Mary Poppins Returns

Season #1 Episode #1
Synopsis: Decades after her original visit, the magical nanny returns to help the Banks siblings and Michael's children through a difficult time in their lives.
Genre: Adventure


When the early morning hours

Have come and gone

Through the misty

morning showers

I greet the dawn

For when its light

has hit the ground

There's lots of treasures

to be found

Underneath the lovely London sky

Though the lamps

I'm turning down

Please don't feel blue

For in this part of London town

The light shines through

Don't believe

the things you've read

You never know what's up ahead

Underneath the lovely London sky

Have a pot of tea

Mend your broken cup

There's a different

point of view awaiting you

If you would just look up

- Oi! Get out of here!

- I know

Yesterday you had to borrow

from your chums

Seems the promise

of tomorrow never comes

But since you dreamed

the night away

Tomorrow's here,

it's called today

So count your blessings

You're a lucky guy

For you're underneath

the lovely London sky

Morning, Jack.

Admiral above decks!


Soon the slump will

disappear, it won't be long

Sooner than you think

you'll hear

Some bright new song

You're all right, children?

So hold on tight

to those you love

And maybe soon from up above

You'll be blessed,

so keep on looking high

While you're underneath

the lovely London sky

Lovely London sky

Great steaming clams!

They've done it again!

Those blundering blowfish

have rung Big Ben too soon!

Storm clouds.

On the horizon, sir.

Heading straight

for Cherry Tree Lane.

Batten down the hatches,

Mr. Binnacle!

Rough seas ahead, I fear!



What is it, Ellen?

The bloody sink's exploded!

- Oh, dear.

- Oh, not again!

Annabel! John!

We heard, Aunt Jane!

I'll ring the plumbers!

I'll turn off the water

at the mains.

Yes, thank you, darlings.

Um, Ellen, fetch us

a mop and towels, will you?

I told him to

get them pipes fixed.

Been here

since the Romans ruled.

What's happening?

Don't go in the

kitchen, Georgie.

Not without your Wellies.

Oh, uh, yes. Hello.

We've had a burst pipe.

Just one moment, please.

Excuse me. Ellen!

Can you please get the door?

I've got the plumbers here.

That was quick work, wasn't it?

- Here, Georgie. Take them.

- 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

By the park?

Yes, I'm coming! Blimey.

Ah! Good morning, mum.

They don't look

much like plumbers to me.

I meant on the phone.

We are not plumbers,

we are lawyers.


And here's me

hoping you might prove useful.

Water's off!

And the plumbers

are on their way.

Well done, everybody.

Phew! Such excitement.

What are you doing here,

Aunt Jane?

We're handing out

breakfast at the union hall.

I snuck away for a morning hug.

Come here, Georgie.

Will you stop that banging?

Barely eight o'clock

on a Sunday morning!

What you doing with my mop?

Forgive the intrusion, mum.

Our current workload prevents

us from taking weekends off.

We would like to have a word

with Mr. Banks,

if he is available.

"Notice of Repossession"?

Wait there.

Goodness. I'll be cleaning up

that mess all morning.

Here, let me take that for you.

Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

Excuse me, sir.

The wolves are at the door.

What do they want?

Well, a good thrashing,

if you ask me.

Oh, it's like

the River Thames in there!

Don't worry, Ellen.

I'll clean up.

Why don't you see

to the breakfast?

Well, yes, somebody's got to,

haven't they?

Unless we all wanna starve.

Why don't you let Ellen

clean up?

I'm afraid, lately,

that means more work for me.

The other day,

I found a butcher's sack

hanging on the coat rack...

- and my hat was in the larder.

- Oh, dear.

Can we go to the park?

No, Georgie.

Ah! I need a brush!

I look a fright.

Michael, don't forget

you've got guests at the door.

Oh, right.

- Whoa.

- I'm sorry.

We're struggling through a bit

of chaos this morning.

- Please.

- So it seems.

Unfortunately, Mr. Banks,

our business cannot wait.

- Excuse me, sir.

- Today, we were...

How exactly am I

supposed to make breakfast

when there's nothing

in the larder...

but pickled herrings

and marmalade?

The groceries.

I meant to go yesterday.

Very well.

Pickled herrings for breakfast

and marmalade for lunch.

There's a shop

across the park, will be open.

- The three of us can go.

- Thank you, John.

But you said we would go

to the park today!

We can cut through the park

on the way.


Enough, Georgie, come along.

I'll take that, Father.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, please come through.


Now, what is it

that I can do for you?

I am Hamilton Gooding.

This is Mr. Templeton Frye.

We are solicitors with

the law firm of Gordy, Cordry,

Gooding and Frye.


No. Sorry, nothing.


Is that your garden club?

No, it's the Society for

the Protection of the Rights

of the Underpaid Citizens

of England.

A labor organizer.

She's a labor organizer.


Yes, but we also run

soup kitchens.

It's a never-ending job

these days, I'm afraid.

I'm sure it is, Mrs. Banks.

Miss Banks, actually.

I'm Michael's sister.

My wife passed away

this last year.

That's awful.

Those poor children.

Yes. Our deepest condolences.

Thank you. Forgive me,

what brings the two of you

here this morning?

I'm going to say my goodbyes.

I'm late for work.

Mr. Banks, you took out a loan

with the

Fidelity Fiduciary Bank...

last year against the value

of your home.

You did what? Michael.

I had to, Jane.

With Kate and the bills piling

up, I really had no choice.

It's hard enough these days,

isn't it?

Yes. Well... Shh!

It seems you have fallen

three months behind

in your payments.


I'm so sorry.

Uh, Kate, my wife, used to

look after our finances.

And I've been

a bit off stride. Forgive me.

How much is it

that I owe you, exactly?


the bank is now demanding

that you pay back

the entire loan in full.

The entire loan?

Yes. It's all in the contract.

That's more than I make in

a year. I couldn't possibly.

Oh, dear.

You have five days.

If you are unable to pay in full

by Friday at midnight...

I'm afraid we will have

to repossess your home...

and you will have to vacate

the premises.

But I work

for Fidelity Fiduciary.

Not as an accountant, I presume.

No, as a teller.

I took a part-time position

there this past year.

You see, I'm really an artist.

Yes, be that as it may.

But my father, George Banks,

was a senior partner there.

Father left us shares

in the bank.

You could use those

to pay off the loan.

I was saving those

for the children.

Shares? In the bank?

Well, that does change things,

doesn't it?

Primed and ready,

Mr. Binnacle?

Ready and charged, sir.

Do you have

the share certificate?

- I'm sorry, the what?

- The document...

The document proving

you own shares in the bank.

I suppose it must be somewhere

among Father's old papers.

Yes, I suppose it must.





Good heavens!

Are you housing anarchists?

No, that's the Admiral,

next door.

He fires off a cannon

to mark the hour.

He's over five minutes late.

Yes. I'm afraid

he's been running

a little behind

these last few years.

As are we, this morning.

You've been given notice.

We'll see ourselves out.

Come along, Mr. Frye.

I do hope you find that share

certificate. I really do.

Good day to you both!

You really have chosen the

wrong profession, you know.

Why didn't you tell me

you'd taken out a loan?

I didn't want to worry you.

Or the children.

I kept thinking

I would catch up.

Kate always managed.

Of all

the thick-headed mistakes.

I can't lose our home, Jane.

She's everywhere, here.

Well, then, we're not

going to let that happen.

But, Michael, you know we

neither of us have any money,

so we just have to find

that share certificate.

Do you have any idea where

Father might have kept it?

I don't know.

- In the attic, perhaps?

- Yes.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean

to bring you into all of this.



This is our family home,

and you're about to lose it.

So please stop pretending

everything's fine. You need...

Are we going to lose our home?

- No. No, no, no.

- No, no. I...

Aunt Jane was only...

I was just saying

you won't have to worry,

because your father

owns shares in the bank.

But you said we don't have

enough money.

Well, I can make more money.

I am a banker now, aren't I?

That's what bankers do.

Make money.

But you're not a banker.

You're a painter.

Yes, well,

painters don't make money.

Not these days. Here, you see.

The day has hardly begun,

and I have already made you

10 pounds!

We'd best be going.

Yes, yes, let's get

your hats on, shall we?

One moment, John.

Georgie shouldn't have to

spend his 10 pounds

on the shopping, should he?

Here you are.

Thank you, Father.

Ah! Off to the park, I see.

- Yes, that's right, Ellen.

- That's nice.

Shall we search the attic, then?

Don't you have to go to work?

No. Work can wait.

Oh, thank you, Jane.

Well, why don't I check

the attic

and you check Father's

old wardrobe?

