Mythica: The Godslayer

Synopsis: As the Lich King's zombie legions ravage the world, Marek, a cursed young sorceress, embarks on a quest to obtain a weapon from the gods, with her friend Dagen, a self-serving half-elf rogue. But when she joins her sworn enemy in a desperate attempt to save the world, she must recover the good in herself before her friends are all dead, and defeat the Lich King before the gods are destroyed and the world forever enslaved.
Director(s): John Lyde
Production: Arrowstorm Entertainment
118 min

1 Mythica 5:
The Godslayer (people screaming) (zombies roaring) (weapons clanging) (magic tinkles) (man yells) (magic tinkles) (explosion booms) (explosion booms) (explosion booms) Head shots, decapitation, or fire! (cannons booming) (girl wailing) Help! Please! Help! Please! Please! Please help my father. I cannot help him. It has been too long. He is beyond my reach now. I'm sorry. Take him to the pyre. Now. (sorrowful music) (Teela sighs) (Szorlok whispers) (Szorlok whispers) (dramatic music) (corpse wheezes) (bones cracking) (zombie hisses) (girl screams) (boy yells) (blood squelches) (Thane breathes heavily) I'm sorry. You have to believe me, he was no longer your father. (girl sobs) Take him quickly to be burned. There's no end to it. How can we fight against all this? Marek was a fool to take the crown, why didn't you stop her? Mortals have been known to see a way forward, even when the gods have no answers to their prayers. So much dead already. Thane. We have our part to do. We must have faith that Marek and Dagen will do theirs. Do you? Have faith in Marek? What other hope is there? (evil, bombastic music) Hear me, gods! (thunder rumbles) Your power fades as your worshipers die and rise again as my servants. This world is mine! (thunder rumbles) All of you together cannot stand against me. (chuckles) (dragon shrieks) - Come with me. - We're coming. (children whispering) [Girl] It's Commander Thane. They look up to you. [Thane] They feel safe behind the wall. (tender orchestral music) [General Rohgar] Commander Thane. [Thane] Thank you, lad. (victim groaning) Tell me you bring good news. Every city they take, their armies increase tenfold. To keep fighting is madness. We must offer terms for our surrender. Szorlok will show no mercy. To surrender is death. Your death, your people's death, perhaps even the death of the gods. Let them die, then. They've done nothing to help us. [Ana-Sett] Do not profane the gods, Thane. I have come to aid this world at great peril to myself, just as Tek, God of the Forge, once did. And he paid an ultimate price. Do not take our death lightly. If we immortals die, much that is precious will die with us. Then call them down to fight for us. Maybe then we'd have a chance. [Teela] They will not, they all fear the fate of Tek. Then we cannot win. We must give them more time. Them, Commander? Send a horse to find Dagen and Marek. Tell them to make haste. Tell them they're our only hope. (stream splashing) (deep, somber music) Come to me, Marek. (Marek gasps) You can save them. [Dagen] Hey! Did you have a good sleep? It's nice to be back in civilized lands. It's colder than it should be. Say what you will about the Admiral, but her clothes suit you perfectly. Something wrong? Nothing. I can't work it out in my head, why I did it. This crown for the Darkspore... I mean, I know why I did it, but now that it's done, I can't help feeling like I've made a terrible mistake. People are dying, Dagen. It's my fault. No. No, hey, do not look back. Stick to the plan. By nightfall, we'll be at Hammerhead's, we'll get Tek's Hammer and we'll destroy the Darkspore, once and for all. I'd rather have that crown than that cursed black stone any day. Szorlok said my mother carried the Darkspore before I was born. He'd say anything to get to you, Marek. Don't let him. I don't remember anything about my mother. For as long as I can remember, I was raised as an orphan in the slave camps. Until I was old enough, maybe 10 years, when I was sold to the apothecary. Well, then he could say anything about your mother and you would never know whether or not... But what if it's true? What if he did know her? What if she did carry the Darkspore? It could explain what I am. (sighs) Don't you ever think about where you came from? (birds cawing) Me? (aching, emotional music) I was born in a whorehouse, Marek. It's fitting, I know. My mother was an elf. She was captured by orcish slavers and sold to the brothel servicing the King's fifth army regulars. Father was some sort of man, I suppose. Probably a soldier, maybe a passing tradesman. Some creep with an appetite for pointed ears. Enough gold to satisfy her. When I was four years old, I found my mother hanging from a doorpost. She'd taken her own life, you see. And after that, I had a dozen mothers, you might say. Or none. I took to thieving like a baby to bosom. Lots of passing gentlemen with heavy purses. "Can't blame the kid, he's just a kid." (chuckles) So they'd beat me. Sometimes 'til I couldn't stand. Until I escaped the brothel, to make my own fortune in the world. But the money came and the money went, as quickly as I could steal it and spend it. There's not a lot to be proud of. My life had a lot of people, (chuckles) that's my legacy. (sighs) I'm a thief, Marek. That's all I am. (Marek sighs) You're a thief and I'm a necromancer. We both lost what little we had to call mothers far too young in life. Both of us cursed from the start. No. No, don't you see, it's... You found me because you needed a thief. I owe everything I have to that. You, Thane, Teela. I wouldn't trade that for anything. It doesn't matter where we came from; we're here, now. Right when the world needs us. When I was a slave, that's