Lost On Journey

Synopsis: A boss of a toy corporation, Chenggong Li, tries to head back to Chan Sar to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family. However, plans don't go as smoothly after he crosses paths with a stranger, Geng Niu.
Genre: Comedy
91 min

Subtitle by Woshishei Knowing you made me believe in fate Maybe everything was deteremined by the heaven. Taking us on this journey What I want to say now is What did I do wrong in my past life The market is on fire Yet this is the sales you brought in? Your IQ is really "refreshing" Zhang, you made progress this year Last year you were metally retarded This year you've been promoted to just stupid And you I've always believed there are two types of attractive people in the world The first type is those who are good-looking And the other type is you Thanks for allowing me to realize Having short hair is the right choice You don't need to come back after New Year Boss, this is my resignation letter This is the best choice you've made this year Name: Li Chenggong ("Success") Nickname: Gray Wolf Position: CEO The New Year rush came early this year It's nearly impossible to purchase train tickets Don't watch anymore, it's impossible to go home for New Year this year Don't be so pessimistic Listen, about the pay Look, it's all caused by the melamine Many dairy farms closed this year We're fortune enough to stay in business Therefore, I have no money to pay you What are you paying us with then We worked hard all year long just for this money You can ask for whatever you want, just not money How about this You guys take one of the cows I simply don't have any money How can you even say that? That's insulting How is that insulting? I'm asking you one last time "Pay us or not?" I repeat "No" What are you doing? "Pay us or not?" I really don't have any money If you don't believe me, look at this The owner in Guangzhou owes me $50,000 And this The owner in Changsha owes me $20,000 And this owner in Chengdu Owe me $80,000 I really don't have any money If you want, go claim these debts Something to Changsha, something representative something Price something Something something something, what is this!? I don't understand this, why do you want this one in Changsha? The one in Chengdu is worth $80,000 What? How much does our boss owe us The four of us combined is only $20,000 You want $80,000 What does that make us? Listen, whatever we do We have to be honest Name: Niu Geng ("Bright") Nickname: Niu Dan Position: Milk Extraction Technician I want to give this to your daughter Don't go back home this year. Stay with me here. Call you wife about the divorce How can I talk about that over the phone I only go back home once a year I have to at least see my daughter How about I go see you this New Year What To wish you a happy New Year Also to say hi to your wife and daughter Are you serious What do you think Stop playing around, I'll see you on the 5th What's wrong I'm pregnant No way Really, I tested this morning Look at you scared to death Stop messing around, I'll be late What do you mean it's not first class Sorry sir, your ticket is in coach Can you take a look again, could it be business class? Sorry sir, it definitely is coach That's what it says in our system Fine, let me pay for the upgrade Sorry sir, first class is full today Can I at least have a window seat Sorry sir, this counter is for first class only Coach is over there Sir, do you need to check any luggages I noticed you have quite a few items No problem, I can handle it Here is your ticket This is to Changsha? Yes it is Is this sitting or standing ticket It's all sitting Thank you, have a nice flight Li Chenggong Where is the platform? Hey fellow This is an airport, there are no platforms Take your boarding pass and ID card Go through security first Gate 2B, seat 13C. Now go, bye. Bro, how do I get to 2B? Go through security first, go. Thank you I can't bring this, I can't bring that and I must check these in Fine, I'll go check these in But why can't I bring this milk Sorry sir, this is the law No liquids aboard the airplane But we can bring all this on the train, why not on the plane Sorry sir, you really can't bring these onto the plane If you really want to bring it aboard You can check it in with your knives Or you can drink it now Sir, please hurry to check in your items There are many other passengers behind you "Genuis" Your seat is in the second row from the