- Yes.

- We'll make lunch

when we get home, Ellen.

- Gillie stays here.

- Aw!

Blimey, what little

grown-ups you've become.

Father didn't give us

enough, did he?

Not nearly.

Well, we can ask for

day-old bread at half off.

That's what Mother used to do.

Hello, Willoughby!

Hello, Miss Lark!

- Hello, Georgie. Twins.

- Oh!

Good boy, Willoughby.

Come on, Georgie, we haven't

got enough time for this.

- Aw.

- Come along. Come on, Wil.

The balloon lady!

Can we get balloons?

No, Georgie! We haven't enough

for groceries as it is.

Oi! Georgie Banks!

Keep off the grass.

I don't spend all day

caring for it

just to see my work

get trampled on.

Go on, off it!


What if Father

does lose the house?

We'll just have to

figure out a way

to get it back, I suppose.

You're right.

That's what Mother would do.


We haven't spoken

in so long, dear

This year has gone by in a blur

Today, seems

everything's gone wrong here

I'm looking for

the way things were

I know you'd laugh

and call me tragic

For everything's in disarray

These rooms

were always full of magic

That's vanished...

Since you went away

This house is crowded now

with questions

Your John's

a walking questionnaire

And I could surely use

a few suggestions

On how to brush

our daughter's hair

When Georgie needed explanations

You always knew just what to say

And I miss our

family conversations

It's silent...

Since you went away

Winter has gone

But not from this room

Snow's left the lane

But the cherry trees

forgot to bloom

The certificate.

The certificate.

I'll carry on

the way you told me

I say that like I have a choice

And though you are

not here to hold me

In the echoes,

I can hear your voice

But still one question

fills my day, dear

The answer I've

most longed to know

Each moment since

you went away, dear

My question, Kate, is...

Where'd you go?

Nothing in the wardrobe!

Oh, my goodness.

Yes, it's quite a mess.

Yes, it is.

What are all your art things

doing up here?

Oh. I wasn't

using them anymore.

I should probably just

get rid of it all.

Have you looked

in Father's old desk?

I honestly can't

remember why we kept

most of this stuff

to begin with.

I mean, why on earth did we

save this old broken thing?

Don't you remember that kite?

We used to love flying that

with Mother and Father.

Well, it won't fly anymore.

Out it goes.

No looking back.

Hold on tight to those you love

And maybe soon from up above


Naughty boy.


How long do you

think it will take us today?

Well, let's see. It's a

9-minute walk to the shop.

So if it takes 10 minutes...

to purchase each item...

Excuse me, children,

coming through!

Georgie! Come back!

- Georgie!

- You two!

I've told you before,

off the grass!

- But our brother!

- You heard me!

Now! What?

Whoa! Oh!


We're coming, Georgie!



- Hold on!

- Help me!

As I live and breathe.

You need to be more careful

when the wind rises, Georgie.

You nearly lost your kite.

And you two

nearly lost your Georgie.

He might have

got away completely

had I not been holding on

to the other end of that string.

My goodness, Annabel...

what have you done

to your clothes?

You could grow a garden

in that much soil.

And, John...

yes, just as filthy.

How do you know our names?

Because she's Mary Poppins,

of course.

May I say, you look lovely,

as always.

Do you really think so?

Nice to see you, Jack.

Good to see you too,

Mary Poppins.

I was just your age

when we first met,

working for a chimney sweep.

How is dear old Bert?

Traveling the world, he is.

Off to points unknown.

Well, now I am off to speak

with the father

of these children.

This family is clearly

in desperate need of a nanny.

Now, quick march

and best foot forward,

and I'll thank you

not to dawdle.

Go on!

Father! Aunt Jane! Come quick!

- Quickly!

- What is it, Georgie?

Has something happened?

I was flying a kite

and it got caught on a nanny!

Whatever are you talking about?

Come! Come, look!

Wait, where did you get

that kite?

I found it in the park.

She kept it from blowing away.

- Mary...

- Poppins.

Oh, close your mouth please,


We are still not a codfish.

Jane Banks, still rather

inclined to giggle, I see.

Good heavens, it really is you.

You seem hardly

to have aged at all.

Really! How incredibly rude.

One never discusses

a woman's age, Michael.

I would have hoped

I taught you better.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean...

- You came back.

I thought

we'd never see you again.

It is wonderful to see you.

Yes, it is, isn't it?

So, you know her, then?

Mary Poppins

used to be our nanny.

What brings you here

after all this time?

Same thing that

brought me the first time.

I've come to look after

the Banks children.

- Us?

- Oh, yes, you too.

But we don't need a nanny.

Mother taught us

to look after ourselves.

You did just misplace Georgie,

I might point out.

Only slightly.

We got him back.

We can do anything a nanny can.

Mary Poppins

flew here on a kite.

You can't do that, can you?

What are you talking about,

Georgie? Don't be silly.

Oh, let him

believe what he likes.

When your father and I were

young, we used to imagine...

that Mary Poppins could do all

sorts of impossible things.


"Actually," what?

Actually, I'd like to get back

to the matter of my employment.

Your umbrella talks!

Georgie, please,

we're in the midst

of a grown-up conversation.

Why don't we go

upstairs, Georgie?

But it did talk! I promise!

I'm afraid Georgie sometimes

suffers from an excess

of imagination.

As I recall,

you had the same affliction

yourself when you were young.

Did I, really? Well,

those clays are long behind me.

Are they, indeed? Hmm.

- Now, about my employment...

- Yes, about your employment...

the truth is,

I simply can't afford...

We can settle on terms later,

although I will want

my old room back.

That's if it's not

a complete disaster...

and I will insist on having

every second Tuesday off.

- No, I'm afraid, I...

- Of course, Mary Poppins.

Good, good.

That's all settled.

Then I'll stay.

Now, if you'll excuse me...

the children have turned

themselves into dustbins.

So the first order of business

is to see them properly bathed

and dressed.

Jane, have you gone

completely mad?

I can't afford to take

on anyone else.

Mary Poppins isn't just anyone.

Don't you see, Michael?

No one's hiring nannies anymore.

The poor woman

has nowhere to go.

Well, neither will we

by the end of the week!

Oh, don't be so grumpy.

- You sound just like Father.

- I do not!

Give Mary Poppins a chance.

You need help

just as much as she does!

Very well. She can stay

for the time being, I suppose.

After all, she did fly

all this way on a kite.

Those things, when we were

young, they didn't really...

- Happen?

- No.

- No.

- Of course not.


Oh, hello, Mary Poppins.

Hello, Ellen.

How'd you do that?

Do what?

And why didn't Father believe

you flew here on a kite?

Because it's

complete nonsense, of course.

Grown-ups forget.

They always do.

That will be

quite enough of that.

I should have left you

in the umbrella stand.

- Not with the canes!

- Oh.

What are you two

whispering about?



Such a useful word, isn't it?

It can mean anything

and everything.

It's just that...

You don't require

the services of a nanny.

Well, we have grown up

a good deal

in the past year, after all.


Well, we'll have to see

what can be done about that.

That was

our mother's, be careful.

I am always careful.

So, you're staying?

Yes, I'll stay.

Until the door opens.

What does that mean?

That door's always opening.

Oh, not that door, another one.

The bathroom door?

That's just silly, Georgie.

- Not the bathroom door?

- No.

But a bath would prove useful.

Come along.

Time for a good, clean start.

Mother always had us

take our baths in the evening.

Well, in my experience,


the perfect time of day

to have a bath

is when one needs a wash.

Georgie, you will go first.

We are perfectly capable

of drawing our own baths.

How very helpful, John.

In that case,

you may turn off the tap.

But not quite yet, still need

to put in the bubbles.

But I don't like soap bubbles.

Well, then you shall have to try

to avoid them at all costs.

She's a tough nut, isn't she?

All right then...

but we'll have to

get this done quickly!

Right, we still have to

get down to the grocers...

and it looks as though

it might rain.

I know who you should ask.

Her umbrella can't talk,


The very idea.

How do you know it can't?

Because it can't.

The very notion is ridiculous.

Exactly right, Annabel.

It's nonsense.


It makes no sense.

And if it makes no sense,

it can't be true.

John, you're right

It's good to know you're bright

For intellect can

wash away confusion

Georgie sees, and Annabel agrees

Most folderol's

an optical illusion

You three know it's true

that one plus one is two

Yes, logic is the rock

of our foundation

I suspect,

and I'm never incorrect

That you're far too old

to give in to imagination

No, not yet.

Some people like

to splash and play

Can you imagine that?

And take a seaside holiday

Can you imagine that?