all I ever wanted. To choose for myself. But I never wanted tot choose for the whole world. (Dagen chuckles) Careful what you wish for, as the saying goes. Hey. I'm sorry. We just have to do our part, now. Soon, we can forget about all this; let somebody else save this wretched world. (girl screaming) (zombies snarling) (dramatic, panicky music) Run for your life! (people screaming) I can't find her! [Peasant Man] Ivy! Ivy! Mama! Mama! (arrow whooshes) (girl shrieks) Nice shot, Dagen. [Peasant Woman] Ivy! (zombie snarls) Get them to the wagon. (zombies snarling) (magic fizzes) (zombies groan) (people yelling) Wait! Stop! Hey, stop! Stop! Get in the wagon! Get inside! Go, go! Get inside! (zombies snarling) Go! (girl screams) Never mind her, you get inside! (zombies snarling) Go. You don't let anyone through those doors. (arrow whooshes) (kick thuds) (zombies roaring) (cart bangs) (Marek yells) (frantic orchestral music) (woman whimpers) (latch rattles) (women yelp) (latch clacks) Is everyone cozy? (cart thumping) Everyone down on the floor! Get on the floor! This should do the trick. (fuses hiss) (girl shrieks) (woman crying) (Marek yells) (explosion booms) (Marek pants) (Dagen coughs) [Marek] All clear. Right. I see my quick thinking did the trick. You can come out now. (wood thuds) We saved you. Come on. If anyone asks, we're the Redthorns, renowned heroes. You must carry us to safety. We're headed back the way you came. It's not safe. Opposite direction, actually, so best be on your way. Alone, we will die! Even one of those monsters is more than we can handle. Look at us! Have mercy. Listen, you don't understand. We don't have time. I'm not leaving this wagon. Yes, you are. Marek, turn them into toads. (peasant gasps) Dagen. Yes? We have room in the wagon. Oh, don't fool yourself, these people are dead weight. They won't make it alone, you know they won't. And if they slow us down? Then we all die, them too. There are children here. How many other children are there? How many other peasants? We can't let them distract us. Let's get them somewhere safe, or safer. - Where? - Away from here. Where, Marek? There is nowhere safe! Then we'll give them the wagon and we'll continue on foot. (chuckles) Oh no, we will not. I'm not leaving Zombie Girl. This girl isn't well. She can't keep up. I need you to look after her. Hey. Excuse me (chuckles). When all this is over and I come looking for her, if anything has happened to her, and I mean, if she is any worse off than she is right now, I will kill you before you can wet yourself. You getting that through your big, thick, round head bone? I'll take care of her. I swear it. Mm-hmm, you're damn right, you will. Hey. Hey. This skinny, ugly man is going to take care of you now. If he doesn't, don't hesitate to rip him in half. (uncertain, uneasy music) I cannot believe you gave away our wool. Enough, Dagen. (moves into sinister music) What have I done? (chilling, suspenseful music) (weapon whirs) (Hammerhead pants) It's you. (groans) Hammerhead! Are you hurt? What happened? Szorlok's army. Golgotians swept through the city like the wind. Nothing survived. (groans) Leave it. I'm dead already. Don't talk like that. Do you have it? The Darkspore? I traded it. (Hammerhead laughs) Dead. We're dead. We're all dead. But you wanted the crown for yourself. Of course I wanted the crown. I was going to be the King of the Dwarves (grunts). But that's all pipe's ash now (groans). (coughs) But the Hammer of Tek, we can use it to destroy the Darkspore once and for all. The Hammer is gone. It's where only the dead can be. Don't waste your last few hours on that. There's a young fellow right there, show him a good time. (laughs) You don't need to dance. Tek took the Hammer to the Underworld. There must be a gateway, a portal, something. He found a way in. Tek was a god. Who knows how he found his way there? (breathes heavily) (groans) Curse you, girl. Not until I'm done. Where is the Underworld? Pox on you, foul wench! (sighs) The Underworld, it's here, it's me. It'll be you soon enough too, girl. It's the realm of the dead, if you believe in that sort of thing. Where the spirits convene, all freshly murdered, hunting this foul, bloody tomb. Where are the bodies? There's no corpses. (sighs) The corpses. They've up and gone to maim and murder. One by one, up they stood, to slay their mates what sat with them as brothers only moments before. Come back to life to kill each other. Once I fought my share, and so my end was sure, I hid myself in the larder. I only came out to see you two sneaking in to torment what's left of me. Battlegrave. There must be a way into the Underworld at Battlegrave. Well, you can die, that's one sure way to the Underworld. You can go there now, for all I care (chuckles). (groans) You're just like your mother. Relentless. You knew my mother? (sighs) Forget about it. There's nothing but pain there. Tell me. There once was a woman, a gypsy woman of low reputation, with hair as black as coal, a belly stretched out from the baby what was inside her, looking for a dark hole to hide in. Fool that I was, I hid her in the wine cellar. Fed her scraps from the kitchen. There she was, alone. Day after day, night after night, in the dark. 