Rampage: Capital Punishment


3 YEARS AGO BILL WILLIAMSON MASSACRED HIS HOMETOWN OF TENDERVILLE USING AUTOMATIC WEAPONS AND A CACHE OF MASSIVE EXPLOSIVES HE CLAIMED OVER A HUNDRED VICTIMS. IT HAS BEEN RECORDED AS THE DEADLIEST KILLING SPREE IN THE U.S. HISTORY. BILL DISAPPEARED THE SAME EVENING OF THE MASSACRE. 2 YEARS LATER A VIDEO APPEARED ONLINE. It's ahh.. It's sad downward spiral, to the end of all times. And ahh... There's no chance that we can survive. I mean... 70 million people every year are brought into this Earth. What have they doing? Sucking up all our resources. There's too many people, So what do we do? Just keep them around? Lets kill them! Lets get rid of them! Good! Thank you! Thanks for ahh... Thanks for coming out. THE VIDEO HAS REACHED OVER FIVE MILLION VIEWS. BILL HAS BECOME AN INTERNET SENSATION OF MYTHIC STATUS AMONG HATE GROUPS AND POLITICAL EXTREMIST AROUND THE WORLD. Why not? I mean that's my plan. That's what I want to do. Let's just clean the world. So maybe the rest of us can sustain a little bit of life. So maybe that's what I'll do that in the future, I'll.. I'll help you out. I will help you out. And I will cleanse... DESPITE AN ONGOING MANHUNT ACROSS MULTIPLE STATES AUTHORITIES HAVE DETECTED NO SIGN OF HIM EVER SINCE. This my dear viewers, is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to uncensored media for a few minutes. What I have to say is very important, I had to kill a lot of people and I will get myself killed to get on your television. I want to give you the facts, The US government is funded by the rich, and it keeps the people on the brain level of children. They make sure that people are busy making money to survive, taking care of their family their house and their lawn. They want people thinking that they are free, and have a choice and can do whatever they want. With free press, TV, Hollywood movies, schools, university, religion, they are all... They create the illusion that anything is possible. I'll tell you what this is. This is a... mind control dictatorship in the costume of democracy. You said they'd be home, but I don't see anyone, Hello? Mr Johnson! Let's check the front door. Let's check back in an hour. - You want a cigarette? - Yeah. Let me ask you guys a question. Why don't you go rob a bank? Or people? - I got it. - Here you go. There it is, fill it up. I mean, jail has got to be a whole lot better than sitting in the streets, right? Mugging people is not in our bag. At least, here we're free, Free? You want to be free? What kind of freedom is this? You can't even cross the town. You can't buy a bus ticket, right? Bus ticket cost money, right? At least it's warm in jail. It's hell of a lot warmer than it is on the street, right? Money is everything, right? Money is what you need, right? True. Money is everything, What the f*** we gonna do with money in jail? You don't have to spend money in jail, Taxpayers pay for your jail, right? Pay for your food, your water, your heat. It's a lot warmer in jail than sitting out here on the streets on your lazy asses, right? Why don't you get off your f***ing ass? Do something about it. So why don't you do yourself a favor? Go rob somebody, become a criminal. It pays. Ok, wait until I do my intro, chew the thing and then I'll come... Wiki, this is a... Do you know what I mean? Andy? We're missing tops at the page... The ones that I gave you to do. Andy, this is what I'm talking about. Just go with this. God dammit. I just need... people who can keep up. Are we ready to go yet? Andy, are we ready to go? Andy? So, as we've been talking about. I'm will now read factual information from Julian Assange's transcript... which, of course, was 40 pages long. I will read the cliff notes of what we feel he was trying to say in that transcript. The entire history of ideas, all he ideas that we have access to, our knowledge about the world defines the parameters under which we all act in a rational way. Of course, all of us also act in an irrational way, and societies acting in an irrational way, but there is nothing rational we can do about rationality. Our ability as rational actors to shape our destiny as to rational actions and our rational reactions are based on what we know about the world. So in order to make our rational actions as humane as possible we need the greatest source of input to our decision-making processes individually and as a society and as a global civilization. There are three types of history. By history, I mean, something that is not 2000 years old. By history, I mean all that we know, including the history of last week. Number 1, history which has now going industrial subsidy. That is how to make concrete, how to make windows, how to make pumps, etc. That seems to be dry and boring to most people but is actually the most important information in the world. That is, how to harvest a crop, to to make metal and so on... There's a second type of history which does not have a curator, but is not under threat. So that is the information that has been produced by industrial bases, that are no longer profitable. So those include the books that have gone out of print, for example. And now it's the third type of history that... as an intellectual knowledge, that I'm the most interested in, because it does not have existing support, And neither have we ever had this branch of history to any significant degree. That is the information about how human institutions actually behave. Institutions, in order to increase their industrial power and stop themselves being predictable, have tried to keep that branch of history obscured. If someone goes about obtaining part of it, some classified documents for example, or a document about corporate strategy or old emails of Enron or something, and try to bring them into