Too much glee leaves

rings around the brain

Take that joy

and send it down the drain

Some people

like to laugh at life

And giggle through the day

They think the world's

a brand-new, shiny toy

And if while dreaming

in the clouds

They fall and go kersplat

Although they're down

and bent in half

They brush right off

and start to laugh!

Can you imagine that?

On second thoughts,

perhaps you're right.

It makes no sense to take

a bath this early.

Wait! I want to take a bath!

Oh, really?

Very well, then.

Up you go.

- And in you go.

- Whoa!




What happened?

Will they be all right?

Well, it is just a bath,

after all.

But then again, it's not my tub.

Shouldn't you go in after them?

Oh, no, I had my bath

this morning, thank you.

Well, if you won't, I will!


Off we go.

Some people like

to dive right in

Can you imagine that?

And flap about in bathtub gin

Can you imagine that?

Doggies paddling

20 leagues below

Might seem real,

but we know it's not so

To cook without a recipe

Can you imagine that?

And heaven knows what lives

within that pot!

Some pirates follow

treasure maps

And wear a silly hat

They search the world

for buried gold

They won't grow up

and don't grow old!

Can you imagine that?

Be sure to scrub

behind your ears!

Some answer

when adventure calls!

Can you imagine that?

And sail straight

over waterfalls!

Can you imagine that?

They see living

as its own reward


They rock the boat, then...

- Whoa!

- Man overboard!

Some people look out on the sea

And see a brand-new day

Their spirit lifts them high

above the blue

Yet, some others wear an anchor

And they sink in seconds flat


Perhaps we've learnt

when day is done

Some stuff and nonsense

could be fun!

Can you imagine that?




No. Anything?

No, nothing.

Just your old drawings,

and bills, and nothing else.

Well, then that's it,

it's not here.

Father, Aunt Jane!

It was amazing! And

then there were these boats!

Everything you

could ever dream of!

And then, he fell in the water!

Not now, please.

But it really happened!

Tell him, Mary Poppins!

I have no idea

what you're all talking about.

We swam through a pirate ship!

Enough, please!

You're right, Father.

We're sorry.

No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I don't mean to be cross

with all of you. I...

I've just lost something

very important.

Yes. And we're

going to find it.

I'm sure your grandfather just

tucked it away somewhere

for safekeeping.

The bank!

Didn't Father have a safety

deposit box in the bank?

Yes. Yes, he did.

- Well, let's go.

- It's closed.

We'll go first thing

in the morning.

But won't we need a key?

There's a whole drawer

full of keys

in Father's old desk upstairs.

- Is there?

- Yes!

My goodness, gracious, glory me.

You'd think

by now they'd have learned

to pick up after themselves.

Cleaning is not a spectator

sport, I'll remind you.

John, Annabel, put all the books

back on the bookshelves.

Georgie Banks, come back here.

Take out this rubbish,

would you?

Yes, Mary Poppins.

There's a good boy.

Off you go, spit spot.

Oh, Well.

That's that.

What about Mr. Dawes, Jr.?

Couldn't he give you more time?

Yes, I'm sure he could

if he were still here...

but Dawes' nephew has been

running things lately.

I don't think he even knows

who I am.

- Thank you.

- Very good, sir.

Well, it's high time he found

out, don't you think?





- Banks.

- Good morning.


Jane. We can't just charge

into his office.

Hello, Miss Penny Farthing,

is it?

Heavens, did the old secretary

finally retire?

She always had

that big jar of sweets

on the desk

we'd raid as children.

I remember that jar.

Those little toffees that

stuck your teeth together.

Must get you one of

those jars, Miss Farthing.

Of course, sir.

This wouldn't happen

to be your sister,

would it, Mr. Banks?

- Yes.

- Yes, Jane Banks.

How do you do?

Great pleasure to meet you.

William Weatherall Wilkins.

Do step this way.

If I had known

that George Banks' son

had taken a loan with us...

I would have handled

the paperwork myself.


regarding an extension,

there's very little I can do

at this point.

I see.

Our father did leave us shares

in the bank.

Oh, well, that is good news!

Yes. Yes, it is.

But the trouble is,

we can't seem to find

the share certificate.

You wouldn't happen

to have any record

of Father's shares, would you?

I would think so.

Bring in

the shareholder's ledger,

would you, Miss Farthing?

Right away, Mr. Wilkins.

And what about your uncle,

Mr. Dawes, Jr.?

He'd know if Father received

shares, wouldn't he?

I'm afraid

dear old Uncle Dawes

is getting on in years.

Non compos mentis...

Which, sadly, is why

I had to take over for him.

Ah, thank you, Miss Farthing.

Let's see.




Doesn't seem to be a listing

for George Banks here.

Don't despair.

You still have until

that big fellow out there

chimes his last

on Friday night...

to find that certificate.

And I'll keep looking here

as well.

Yes, well, thank you

so very much, Mr. Wilkins.

It's really been

a great pleasure. Thank you.

Very kind of you.

Thank you, Mr. Wilkins.

Not at all.

Bring in all of George Banks'

old files, would you?

Of course, Mr. Wilkins.

Georgie, this is a nursery,

let me remind you,

and not a music hall.

Can we have another bath?

Oh, pish posh.

Now, John,

you'd best go downstairs

and help Ellen...

- Whoa!

- ...put away the dishes.

Yes, Mary Poppins.

Here, I can

put those away myself.

Very well, then.

Now, Georgie Banks...

if you were hoping

that I will let you

take this

sadly neglected kite...

to the park tomorrow,

you'd better start

patching it up this instant.

Yes, Mary Poppins.


Oh, let me help you with those.

Oh, you're a good lad.

You're such a help, you are.

I only wish

I could help your father

save this poor old house.

I could sell my broach

and necklace, I suppose.

Matching set,

my old mum gave them to me.

You'd do that for us?


Sell my prized possessions?

Oh, no,

I didn't mean it like that.

Oh, it's all right.

I think they're fakes, anyway.

No. Plenty in this house worth

more than them old trinkets.

If you'll excuse me, Ellen.

What's got into him?


- I know how to save the house!

- What do you mean?

If you two are going to keep

up all of this whispering...

I'd like you

to practice doing so

as loudly as possible.

It will still be bad manners,

but at least then we'll all

be in on the secret.

Oh, hello, Jack!

Mary Poppins,

how are you this fine evening?

I'm settling in

quite nicely, thank you.

I was downstairs with Ellen...

Do you know, when I was a lad...

I used to wave up to the boy

and girl who lived here.

Oh. You mean Michael and Jane.

Ah, Miss Jane Banks!

I see Mr. Banks

about now and again.

It's been ages

since I've seen her.

Well, she lives in a flat

on the other side of town now.

I'm sure you'll bump into her

one of these days.

What are you doing?

You know we're not supposed

to touch that.

This is authentic

Royal Doulton china, Annabel.

Mother always said

it was priceless...

and I bet it'll be enough

to pay off Father's debt.

That's a terrible idea, John.

You know Mother loved that bowl.

But she'd sell it herself

to save the house!

That was Mother's!

Put that back!

No, Georgie, give it to me!

- No! Put it back!

- Let go, let go!

It's a good thing you come along

when you did, Mary Poppins.

That didn't sound good,

now did it?

What are the three of you up to?

- Give me the missing piece!

- I don't have it!

Well, look for it then!

Which of you broke the bowl?

- Georgie did.

- I did not! It was Annabel!

No, I didn't!

If John hadn't taken it...


it was all three of them.


Who said that?

Oh, dear.


The picture's changed.

It looks as

though they've broken

your carriage wheel.

That they have.

It's useless now.

Useless as a chocolate teapot.

The bowl is speaking!

And who do we

think is gonna fix that?

Aye, there's the riddle.

Them what broke it fixes it.

That's what I say.

What do you think, Mary Poppins?

Well, I suppose

we have no choice.

But how are we going to do that?

I know a bit

about fixing carriages.

But we can't fix

the carriage wheel.

It isn't possible.

Everything is possible.

Even the impossible.

Now, gather 'round,

everyone. Spit, spot!

Georgie, don't forget Gillie.

Are we ready?



What just happened?

Where are we?

Looks like we're in china,

so to speak.

Over here, everyone.

This wheel won't fix itself.

Now, tread lightly,

this is fine porcelain,

and we don't want

to chip the glaze.


Oh, Georgie, head up

and feet beneath you.

You too, John.

Excuse me, driver,

would you help us?

Well, Mary Poppins,

is it yourself?

- But he's...

- But you're...

- That's right, I'm Irish.

- I'm also part poodle.

How wonderful

to see you, Shamus.