'Til one morning, I came down and heard a wee baby screaming her lungs out. (baby cries faintly) Still attached, her mother cold and dead on the floor with a dark shard of crystal hung about her neck on a chain. That was her secret. The shard, I sold to a ship's pirate what called himself the Admiral (groans), and the wee screaming baby, I sold to the slavers. Didn't think I'd be seeing you again so soon (laughs). Who named me? Marek. It's a Dwarfish word. A blacksmith term. Means crooked. Like when you finish the perfect blade, then you look closer and see that there's something about it that's not quite right. On account of your twisted little foot. When we first met, did you know it was me? (Hammerhead sighs) You're the spitting image of your mother. I figured Gojun Pye would tell you when you were old enough. He came that morning to look after your mother. Took her away to bury her. But he didn't take me. He left me. I had already sold you by then. But he looked after you... Enough. I've heard enough. We need to go now. To Battlegrave. (Hammerhead groans) Do you know what that is, Battlegrave? No. I don't know. Which means probably no one else does, either. You'll have to look in the archive. The archive? Under the Thieves Guild. (breathes laboriously) Wait. Do me a favor. Burn my body. I don't want to turn you know. (gasping) All my life... (metal clangs) (door creaks faintly) (baby cries) (ominous music) Why do they not attack? They're waiting for the main force to arrive. Countless thousands of them. [Teela] Is there any hope? It would be like hands holding back a raging river. Szorlok isn't with them. I hope Marek is alright. For all our sakes. [Szorlok] Marek. There is no use resisting. We are meant to be together. Why? You have the Darkspore, what more do you want from me? You are to me like an arrow, crafted to perfection. Sharper than any sword, faster than lightning. Forged with one purpose: to slay the mightiest foe. My dear, I wish more than anything to see that arrow fly. You won't be surprised, then, when I fly at you. I alone can help you reach your true potential. You want to help me? Then get out of my head. (monster hisses) (Marek gasps) (delicate orchestral music) I used to come this way to Gojun's. The whole city, there's nothing left. (wood clatters) (moves into tense, eerie music) [Dagen] I think you're mistaken. This place is a death trap. Where are these archives? The catacombs. Below the Thieves Guild. (zombie growls) It's a vault of sorts, with records and artifacts from before the Vitalion invasion. Lead the way. (Dagen blows air) Light it. (Marek whispers) There's an access, it should get us close. Hello? Shh! (Marek speaks foreign language) Thieves use this network of sewers and catacombs to travel the city unnoticed. I've used it myself a few times. Which way? (monster growls) Not that way. Maybe we should split up. Hey, are you mad? [Marek] Are we lost? No. No, elves have an excellent sense of direction. Though, perhaps less so underground. Back the way we came. The archives wouldn't be far from the Guild, and were probably well guarded when the city was overrun. So I'm looking for the darkest bloodstains which would have tracked away after the fallen soldiers rose from the dead. (uneasy, foreboding music) And now we're following those tracks back down to where the battle would have... Impressive. Sadly, however, it appears as if this is where your powers of deduction are no longer of any use. Step aside, my lady. Stand and observe. It takes years of experience, refined sense, a very deep understanding of all the moving parts, you have to... How long is this going to take? [Dagen] Shh. Sometimes it's best not to overthink it. (awe-filled orchestral music) [Dagen] Someone left in a hurry. All these works were said to be lost. The Vitalions burned everything when they conquered Deira. Yes, well. You can always trust the Thieves Guild to keep something hidden. We don't give up treasure lightly. So much to learn. Well, unless you want to eat paper and drink hot wax, let's learn what we can about Battlegrave and be on our way. (music swells) This is Guildmaster leather. This is light as silk and strong as chain mail. And this sword. So perfectly balanced. These histories are too recent. Centuries after the death of the Lich King. I need ancient records. Before the Deirens even crossed the seas. [Dagen] Fit perfectly, as if, as if crafted just for me. "And the rise of Amuhn-Kah." Dagen, look. It's in the Old Tongue. It tells of the rise of the Lich King. [Dagen] The Darkspore. "The gods have no ears." "They are deaf to the prayers of the people." (chuckles) Yeah, that's how I've always seen it. "Only the God of the Forge took pity "and, minu-mesa," I think that means fell from Heaven, "to face the Lich King." "The power of death overcame the gods that day." "In the Valley of Rath, the mighty God of the Forge" "passed on to the World Below." That's the Underworld. "In the shadow of Warspire, on the dust fields of Battlegrave..." Battlegrave, that's it. In the Valley of Rath. Find me a map of the Southern Realms. There must be an entrance to the Underworld at Battlegrave. "The gods, in their anger at the death of one of their own" "struck swiftly to split the Lich King's heart asunder," "returning the armies of dead to the ground" "from whence they came." Here. This is Southern Realms, but there's nothing about Battlegrave. No, but look. The Valley of Skulls, and Warspire. When did my little slave girl get so br... Just brilliant. I'm taking this with us. There may be more in here about the Underworld and how to get there apart from dying. Take it with us. Good idea. (exciting orchestral music) (zombie roaring) (metal clatters) (flame whooshes) (Dagen yells) (zombies snarling) Marek, we need to move! (blood squelches) (Dagen yells) Marek! (zombie snarls) (Marek screams) (magic fizzes) (zombies snarling) No! Back, back, back! Follow the water down, it always leads down! (zombies snarling) [Marek] Dagen, over here. (Dagen yelling) [Dagen] They have me, they have my foot! My foot! [Marek] Give me the torch! (despairing orchestral music) We gather for one last stand, here on the wall. To what end? It will be a massacre. Szorlok's army is five days away. They