the light, processes start to suppress that information, and remove it from our shared knowledge of the world. So this particular branch is interesting to me and the other two we already have. This one we do not have. And when we look at all the political theories about how the world should be or should not be, and what action should be taken or should not be taken, to push the world in one direction or another. We should ask under, what information that these political theories based on. Looking at it from perspective of an institution, all institutions, all are engaged in unjust activities. Some obviously greatly exceed that of others. So when trying to find the information that will likely lead to a state of enhanced justice we look for that information which the institution do not want the least. Because that is a signal that the information can do something if it is released. And that is why I have always said that censorship while it is something to be condemned, it is also an optimistic signal, it is always an opportunity, because censorship reveals the fear of reform by knowledge. That is if knowledge can be drawn out, then some action will take place which will result in some kind of reform. All units, all units. We're getting calls about a house fire at Collingwood and West Second Avenue. One eyewitness reports a suspicious person wearing Motocross gear leaving the area. All available units, please respond. Why don't the rich pop stars and film stars and white stockbrokers, who use speed and cocaine and ecstasy everyday, get thrown in jail? Why? Because you're above the law, if you are rich. You watch Spielberg's and "Lincoln" movie and you actually think the civil war happen to free the slaves, so that billionaire Spielberg makes you even dumber. And they will make sure that that movie will be screened at schools and in TVs non-stop, forever, but... the reality is that every war was about money and the stupid people must die, because the elite decided it. You sit in front of reality TV everyday to kill your time, and you think you are... up to date, because you Anderson Cooper and other empty balloons without their own opinion. Hey dude, how much money you got? Dude? Remember me? Yeah? What's wrong with your friend? He's dead. What's wrong with your friend? He is dead. What did I tell you? - It's cold, - Yeah, it's cold. Now your friend is dead, because you did nothing about it. You're gonna be next. Oh, closed? No more bingo. I have the 27. Bingo! Bingo? Alright, no bailout for you. How you look doesn't matter. Brands don't matter. Drugs don't matter. This is all created to keep you stupid. The free press, TV, Hollywood movies, schools, universities and religion are all opium for the masses as Karl Marx would say. I want to make you wake up and change. Reports of a multiple shooting at a mega hall in Burney. Possible suspect wearing black helmet and face mask, seen driving a grey Honda. All units respond with caution. Andy, how long have I been number one anchor in the city. Don't think I don't have other options. I have been consistently the number one anchor in this city for what? Two years? Jesus! Because most of these people I work with are incompetent a**holes. Many people are late. People don't do their job. They don't get me the information I ask for! Do you really think you'd get these awards without me, huh? Do you think that award? No! Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the new attraction of Las Vegas! I can catch bullets! And I will elevate you and me to a new level! Stop! You don't have to do this! Go on! Sh*t! Oh sh*t! Move! Move. There is space back here! Hey, where are you going? Where is he? Oh, hi! You guys are so cute, hiding back there. Why do they put you in the back, huh? Why do they put you in the back? Come on. Come on, I need you. Let's go. Let's go. Oh! See what happens? You see what happens? Come on, let's go. Let's go! Get the f*** over there! Don't think about going down the stairs. You must get out of there! Yeah, you move. You move! Stop, right here. Stop! You wait for me. Play nice with me, I'll play nice with you. Well, hey, how are you guys doing? - Come on. - Hey! Did you see what happened? Everybody out! Let's get the f*** out! Let's go! Don't f***ing run. Nice and slow. Nice and f***ing slow! Move, move! Move! Come here! Come here! Stop at the stairs. Let's go. Right here! Hey, hey! Stop. Right here, right here! You stay here. Don't f***ing move. I'm watching you. Don't f***ing move! Chip? Chip, the famous news anchor. Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip! Are you under there? I think I see you. Boo! - Hey, Baldy! - What? - Baldy! - What? It's not me. - What? - I mean... - There he is. - Chip, he wants you, right? What do you want? I need your help, Chip. You wanna help me? Yeah, what? Ok good, I need you to follow me, okay? Just stay here. I'm not going to hurt you. Come on. Is that your producer? - Is that your producer under there? - Yeah. Ok, you tell him to hang tight, ok? We're going to need him later. Tell him not to go. You stay there. Chip, stay focused now, ok? Stay focused. Another move. Come on. Hurry up. Everybody, down the stairs. Let's go. Chip, don't you f***ing run. Don't you f***ing run. Come on. Go, get down! Nobody run! Anybody runs I'll f***ing kill you. Gather right down there. Let's go. You! Keep on going! Down the lobby! Okay, stage four. Let's go. Stage four. Anybody runs will get shot! Let's go! Go! Alright move! Move! Let's go! Come on everyone, stay calm everyone. Stay together! Stay together! Okay, come on. Stage four, let's go! You know what stage four is. Let's go! Chip, you don't f*** around! Stage four, motherf***er! Quit looking at me, motherf***er! Listen. Listen to me. These people are my responsibility, ok? - You