all take care. Holy--! You all right? Show us 20 at the body shop. Honey, I mean, if you can stop the next death-- I'm seeing clues, but I can't piece them together. - You gotta think. Who's next? - I don't know. We have to warn your friends. -How? -Well, which one is next? -They both die in the collapse. I don't know. -Nick, think. Focus. One of them had to be first, even if it was one second before the other one. Was it Hunt, or was it Janet? You gotta find Janet. I'm gonna find Hunt. Okay? Oh, God. Faster, go faster. Go faster, go faster. Pick it up, pick it up. Don't be lazy. Faster, faster. Stop moving, stop moving, stop moving. Move. Oh! No, come on. Wake up. No, we're not done. I'm not done. Come on. No, no. Are you f***ing kidding me? I finished, like, four minutes ago. -Ever play "Donkey Punch"? -Dick. Excuse me, miss, but could you help a struggling artist? Sure. -Thanks. -Have a nice day. Let's see what we got here, Browning. A penny? That's some bullshit. Oh, damn it. Great. Come on, you custom piece of sh*t. Come on, pick up the phone. Come on. Aah. Where are you at? Come on. This is Hunt. You know what to do. Hunt, listen to me, buddy, listen. No water, okay? Stay away from water. You have three messages marked urgent. That's funny, huh? -Give me the gun. -No, ha, ha. Give me the f***ing gun. No. F***ed up my phone. Sh*t. Perfect. Hey, Lori, I'm at the car wash. I'll call you back. Janet, wait. Wait. Sh*t. Do you know if there's a car wash around here? -Yeah, there's one on 18th. -We gotta go there. Yes. I own you, machine. Lori? - What's so important? - Don't go near water. What? Water? - Don't go near water! - Water? Lori? Wait. Lori? Sh*t. No service. Sh*t. Come on, come on, come on. Come on. Lord, no. Close! Oh, stop it! Oh, my God, no! Oh, God! Help me! Please! Somebody, please! Pick up the phone, Janet. Oh, God! Help! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We're almost there. Oh, sh*t. Fore! No, no, no. - There it is. - Hurry. Go around back, George. She's in there. No! Go, go, go! Lori! Lori, get me out of here! - Sh*t. I'm coming. Just hold on. - Come on, get her out. - Lori, help me! - I'm trying! Come here, I got you. I got you. Hunt. - So do you have insurance? - Yeah. What are we supposed to do now? I mean, what's gonna happen to us? You know, saving Janet either destroyed death's list... ...and all of us are home free, or it skips her for now and then... And I'm next. George, you can't give up. -No, it's okay. -What do you mean, "it's okay"? -I mean, maybe if we all stick together-- -No, I'm at peace with it. And, um, my family's waiting for me. I'm ready to go. When we're done in here, we need to make sure to safe-proof the bedroom next. I don't understand how George can be so calm about things. -Maybe he was in shock. -No, that's not it. It was very clear. It's... It's like he just accepted it. I think he's given up. If he dies, I'm next. And when that happens, maybe you should just keep your distance. Babe, what are you talking about? Come on. I don't want anything to happen to you. And if we're together, it makes it easier for death to take both of us. I don't care what happens. We are in this together. Look. Maybe no one else has to die. We should go tell George. Hello? George. We think saving Janet broke the chain. George? -George? -George? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. No. George-- Oh, my God. Are you crazy? After everything that we've been through. Why are you trying to kill yourself? Trying to give God what I thought he wanted. I've been trying to kill myself all day. Took a bottle of painkillers. I just threw them up. Then I went to the garage, hooked a hose from the tailpipe... ...stuck it inside the car, the car kept stalling. Then... So wait. Saving Janet must have destroyed the list, then. I think congratulations are in order. To breaking the chain. - Apple cider? - Thank you. -Thank God. -And a toast. Mm-hm. -To life. -To life. - To life. - Yes. Mm... We've been given a second chance. So, what are you guys gonna do with it? - I have a few plans for us, ha, ha. - Uh, oh-oh. Lots of travelling, like Paris, maybe some beaches, St.