march day and night. Neither sleep nor eat. If we gather to one place, we will be destroyed. At least spread out, he will have to divide his forces. Our people can hide in hills and caves. Sir. There's no hope in putting off the inevitable. Gathering together in one place will buy us time. Time for what? What hope do we have? [Szorlok] Marek. What do you want from me? [Szorlok] I need your help. You've already won. The world is on its knees, what more could you want? [Szorlok] You think I want all this death? This suffering for nothing? I am not a monster. Then why? Because the time of the gods has finished. Their power fades while their worshipers die. When they're weak enough, I will overthrow them. You'll massacre everyone just to turn around and murder the gods? With you at my side, Marek, the gods could not withstand our powers combined. I won't help you. [Dagen] Marek! Then the slaughter must continue. Their lives are in your hands now. [Dagen] Marek! Why didn't you answer me? [Marek] I just needed a moment. [Dagen] If something's wrong, you can tell me anything. I said I'm fine. [Messenger] Below the fire. Who are you? A messenger from Commander Thane. (chuckles) Commander Thane. I seek the wizard Marek, and her half-elf companion, the bastard Dagen. Seems I'm in luck. Szorlok's armies are three days' march, now, from our collective forces, and when they arrive, they will wash over us like waves on the sand. We're 30 leagues from Battlegrave. That's three days. If we had a wagon... My horse is finished. And I have few provisions. I fear I am of no use, other than of bad tidings. But of course, you'd do anything in your power to help us? Of course. Those are nice boots. We have sent riders and carrier pigeons to every outpost in the realm. People are coming, leaving the land empty. Bringing with them whatever they can carry on their backs. Good. Good, less bodies for Szorlok's army to possess. Remind me why we're doing this again? 'Cause we're the only ones who can. I can't help but feeling that's less of a reason and more of an excuse. You know, we could just abandon this ill-fated quest. Go live out by the sea, a nice, warm sun. I could fish, and you could do the washing. Look, I, hey, I could wash as well. And have little quarter-elf babies with ever-so-slightly pointed ears. Huh, what do you say? - Sounds lovely. - Yeah? But it's not me. Szorlok speaks to me. [Dagen] What? He speaks to my mind. We're connected through the Darkspore, somehow. He says if I help him defeat the gods, he'll spare the world. That's a nasty dilemma. You can't believe a single word of it. Not a single word. And if it's true? If I could stop the killing, I couldn't live with myself knowing that... You wouldn't live, Marek. None of us would. At least there wouldn't be anybody left to regret not saving. It's not funny. It's true. And I don't actually know why we're doing this; you think I don't have my doubts, that I don't wish I'd just given the Darkspore to Ana-Sett and lived with you on the beach? Fyke, Dagen! I gave the Darkspore, I gave the Darkspore up for the Crown. And now everyone is dying, and it's my fault! I don't know what I'll do if Szorlok comes to me again... No, no no no no no, no, no. Forget everything that I just said. You stick to the plan, remember? First, we go to Battlegrave, we find an entrance to the Underworld. And then, we get the Hammer, and then, well then... We walk up to Szorlok and smash his black heart into oblivion? Yeah. More or less. (Marek laughs) Do you see how crazy that sounds? How impossible each part of the plan is? We're all going to die, because of me. Marek, no. (Marek sobs) (melancholy orchestral music) Hang on, hang on now. Let's see. Now that we're on foot, we've been traveling across country due south. With any luck, there should still be a watering hole on the high road, just on the other side of that mountain right there. And from there, we go west, to the Valley of Rath. So, if we travel day and night, by sundown on the third day, we should arrive at Battlegrave. It's too late. It's too late. No, no. You can't rest yet, Marek. Just a bit further, come on. I can't. Then stay with me. Come on. Come on. That's it. [Teela] Thane. [Thane] What is it? The gods are troubled. They sense that Marek's resolve is faltering. She is tempted to serve Szorlok. Never. She would never do that. But if she could stop the bloodshed by joining him? How can this be? Szorlok would give the world to her in exchange for the heavens. He seeks to overthrow the gods. He would just leave the world in peace? (Teela sighs) [Ana-Sett] The lives of mortals are like flowers in the field. They bloom and die, and bloom again. But if the gods perish, the world will be forever changed. We will not allow Marek to aid him. We have to help her. Help her, or stop her. (airy, fantastical music) We'll never make it across that. (Dagen laughs) On Rathos' balls. (Chuckles) Whoa. (horse neighs) Easy, boy, easy. Easy. Come here. (smooches kiss) These are soldiers' horses. This is it, Marek. The sign we've been waiting for. The gods are with us. The gods be damned. There she is. It's good to have you back, Marek my dear. (Marek groans) No. Have you never ridden before? (Marek pants) How long have you known me? I was a slave, remember? Ah, truly, we are the saddest heroes ever. Lost all four pieces of the Darkspore, gave away the war wagon, and not all of us can ride a horse. I have a spell that shrinks body parts, and you've gotten pretty confident lately. (Dagen laughs) [Dagen] Very good. (adventurous orchestral music) (breathing heavily) Warspire. (horse whinnies) Come on. They're exhausted. We'll go on foot. We can't. People are dying every moment we delay. Marek, there's nothing left. (horse