need anything, you talk to me. - Okay. Thinking about it, Chip. You're finally doing something good for the world. Hey, buddy, right here. Right here. Stand right here. Close these f***ing doors. Now! Close these f***ing doors! Close the door! Ok, everyone against the wall! Sit up against the wall. On the ground, on the ground! Come on, everyone against the wall. Let's go! Sit down, sit down, sit down. Not you Chip! Stand up! Here, you get a chair! I wouldn't want to ruin the $3000 suit, right? Listen, I'd rather sit with them, that... Sit on the f***ing chair! You're not exactly on the same level as these people. All of a sudden, you f***ing a**hole. You! Did I tell you to sit in a chair? Did I tell you to sit on the chair? Now you know what happens when you don't follow my rules, right? Chip, sit the f*** down! Come on, man. Let them go ok, and you and I could talk this out, ok? Chip, Chip, Chip... Have a seat. I just want some quiet for a few minutes. Listen to me. Why don't you let them go? - And you and I can just... - Chip, Chip, chip, chip... You know, you guys shouldn't be so scared. You're lucky to be down here, you know? This is a... This can be a safe place. For a few hours we'll get to know each other. You cooperate with me, I'll cooperate with you. I promise you that, ok? I have a few things I need to do. And I need your help to do it. Okay? Chip? You look after that woman. She's crying. Okay? Go see if she's okay, Everything's gonna be alright. Just stay quiet. Quiet ok? - You're the one who called me? - Yeah. - How many hostages are there? - Ten, fifteen. You know where they went? Straight into the basement. He took them into the basement. He looks like a RoboCop, like two machine guns like crazy. I need two guys. Go upstairs and sweep the room. Go go go. I want you to set up base command in the northwest side of the building, copy? - Tell me where he came from? - He came up here. Look at this, Jesus Christ. We got dozens injured here. I need you to send some more ambulances quickly. Alpha Team, make sure you seal the exits. Nobody in or out. F*** me! Listen, what can we do... to make this right? Okay? Well Chip, you know what you could do? Maybe you could remove this dead body. Put it around the corner. It's freaking people out. Get it out of here! Look, it... It's heavy. Can I get someone to help? I've been dragging dead bodies around all day, you p*ssy. Okay, get someone to help you. Err... anybody? Come on. Come on, it's heavy. Okay, let's get him over here. Come on. Come on. Okay, let's get him in here. Okay. Come on, back over here! Chip. Chip in the chair. You on the floor. Just... that's good. Be more careful. So the SWAT team is probably collecting themselves outside right now. I'm sure they're not going to bust in, they know if they do... I'll have no choice, but to shoot you all, right? Now, as far as we know he's got 15 to 20 hostages. I think there's only one suspect. We don't know for sure at this point. Now, there's only one way in to the basement. We've looked, this door right here has been sealed. And he's barricaded himself on the inside. So, literally the only way in, is through here. There is no way out, and that's it. Yes, sir. Yes, it's me. He's barricaded himself into the basement room. Yeah well, the ventilation system. There's nothing we can do. It's too thin. We can't get anybody in or out. I'm trying to get audio and visuals set up right now. Yes sir, I will keep you posted. I'll await further instruction. I need eyes in there. I need to be able to see. Got me? Chip, I do have one request. Are you married, Chip? - Yeah. - Yeah? - How long you've been married? - Seven years. Seven years. Lucky... lucky seven, huh? - Still on good? You love her? - Yeah, I'm lucky. - You want to see her again, right? - Absolutely. Okay. We all want to get out of here, right? So here's what we gonna do. Chip! Now you don't want all your co-workers to die, right? - No, of course not. - Okay. So, this what we gonna do. You gonna take this upstairs, ok. And you gonna get this aired. Nation wide. I got a lot of followers, and a lot of fans all around the world. And they're gonna send me messages. They're gonna tweet at me, they're gonna e-mail me, they're gonna... They're going let me know if people are seeing this, okay? Huh, what is it? You'll see, but... I want you to do that, and you'd better... better come back down, ok? If you don't, then everybody's gonna die. And then afterwards, I want you to come back with a camera crew, okay. Cable... and we're gonna do an exclusive interview with me. And we air live. Can you handle it? You come back now. You come back. Listen I... I don't know how long it's gonna take for me to get this on the air, so you... You give me your word you will not hurt anyone. You have one hour, Chip, or I'll shoot everybody. - I don't know how long this will take. - One hour, Chip. I know you can do it. I'll have your word you won't hurt anyone, please. Chip, you just come back with camera crew. After that is aired, okay? Ok, everyone stay calm, ok. Trust me, I'll be right back. - Chip, close the f***ing door. - Just give me your word. - Promised me you won't hurt them, right? - Chip Chip Chip, you promised me. Close your door, Chip! Hold it! Whoa woah woah, I'm one of the hostages. - It's ok, get him out of there. - Officer! Officer! - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Ok, how many hostages are in there? He killed one, um... He killed one... I think six females and... Jenny... Listen, I don't have time for this! Listen, listen to me. That man in there, that's Bill Williamson. Ok, the man responsible for the biggest amok run in US history. I was there last time. I know exactly who he is. He is back. Ok, listen to me. He gave me this disc. Ok, he wants