I'm so sorry about all this.

Now, would you help Jack

lift the carriage

while the children

put the wheel back on?

With pleasure!

She's talking to a dog!

Well, of course she can talk.

Take your places, everyone.


And lift.

Yes. Let's see now,

this should do it.

There we are, shipshape.

Not a bad job at all.

Suppose it'll have to do.

And back to the nursery we go.

Back already?

Can't we stay in this bowl

for a while?

I want a carriage ride.

I wouldn't mind one m'self.

Well, I suppose

it wouldn't do any harm.

Shamus, would you mind?

Not in the least.

Climb aboard, everybody!


Mind the step,

plant yourselves comfy.

Now, where would we all like

to go on this fine, fine day?

The Royal Doulton Music Hall,


- Where?

- What's that?

We're on the brink

of an adventure, children,

don't spoil it

with too many questions.

Let's go, Clyde!


In the nursery,

you were never by yourself

There was quite another

world upon your shelf

Hold on!

Where each day

crowds make their way

Upon the sun's descent

To a mythical, mystical,

never-quite-logistical tent

Yes, in this dearly dynamical

Simply ceramical

Royal Doulton bowl

There's a cuddly and curious

Furry and furious

animal watering hole

Where the monkeys

and humming birds

Know the tunes and the words

Every beast large and small

Loves the very top drawer-able

Always encore-able

Royal Doulton Music Hall

Ooh, that one tickled my tail.

Nearly there, Mary Poppins!

Yes, in this marvelous, mystical

Rather sophistical

Royal Doulton bowl

There's a lot of birds

queuing up

A lot of hams chewing up

scenery they swallow whole

There are lots of cats

tuning strings

Nightingales in the wings

Waiting for their big drum roll

- At the simply sensational

Standing ovation-Al

- Royal Doulton Music Hall

- Music Hall

Here we are!

But where's the music hall?

Oh, yes, that. Silly me.

Step right up!

Step right up

for the simply sensational

Royal Doulton Music Hall!

How on earth did she do that?

One thing you should know

about Mary Poppins...

she never explains anything.

Come on.

Hurry, hurry!

Only a few seats left!

Get tickets while you can

for the one-night only...

one and only...

Mary Poppins!

What an honor it is

to have you join us

this evening.

Thank you.

And who is this I see?

Why, it's John,

Annabel and Georgie Banks!

You know us?

Of course. Everyone knows

the Banks children.

We've all been watching you

in the nursery for years.

It's so good

to finally meet you.

Hurry along, now.

Get yourselves some peanuts

and candy floss

and go right on in.

May We, Mary Poppins?


Come on!

Let's get candy floss!

Just keep away

from the edge of the bowl.

At the highly-acclaimable

Nearly untamable

Lavishly praisable,

always roof-raise-able

Royal Doulton

Music Hall!

Oh! Excuse me.


Bucks and mares, cubs and does,

welcome to our show of shows!

It is my great honor

to introduce

this evening's renowned guest...

the one...

the only...

Mary Poppins!


Well, thank you, thank you

very much. Yes, thank you.

- Come on!

- Oh, no, no.

- Come on up!

- Go on!

Silly Jack.

- Thank you.

- Sing for us, Mary Poppins!

- No. No, no, no.

- Come on, have a go.

No, I haven't sung in years.

Sing for us, Mary Poppins.

- Please. Please.

- Do sing for us.

No, I couldn't possibly.

D-flat major.

Uncle Gutenberg was a bookworm

And he lived on Charing Cross

The memory of his

volumes brings a smile

He would read me lots of stories

When he wasn't on the sauce

Now I'd like to share the wisdom

Of my favorite bibliophile

He said

A cover is not the book

So open it up and take a look

'Cause under the covers

One discovers

that the king may be a crook

Chapter titles are like signs

And if you read

between the lines

You'll find your

first impression was mistook

For a cover is nice

but a cover is not the book

Mary Poppins,

could you give us an example?


Nellie Rubina was made of wood

But what could not be seen

Was though her trunk up top

was barren

Well, her roots

were lush and green

So in spring

when Mr. Hick'ry

Saw her blossoms bloomin' there

He took root, despite her bark

And now there's

seedlings everywhere!

Which proves

a cover is not the book

So open it up and take a look

'Cause under the covers

One discovers

that the king may be a crook

Chapter titles are like signs

And if you read

between the lines

You'll find your

first impression was mistook

For a cover is nice

but a cover is not the book!

Shall we do the one

about the "Wealthy Widow"?

Oh, by all means!

Always loved that one!

Well, go on then.

Lady Hyacinth Macaw brought

all her treasures to a reef

Where she only wore a smile

Plus two feathers and a leaf

So no one tried to rob her

'Cause she barely wore a stitch

For when you're

in your birthday suit

There ain't much there

to show you're rich!

Oh, a cover is not the book

So open it up and take a look

'Cause under the covers

One discovers

that the king may be a crook

You'll find your

first impression was mistook

For a cover is nice,

but a cover is not the book

Oh, give us the one about the

"Dirty Rascal," why don't ya?

Isn't that one a bit long?

Well, the quicker

you're into it,

the quicker you're out of it.

Once upon a time

in a nursery rhyme

There was a castle

with a king hiding in a wing

'Cause he never went to school

To learn a single thing

He had scepters and swords

And a parliament of Lords

But on the inside he was sad


Because he never had

a wisdom for numbers

A wisdom for words

Though his crown

was quite immense

His brain was smaller

than a bird's

So the queen of the nation

made a royal proclamation

"To the missus and the messers

"The more or lessers

"Bring me

all the land's professors"

Then she went

to the hair dressers

And they came from the East

And they came from the South

From each college,

they poured knowledge

From their brains into his mouth

But the king couldn't learn

So each professor met their fate

For the queen

had their heads removed

And placed upon the gate

And on that date

I state their wives

all got a note

Their mate

was now the late great

But then suddenly one day

A stranger started in to sing

He said, "I'm the dirty rascal

"And I'm here

to teach the king!"

And the queen

clutched her jewels

For she hated royal fools

But this fool had some rules

They really ought

to teach in schools

Like you'll be a happy king

If you enjoy

the things you've got

You should never try to be

The kind of person

that you're not

So they sang and they laughed

For the king had found a friend

And they ran onto a rainbow

for the story's perfect end

So the moral is you mustn't

let the outside be the guide

For it's not so cut and dried

Well, unless it's Doctor Jekyll

Then you better hide


No, the truth can't be denied

As I have now have testified

All that really counts

and matters

ls the special stuff inside!

- Hooray!

- He did it!

Oh, a cover is not the book

So open it up and take a look

'Cause under the covers

One discovers

that the king may be a crook

So please

listen to what we've said

And open a book tonight in bed

So one more time

before we get the hook

Sing it out strong!

- A cover is nice

- Please take our advice

- A cover is nice

- Or you'll pay the price!

A cover is nice

but a cover is not the book



Where's Georgie?

I don't know.

Take this.

What are you doing?

Well, well, if it isn't the boy

who cracked the bowl.

We've waited a long time

for you Banks children...

to come and visit us,

so we could pay a visit

to your nursery.

But those are our things!

Oh, not anymore, they aren't.

Give Gillie back!

He's mine!

My mother made him for me!

Hey! Leave our brother alone!

Time to go, boys!


Annabel! Help!


We're coming, Georgie!


Let me go! I want to go home!

What home?

You've lost your home!

Sham us!


That's right, it's us!

Let's go get your brother back.

We're gaining on 'em!

Give it more speed!

Right away, sir.


Giddy-up, big fella!

We're closing in.

Get ready to jump!

Ready. And now!

Well clone, children!

Give 'em what-for!

Get rid of them!

- But, sir!

- You heard me!

Georgie, are you all right?

Annabel, look!

- Stay with Georgie.

- Right.

Be careful!

What are you doing?

Oh, no!

The edge of the bowl!

Georgie, it's all right,

it's all right.

My goodness me.

Shh. It's all right.

You were having a nice

sort of nightmare, I must say.

You were right, Mary Poppins!

A cover is not the book.

We thought they were nice,

but they were mean!

Whatever are you talking about?

They tried to take Gillie!

No, Gillie is right here,

sleeping, as you should be.

But it was real!

They stole all our things...

and the wolf said we were never

going to see our home again!

That is absurd.

But I had a nightmare

like that, too.

So did I.

It seemed awfully real.

I don't want to lose our home.

You see, Georgie?

That's why we wanted

Mother's bowl.

We were going to sell it

to save the house.

I miss Mother.

Oh, listen to the three of you.

You're all worrying

far too much.

