The Assassin's Code

Synopsis: A rookie detective, son of a dead disgraced cop, works to solve his first major case while under the watchful eye of a ghost-like assassin.
Genre: Thriller
Director(s): David A. Armstrong
Production: Gravitas Ventures
95 min

[sirens wailing]

[dramatic music]

- Wait what? What's this?

- You gotta be f***in' kidding me.

- Oh, my God.

- Oh, God.

- What the hell is this?

- I don't know what the f*** this is.

Hey a**hole, P.D. Come on.

- [siren whooping]

- Hello?

[sirens whoops]

- [bangs]

- What the f***?!

- Get the f*** outta the car!

- Get the f*** out!

[all yelling]


- Let's go, b*tch.

- Come on, let's go.


Hey, b*tch! Handcuff

your boy here.

- Let's go!

- Move it, sunshine.

Careful! Careful!

Come on!

Looks like we're

working overtime tonight, huh?

You're not walking

from this, a**hole!

- [cocking gun]

- Wanna f***in' bet?

That's it! Move out!

Hey! It's not worth it.

Let's get the f*** outta here.

Let's get the f***

out of here.

[all chuckle]

[birds singing]

[Woman] That's when the bank

called to tell me

I didn't write all those checks.

I'm on Social Security.

Yes, ma'am, there's a fraud

ring operating in this area.

Well, they must've taken my

new checks outta my mailbox.

Are you writing that down?

Yes, ma'am.

Out. Of. Your. Mailbox.

You should get your checks

sent to a P.O. box

or pick 'em up in person.

It isn't easy for me

to get around, officer.

I take the bus.

- It's "Detective."

- Really?

You seem too young.

Well, I've aged some

since this conversation.


we've got your information,

here's my card,

don't hesitate to call

if anything

else comes up.

[Woman] Scout,

where are you going?

[dog barks]

[car alarm chirps]

[dramatic music]

- [chattering]

- [phones ringing]

I'm not at liberty to say.

Surely you people know

I can't make a comment

on a goddamn investigation

that's ongoing!

Oh, you want a sound bite?


How about "Go f*** yourself"?

- [clears throat]

- Thank you, Michael.

Okay, next.

- Drug holdup.

- Oh yeah.

F***in' press is having

a field day with that one.

These two stupid

f***in' coconuts,

they go get themselves

ripped off,

upstairs is breathing down

my neck.

I want on the case.

It's handled, kid.


- Steve Kitchen.

- Kitchen?!

Come on, Cap, that guy

couldn't find a clue

if you FedEx'ed him one.

He's got 15 years on you,


Plus he came up in the rotation,

and, correct me if I'm

wrong, you're on a case?

Paper pushing doesn't count.

Lookit, that wasn't

some random score...

someone knew to hit that van.

That's what we call conjecture,


Yeah, well, let me on with

Kitchen, I'll find out.

Michael, you haven't exactly

made what I would call

a good case for team player

around here.

I can work this one.

I'm not my dad.

Don't diss your old man, son.

Try living in his shadow.


Look, I know you can do the job.

I'm the one that

put in for your promotion.

But you are low man on

the totem pole here.

You will get your shot.

- No.

- No what?

No, I do not want your

assistance on this case.

Come on, Kitchen, I can

check some leads for you,

- handle some legwork.

- I got this.

I don't need a sous chef

just 'cause O'Brian

handed you a toy detective

badge to play with.

- What do you got there?

- We all done here?

- What?

- I'm gonna go hit the head,

wring it out.

Let me know if you find it.


[Man] You're late.

I know, Carmen,

it won't happen again.

You got something for me?

I'm a little short this week,


David, that is two strikes

in one day.

Carmen, hear me out.

Did you catch what

went down last night?

Oh, don't make me guess.

The police van holdup.

What, you?

Yeah. Well, I helped.


I didn't know you had it

in ya, kid.

Well, you know, first they

gotta transact the stuff,

but then I could catch up

with you, plus interest.

Yeah, what's the stuff?

- Uh, Psidonader.

- Ha! What?

I don't know,

that's what it said

on the side of the barrels.

Spell it.

Uh, P-S-E-U...


Yeah, yeah,

that's it, that's it.

That's the sh*t

they make meth with.

You could steal it,

you just can't pronounce it.

[David] Yeah, okay.

So Ray's looking for a buyer.

- Ray?

- Yeah, Blaine.

Ray Blaine?

Works for Connolly?

- What's it worth?

- Ray didn't say.

I just know what it makes,

so I figured

it's gotta be worth a lot.

Blaine's too small-time

to move that much product

on his own.

It's Colton's show, he had

Ray put together the team

and we just get a cut.

- Did he?

- Mm-hmm.

Tell ya what,

we'll buy it from you,

deal us in, I'll get your debt

forgiven as a finder's fee.

I don't know, Carmen.

It's not my call.

Hmm. Well, I'll tell ya what.

Here's your options.

You and Blaine, you bring

me the goods,

I up your cut 20 percent,

you get your loan forgiven.


If ya don't, well,

what with

our insistence on protocol...

it could prove injurious

to our friendship.

My shop tonight.

10 o'clock.

Oh, and David.

Don't be f***in' late.

Get the f*** outta here.


Brandt, DNA results

back from the lab?

The DNA on the vault

doesn't match

that on the broken door glass.

Get your f***in' feet

off my desk.

Sh*t! A**hole.

[clears throat]

You know, Connolly, you need

to stick with that little

bad check case.

Maybe when you're out

of diapers you can tag along.

Kinda hypocritical when

you're wearing Depends.

- F*** you!

- Only if you're on the bottom, you fat f***.

You know,

losing that mouth may actually

help you make some friends

around here.

You know what?

I'm good flying solo.

Yeah, how's that working out?

Rotten tree, rotten apple.

[phone ringing]

F***in' Connolly.


What you think, Kitchen?

He bit.

His shop, ten tonight.


Now get the f*** outta here.

Go on, get the f*** outta here.

Jesus f***in' Christ.

[starts car]

- [water sloshing]

- [crickets]

[dog panting]

Klaus, come.

Alright, come on,

we're good.

Come on, get in.

[dramatic music]

You must be Ray.

Paris here says you're buying.

Follow me.

It's alright man, come on.

Hey, Ray, let me ask you

a question.

Mind telling me

what you're doing

stealing another man's property?

We're not stealing it

from Cohen,

we're selling it for him.

Wasn't talking about Cohen.

Took it from the cops, man,

what are you talking about?

What's Cohen want for it?

Half a mil a barrel.

Two mil all in.

- What's with the plastic?

- Paintin'.

[door bell jingling]


Oh, sh*t!

- [dog barking]

- [dramatic music]

Jesus Christ,


you didn't have to

kill the kid too.

Clean up.


Klaus, come.

[dog whimpers]

[phone ringing]

[starts car]

[Kitchen] This is Detective

Steven Kitchen, Cleveland P.D.

Leave a message.

Kitchen, Michael Connolly.

Call me back, man.

[crickets chirping]

[lighter flicks]

Carmen... those things

will kill ya.

[chuckles] You gotta

die of something.

Nice night.

[Schlychter] Yeah,

a lot of stars.

You see up there?

That's the Hunter. Orion.

And those three bright

stars in perfect alignment,

that's his belt.

To the left you have

Canis Major and Canis Minor.

So you see,

even up in the cosmos

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