me to air this nation wide, live within an hour, or he will kill everyone in there. He also wants me to get a crew together and go in and give him a live interview. Okay, do what you have to do. - Okay. - Go. F***! - What the f*** happened? - Don't ask. What do I do? You need to go back in there. Are you f***ing kidding me? He will shoot me. He will not shoot you. That's the reason he's doing this. He wants that to get out there. I'm sure he's got duplicates. He will not kill you, trust me. The most important thing for him is to get that on the air and he wants to do that interview. That's why he's doing this. Just go back in there. I'm sure he's got another copy and we'll have you covered. - You have me covered? - We have you covered. - Do you want to save those hostages? - What the f*** you think? Then what are you waiting for? Sh*t! Open the door. Close your door! - What are you doing back here, Chip? - Listen, I... had a little accident. Oh, Chip. I asked you to do one thing. I asked you to do one thing, Chip. - I am sorry, I... - What do you expect me to do now? I'm hoping you have another disc? The whole point of me being here... was to get this aired. And now what? We can still do the live interview. Chip! You really leave me no choice now, right? Now everybody has to die, right? This is my fault, this is my fault. It's your fault. Now you want to take responsibility. You have one little job, Chip. To take the DVD upstairs and get it played. Let's just do the interview, right? Anything that was on the disc, you can go live, right? Come here, Come here! Get on your knees. Get on your knees. - Get on your knees, Chip. - You do not have to do this, Bill. - You don't need to... - On your knees. Listen to me. I have a wife. I have kids. Please! You have a wife and kids, huh? You know what, Chip? I don't give a f***. I always make two, Chip. I always make a double. Now go. Go! I told you. And don't f***ing drop it this time. It worked. What a f***ing idiot. Your big hero, right? Your big hero. The voice of America. He doesn't give a sh*t about you. He couldn't care less about you. Right? He doesn't know about your family. He doesn't know your husband's name, your wife's name. He's never asked you a single question. Do you know why? Because he makes the money. He doesn't know your name. He calls you "man", calls you "dude", he calls you "babe". Right? How many of you interns have f***ed him? You've f***ed him. He is married man, right. He doesn't give a sh*t. Look like you're wearing yoga pants. You do yoga? Yeah. We could turn this place into a yoga studio, you know? People make a lot of money from doing that kind of stuff. Why don't you come up? Come here. Come here. It's okay. Let me see some yoga. Let me see your downward dog. Vinyasa Flow. Are you one of... Are you one of those... um... rich housewives. Bored out of their minds. Their nannies do all the work. They have better relationship with your children than you do? And... you know, still you... cause you... you become a yoga teacher. When the children fall and scrape their knee... Who do they run to? They run to their nanny, they don't run to you. What are you going to do? Because you're too busy all being a yoga teacher, right? You think you have a rich husband? Say, he is a lawyer. So he cheats and he double dips his clients. He steals so that you can feel like a better person. Do you feel like a better person when you do yoga? You probably shop at organic fancy foods, buying apples for f***ing five dollars a piece, right? You feel like you're doing something good for the world. Let me tell you something. You're not doing any good for the world. Yoga is not good for the world. You know what? Yoga is... It's a gymnastic for the egocentric. Yeah? Botox laden. Reality denying. Slut. Get up. Let me ask you something. Where is your yoga bullshit now? You know what? You end now! Did you guys see anything? Did you guys see a spirit? Did you see a spirit or a soul? Float away into the heavens? I didn't. That's just nothing. It's just a piece of meat now. There is nothing, nothing what I can do. Absolutely nothing. - Andy! - I'm here. - Listen, I'm sorry, right. So, I mean... - What? I don't give a sh*t, just... He wants this aired, okay? - Look! What does it say? - I don't f***ing know. He wants it nationwide in an hour, or he kills everybody downstairs. - I mean, we're off the air, right? - I don't give a f***. Look, just do your f***ing job! Andy, Jesus Christ! I got to get a crew together. He wants to do an interview. Okay, go. Okay, let me do it. Okay, got it. Thank you. Okay guys. Listen up. Here is what we have so far. Bill Williamson has been in hiding for over a year. He hasn't been in contact with any members of his family. There'd been no phone calls, no cellphones, no text messages, no e-mails, nothing. WE ARE WITH YOU! UR ALIVE? KILL EM ALL!!! BILL F***IN ROCKS. This guys is a killing machine. We need to get to him as soon as possible. So, what I need from you is to get a hold of his mother or his father. I need them to get on the phone and I need to speak with them right away. What are you looking at? What are you looking at? You... You killed my sister. Why are you here? You know, I've killed a lot of people. So, you gonna have to be a little bit more specific. - You shot her, you f***ing a**hole. - Okay, okay. She worked at the Chicken Den. "The Chicken Den"? - Holy sh*t, what...? - Crap. That really terrible waitress? Yeah? That was your sister? You look like her. You guys are twins or something. Yeah? Okay, I can see you're upset. What do you wanna do? You're standing up... I've waited for you to get caught or killed. But I didn't get caught or killed. I didn't get caught or killed, did I? So what? What do you do now? You're standing there like you're