back Welcome aboard Bro, you sit here too? Bro, why are you going to Changsha Go home for New Year I'm going to Changsha to claim debt There is someone who owes our boss there And our boss owes me money I'm quitting after I get the money Open a bakery, be my own boss What do you do? I'm a "boss" too Which company? Flight attendant! Flight attendant! Flight attendant! Stop yelling Sir, how can I help you Can you open the window for some air Sorry sir, we can't open the windows It's stuffy in here, I can't take it Please hang tight, we'll land in no time How about I get you a cup of water Please hurry, I don't feel well Yes sir Flight attendant, flight attendant! What do you want, just tell me I want the plane to stop for a bit How can the plane stop in mid air How can it stop then It would stop if the flight is cancelled Then can you cancel it We're already in mid air, how can the flight be cancelled Then how come sometimes planes can't fly That's if we run into too much fog or snow I wish we'd run into a snow storm If we run into snow storm, then we won't fly Attention passengers Changsha airport has been closed due to a major snow storm We are turning the plane around, please accept our apology Does this mean we're going back? Big Mouth... When is the plane leaving? Sorry, the plane is being repaired Can we get on another flight? It's New Year, there aren't any open flights Then when can we get on a flight Earliest tomorrow afternoon, maybe even the day after tomorrow Refund! Listen, go buy me a train ticket Non-stop soft sleeper to Changsha Use your brain Just do it Hard seat It's New Year I had to pull many strings to get this ticket Hard seat They had to add another cart You gave me too little time I said I'm about to go crazy, I said... I said, I'm about to go crazy He bought me hard seat ticket What It's too loud here, I can't hear anything, what Jesus there are so many people Do you know what "New Year Rush" is? I'll let you hear it I'll call you right back Boss, that's a nice phone How much is it Why It's fake right? Want to buy a new one? It's like I'm at the zoo Don't rush, don't rush Hey boss! How nice to run into you again Take your pot, go find your seat Sorry Boss, could you stand up please Why This is my sea How can this be your seat, this is mine What's your number What's YOUR number See How about you? Hey, we have the same number Whose ticket is this Mine -Mine -My ticket His ticket is fake. He took my real ticket All right, all right, you two come with me Take the next train No way My ticket is not fake He looks like he buys fake tickets No ticket, get off the train I'm not leaving Why do I have to leave His ticket is fake My ticket is not fake Okay okay okay My ticket is not fake Replacement ticket I'll buy one now, okay? I'll buy a replacement ticket But just to be clear, my ticket is real Whatever, mine is not fake I bought two tickets already. I sit, you stand. Okay okay okay, I sit, you stand. Wait no, you stand, I sit You sit... Your pot Have some No thank you Do you want to sit for a while No worries, you sit Sit a while It's okay, you sit boss You bought two tickets, you sit I'm going to walk around You sit I'm going to the restroom Okay, go I'm so lucky to meet someone so nice I can take not flying first class I can also take sitting hard seat But you bought me a fake ticket? Enough, don't bother coming back after New Year. Handan, 3 days until New Year Distance to Changsha: 1128 KM Great, they all left Boss, sit here I'll sit here Come sit here Right here Is this your seat? Let me help you I got it boss, sit, sit Boss, let me, sit, sit I got you, you sit down You are all pretty Thank you, uncle Uncle? I am "after 1990" Ah boss, "after 1990"? I don't think so I went to college after 1990 Ah, then you aren't too young Sorry, I believe this is my seat Hey handsome I have a funny text message Want me to send it to you? No thanks Would you like some of my cookies I'm not hungry, thank you "After 1990", want some? No thanks I want one Ah, you stepped on my foot Delicious Here, sit down and eat Restroom again? I'm going to eat Go ahead Is your hair real? Real The train won't arrive in Changsha until tomorrow afternoon I estimate I'll be home for dinner tomorrow Be careful on the train How are mom's legs I just put on the medicine for her Thank you I'm fine, don't worry Is Guoguo asleep? She's asleep She texted me today Isn't she cute I saw it I miss hugging her