-Tropez. I'm just thankful we have our whole lives ahead of us, you know? Yeah. Now this is over, I'm not gonna take another day for granted. Ever. You know, maybe it's time to stop talking about doing stuff and actually start doing it. -You only live once, right? -That's what I'm talking about. Let me get the cookies. We made it. We did. -Hey. -Hey, babe. - Did you get the traveller's checks? - Yes, I did. Need anything from the mall? No, I think we're good. You sure you don't wanna come to the movie? -It's in 3-D. -Love Lays Dying? Yeah, I think I'll be all right. Sounds like a chickflick. But, uh, I'll have everything packed by the time you get home. Amsterdam, here we come. I can't believe we're actually going. Um, heh-- You know, Janet is so incredibly jealous. speaking of, she's walking up right now. I'm gonna run, okay? - Tell her I said hi. - I will. -Love you. -Love you too. Be home soon. - Bye. - Bye. -Hi. -Hi, ha, ha. John Doe, the unknown survivor of the speedway crash... ...has finally been named now that his family's been notified. Jonathan Groves was rescued in the rubble. George, how fast can you meet me at the hospital? Look, man, we got the order wrong. Remember that guy who sat in front of me? The cowboy? He didn't die, which means he's next. Look, just be there in five. I'm on my way. You feeling okay, Mr. Suby? Ha. Why do you care? You know how many of your kind I killed in Korea? -I'm Chinese, sir. -Ha, same difference. I need you in PT 3 right now. - Okay. - And I do mean now. - Okay. - Thank you. Be back in a few minutes to get you into that tub. Dr. Helfrich to Obstetrics. Hey. Somebody. Hey. Help. Forgot to turn the water off. Help. Help. Somebody help. - Dr. Finn, extension 2861. - Somebody help. Dr. Finn, extension 2861. George. George. Where's Lori? I've been calling and texting all afternoon. She's not picking up. Maybe it won't matter. Come on. How can there be someone else on the list? He didn't leave the racetrack with us. If I would've asked him to move like in the premonition, he would've died. He survived. That's why you couldn't kill yourself. You weren't next, he was. It wasn't destined at all. So if he dies, I'm next again. Great, man. - Excuse me. - Dr. Taylor to Pathology. Dr. Sheila Taylor to Pathology. Yeah. -Those are really hot. -Yes. I love these. I like how they-- -Oh! -Aah! What the hell? Ow! Ugh, hey. Stop-- That's genius. Someone could get killed. -Man, I'm feeling something. -Don't lose hope, man. If we keep an eye out for signs of danger, I think we got a shot. -Let's just go find Lori and Janet. -No, no, not that. I mean, it's like dej vu. My wife said that dej vu is like God's way of-- - Oh, my goodness. Hurry, let's go. - Okay. - Oh, thank you very much. - Okay, thanks. Hi. Do you have these in a six? Yes, we bring them in fresh every day. - Hello. - Oh! -Cool, let's go. -What do you think? Ah... Well, they're cute yet functional. I like them. They say, "I'm getting older, but I still like to party." Ha, ha. Ha, ha, I didn't buy them for you, I bought them for Nick. He likes me in sneaks. Yeah, just get a 2-by-48. Right off the corner brace? Check the measurement. It's not fitting. Those windows won't pass. Yeah, 90 on that. Yeah, that looks fine. Go ahead and nail it off, it's level. Yeah, around the corner. - Lunch, boys. - Okay. Back in an hour. Is that yoghurt place still open? - Yeah, I think they're still here. - Wait. My shoelace is caught. - What? - My shoelace is stuck. - Oh, okay, here. - Just help me get it out. - Look, I'm gonna grab your-- - It's not coming out, though, Janet. -Don't freak out. -Pull my leg harder. Help me try to get it out. It's not coming loose. - I am trying. I'm pulling. - It's twisting my ankle. Ow! Ow! F***. I should've seen that one coming. -Are you okay? -Yeah, I'm okay. Here's two for Love Lays Dying. Enjoy the show. - Thank you. - Thanks. -Hi, ladies. -Hello. -Theatre 13, second door on your left. -Thanks. - So, what do you want? - I don't know. Where the hell you going? Go. Go now. Cut him off. - Are you f***ing nuts? - It's just up ahead. Hold on, pumpkin. We'll be there in no time. That's really cool. - Down in front, a**hole. - That's