gonna do something. - I want to kill you. - You want to kill me? Come and kill me. Come on! You're brave. You're brave. What are you gonna do? You want to punch me, huh? You want to punch me? Get the f*** out of here. I think she wants to fight. Hey you in the blue shirt, stand up. Come forward! You're angry, right? You're angry? You want to take it out on somebody, right? Okay, here's your chance. Stand up, blue shirt! I'm not f***ing around! - F***ing stand up! - Okay. Now, now... She's very angry. And she would like to, you know, express that emotion. In a form of violence. And I'd like to watch. I'd like you to hit her. This is crazy. I've never hit a woman in my life. Oh sweetheart. Well, it's gonna be a first time. I mean, you could hit her, or I'll shoot you, then I shoot her. And then everybody's dead. I mean, what's better? So... Hit her. Come on, hit her! Hit her. Hit her. I'm sorry. There you go. How did that feel, huh? Pretend she's your wife. She just cheated on you. Come on, go! Hit her! Punch her! Yeah, there you go. Harder. Harder! Yeah. That should do it. Fight back. Fight back! Fight back, darling. Claw his eyes out! Claw his eyes out! Let's go. Let's go. There you go. Now you're getting it. Punch her! There you go. Now hit her, hit her! You p*ssy. Yeah! Hit her again. Yeah, hit her again. Hit her again. Come on! Harder! Are you crying, huh? Are you crying? This is insane. I'm done. I'm not doing it anymore. Either you kill me, or I'm going to sit down. Wow! Look at that! A man with some balls, huh. A man with real cojones, huh? Very brave. If there was more like you, the world would be better place. Nice work. Nobody moves! And one more time. As soon as he's talking on the phone to his father, you take the opportunity and you shoot him right between the eyes. All you ready? Yup, we're just waiting for Chip to get back. Yeah, just hold on the other line. Yeah, we're good to go. It's been an hour. I mean, I have no patience anymore. Get that stuff on air right now, or you're all fired. Andy, it takes time to get a DVD to go to air. This is ridiculous. I have a lot of messages. 200... 220 messages. "Bill, no video yet". Bill! Where is this message that you promised us? They're not showing it, Bill. One simple f***ing thing he had to do. And he can't do. You know what he's probably doing? Sitting down in his Ferrari, his 3000 dollar suit. And he's just driving home. Forgetting that he ever knew you. Because of him... you guys will all die. All of you. Because of one person. Not because of me. Because of him. VIDEO IS PLAYING! YOU'RE PLAN WORKED. KILLER BILL'S VIDEO FORCED ON AIR This, my dear viewers, is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to uncensored media for a few minutes. What I have to say is important. And I had to kill a lot of people and I will get killed myself to get my message to you. So I made the decision to value your interest how ever my life. I wanna make you wake up and change. But before I tell you what I think you should do, I want to give you the facts. And I mean it, the facts. The NSA tapes every single phone call, e-mail and text on our people like Snowden or Assange. Should give us much needed information to protect democracy, get hunted and prosecuted by the US government. The US government is funded by the rich, and likes to keep people in the dark, ignorant and the brain level of children. They make sure people are busy, making money to survive, to take care of their family, their house, their lawn. They want people thinking they are free, and have a choice, gonna do whatever they want, but they can't. The people that are representing you are bought and paid for to keep you stupid. In your small stupid little world. How can there be no gun control, even though there are monthly massacres? In the USA 11000 people are shot every year. In the UK it's only 300. Why? Because the UK... doesn't have guns. People don't have guns. Period. What I have done in the past, and what I'm doing right now is the result of no gun control. There aren't even background checks to filter out people with criminal record. Why is this? Because 50% of the senators and governors are paid by the gun industry. So, wake up. Health care is of course beneficial for at least 95% of the people in America. Basically all of the developed world has health care. Almost 50% of Americans are against it. Based on the perfect brainwashing media machine. The Iraq war was a crime. Powell, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld lied to the United Nations and the rest of the world. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and he had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. But we know our friends, the Saudis financed the 911 attacks, but because of their oil we don't do anything against them. Instead we send soldiers to die in countries that has nothing to do with domestic terror attacks. Why didn't Obama file charges against the Bush government? Bush cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions and committed war crimes. Why is Obama not doing anything about that? Because he is also paid and a member of the club. More migrants got deported under Obama than under any other president. Why didn't he close Guantanamo Bay where prisoners sit without charges, evidence proved or a court case for over 13 years now? He did not veto the Detainee Provisions and the National Defense Authorization act which codify the indefinite detention of people including Americans without trial. We have a constitutional crisis in the United States. We now have a rogue state. It is a violation of international law. A violation of Magna Carta, that goes back 800 years with what our sense of justice means. Obama should be charged for that and he should go to jail. Speaking of