Take care of yourself on the road Just be home on the 30th Okay, get some rest Okay, bye Please leave a message... Wake up Where are we How come we stopped Where are we How come we're not moving Let me see Maybe something is blocking us Attention passengers There is a blockage on the railroad We can not keep going Please prepare to leave the train Hey, I guessed it right Shut your big mouth How can it be blocked I don't know where I am The train's not going anywhere I'll look for a ride Hey boss, let's go together Don't follow me Bon voyage I ran into a big mouth, he kept following me Guangshui, 2 days until New Year Distance to Changsha: 489.1KM All aboard for Jiangkou -No thanks -Bus leaving soon We have Internet access, boss Sir, does this bus go to Changsha We go to Jiangkou, you can transfer there Are there other buses here Just this one Boss, stay at our hotel We have Internet acess boss No No no no What a coincidence Open the door Hurry Mr. Handsome Just call me Dawei Put your stuff here I'm Niu Geng, just call me Niu Dan New Year Eve (title of the song) What happened -What happened -You shut up -Hey boss, when did you get on? -Nothing wrong with the bus But the road has been closed Why not just go around How can I, don't see you the police? The road's closed This road closes frequently Looks like a major problem this time How long could this take? How do I know, maybe a few hours if we're lucky If not, like last time, we were stuck for two days Ah Oh my God Are there no other roads No Well, there is a dirt road that goes through a village But the village doesn't allow cars Who cares, just take that route No way, we can't break the law We can just go where we please Whatever Let's just go No way, who's responsible if something happens I'll take the responsibility, okay? Go go go We'll wait here forever, let's go I'll give you more money, okay? You said it, you will be responsible What can possibly happen? -Boss... -You shut up, go sit back down Slowly, slowly It's so sweet Watch out! Granny, are you OK, granny Granny, are you OK Granny Is she OK? OK? Just look at her! -Did you know this village doesn't allow cars? -I do know... Him in the suit! He made me drive through here. He said he would be responsible Get off the bus Come here, look! Let go What's wrong with you No cars have ever passed through this road If you want to talk, talk, don't get violent Did you make the driver drive through here What do I have to do with this Do you know that I'm the village head? OK... I'll pay you, you just want money right? Not enough? 1000 You think you are wealthy Fine, 1200 Murder! Help! Murder! What is he doing He's holding her OK, OK Granny, you are OK Thank you fellow Aiya, this piece of fruit almost took her life You two take her back All right, all right What happened, can we go now? We're in big trouble now Something is wrong with the engine So now what Can't you see I'm calling for help When will that be The earliest is probably tomorrow Come come come, sit down and eat Thank you very much Bring the car here Boss, we're in luck! The village head arranged a car to take us to Hankou Really -When -Right now How about the others They're spending the night here Thank you village head Thank him if you want It's all thanks to him I don't know how many people like you had their asses kicked by me each year It was a miscommunication, I'm sorry Mind if I tag along? Of course not You're going to Hankou too? Yes You're from Hankou? Aiya, young people like you Not many go back home for New Year anymore. Come on Tractor... Where do we sit Thank you, Niu... Niu Geng I underestimated you Aiya, finally here Thank you All right, I'm taking off You two can take a bus to Changsha OK, take care of yourself. -Bye Mr. Handsome -Bye Hankou, 2 days until New Year Distance to Changsha: 353.6KM -I'm hungry -I have instant noodles in my bag Do you want one I'm going to buy tickets Can you get me two steamed buns OK, it's my treat Steam buns please We don't have any You dropped your money Ah, thank you Thank you Niu Dan We have our tickets, let's go Boss, come here, look What is this (Need $2000 for my daughter's surgery) I think it's real Miss, let me see your face Nice make up This is an old trick Let's go Bro I'm not a liar My daughter is on the operating table Really I really have no choice You just have to wait two hours I have family coming with money I will pay you back then If you don't believe me Take