so ridiculous. sir, move your feet. Put these in your ears. It's gonna get loud. What do you mean? Look, don't get mad at me... ...but do you remember when Nick said that he could see signs... ...before something bad was gonna happen? Well, now I think I'm seeing them. Lori, it's over. Nothing is gonna happen. - Now can we please watch the movie? - I'm going. Are you kidding me? - Everybody off - We'll never make it. It's gonna blow. Lori. Lori. - Lori! - Shut up, man. Bye-bye, suckers. "Dixieland." -Something's wrong. -No kidding. -The person next to me won't shut up. -No, I'm serious. Something's wrong. Things are happening just like at the track. -Lori, you in here? -Nick. -It's not over. -What? George is dead. Janet, come on. We have to leave right now. No. No, I can't keep doing this, okay? You're both nuts. -Janet, we gotta go. Come on. -No. Don't you see? This is where I was supposed to be in the first place, not that race. -Come on. Come on. -I was meant to see this movie. Bye-bye, suckers. Janet! Lori, come on! Find the way to the exit. Remain calm. Everything's gonna be okay. Let's go! Let's go! - I got you. - Pull me up! Pull me up! Nick! Nick! - Help me! Help me! - Hold on! Hold on! -Climb up my arm! -Don't let me go! Climb up my arm! No! Hold on, I got you. I got you. No, no, no! Lori, no! Lori, no! I mean, it's dej vu. -My wife said that dej vu is God's way-- -Look out! - Hurry. - Get some help! - Help. - Over here! Lori. Hey, watch it. Down in front, a**hole. Hey, come on, man. - Watch out. - Hey. Hey, come on. Janet, something's wrong. Come on, come on, come on. Uh, damn it. F***! Oh! We were wrong about the order. What if we're wrong about the chain? Then we wouldn't be here at all. And yet here I am, trying to watch a movie... ...despite my best friend going crazy next to me. Oh, f***. Oh, sh*t. Sh*t. It's gonna blow. Move it! Come on. Come on. Bye-bye, suckers. I guess this is how I'm gonna be remembered. Thanks. Try to tie it off right there. That's good. Just this side of the Union City. Hey, man, excuse me. Is this thing supposed to be this way? - Isn't it supposed to be screwed tighter? - You're right. Tell you what, we'll get somebody on that. -Pays to be safe, man. Trust me. -Yeah. That's one down. You wanna meet up with them now? -Small mint tea. -Thanks. - Small latte for you. - Thank you. And for me... Um, what the hell is that? A giant chococcino with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel and sprinkles. That looks disgusting. Yeah. I'm going into a diabetic coma just looking at it. Well, what can I say, ladies? It looked good. Yeah, but it tastes totally disgusting. Say, you're the guy who stopped that mall fire, aren't you? You saved a lot of lives, man. I was just at the right place at the right time. Mm-hm. Sometimes that's all it takes. Okay, that was really weird. - Hey, don't knock my fan base. - Heh, God. I love your bag, by the way. -Oh, thanks. I actually just got it. -Did you? Where? Yeah. There's a place right next to Brevig's. It just opened. - Brevig's? - Yeah, it's in that shopping center. There's a grocery store and a card shop' and then there's a-- - It's like a little accessories store. - Oh, yeah. It's super cute. If you want one of these purses, they have it in plaid. - Ha, ha, is that the only other one? - Yeah. They only made two? What do you think, babe? Hey, uh, space cadet, you wanna come back down to Earth? What if we didn't change anything? -What are you talking about? -Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? What if us being here right now... ...was the plan from the beginning?

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Eric Bress

Eric Bress is an American screenwriter, film director and producer, probably best known for his work on the Final Destination series and The Butterfly Effect. He frequently collaborates with J. Mackye Gruber. His most recent project, The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, is in development. He also has another project in development Blindsighted[citation needed] with his writing partner J. Mackye Gruber. more…

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