jail... The USA has 5% of the world's population, and 25% of the world's prisoners. People go to jail because they have ten grams of cocaine in their pockets. Half of the prisoners are in jail for drug possession, and more than half of them are black. Why does this absurd situation not get changed? I'll tell you why. Because Washington gets paid to keep it going by the prison industry lobby. Why don't the rich pop stars and film stars and white stockbrokers who use speed... The guy is totally right. ...you see everyday, get thrown in jail. Why? I need to acquire him as a TV talk show host. ...if you are rich. Do you think because the Morgans, the Gettys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers and other criminal a**holes who founded America and did something good with their charities, but... You overlook that they stole all their money and they never should have been rich in the first place. What I want from you, the crowd, is this, okay? I want you to change the world, and don't think that this is going to happen peaceful, or you can do it alone. We need to kill the rich. You get out there. You use your weapons. You rip Washington apart. You hunt down the billionaires, the big bosses, the CEOs, the scumbags, the liars, the governors, the lobbyists, the senators. Because they're all the same. You hang them from the first tree that you can find. We need a... we need a cleanse, people. Okay. We need a reboot. We are actually nationwide. We have the best ratings ever. I mean we are now on the map. Everywhere, everybody knows us. We need to destroy that system. But I cannot do this work alone. I need you now. We need to do this together, okay. So I thank you, in advance, for your help. Thank you. That's pretty good, right? If I ran for President, I would win, right? You understand what I'm talking about here? How each and everyone of you can change the world? Right? We can change it together! Now you starting to get it, right? Now you starting to get it. Good! Good! Chip! Good man, Chip! - Just hang tight. - Hey! Okay, we're ready to go. - Okay, you got your two guys? Okay? - Yeah. You're not f***ing shooting...? - You got this, right? - Yeah. Documentary, man. Okay, listen. There's a change in plan. We're gonna have one more guy. One of my guy is going in with you and one cable. Wait a second. He... He's coming in with us? He's there for your protection. My protection? He's going to get me f***ing killed. He'll not get you killed. He's a trained agent. He will be there just for your protection. He will protect both of you guys, ok? Okay, but I'm gonna get the interview first, right? Are you f***ing kidding me? This is about the hostages, not about your f***ing interview. This is about saving those people that are in there. I know, okay. Right, okay, come on. Wait, one more thing. Got his dad on the line. Now I need you to bring this phone to Bill and hopefully his father can talk some sense into him. - What? I can't do that. - Yes, you can. Look, his father is going to talk to him and hopefully he can talk him down. Get him to give himself up and to save those hostages. - Yeah, here. Give it to me. - Okay, hold on. Get Mr. Williamson on. Mr Williamson, just hang on. Hold the line. Right. Our only option. Come on, come on, come on. Chip? Yeah! Yeah, it's me. Got the camera crew? Yeah, we're... we're ready to come in. How many you got? There... there are just three of us. Four of us. Three... three, me making four. Alright, come in! Okay. Okay. You ready to do it? The interview? Listen, the DVD, I gave it to my program director and... It is huge. Ok, you're getting some big numbers here. - I know, I know. It's good, right? - Yeah, that's great. So now we do the live interview, hmm? Look, I... I was told to give you this. It's your father. - Dad? - Bill. How is it going? It's so great to hear your voice. - I miss you so much, son. - Yeah, me too. How you've been? How's Ma? Why are you doing, Bill? Where have you been? You don't know how we have suffered since you left. Why didn't you just come back to us for help? Well Dad, you know, I couldn't exactly come home. You don't have to do any of these things. We can work this out. Whatever it is... Look, why don't you just go back to your couch, turn on the TV, watch your reality television, okay? Stop what you're doing, right now. Let me be... Let me be the man, ok. Let me be the man. You're sick, okay? Put mom on the phone. Dad! Put mom on the phone. I can't put mom on the phone. She's not here, son. She was in an accident six months ago. What? Woh, woh woh... What kind of accident? Your mom was depressed and she was taking something for it. Shouldn't have been driving... She must have gotten distracted and... she flipped the car. She held on for a while in the hospital. Asking to see you, Bill. I tried to find you. I did everything I could. - But you just disappeared without a trace. - Okay, okay, okay I got it. You need help, son. Now Dad, I'm sitting here in the f***ing hostage room. Bill, whatever your reasons... I got a camera crew down here, and they're gonna record a live interview with me and... They're f***ing idiots, Dad because... they came with the camera crew, a f***ing gun to kill me. - Bill, what's happening? - Dad, I got to go. - Bill, listen to me. Listen to me. - You motherf***er! - This wasn't my... - Motherf***er! Alpha team, in position. Bravo team. Get into position. - 0'Connor! - Yes, sir. Charlie team. - Are you ready? - Charlie team ready. Team ready for entry, sir. Got a bang in there. F*** you. Son of a b*tch. Send the emergency response team down here to the basement right away. We've got five, six casualties. Alpha team's has been hit. F***! Go! - Bill, listen to me! Listen to me! - Shut up! You two. Drag this body! Drag it over there with