my ID card I'm telling you, this is such an old trick Go online and learn some new tricks -Boss... -Baidu Search Please help Take it -Sir, sir please help -Let go -Sir... -Let go I'm begging you, help save my daughter Help save my daughter, she's only five Without the surgery, she will be blind Idiot, you can't see through her trick Sir, please help, I beg you -Let go -Please, I beg you Want me to call the police Let go Let go What's wrong with you I really believe she's for real Are you crazy Don't you know you can fake ID cards You can't tell she's a liar? What makes you believe her I dropped $10 when I was buying food She gave it back to me That is too obvious She could have let that $10 there in the first place But I really think she's for real How do you know The look of her eyes What Her eyes Can you see am I for real Let's help her Enough, the bus is leaving, let's go We have to go home for New Year, let's go Aiya, let's go Someone help me Let's go, let's go Aiya, what is wrong with you What's wrong with helping her I believe people should help each other It's inhumane to not help her? How can you be like this Like what What's wrong with not wanting you to be fooled You are so wealthy, you should help her Fine, there is kindness in the world Take your ticket Boss You thought it through No steamed buns, only this See you la... no, won't see you again Fool, he deserves to be tricked Excuse me, when will we arrive in Changsha Around 10PM We're here Please take your luggages We sincerely apologize, don't forget your luggages Sorry, sorry Sir, sir, wake up Oh, we're here Actually no sorry sir. A bridge is closed They are repairing it so all the buses came back How can this be We don't know either sir When can we leave We are not sure If it's repaired tomorrow, then we should be able to go then How much did you give I gave her everything Did she pay you back I thought you saw it in her eyes Say something I thought you left, why did you come back None of your business Fools like you deserve to be tricked I have no regrets Heh, stubborn It's better this way That means no one is really sick How did I end up back with you Fine, let me treat you to dinner Where is my wallet Oh no Did I lose my wallet If you say you lost it then you must have Let's go Boss, how did you end up back here Don't ask Was the road closed Shut up I only have $80 left We'll share a room Do you want to sleep at the bus station Aiya, be quiet It's too wasteful Be quiet What's your cheapest room $60 per night ID card One room One room? You two men sharing one room? One room Hurry, we're tired But you two are men Yes, one room, come on, hurry Damn it, one bed Boss, sleep on this side, it's bigger How can we sleep Sideways Li Chenggong, what did you do in the past life (Mumbling) What? (Mumbling) ...lamb meat What? Crazy sleep talker, we're out of lamb meat Boss, you should eat some garlic, good for you Eat eat eat, all the garlic is yours Excuse me, one chicken please Eat... eat the garlic then the chicken Boss, you're sleeping there? Come sleep here, I've warmed up the bed You sleep on the bed, I'll sleep here You can't sleep there, come here I'm sleeping here, be quiet You'd rather sleep there then the bed Be quiet, I'm going to sleep I say you won't be able to sleep there Whatever Wake up, wake up Wake up, wake up What's wrong with you? You sleep in full nude? It's more comfortable Who sleeps fully nude? Put it on I'm used to it Put it on, put it on What Can I help you This is not 223? This is 216 Oh sorry, wrong room, good night Sis, don't try to persuade me anymore He is so annoying I have to tell him everything I do What I eat, what I wear... It makes me so tired He thinks I'm cheating on him I told him "Catch me then" How can he not know where I am No matter where I go He will always find me Aiya, he was eavesdropping my call before I left I purposely said the motel's name I emphasized the room number It's not my fault I look like Fan Bingbing Why does he always say I look a vixen When customers speak to me He said I was seducing them He is ridiculous. I got the poison here If he comes and fight with me, I'm taking the poison I'm just kidding, I'm not stupid enough to kill myself I'm in my 20's, life is good Aiya, I know, don't worry, bye Oh, you are actually here Aren't you a detective, came here so fast Who are you, Sherlock Holmes? Honey, don't misunderstand, I don't think you're cheating You're out by