After all, you can't lose

what you've never lost.

I don't understand.


Do you ever lie awake at night?

Just between the dark

and the morning light

Searching for the things

you used to know

Looking for the place

where the lost things go?

Do you ever dream or reminisce?

Wondering where to find

what you truly miss?

Well, maybe all those things

that you love so

Are waiting in the place

where the lost things go

Memories you've shared,

gone for good you feared

They're all around you still

Though they've disappeared

Nothing's really left

or lost without a trace

Nothing's gone forever,

only out of place

So maybe now the dish

and my best spoon

Are playing hide and seek

just behind the Moon

Waiting there

until it's time to show

Spring is like that now

Far beneath the snow

Hiding in the place

where the lost things


Now, time to get some sleep.

And in the morning,

bright and early...

we'll take that bowl

to my cousin.

We'll have it mended.

Time to close your eyes

So sleep can come around

For when you dream

You'll find all that's lost

is found

Maybe on the Moon

Or maybe somewhere new

Maybe all you're missing

lives inside of you

So, when you need her touch

and loving gaze

"Gone but not forgotten"

is the perfect phrase

Smiling from a star

that she makes glow

Trust she's always there

Watching as you grow

Find her in the place

where the lost things


John, look!

Mary Poppins' scarf.

It wasn't a dream after all.

Shall we tell her?

Better not.

I expect she already knows.

Blast the devil, too soon!

Why can't those pea-brained

Big Ben buffoons get it right?

Ahoy there, fair lady!


- Good morning. Oh!

- Oh!

I'm sorry, miss.

Oh, no, no. It's quite

all right. Don't worry.

- Let me help you with that.

- Thank you.

Good morning, Jane.

I see you've bumped into Jack.

The children and I are

heading into town

to get something fixed.

Would you like to come with us?

Work calls, I'm afraid.

We've got a rally today.

Oh, that's right. You ought to

give Jack one of those flyers.

You're Miss Banks, aren't you?


I don't know if you remember me.

I used to wave to you

when I'd see you

up there in that very window.



Yes, of course, I remember.

Call me Jane, please.

Of course,

I was much younger then.


but your smile

hasn't changed a bit.

Well, it's this afternoon,

if you can make it.


Good for you, Jane Banks.

All us lamplighters know

what a fine job you're doing

for the workers.

Well, we try our best.

If you ever need a ladder raised

or a lamp lit, consider it done.

Thank you, Jack. Thank you.

Polishing the keyhole, are we?

Look at this.

Miss Jane's chatting with

that handsome lamplighter.

It looks like he's lit her up

as well, don't it?

Oh, Ellen!

Oh, no, nothing will come of it.

No, she says that ship's sailed.

And I say,

there are always other ships.

My alarm didn't ring.

Oh, dear. Let me help you.

I'm gonna be late.

That's all that I need!

Well, you're not late yet,

are you?

Here you are.

Off you go.

Good morning, Michael.

Hello, forgive me,

I have to run.

Watch where you're...


I am so sorry!

Oh, it's fine.

Um, I'm looking for number 19.

It's two doors down.

Many thanks. Sincerely.

Michael, your briefcase!

Blimey, he'd leave his head

on the breakfast table

if it weren't screwed on.

Here, Ellen.

I'll take the briefcase.

The children and I are heading

that way on an errand.

We'll stop by the

bank afterwards.

I'll give you a lift.

My rounds are done.


All aboard, everyone. Come on.

On the bicycle?

But there are five of us.

We can't all fit.

The weight

on those wheels alone.

Mary Poppins,

how much do you weigh?

Never you mind about that.

It's all a question of balance.

- Annabel here.

- Whoa!

- And then John.

- Whoa!

Oh, sit up straight!

You're not flour bags.

- Georgie at the front.

- Yay!

Mary Poppins, you here.

- I've got it!

- Blimey!

All right, everybody.

Primed and ready,

Mr. Binnacle?

Ready and charged, sir.

- Ready, everyone?

- Ready!

Are you sure this is quite safe?

Not in the slightest.






- Fire!

- Go!

Now, pull over, right ahead.

Thank you, Jack.

Right. Off we go, jiggity-jog.

Thank you, Georgie.

This way, please.

Never noticed this alley before.

Well, clearly you've never had

a Royal Doulton bowl

that wanted mending.

Straight ahead.

Here we are.

"Topotrepolovsky's all repairs,

"large and small fix-it shop."

Looks as though it's just

a small fix-it shop today.

That's just what we want.

The bowl only needs

a small fix, after all.

So now my head

is a door knocker.

I suppose my beak might be

useful for opening cans.

You fuss, fuss, fuss.

Don't be so dramatic.

Cousin Topsy!

Mary Poppins!

Oh, for the love

of all that is holy...

do not come in!

Don't be so rude!

Please stay away.

It is Second Wednesday!

Second Wednesday. Oh, dear.

I'd forgotten.

Still, today or never,

that's my motto.


There we are!

Follow me.

So, in you come.

You do not listen to Topsy.

Oh, no!

It has begun!

Now, what do you want?

You have guests, cousin.

You might at least greet them

at the door.

And how am I to do that, please,

when I am down here,

up on the ceiling?

Very well, we'll come to you.

Excuse me, please, Georgie.

Now, this way.

Be careful on the way up.

Why be careful?

Leave it all for Topsy to fix.

Climb on my shelves.

Step on the toys.

Kick the little china dolls

in their faces.

John, Annabel,

Georgie and Jack...

this is my cousin.

Second cousin,

many times removed.

Tatiana Antanasia

Cositori Topotrepolovsky.

Oh, but you may call me Topsy.

That's an unusual accent

you've got there.

Where are you from?

Oh, that's very

interesting story...

We have no idea.

We need you

to fix this bowl, dear.

No, no, no.

It is as I have told to you...

second Wednesday of the month...

when everything

is turning turtle.

"Turning turtle"?

What exactly does that mean?

It means my whole world

goes flippity-flop

like a turtle on his back.

And I don't know

my up from my down,

my east from my west.

My topsy from my bottomsy.

Yes, I think

we've all grasped the concept.

Good. That's quick for you.

You see, my littles,

anything I try to fix...

on Second Wednesday

goes kerflooey.



Please, cousin,

you have always said

that you can fix anything.

Sweet girl,

you tell Mary Poppins,

who doesn't listen...

that any other day,

Tatiana Antanasia Cositori


can fix anything.

If you ring

with something broken

On a Thursday

I'll make new with my glue,

pins and thread

What you bring, when I've awoken

On a Friday

I will mend, and then spend

the day in bed

Children, Satur, Sun,

and Mondays

Are just everything-is-fun days

But in the second week,

I wear a frown

For I know that after Tuesday

Comes the

Topsy-gets-bad-news day

It's the dreaded

Second Wednesday

When from nine to noon

my life turns upside down

Fast is slow, low is high

Stop is go and that is why

Every Second Wednesday

is a hurdle

From eight to nine all is well

Then I roll over on my shell

And all because

the world is turning turtle

Now day is night, dog is cat

Black is white, thin is fat

That is why

I'm loosening up my girdle

I cannot help

this charming troupe

Don't mock me

'cause I'm in the soup

And why? Because the world

is turning turtle

Oh, woe is me

I'm as opposite as I can be

I long for Thursdays

when the world is drab

When will it cease?

Now my life resembles

War and Peace

That Tolstoy certainly

had the gift of gab

I couldn't get through it

Bottom's top, yin is yang

Peace and quiet's

sturm und drang

Tuesday nights,

my blood begins to curdle

East is west, in is out

And that is why I need to shout

"Oh, no! The world

is turning turtle!"

Oh, if you had come

some other morn

You wouldn't have found me

so forlorn

But since the day

that I was born

Second Wednesdays

is on the fritz

I couldn't mend this

to save my soul

If this keeps up,

I'll dig a hole

You say life's a cherry bowl

But Wednesday's full of pits

Tell us, can you fix this drum?

Well, today is looking glum

- Can you mend this crack?

- And broken string?

Well, perhaps

if you all lend a hand

Our fingers are at your command

A broken songbird still can sing

Let's do the turtle swing

Oh, woe is me Now I'm on my head

How can that be?

Well, you say "woe"

but I say "lucky you"

- Lucky me?

- Yes

Here, on your head

"A" is far behind and led by "Z"

It's good to get

a different point of view

I love your shoes.

You see, when the world turns

upside down...

the best thing is

to turn right along with it.

I do see!

From down here,

things look right side up!

I wouldn't mind seeing things

from that angle.

- Sounds like fun!

- Can we?

Very well. Flippity-flop.