the rest. You motherf***er! Hurry up! Faster! Faster! Keep on going! Sh*t. Sh*t! Why would you try to do that to me, Chip? Okay, listen! We got the DVD out. Maybe we won't do the live interview. Maybe I just kill everybody right now. No. No! - You want me to shoot every f***ing people? - Bill, Bill, listen to me! - Now I kill everybody, right? - Listen to me! We have the crew, okay? We set it up. We go live nationwide like you wanted. Okay? No one gets hurt. You get your message across. Okay, just like I said. We do it that way, okay? Bill... Bill, we do it that way. All right, set it up. Okay. Where do you want to do it? Right here? - Right here. - Okay. Sit down. So you're ready to shoot it now? You're ready to shoot it now? Okay, now we shoot the f***ing interview! They're not breathing, sir. I think there's a pulse right here. We're putting oxygen over here. Oh, we gonna... - Alright, okay. Let's... Are we good? - Yeah. Okay. Let's get started. Where have you been, Bill? Where...? Where have you been hiding out for the last year? What does it matter, Chip? Where I'm from? What I do in the past? I mean what... what does any of this matter? Okay, um. Can I ask you a bit about your background? About your upbringing. Who are you, Chip? Maybe that's a better question. Who are you? I saw you read the Assange statement. Do you understand what you were reading there? - You've read it? - I do understand his plight. You read it for , didn't you? I'm sure at some point you wanted to get to the truth, right? Before you got concerned with your money. Being on TV, I'm sure you wanted be a real journalist. I am a real journalist. But I also believe in law and order and I believe in the constitution. Cons.. It is a control mechanism for the rich. They are the law and order. They made the Constitution to protect the money and the land that they stole. The rich are above the law, everywhere. Look at the Russian oligarchs. In Germany, the owners of Bayer, BASF, BMW and VW, they all use slave labor under Hitler, right. And the owners of those companies are still the same. The Royals in England, right, the rich Africans, they're all murderers of their own people. They annex minds in their own countries. We lick the asses of Arabs who come in with their oil money, and buy Gucci, Lexus cars and all the American companies. But they execute people on a daily basis. They give women no rights, they kill gays, but we still don't care, because they have the money. Our corporate overlords are gangsters in pinstripe suits. Alright, they care nothing for the rule of law. They have put into place the most sophisticated system of internal security in human history. They have shredded our most basic constitutional rights and civil liberties. They have turned the three branches of government into wholly unsubsidiaries with the corporate state. They've seized control of the systems of information to saturate the airwaves with lies. And you're part of that, Chip. You're just like everybody else. See the anchors, the news people, they're all in someones pocket, right? Am I right? Now what's the agenda here? At your news station. We made 2.8 million dollars in the last two hours. On that coverage. I license it out... to all the f***ing networks. I'm in like, this is he best thing ever you know, and Chip signed a contract, he's my copyright. He will be a big star, you know. Bill, how does it make you feel, taking another person's life? Have you ever punched someone in the face, Chip? I'm sure... Once or twice? Do you feel that... connection, the fist? Flesh on flesh. That sound. There's nothing more visceral than that, is there, right? We could sit here, we could talk all day. But what is it to really be human? I mean, like, let's take it back. Let's take it back to how we... Our primitive state. When we were killers... when we hunted and gathered.. for our food. Where we killed animals, to eat them. Now they are just killed in factories by machines. Right? We're totally... separated from that now... as a human race. So have you ever stood over a body...? And smelled the blood? Felt the heat from the blood as it drained from the body? No. This will remind you of what it's like to be a human. This will remind you of who you are. In the most basic sense. Right? There's nothing more real than this, right? There's nothing more real than... pain. Not just emotional pain, but real physical pain, right? Do you feel that... that killing innocent people is a solution? Yeah, I do. I mean, Chip, isn't that the solution America is using all across the globe? With their drones? When not the drones throwing bombs or are they throwing candy on to little children, Chip? It killed 50 kids, Chip, to get one terrorist. Are we not plundering the third world? And leaving starving and dying people behind us to keep our lifestyle? These are heavy circumstances. They don't allow for any more peaceful talks. We see the crimes. We know global warming is true. We know lobbyists bought Washington. We know the financial collapse already happened. But we're still printing money, to delay the end. In 50 years or even earlier, it's all over. We have more and more people on the planet, and less and less water, food, gas and oil. In a 100 years, there will be no f***ing earth any more. Words mean nothing any more, right? The only way that I can affect these lives, is by taking them away. The only way that I can affect you... is to kill you. Wouldn't the proper solution, be to... form a party? You don't get... get people to follow you. Get elected. Make a difference... Get elected? Get elected into what? You're not listening to me. Get elected into what? Don't you cut the bullshit. Chip, it's not about the politics, right? Whether you're a Democrat, whether you're a Republican, it really doesn't