yourself, I'm worried Of course you are "worried" Did you know I have a sexy man here He's handsome, charming and rich. But he isn't suspicious You're just mad Have you no shame, who's mad Come and take a look Come on in -Honey -Sexy man, sexy man Aiya, where did my sexy man go He was just naked in my bed, now he's gone There are no men here, calm down honey Maybe he's in the closet Sexy man, sexy man The shelves up here Sexy man They normally don't climb that high But then again, what if he's a monkey Restroom perhaps Sexy man, sexy man Go and see if he's there There's no one here, how can there be anyone here Oh, maybe under the bed Sexy man... where did you go Lift it up and see Okay okay okay, I'll lift it up Oh really Wang Xiaobao, I asked you to lift and you lift Fine then I won't lift How can you not lift If you don't lift it up, how can I prove my innoncence. Lift it up. Honey, should I lift it up or not Are you lifting it up or not, if you don't, I'm taking the poison I'll lift it up, see, nothing See, I even lifted the board Oh, where is he Aiya, you're kidding Behind the curtains Aiya, honey, rest for a while How about these curtains Honey I was wrong, I was wrong I'm horrible, I was wrong You're innoncent Don't be so sure We haven't looked at these curtains yet What if he's behind these curtains He's right here See, see, nothing Honey, don't be upset, let's go home Doesn't that sound nice If I said I got the wrong room, would you believe me Boss Hey boss, why are you sleeping here I didn't see you when I woke up I thought you went to buy some steamed buns When did you come sleep here Why am I sleeping here Take a guess Boss, what happened to your face None of your business Where did you go last night None of your business What happened to you Sleeping nude, teeth grinding, farting Why do you think I left What's your purpose No purpose What exactly is your purpose Oh, I squeeze milk I think heaven sent you to punish me You wanted the plane to land and it did You wanted to train to stop and it did I finally got on a bus to leave you I somehow ended up back here. You are an evil spirit You're the only good guy in the world "There is kindness in the world" I knocked for 40 minutes last night, are you deaf I heard it Then why didn't you open the door I thought I was dreaming I was having hot pot in my dream and a construction crew came in Knock knock knock, it was so annoying Move Sorry boss Don't be mad I really thought I was dreaming Don't be mad You have $20 left, what are we going to do? Stay away from me Someone beat you up last night? Li Chenggong I've finally found you. Your left your wallet on our bus. Check to see if it's all there It's fine This is your ID card Don't lose it again Thank you... I looked for you all night I've finally found you Thank you, thank you. No problem, it's my duty. Can the bus leave now? No, the bridge is still being repaired. But if you're in a hurry, you can take the ferry. I said there is kindness in the world, you don't believe me Boss, look how yellow the Yellow River is Bro, this is the Yangtze River... Boss, I slept too heavily last night Please forgive me I owe you for the ferry ticket I will pay you back when I claim my debt Don't worry about it You have no money left and you still want to claim the debt? Yes, especially because I have no money I also have three friends waiting for me Let me see the debt note Good luck Take it No thanks, boss How are you getting around with no money? Don't worry boss, I can take care of myself. What can you do, just take it. Think of it as a loan. Then I will pay you back when I claim the debt Thanks, boss Hey, who is this? Let me see. -Hey, give it back. -Let me see. Pretty good-looking. Give it back Let me see, who is this? Your daughter? None of your business. Is it your daughter? No. Let me see. Let me guess. Wife, no? Give it back, you hear me? "Xiaosan" (girlfriend), right? Give it back. Do you love her? Do you even know what "xiaosan" means? "Xiaosan" means your lover. I'm counting to three. One Two Three Boss, look! Where? Look, doesn't she look like that liar? I think so. LIAR! LIAR! Don't run! Why couldn't you wait until we were closer? Take your stuff, go! Move out of the way! Don't run! Don't run! Teacher, it's so bitter... I know... I'll put a candy in your mouth to ease the bitterness Why did you run? If I don't bring you here You wouldn't believe me My boyfriend and I were both teachers He