- Near is

- Far is

- Here is

- There

Turtles turning everywhere

Things are getting clear

Well, knock on wood, my dear

When you change the view

from where you stood

The things you view

will change for good

I never thought of things

that way

She never thought of things

that way

Now Wednesdays

are my favorite day

Now Wednesdays

are her favorite day

'Cause that's the day

I'm quite contrary

And now, thanks to Cousin Mary

I have changed, to be exact

I love the fact

The world is turning turtle


Come, give your bowl to me.

No more am I afraid

with this new point of view.


Excuse me,

but do you have any idea

how much our bowl

might be worth?

In money?

Not very much, I'm afraid.

But that doesn't make it

any less beautiful.

Our mother always said

it was priceless.

Well, I'm sure it was to her.

Mary Poppins is right, for once.

It is all in the way

that you look at things.

Thank you, cousin.

Now, come along, children.

Get your hats.

And don't you worry

about Mother's bowl.

I will fix

and make perfect for you.

So you come back, maybe,

next Second Wednesday?

Yes. Spit spot.

Nice meeting you, Topsy Turvy.

"Topsy Turvy'

I like. It's catchy.

Now, what do we do?

I have no idea.

Well, like Topsy said...

maybe we should start

looking at things differently.

Oh, marvelous.

It looks like

things are starting

to turn around for my cousin.

Mary Poppins,

this is not

the quickest way to the bank.

It is today.

Look, there's Aunt Jane!

Aunt Jane! Aunt Jane!


Off to the rally, are you, Jane?

Yes. All still here,

thank goodness.

Nobody fell off.

Say, I could come back and

give you a hand with all that

once I drop the others

at the bank.

Oh, no, please don't worry.

I'm perfectly fine. Really.

Oh, nonsense. The bank's

just around the corner...

and the children and I have

plenty of legs to get us there.

Now, climb off, everyone.

Ready, and jump.

Steady the bicycle for me,

would you, children?

You're sure

you don't mind, Jack?

'Course not.

I was hoping to drop by

that rally of yours, anyway.

You were? Oh, good.

You can ride

in the front basket.


I think she'll be better here.

Here, is it?

- Yeah. Up you go.

- Now, where should I hold on?

Handlebars are fine.

- Ready?

- Yes! Ready as I'll ever...

My goodness!

Now, be careful here, 'cause

there are cars crossing!

That's all right.

They'll see us.

Right, that's enough.

Step along, children.

There must be

someone at this bank

who could help us

save our house.

I'm sure Father's already asked.

Well, we haven't.

Maybe we could get them

to see things

from a new point of view.

Sit over there,

please, children.

Good afternoon.

I'd like to see Mr. Michael...

I'll need a signature

for those, sir.

Of course.

Excuse me a moment.


We mustn't be late

for Mr. Wilkins.

What did you do that for?

You hurt his feelings.

You do know who those men are,

don't you, Georgie?

Yes. They're the lawyers.

He's the nice one.

Maybe we could convince him

to help us.

Worth a try.

Today or never, that's my motto.

Come on!

Now, how can I help you?

Finally. I'd like to see

Mr. Michael Banks, please.

Hello. Operator.

- May we go in?

- He's expecting you.

Is there something I can do

for you, children?

May I have a sweet, please?

Yes, of course you can, dear.

You all can.

Is in foreclosure.

Mr. Michael Banks,

17 Cherry Tree Lane.

In foreclosure.

How many repossessions,

so far, this month?

19, sir. And we have

nearly that amount

scheduled for next week alone.

Who'd have thought this slump

would be so good

for business, eh?

I wonder, Mr. Wilkins,

if, perhaps...

as Michael Banks is an employee,

you might consider

giving him a few more weeks.

And lose our chance

to get that house?

I mean...

I don't like to lose,

Mr. Frye.

Didn't I ask for

more tea, Miss Farthing?

Yes, sir. Right away,

Mr. Wilkins.

Why don't you all

help yourselves?

Come on.

"Office of the Bank Chairman."

We can't go in there.

I'm running

a business, not a charity.

It's just that, Well...

his family has suffered

tremendous hardship

this past year...

You are not giving

Banks one more second...

to pay off that loan.

Do I make myself clear?

- Look.

- Shh!

It's the wolf.

In two days, Banks will be out

on that street and the house...

will be ours.

Georgie, no!

You can't steal our house.

I'm telling my father!

Steal your...?

Who are you?

These are the Banks children.

Are they?

Come here, boy,

I think you might have...

- Let's go, Georgie!

- Run!

Close that door, Miss Farthing!


Stop them.

Oh, there you are, Michael.

The children and I brought you

your briefcase.

Oh, thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Where are the children?


Father! Father!

- Help!

- Wait!

What is it?

What's happened?

He's the wolf

trying to steal our house!

What on earth

are you talking about?

I'm afraid your children

burst into my office

just now, Banks.


I was just seeing if anything

could be done

about extending your loan...

when they came in claiming

I was trying

to steal your house.

He is! We heard him!

Mr. Wilkins

is trying to help us!

But then, why was he chasing us?

I just thought they might

stop running around

and making a scene

if I offered them some sweets.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Wilkins.

See it doesn't happen again.

After all, you don't

want your father...

losing his position

on account of you, do you?


I know time is

running short, Banks...

but I want you to have

every chance

of paying off that loan.

So, I will make sure

that I'm in my office

on Friday evening...

until the last stroke

of midnight.

You have my word.

Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you.


But, Father,

he really did do it.

Not another word!

- Take them home this instant!

- Yes, sir.

We'll discuss this

when I get back!

Come along, children.

Now we've done it, haven't we?

I don't think

I've ever seen Father

that upset with us before.

But we were telling the truth!

That doesn't matter, Georgie.

We got him into trouble.

And he doesn't even know

that we broke Mother's bowl.

Everything we've tried to fix,

we've only made it worse.

Which way do we go,

Mary Poppins?

Now, why would you ask me?

The three of you are leading

the way, after all.

- Us?

- But we were...

Walking around in a fog.

No, we weren't. I mean,

we are in a fog, but...

We were only talking.

Yes, too focused

on where you've been

to pay attention

to where you're going.

But Father told us

to go straight home!

He'll be furious if we're late.

Not much to be done

about that now, is there?

Are we lost, then?

That would depend

on where you want to go.


At your service.

Say, what's with

all the glum faces?

Lost sixpence and found a penny?

We've made a mess of everything.

Father's furious with us.

And we can't find our way home.


Are you, Mary Poppins?


Well, now, I'm no expert...

but if ever I lose my way,

I just look for a little light

to guide me.

Let's say you're lost

In a park, sure

You can give in to the dark, or

You can trip a little light

fantastic with me

When you're alone in your room

Your choice is just

embrace the gloom

Or you can trip a little

light fantastic with me

For if you hide under the covers

You might never see the day

But if a spark can start

inside your heart

Then you can always find the way

So when life is gettin' dreary

Just pretend

that you're a leerie

As you trip a little

light fantastic with me

What's a leerie?

Why, it's what we lamplighters

call ourselves, of course.

Time to send up

the call to arms.

Leeries, trip the light

to lead the way!

Now, when you're stuck

in the mist, sure

You can struggle and resist, or

You can trip a little

light fantastic with me

Now, say you're lost

in the crowd, well

You can stamp

and scream out loud, or

You can trip a little

light fantastic with me

And when the fog

comes rollin' in

Just keep your feet

upon the path

Mustn't mope and frown

Or worse, lie down

Don't let it be your epitaph

So, when life is gettin' scary

Be your own illuminary

Who can shine their light

for all the world to see

As you trip a little

light fantastic with me

- Hello.

- Hello.

Thank you!

A leerie loves the edge of night

Though dim, to him,

the world looks bright

He's got the gift

of second sight

To trip a

little light fantastic!

A leerie's job's

to light the way

To take the night

and make it day!

We mimic the Moon

Yes, that's our aim

For we're the

keepers of the flame!

And if you're deep

inside a tunnel

And there is no end in sight

Well, just carry on

until the dawn

It's darkest

right before the light

Now what do we do?

Well, just as Jack said...

we follow the light.


As you trip

a little light fantastic

Won't you trip

a little light fantastic?

Come on

Trip a little

light fantastic with me




Come along!

Join us in a bit

of kick and prance.

What did he say?

"Kick and prance," it means

"dance." It's leerie speak.

You don't say the word you mean,

you say something

that rhymes, only...

Here, I'll show you

how it works.

Angus, give us

your weep and wail.

To the rest of ya,

that means "tale."