snorts) (Marek breathes heavily) Hey. We'll set up camp soon. Just on the other side of that ridge, there'll be less snow. Come on, Marek. A bit further, come on. [Szorlok] Marek. (mysterious music) Why should I trust you? Never trust a man. Only trust his motives. I will stop at nothing to tear the heavens down. Why? Why? To become a god, of course. For there is to be no power equal to mine. I know a way to stop you. Your life is entwined with the Darkspore. Should you destroy it, you'll destroy yourself. Your heart beats with mine. People are dying, Marek. More blood on your hands. Should you wait too long, there'll be no one left to save. I won't betray my friends. Together, we'll find a way to stop you. Nothing can stop me. You're nearly at your destination, where you will lose all hope. Still, even when your friends turn against you, I will come to your aid. Wake up, Dagen. (Dagen groans) Balls. I dreamt we were at a great feast, and everyone was dancing, there was a bath filled with wine. [Marek] The last of the rations. [Dagen] No, Marek. No, that's alright. Here, you take it. (sweeping orchestral music) It's Battlegrave. Yeah, we made it. Now let's go find that gateway to the Underworld. (haunting orchestral music) (people screaming faintly) "Here lies Tek, God of the Forge." "Slain in battle with Amuhn-Kah." "An immortal sacrifice to provoke the gods." He can't really have died. Or if he did, he couldn't take the Hammer with him, nothing goes with you when you die. A god dies and all he gets is this broken anvil in this forsaken place. They better build a giant temple for me. I want visitors from all over the world and a giant statue made out of gold. Don't count on it. There must be a sign. A spell, something. Some mention of the Hammer. It could be a passage to the Underworld. (speaking in foreign language) (sighs) At sunset, they will attack. I want everyone here, women, children, I don't care. Give them all torches or crossbows, tell them to stand their ground. They're all going to die anyway if Szorlok's forces get past this barricade. Might as well die fighting. [Ana-Sett] Marek. The Hammer has to be here somewhere. If Tek really died, he couldn't take it with him. (gloomy orchestral music) Mortals have to die to get to the Underworld, but if you're dead, you're stuck there, of course. If Tek left the Hammer in our world, where would it be? Just like he said. Who said? Szorlok. He said I'd get here and lost all hope. Szorlok's a liar, so let's just take a step back and think this through logically. What if I was meant to stop the armies of undead but not how we thought? If I help Szorlok take down the gods, the killing will stop. We can rebuild. What, with Szorlok as the one and only god of this world? And you as what, his queen? No, nothing like that. There is a way to get that Hammer, Marek. I know there is. You had a reason to trade the Darkspore for the Iron Crown, I know you had a reason. Don't have faith in me. I've done everything wrong. I'm just, (chuckles) I'm just guessing, and I keep getting it wrong, and you and Thane and Teela, you won't give up on me; you're all fyking mad. Thane. Thane. We need to go. It's Marek. What about her? She is losing herself, she is giving in to Szorlok. No. There must be some mistake. [Ana-Sett] She is wavering and she will fail us. We can change her mind. I will take us to her. But I don't have the power to move us many more times. (thunder rumbles) [Ana-Sett] Marek! [Dagen] Oh! Hey, we're all friends here. [Ana-Sett] You've gone too far. [Dagen] Please. [Ana-Sett] Your resolve has grown weak. You have allowed Szorlok's lies to persuade you. You and all the other gods. You're all weak and afraid. You know Szorlok is coming for you, and yet, you would let everyone die rather than sacrifice one of your own. Isn't it better to let the gods die than let every living thing turn undead? [Ana-Sett] You speak blasphemy, necromancer. You cannot be allowed to continue on this path of destruction. Are you here to stop me? No no no, no! Marek! Please don't, I can't resist her will. [Thane] Teela? (Teela gasps) (energy crackles) Teela! Hold Ana-Sett back! [Dagen] No no, Teela, Teela, my good woman! Please! Marek's just, she's figuring things out! She's not siding with Szorlok, she's under a lot of pressure right now. Thane, please just, talk some sense into Teela. Marek. Tell us! [Szorlok] Marek. Tell Ana-Sett! You would never be lured by Szorlok's plan. [Szorlok] The darkness strengthens us, It draws you to me. I know you. [Thane] I know you would never... Yes Marek, please just tell them! - I've been waiting so long. - Stop it! All of you! You don't understand. You don't carry this burden. The choices I've had to make, the choices I still have to make. [Ana-Sett] The gods can see what is in your mind. Leave me alone! (Marek yells) [Ana-Sett] This must never come to be! (energy crackling) (dramatic music) Foolish mortal. You are like a child in a whirlwind. Without the Darkspore, you are nothing more than a common wizard! I am anything but a common wizard! I don't need the Darkspore. I am a natural-born necromancer. (wind howls) Marek, you don't have to do that! (Marek yells) Marek! No! I don't want to, Thane! The Darkspore, it's a part of me, and I have to finish what I was born to do. [Ana-Sett] You have proven yourself through your actions. There is too much at stake. You will not survive this! (energy crackling) (Marek yelling) (soaring, exciting music) Teela! Enough! (magic crackles) (Dagen groans) Szorlok, save me. Marek, no! What have you done? She's gone. You have doomed us all. (Teela whimpers) (Dagen yells) (swords clang) Thane, you idiot! After all we've been through, you know Marek! You know that she would never... Do