Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022) PART 1/4  Season #1 Episode #1

Synopsis: After settling in Green Hills, Sonic is eager to prove that he has what it takes to be a true hero. His test comes when Dr. Robotnik returns with a new partner, Knuckles, in search of a mystical emerald that has the power to destroy civilizations. Sonic teams up with his own sidekick, Tails, and together they embark on a globe-trotting journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.
Genre: Adventure
Original Story by: Jeff Fowler

[The scene opens with a space view of the Mushroom Planet. A large title card is then shown, which says "THE MUSHROOM PLANET." The scene then shows a view of the mushroom planet, after which it shows a mushroom rising up to another mushroom, as a title reads "PARAMOUNT PICTURES presents", causing it to tip what appears to be a small rock over. The small rock then bumps into a small mushroom which rolls into another mushroom, which rolls into another mushroom, which bumps into a round rock when another titles reads, "in association with SEGA SAMMY GROUP". The rock then bumps into a line of four rocks which one by one fall into a gear made out of mushroom which after turning makes a round bucket tip releasing water from inside. The water then pours into the bottom of another mushroom tied to a rope making it lower and hit the ground as a third title reads "an ORIGINAL FILM production". The water picks up a tiny mushroom which floats downhill into a spoon like contraption made out of mushroom which turns and drops it into another as another title reads "a MARZA ANIMATION PLANET/ BLUR STUDIO production". The spoon like contraption drops with the other end rising and bumping into a line of mushrooms that grow in size until the largest lands on a blower like plant which blows at a large round rock. The rock then rolls and bumps into a cable car like contraption which reveals to be holding something inside. The rock rolls into the background as the cable car contraption is taken downward revealing a cart made out of mushroom. The cable car contraption bumps into a platform shaped rock and opens to allow the cart to roll out revealing a small Sonic-like figure in front of it as we see the rock roll in the background. The cart rolls forward as it runs into a column of sticks which fall down making mushroom cups to drop berry like fruit into the cart. The cart then bumps into a rock tossing the figure and fruit out and into a juicer like contraption with thorns in it as the rock drops on it crushing the content revealing a classic Eggman Empire logo painted on it. The content then is then turned into liquid and pours into a cup which is picked up by Dr. Robotnik ] Robotnik: Doctor's log. It is day 243 in this... portabello purgatory...

[Robotnik is shown sitting on a chair in front of his Eggpod, looking at his environment. He then looks down as he holds up Sonic's quill and proceeds to stir his drink with it.]

My only companion is a rock I named "Stone."

[Robotnik looks to the rock. He then looks away, tapping the quill to his cup to dry it off.]

The question is... for whom am I narrating this?

[Robotnik sticks his tongue out and puts it to the quill, causing it to electrocute him. The scene changes to Robotnik pulling parts out of the engine of his Eggpod.]

It seems I have become a feature player in the theater of the absurd. Marooned in deep space by that wretched blue rodent. But it is all good thanks to a breathable atmosphere and my supreme intellect, sharpened against the only competitor savvy enough to br-r-r-r-ring it.

[The scene changes to Robotnik playing chess with mushrooms as the pieces. He takes a mushroom and places it forward.] Robotnik: Chanterelle to D4.

[The screen changes to reveal a rock mirror, revealing that Robotnik is playing against himself.]


[Robotnik lifts the cup in his hand.]

I have been striving to make fungi into a functional drink of choice...

[Robotnik lifts the cup to his nose and he sniffs it]

Mushroom coffee.

[Robotnik sips the mushroom juices only to spit it out afterwards. Robotnik tries another batch, only to spit it out as well.]

With limited...

[ The scene then shifts to the round rock squeezing more mushrooms.]


[Robotnik tries out three more cups of mushroom juices, but spits each of them out in disgust. Robotnik picks up another cup of mushroom juices.]


[Robotnik tries out the cup of mushroom juices, but spits it out in disgust.]

Success. [Robotnik tries out a cup of mushroom juices, but slowly spits it out in disgust. The scene then changes to Robotnik picking rope-like wires out of the Eggpod and walks forward.]

But today, day 243 has brought a new optimism to my most pressing endeavor.

[The scene switches to Robotnik looking at a large mushroom with rods and a pole, making it look like a radio tower or a satellite transceiver.]

Planetus exodus to returnecus and kick blue buttecus!

[Robotnik climbs up the mushroom to a monitor screen placed on top of the mushroom tower and proceeds to press a few buttons on the instrument board.]

If my calculations are correct, and there is no reason to say this, because they always are...