taught art These children are orphans They are even worse off than children from poor families. We promised the children When spring comes We will take them to see rapeseed flowers And to paint them And then my boyfriend and I Went to buy paint and other supplies On the way back We got into an accident My boyfriend passed away My face is scarred I really feel bad for that child She has congenital retinal detachment Even with surgery There is only a 40% success rate My boyfriend and I agreed When her eyes are cured We will get married I really want to heal her eyes I really want to take her to see rapeseed flowers I believe I should go on No matter what But I really can't go on anymore When I met you the other day I had absolutely no money She was laying on the surgery table The hospital couldn't wait any longer I really had no choice You were right to not believe me Because I am a liar The only thing I did wrong in my life I lied to you But But that ID card was real Boss... I owe you, thank you Here is all my cash, give me her ID card. Shh... let's go. Uncle Uncle, here. Say bye to uncle. Bye, uncle. Yong'an, 1 day until New Year Distance to Changsha: 282KM Help me find a bank, not much money left. Are there banks here? Boss, look What's this? Come on, boss, let's look. First prize, mini van. Second prize, notebook computer. Third prize, TV Boss, look, only $4. What Buy a ticket Forget it, we don't have the luck. Aiya, boss, it's only $4, let's try it. Take it... Buy two. One is for me. Hey boss, I won Really, really? No, just kidding. Crazy... Let's go to the bank I won Okay, stop pulling my leg. Really, I won. First prize Mini van Where is the ticket Where is the ticket -Where is the ticket? -There! Lucky You think you're lucky See, boss, I'm lucky. Boss, let me drive. No. Why? We will never get there if you drive. You don't trust me? Yes. Why? Look, first of all There is only one road, I won't get lost. Second, you didn't sleep well last night, I did. Third... There is no third. See, that's not safe at all We'll have an accident Great! Hang on, hang on Watch the road Relax, let me tell you I drove tractors for many years, don't worry. Then can you release the hand brake? Move toward the right. The right, the right. You can't tell left and right? Boss, just sit tight I'm taking a nap, we'll switch after 10 minutes. Okay, you sleep. Sleep well. How long did I sleep? I slept for more than two hours. Where are we? Hey, wake up! Wake up! You fell asleep. No, I didn't. You were snoring! I didn't hear it... Don't move, don't move. Boss, are you okay? I'm stuck. Stuck where? Don't touch me, you're on my hand. Boss, I'm hurt. Where? My foot, it hurts. You idiot, it's all your fault. I shouldn't have let you drive. I told you to nap, you just insisted on waking up. How can I not? You fell asleep! I didn't fall asleep, I told you! You were snoring! Shh... What is that sound? Boss, it's the gas. Hurry, this car is going to explode! Shut your big mouth, hurry and get out! Boss, I can't open the door to get the luggage. Save me first. Don't pull on my clothes, pull on me. It's going to explode, hurry! Shut up. It's going to explode, hurry! Kind of different from Hollywood movies. Who said if a car flipped then it must explode? Boss, do you still hate me? I'm used to it... Aiya, you have everything in your bags. What sauce do you have? Here, spicy beef Mushroom Seafood? This is seafood. Aiya, great! Chilli sauce Smells so good Have some vinegar This would be perfect with a little wine Hang on Really? Yup -You have everything! -Here I washed someone's car They sell wine, so they gave me a bottle. Here here here Cheers Who would've thought I'd end up here Sitting with you by the fire, eating instant noodle It is New Year after all Exactly boss How else would you remember me? Hear how quiet it is Boss, I'm not that special I'm not lucky, just a big mouth Really There are many kind people in the world We kept running into them on our journey Boss, I'm happy I ran into you You think I'm a kind person too? I think so My employees would disagree Why? You're so successful. Am I successful? How can you not be? Only my name is Chenggong ("successful") See, being a boss Is no easy task Is it easy to make money? I'm responsible for hundreds of employees They gave me a nickname "Gray Wolf" I'm not a good son I wasn't with my father when he passed away. I'm not a good father I went to a parent-teacher