what, Dagen? Never give away the final piece of the Darkspore? Never join Szorlok to fight us? We all feared this day might come. Oh, don't you dare! She saved you Thane, she gave you a new life! And you, Teela. I can't hardly look at you and what you've become. (heart-wrenching orchestral music) (Teela sobs) (heavy, ominous music) You have come to me at last. As I knew you would. (thunder rumbles) I had no other choice. Your friends have turned against you. They know who you are. What you are. And what you must do. They could never understand us. There is no us. I'm here to stop you. Kill you, if I get the chance. Would you like to try? The Darkspore feeds me with the lives of every lost soul. (inhales deeply) I am infinite power. But it's not enough to defeat the gods. For that, you still need my help. (Szorlok scoffs) Come, then. And witness for yourself as the gods look on and do nothing. The subjects are made to suffer, even to death. (thunder rumbles) (Teela sniffles) [Thane] Teela. We have to save Marek. You can't let him go. If you really cared for Marek, you wouldn't give up on her. We can still fight Szorlok! We can defeat him! We can save Marek! How, Thane? Huh? Tell me how! You're always coming up with such brilliant plans, so let's hear it! Tek's Hammer. (laughs) We don't have the hammer. Right, it's in the fyking Underworld! Then we'll go to the Underworld and get it. Oh! Okay! Great, why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, that's right, because you have to die to get to the Underworld, Thane. Yeah. (bittersweet orchestral music) That's one way. So unless, you halfwit, other than coming back as a zombie, you know of some way to come back from the dead... Thane. Oh, Thane, you are a genius! Oh, think this through! It's brilliant! I can't believe we didn't think of it sooner! We're going to the Underworld. Of course. How? We're going to kill ourselves. Yes (chuckles), are you ready to die? (malevolent orchestral music) Tell me about my mother. Your mother was a thief. A very skilled thief. Under my guidance, she stole the piece of the Darkspore held within the Well of Demons for me. But she didn't give it to you. She took the money, but kept the Darkspore. Your mother lacked your, shall we say, integrity. My mother left me with nothing. Her cruelty was a gift that made you strong. Suffering and depression were the stones that sharpened you. There should be enough here to kill us both. One drop will knock you out, two will stop your heart, and three would kill a horse. Three drops for you, my friend. But like you said, once we're dead, we can't come back with the Hammer. That's not what I said. What I said was unless we have a way of coming back to life, which, oddly enough, we do. Teela. Teela. Oh. Yes. I can, of course. Maybe. But you won't have much time, and I can only do this once. The longer your spirit is out of your body, the more impossible it will be for me to bring you back. How much time, exactly. Maybe 60 heartbeats, 80 at the most; any longer and you might be gone for good. However... Yes? Time may pass differently in the Underworld. Right, faster or slower? I don't know. Right, 80 heartbeats. Have to be quick then, no sightseeing in the Underworld, yeah? Should I lie down? Good idea. I wouldn't call of any of this a particularly good idea. In case we don't get back. (sighs) See you on the other side. For Marek. For Marek. Teela, if you would be so kind. Three drops to be sure, four for Thane. Fyke. We can do this. Come back to me. I will. (tender orchestral music) It didn't work. The poison must have... Give it a minute. Wait, where's Teela? (hammer clanging) - Is that? - Has to be. None other than Tek himself. Greetings, Tek, your godliness. We beseech thee to bestow upon us thy godly hammer. We've come for the Hammer of Tek. We need it to destroy the Lich King Szorlok. Well, you're dead. There's not much you can do about it now. Well, actually, we have a goddess, Ana-Sett, waiting for us on the other side to bring us back. But we don't have much time. What is it going to take to get the Hammer? You don't have what it takes. I've waited centuries for the right one to come asking for it. I don't see anything in you to convince me otherwise. We're all you've got! No one else is coming! We're it! It's not good enough. We're not leaving without that hammer. Then welcome. Welcome to the Underworld. Four. Five. Six. (soaring, evil orchestral music) (thunder rumbles) (Marek yells) (energy fizzes) I'm far beyond that now, Marek. The only question is, how many more lives will be lost before you give in to me? So much needless death. Save them. Save your friends. They would rather die than see me help you. (Marek yells) (fire whooshes) (music swells) (Szorlok laughs) So how's this work? We very well can't fight to the death in the Underworld. I don't know. Is there an under-Underworld? (Thane yells) (Tek grunts) (hammer thumps) (Thane groans) (Dagen yells) (hammer thumps) (Tek laughs) (Dagen coughs) (groans) Can't die, but it still hurts, huh? This isn't working. You have a better idea? (Dagen yells) (Dagen grunts) (Tek chuckles) 45, 46. When I touch the hammer, I can see the living world! Thane, we need to hurry! Help! (Dagen yells) (Thane shouts) (Thane groans) The hammer's not dead. The hammer doesn't belong here, it's part of the living world. Yeah, what of it? How did you get it here, then? It's my hammer, and I'm a god. In case you've forgotten. We have our own rules. So how do we get it to the living world? You're a clever boy, I'm sure you'll figure it out. (hammer whooshes) (Dagen groans) 56; I can't wait any longer, even now we run the risk. [Ana-Sett] Patience. (Thane yells) (Thane groans) You're very strong. I wonder just how hard you could hit me. I could knock you clean out of this valley. (Dagen laughs) Dog's balls, you could. I've seen what you've got, now. However, I'll give you a clean shot. I mean, I am dead, after all. (laughs) So long, half-elf. (metal clinks) Run, Thane! (Dagen yells) 76! 