[Robotnik lifts a jumper cable with Sonic's quill in its pincers.]

This quill... is going to power my masterpiece.

[Robotnik lifts another jumper cable in his other hand.]

Let's light this candle... and see who comes a-knocking.

[Robotnik clamps the jumper cable on the quill and energizes the power cable, which bolts with blue chaos energy. The tower subsequently creates a shockwave, sweeping a screaming Robotnik off his feet and onto the ground. The screen switches to a shot of outer space as a shockwave of chaos energy generate a stream of light stretching through space before dissipating.]

[Scene change:
Mushroom Planet, night.] [Robotnik lies where he fell, unsuspecting the Ring portal appearing in front of him. Soon after, a trio of humanoid alien scavengers wearing chicken skulls for helmets and holding spears walk out from the Ring portal and scout the area. The head of the trio looks to Robotnik tilting its head in curiosity. It proceeds to bend down and move its spear towards the seemingly sleeping Robotnik. It then gently presses the side of his spear on his shirt, before looking to the quill in his hand. Before he can bend down and take it from his hand however, Robotnik's eyes bolt open.]


[The scavenger backs away as Robotnik uses his other hand and pulls a tarp of grass, revealing his trap. Suddenly, a giant mushroom slams down, causing the mushrooms around it to spin rapidly, alarming the scavengers. Suddenly, the lead scavenger unexpectedly steps into a rope trap, catapulting him screaming into the distance.]

Klatuu Barata Nikto!

[The other scavenger looks to Robotnik, who kicks a mushroom, resulting in a giant mushroom stem to slam into the second scavenger, sending him flying away, thus leaving the last scavenger to open its spear to reveal red blades. The scavenger proceeds to swing them around to intimidate Robotnik, only for Robotnik to use his Robotnik Control Glove to make a call.]

Agent Stone? Now.

[the Eggpod engines burn a rope that is connected to a catapult that holds "Stone", sending said rock flying and hit the scavenger in the face, making him fall on his back. Robotnik gets up while looking at the Ring portal.]

Thank you Stone! It's time to say goodbye to this... [Inhales] piece of shiitake planet!

[Robotnik licks the quill, electrocuting himself again before making a beeline for the Ring portal in slow motion. However, he stops at the sight of a silhouette. Robotnik gasps as he stops in his tracks falling on his back as we see the creature's hand, encased in a massive white boxing glove like glove with twin spikes. In a close up of his face, the creature reveals himself to be an anthropomorphic echidna marching right up to him with his eyes glowing red. The echidna walks up to Robotnik before noticing the quill in his palm]

Where did you get that?

[Robotnik looks to the quill in his hand and swiftly lifts it in between their faces.]

From a little blue menace on the planet called Earth.

[Knuckles looks at Robotnik sternly.]

I'd be happy to show you the way.

[The camera swiftly zooms off the area and off planet as the view enters a large blue circular tube. The camera then zooms out to reveal the title card reading "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG". Suddenly an orange blur zooms passed and sits with the title revealing itself to be an orange "2" sprouting two fox tails. The screen then cuts to black.]

[Scene change:
Seattle, night.] [The screen opens to reveal a city while the caption reads "SEATTLE". The camera moves through the streets of the city. The scene then changes to an old woman pushing a shopping cart with her pet dog in it. She looks down for a second to her dog before noticing a high speed chase with a stolen truck being chased by the Seattle Police Department. The camera turns to the back of the stolen truck to reveal the bank robbers who have hijacked it.]

Bank Robber:
They're still on us!

[His fellow bank robber throws him a stick of dynamite which he taps the top of to ignite it.]

Bank Robber:
This'll slow them down!

[The bank robber throws the dynamite at one of the police cars who drive around the explosion that occurs when the dynamite stick touches the ground, causing the police car to hit a group of trash cans. The cars proceed to drive past one building of from where Sonic is watching the ordeal. Sonic proceeds to tighten his shoes, do some stretches, jump in place and readying his chaos energy, crack his knuckles, do some air punches, and eat a chili dog, before leaping off the building and swiftly following the chase, passing several other cars, all to the tune of Run DMC's "Tricky."]

[Makes flying noises] Watch out! 'Cuse me! Pardon me! Coming through!

[Sonic speeds up to the side window of the truck and kicks the drives while holding to the railing on the roof of the truck.]

Good evening, gentlemen. Mind if I drive?

[Sonic kick at the driver makes the door on his side open up with him clinging onto it. Sonic takes the wheel.]

Better buckle up!