matter. All of these Democrats, Republicans, governors, they're all bought and paid for. We could vote. We could vote someone in. It doesn't matter. These lobbyists that... that control, right? There are always two sides of every story, right? Everyone has an opinion. Isn't that what makes democracy so great that... the fact that we can all voice those opinions? Yeah, as long those voices don't change anything. Julian Assange, Hammond, Snowden, they are the prophets of our time. They are the voices that are crying out in the wilderness. And they are the ones that the State intends to murder. We have no democracy any more. We can't say what's on our mind. This very interview is enough to land me in jail with no trial. Forever. They'll throw me in Guantanamo. It's not our voice any more. Well, don't you feel you could change that? No, I don't. I feel like this is the only way to change things. Yeah Bill, you seem like a person who has, um... deep maternal ties, if you don't mind me saying. How do you feel about... not being there when your mother passed away? You want to talk about my mother? My mama was a good woman. She cared a lot for me. She would have done anything for me. And I would do anything for her. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing will ever change that. Do you think she approves of your actions? This is beyond my mother. Some things are bigger than that. Bigger than family. This is about us as the human race. How we gonna survive. You understand that? So people die. People die, Chip. Life goes on. Right? Life has to go on. No matter what. Despite everything. Wow, that's... That's powerful, Bill. So where do we go from here? I'm gonna be smoked out. I'm going to die, right here. So are you... going to remain a man of your word and... Are you going to let all these people go, or are you going to kill us? Yeah, I'm a man of my word, Chip. I'm going to let all these people go. But not you, my little puppet. You need to stay here. You're going to stay here and die with me. And I may die here. But at least I'm going to die with a voice. Okay, everybody's going to get up! We're going to head very slowly to the door! You tell them, they can't smoke me out. I got a gas mask. We do this the old-fashioned Alamo way. Now get the f*** up! Get the hostages out of the way. Out of the way. Get them safe. Hey Bill! It's over now. Put your f***ing gun down! Are you f***ing kidding me? WK7 TV STATION EXPLODES WILLIAMSON DEAD The hostage situation at the WK7 TV station ended tragically in a dramatic explosion, which collapsed the building. The death toll has reached 128, though many are still missing. The intensity of the explosion was so great that most of the remains will never be identified. However investigators have concluded that Williamson was surrounded and could not have escaped the blast. Williamson was responsible for the Tenderville City massacre three years ago, killing over a hundred people. It seems that the families of those victims can finally have some closure knowing that Bill is now dead. You still think God exists because they want you to spend your hard earned money on stupid churches? I'm going to tell you something: There is no God. There was never a God. There will be no f***ing God, ever. You're gonna die, go underground, and that is it. Nobody moves! - Hey, kid. - Yah. - What are you reading there? - A book. Oh, yeah! Don't you know books are bullshit? Your parents are full of sh*t and your teachers are full of sh*t. Here's the only thing that matters, alright? You ever see one of this? You pull this back, you pull the trigger. Use it on your parents, cause they're full of sh*t. You use it on yourself last okay. Grab it. Now f***ing get out of here. I want you to change the world. Don't think it'll change peacefully or you can do it alone. You need to kill the rich. You get out there. You use your weapons and you rip Washington apart. You hunt down the billionaires, the big bosses, the CEOs, the scumbags, and the liars, the governors, the lobbyists, the senators. Because they're all the same. And you... you hang them. From the first tree that you can find! We need a cleanse, people. Okay. We need a reboot. We need a new chance for all of us. But I cannot do this work alone. I need you, now! We need each other, now! So I thank you in advance... For your help.

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Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll (German: [ˈuːvə ˈbɔl]; born June 22, 1965) is a German-born Canadian restaurateur and retired filmmaker. He financed his own films through his production companies Boll KG and Event Film Productions. Many of his films were produced on low budgets and Boll himself had backed his projects financially or made use of crowdfunding platforms. Boll's filmmaking career is generally divided into two distinct phases: the first consists of big budget films with a usually renowned cast, most of which gained him a reputation as a "schlock maestro", while receiving highly negative reviews from critics, with Alone in the Dark being considered one of the worst films ever made. However his second phase is marked by films with a smaller budget or were independently made, relatively unknown actors and different approaches to filmmaking; Boll's Rampage film series, Tunnel Rats, Stoic, Amoklauf, Heart of America, Assault on Wall Street and Darfur have been better (or mildly well) received by critics. After losing financing and facing constant criticism, Boll partially retired from filmmaking in 2016 to work in the restaurant industry. He opened his Bauhaus Restaurant in Vancouver, which has earned positive reviews among food critics. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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