77! That's it, I'm calling you back. (bewitching orchestral music) Fyke. (Thane groans) Ah, damn it! It didn't work! Come on, Dagen. Come on! No, there's no time left, I have to bring him back now. Please. Please, we need this hammer, everything depends on it! Come on, Dagen! We're running out of time! Dagen, damn it! Dagen! He's fighting me! He's resisting, he has to let or I can't! Dagen! Come on, live! No. No, there has to be a way, it's on the tip of my brain, just tell me! Last chance. If you don't let go, you'll be stuck here. My life doesn't matter. I can't let her down; there was a reason that she brought us here, just like there was a reason that she took the. Crown. The Iron Crown, of course. Good. Good! Come on! No, Dagen! Come on! Damn it! Dagen! No! (Thane yells) (Thane sobs) No. (Teela sobs) - I tried. - No! I tried. I tried. (Marek gasping) (thunder rumbles) Dagen? You attack me because of those you call friends. By fighting me, you believe you're staying loyal to them. But look. (Thane yells) No! (dramatic music) They killed him because he defended you. No, I won't believe it. Thane wouldn't have... You felt him die. You know it's true. Your friends have become pawns, played by the gods. It's her. Ana-Sett. She did this. The gods will stop at nothing 'til they see you safely dead. They are coming for you. Not if I come for them first. Yes. Open yourself to me. Combine your power with mine, and together, we will slay the gods. Show me. (melancholy acoustic music) Rest well, my friend. The Darkspore can't reach you now. It shouldn't have ended like this. It isn't the end. We must hurry now, stop Marek from joining Szorlok. Together, they will destroy the gods and then all will be lost. I can't do it, Teela. I can't fight against Marek. It's too much. Put it on. Hey. No. Thane, put it on! Yes. Put it on your head, wear it. Wear the crown! Come on, you big dumb ox, it's right there! The hammer is right here; no! Thane! Thane! We have to stop her. Keep the hammer. You've earned it. I don't need your bloody hammer now. Don't you see what you've done? After all that you've been through, I'm surprised you're giving up so easily. Easily? I'm dead! Deceased! Erased from existence; I'm a ghost like you, if you haven't noticed. Why didn't you tell us how to get the hammer before it was too late? You sacrificed yourself, I didn't see that coming. You know, you'd think, for being a god, you could have seen that in me from the start. If Thane had put on the crown, he would have seen and been able to take the hammer from me, wouldn't he? Yes. (Dagen chuckles) A lot of good it does Marek now. So now what? I get my own anvil and just make swords for eternity? The Underworld is what you make it. I'm a blacksmith, that's what I do. I think you would be better served getting started, you have a long way to go. A long way to go? Where? Find your woman! That's what you're here for. Is she here? I mean, where is she? I don't even know where to start. The Underworld is a lot like the living world, but not all the same rules apply. (chuckles) Right. Right. (epic orchestral music) Now, let the gods pay for their apathy, their vanity, and their arrogance. (energy crackling) (thunder rumbling) (Marek yelling) Feed our strength. Let us taste your power! (dramatic, wicked music) (Marek yelling) (Szorlok laughs) Yes! All of it! Give it to me! (explosions booming) (optimistic fantasy music) (energy crackling) No! You! You killed Dagen! (Marek screams) Marek, no! No! We're here to save you! I hardly look like the one that needs saving! (women yelling) Marek! We didn't kill Dagen! He took his own life to reach the Underworld! We found it. We found the Hammer. The Hammer? Where is it? We couldn't bring it back. Dagen wouldn't come back. It was his choice. He only wanted to save you. You're all he cares about. (dramatic, wicked music) (Szorlok gasps) The gods are dead. I am the only god. The one god. (thunder rumbles) All is mine. [Ana-Sett] Not all. There is still one goddess who stands against you. Goddess? I will drink you slowly. I will savor every last drop of your soul. (Thane yells) (Thane groans) (Ana-Sett yells) (energy fizzes) (energy whooshes) (weeping orchestral music) (groans) Marek. You have to stop him. We believe in you. You can do it. I can't. I don't know what to do. Be strong. (Thane groans) (Szorlok breathes deeply) All mine. Marek, my dear. You made possible my ascension; come. Witness my glory in full. (thunder rumbles) You lied to me. My friends didn't betray me. I betrayed them. A trivial difference. You were never like them. You were born for true greatness. Now come. Take my hand. You've slain the gods. Now go to the heavens and stay there alone, leave the mortal world in peace like we agreed. Do not presume to counsel me! All who do not worship me must die. (Marek groans) There, you see? All will obey. (epic, fantastical orchestral music) (moves into exciting military music) (zombies growling) Hold! Hold for all you believe! (group yells) So this was your plan all along? To have Szorlok steal your life force away and trap your soul inside his body? Plan? More of a possibility. But perhaps, when the moment is right, I can take control of Szorlok and offer you a small advantage. See, I don't think he's discovered me here yet. I don't envy you. Even Teela was a difficult companion. How do I free you? The same way you free yourself. Destroy the Darkspore. The Hammer of Tek is lost. I was a fool to join