[ Sonic makes a right turn, making the bank robbers in the back hit one another from the movement. The Seattle Police Department continue the chase as sticks of dynamite fall out of the truck and explode upon hitting the ground.]

How we doing back there? [Sonic turns one way, making the bank robbers hit one wall in the truck.]

And now this way!

[ Sonic proceeds to make another turn, making the bank robbers hit the other wall whilst all the money they stole flies out of the truck. Sonic laughs as the chase continues.]


[The Armored Truck Security Guard in the back of the truck looks to Sonic, mumbling due to his mouth being covered with duct tape.]

Oh, I'm sorry, I don't speak duct tape.

[ Sonic removes the duct tape, allowing the Armored Truck Security Guard to speak.]

Armored Truck Security Guard: What the heck are you?!

Fear not, citizen. I am the hero you need and the hero you deserve. The blue dawn that banishes the darkest-- Holy crap!

[Sonic quickly spots a pedestrian on the road and proceed to scream with the Armored Truck Security Guard as he takes the wheel and drives around her. The Armored Truck Security Guard continues to scream.]

Don't worry! Nobody's gonna get hurt!

[The chase continues as the bag of dynamite proceeds to slide right next to Sonic.]

Huh. What are those?

Armored Truck Security Guard: Bombs! Bombs! They're bombs! Those are bombs!

Relax, they're not even lit! so I'll say again, nobody's gonna get--

[ The dynamite sticks turn on as their fuses ignite.]

Ahh! I was wrong! We're all gonna die!

Armored Truck Security Guard: Why aren't you slowing down?! Sonic: That would require brakes.

[Sonic presses on the breaks to no avail as they are blocked by the body of one of the unconscious bank robbers. Sonic takes the bag of dynamite with his foot and picks it up with his hand.]

Ahh, ohh. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

Armored Truck Security Guard: Why don't you just let the police handle this?!

Because that's not what heroes do!

[ Sonic throws all the dynamite sticks out the window. They all fall into a random garbage truck before they explode, scattering its trash everywhere.]

Thank you very much! Please hold your applause!

[Trash falls on the windshield of the truck. The chase continues. The Armored Truck Security Guard hears a hissing.]

Armored Truck Security Guard: Hey, ya hear that? There's one bomb left!

Uh... uh oh.

[Sonic zooms toward the truck's small cubby and proceeds to look under.]

Armored Truck Security Guard: Did you check under the seat?

Of course I checked under the seat!

[The car chase continues]

Armored Truck Security Guard: You are terrible at this!

[Sonic latches onto the wire on the door separating him and the Armored Truck Security Guard.]

You know what? Your negative attitude is not helping anyone!

[The Armored Truck Security Guard sees a sizzling in Sonic's head quills.]

Armored Truck Security Guard: It's in your spiky things!

[Sonic spins around rapidly before getting the dynamite stick out and holds it up.]

Aha! I can never find anything in here!

[Sonic throws the dynamite stick out the window. The dynamite stick rolls away, before falling into a drainage pipe on the side of the sidewalk.] Sonic: Drained it from down town!

[Sonic imitates triumphant trumpet music before retaking the wheel.]

See? I told you no one would get hurt!

[ They look up to see that they are headed straight for an ice stand.]

Holy sherbet!

[Sonic looks around and looks to a bag of power tools.]

Oh, hello!

[Sonic zooms towards the power tools and appears then on the roof of the truck, holding a drill in his hand.]

Don't panic! This is only a drill!

[Sonic proceeds to use the drill to remove the screws on the roof before zooming all over the truck, removing all its screws and bolts. Everyone at the ice cream stand look to the incoming truck and shriek before the truck starts falling apart as it heads right toward them, leaving only the undercarriage, the Armored Truck Security Guard and the unconscious bank robbers, to slide to a halt in front of the ice cream stand. The Armored Truck Security Guard looks to a boy behind him, shocked as a scoop on his ice cream falls off and plops to the ground. Meanwhile, the dynamite stick from earlier explodes, causing all the drainage caps on the street to explode and reveal geysers of water bursting out of them all to the 1812 Overture. The bank robbers regain consciousness, just as the Seattle Police Department arrives at the scene to arrest them. The Armored Truck Security Guard looks to Sonic on top of a building.]

No need to thank me, citizens. All in a night's work for... [Does a pose] Blue Justice!

Armored Truck Security Guard: You're a terrible hero!

[Sonic laughs as he runs down the building and through the ruined streets before running off camera.]

[Scene change:
Green Hills, morning.]

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