I was short of a sheet

He was in the street

Just to tumble down the sink

Just to get himself a drink

Then I pinched what's fatter

He grabbed his ladder

- To smile and smirk

To work!

There's nothing to it.

Can you speak leerie,

Mary Poppins?

Can I speak leerie?

Of course she can.

She's Mary Poppins!

- Can we do it with you?

- Please?

Oh, very well then.


tell us your sorry tale

Give us your weep and wail!

- Well, we had this bowl

- Rabbit in the hole

- That fell and broke

- Bicycle spoke

- So we took it to a shop

- Like a lollipop

And went upside down!

That's a circus clown

- Then went to the bank

- Rattle and clank

- Got lost in the fog

- Lump on a log

Till we found our friend

To stand and defend

- Who took us on a trip

- Snap a horse's whip

And we tripped

a little light fantastic!

Now, that sounds

a little bit bombastic

But they tripped the light

We tripped the light

Let's trip

a little light fantastic!

Join us, Mary Poppins!

You've got it!

Now let's get you all back home!

Now, if your life

is gettin' foggy

That's no reason to complain

There's so much in store

inside the door

Of 17 Cherry Tree Lane!

So when troubles are incessant

Simply be more incandescent

For your light comes with

a lifetime guarantee

As you

Trip a little light fantastic

Won't you

Trip a little light fantastic

Come on!

Trip a little light fantastic

With me!

Went to the bank,

rattle and clank

Met with the boss Pitch and toss

Got lost in the fog

Lump on a log

Trip a little light fantastic!

Trip a little light fantastic!

Trip a little light fantastic!

Trip a little light fantastic!

Where on earth

have you all been?

I told you to bring them

straight home.

I've been worried sick!

We're sorry we're late, Father.

It wasn't Mary Poppins' fault.

We got lost in the fog.

Jack and the leeries led us

down the frog and toad.

He means road.

So you've been off filling

the children's heads

with stuff and nonsense.

I've heard quite enough.

Come in at once!

Best to take my leave.

Good night, Mary Poppins.

Good night, Jack.

Into the parlor, go on.

Go on.

Don't be too hard on 'em, sir.

They're only children,

after all.

I know they're children,

my children,

and I will deal with them

as I see fit.

- Now leave us to it.

- Yes, sir.

Not you, Mary Poppins.

In here.

Very well, sir.

You could have lost me my job.

Do you understand that?

Have you any idea

how difficult it is to find

a good position like mine

these days?

But there you all were,

tearing about like a...

And you, Mary Poppins,

I thought you were here

to look after these children.

It wasn't her doing, it was me.

No, it was us.

We thought maybe

if we talked to Mr. Frye...

he could give you more time

to save the house.

We were only trying to help.

Well, you didn't help!


I know it's been a hard year

for our family...

and I've done all I can...

to keep you all from worrying,

but I can't do this on my own.

It's too hard. I just...

I'm barely holding it together

as it is.

I can't even seem to remember

my briefcase in the morning...

and there's no more time,

we're about to lose our home...

and I can't lose this house.

I just can't.

I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry,

I don't know what to do.

Everything's fallen to pieces

since your mother...

Haven't we lost enough already?

We haven't lost Mother.

Not really.

Nothing's gone

forever, only out of place

So when we need her touch

and loving gaze

"Gone but not forgotten"

is the perfect phrase

Smiling from a star

that she makes glow

Trust she's always there

Watching as we grow

Find her in the place

Where the lost things go

When did you all get so clever?

Last night,

Mary Poppins told us...

I hope I'm as clever as you

when I grow up.

You're right.

Of course, you're right,


Your mother's not gone.

She's in your smile.

And in your walk, John...

and Annabel's eyes.

And she'll always be with us

wherever we go.

Love you.

Now, run along, wash your

hands, get ready for dinner.

Did you have something

to do with them

trying to save the house?

I never said a word.

It was all the children's idea.

The whole time

I've been looking after them,

they've been looking after me.

I had it all backward.

A Banks family trait.

What was I thinking?

Some people think

a great deal too much.

Of that I'm certain.

Here, Jane.

Let me help you with that.

Oh, thank you.

No luck?

We can look through

everything again if you like.

No. No, there's no point.

It's nearly midnight.

We tried our best, but

thank you, Jack, so much...

and thanks to all your friends

for helping us. Thank you.

Of course.

Anything for you.

We'll be out in a moment.

The children have packed up

the last of their things


Well done, everyone.

All right, have you got Gillie?

Yes, Father.

Good, good.

Good riddance

to that old kitchen.

Never could figure out

that stove.

All right, well...

we've spent every last moment

that we can here.

It's time to say goodbye.

Goodbye, old friend!

Goodbye, old friend!

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Hello, Willoughby.

- Miss Lark. Admiral.

What are you all

doing here so late?

We've been Waitin'

to see you off, sir.

We'd be here no matter

what the hour.

If you or your family

should ever need

a place to stay...

Willoughby and I would be

happy for the company.

That's very kind of you,

Miss Lark.

Jane's offered to put us up

in her flat...

at least for the time being.

No, forever,

for as long as you'd like.

I wish you'd come

with us, Ellen.

Oh, don't you worry about me.

I got a nice room fixed up

at my sister's.

You won't leave us,

will you, Mary Poppins?

Oh, don't be silly.

She says she's not leaving

until the door opens.

In any case,

your home is with us.

I'm pleased she got caught

on your string, Georgie.

My kite!

I forgot my kite!

Very well,

but be quick about it.

The Admiral's got something

he would like to give you,

Mr. Banks, sir.

The H. M. S. Glad Tidings,

I commanded her myself.

May she guide you

safely into port.

Thank you very much, Admiral.

I will take

very good care of her.

Eight bells, Mr. Binnacle,

time to man our posts!

Yes, sir.

Goodbye, Mr. Banks, sir.

- Bye. Bye.

- Goodbye, Binnacle.

- I found it!

- Bye, Miss Lark.

Bye, Willoughby.

Oh, I'm not sure that's gonna

get off the ground anymore.

It looks more glue than kite.


did you patch this up

with one of my old drawings?

It looks like you've done

a fine job, there.


Can you see?

That's all of us together...

in front of the, uh...

- What is it, Father?

- Wait.

"Certificate of shares"!

This is it. This is what

we've been looking for!

Yes! Yes!

We need to get to the bank!

What's the time? Anyone?

Um, seven minutes to midnight.

Seven minutes?

It's not enough time.

We need to be at the bank

by midnight.

- Take the van.

- No, it's no good.

You still wouldn't

make it in time.

- Well, what can we do?

- Oh...


We can't turn back time.

Why not?

Everything is possible.

Even the impossible.

Can we do that, Mary Poppins?

Can we turn back time?

Well, I don't see why

that couldn't be arranged.

But that's ridiculous.

Indeed it is, Michael.

It's nonsense.


It makes no sense!

And if it makes no sense...

It can't be true!

What are you all talking about?

Never you mind about that.

You just get that kite

to the bank...

as fast as possible,

and leave the rest to us.

- How will you...

- Go!

Now, we'll need

a lot of help, Jack.

Good as done!

- Go and gather the leeries!

- Right.

Children, help me

ready the bicycle.

I'll take the reins this time.

Speed is of the essence.

Have you ever ridden

a bicycle like this before?

Oh, please. How different can

it be from riding an elephant?

Ready, and up!

Now, all we have to do

is turn back time.

This is fun!

A very good week's work,


Thank you, sir.

It look as if Banks won't be

joining us tonight.

He does have

a few more minutes, sir.

You said you'd wait until

the last stroke of midnight.

Yes, I know that!

So we wait.

I'm a man of my word.

How much time do we have?

Um, there's only

five minutes left, I think.

Good. Now over

to the tower, boys!

Sorry, this is as far as you go.

Back in a flash.

- Come on!

- Come on, lads!



- Ladder!

- Ladder!

LEERIE 23 Ladder!

LEERIE 33 Ladder!

No, I can't watch!

I mean, you would think

they'd never done this before.

What are we gonna do?

I've got an idea! Come on!



Jack! You can turn

the time back now!

How? I can't reach the hands!

Oh, honestly.

They better hurry.

We have less than

a minute to go.

We're too late, Jack!

There's got to be a way!


And three, two, one...

Why hasn't Big Ben chimed?

Perhaps your watch

is running fast.

Don't be a simpleton,

my watch never runs fast.

Big Ben's gone dark.

Relight the clock,

Jack, quickly.

Look. They've relit Big Ben.

But that time is wrong.

The clock must have stopped.

That's Banks.

He's made it in time!

Not yet he hasn't. Get down

there and make sure...

he doesn't get inside until

that blasted clock strikes 12.