Szorlok. I've doomed the world. I can't tell you what to do, Marek. What choice do I have? Countless thousands are dying. I have been fighting this darkness my whole life, struggling to break free. But to what end? Szorlok was right. I can't escape the Darkspore. My mother saw to that. I am a part of it, and that is a part of me, that is who I am. Those who knew your mother remember only the villain and the thief. Her mentor was cruel and without principle and taught her nothing of virtue and honor. That is who she was. My mother hated me. That is why she cursed me. But this is not the woman that I knew. True, your mother stole the Darkspore, was bringing it to Szorlok for a mountain of riches. But something changed. (touching orchestral music) She refused his gold. She took the Darkspore and ran. She hid in poverty. She sacrificed her life to keep that shard away from Szorlok's hands, and no one could figure out why. Why did she do it? Because of you. When she felt you moving in her belly and knew that she was going to bring a child into this world, she made the choice to fight the darkness to the very end. She died, to save the world for you. She loved me. That is who she was. When I found her dying, your mother was a hero. But I still have this curse inside of me. Curse, or blessing? You see, the Darkspore never took part of you, Marek. You took part of it. You stole its power. That makes you the only one with the power to destroy it. Why do you think Szorlok sought you out all these years? If I destroy the Darkspore, am I going to die? True heroes always make a sacrifice. You cannot fight the darkness and come away unscathed. Like my mother. Like you. Believe in yourself, Marek, as I have always believed in you. Go now. And when the moment is right, Gojun Pye will come to your aid one last time. (dark, heinous music) (wind howling) (moves into thrilling medieval music) (weapons clanging) (fighters yelling and groaning) (zombies snarling) (girls screaming) (baby cries) You may be a god, but you don't control me. We mortals can still choose who and what we believe in. We decide whether to give you power over us, and without our consent, what are you even a god of? All who resist my will are not fit to live in my world. You, Marek, have sealed their fate. (zombies roaring) (wind howls) (Marek groans) Marek! (Marek yells) Marek, take the hammer! It's me, Dagen! No, you cannot give up now! You have to think, Marek! Think about the Crown and the Hammer! You think about why I would choose to stay in the Underworld! (Marek yells) The Hammer is here Marek, now take it! Put on the crown and take it! I know that you can hear me! I love you, Marek. Please put on the crown and finish this. Yes. (thunder rumbles) (Marek gasps) (moves into heart-wrenching music) Dagen. (Marek grunts) How very clever of you. Even now, when all is lost, you still cling to hope. (chuckles) I shall take the greatest pleasure in watching you die. (Marek yells) (energy crackles) Now, die! (energy crackles) (Marek screams) Not yet! [Gojun Pye] Now, Marek. This is your chance. Get up! Get up, Marek! (Thane groans) I know you can! [Gojun Pye] I cannot keep him at bay. His power is too strong. Now, Marek! (swells into heroic orchestral music) (Szorlok groans) (thunder rumbles) (Szorlok screams) (zombies groan) (men laugh) Victory! (men cheering) (triumphant orchestral music) (moves into tender string music) Hey ho, little marmot. We did it. We did it. You are the bravest person I have ever known. I'm free. (Thane and Teela sobbing) They were two of the greatest heroes the world has ever known. The cripple slave girl and a bastard half-elf. Will anyone ever remember? We will. Aye. We will. Goodbye, old friends. Until we meet again. (elegant, bittersweet music) So the gods are all dead. What becomes of the world now? When Ana-Sett lived within me, I caught glimpses of her mind. I saw her beginning and her end. There was life before the gods, and now there is life after. And there will be, from eternity to eternity. Magic will fade and die, and life, life will go on. Maybe someday, new gods will arise, when the world is ready for them. But, until that day, there is just us mortals. Just us. I like the sound of that. I recall a time when you dreamed of finding a soft woman to settle down with, maybe have children, even. Did I say that? (waves splashing) (gentle, heartfelt music) Newly freed from pathways of old A hero's world ahead Wandering realms of magic unknown I tremble where I tread Save me once Save me again and again Just know I will not leave you I will not disappear While the world turns, I'll be here Arrows and crows fly over this war Raging down below You and I have followed before Now tell me where to go Save me once Save me again and again Just know I will not leave you I will not disappear Let the glowing heat of the fire at night Break the darkness there inside You have earned me now, but have I earned you If you ask, I'll see this through Save me once Save me again and again Just know I will not leave you I will not disappear When the world ends, I'll be here I will stay With you. (Szorlok screams) (mysterious music) (Zombie Girl gasps) Where am I? (humorous, mischievous music) (Zombie Girl sniffs) What is that gods-forsaken smell? Fyke, are you deaf? You answer me when I speak, you inbreed. Where am I? (slap smacks) Look, lady, the war's over. We're headed home. To Gibbon's Hole. War? (laughs) What war are you talking about? Never mind, just take me at once to the palace at Kingsway. (sniggers) (peasants laughing) (Zombie Girl screams)

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Jason Faller

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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