conference. The teacher doesn't recognize me As a husband I cheat on my wife I'm afraid to tell her As a lover I can't deliver on my promises I'm not a good lover either I'm actually a failor. I suddenly realized, my life is like the past two days. Is your love for your wife real? Of course it is. How about your "xiaosan" (girlfriend)? It's also real How can both be real? What are you going to do? I don't know Give it more thought Give it more thought Niu Dan, I should thank you. Why thank me? You made me realize how pathetic my life is. Sorry, boss. Really sorry. Almost midnight. Happy new year Have a good year Come on, come on. Boss... What now? I can't walk anymore My foot hurt What now? Carry me What? I'll carry the luggages, you carry me. I carry you, you carry the luggages Then isn't that just me carrying everything? I twisted my foot because of saving you The car didn't explode Besides, you flipped the car Come on Aiyo, but you're fine Whatever, walk yourself Boss, don't worry I believe we can get a ride soon Whatever, you big mouth Who's a big mouth How are you not a big mouth? I didn't say anything about the car If I'm really a big mouth I wish for a car now You really think that works? Here it is -Thank you... -Niu Dan, you don't listen to me -Said the wrong thing, apologize to them. -Sorry Sorry, sir, sorry. Thank you, thank you both. -Sorry, really sorry -Thank you, thank you both Sorry Sir, where are you headed? Changsha So, you should admit you're an evil spirit now. I'm a spirit, but I'm not evil. You ran pretty fast, all better now? Distance to Changsha (counting down) Wel... welcome! Okay, this is it. I wish you luck Boss, I wish you and your girlfr... I mean your wife... Enough, you're such a big mouth ...joy and happiness Take this I'll keep this Niu Dan, you are lucky I hope you are always happy Goodbye, boss Goodbye Manyi (girlfriend), it's me. Where have you been? I just arrived Long story I'll tell you later, are you OK? Go to the intersection What? Where are you? I have a surprise for you, go. Where are you? Hello? What happened to your face? Why are you here? I missed you Why didn't you tell me? I tried calling you. I even went to your house. You went to my house? I saw your wife and I told her. What did you tell her? Everything. What's wrong with you? Sorry Meili (wife) Meili Guoguo (daughter) Mom Guoguo Daddy, you're finally home! Aiya, Guoguo. Aiya, you got bigger, did you miss daddy? Give daddy a kiss You're back You remembered to come home It's New Year's Day, where were you? Your phone was off, mom and I were worried. Where have you been? It's a long story I'll tell you later, go put things away first Come on Guoguo, go with grandma. Dad have presents for you later What happened Nothing, I fell So careless Are you OK? I'm pretty good, you? Pretty good Something on your mind? Nothing Did anyone drop by the past two days? No Oh, Miss Wang dropped by. Oh. Let me draw you a bath No no no, I'll do it myself. Guoguo is asleep? Uh-huh Past two days A girl kept following me She was pretty She thought I didn't know But I did She left you a letter outside Take a look I didn't read it Chenggong When you read this letter It means we've broken up Please forgive my stubborness Remember I told you I couldn't wait any longer Every second felt long to me So I came I once thought I was the woman you loved the most When I came to your home I realized how naive I was I saw your loving wife and beautiful daughter I understand now I can never replace them in your life I know I should give up The past six months was the happiest time in my life I will miss it I'm a big girl I will move on Goodbye, "Gray Wolf" Forever yours, "Pretty Lamb" Are you OK? I'm fine Sorry I have a lot to say to you All that matters is that you are home I knew there is kindness in the world What? Happy new year! Hey boss, I got the money Oh, really, congratulations There is kindness in the world OK, I'll have dinner with you Happy new year Boss, I gave him the money I know Who is he? He is my... He is my "creditor" Miss Can I help you sir? How come we're not taking off? We're still missing one passenger We're 40 minutes late His luggages are here, but he is still missing People are ridiculous nowadays Last time there was a passenger Who asked me to open the windows in mid air Welcome aboard Hey, boss!

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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