- But, sir...

- Now, Mr. Frye!

Lock it, Mr. Frye!



Let us in, please!

Please, let us in!

JANE; Hello?


- Jane.

- What?


Let's go fly a kite.

There it is!

It's the one with the light.

The first one? Okay.

You run. I'll unspool.

Yes, quickly!

Come on!

Come on!


It won't work.

He's never gonna see it.

- Let's get in.

- Yes, let's go!

Let us in, please!

Please let us in!

We need to get inside!


- Oh, thank you!

- Thank you!

Hurry, Mr. Banks!


What is all this?

It's what

we've been looking for.

Three, two, one...


Mr. Binnacle...

Big Ben has

finally got it right.

And this goes...

at the top.


What's that?

Where did this go? Uh...

- Right there?

- No.

- No, there.

- This piece goes there.

And does it matter that

it's all cut up in bits?

It's still worth something,

is it?

It's still valid, so long as

all the pieces are there.

Is that so?

Now, Georgie, there was one

more piece, a corner piece...

with a lot of signatures on it.

Do you remember that?

I must have thrown it out.

I'm sorry, Father.

Oh, that's all right, Georgie.

No, it isn't.

I'm afraid you have

a problem, Banks.

You see,

without those signatures,

you have no bank shares...

no house...

you have nothing.


But he knows you have

the bank shares!

He's been planning this

all along!

Take your children

out of here, Banks.

I've had enough of their lies.

Don't you dare

insult my children.

Don't you dare.

They are not lying,

and you know it!

I only wish I'd believed

them sooner!

You all had him pegged right

from the start, didn't you?

Come on.

Take the house!

Go ahead.

I have everything

I need right here.

He has you there, Willie.

Uncle Dawes?

What on earth

are you doing here?

A little bird told me...

that you've been trying

to cheat the Banks family...

out of their shares

in this bank.

That he has. We heard him.

I also hear...

you've been telling

the whole of London

that I've gone loony.

The only loony thing I ever did

was trust you

to look after this bank!

You can't be serious,

I've nearly doubled

the profits of this bank.

Yes, by wringing it out of

the customers' pockets.

Their trust in us

built this bank.

You've squandered every

last bit of their goodwill.

Well, Willie...

I'm back, and you're out.

Gentlemen, would you show

my nephew to the door, please?

Yes, sir, Mr. Dawes.

Get off!

You're not fit to run this bank!

Oh, we'll see about that!

I may be circling the drain...

but I got a few steps

left in me.

So, when they

tell you that you're finished

And your chance to dance is done

That's the time to stand

To strike up the band

And tell 'em that

you've just begun

So when life's a real pea-souper

You must choose to be a trouper

For your light comes

with a lifetime guarantee

As you

With me!

Went to the bank,

rattle and clank

Met with the boss Pitch and toss

Got lost in the fog

Lump on a log

- Trip a little

- Trip a little

Trip a little light fantastic!

Light fantastic!


John, would you get

the feet off the...

- Oh, yeah.

- Thank you. Oh!

So glad to have you back,

Mr. Dawes.

Oh. Thank you, Michael.

By the way,

those shares of yours...

perfectly fine...

save 'em for your family.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

I'd like to tell you

a little story.

Once upon a time...

there was a man

with a wooden leg...

That's not it.

It's about a little boy

named Michael.

Michael wanted to give his

tuppence to a bird lady...

but after

a little persuasion, hmm?

He decided he'd give 'em

to his father.

Michael's father,

your grandfather...

gave those tuppence

to this bank...

and told us to guard it well.

We did just that.

And after several quite

clever investments...

if I do say so myself...

that tuppence has grown

into quite a tidy sum.


Really, Michael.

In fact, enough

to pay off that loan you took.

The house is yours.


What a beautiful

day to be going back home.

Look at them

lovely cherry blossoms.

They're lovely.

I shall have to paint them.

What about you, Jane?

What about me?

He means what about you

and that handsome

lamplighter, Jack?

No! No, we're just friends.

- Oh, go on.

- Really.

Stop it, Ellen!

What's this?

The Spring Fair, it's today!

Can we go?


I don't see why not.


Come on, Father, let's go!

Will you go on

the Ferris wheel with us?


And you too, Jane!

Only if you come with me, Ellen.

What? Wouldn't be

caught dead on that thing.

Follow me! Follow me!

All right, all right.

My turn, my turn.

- Let's see it.

- I've got it.

Come ride the Ferris wheel!

Come ride the Ferris wheel!

- Georgie!

- Georgie!

- Slow down!

- Race you!


Look at the Ferris wheel!

The ponies!

Life's a balloon

that tumbles or rises

Depending on what is inside

Fill it with hope

and playful surprises

And, oh, dearie ducks,

then you're in for a ride

Look inside the balloon

And if you hear a tune

There's nowhere to go but up

May we have balloons?

Yes, of course, we can.

Let's go.

Choose the secret we know

Before life makes us grow

There's nowhere to go but up

Hello, we would like

some of your

very finest balloons, please.

That you shall have.

But choose carefully,

my dearie ducks.

Many have chosen

the wrong balloon.

Be sure to choose the one

that's right for you.

Which balloon

would you like, Georgie?

- Um...

- Why don't you go first, sir?


Those days are long behind me.

I don't think I've held

a balloon since I was a child.

Then you've forgotten

what it's like.

To hold a balloon?

To be a child!

If your selection feels right

Well, then, dearie, hold tight

if you see your reflection

your heart will take flight

If you pick the right string

Then your heart will take wing

And there's nowhere to go but up



Now I feel like

that boy with a shiny new toy

And there's nowhere to go but up


Just one day at the fair

has me Waltzing on air

And there's nowhere to go but up

Jane, I remember!

It's all true!

Every impossible thing we

imagined with Mary Poppins...

it all happened!

Now my heart is so light

That I think I just might

Start feeding the birds

and then go fly a kite!

With your head in a cloud

Only laughter's allowed

And there's nowhere to go

but up!


You've got to choose

your own balloons.

What balloon

are you going to have?

This one.

I'm going in the air!

We're zigging and zagging

Our feet never dragging

We might take a ride to the Moon

All this bobbing and weaving

all comes from believing

The magic inside the balloon

The past is the past

It lives on as history

And that's an important thing

The future comes fast

Each second a mystery

For nobody knows

what tomorrow may bring


This one looks like you.

How do you know?


Don't you lose her, son!

I won't, sir!

Up here in the blue

It's a marvelous view!

Side by side

is the best way to fly

Once I just looked above

but now I am part of

The lovely London sky!

Would you like to try

one yourself, sir?

Well, I'll give it a go.

All right, love.

Choose carefully.

Well, nowhere to go but up.

When the clouds make a muss

Well, I won't make a fuss

But I'll polish the stars

Ellen, better let us!

Give a lift to a foe

For you reap what you sow

And there's

nowhere to go but up!

I've set sail!

Chart a course, Mr. Binnacle!

That I Will, sir!

If your day's up the spout

Well, there isn't a doubt

There's nowhere to go but up

And if you don't believe

Just hang onto my sleeve

For there's nowhere to go but up

As you fly over town

It gets harder to frown

And We'll all hit the heights

If we never look down

Let the past take a bow

The forever is now

And there's nowhere

to go but up, up!

There's nowhere to go but up

Of course, the grown-ups

will all forget by tomorrow.

They always do.

Only one balloon left,

Mary Poppins.

I think it must be yours.

Yes, I suppose it must.

Practically perfect

in every way.

Welcome home, everyone.

It's nice to be back, isn't it?

It is, it's so nice.

I never thought I'd feel

this much joy and wonder

ever again.

I thought that door

was closed to me forever.

Come on, let's go!

Race you up the stairs!

No fair, you got a head start.

Oh, wait for me.

It's time.

She's gone, hasn't she, Michael?

Thank you, Mary Poppins.

Good bye.

I won't forget, Mary Poppins.


So hold on tight

to those you love

And maybe soon from up above

You'll be blessed,

so keep on looking high

While you're underneath

the lovely London


If your day's up the spout

Well, there isn't a doubt

There's nowhere to go but up

And if you don't believe

Just hang onto my sleeve

For there's nowhere to go but up

As you fly over town

It gets harder to frown

And We'll all hit the heights

If we never look down

Let the past take a bow

The forever is now

And there's nowhere to go

but up, up!

There's nowhere to go but up

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Phil Vischer

Gideon: Tuba Warrior is the twenty-ninth episode of VeggieTales. The story is based on the story of Gideon from the Book of Judges, while the short is based on George Mueller. more…

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